The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 43
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 43

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 43
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Page 43 article text (OCR)

Vpltolttery . -j,:" . ' tiimv a Ttnicsr seat cushion. Comber Auto Top Up- BoiateTers. zsi tjiMen. CEJ-i4a. 1 -mr i ALL CEMENT WORK DONB BY Tarry Contractors, guaranteed S - to S years. Always chack with . rwgwtereo: aantrmcwr. arse astr. nates. M months ta pay, SU- ALL ' TYPES PATIOS. WALKS, curbing, gusraoteed. fraa eett laxui. CEMENT WALKS. STEPS. PATIOS and stuooo. fraa aaUmataa. 72- m v at naif im t.-aWikruriW ni. general rvpalrt, 41 Wood- I 2L BSCBXATtON BOOMS. REPAIRS, saraa. traa aatlmataa. A. Bruca inaoai Limnad. hiwiii, . : ' C. A. fOBANNSBtt . t-, ' . aad lau Ltd. . V B A N D AHS. ALTERATIONS. ator Itonta and addlUona, rape Ira. racraatlon rooma, roofing ad iklaglaa. you name it. what- vat h la and wa i do n. uat dial tna bio 1" Ma wa u ' at teoay. , " . . I' ...,'! EAVESTROUOHINO, REASON-ablo prices. Free eetunstss. i. D, Gervw Plumbing snd Heeling. ta Bank. 7JJ-0JS1. , I S V B STROUOHING SUPPLIED and Inetaued: eolderlna loinU. guaranteed workmanship, free .eetkoatee. , Anyume. -S3S-44SS. "r-f ROAM MtrBBBR AND POLYFOAM - fabVlcatlng. Seattle Foam Rub-r , ber A 43 Roosevelt. PAS-SOOI, c CAPES, psirs, iiss-j . r :- L JACKETS, tS UP., RE- sbie. carassa, ut- ;mi)' McBVOY BROTHERS IS Keat Street tlt-S117 XSTABLISKED 19SS, PARKING r UP TO 10 YEARS TO PAY icar tne ocet in warm air healing, call Hubert Stove and Furnace i.ui.. igg-nag. 1 SZ TOWER PRODUCT I O N S, STS Sparks Street. 330-0511. closed Saturday far July and August. 17 .iiL Oeneral Repairs, fouwda tions, ' painting, excevatlng. . eement work.. Flea- estimates. . . ' 74S-S747. eatuneiea. .'..'.. DISCARDED rURNITURE. CLEAN up reiuM. removal lo city dump. Uoderata rata. RI3- ' . f ..). . i McELHERAN. YOUR LARDSCAP- r, gardan loam. Prao of aod, alona or clay. Prompt delivery. S34-33M CBS-saia. paperhanglng. woramananrp M7. , . . . ssass PIELD SOD. tic tW-Mia. North FIELD SOD lac PEH YABD. over 100 yards. UMOW TOP QUALITY rtBLD SOD. 14 .a eq. yard oeiivereo. rnait collect evemptvllle uojim. SPECIAL LIMESTONE REGULAR aoc, reouceo ik. thenar trees. wsustons. soon, isa-isii.. WHO KILLING AND rkrtTIETje-' ing nesiaenuai. mewiriei. wbh- aral lawn apray eeevtee. Prion S4w017 I OT .vuawe. Iftuai in '" ': acmes, nursery sod. SIM par acre or Beat oner. George Hay, susssu, on- ABN'S NURSERY SOD TOP QUALITY MEMON AND SATISFACTION an inc. Inaida. outside painting reaeonabja- MeCaUan Bros. C i. P. MscRAT. INTERIOR. EXTERIOR PAINTlNa Fraa eetlmstes. guarsnteed. sas- FORREST RR0S, PLUMBING ana nesting. . rree eatunstos, .Work gusrsntead. Tune pey-: menu. Repair our ' Bpectalty. : Niaht snd day orders Invited. ' CH-ZtS. ,- N 0NAL PR'NTIRS UMITBD. fi.ia ausiity. commerctal e Ins 461 Preston. CH-7441. LO-MOR PRIrTTERS BOC1AL. wuesjnerclal printing, photo, offset wadding mvltatlona. SOS Glouceater. CBS-SSOS. REFRIGERATION. SAtatS AND service sll branches M r'.eon's. SST Prestea Street. S3S ALL ROOFINO AND REPAIRS done by Terry Contractors, guaranteed 9 so t years. Always check with a registered its, . tract Free estimates. S4 montha to pay. Sla-Stos. UUINN INSULATION COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICES. all work guaranteed. Free eats-mates. Telephone day or e v a- alngs. PAS-SUS. STEAM OEANING MOBILE STEAM CLEANINO AND pressure washing; car