The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 16, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. DAILY COURIER, CONNMULSVTL, Jfi, PA. THOKSDAA r , JANUARY 16. iy;jil. I P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Beatrice ot I^or^tta and Sis- tor Aquinas t£ Johnstown are visiting at tho ihoroe of Mr. ;md Mrs. J. M. Boylu -of \V«s't Applo street. Mrs. Doylo'8:.»l»tor, Mrs.'.Pearl Helton, is swlousiy JH at ^hat ulaoe. The Ladies' Aid Society of tho Firet Baptist Church will hold a siuer kraut supper Friday evening, January 17 Crom fl to 7. Tickets BOc.--Advertise- , ment.--16Jan2t. t Mrs. Jatvtos Moyer i? confined to toer, bert at th« homo of Mr. amd Mrs. Clayton Shaffer nt T*bpila.r Orovo ,wlth ·painful injuries suffered" two weeks ago when she Ml down tho siairs. She iwX'-lvO'rt severe bruise*. A cnrcTul ·wcniiilmaMort by the attending physician revealed no broken bones. Mrs. Shaffer is a gradrlaivghtni- oC Mrs. "Moyor. W. S. Stimmel war at Mount Pleasant yesterday aUoncKng -tho funeral of Is cousin, Kimer S. Swain. j Mrs. A. Iingt»nilftolcl and brothel-, Reuben C. Rowen, tott this morning for OhllllcoUie. Ohio, where Mr. Rowen was to on tor a veterans.' h-ostrtUil. He sowed ovcrisoas in the World War. Jlr. C. D. Peterson will leav-o Saturday night for I/os Angeles, CaJ., where ho will \l«ll. his hrothor and slstor-1n- U-*. Dr. anfl Mrs. A. A. Peterson and another brother. Dr. K. W, Peterson, u t t t l tho flrt \vvek In April. Ho -will return by tho way of tho Panama Ciinal. Mrs. Guy Col born, now .postmistress at Indian Creek, was shopping here today. Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Foltz, who have Ix'cn located at Mouongahola, have returned to Conuollsvillo and are resid- i n g witli tho laitcr's parents, Mr. and Mrs, W. K. Kelly ot South Ninth street, Cveeuwood. Mr. Foltz, who is in' tho employ of Sanderson-Porter Construction Counmny, is in charge of tho erection 'ot the new West Penn b u i l d i n g in Unlontown. Mrs. Harry Skiles aud Miss Lou HatfirM and Mrs, Lloyd Johnson, daughter, Clara, nil of Mount -Piefle- ;uit, were guests of Mrs. C. A. I/ane- berry of J)avWt,on avenue "Wednesday. Mrs. Johnson It, a sister-in-law of Mrs. AuntHet JT3I "A mati ain't go 1 , no sense. Pa thought that catty creature was try In' to be nice when he said my dress was purty an' nobody could hardly tell it was naado over." 47 Tfears* Practice Taught Dr.Caldwell Many things about Men and Women Mrs. George TC^not of Coolsprlng, who u n d e r w e n t a flerknis operation on . r a n t t n r y !, at Iho Uniontovvu Hospital, l« reported to bo setting along as well ;is can bo uxpeulccl. Mr. Kgnot ie a former resident ot' L/rtsenrlng. R i m e r Folta of I'iUslmrg was a KUCsit over night at the- home o£ Mr. and Mrs. \V, K. Kelly of South Ninth htretst, Greenwood, lie camo to at- toml tho f u n e r a l aarvico for Mrs. Miizlo Anderson Foltz. Mr«. It. E. I^atKhane and son, I,nrry, of Buffalo, K. Y., l e f t this morning for Utolr liomo after a visit at tho homo nl MI-K. Jjttiigluin's parents, Mr. and Mi*. W. T. Goodwin o£ East Applo street. They woro called hre hy tho Illness oE Mrs. Goodwin, who is re* ported to he improved. ifrs". Joitn Way was calling on friends in Uniontown yesterday. ' Mrs. K. U. ;uie of Dunlxir was the ','iK'«t of U t t i o n t o w n friomlt; yesterday. WASHINGTON MILL FUND IS RETURNED TO CONTRIBUTORS As a n n o n i n v - d In Tlie Courier on .Kuuiciry 1, th, t-hccUs, contributed hi nil e f f