The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 16, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAT, CTAWrjARI 16. 1TISO. * 0.115 DAILY COUIUEft, CONN TTLLSVILLE, PA Report of Kiwanis Cljttb Activities During 1929 In his report of the activitl-ee of tho® ' KiwanlB Club during 1929 Retiring | ^ President W. H. McElhlney, submitted j .Woman Lobbyist the following: "In singing my swan song 1 aw mindful of tho sorvlcea rendor-od by tho offlcors, t otnmitteea and individual membere of Iho club, and 1C -in your judgment t h i s organization^ h a a achieved ti measure of success d u r i n g the year 1920 that retult \vas b r o u g h t ' about jmd made po.vslblfl by iUit j hard -work and *,pls»nHd cottpera'tlon j of nil, they dosrrvo the credit for they i havo hone-stlj earned It. It would h o i u n f a i r to m a k e iipeclol mention of an.v j p a r t i c u l a r offlrer. lotumitten or tndi i vldtial Wo labored together for tho good of K l w a n l s , and I t h a n k each ! «n1 every ono of you tor your epelndtd j cooperation. | "Before proceeding with tho i c p o r t of the previous yrar I vvlph to c a l l , your attention to the fad. that t h t Grim Reaper aua not stricken a namo from out 1 roster stn.ce be erased the | name of Dr. John C. Dlxoii, Novein- ; her 30, 1827. Surely the Supreme Builder hna been good and gracious, dealing with tie more kindly than we deeerve. "A complete file of our luncheon programs for the past 5 ear are on file in tho officer ot the secretary, und wo deem it unneeefc6ary at this time to review them, feeling that they wjro of such n high character that ycu will not so soon h a v e forgott/en them. Diversified-in c.uuncter, educational and entertaining. Consisting of ladlee' parties, tulclrisses, mustcales, inten- Hub (nHvc'tsi, etc "1 wish to call to your p a r t i c u l a r nttontlon three meeting*. Tho lunchoou of May 16 w a s a joint one w i t h Kotaiv, with the ladles as our guests 'Iho speaker, ITarrv U. While, ( s u p e r v i s o r of i n d u s t r i a l i e l a t i o n j ot thd General Electric Company, gave a remarkablo ^educational demonstration of the uto ot electricity. Perhaps tho meet In- j to resting demonstration was live mu.;i-1 oht electric lignt bulb in the world, no I larger t h a n a j;ralri of wlieat, used by I Jbnrgoons In i n t e r n a l operations, l i e , navo vai!««« demonstrations ehovv Ing ( how elect i i t i t } jui'Bffi through the bodv I "Tho ^ p i l i i " conference of t h o ' S o u t h w e s t l)n i«io» n i i h e l d here Miiv^ .S, .ill d u l ' S of t h l b division b ' i n g ' l e i m h f M i t c d We* vvcrrv honored bj t h e I presence ot L ) ! - t i I c t CUnernoi J D e l 1 j n o n t Mosbcr Aboue adlre-« \vas o f , jiurtU'ular Intel est to us on account o£ i t s r e l a t i o n t' t h e crippled untlcr- y i r i v l l f sd t h i l i i "April - t w e journeyed to Uawson D i n i n g i'ark We w e r e d e l i g h t f u l l y li\ C u r f e w Oai'ge. A diunc · w-vs s p r \ e d by the The principal nddies-3 of the ovonin? was b K S B a j a r d . oditor of t h e Fennfevlvan a Karnior. This moat- ·nie was a n o t h e - e v i d e n c e of the good Assails Committee Gladys Moon Jones, the only woman thus far questioned by tho Senate Lobby Committee, went on the irtand with a sharp statement in which i=h« sharply criticized the committee's procedure and asserted it had degenerated into a mockery of the bill of rights. She also asserted that the chief purpose of the committee seemed to have been to create) political difficulties for President' Hoover. mil e x i s t i n g b f f \ v « M tho farnwis, and tho m e m b e r or this c l u h thit state and fhe estimatc^l n u m b e r for North America IB o\ep one half million, i\id ConnellBviHe and vicinity has its quota. Thr averago cost ot a correction is b e t w t e n ?25Q and $300. Cot us aeo w h a t Uilp means to na as members of fhts c'ub. Seventy men c o n t r i b u t i n g $4 oaf h per year would net 125,0, or enough to put a helpleee cripple on ble feet. "Surely we can make a personal sacrifice daily to what amounts to approximately the pri( ot ono clgarettf, a stick of chewing :;um 6r a fraction more than one cent Aside from the MOUNT PLEASANT HAS 306 BIRTHS, '29 Goodly Margin of Stork Ovei ·firim Reaper Shcmu iu BOY {BABIES LE ! AD OVER GIRL! Ml(^U^ r T s-'tdl to T l i B Courier. 