The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
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George Follis Division Helps CS Tb Help Itself By RICHARD CARVER of The Journal The four-month public ad ministration course for senior! civil servants has been rated a success. Another one is planned to begin next February. . The responsibility for this training program and many others rests with the Civil Service Commission's staff training and development division, headed by George Follis. THREE-YEAR VETERAN Mr. Follis, a tail, burly and friendly person, has been run-nine the division for three years. ' The division's activities are made un of living advice in deoartmental programs, assist mnem in development of their staff training programs and op erating specialized courses. The number of requests" for .advice increased in 1963 but " the emphasis, as noted in the latest Civil Service Commission annual report, has changed to traininc within the service rather than by outside facilities. . Advice la major factor in the division's attitude to iu work, . BEST APPROACH . It i better to use departmental training facilities to get the program under way than call upon the slim resources 10 officer of Mr. roiiis'S division. '. "Wl do little teaching." says Mr. Follis. The. nearest we com to it is in a supervisory training course and a secretariat development and orients tion course," " He went on:' "Really, the focus is on getting the best teaching resources to do a par ticular Job." The four-month senior ad ministration course was an ex ceUent example- Leading people in specialized fields, such finance, politics and adminis tration, lectured the civil serv ants at the "college" w Carle- ton Place. ON PAR Mr. Follis reckons that his division is on a per with any similar organizations in private Industry. He and his officers are In constant touch with other management experts and de velopments, t Underlying their work is the aim to get civil servants to do ss much as they can for selves to set up and run their own departmental training programs. This leaves the division more time to concentrate on the mora specialized and complicated projects. "Encoursiini others to as sume responsibility" Is one of the ways George Follis puts it Mr. Follis, who is something of a curling ace. Joined the Crvil Service in 1948 when he went to Veteran Affairs in North Bay. He went to the Commission in 1932 and In 1958 was posted to Edmonton for thra years as Its district repre- BRIEFLY NOTED: The press conference Thursday held by th CS staff WATCH FOR EATON'S ,..-s-rgw . , ' BacktSchaol - Back-to-Home SALE CIRCULAR NOW . . . belli; delivered to your door. CHECK the .many Outstanding - Values and MACE TOUR ORDER NOW. CSS PHONE : 232- 9421 233- 7551 There are , 11 a- mm Gfc rULUS s a fairly, impressive occa sion: three leading lights in CS associations answered questions with research specialists in re serve lor the utter., more in formal questioning . . . Frank StkadrThg-of the Letters Car riers stood in for conference chairman Claude Edward who is in London. England, with Cal Best of the CSAC end the By W. Q. KETCHUM Major Robert1 Francis W ode- Curator of War Collec tions at the National Gallery since 1932. has a lengthy mili tary background. ' Prior to MZ. 'he'was in the Permanent Force serving -In peacetime with The bovernor General's Foot Guards and in the Second World War with The Royal Canadian Regiment . DECORATED He and his brother. Major G. E. Wodehouse, received respec tively on the same day the MBE and the Military Cross from Canada's then Governor General Lord Alexander of Tunis in an investiture at R Id e a u Hall. G. E. Wodehouse served with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. A well-k n w a member of toe medical profes- skm he la now in charge of the health needs of students at the University of Toronto. Robert Francis Wodehouse was born in Port Arthur, Oat., Jan. . MJ. the son of Dr. R. E. Wodehouse. one-tim Deputy Minister of Pensions . and Na tional Health, Dr.