The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1918
Page 5
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2fe; 1918. THE DAILY COUSIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. xiv si. 1: SEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED the W. C. T. C. Organize* Speakers' Bureau to Aid Prohibition Amendment. -' FOUR ·BKJTi TALKS PLANKED WBI fce (ilre at All Women's Meet. i«tn, Mw's Club*, IxrigtMud at tke Jbitai; Fers»»s Haying B**ki In tk* Soldiers Arc Aiktil to Donate. · '. .- Special to Tile Courier. * ·V- ' '3«T. P1BASANT, March 25.--Th» W. C. T. U. heldan executive meettog on ' -Friday evening at the home of Mrs. '.··-.^. L. Marsh and organized a speakers' turean. It has secured some of the most capable men. and women, of the town- to make four and five minute speeches to all women's organizations, : men's olobs, lodges and at the movies . . to.create sentiment for the ratification of: the prohibition amendment. Mrs. · George W. Stoner,' chairman, ot the :·'county W. C. T. U; bureau? is also 1 cbairmiii of the local bureau. ,: Hospital Aid Society. . T h e regular monthly meeting ot. the "hospital Aid society will be held at Vine hospital March 26th at 3 o'clock Mrs. Mary Tsmilty. ' -Mrs. Mary Turailty, aged 77 years /tied at the home of he? son-in-law Thomas Farrell, ait. Calumet on Sat- · urday. Requiem, high mass was helc this morning at the Calumet church : . and the interment followed at. the St. John's cemetery ; in Scottdiile. , · ; '..-,. Books Stcdci. .Those persons having books* thai tliey wish to give ! to the ^oi'diers and ' sailors-" overseas 'and in the camps, may leave the same at East End pharmacy;, Riimba.ugh's Drug store and the 'National Pharmacy, on the corner, of Church and Main streets.. ; Books left r : at liny of these places will be given the prop«r attention. Boys in Trouble. · - Oae -of a number of boys between '·the ages of 14 and 18 years old. caught on Saturday-evening whea they were engaged iit a drunken carousal on .. 3iain and Chtifch streets 'and was flaed |5. The others will be arrested ./and brought up before the but,.: is. The man who hai bought tao drink for the, boys jwill be turned over to the county au'thorifles If enough evidence : can be gathered against hii-o. · ! · " . SOB is Bora. iilr. and Mrs. Matthew Arkin. are tie proud parents of a sou born at the Memorial hospital on Saturday. - · ·'··' ..' Personal, sirs. Harold Abraham of Dniontowa is the juwt of friends litre. At THE PABAKOUiYT. ·Dickeraon Ron. ·DXaQBBSON KtW, March 23.--The Iskst P«oa has a force'.of carpenters at work at tb* end .of the street car \ Bis* at Dtekersbn "Run erecting a new set o( steps leading, from the end: ot ; tk* Hue: coming" out just at the end of ,th*B«w'extension of Dawaon-Dicker- MML JUra bridge. .: Mrs. Thomas SLJohn. spent yester- ···sr Trtstttng her .daughter Mrs.'.Bert ITmr* of Second avenue, Scottddte. -..-.., -Dr. sad Mrs. George B. .Marshall ol NatssBlrilie are spending a week kV» Tlsiting the latter'a parents, Mr. / ··d-JIm. John Lint ' I BM BREATH Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get ;; at the Cause and Remove It , the snbifl. '·*·«· JOT cafaoet act gently on the bowels ' , with bod breath find through .Dr.'^Edwardif : ST »» who know them. : · . 0,'tJr.EdwateV Gtm Tablet* act gartty llkst fcmly on tt* bowels and liver, " ' them to natural .sctior, : Uood and genty porifyinf nrin system. .They do that which coii cikmri does »,T*hout «aj bad after .effect*;- · ·.'·'-, -V' ·' benefits ot ; nartr, sidtenin, ttsUtm- ue'dcrnra fcotn. .Dr." OUr»TsUets without griph» i»»freeshkeffecti. · .. - ' Edwatds dlscorered^ the ' -UM)ER SUePICfON."