1*1.1' A h \ N !' J f i n IB - H 0 re 7 ' t i n ot v l l a l f - t a l i s t i c x has plvcn t h e f j l l o w l n g r r p o i t f o r t h n year of 1^2,3. Deifhs In t h i b o r u u p h 1 1 3 , in township, S'O; if t h ' f numbo! 1^5 male ulid JOT t p i n j l o Biith, 2"T) for t h e Jwroujyh and 30fi for tne t o w n s h i p ; ol t h l - r number 270 woi'-o male and S50 fpinnl-o For,Jlarloa Koiu'iis. J, P. K o a i n a of South Chmr-ch ·entertained ut her home 'In honor of her dauslit- 1 /, Marion's b i x t b birthday. FoiCy t h l h l i e n w w e ·ent Tht coloi bchpirtM* of pink UDC yellows %vas tarried out. Gain-os were I'lajetl and J6fres,hnien't» w-ere a-ervwli. Vlnyer Amputated. To-uy llicli, who ha» been a uatlnt at the Me-mcciiU J l o ? p l t a l for isom« time, liad n tlng-er amputated. OHi^r -Ne«s. Jac'c True, hon \,f Mr and Mrs Ma?- eus Truo of ( e n t e r avenue, under- v/«nt a t h r o a t operation at the Momo- l i u l llosp'.lul jetrtf'pda. Mis- iSAiUi Warden, who had bon ill at the hospital for nome l i m e w«nt to her home yesUvnday. M i s l l y n u i n Afiwi.'h«l rfiul ton of t i v c u n o l e f t Uiu h o s p i t a l yea- Mr? W i l l i a m Shiplev of Pltt«burs TV ho - v j i j , r e t a i p ' o g lionifl Jrom New A ork, BtoiH^ I off and ^inltod w i t h hei parou a r t u n d M i b . W p. Ong of \'ino ytr-eot. A n n o u n t w n - e a t had bfi-wn made t h a i tli« lir»t ganio to bu plajed In the now Ruiiiit*a} higrh wliou! gv in tiio M-oiuitt. IM KfiiiK' iioxt Tur"da o\oniiu r The gy in is not HHidy u\d t h e name \v!U bo plnv'T.d at Comic ··'atroalzo tdoou who aentiuumtal and sympathetic aspects of this problem t h e m Is tho economic The net ^ain in membership for ! «sa. It i« cetlnmted that the average the e a r w a s t ! icr. Not much of an increase, bul murh to bo preferred t h a n going Mel wauls. "In a t ' f i K l u i u » wo ran about trut. to lot in di'i- lo r -t a t t e n d a n c e wa« in A l i i u l t w i t h a p t - r t o n t a B O ot 73 4. Our elf s u p p o r t i n g perfltm Is worth $10,000 to his country, the eforo every crip- plo saved from p u b l i c dependence Is a positive addition 13 tho wealth prod u c i n g power of tho community. Social liabilities ar transformed into PAIMT UP! A dollar's - n o r l h of ftatlsfnc- tion for 01 cry one you speml. Call FOX'S And You'll Go! Hi Plioue 341. I - o o i e t month wa-, A u g u s t w i t h an | social abeete. Lot us now resolve to !ivcia-« a t t e n d a n c e of l 7 5 0 Seven ' renew tlio nplendid w o i k with %!gor inontht. of the j o a r \\ p in tho 70 J We have the c t i p p i c s , wp can get tho per cent c o l u m n and t h e balance of tho year in GO'e "It -urn mv p r h l l e g o to represent y o u . a t the. I n t t rnatlonal CVm-* e n t ion', i yri rnir jiold'at M l U . m ' v ' Ih .Kine. To fco Tri- JLAlVti KiKlL tr-rnatioual in ;·· t l o n ehould be an am' h i f l o n f f cvcMy K i w a n i n n t know of, no h o t t e r inothcd to ratcli Hi" tru'i r p l i l t of K l w a n l a PIcturo if yon w i l l ;;.00« mpi) in convention o6-«uibliHl w i t h but a D i n g l e thought, ' l l o v v can 1 btH-t s e i s e tlio other t e l l o w ? ' The 1MO ronventlou ot International will money and we have the men to put it across." be held -at Atlantic City the llrst week HI J u l y It is not too early to ar- iaiif$o for tln.H t i l p . 