The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1918
Page 4
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f AGE FODTfU . THE DAILY -COURTER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, MARCH 25, 1913. Satig Hmnet. HENBT P. SNTDEK. Founder and .'Sditor. 1873-l»f. · : ........ ·*-- -_ ' -·/ ~ ' --- · · THE COURIER COMPAXT, JC M. SKTDEB. .- .Pr«BWent.. jj'jut j. xiioscoii,. - r^ Business Manager. Editor.' : ·WALTER S. STIMUBL, ·'·' · - City Editor. MISS LTNNE B. K3NCEU/, . . ' - · :-Sod«ty Editor:- ...... ' ' ' ' : ant part it will be obliged to take before the war is won. This is our lesson of the Big Drive -- a lesson -we must learn today, not tomorrow or next month or BCJS year. V - ' . '.. Associate PrMS, . - £ '-Audit Bureau of circulation. a Pennsylvania Associated Dallies. -3- Two cents^'|er'cory. W« P« r month: ' V-;': v JfHEjCDBB 3LtRKJiT. Tbel curb market, as explalned-at ttie recent.-. meeting of the" farmers anfl m«tr,pf the. city, is a Vjjry. simple prop- ps-Hlph. In- general it merely- consists in providrig a place where the growers' of farm'^prodncts and consumers may-'bc' brousJit-'tog-etJier at certain tours OIL certain. days nf (he week, the former tfa supply.ahd' tee latter to pro-' Icure/'.frefflily.-" gatherea korae-groivn ' ' 1 ' advance. ii,p«r year hfTniaU"lr"pai» 7.* -- · £nt«red as wecond class matter at the ovtoince; .ajuellwlUe, Pa. An orderly arrangement ot. the ma =ket is, of course, necnssary, as 3KHTDAT ITB3nKO,_aUB. Si, 191S. ENEMY ALIENS INTERNED AT FORT OGLETHORPE ' ARE VERY BUSY MAKING THEIR SPRING GARDENS n - , . . . . Hospital Dnit L, TJ. S. "A., Fort McPSerson. Atlanta. Ga. RAUH F. SLIGER.' Con»aoy H. 31»th Infantry, . . . TJ. a N . .A., '·" Cau» ^M. PettrrtOTB,' Va. TM -- , . _ . - . entitle* to -theriiM-'tor' repUDUc*Uon of all ricw*,.dUr. patch** credited to It or - not UUHli *·*- credtteJ -tit--Ul» paper and al.Vth, lo herald..... .§·"·' as facilities for a propt'-r ddspia-j- products. 'Wiera tbcs* markets iia\ been .estftblisied'a.-vacant.lot near tb business section of Uie town 'has bee 'laid off by walks icto sectiODs whic providsd places where the farme; park their- wagons or - -aiabmohile .^ .Counters are arranged alons thes J [walks. iipon..which"jije goods arc cli :pliyed to afford -buyers an ojyportunil to^niaJtcran:JnspectJon before buying : A few simple r'illes aiiply to the con duct of the market, othenvise it largely self-regulating. No attemM road« to fix prices, although the genbi al understanding when a market established is that the prices shorJ be somewhat lower than those aake at the rCvai' stores, or from wagon 'making-deliveries-direct to-consumer Withont such, differeaces in pric .tbere would be little, incentive lor con _sumers to patronize the market 'preference' fi"the Stores. .It would als be unfair co the mexchanU who have heavy overhead expense to meet : -compared with, practically no expens on part, of the farmers tradta throogh the market,. ; The advantages to the farmer ar 5 The Blf Drive of _the Germans has jBot »ccot»3)llsb*d thjif measure of s'li "em* tb« Kaiser and his war-lords hoi i»o/ce«fld«»UT eipected. It has:pus: t*d t«ck U»:BrJtl»h lines but: it hi VK* crmbed th* defensive nor leJt . Jcl«u:-.f»T.lor the Huns to reach. Par . Jor 'the, Ch»BO»l ports,, as .had", bee jylumed. :It h» . created .a gra,ve . b .fly no means hopeless situation for th - JT TJii« atteidpted nrata«; .irhieh th ^German* arc accomplis Stlire««hv.iiaick»;cBr*r.rEOw.ering , blow vjnarks th» high Ud« of German of fen they are throwing, with P mndTMr«3Oireis' in ;Jis a rep«ttUoii. of their former. .tactic j;»nd i» destined to"'evTHjtually ; r«ialt i jimJlnre. -After TOT;tb*-tf;Jpri*eriti_o ·f end th« maklslng oi; mllllona ;'.b(._ me liralwutd^fcoitfcl-Siiislan, Balkan am , ;«It«]im¥s;6r»'t».