- Wodehouse had beea reeve of Rockcliffe and warden of Carletoa Coun ty. Major Wodehouse' mother was Madeline Daby (Keefer) Wodehouse whose father sat in the Commons for Port Arthur. The future curator was edu-( cated at Ash bury College, Trinity College, .Toronto and t h a University of London (School of Economics). - Major Wodehouse at one time was a school teacher. He s also for a time a prospector in Temiscamingue County, Que,. where he says he found traces of everything but nothing worth while. JOINED CWACS Major Wodehouse . end his wife, the former Margaret Elizabeth Rose,, daughter of the late Rev. Canon D. M. Rose of Oshawa live at 17 Stanley Ave nue. In the Second World War Mrs. Wodehouse enlisted in the Canadian Women's Army. Corps and mi successively a sergeant and a lieutenant At the present time she is the editor-, of the Canadian Periodical Index, project of the Canadian Library Association, a full-time Job. . Major ' Wodehouse was a lieutenant In the GGFG k the early t. In the Second World War be was commissioned the Royal Canadian Regiment and went overseas as a rein forcement officer. He was post ed to' Intelligence, his d t i e s Including photo Interpretation for the Royal Air Force. He was attached to the U.S. Army for the landing at Salerno tn Italy in 143. -PIONEER STOCK . Major Wodehouse on both sides is of pioneer Canadian stock and he is distantly routed to P. G. Wodehouse the humorist. His great-grandfather in the lS40s settled at Stony Creek near Hamilton. Later, the J. D. S:r.dcrs:n ROOFING ROOF REPAIRS SHEET METAL WORK 417 CATHERINE ST. CES-MC Prelesslenal Institute' President D. Blake Caldwell on either side of the table ... Dr. Caldwell struck this reporter as a man of forceful personality . , . not a man who equivocates or sidesteps issues ... at the end of the press table sat Wendell Hewitt Wait in his capacity! of acting editor of the CSF Af gus asking deadpan questions to which be already knew the an swers, I suspect ... at present the associations can only raise a hue and cry over what they consider to be a raw deal by the government . . . and even after the membership hss voiced its opinion there does not seem to be much the associa tion leaders csn do. There .is no hope of a change of heart immediately by the government v . . one private opinion was that government negotia tors were told there was only S10.000.0M to play with for Group B and "split it ap, boys' . . . another that there would not be an election this year after such a meagre increase. Some electors in George Mc-Ilraltk's riding must be wondering and. wondering ... roll on Group C. 1 . . v.,. i 11 MAJOR tYODEHOUSE family was located at Blenheim near Chatham. S -" i . Major . Wodehouse has a pleasant and unaffected man- j ner and derive great pleasure from his present work. "It Is very rewarding to look after! picture I like,? he said. i There sre soma 5.000 paint ings and drawings fat the two' war collection. Paintings from j the collection are available to the three service and are to be found in messes from St John's, Newfoundland, to Esquimart, British Columbia. They are also in Canadian Army messes in Germany and in the. Invasion Museum at Arromanches, Franca, - - - A curator of the .War Collection, Msjor. Wodehouse visits mease across Canada to see the condition paintings are in. Ha particularly likes this association with the services. BEAVERBXOOK VISION : Paintings of the service in the First World War resetted from the vision of the late Lord Beaverbrook who had leading artist of that era do the work. They included Paul Naah. Wyndhamm Lewis. Edward Wsdsworth, Augustus John, Sir William Orpen, Christopher Nevinsou and Sir Alfred Mun ly ings. Canadians commissioned for the work were A. Y. Jackson, now of Ottawa, Maurice Cullen. Kenneth Forbes, Frank H. Johnston,- Fred Variey and Homer Watson. Canadian artist in the Second World Wer represented in the collection covering that period included Dr. Charles Comfort, Director of the National Gallery, Lawren Harris Jr., Major William Ogilvie, Goodridge