--Metro pro- dnctlon in which Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne Are seen in the jtoadtatg Toles, is beins presented to/day. One of the' noteworthy features of.', this entertaining 'photoplay is a charity ball, the staging for which was one of teh largest and most elaborate interior setting ever erected ly Metro. It was. built at the new York studio. Over one hivndred cou- ·ples in evening clothes danced in this fashionable scene. · It .is' at this charity ball that the great Woalworth diamond robbery was committed 1 . Mr; Bushman as Gerry Sm?pscn, r is a miV, lionaire who las remained heart- whole in spite'of the efforts of fortune hunting -parents and their .attractive daughters, He finally-meets a. girl he has never seen befora. She is Virginia Blake, a reporter on .The Sentinel. He meets tlie girl aL a musicale, where a robbery was committed.' The story is intensely rot cresting, anc affords JHr. Bushman and Miss Bayne an excellent opportunity to display their dramatic abilities.' A comedy is also being shown. ,Tomorrow.Texas GuinaiL will be seen in "The Gunman," a Trian-gle feature. Wednesday Franjclyn Farnum will be starred in "Tie Rough Lover," a five part Bluebird production. Kitty Gordon, the famous actress will appear on Thursday in ''The Wasps," a World attraction of exceptional interest On Friday and Saturday -Clara Kimball Young will ba presented in, "Shirley Kaye/' a tense story of American life with a genuine live story which appeals to all. \ VINOL THIS NURSE STRONG Nothing Like it for Rundown and Nervous THE ARCADE. 'ALT, GIK1, REVUE." Beauty, youth, ability and talent will vtewlth each other for first honors at the Arcade, this week, it being 'the occasion of the visit of Zeb Evan's All Girl Revue- with nine comely the lino supporting Ruby Davis,. the blonds soup'rette and Charles H. Davis, the wizard of joy. They will- be assisted by Oliver Right,' acrobatic dancer, iIiiy .JlcCoy, blackface comedian, iom\ Rapier, and Dolly McDonald; the big bundle of animation, who is some singer and dancer, he song numbers In "The Diamond Palace," the bill for today and tomorrow includes, "Give "Me the Moonlight, Give Mb the Girl;" by Miss Marion Grey; "The Story Book Ball" by Miss Davis, the wonderful girl coon song shouter; "Some One if ay Be There While I Am Gone," Miss McDonald; ' an original song ahd,dance by Oliver Kight; "Is It .Within the Law," with original terpse- chorean creations; by . Charles and Ruby Davis. Zeb's Dancing our will be seen. Wednesday,an'd.Thursday, when Hilly McCoy will be featured in black- face in bisi^own shown, "Over the Phone." .He .will be supported,-, by John Rapier, the elongated individual "who played the Prince in "Danny Lund's.My Wife's-Husband" show, at this house a shott time ago. On the screen will be Charlie Chaplin .and Fatty Arbuckle In'"The Champion." Charlie Chaplin'has.not been.seen in Connellsvilie for.some;time the exhorbitan-t rental for the films. TMs picture was made when he was at his best, before his posing'days, and the cast besides atty Arbuckle .contains several:" other famous stars. These old pictures-ares aid to be a great deal funnier than his late releases. '. · ' . - '. .' BstotEwithoh-v. --l wiB .know.' them.'by ^ their olivo : lake oat or two erery night for ' mi aotk the cOsct. lOc and Kc ^.-AickOiBtar ;...;··;./;: V - · ^iiAV^^--.;.-;.^.;.'.;. . ; :.-.T.: rare soissos. Broadway' successes of the present and past,* plays that' you know, acted : y capable players and enhanced by j beautiful and appropriate settings, j embraces the policy that has placed'! the Jack Ball Stock Company, upon, a | ligh pinnacle o( popularity. If 'you want to see a dollar and a half show, ·with high class vaudeville between the acts. Take a-journey to the Soisson, and enjoy "Down in. Main", now play- n».: :./The specialities between .the.acU a'ra well '.worth-.the price of admi»ionl T* Jack Ball Stock.Company's a large: one and carries »n endless out laj ot 'scenery- stage elf ects^ and:"wardrobe.', Mr. Ball is appearing this "week in his famous Nego preacher act. The act : -will 7 be rememfored as; having playeS .the" Davis theater, Pittsburg, on: several occasions. In fact it used i to-:be v an;an-nual event. At-the opening, .of'the Hairls^heater, in 'Pittsburg. The la'te Mr. Bobbins journed over to see ;Mn Ball do. ,this~-act.'· This was the only time-the. act was'ever in. Pitts-.. burg-.'.a't another.'