*«id fh» ".impressmen ' ^ - ' Htoflenburg;'. h T* hmain:wedee into tho.Bri " ljsolut o*' ]o«« in-man'-nower i . . ^ . !* this ,OTerwhelntopitoVce that ,Uic :i Brit iilsh were able bnlrtf stop ittbr'-shor g period*; vAt: with : j^ing hordja thVt are appalling. Th ^British, -uring beeii able' to conduo ;;»n orderly retlreineni to"a "prepared f*»o«Hloni'»n* to rrt«in r 'th«ir organlza Tltiom aaj mor«Je,-.t«3 objective of 'th r. .JlMch. wjn^ to, ,-jComp.jctel ' " ' . . . . IB this rnpect this drive, does' no ';~tut*f from- others made by* the! Gcr ;. maM QO_ the .western fronts.., On tilt] i initial tKrists the preponderant wei'gi v of anmbets has scored temporary Eainl and forced their opponents, t j new pwltionsy ; but they- naTB" : ii«.Te | yet administered a crushing: defea ; imaibllalefi a'» armi- ,or compelled ;it i 5 anrrHder, Ttey tlajrted their', ;-clo«e to Paris on rh« nrst great driv ; of the WIT to-be halted, at the Mam .5 »»d driTen fcaclc. " .They: -Ailed-, . t i' crush the British army in the Yprea f ca»ipaigD», « they expected. : :.-to;-/do, ehnte^-'flie ruah toward-Calaiil .They ' ' retreat 'tit' t h e ItaHans ndrtkern Italy, but they were defl their .. objscii ' If tfie vuprnne German offensive ef more strategic fc^thFJ»riai£',iJBe' 2 b«et to new po*Uioni, they are ("oom 'wltKiar oUfcf; jprodjgi tha7 'Germans th»« far failed i.Jdo on ,:« S , Br»tl»h Iron t, itad :' poiiiblr with ''g'til S* -iZLi^i'L-- __ -LL-~-n~ ia~ TMi-iw--"_ b» · ; i^ -(ained · the : advangi takoi the initiative,:bnt they at oontffi»e';their driVe ercepl "eomitiilOr.pinillillllnr intensity ti.s"Alii«« can,' to a certain, j .:.(«c strikinjr an offmslTa blow lM»t as ' · do'me · wh«i pr«vion«::dTivfls -halted or turned into re- .ni«5r -b« the plan of the Allies , the iltuatloK li not being; ?i\»erle»n:tl-oo»e,no-Jr holding an im- (viOTta»t »rtor; will aooBer-~or -later :'r.aaTe i mdr; active p.irt la what- proio^ !»·» to bi the.decisive battle ot tie 'f-wxr, U- indeed,' taey .are not already ^·acaxed .it ·«'W«»mUKtjB]so ccme_to ^ a re«lii«b^ thatiiinlew the Alllea *.;ar« able tjt do ao iSore,Ui»n checftai tdrlT».tli«aa3rB«utt.Siclt, witkoiuf "'-" SmlBitterUt a .aer'we ; defe»t;-tffft [the wr.rivB'UJit;'coatiaiw for anil that, ·vtnt ua!]y ' tia»e. »u»res»e tffili: x ; .'exKnt their ; ; : ij*»^aJl tiat'lf^bumialy" possible Ho' Intern, the ;tiiR-an_d'bU'the .enemy at SS^kiT until i.wl^^d^-^iww;'jajfflclamt 1 ;· lli*-l*Hten6 k» _,c»ta\ieiraj»,OBr b37; eosti ol nr.J. I With mtt work, jive ^·crMeW .kierini in order iaat 'chiefly .ULat..he .makes. Quick sale o .bis .and can retir to his farm. work.after a few hours in stead.oC 'having'.to 1 spend the part of th6dayin.a.hous«-to-house distribution 'ol-his'"wareSw · The consume has an opportunity to secure fres Tegetables .at nrst-nand,.:Tcita. a large stock and variety: to select from tha when :dependlng upon .single sourc for their ;suppipr^ To the communit the benefits arisittg-'f rom a market system will prolwWy be less, in the mat t«r of ".reducing prices than, -ra othc directions,* cniet', of.which' will be i foster the expansion and develoiraen p £ , market gardtening as an industrj 'CoijtnelllBviire; "just'as all other, tqwn of" equal'siie, or "smaller," M dependent during the -green goods-.