Robert. Robert Hyndman, F. M. Forster of Ottawa, An- CLASSES ON CREDIT tOOJtwry PIANOS , V SON. LIMITtD SS Bank St, (at Cooper) ' .V .' ," ' - SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1064 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL ; 1 RQYALNAVY Seek Train Robber. Catch Schoolboys' LONDON (CP) A frlgst and aanbmarlee from the Royal Navy, RAF Shackelton aircraft from Cornwall and Ireland and a ' British Railways ferry were all Involved in the capture-of a stolen yacht In the Irish Sea Thursday night. the "stop that yacnt ' order Girl, Five, Kept Prisoner In Dark Room MIAMI, Ft. iJP) A nude five-year-old child was ' discovered locked In darkened room Thursday night, an ap parent1. . prisoner for several years, polk said.. , An ambulance attendant ssld the child' eye were so sensl tive to lights it screamed most of the way to the hospital The attendant said the child's room was filthy, furnished only with a dirty mattress. The child, attendant taid. suffered from rickets and malnutrition. The youngster, a Negro, was taken to hospital. Miami police withheld details pending arrests, A ' neighbor was reported to have discovered the child and called police. it. F. Wodehouse thony Law. Carl Schaefer. Alex CoivOle, George Pepper, Harold Beam en t, Molly and Bruno Bobak. ., -Xr!: The permanent collections on the sixth floor of the Lome Building are routed from time to time, particularly paintings and drawings of. the Second World War. Consult Your It Doctor ' Manor Park PHARMACY ; Open 13. ' IS St Laurent Blvd. 746-4659 CITY DELIVERY ' Le AOMsa'si wwwtl . DRUG STORE ; SM Bank Ootm 12-9 234-6975 Carver&Vard .' ', LTD. t , PHARMACY , i SM Richmond Rd. 1. Open ! pjsv .'J' 722-7647 was issued because it was be lieved Charles Wilson, convicted great train robber who escaped from a Birmingham prison last week, might be on board. Instead, reports say, the hunters closed In on two fright ened shd seasick reformatory schoolboys who had stolen the M.M yacht, the wild venture, from its north Wales mooring early Thursday. The boys, aaed 14 and is. are believed to be two reported mining from - a reformatory school in southeastern England five days ago. The luxury yacht is owned by Edword Mathr director of a food firm. It was intercepted about 2 miles from' Dublin off the Irish coast. . Earlier it was rumored that Wilson, sentenced to N years in prison for his part in last year's C2.M0.0M ($7.(00.000) mall train holdup, might be heading for the Irish Republic aboard the yacht. He escaped from Bir- miniham'a W I n s o a Green prison Aug. 12. ? No. Virgins' In British Commonwealth (By The CP) - The British Commonwealth Is free from vlr-l sins. External Affairs Minister Martin declared, in she Com- I mens Thursday. - ' . - Amid the laughter. Prima l Minister Pea r ee e . said he wanted 'to dissociate himself- from Mr. Martin's remark. Gerald Regan (L Halifax) i had asked whether foreign aid to the Commonwealth Carlo-1 bean area win be expanded. Mr. Martin said bilateral talks on the matter art in progress. Russell MacEwan (PC Pto-tou) then asked whether aid will be extended to the Virgin Islands. - - ' ' Mr. Martin said: "The Com monwealth Is free from Vir- tins." ;.v (The main Virgin Islsnds ere' U.S. possessions.). MAKE SURE VOUR EYES ARE '0N , THE JOB!" It's bad business practice to neglect your eyes, .when good vision is so vital for efficient work. The one sure wsy of making sure your eye are doing their work i to have them examined at regular, interval. t. , .. v Consult your Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) for a complete eye examination. tor correct ittptnting of yofcr prescription see ... 