o r t in i.iiKe a M i b H t a n t l a l sum to p r c b u r i o t ' i f old grist m i l l ouco owned and operated by General t l c o r « e Washington, located in Perry U i w n s h i p , have been forwarded to tlie n-spoclivo donors. On Weducs lay a f t e r n o o n , Howard Adams of Pei ryopolls, vice president or ilu' Kirst National Bank at that place, piai-cd .ill of the original checks i n t o H.o m a i l . It was said that the i - h c c - K h totalled approximately $1,300. Mr. Ad.uns called attention to the fact that the iinal c o n t r i b u t i o n toward the mill was rcc« ivod from the Nicholson t o w n s h i p school c h i l d r e n v ho raised VJ.!'!. O n J a n i i t i i y I , i h o d a y a f t e r t h e iHupnisru c p t l f d , Mr, A d a i n i a u n j u n c f d t h n ut;h Tbo C o u r i e r I b a t ou ,1 i n u i i r v J.'i hi w u n l d r e t u r n tho i - t c c k s ( o - h f t r rrspoctivo donors, " · i r r v i n i - o n ' t l m p l a n I hat ho a u - r m i i K oil \ \ I K H t h e d r l \ i : \\as inaugur- .i(t d. Mr. A d a m ; ,-«ii) Hint the drive baa b"CU d e r i i i i - c d ended iind fur tho pi'c.~- i tit t h e r e - w i l l bo n o t h i n g (Join? !u the nnitter ot icstorlng the mill to the i n c m o r y ot lu- f i r s t President of the I ' n t t c d Stains, However, ho is con- b r h - n t Unit the publicity which tho !.ind:n;uk, r e c e i v e d dtirini; tho caan- ;(.'.· n nuy n"jiUt in Hi) u l t i m a t e pre- -,· l ·,-;iiioit. Mr, A d a m s expressed that liviK-t iii T 10 Courier at the conclu- :,ioi! o 1 ' i b ' rlrivr. WEST PENN PUTS ON PUBLIC UTILITY COURSE FOR EMPLOYES Continued from P.iffe One. Won is tho third in a ferios adimtnls- terocl by tho State College Dopartin«nt for special groups of W-«t Penn Power Company employes, Sines it has al,ways been the policy of the depart- mont that, whe-n«vor possible indiistry should collaborate in the preparation of text mate-rial, os^ppclully In thos-e casos where special subjects are to be administered, the 'text material 1n each cae-e was prepared as a result of conferences and collaboration be- twc-en th-o com'pany and members ot tho eng'lnering c-xt-ens-lon staff. "Each successive course included moi'ia aitd more made rial contrlbutel by tho company. The tir»l course, (for line foremen and otliors) was an adaptation of tho department's foro- rrmnshlp text. Tho second (electricity) was Biipplom-ontod by special sections prepared lry tho company. Tho present courhe -vas prepared ITI Its entirety by members of tho West Ponn Tower Compnnv staff. Editing and tho mec«hanlcal de-tails oC publication woro carried out by tho department, which will nl?o ha.ndio tho' administration ot tho coUTSf, through its homo study division. "Lessons in 'th* our so were contributed by A. K. UoLton, P. J. Moore, S. J. Witt, I 1 . M. Maw, II. J. Hcnder- !iO!i, ami I. F. Bl?,s. ingham. In addition Mr. Blassingham revised and assembled the nine ni.lts in the course. "The general nwt ire of the course was the result of co'jferen«os bet w con B. C. Fair, who was active in promoting form-er cou.r*cw, SI. F. Smlddy, who 1 was also identit!©;! with the earlier work, and Mr.' HI rslngham whose editoria! work g a s t the first form to tho contributions. 