/Jouse. "Dowu^in- Maine" hms-'.'one ot those.old:"."Home, Spun 1 '- stories andV^irith nwt -only,: 'a heart .throb, but plenty of-, comedy. Keep:yoor?eye oh /Eerey.. Matinee' daily;.Thiar»day,''lfriday,"ahdSaturday, "Girl of His Dreains." · .' Von Orroy. Texas-- "J. suffered from a general run-down condition -- anaemia, loss of appetite and cough, so I wax unfit for my work. I tried different medicines without help, and through my druggist learned of Vinol. I took it; my appetite increased, my cough disappeared, I gained in weight and ,1 am now well and strong, sa I can conscientiously endorse VinoL" -Viola Salada, R N, Van Ormy, Tex. We guarantee Vinol to build up ran-down. anaemic folks or return your money. We take all the risk. Laugbrey Drug Co.. Connellsville; David C. Eason,' Dunbar, and at -the best drug store in every town and city in the country. · · THE ORPHEE3C. "NAN OF :\TUS1C MOUNTAIN." In his newest Paramount picture "Nan of Music Mountain," which, is to be shown'today. Wallace Reid plays the part of Henry-De Spain- a young wes- tener. The story deals with bis adventures in a cleaning up a gang'ol 'outlaws aad' thieves, and incidentally, .his quest to avenge the murder of his father. There is a very fascinating love story, with the daughter of the worst thief in the gang as his fiance. The way these two alone, after de Spain has at last won the girl's love, make the "gang" reform, and find a way to commence their lives together i without any of the ever-present feuds I robberies, makes a vivid-and un- \ usual photoplay. Tomorrow William j S. Hart appears in the Triangli, drama · 'An Apostle of Venguauce." v. r ednes- \ day, George Walsh in "Jwlt Spurlock- \ Prodigal." I M*a«VW8^^ United Profit Coupons With All Purchases--Save Them. Showing New Stylos in Matrons and Misses' Hats Children's Easter Millinery Trimmed and Ready-to-Wear s Hats in a splendid assortment of becoming styles for the little miss. $1.48 up to $5 The Last Hour F::shioE Hits i'roiu INeiv York Special!? triced ».t $10.00 Flower Trimmed Hals, lUljijon Trimmed Hats, VItag Trimmed Hats, Jiurnt Gooso THntmud Hats. The most popular shapes of the season, kar^n and small Hats, as your fancy pleases--in iik;ck yud all ^7anted colors to choose from. Big assortments at each of these, special prices. New Spring Untrim- I med Hats For matronos and misses--all the latest shapes in priced at popular straws. $1.48 op to $10 ALLEGED SPIES ARE NABBED .AND j ORDERED DEPORTED TO FRANCE; Ohiopylfc: OHIOPYLB, March .25.--Mrs. Her- : bert Horris'and children, ot Pittsburg ; arriveil hore Friday and will spend a j short visit vrith Mr. and Tvlrs. Morris. ] -Mrs. Baggs arid son of Pitttburg ac- j rived here Friday and will sipend the | summiir in their* cottage at Bell | Grove. ' | Oral Jackson and E. S. Jackson . were recent visitors in l-nionlown. | Mr. and Mrs. George Hersabarger i spent Saturday evening shopping in ; Connellsvilie. ' ! Mr. and Mrs. W. S. lUfferty and children of' ConfeellsviUe spent Sunday here the guests of relatives. Miss. Helen. Robinson spent Satnr- WEAK KIDNEYS MEAN A WEAK BODY Don't Delay. If in Trouble. Best Call and Consult BLR.W.IacKenzic Trrnllnc' Sjxcfnl, PrlTJUe and dtroadc Xinen«c« of Men and "Women P031 BACKiCffiS. KIDNEI A3TD BLADDEtl TBOUBLE. "Whether Acetrte or Okronfe. Hit pa-ma tltn, Consc-mtSon ot the KMr* n«-7B, XnflnmmKtion oi the Bladder* GravH ttod "Drlnnry Troubles. CAT^L A K O COXSUI.T MB. Here la Your Home Ttnva BACH \\*KDWE.SOAY , --AT-- JTETW' STA(! HOTEL, 114 S. Pitl«bnr»- St., dfnneltevllle. Pa. 9 A. at. to o P. ». day in Connellsviile^ friends. Mrs. Charles Stark the gueet of and ' son ' of :onfluenc« are the' guests of her mother, .Mrs. J. TV. Holt. ^ Mrs. Newman Boyd and son spent Saturday and Sunday the guests of relatives at Confluence. "Wallace Burnworth was a caller in Connellsvilie Saturday. DONTJm *· mmwm : Uae Soothing Musterde When those sharp pains go shooting through, your bead.' when your skull seems M if it would split; just rub a little Mujtcrole on your temples and neck. It draiTS out the inflammation, soothes 'away the pain, usually giving quick relief. MuEterole Is 'a dean, white ointment; made with oil of mustard. Better than a mustard plaster and docs not blister. Many doctors end nurses frankly recommend Muterole for sore throat, bran* cUtia, croup, stiff neck, asthma, neurai- --'-' -; -"-- - * These are the four alleged spies o f Germany receatly arresled in Elast and ordered by the president, to be deported to France. They are: Baron Henri de Seville, (2) Mme. DCS piim Davidovlich Storch, (3) Jlnie. Elizabeth Charlotte Nix and (4) Count Bobort lis ClainnonL Indian Creek. INDIA-V CliilEK, .March 23.