Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 20, 1975 · Page 9
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 9

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 20, 1975
Page 9
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·A J«ly 20, 1975 S««*vC«*elto4f«if Gariisw, A*tf YifgiMi FOOD STAMPS Agriculture Continues 'Welfare' Role Fight «pi«as. SuBjjJv f*t: A diet saffiekat for a 4-year-old aurserv school stwleat is aoi eoou^i for a 22-vear-oid unempioyed eoo- structioa worker. .Owr 15th YMT With The. tQudbytetkyw^ Wright Lord By JtMtku W«lmai The Auocimttd Prtn Earl Butz keeps saying his Agriculture Department should not be in the welfare business. But the courts keep ruling that he must upgrade the food stamp program and meet legally mandated assistance obligations. The Agriculture Department hasn't exhausted its legal options in the latest court battle over food stamps, but it's uncertain whether the department will carry on the fight after a string of defeats in related cases. If it appeals and loses -- or if it drops the legal fight - the department (USDA) is faced with a complicated and very expensive task in following court orders to make food stamps a nutritionally sound program. * * »' DURING THE past several years the department has been continually embroiled in court cases over food stamps. The department has lost most of them. Last month the sharpest and most far- reaching legal attack yet was endorsed by the U.S. Circuit Court in Washington, which ordered the department to upgrade its food stamp allotment system. The court agreed with the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), a consumer advocacy group, that USDA has been in violation of the law in not assuring recipients are able to obtain a nutritious diet. In a decision very critical of some USDA procedures, a three-judge panel gave the department until Oct. 10 to implement new rules. Approximately 19.6 million persons currently receive stamps, coupons purchased for a sliding discount based on income. The court said most recipients do not receive enough aid to buy what they need to eat. "Congressional intent is frustrated if the program is administered so that a substantial number of eligible households do not receive sufficient coupons," wrote Judge J., Skelly Wright in the decision. "USDA conceded that the present system results in .. .substantially less than that necessary to purchase even the Economy Food Plan," the least expensive of five USDA family food plans. "For a family that needs a loaf of bread, the offer of a slice is poor comfort." beneficial manner.. .and to raise the level of nutrition among low-income households," said Judge Wright. "The situation has completely changed now," said Butz in a recent interview. "The department doesn't have any surpluses except some milk. Food stamps, have really become a welfare program." He proposed food stamps be placed in HEW along with most other federal assistance programs. The Ford administration recently shelved USDA proposals for sweeping reforms which might have increased food stamp assistance to the poor. "They're taking a closer, longer look in the White House at all benefit programs," said a source at USDA. "They didn't want j us to paint them into a corner." * * * FOOD STAMPS cost the government $5 billion in the fiscal year ended June 31, and Butz has been complaining that food assistance eats up too much of the USDA budget. During a heated Senate Agriculture Committee session last February, Sen. Hubert Humphrey, D-Minn., said: "Mr. Secretary, don't worry about the fact that 60 per cent of your budget is food stamps. That's the business of Congress. It's your business to administer it." At the same hearing, Sen. George McGovern, D-S.D., accused Butz of violating the law because USDA food stamp regulations do not provide for "a nutritionally adequate diet," as the 1971 Food Stamp Act mandates. Judge Wright said in the June ruling: "The secretary failed to comply with the procedural command in promulgating allotment regulations for the food stamp programs." The court found USDA rules invalid, but continued them in effect until new regulations are drafted by Oct. 10. gress. The department now is being sued in 25 states where the Food Research and Action Center alleges inadequate compliance with the order. Feitttr Humphrey DEPARTMENT officials decline to dis- The court found that the present allot- cuss the latest court order on nutritional meat system, based on a hypothetical av- soundness until a decision is made on erage family of four, is illegal because it whether to appeal it. does ** ^ mto account a S e or sex of re - SWUNG POOL T W A n i r i Miami MI C^If CM*!*!* UK tl Ft*, GhMicdi t AccMMiitt LACY'S Ifcfcn S»MM*4 Ms 933WM*MMCr.,ChaitetM PkMr744-2711 COURT REBUFFS like the June 12 order are not new to USDA. Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz was the target of four suits before he released funds to implement the Women, Children and Infant (WIC) free food program in 1973. For years, FRAC has been in courts all over the country suing local school boards in an effort to make USDA-subsidized school meal programs available. But most court action has centered around the food stamp program. Food stamp ranks swelled to nearly 20 million this spring as the nation's recession victims looked to the government for aid. The program was serving about 13 million in the years prior to the recession. Government experts estimate that as many as 40 million persons are eligible for the stamps. Ron Pollock, director of the Food Research and Action Center, spends much of his time suing USDA to force extension of federal food assistance. "The department does not have a very enlightened secretary," says Pollock."He is not known for helping poor people." * * * BUTZ COUNTERS that social welfare programs are not his job. He wants to rid USDA of all food programs that are not part of the over-all department plan to keep farm prices high while increasing exports and expanding crop research. That, says Butz, is his job. The food stamp program was created in 1961 to rid farmers of crop surpluses "in a THE DEPARTMENT recently has taken the offensive on the food stamp controversy, issuing reports that thousands of students, persons living in communes and some middle-class families have lied their way onto food stamp rolls. Many errors have been administrative, department figures show. One study showed 15.7 per cent of all recipient dollars went to "households ineligible for the program. However, almost half of these were to households which would have been eligible had the registration requirement been met." "We're attempting to cut out the chiselers," Butz said. . Assistant USDA Secretary Richard Feltner told the House Agriculture Committee last month that willful fraud ac counted for just .8 of one per cent of all recipients in 1974. TWO ATTEMPTS to deal with students and commune dwellers were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. One, the so-called "hippie household provision," denied stamps to anyone living in a house with one or more unrelated people. It was ruled unconstitutional in a 1973 decision. Pollock says the rule forced from food stamp rolls "the poorest of the poor" -migrant and urban families forced to live with other families in order to scrape by. Another regulation would have disqualified anyone in a household where there is a person over 18 years old who is a dependent of a parent not eligible for stamps. While it would have forced many students off stamps, it also would have eliminated some welfare recipients. The rule was thrown out on a narrow, 5r4 vote, and another version now is in effect. In 1974, USDA was ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Miles Lord'to upgrade state-run efforts to sign up eligibles. Lord also ordered USDA to spend $278 million appropriated for the task in 1973 by Con- 1 OPEN DAILY 10-10; SUNDAY 1-7 SUNDAY-MONDAY ONLY! 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Avocado with black lid. · Call No. 494 Charter No. 15385 National Bank Region No. 5 REPORT OF CONDITION, CONSOLIDATING DOMESTIC SUBSIDIARIES, OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BELLE IN THE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON JUNE 30, 1975 PUBLISHED IN REPONSE TO CALL MADE BY COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY, UNDER TITLE 12, UNITED STATES CODE, SECTION 161. ASSETS Cashanddue from banks 1,631,211.59 U.S. Treasury securities - 2,421,864.07 Obligations ot'Stetes and political subdivisions ....-....'.' 1 539 gfjg 70 Othe'r securities (including $23,500.00 corporate stock) 223,350.00 Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreements to resell 1,090,000.00 Loans : '.'. : 7,774,296.81 Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises » 263,461.91 Real estate owned other than bank premises -· 12,525.00 Otherassets 130,097.86 TOTALASSETS 16,638,856.39 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships and corporations 3,934,920.35 Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, ..and corporations -^ 9.170,336.65 Deposits of United States Government 15,871.93 Deposits of States and political subdivisions - . . . 1,387,907.76 Certified and officers' checks, etc 165,773.76 TOTALDEPOSITS $14,660,680.34 (a) Total demand deposits $ 4,425,360.62 (b) Total time and savings deposits $10,235,319.72 Other liabilities 903.651.45 TOTAL LIABILITIES 15,578.461.90 RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES Reserve for bad debt losses on loans (set up pursuant to IRS rulings) 81,783.99 TOTAL RESERVES ON LOANS, ANDSECURITIES 81,783.99 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Equity capital-total 978.610.50 Common Stock-total_par value 270,000.00 No. shares authorized 30,000.00 No. shares outstanding 27.000.00 Surplus 507.500.00 Undivided profits 201,110.50 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 978,610,50 TOTAL LIABILITIES. 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