0. G. CJaum, profossor of englnear- ing cxlcnblmi, ^ h o edited tho earlier course, read and iiRsosteil changes in tho new AV. It. Younp, assistant professor of engineering extension, who has aHsisted in the promotion and prepai at Ion of nil tlireo courses, will follow up tho instruction in the drill a i heretofore. . Actual organisation i-i in tho h a n d s ot division m a n a g e r s of tho Weal I'enn Pow-er Company: Cluirleroi, 1). II Johnson; Ci'rensburg. if. K. (!re#ory; New Kensington, )''. M. Owston; Con- nellaville, C 1 . C. Gallaghe-r; Washington, II. I. Babbitt; Hidgway, K. G, Fuller. "Speaking of tlv plan, Professor ,T. O. Keller, head o ' tne 'department or engineering extension states: 'The present course is a splendid example of tho value of ( oi{K ration between industry and college in the solution of on» of industry's major problems, tho adaptation of educational methods to llio ne-ml.'i of (lieli personnel.' " Pylhian Officers To Be Inslalled Nwly elected ofllcers of Fayclto !,od^t, K n i B h t s of I ' y t h l i i s , w i l l li- installr-Tl at Hi' m n o t i n f f f o n i g l u at 7:.'!0 i'flock. A gKd al tendance is desired. C. L. M c D o n n l d , district dopury, and his stall' w i l l i n s t a l l i h e oilicors. D R. CALDWELL loved people. He studied the habits of his patients and tried to improve their ways of living. Ilia observations ovpr a long period of time convinced Him many people ·were ruining their health by a careless choice of laxatives. Then he determSned to writs a prescription ·which would get at the cause of constipation and correct it quickly and safely. How successful his efforts were is best shown by the fact that the prescription he wrote loaclc in 1885 has become the world's most' popular laxative! He prescribed a mixture of herbs and other pura ingredients now i known as Dr. Caldwell's Syrup -Pepsin, in thousands of cases where bad breath, coated tongue, gas, headaches, biliousness, and lack o! appetite, or energy showed him that the bowels of men, women or children were nluggisli. It proved successful in tho most obstinate casea. So men liked it. Old folks liked it because it never gripes. Children liked its i pleasant taste. And everybody is pleased with the gentle way it accomplishes its purpose. By. 1888, the demand for this laxative was so great that the doctor permitted it to be bottled and Bold by drugstores. Today you can obtain Dr. Caldwell'a Syrup Pepsin from any drugstore in the world. * DR. W. B. CALDWELL'S SYRUP PEPSI M A Doctor's Family Laxative West Country Still Gripped in Rigors Of Severe Winter By U n i t e d I' DENVER, Jan. 16.--Muu'a perennial war with winter was a d-eath .struggle today in many sections of tho K n o w bound mountain states. Tho glisten- IIIK peak i of tho Rockies f r o m Montana to tho lower reaches! of New Aiexico and Arizona overlooked a ilesert of snow am! hub-zero galew added lo h a n d i c a p s u n d e r whlr-h searching parties sought misslnj,' per- eons or ImtUed to free those nmrooncd in isolated regions. An extenstvo ground search for Maury Graham, western nlr express pilot lost in a snowstorm last Vrlday, was underway today after two men reported finding lite aviator's p l a n e in a m o u n t a i n wilderness near i h u Uns- tol Mines. i They found no trace of Graham. I Tho p l a n e appeared to be undamaged, hey said. Granam ic-tt Las Vegas, Nev., Id fly tho air mall to Salt Lake City, Ulan. Rigors beyond expectations had broken up the United States Army's "Arctlce Patrol," a project designed to test filers and pianos in a roundtrip fli;ht f r o m Selfridgo Field, Mich., to Spo'tanp, Wash. Tho a r m y airmen were f-cattered over M o n t a n a , a w a i t - ing a l u l l in the 30-hulow cold before