en sin. ) basements cleaned and ' proofed, rsasoaable. TO404S, IMPORTANT ESTATE AUCTION AMBASSADOR BALU Ml RICHMOND BOAP, WESTBORO TBIIMDAY, AU0US 17th, STARTING AT IS AJU. This will be.S ssle worthwhile attending. The quality and condition of the furnishings are realty excellent snd ws Invits your inspection on WEDNESDAY, AUG. 28th, FROM NOON TO 0 P.M. . Hereunder are soma of she articles: A Magnificent Calrfornis , Redwood D.awlng Room Table, Lady's and Gentlemen's Easy Chslrs, Sets of Victorian Occasional Chairs, Walnut Davenport Desk. Spoon Back Rosy Chair. French Marquetrte ptsnt , Stand Tsbiss, Wslnut Display Cahtnet, Mahogany Inteld Wing CiMlrf Circular Mahogany Tilt Top Table, Pair af Bhoralon Man. Matching Comer CsMneta. SmsU Mahoganp Sideboard. .Kidney Shaped Desk, Bat of Pour Old Consdtsn Cene Seated Chairs. Inlaid Rosewood Oca. - Table. Marquetrts Ctmwnede. . Pr. of Mahogany Hlshbays, Music Canlarbury, SuWierUnd Drop. Loaf Table. Man. Serving Table. Pr. of Single Bads, Man. Desk Fitted Pigeon Hoiea. Fine OM Brass Fire Doe and Irons, Spinet Deck, Small Sheraton Three-Tier Table, Antique Bofaa, Ormolu and Sevres Comport. Crown Derby, Beater Prints, Ivory Mlntsturas. Oil snd Water Colors, Prints, Oriental Rugs, Runners and Mats. .Crystal) Put, etc. M2.23Q5 " vFALRBBt WBED KILUNO AND FERTIIJE eng. eeMentlsl. Irurustrul, General Lawn Spray Service. Pleona ALL ADVERTISED ITEMS ON SALE TQNIGHT AND TOMORROW bar ST tn the Fourth Co of the said Ttremahlp of Huntley and extend tnc from the Town line being the bounderv between the Townehioa of Fttsror and Huntley to the Development Road. AND Notice Is hrevr further ihm that the said Municipal Council of the TWnhin of Hunt- lev at preoarad ta hear tm paisoa or bv hie counsel. eoHcitor ar eeant anv pereoa who ctatwi that his land will he arerudldallv affected bv the Baas' by-law aad who sonllee to he heard. DATm thai tnth day af ivtr. AD lM. , . . L W. JUHJV5TUN. t3aV517 for Ottawa. Hull area. Clerk af the Township of Huntley estimated coat par foot la II oa caah. The KmaT (rontsge ment to be paid in 10 equal annual hiatal menu and the eetlmstcd annual rata per foot frontage Is 14 ceata. 1 3. Report No. IS0-44L It". IS". S4". 40". S4". 00''. 71". S4 ' Stana Edwaral ' Avenue froas York Street to CathcSrl atraet. The eetimatad coat of the work Is BW.0M.00 of which IMS IS 00 is lo be newt bv the Corooration The estimated coat per toot front age is asoo caah. The be Bant in is annual tnatalnaenta and the sett- nunaa annual rata par foot treat-aas la S aants. ApplicatloB will he ssade by the Corporation ta the Ontario Munt- ctpat Boar tar lu approval af the tindartakms of the work and any ewnaf mav wtthln I a am i i dava after the, publication ar malltng of the aotlee. whlchevsr is the later. Ilia with the Clerk ea- uon sa taa worm oeing ausassiaaaa. The Board may apnrovo af the wuut unosnssea aus aa-rore doing aa n may appoint a tone ana place wnen any on lection to the work will he caawSdered. Dated at Ottawa that Slat day a jwgust. is. A. T. HASTEY. City Oerk. Journal Want quick results, Ads brin 7 I', ' FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 1884 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL , 43 r - senfee VOUI iiRi SER VI) SAYS' 7,1,1 Co,umn contains a list of rspu kbit, quslifitd businossos C ' "t ; wno art raaay no tarva you. uoht aaiay can looay. BP? BEAUPRE AUTOMOTlVt'BEllV. . let Ltd Service day ana night 241-MS. 7 BEAUFSE AUVOMOTIVC . Service US lit IbMaii IU-HU OPEN