-- A. B. Kern »pent a few days among Con- nellsvillB and Unlontown friends. S conges tioo, bago, pans i Ieorisy, rheumatism, aches of the back or Hnffl. S|HflfLi% flors.-muscles, bruises, chilblains, frosted feet--colds of the chest (it of ten prevents poeumonia). It is always dependable. SOc-and 60c jars; hospital size tZSO. ' Jeaa Illig was calling on friends here, today. « Mrs. 'Rebecca Ha-wkins from. Mill Run spent a day among ConneUsviTe friends and shopping. V. C. Miller from Rogers Mill was a business callcT in Connellsvilie. C. S. Pore from Indian Head Vas transacting business In Connellsvilie and West Newton. H. I. Fisher left for WIBdnsburg this evning: and will spend over Sunday with his family. J. W. Barger from Indian Head is transactinE business in Connellsville A Nurse's Story A Pa. Woman's Experience NEW CASTi-t, PA.--"I rnow a liUlo about Dr. Pierce's medit'nca.' I was a mother caught a nnr.'ie, did quito a bit of nnrsing, especially women, aud always recommended 'Favorite Prescription' and it was Dsed in a a large 'number of casa with great B u c c e s.3. The 'Goldon Medical .Discovery' w a i especially beneficial in one case in particular ·where the heavy cold when her first baby was six months old. She and Uniontown today. , | doctored quite aTrinTo" .out'dia not Miss Marie Newell .from Mill HUE i to get any batter. Shu came to me one is spending today among Connellsvilie j evening and wanted n.e to go with her friends. to see another doito: 1 . So the dnetor went her WWHEAIIKS tsz io smn OMzni WCD6 COKIWNING VHEAT. i.T ! G. E. Rowan 'was a. -business caller f s °® m - - -- -hem todav I lungs thoronghiy; thin he asked her ' ,-'· . , , . l all manner of question!. He did not tell Forty laborers arrived. here today | her wibat he.thought, cut told her to ui," and- were taken to MelcrofL where the i plenty of milk and frsh eggs and take Koppers company are developing coal. ; Cod Liver Oil. IVhon -no got outside tha "Walter Nicholson- and Frank Stoindi i office sho burst out crvin^ and said, he - ' - might as well have told mo the truth, I know I havo consumption. I said, 'Wen the doctors don't always know everything.' Don't take the Cod Liver Oil. Gome, 'wo will go to the drug stove and get Dr. Pierce's GoMcn Medical Dis- rovery and take that. I '11. bet before you take sir bottles yon can go and tell those doctors you-are worth a d-^zen dead people, and before sho had finished, the second bpttlo she was. rid of that soreness through her ]nngs and did not cough but very little. Aftor'sho had taken-sii from Mill Run are ConncllsriHe marketers today. Ralph Davidson is a business visitor at Bear Run today. .Hiram Connor is spending today among Connellsvilie .friends. , ' ' I . Mr. and .Mrs. Waiter Smith and chil- · dreu will r^pend over Sunday among ' Llcseuring friends. -^ J. H. Easton superintendent for the Onedia Coal' company, : Indian Head, will, spend over Sunday with his fam- j lly. 'in Connellsvilie. - . I Miv.-and Mrs. L. Otto from Jones Mill. .are spending: today among Connel-is-ville friends arid. shopping. LOCAL ilTD LONG BBTASCE MOTETGS. BeU S42. Besidene* 101 Haas Tri^tate S!8. ' : ' COSSEIiSVILLE, PA. If Yon Know a British or Canadian Subject Who Ought To Be Helping: in This War GIYE US HIS NAME Name : . Address Where Employed Cut this out and forward to the British and Canadian Recruiting Mission, Smithfield and Fourth Ave., Pitta- I burgh, Pa. SCXK5OOOOOOCCXXX3CCXXK30DOOOO § J. B. KURTZ, f O WOTAKV PUBLIC t § AND REAL. ESTATE. [' g No. H-. Couth Meadow Lane. j. H · Conn»llvll! Pa. · bottles, sho a well woraan. After . t if she ever got a eold'tbe 'Discovery' was all she used. Sho was never trffubled ! with her lungs afterward. " -- MRS. KIB Lowras, 41i^ Bartram Ave. r Stft.5 8V iJi!!!05ISTS EVEWKE8E J. N. Trump ITE LINF W", TRANSFER HOTOB TKUOt mm* Tl'trSHS JIOVIXO AMU HOISmSB . PIASOS A SPIICIAITT, STUBBS i-^f^f^mr^ aiuaaa · .... , · |^te^;-^vv?;-: · · · : . . ; ; IT LOOKS BAB FOB TIPPIE By

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