attempting to c o n t i n u e . Tho m o u n t a i n s ot C a l i f o r n i a , were pplted w i t h moro snow, w h i ! i w a r m rains melted tho f a l l in i u w l a n d s along the- west coast. Tragedy moved fliroiiKli t h e snowfields b l o c k i n g i n t h o M l t l o ininliu; town oC Tloga, Colo., where an opi- detnic believed t o he spinal meningitis; was rasinB. G a r n i Miinr.s, six, a n d May Thompson, f o u r , had died of tho malady. Physicians were, h a n d i c a p p e d in making calls and medical s u p p l i e s could be brought In only by desperate effort. Heroism of K. C. Quick, an El Pa^o, Texas, a v i a t o r who Jlow t h r o u g h a blinding storm to rush serum for I ' r l i inKliip Class ."Herts i f f h . l'i ir t n K l i i | i D i l i i o (,'lass of I h o ' " I r l n i i y firionno.!. (.'Inmh met j n i ^ l i f » i l Hi · home of Mi-h. Ko.h M i l l e r , oi b ' H i i i i \ri-h i.trcot. Tlipre wa-i a , :;on-l a i t " i i l.-iiu e. .Mi--. (K \V. Penuxl. , (lie |!C'.-ii'a » t , being a b - o n t , Mis. C. U. Shujie \va^ in charRC. Arraiigamunts j we-ro tiiad.; Cor a rummaj;o nale In Horn 1o Mr. and Mrs. i. H. \Voisigor of JSast C r a w f o r d a v e n u e a r e a n n o u n c i n g t h e b i r t h of H (iuiujMer lust n i g h t at fi:;!0 o'clDck. Tlilt, i' Hie llrst c h l ' d in tho t j m i l y . Mr. N\ eisisfr is a former manager ct C. U'. Ko.i-k C impany's btore In Coniipl s v i l l e . Mrs. Weisiger mid d a u K h t o r tiro reported t ) bo set- hug a l o n g n!ct y, ScconiJ Daueiitcr Horn, Mr. and Mrs- Harry B i v i i s of Vino street. South Connellsville, announce the birth of a daughter, Lois Elaine, Monday, Jainmry IT!. There aro now two daughters COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Ocnigln from co)J", may lead to serious IroiiHo. \ou r.iii fetnp them now witli f'rcomul-ion, an (.-muUifird creosote that it, plt.'jsaul lo take. Creomulaion is a medical Jibt;overy with two-fold action; il .ootht s and heals the inflamed metn- Lmnfa i tu! inhibits germ growth. Of nl! known drugs, creosote is recog- nizrff.J)) hi^h nu'diriil authorities n» one of tin- greatest iu'-vting agencies for couglis from olds and bionchial irritations. Creomu lion c mlains in addition to crco- lotc, til} T hauling elements which soothe and heal iho inflamed membranes and stop tho irritation, while tho creosota goes on lo tin- stomach, is absorbed into the blood, nttn.-ks the seat of the trouble and checks tliv growth of the gcnim. Creomulsion is guaranteed sntiiifac- tory in iho of coughs from colds, branch 1 tia and minor form.'i of bronchial irritations, and is excellent for building up the system after noldis or flu. Money refunded if trot relieved after taking according to direction*. Aak yom; clr iggiet,- (adv.) /·*?/? THE CQUGH FROM COLDS THA THANG ON Florence Truswe-11, at the pom ot d e a l h from cerebro-spina! menln ;!t!s at AlbuciiiQrcitie, NV M., seemed fi tile. The l i t t l o girl still was iu a crl leal condition. Search Cor Maiiry. Graham, we tern air express aviator missing for a! nost a week in the storm-lashed mou .tain country between Los Vegas, Nev. and Hall LakA City, Utah, was res t med today. Heports t h a t a signal flar- hud been seen Tuesday near Ca! ante, Nov., Ttiused flagging hopea th; t ho might be alive. Another t a l o of fortitude and :our- as;o was told by Liieutenant Mill -tt of (he a n n v (esl snuartron. Ills plaiio wu.s forced d o w n cast, of Kurt B nton, Moiil., last Monday, lie roveale , and K. "\V. Mjchoes, a r a n u b i - r , volu itccr- ed to lake him to tho nearest ra Iroad .stalSun fit) miles away, Atachocs iorre-d his team of vorsos Ihrough dril'lB to UiK Sandy. P 3 was so near e x h a u s t i o n when they t r r i v e d he bad to he given medical alt jntion and hits horses d i o j i p e d dead. i-!!x army i m r h i i i t .planes left r t noon y p f - l e r d a y on u lli^ht frtm Or^a Falls to ICall.'Miell, whoro thrco othoj woro g r o u i t d t d . Thi) MIX piloiB were forcedi It) t u r n back when a .storm v hlppe-el down from tho continental divide Four reached G r e a t Falls safely. LiemcniiU't Htiiliu mad*- an onv rgency iaiuiiii.K ut Jlrady a n l Lie i tenant (iiozumlli wis torc-tui down til 'owers. Lieutenant Shanuhan (law f r o u Havre, Wont, to Kalispoll. lie said lie 200- milo flight was the most huzar Sous ho had over made. PYTHIAN PAST CHANCELLORS MEET FRIDAY Tho fast Chancellors Aasoc ation o£ S o u t h w e s t e r n Pennsylvania, K n i g h t f i of P j t h l n a , win meet f o m o r ' ow evening H(. Scottdale, with ''ounlaln Lodge No. " i f 3 HH host. i/argo delrgations from a' 1 , of the lodgoH in Ihe association aro expected to be In a t t e n d a n c e and the Jcoltdalo mombers fire preparing an ir (.cresting program. C. TJ. McDonald of Oonnolli villo will have charge of the business sesBion. I"so our classlfiofl adver ietnents. How to Get Rid of Vile Nasal Opex Opens Up C n l n i T h Shift'od yoslrlls in Three AHim'cs. I.cs- sons HnxKlii);, K i n g l n t ? and Slnt^hitf in Mars nnil Destroys Deadly Jnhirrh Worms Hiij'.s A u i i i o r l l j r , Head Colds Conquered in Few Hours In/laiunialton In nose, throat and bronchial t u b e s r a p U l l y disappears, snuffles cpasc and you can brcalhe Creely t h r o u g h noso again. ' Opcx Opens U] Stuffed fi in 3 311 it u (CK. 30 Days Fre Trial. It's about Umo f l i n t someonp with brnlns (?avt i to f'atavrh h i i f f o r c i s H f.iinplo, quirk uni w u r c remedy that 7ioL only soothes and heals iho h.- ilamed catarrh aoalteci membrane, but also promptly destroys tne vicious worms thai, cause this disgusting disease. Tho thmisiimis of intelligent readers -\\lio havo tried in vain to fliH homethtni; t h a i aoi u n i t y will drive away t-vpry t r t u o of 1uathi»nin ca 1,-irrli, w i l l IIP i;t it! ·· k n o w l|\;ii D n e y ran now be proc'Utctl at tl e Connolls- v l l f e Drag Co., who will b pleased to phow you how s i m p l o it i with Ope.v to oni'c and for all cnnf uor catorrJi and U s stuliborn »ymptoi in. Now all yon have to dr is !o spray t h r u tho n o H t n l s over (lie entire sore, germ i n f r g l p t l i n i i u b r a n c . t h i s purifying, frc-rin K i l l i n g va[ Jr of Opex, reaching every nook, ere 1 ice and fold In tho niembrauo, as no ther remedy can and opening up in t'.ree minuted tho stuffed np passages. It seems like u ralrac e, but after yon USG Opex a few tin es each day tor a few days, you will find that the sore, raw, swollen, tend r membrane te completely heilrI, t ulffling- and hawking havo ecased a d the discharge of catorrhal mucous has slopped. It is worth a whole ,ot ol! money lo get i rid of Htuhborn niitarrli and t o U'SBcu buxxitii? noise in tlie earn, hut Opox, which costs j« little, will setul U s p u r i f y i n g , ho illng, nmoke- j l k c vapor jussi where t will do Ihe most guod-- yon can a ' t n a l l y see it ifolnif in ono nostril a id out o£ the other, Oppx is sold with t l - j distinct nn- derstnncHng