0.L DEI10UK1 end SONS tuwmo Prucrtptlon Opttclant - "Quality, accuracy,, ' suitability'' I Convenient Locations 132 SUTER STREET 232-4976 440 HIKT0M AVENUE, SuH 101 725-2727 179 MONTREAL RD. 744-6984 DRUG STORES ip OPEN SUNDAY O'Scllivan's PHARMACY. Rkfeaa and FrM 234-2725 4i 'Open l. pjnv CITY DELIVERY Alia VisI PHARMACY AN VMs Skeaessf Ceatre ISS1 Alu Vista Drhra IS Mm. pm. -, 733-9292 ant lfHvrfl G.LDarc:her . PHARMACY SS7 Somerset Street West . . ; n to pm, ' 232-3505 OTY-WIDE DELIVERY . .' ".RETAIL DRUG STORE ; ' . V ; Cpea 12 coca la 9 p.n. ; i 100 Sparks Street t ' 232-9922 Trend Homes Fam ily F .7 4 ji - , J k. ! af '' life i "' . a 7' Wrait , s ,-r- ' . -fwate.ajr Ma asr-l . w ktartllr ittMBnt tht Trta Taws hmm l m waajr trteaei. ' . say Mr. aa Mrs. A. h hrr irllk tkU lkr rhiMm. II, WsaSa S, aaa Marssral Ana S. la tlr atw Tna ! SlaaM at St Ttrru I'rnceat, ULINWOOD rABK. y Mr. aaa Mrs. f .aiSi nmllf innatl SM tar fMl ISMI thtSr Trma Maaw Asuljr aa iakuiin. tlna ara Usrtr naanw -W arr muanwlr kappsr wild U Irrtrte-nrxlnc la our im horn, which w find to bt vary economical: Eloctric aaatlna la a valua faatur to lira. Link, who suffers from arthritis sha la now ablatio na a har apadous baaamrnl at all tlmas. aimply by bain a Ma to turn an Uaa tbarmoatat to a lentparaturaSuttabla to hrr coniiort. . . J - . "We have always IlkrvKthIa partlcalar aroa. and In Olanwood Park wa find that wa anjov hm convanlancoa of the City, combined with country living, avarythlna IS rltht here Bhoppla Centra, Doctors. Grade School. Hlsh School and Charchea. "Trrnd Homaavara more apecMus than any tbera we have seen, with aa abundance of cupboard ' and storage space, and -our basement la a dellfhl to uax Bring a musical family; wa have been able tn build a inuitc room in the baaemenl. and, due to the lad that the homes, are so sound-proof, we have no fear of disturbing our neighbors. ' .. . "Wr;.haartlif .aaaNa the Triaa Towa Houaa." - , ' i" Mr. and Jfra. JL task, Yoan perjr trulp . ' You, too, can move into your ovn -yASSALYandJOHANNSEN imn.i?(diateljf for only THE GOOD LIFE IN GUNVYOOD PARK e DO TOO RNJOY OOLPT tn Olinwasd . rark yew are inrisaaiia ay the kaat aksas a the OtUwa area. . e ARB YOC INTCRKBTKD m eesawHuilty . actlrHlasf Ohm weed rark Is a friendly aaeasMs netihhernaed. ALL OP YOtm iHOPFWO eaa fee saw tat the esse1 am araandlag Olanwwsd laap- BOa aKRVtCB every H ksar takes yea , . rtfkt sate Ottawa as tnusaf ar. . . , ' e Tin CRTJBCH AND SCHOOL el year - chases Is fa eaay waftsat dlslsnsa, O OLKNWOOD PARK Is assty If mtawtas ' , trees isaatsaa Ottawa fey twa gaad ran da. n i liU i-:lu:i::3 pf.i::c:pau interest akd taxes Fell Pries S11JS3 - C:i KHA rcrtSj;i nd yow nortgatf is UfE DCUt (to age 45fc Tren4 Hoiaej pay tttt premiuit ' 4 BEDROOM, Wi BATHROOM 1200 sq. f t. TOWN HOUSES : (bndsaped back sntj front) in ' GllEWlnJ(D)(DE) PALm : Come and drive around the paved roads of Clenwood Park. See the well kept - lawn and home. Compare the quality, compare the value In every Trend Home. ,' See the furnished model Town House on display and the sinfl family home. Som Trtntf 4Homt Extras at no 9xtra cost to you e roaaailral, staaa. safe, attsat eteetits Iwatta taawer. atare aaattel therm aatat hs every reaaa e etaaaattr asstawae tubes e Ceraawt tile sad sslaarral wallaaaer ra aalh-reem e walk-a csaset la saassar ba St earn caasaa -" eaaerfaet feat water keatfesg appiiaaea e fuH feewsa newer wttk tss sma. asrrkca U meat fata re aaeea, wtth as rasas to Mew e eitrs shkk blaaket af taaalatae with r ks waits am S" ks eaWae I asaalatlaa ateaad expaaed aaae-sseat walls e aehsae eaiiaaat lea fca kstkraeas sad week, reams e aUeat aefeMa switches aa aarvSres hMtadmg water aa ssatsa sewet, saattarr aawer. SS'1 wide pared reads and sarks are ssmslilalj prepaid ae saaal fea-purstsat ' taaea e Btas away, assay mora features. EVOtT IlIltB I0MC 5 ISalT TO KDU1BI STAJQiEM r Satfk) FmOi IUms e ka a wMe c4jo4ea of styles aad sixes are located la anothet section of Glsnwood Park. Prices ' rang rraea II4.7M to S2Z,-87S with dowa pay. SBent a low as S3M and ssxintiiiy aaymewts el only tit. V , yHCantra' (eee ' ' ' 0 r Bl , YOUR HOSPITAL 1NIURANCI IS mi ' ! OLtHWOon pAkat h fejeaM aa the ., . Arnnee Bead, hast aattos west at she . ' , ;' Chaaaplata SVsaga. ,. . SalM dffkat PhoiM o4-S361 r .. Opari I ta sjh. WMkibyv 1 ti 6 bjh. Wtektridt , v i

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