- season. upo: the growers .located at. remote points Even with the best o£ tmnsportatio vice it ie impossible -for produc 1 in. the bauds of consum ers ln. : aBytMne.]ikeas fresli condilio: as, w-oii^d be procurable at a local mar "supplied from tlie farms and gar deis'near/the city. · " . . . . . . . " oiiiderttl^ftTom the 'several view po.ints of the "farmer... the! consume ~*nd'af:cbinmmltjv th'ererjs'-'eyery ar 'griment- laj'faVpr .ol the imarlcet prop- ion;;r-^The 'fairjncrs -have . signifte ' meat possible through selling thei: products In the market, and. the bust ness men have placed themeelyes on "record by having assisted to inaugu Tate'Hihe-movement Its anal succcsi ·will depend-upon the. people of the city "themselves, their patronage, -iii ten** and support being essential and ·niBceBary^'-·-'-' - . . - Keejj " r ui? - r ybur' couraee.:-" The BIp Drive will yet end in a Big Smash, bin not of tha Allies. /.The ctty "farmers" will ha.vo .every cHance they want lorny-handed da season ,is.-over.v to get into ch' teCore the farming Hindenberg .evidently -w-ishes^to end ,t as 'soon 'as-pOBsifile--,by ?.having the Allies.kill off all.the Qerinan». := Th« pcaBent is the ,.fint · battle the FCala«r .has fe««ri .in·"-'command and 1 promises to be Ms lasL hearted. . out not down' " OM Samyfe of Ic»ocTmtic ECOBOIHT. .. r .. '"..^Philadelphia Inquirer.. · . t!--«ras.mtaited: ln.,,th« Senate : that, the tln'tilU "of the Creel Bureau coats than IliSOO.^OIi-a.-yjtar.^and .thti.Jh only part.-of' thV expanse, of ..that .ucelosa *tltetJ6ji:*o"fV»]]e»ed, publicity, . JMr. ?reel ' ha«Ycbii.rg i e' of; dispensing' all* th formatiori'wh-Ich'fhe go r*0^tb;fflve.rT-w-cltin«r world, and it can be saliHwith put, fear. ol contradiction : tljaf he^has ; fllle'd , more waste 'lha» -any llTinr man. - , ' and" /all ' .other- . . . newspaper^.tredejre'a budget of ' - ^ useXeoi " ' ' ·.copies ; of j'--photo- T ' " pub- i8ned,'..'and.'..thty^ are; discarded. Vlt -is ,ai;d: t6 ; understand Vhat-cobtrVpurjjose B-". : »erre'd.-by-J.UHI« J 'bure"au^^ercept to Qrnjsh'.large^salarias to-a/lot of needy writers'.who.oollect'.iiewa .which : is" not ·s-'and "prepare .-"specials^whick. are . ^prltitedVr^lt' I» .'harder^-'.to. un'6er- ta»*.~wtiy'*ah:*adR}ini0tratiori ; . which is ireacbtaff; economy'. should* maintain .nch .- 'an/- . r eacjMHi«ive."^..establishment. which- serve*'lip .useful purpose. THE MAKING OF A.FRII^B. we' iwsMdj.cach ;day, , "-. -jufd .went aJongv onr. way; knew his namiejand he.kTiew^mlne, uf.'iieiaierj of- uir rma'de ^a'.^Bign" : - · hat-;we ·" posiessed \ a- common-' tie.,/. ^ ; 'arely : *pok.e(.as' w e " ' ow" finer-he waa:I never^gueased; |,..;A.. he srplttbdld^aouUwithln^hla. breaaUj.i never aaw.'if., FrpznCnie V.fa^ hfdi. : ~.V ! . le. many-;kindly. d*e^»-ne.-r-did..','\~~' "he. many-' ; lclhdliir v died». r lie.-.-did..','!; i's'ffentle wkjjrsifiydidn'X* knb.w;-.'" r ; I'd clajjnud · him- )bng'-kg* .- tien'trouble^caiine'to me"'one 3ay ' jia tin., was flrsj';'to c : ome ; and v say - : Tie cheeiirir-;WordB 1 longed .toiiear.. e- 6Ifer«d..3iel5,.- and .vtanainff near^ felt .ouit;.llyei,.ln'..iorro'w'.