tha) if you are not patis- fled af thn end of 30 da -s your nioiioy will bs g l a d l y r e f u n d e c Opex is d f i l f f h t f u l to HBP b p ^ a u p t of i t s \ v h o l p - soms f r a g r H n c p Keei your noslri!; n' clean as y o u r I r e t h Get Opex at Conneilsville Drug Co. Young Men Held For Five Robberies On the West Side Charges of breaking and entering and larceny were to be preferred today ftgalnst John HeUe), Jr., 2-1, im(l, Prau'k Cromo, 19, in connection AvltH the robberies on tho "Went Side, rcpoi-tei yesterday. Bath confessed ut tho police station, last night ul'lor being nuoBtionrd. ; A nickel w i t h I wo holes ]-iunc"ircl through it proved; the downfall of l h « youths. Patrolman V.-Bort RitrWo round it a m o i i f f the loot and w h e n hu t o l d the younp, men ho k n o w U had hccii I t i k e n from (|IP I'CMTJ- ft r i o n d n r (on feed Hlorn, l h t y H d n i i f t o d (heir g u i l t . A written r o n f c B K i o i i was Uicn {aIc- on, tho mo Yemenis of tho pair helnK traced from the- Mmc I hoy robbed tho Conuellsvllle Bottling Woi-ka -- thfi ill's), job--until their arrest at 10:30 o'clock yesterday morning. Both men concurred iu the confession, In which they admitted entering the five places, most bj; rear windows, and taking cash; In addition to the bottling works tho Waverly Oil Company's station, tho Auto Servlue Company (ho the feed mill office woro burglarized, A f t e r the final rohbc-ry tho youths went to a house In Sou'th First street, where they divided the cash'. 'Ihen, after sleeping there, they went, to Cromo'a homo on the South Side and It was while returning from that place that police picked thorn up. MANY ATTEND FUNERAL OF ELMER S. SWAIN MOUNT PLEASANT, ./an. 16.--Tho Free Methodist Church in Silver street was crowded to tho doors for tho funeral service yesterday a f t e r n o o n for Elmer Strlcklcr Swain, whoso death occurred Monday. Rev. O. L. Page of Uniontown, d i s t r i c t ^Ider of the- Free Methodist Church, conducted tho service and delivered the sermon, with Hav. J. 1). Stevens of PIH.sburg and Rev. ('. L. n i e h n r d s o n , pastor of (he local church and brother-in-law of Mr. Swain, assisting. A quartet made up of Mrs. G"nrgo Gcarhart, Sirs. Harry Ilhome, frs. Lulu Lessman and Rev. Stevens sans favorito hymns. Fellow employes of Mr. Swain in the cutting- d e p a r t m e n t of the Uryce Brothers glass plant were- pallbearers. B u r i a l was made in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. In addition to h i s ' children Mr. Swain is survived by lliree sisters, Mrs. H. L. Speer of Butler, Mrs. II. O. I'ahel of Foxdale, near Greensburg, and Mrs. C.. L. .Richardson of this place. DEPEND ON ZEMO TO STOP ITCHfNG Use s o o t h i n g , lienllng, I n v i s i b l e Zemo fur t h o t o r t u r e o f I t c h i n g S k i n . This ulean, r o l l a b l o f a m i l y a n t i s e p t i c ; helps l i r l i i K relief In t l i u u s a n d s of homes, stops Itch In B arid d r a w s the I t r a t utid s t l n j j out of t h e s k i n . Homo lias been used f o r t w o n l y years w i t h r e m a r k a b l e bUccoBs for all f o r m s of a n n o y i n g , i t c h l n x r s k i n I r r i t a t i o n s . "Relict w i t h first i M i r i l l f i U l o n , " t h o u s a n d s say. .'iric, OOc ruul 5 I . U O . All d e a l e r s . -- A d \ e r l t s e - m e u t , ' . ^ Looking lor Hargafns Y Road tho advertisements In Th« Dally Courier. Use our "want" advertiBemo-at. ACTTVBJ frisky little