1'lait onr \ a c a t i o n bo you cui be tliere Tho d'utanto is not far and you w i l l bo i t - p a i d for your efforts. "Tho finances of tho club ruo i n ( uoii r o n d l t t o n a'ul w i l l bo f u l l y cover- Hi by ihc treasurer's report. "Duo to c o n d ' t i o n s largely beyond our c u n t r o 1 . ^\e have d o n e but llttlo f )i ( h e crippled u n d c r p i h ilegcd child. l l n , is a kcou disappointment to ^nir I'testdont. Or. U a n n a n , orthfl- p r d i c (turc^on at t h e Memorial llo'i- ( i i t a l , . l o l i n e t t n v n , on a c c o u n t of age UK! general bpal'U found U neceseary to lake s e v t M « l v.tcatlons d u r i n g the 5 oar This togellioi w i t h u ch.ingo of KiimagemeiU inn 1 policies of the In- · · t l t u t i o n curtailed our voile A pi in i under conciliation at this t i m e w h i c h I f tound piaclicftl will enable Uf to renew our major activity. According to flgnres by tho Pennsylvania Association tor Crippled Children are 27,000 crippled children in ISSUES SAFETY BOOK; COMMITTEE IS ACTIVE ho Pitts burg Lako Brie ant] Bri-e liasteo n ra/ilroads 'have an accident prevention manual giving information a n d instruction in safety matters. Theio will be no local sattty pom ml Wees this joar. The ontlio work will bo under the direction of t)io g«mral safety com- rnltteo of. which Woodward S. Shaw, district cJalm agent, Js chairman, and h. A Leo, stuperin-tendent of telegraph, Js secretary. The othor members aro h'. H. Hnbcook, safety a?Mit; H. I'. Boncloi , eleotrlcal engi- n e e r , Karl Tierg. a fsistant superin- t e n d e n t motive pow^r; K. "W. Boots engineer malnlenaru v of w a y ; F. Ti P.rotMi. superlnloiidont, T. D. Dollmln, !u per In ton d e n t , J K Hughes, siispov i n t n c l e n f , J. P Kelly, aBslstant sup p r f i i t e n d r n ! , W. C'. Ijang, master cair bu11d-r, K. 1/ynn, sui)ertn)tondnt railing t«-k, I. S Rayjiior, slgrial ongl- TieM', M A Smith, supe-Hntendent mo tho power; L-. Sutherland, general t-torekeeper; A. H Syk-ea, safetv ag«nl; H, Tousaaint, chkf of pollco, andn Dr. O. R. Wlnteis, chief surgeon Hand Coopers This Company has immediate n'ork for a number of coopers experienced In making t i g h t whiskey barrels. Steady employment for Rev- oral months at highest pay. Wrlto, cnlt or wire at once, A. Overholt Company liroad 1'ord, 1'ayette County* Pa. ^^^nc PRESENT DAY MENACE Doctors tell U3 that over 50% of present lay ills are directly traceable to constipation. Irregular hours, hurried meals, lack of exercise, re mlt in faulty elimina- i ion thuscloggmg t he system with harmful poison, and reducing the efficiency of the body machinery. Keep your syste.Ti clear of food wastes (it all tuner Epso'abs, the safe, pleasant laxative, ore e isy to take and positive of action. Take two Epsotabs at night for constipation relief in tho morning. No gnj: ing paim--no inconvenience. Two si^ti, 2Sc and SOc pnck- nges. Write for fr -e. sample. Ask your for Epsot -,bs. THE DILL COMPANY Noinstown, Pa. STEAM SHOVEL SOON WILL BE AT WORK NEAR NORMALVILLE Preparations for the beginning of work on the Indian Ci oek-XormalvlUe h i g h w a y are being made with the h a u l i n g of drain tile Uonj- the route. Three cars of drain t i l e were placed on th Indian Head siding and t h e material la being dispatched along t h e roadway. It is understood tha- a steam shoiel l a s ariivec! at the Xo inalville end o! j I tho proposed stretch r u d t.iat a mtm- i her of trucks nro on tho scenes. It was biid that other tteam ihovi'ls arc on tin! \\.iy to tho Bconc. j As f a r as. can 1«v ! xnuil t l i f r f i-, j no n e t U l t y on tlu M i l t Pun ]roj(Hl I - \ l i i c h iilto extciulH t i N o n n a l v l l l f t However It h, felt t h a i this rotid woili \v IU also hogln in t! t\ very ncav , l u t u r c 1930% DOMINANT SET strn.r llulM U n u n d s Girl. M h l . C l f , \V. Vu , Ja i 18--A pistol Ho IK t w e e n t\v o n srrofv, In tho \ \ o U l i Ixii-l ipf.