-,Mend.I;;..a; : y-neighbor Ttad loecome'.xp: "' ' ' "" ^iJ '""" Here are some of the wealthy enemy aliens interned at the tfnitcd States prison camp No. 2 at Forth Ogle- tliorpe', Ga., digginjTup the ground w i t h i u their barbed wire limits, for a spring garden. Also a view of the camp is given. The portrait is of Captain Philip Yost, U. S. A., adjutant cf the camp. News of 'the Past Con- dfinsed from tb« File*-of Tho Courier. Oius Cent a Worn). No advertisements for I^eaa Th-in 15 Csntn. Claaaiflod columns close at noon. Advertisements of wanta. «ale« etc., received after that hour will nor appear until tho day followlus- WANTED -- TO UK busineua. BAKE EKING tt FUJOAY, 3IARCH 3O, 1SKS. Coke la selling at SI per ton. Ninety cents Is predicted. Harry Dunn left this morning: Cor { Allegheny "College, MeadviUc, to com- j plete hla stu'lleu. j The- partnership of H. and J. Kurtz i has been dissolved and George B. i L. Freed is taken Into the now firm «-hlch j \VA.VTKD--CI-ERK, SCXOLE. MID- will be knoivn aa Kurtz and Freed. ^ e lve( .(i m a n preferred. A p p l y HILL Miss Magsrle Evans and Joseph ' HOUSE, Scottdalc, Pa. Echard are married at the residence ' o£ the bride on the Pinnacle by Rev, J. _ Baker of the ilethodiat Episcopal church. · A violent mountain storm vtnHs Connellsville. Atany hounds- arc damaged. The splro on the Catholic ... WO SECOND HAND show cases. Call -ill-'rV Trt-Sti-io. ' 21mar-lt WANTED--SECOND HAND TYPE- wrlter. Call Bell 13-R, or Tri-SUite DS-W. Mount Pleawant. 23febtT church is torn loose. Rev. R. C. Morgan enters on his 13th year as the pixstor of the Baptist church. "While unload ins some oat.-" at Bes- aemer" Coke "Worsts, 'Dr. Cole of Scottdale finds a $20 bill in one of the ' Tho Central District and .Printing- Telegraph Company (the Bell) Is perfecting arrangements to ex'tend service to OonnellsvUle by way o£ Ihe'Souih- CFt Pennsylvania railroad. Prof. J. -S. Johnston, former superintendent of the Allegheny couritv schools and. brother of ilrs. I. C. ef Connellsrille,,also a former teacher l;i Connellsville, dies at his/home In Brad;dock. . [ "W. S. Strickler, 56 years old, Cormcii- ly of Lower Tyrone township dies Ada; the five year, old daughter of Tohn Prinkey of .Sprlnpfield township, s b u r n e d to death when clothes Ignite jpfore a Ore, ·J.iraes O'Brien of Mount Vcvnon- ore mines attempts to' board a freight rain at Scottdale and 7oaet? his foot, The Citiztns .Brass Band of Vander- bllt organizes with Andrew Laushrey. )resldent; Fred Stickel, secretary, and Jert Moore · treasurer. Other members are, Harry Rinthart. M. B. Miller. CP. Gween, H. S. BerryhlH, Frank Tarr, Harry Hill, R. E. McT-aughHn. A. C. Brown. M. Alter, C. H. S!sley y The. foundations of the new Cti'tholic chool 'and convent at .Dunbar are ompleted. Rev! Father Italady is the iitstor. · · · · _ · The "FlndTay fever" Is ra-glng at icottdale. Several families have emigrated to Fin ditty, O., and more will eavc. The-School Board'of Saltlick town- WANTED--TO RENT A SIX ROOM houKO w i t h convcnioncGS. in uoatl location, South Side preferred. Trt-State WANTK1J--KEVKRAL MliN FOR work In repair shops. 9 h o u r shift. A p p l y MASTKR MECHANIC. "West PenTi Railway* Co. 23mar4t hips awards a contract for chool building in Washington dls- rJct to KaJp Maurer for J755. Joboi Hunter Is given license to QK- ,ort trt' th*i Method 1st T3pfscop.-tl hurch. - He holds hie first service Jn WANTED--YOUNG " L.ADY- STEN- oprapher and Kccounttlnt. State es.- perloncG and KalrLry deaired. Addresa P. A., care Courier. . I6martf( WAUTBD--AT ONCE BXPBRJENC- od traleslady, highest wawcu: .steady posnion. PEOPLES DEPARTMENT STORE, 220 North Plttsburg street. 