bodicsj--bub- bling with stored- up energy 4-heedless %f cold--indifferent to small discomforts --* it seems incredible that they should ever tire--or iose rest for play -- or become a prey to any kind of germ. Yet how easily even t h e s e same healthy, r e s i l i e n t l i t t l e bodies a r e e x h a u s t e d bjr » cough! How quickly they iose weight -- their rosy color leaves them. That is -why mothers arc sc fearful of a cough. For coughing use. 1 up her youngsters' energy more quic'cly tbaa almct any other bodily exertion. And doctors ndvisc: Check Cntigks At The Start, Don 'I Let Them \fea ken You. Pcitussin brings quick relief because 'J itgetsfttthe/wiflMrf!?- ' ate loosen* thephiegm,soothc» the irrit.ition »0A qniets the cough, vet it is entirely /, harmles*. That's whyitis»afcrtous« / Pertussin. U n i i k e m a n y other cough retn- cdiei, it contains nodopeorharmfuJl d t u g s . D o c t o r * h a r e prescribed P e r t u s s i n tnot« o f t e n t h a n a n y other tdvetuscd cough remedy. NEVER TOO TERED! REMEMBER i Doa't let a cough hang on. Keep «. bottle of Pcrtussia handy at all times. It will bring prompt mid safe relief for the coughs of evcty member of the family. It will not disturb digestion or upset th,c stomach. SolJ by ali druggists. "DON'T COUGH YOUR ENERGY AWAY" FAYETTE COUNTY LEGIONNAIRES WILL GATHER TUESDAY Arrangements arc b"ing completed by committees of M i l t o n C,. Bishop Post of the American Ugim for the entertainment, of I j O g i o n n u l r c n from v i r t u a l l y all of the 1'osts H Fayetto county who will assemble in '!K- Logion tiuarlors in tho luinn-Pa'.Jic JSuilditig in North PHisb.irg street Tuesday evening. This is t h f first of a K C I J C S of sol- logcthcr mcotingh t h a i crc to be c'u- duclfd t h r o u K i i o u l tlic c o u n t y ;\-\ i!ic result of iirtinii ot 1hr K;i o l i o GOIIII- t y American l^pgion Conn litlcr. A good pi'OKi'ain of cti crliilumtMil has been drawn up ,imi tl crc w i l l br liuicheoii. Scver;i! spcakors will in all probability bo on tho program and i! i hoped that Uistriot Uomiiiandpr ''arl ;. Tiiistmaii of Johnstow I uud some others will le iu a t l o n d a i co. ParsImJl Knnoritl FrMny. The f u n e r a l service for Mm. r/ouiBC Bullormore Purishall, w h i i lied Tncs- day n i g h t at i h o Buhl Hospital at Sharon, will be h o l d Friday m o r n i n g at 10:30 o'clock at tlie homo of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ja nes W. Hut- termore, 232 S o u t h Pro tncct ntrect. Friends of tho f i i m i l y are inyited. i n - ! terment In Hill Grove C jmetery \ \ i l l bo private. CHARLES PURBAUGH DIES AT SWISSVALE Thi} f u n e r a l service for Chariot Purhiiupth, 70 years old, who died suddenly Saturday at'liis home nt Swis^vale, wu'5 held Tuebday afternoon at. the f a m i l y homo. I n t e r m e n t was ir. tlm Br.tddock Ornr-tery. Mr. I'urlwugh was a n-itivo oC I l y n d m a n and was k n o w n in Connoll.'i- villo, where lio refolded lor s-evor:t! years JJoiide.3 his wife, lie is s u r - vived liy a liitnily of Krown children, llo had livnl retired of Ulo years. C. A, I'nrbaiuji, rons-in, Mrs. Purbaugh :ind Mr. and Mr.". GPOI'KO I I . Khiiin jk"r of ( ' o u n c l l s v i l l e a t t f tided tho f i i n e r a l . Mi'.s. I'urlKiim'li,- wiir ni' the il^i-i'ubrd, i. a i-ouiiin of Mr. rfliu- U H l U c '. Ueo our classified advertisements. Buys FonKry F ii'in. A chick-en fann, local"d near Con- nellsvlllo and owned by M a t t h e w f h a r l t o n , was purchased by Joseph SUisUo of ( I r t n d s ' t o n e . 