« s o i t l n i !n:t n t p n t re- t-ukwl 1n Iho w o u n d i n g of Eva M a r - 1 t h l t t l l a , 14, a hysUndc · R A D I O A N«w Peak In Radio PcrforaMuvN - A P E X NEW Itn.Ti' PHASE CmcoQ Ftna ToNB-CoLoa ELECTRO-DYWAMHJ WERTHEIMER MOTOR CO. W, Crawford Avenue, Connellsville, Pa. "Coming events cast their shadows before" FUTUHE SHADOW^ By refraining from over-indulgence You meat who would keep trim and fit... you women who covet the tantalizing curves of the truly modern figure--when tempted to do yourself too well, light a. lucky instead. Be moderate--be moder- ite in all things, even in smoking. Eat healthfully but not immoderately. When your eyes are bigger rhan your stomach, Jight a. lucky jnstead. Coming events cast their :hadows before. Avoid that future :»hadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you would maintain that lithe, youthful figure. lucky Strike, the finest Cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco--The Cream of the Crop--"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. *Be Moderate!.: Don't jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing r b- lets or other qtn ck "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year are wasted on these ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderaie! We do not represent that smoking Lucky Strlka Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do y )ursei£ too well, if you will "Reach for a Lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence ia things that t ause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNK IN---', 'he Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a coast-to-coast network of the N. B. C. © 1330, The American Tobacco Co., Mfca. "Ml i l l You. can h ive a family reunion any lime. How? Call up the c ut-of- town memfof 'S. T E L £ P H O N E Ircwi Bridge IRON URIDtiK, Ian. Hi -- / Truxal of PitCcilrn, was a caller Monday with tho f a m i l y o) h o 1m Albert W. Tmxal A-lifa. W i l l i a n i O l i i i f i i r \\.n in ^ 1'Yniuy B h o j i j i i n f ' fuul \ 1 .lame-, (!roy of A ' v o t t o n \\'\~. Sunday w i t h his h d i o n l t n c n d n , ,) ami Cll fiord Crosby U n m e t ^ i l h c l m o f K \ e l i e i e S u n d a y w i t h lun f i r l n d liere 111 or, nu t i l hoi e h«r is^ H u t h F a i t h \\\G i n ifcant H n n d a v « i t h (hf aunts. Airs. Charles Queer rrOll I \ I l S 6 M i n i s of . and 1 Mrs E d w a r d Lamb Mrs C A. Woodhull and daughter, Fiancee, Miss Mabel Kelp and William IleiiHJ, all ol Morgaulown, \V Va , Mi-tt. l-,.isiiio M l l l f r and Mrs Shcriimn of JMount 1' w o r e S u n d a y gntiits of Mr. and Mm Ci.n f i e l d Millsi M J I I C M t i j K O Kui i i ! G i e o n i j b n i g « L , J K i i .siiiulav ' i l i h ( h e Uunily o f hoi niocc, Miss Bead tec M i l l i r. .Mi 1 , ami M ) T l l . x r t y Faith w - i c .it l l ' i i i t i u i f , Slalion y o h l e i d a y w i t h t h e hunily ot t h e n i on, L a n i e n c e Faith Mi .nid M i s Jiallt'son uut daiiffh- iii U u t h , i-iKiit b u n d n - t in \ n i o n t o w n \\ i t n irio)i1t M i - Y\ i l l l r i m T i o w a i d and Mrs I l c n i . v M i i t z \\err- S r o t t d a l e s h o p p e r s on Monday afternoon Franklin Delighted In Solving Problems The solubon of problems was a special clelight to Benjamin Franklin. He made it a cardinal point to go to the very foundation of things. Consult us freely about any perplexing problems. l 1 LA CASCO THE MODEItM COLO KILLER KEEPS Y O U O N T H E J O B A U WI NT ER IOMG PATRONIZE THO£»K WHO IK THE DAILY

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