2 2 m a r t f d WANTED--MINERS WANTED WED are studying for examinations to set the best mining book published, "Mining In a Nutshell." by JAMKS WARDLAW, Scottdalw, Pa. Price ?2.25. WANTED--ODD FALSE * TEETH. ·Don't matter if broken. I pay 52.00 to $15.00 per set. Send by .parcel post and receive check by return mail. !i MAZER, 2007 S. Fifth Street, Phllaaej- phla. Pa. . . BmarWl*. FOR RENT--ONE FIVE ROOM house, srmilf garden, sas and bath. E. SOLES. Hogg Addition. ISmartfd FOR RENT--ONE DESIRABLE store room f o r m e r l y occupied by Means Murphy. Inquire FLORENCE SMDTZ. 28feblfd FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES OK second Hoar of D u n n Evans bulJd- iiiff. Inciuire of HARRY EUNN. Sjan-tfd FOR SALE.--ADVERTISING SPACfi In this paper. Auk fur raiex. FOR SALE---FL'RXITURE CHEAP. Also yo-curt. 133 First street, West Side. _, 23mar2t FOR S A LE--FMESH COW, ONK half mile oast of Marietta farm. ADAM SW1KK. 23raarGt« FUK SAL]-:--^B/IOWX JUGICD BABY bus-try. jji-actically new. Rear 125 Fairvieu- avenue. 23mar£t* FOR SA.L.E--SOUTH CONNELLS- vflle lots. Con vea lent, cheap, easy terms. Inqulro at "HE COURIER OFFICE. FOR SAI.33--HORSE "VVKIGHTNG .1200 poundu, Vajjon mid buggry at reasonable price. D^vWSOX BAK33RT, rjawso::, Pa. 23mar6t WANTED -- ANT KIND OF PRl.Vi 1 - InP, whelh-r it la a calling card, sule bill or the fiuest engraved wedding- FOR SALE -- BUILDING- TO Ti3AR invltntion or announcement. Wo print i down, lumber in good condition. 2n- any thing- -- evorj'thlng -- do It promctJr .' quire MRS. "J. E. CARSON. 102 North and do it riphL Call the man at THi3| Third street. West Side 1 . 2Smar3t COURIER office. Both phones. 27-tf -- - . - , - , U U U FOR SALE-- STABLE 90x49, LOCAT ed on lot 106x155 .corner of Meadow 'jane and Church Piece. Also three bushel; corn ^5 cents a bnaheV, patent Hour flour ?5.50 a barrel: brooms IS to 35 cents. THI/HNDAY, .MABCII 3C. 1008. Detailed report of the Connellhville coke trade for the week ending March | 21 show a a total of 37,488 ovens Whig Corner ·hlopyle,' .. schoolhouse near FRIDAY, MA11CI1 =0, ISltS. Detailed -report oC the Connellsvlllo oko : trade for the wecklne ending March ID, Bhovrs a total of 18,608 ovens the region -of which 14,903 are in last and 3-795 Idle, with a total estl- ,ated production of. 156,022 tons. Shipments for the week agjETCgated ,77.4 cara distributed as follows: To Ittsburg, 2.873 cars; to points' west, ,329 cars; to points .east, 1:,572 cars, I increase of 7"4 cars .n the | region of which 1C,94-1 are in blast, l a n d X544 itllo wHh a total' estimated production of 160,085 tons. Shipments for tha week a.,.. . 6,773 cars distributed as follows: to Plttaburg 2,674 cars; to points west, 3,529 cars: to points west ,570 cars, decrease ot 16 as compared with the previ»urt week. · President Thomas L^ - nch of the H. C. Frick Coke ·'·company, speaks for three hours to superintendents, lore- men and working men in opora house Trith the previous feek. Robert Kerne;, a. Baltimore · Ohio ! Migirieer well known here itf missing j 3. week from his home at Glenwood. i He'disappeared nfter drawing his'pay. Mrs.--Hnrriet Tissue of ·Gibson corn- its suicide by drowning herself in ie Youghiogheny river. · With only three members to the 3et- er .carrier force, . Postmaster Clark oliins' finds it' necessary to petition le.postofflee department for an acldi- onal rnan... ; ; . . /Several' Fayette county people arc among those who think some-of the 50,000,000. fortune; left by Joseph all of 'Philadelphia will come their ay.. Among-, them is. O. P. Mosfer,- of , ; Loy kindly^ ·.words: live' loat, · ' : . ' ' iiild. have .b« B bod but vt i-. friendly, ly, .years, ago. Frank Zacharias, the dairyman has Eitalned the oxcluuive agency in the nited" States' for the Schomberg 1 pro- ess ot purifying- .water for drinking hd . manufacturing-'. purposes. Th I? 