DAY, RIGHT. ALL IXCHANCB UNITS AVAIL-sbls. Also foreign parts, MrvK. VUUlBtr JtU Oil.. Accettortes 1HANSISTOK IGNITION Manotlck Moton (Sport Specialist!, sas-asta KITS Cr 1ABTS AND SEBV1CS All English Can Enfltaa Mown Ltd. tit.ii AUTHORIZES SALES AND SIRV- toe. Morris, atli. guiay ana woi- eeley csrt. TROUT SNO ALIONMBNT brake apaclaltata Koflmen Brake ana Alignment. -ass King Kawara Avenue. CKMU. Radiator Servic ' ' Mil TMTINO rUEB EST matss, free checking on the v. nicto. n J a BUMneuar k. Cleaning, repairs, recmaa. sag Wellington. PAS-SS3S. TOP QUALITY Gower? collect . C , MANDERLEV COD TOP QUALITY MEMON BLUB graaa ana mixea oiue grass, nursery sod. 23J-J90S Hanaa Blua. Alao No. 1 Nuraary Sod at raduead price. Phone collect, Oraeley IM. SALE. PATIO 8TONB8. WHITE. red, graaa, oiaca. pajaraa. uaae. . nltW irltl IDS USE OUR CERTIFIED MERION Blue nuraary aod and our Gles- acrag siend. HMaw,; ; INDEPENDENT ' TRANSFER. 14- hour aervtca open lor monut-ly oontracta. Alao piano moving. Fully tru-red. SU-MIt or ALL PAVING JOBS DONE St Terrw Contractor, guaranlaad to yean. Alwaya chack wit a real tared contractor. Fraa es timate, g ntontha to pay. iu- S40. .... . .I,, i PAVINO DRIVEWAYS. PARKING araaj, patching. Work guaranteed. Thibeeult Paving. 7J- tllO CT B papemi I flilEi; ML CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY A. Bruce Be neon united, HU. vsai. , WBLLMAN CONCRETE LTD lor reinrorcea pooui. aeiae aaa Servlc. 71-491. sat-IIM. , . BLUB LINE TAXI. v M-HOUB prompt aervace. call cietiw. RED LINE TAXI LTD., S4-HOUR aervtcc. uau i saa-aat. TOOt SHABPEN1KG TOOLS SHARPENED, CIRCULAR and hand taw, lawnmowera, precauon work. Guaraataea). t 1".i'.-..-,-.r:-.V.'-1- BLECTRICii STANDARD AND portaoie namington lypewTiver, . ror aeie or raniai. J a. , nui and Son, 111 O'Coanor. CEJ- WEZDMilHG NOTICE OF 5T0WNG UP AND lELUNQ THE SOIL AND FHEEH6LD OF A PART OF A HIGHWAY t ' NAMELY PART OF THE FOURTH CONCtSSION LINE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF HUNTLEY WHEREAS bv the Municipal Ad of the Province at Ontario nam la verted la the council of every municipality to paaa by-law lor mopping ua nn-.j pan of a lugnway ana inr vwis or aaillng Ihe aoll and tiachoM ol a etopped up highway or pan at AND WHEREAS a by-law hao been aubmiltad to the Muructpal Council of the Townahlp of Hunt- lav for alonatruT uo oar Of a ml re- way la the aaid Townahlp known aa the fourth concaaaion una t iu Tmunif. in nc hiuumv aa ene Inaftar particularty daecrtbed and for aaillng the ami and freehold of the cart aa stopped up by pub- lli, tender mow ntmiuni aturauam vo Section of the Municipal Act i Ontario) Hao laoa tnap noUre) la Kerehv alvaa to It mar concam that after publication at leeat anee a wwek far four oonaecuUva waeka. and after hearlna la peraon or by hia counsel, or. colic nor aaeni at one o'clock a the aftttnooa of the lath day of Seotember. A D I9d4. ml the Council Chamber In the Vtlloe of Carp. Ontario, any neremi who claim that hia land will ha areradM-lallv affected try bv-law above and hereafter men tioned, and who applied ta be heard the aaid Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Town-ahln of Huntley will proceed to consider - and may thereafter finally paaa such by-law for top-pins up and aelllna the eoU end-freehold of the said part of the aaid Feurth Concession of the Townshbi at Huntley deecrlbed aa follows: "Being tnat portion or tan Fourth Concession of the Tnwn-ehia of Huntley meaaurlns 4ea feet ta length and so feel la' . width tying