'NO considpra- tion was n u t n o d , 8t.i6l o oxpo^ts l o increase 1 the n u m b e r of c.iiclims at t h e f a r m from r.OO Lo 1,000. Announce Hirdr. Mr. nnd Mrs. ILoberl O, Conn of Mount HraddocU av» announciiiR tho hivth of a son Kriilav, J a n u a r y ;'. Tho habo lias been namid «.'h.irU-s Hay- niond. lie is the f o u r t h child in tho family. Relies Upon Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Uankin, Illinois.--"I toolc Lydia E). Pinkham's Vegctablo Compound as a tonic before and after my first child was born six years ago. Then when my second child cauje and 1 felt w e a k a n d rundown, I took ifc again. I .-im still talcing it aud I ;nn feeling belter. My mother used it for hcrsplf when I W.TI email and always got pood results. She still takes H. li do all k i n d s of heavy work, iiu'lndlnfc my housewofk and 1 al?o h e l p iu 1)10 field. I recommend l h f Vegetable (Tom- pound and will gladly do .«· ai, any time. I am wllllnp to nns-wer n u y loi.. ters asking about this Mcdlcino."- -Mus. ), Routo 2, Raukin, 111, $1.25 Konjola 95c "CUT 11 ATE" $1.20 Flaxolyn $1.08 Corner Fittsbnrg and Pencil Streets, ConnellsviJle, i'a. Specials for Friday and Saturday Cut Prices 7 Day?) of the Week Patent Medicines $iI.OQ S. IS, S $1.65 $1.35 Tierce's Favorite Proscription $J $1.35 Pierce's (ioldcn Medical Discovery $J. $1.5,0 Aprarol $l.a» $1.50 Pctrolngia- $1/29 $1.00 HicIIs Tonic ;} For $a.r.o $1.20 Father John's illerticino $! $l.a» Mcolt's fcimulsloii ...$!' $1.1!0 Vino I $1 $1.20 Crcomulsion $1 $1. 4 J() Calchvcll's Syrup of Pepsin $1 $1.20 HroTtio Seltzer $1 $1.20 Hal Hepatica $1 $1.^0 Milk EmuslJon $1.08 OOc Milk Emulsion 54.C $1.00 Squlhli's Mineral Oil, S5c 1 Pt.' Russian Mineral (Ml .,,, 03c $1.00 World's Tonic S5c $1.00 Mile's JS'orvin« 85c $1.00 Wamijole's ) J rpp«raihin 7Jc $1.00 ]S". R. Tahlots 87« 75 JJoan's Kidney Pills fl»! 50p Phillip's M U k MnurnCM'H 'I2c $1.00 \ujol S5c 50: Syrup of YHiilo Phio and Tar 3fl- B5c K r H h l i c n ,SiiIt 7Hc $1.25 Uratflhs $1.12 (Dr. Soutlr.vorth's) Baby Foods and Preparcitions $1.20 S. SI. A. Milk $1 $1.00 Kocolnc Sti- I 11). Merck's Milk Sugar 55c $1.0fl"0vnlt,ine S5c $1.00 Ilorltck'i Malted Millf SOc $3.75 Ilorliuk's Malted Milk $3.23 75c Dextri Midtoso (57c $8.50 DextrJ Maltose $3.19 50e Drake's t lesSco Croup Kcmedy 42i- (JOc C u l i f o r n i t t S y r u p of Figs .'. 52c '10e Castoria (FIt,tcht-r's) «2c 25o Johnson's Utiby Powder ,... 20c 25c, .Johnson's Bahy Soap 20c Cod Liver Ol! s h o u l d be included in UH- diet of all infant,H, Vo c i i r i y a lino of tho B\si. l i r a n d s : Park .Mend's, Toiletries ijif.50 .Mnry T. G o l d m a n ' s H n f r Color Itcstorfir SSJ.^I) l«l.50 Kohir I5nk $l.tJS) $1.00 Lucky Titrer 85)c $1.00 Wild Hoot Hair Tonic S9c $1 J J J o n d o x .Shampoo K!)c $1.00 [JstefJne -- The u n f k ' c p t i c of a liundred uses -- 83 c $l.f0 i'inaud's Lilac Vegetal $1.29 oflc Pcbecco Tooth Paste 42c r0c fpanu TooUi Paste 42c 50c lodent Tooth Paste i2c 2,"fi Listerino Tooth Paste 21c 25i Luxor Cold Cream Soap tile ·2.c IVoodbury's Facial Soup , 21c ."»0c Clutmborialn'.s Haiul Lutloii 42c Rubber Goods We carry a complete lino of rubber proods, f»'ntnrJng p those of tho (.oodrieh Knb- ber Co. Stocks are clean and fresh and priced low. For Friday and Saturday «e l i m e a $1.00 Water Tiotfle for ,-iOc Open Sunday Prescriptions Norris Chocolates

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