'd'Is ad6pted in the army of th.j Ealser.-;. .. · '. . Thomas ,'J.; Foster, 54 years old, die-d f pneumonia at his home in Franklin iwnship.. - Mrs, KatJiarlho Sleesman, widow o* eter Sleesman died in Saltlick town,hip at fche age! of ,78. " '| The Trinity Lutheran Church la «ne of -wedding .of Christian C. Wel- "tey and'Miss -Mame-B. Jorinson; Roert J. Eoss: and MJss Libbie L. Brown re married-at .the-same place. Miss .-Ida .Kldder · and Charles Berg- ·e,married at .the Methodist Episcopal arsonage ,by Rev." J;, B. ; Risk... Mrs'.. Mary ..E. \Vagoner and James, clllrec are married-by the Res-. J.. B._ , ,' McGlnnis and Ws~ H. Brown, -inblpahand.SMce-principal of the-New avcn»ctiix»la and A; C.'.Hapan and TV.- Crow' of Untontpwn, ·rnake'addressey the Iriistltute e.t Nprnialville. v ''^ Marriage'licenses. are Issued'Sn Un- ntownTas ./pUows:. Jasper X.'.pattern," Duhbap and !MIKS Jdihhle Ghrist " " '"-.;.-David S. Miller o f ' Inan He«dv and--'Miss Lon^etta 'Stevitz ^.Chanrpl)n;VSolbmoii . SechrFst and isle Hough or'.Laytoh; : -Daviii Abra- :m- E6rcrr:AJMl:.Qertrra "Peters of Gib-. , - ion; Jacrnes T.' : .Kuhnc and" Belle MlHcr ;... of Indian.^ead;.William Handford.and -'- Emmm?Williams- of Gibson;. Gebren 'W.. Trey .and.-.EyjL ·· TVeimer · c* Dunbar -towns*ilp.- ·- .-.'-.- -. . · " ·· -; . : ' · V- ' ^Ketail.^rtcesUinv. ConneUsville riii thus:.'Braikfast:bacon llvpents; tiuck- .wheat flc'ur 3 .cents; butter £5 cents;: dried beet. 10 and . 15 cents; eggs, : 18 cents*.a dozen: ham/11'. to 13.cen.ts- a po.und;.' lard B. to.- tO'cehts a ' pound; mo.ple Byrup'.M-««ntB a gallonir pota- '--- 90:ce»ta. to.|l .»; bushfll;'. sugar S In Scottdale on im-portanct; of Safety First. Burglars break i n t o .Boston Candy Kitchen and steal $75 in cash. J. W. Edmonds and JIlss TSmma Marietta are married. ,, TM*. ,. t Donald Boyd, 15 years old, u son of compared I Bc ^ ton Boydi s u p o r i n t c n d e n t at Lomont works ,is hurled from trestle fit that place by West Pcnn street car. He jumps fb his feet laugltin^r. John Morciand, a Dun bar ownshlp farmer accidentally shoots himself through the knee. Mrs. Jennie JCefTer, widow of L. L. Keffer. diea at Dunbar. * Edward A. Watteaing Hiioots and kills his stepfather Dennis M. "Weimcr at their home near ·Rockwood and then blows out his own brains. . Wattcring hci been In an asylum.. Grand trustees oC the. Knights of Pythias hold session in ConnnJlsviJlo. Harry Han ion. for several years trainmaster of tho. Connollsville division ot the Baltimore Ohio railroad resigns to go to Nevada and is succeeded by O. !L. Baton, who haa been assistant trainmaster at Pittsburg. By Wait Ma'aon. ATOIDDTG TREASON. I would not like a traitor fall, my back' 'ag-alnst a- limestone wall k a firing- stiuad In f r o n t ; 'twould be a diy- nwl way to'end the littlo path T humbly wond, this finish to m y - s t u n t . SQ I keep . t a b - u p o n my tongue, and see t h a t loyal words are sprung 1 , when I reur'Tip and spiel; disloyal worda may do great harm, ; may paralyze a soldier's arm, and make him drop Iiis' steel.' ' The* 1 - -.careless talkeru d r i f t around, and f r u t and acokl-'and. paw the'ground;'perhapa' they mcun no- 111; but they'd ,bo\pained If they could kn'ow.liow far "their kilo yawpings .KO to'-'hearten .Kaiser BUI.- In of peace each,: native gent coultl stand; and cuss the' igroVermont, u n t i l ' his lungs went. ; lame; 1 .weed t o ' d o it.