oaaealtd Lot Num Mf 11611 LOCAL Improvements Take notlrd that the CvuVq of that Corporation at the City at Ottawa Mteads ta construct aa Loral improvements, the following work, and intend ta aaeclaliy a pert of the coat upon the lan-" abutting directly est the 1. Report No ItT-aaL Heavy uuty Aepnalt pavement with Curbs and property acquisition Baseline Road from M a r I a v ' Boulevard to Father Avenue. The estimated cost of the work Is S340.0M.M of which UK. toe so la to be paid by the Corporatioa The eetlmelcd cost per foot front-: re la 111.01 cash. The epactal aa-! eeasment ta be aaid In 10 eaual annual InatalmenU and the e I i- mated annual rate per foot tront-age Is 1 44. . L Reaort No IM-Mt Asphalt Sldawalk pa: Joltffe Street. South' Skte from St. La ureal Blvd. to Tawasy Avenue. The estimated east ef the work Is 1 JV 00 of which SLOTS Is to be paid by the Corporatioa. The rrstai a atyar. ' - ' ' ' ' a. . ' i " - SHOP TONIGHT UNTIL 9 P.M. An open stock grouping in your favourite Colonial styling. Solid Canadian hardwoods with maple finish in satin red or acorn colours. Complete selection includes dressers, chests, beds, desks. chair and night tables. Triple dresser and mir ror, 9 drawers, 58" x 16 x SJ" Double dresser and mirror, 6 drawers, 48" x 16" x 32" : 79.95 Single dresser and mirror, s drawers, 40" x IS" X 82- '. ... Chest of drawers, 4 drawers, SO" x 16-jx 43" .... NO DOWN PAYMENT - small monthly paymtnh on your, C.I JL L 1 ' , 5995 4995 i : Ta. tZ rrttmn' rumttw. fifth Floor, Downtown lotxr Lnly Wulgatt IUIUUU !i assWsTeW PARK IASY AT FREIMAVa PARKING catnx. WESTGATEr- - 'A -U; . V J" ---f.-r. ft . i-ood sfoTis "iir.i . -v.- , .ra--' X - i- i- - i A .. r- Vv. - 7"'- ' - ! t ii m i SaaaaaaaaahaaaV i rTfr' eniiaf ' S t.,.,,.rn , , u - OPEN NEW FOOD STORE Large crowds gathered early Thursday morning to be first to shop st the new A A P food store which opened up for business at 1855 Carting Avenue beXweea Frsser and llroadview Avenues. . Lloyd Frsncit, MP for Carietoo. cut the ribooa art the official s.ra. opening snd then eager patrons saspptd up the two for ooe bargains.. , ' ' j Will Continue Night Classes At U of 0' University of Ottawa, continuing a policy of making tts facilities available to til residenu of the Ottawa-Hull area seeking higher education, this year is offering 23! evening courses. Enrolment in the courses, which lead to bachelor's and master's degrees In a number courses. AH approved ap- of specialize tiont, is expected to exceed last year's i.Mt as civil servants, - tescbers ' and others continue studying in their spars time. Deadline for applications for admission is Sept. II for most pticants are to register ta person Saturday. Sept. IS. Lit a-aa. to 11 noon, at th Sports Centre, 22S Htodmm Strft. ti& Jcurnsl ' Want Ads hiring : quick results. FREE PARKING WITH ANY PURCHASE FOR CARS ENTERING FRElMAfTS PARKING CENTRE AFTER PJt MAPLE COLONIAL ' feJ BEDROOM FURNITURE ..' ' i:l ,! :.-: ;.-:' . L-J F...i'4.4--, 32-00 Panel bed, 4" ST j Students' desk, .4 en, 48" x 16" x 30" I- : 'r- - 4450 Desk Chsir ,.145 Niht Tabis 175 Colonial design 2-pce. sofa-bed suites by KR 0EHLER 179.95 High back rocker and sola It opens cutty to form a double bed with comfcrUbl double spring construction. Upholstered In tapestry fabric; baa maple arm rests. ;no down payment- $8 monthly on your C.I.A. Opsa M SJB. a pJB. DaUp (FrMa. U cfetlrraJa. L. tw fm) tw tVERY ADVERTISED ITEM AT MTH STORES

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