- I confess; we, more or less, and all In'dqrsedV the. . grame. .Prcc boons their speech' Is numbered with the tor'- which 'our fathers · soaked ;poo'ns, and .stripped : .the strong-box bare; ;whon. gejitle peace is here onco more,, we'll all- be .privileged to roar, and-.rant.around, and swear. But now, sweet. peUce Is. done to death; and hd who-iiDCS tip . hfs ^breatli to grurobla ; and- complain,- to show that all WQ d o - i a wrong, : is'.striving:" hourly .to prolong the 'Teuton Tyrant's rcijjn. I .would not '.like a- traitor, awing- from 'some tail -."tree.." where .-robins -einsr, a. rope around; my : neck.;^ and so I spring the kind" of dope" that reelcs 'of "confidence ·ays'.will,' by heok.' 1 -,'' . to; « .ciMitm a nind;;,Trhea,t 7i to '10 double houses on same lot. I n q u i r e IOS. L. STADER. KOR SALE--PA1.VT SI.50 PER GAiL- on; 6 foot chicksn wire Inc yard, rdon rakes 35c. PEN'N" TRA.FFIC DKPARTM13KT STOKE, 307 N o r t h PIttsburg Street, third store from corner of Peach. · 25mar2t 'O newspaper can succeed without advertising, therefore we solicit the patronage of our readers for those who by their advertising help to make this paper possible. CARPENTERS FOR - CONCRETE FORM WORK. A.. G. McKEE COMPANY^DUNBAR FURNACES, DUNBAK. AN EXPBRIT2KCED CLOAK AND ' SUIT SALESLADY. HIGHEST SALARY ' PAID. . STEADY' POSITION. EL- PERN'S, 130 NORTH PITTE- BITRG STREET. YARD CLERICS, TRACK \CHECKERS AND CREW CALLERS fc P- L. E. RAILROAD CC'MPANY, DICKERSQN RUN. GOOD SALARY, STEADY'EM- PLOYMENT, RAPID PROMOTION,. APPLY TO C. E. REIN- HAKD, GENERAL YARD MASTER, DICKBRSON RUN, PA, MAN AND WIPE TO TAKE CHARGE OP AND RUN A COMPANY BOARDING HOUSE FOR 15 MEN. PERaiANENT EMPLOYMENT AT $75 PER ^lONTH AND Ln r IKG. CALL KIER FIRE BRICK COMPANY. DAYTON, PA. BELL PHONE 98 R 31." DAWSON, PA. · Do you know that oatmeal makes delicious puddings and other good things?. Of tourse, you know it is a good breakfast food, but it is even better fixed up for dinner or supper. It makes excellent puiding-s, wholesome bread and cookies-, an apetiz- · ing soup for a cold day, a baked dish ftr dinner in place of meat is planned at the Union Supply Cmipany Stores. You must see the inaii'y Easter novelties in women's and misses' wear, all the ne-v styles in all the different lines are now in. It isan old custom to have a new outfit for Easter, mm and women, misses and children, everybody, waits to wear their best oa Easter Sunday. The "Jnioa Supply Company is offering wonderful iiduce- ments and they will offer many novelties for womea and misses that are exclusive, ant can only be gotten at our stores. It is *o you interest to visit the nearest Union. Supply Com.any store for your^Easter shopping. Larze Department Stores, Located ia Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegfeny Counties. The Store that insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. : i Particular people like'cur Shoes. They're pleased with oir ityl« selection and our methods in fitting. · ! A FAMILY SHOE STORE : with Bettor Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--i'or cur cu4bmer»' satisfaction. :" Call and see some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY-W. S. S. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MARCH, 1918. _ JAX. 1, 1923. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST COMPANY COWEiiSVlLLE, PA. IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Resulttsi;

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