The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 42
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 42

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 42
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I- 1 4' 3 "1 If I !' it 1 , i' 1 i !' a it'.' '' " optwii w trap ay w w i mm r w w m"y i'1 "f w w p as ai i A ' 42 IHtUi 1AVVA JUURNAL iwiif 21, 1084 . w.-f -I aji " I - nnfnn 101 AUTOS FOt SUI Cont from Frcdin Column lMt CHEVY II CONVERTIBLE wttt. black top rrl interior, good condition T4fl-.30l, IMI VoLlUW AG tN V A N EX-; rilrn condition ir .Ml CUSTOM VOUCSWAGKN. S3 000 mile, (xcvllem con JH 100, 1 no MrlatnAl MiUft am awMr WUJ accept trde . I aa i &1TCT1V urn rv mud Mlt 114-W- Cumberland'1 IMl OLD8MOBU E l-OOOl hardtop, low mlleafe. term ar-. ranged, bank interest llv-Mli 1M! FALCON DELIXIC A V, T O-- ma tic. radio, excellent condition 7J1-741 IM1 COMVAIR. METALLIC BLUE 4-door. fully equipped tmmacu lau. Is J tl 2-0941 evenings, U4-9JM 1MI CITROEN. RECONDITIONED engine, evcellent buy. Trade-In' considered 133-431 1MI PORSCHE.- MUST leaving country to studv offer 4-M94V SELL. Best ...., cond.,,0, ,4. . - 1M0 PONT1AC STATION WAGON. a cylinder, autoaiaisr. radio. ' 9S. 733-0103 1M0 DESOTO. 4-DOOR H ARDTOP. Immaculate 11.730 72S-7120 tS0 VAUXHAU. DELUXE. NO rust, radio,, heater snow tires 1430 CE2-74H4 i 100 P 0 M T I AC LAV RENT! Hit , edan. radio, heater, new paint j 132-14. evenings 1 IPSO CONSUL SEDAN. wITE with matching Interior, ver. . economical Can finance for 119. monthly T22-4J1. ( 1M0. OLDSMOBILE. POWER ateenng. power brakes. Mr Hop- pin. 72r3l71 IPSO FORD 2-DOOR. CYLINDER. 700 Doug a Easo Station, gig; and Nepean. . 113 METEOR STXrVDARD. good condition, radio, snow tires WIS. 724-030 T 3T FORD F A I II L A N E . I CYLIN-der. good mechanical condition. 7H-14K0 13 CHEVROLET. GOOD CONTJI-tion 23d-27 II 13 VAUXHALL SUPER. VIC- tor, mechanically sound. full ..prlca 1493 Gus. 37 Richmond! Rood. 7I-iH7 ask for Mr Novak. 13 METEOR 3-DOOR HARD-- top V-S. automatic, custom radio, spotless condition Will arrange financing through the bank. Low monthly- payment. 733-! 3ia . 13 VAUXHALL CREST A. ( CYL-1 tnder, I owner, good c a d It Ion 49. 723-11,3 I 193 CHEVROLET STATION; wagon. Undard a. good condl-tion. 1123 749-11 f.M CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4-1 door V-. automatic irsnsmtetlon. 1 one owner, excellent through- out full price. 1793 Telephone S34-3. 13 VAUXHALL. 4. iMchantcatlF perfect 4-DOOR. 1 744-1W7 $795 IS THE PRICE OF THIS 1961 Volkswaqen 1 DELUXE COACH With indiei. finished in al-tractiv shadow trey metallic Tend, is good clean car. Thu will make an ideal 2nd ear. AT CABELDU'S Your Authorized Buick Pontlac Acadian, Vauxhall nd GMC Truck Deif - ALBERT at BANK 2354371 MILT HURD V.-:-' MOTORS LOADED WITH POWER 1963 si ' AMBASSADOR Standard tranmiuion. 230 B.p VS. AM-FM radio, rear '..$3195 SIB MONTREAL ROAD 743-9116 YOUR RAMBLER DEALER COME VISIT OUR ANNEX f For the Best Deal ' In Town LARGE SELECTION OF VOLKSWAGENS FROM 1956 TO 1962 MOST CARS CARRY OUR 100 60-DAY WARRANTY "AS IS SPECIALS" If) STUnESAKUt Urk blue sriarV'car $500, 1 METEOR, blue, awtomattr a.bsrtrwr$V095 MANY OTHER MAKES AND MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM MORTON MOTOPlS - Uied Car Annex 64 Bank Street V ' ' 237-2442 ' I i , ; ; 1. '"- - ea a. a. a- a. a. a ... ISO. AUTOS FM UU ' Cont from Prt4iri Columat IM- GVLAXlE SEDAN AVTO. mMif, ft whiUall. 733 - , . - A1H hardtop. Uvc ion blue, owner US-ii, !MI CHEVROLET SKDAK. EX lent condition throughout WtK nccetit trade or Anftiar U4 m tin in I 722-4.317 l DODGE EXCELLENT COS- dition. T22-I4et BUICK. GOOD RUNNING cnndillon. new liret radio. 744-4o i IM OLDSMOB1LI I504 7li-?t4l alter ) I.M studebnker" AUTOMATIC t2M Call between a-7 p a . 777- aai , (1 RAMBLER SUPER. 4-DOOR lay back seats, good motor. 533- S37 tan a-us.usrvt ar silar-avw .. 2o.r. .xlr... lUg EORD EAIRLANE STAN - dard . good condition, cheap 733-713 ;. FORD. RADIO STANDARD shll). best otlor. 777.2tl iy automatic, radio, perfect condi- lion Must be seen gacrili.e 4g7y ipg-4ug. iilMPEBIAL IMI 4-DOOR HARDTOP FULLY equipped all. white. 2g.00 original miles, sanond car. will finance aelf. best offre private. 72g-gl4:l for appointment " . 50 CAR V TO CLEAR FULL 30-DAY WRITTEN GUARANTEE WE GIVE GOLD BOND ST AM I RICHARD AUTO SALES 432 RiJe-iu St. v 232-5793 NO x DOWN PAYMENT REQUIRED x Continu Payment on Any of These Car. No Payment Befbrej Sept. 1. IMS PONTIAC 1 77 C ststiem wsioa "' J 13 FORD 1 -jQC GaUsua lt7J 13 PONTIAC 2-dnor hard- top $1195 141 CHBVROLrr Super Sport $2895 $1995 $1995 $1195 $1995 lo Chiefa-I- $1675 1M3 PO.VTIAC .. 1-door IM BUICK eoovartible 131 CHEVROLET convertible IMI PONTIAC 1-dnor IMI PONTIAC Strain CTtie'j door IMI BUICK 1-door hardtoqt. . $2095 1 1.11V eouipped 191 COMET ataibon wagon $1395 I 3S- CHRYSLER .. $895 Duval Auto Sales (OTTAWA) LTD. . 331 Rideau Street The Home of Better Used Care 238-9607 MORE TO CHOOSE FROM IU FORD Pairlana SO automatic, radio, d- 1 00 C I owner t'"J I CHEVROLET 4 -door sts. tlen wagon, automatic . whltewslls ahsolaielv tike a new tOOO -w a4tW4tV -asf V MrTEOR 3-4ioor. ut- ratte. radio, whttewell. 1 ' $1995 COMET- Cuartom ted en. white rtth red end bteck in ten or. low nirere. verv $1795 FORD Fatrlana SO. V. standard tranamisalon. IMI whltawalrs. d-latQC eery sharp -4 W'aV CANADAH . MOTOR SALES (Ottawa) Ltd. PAUL CARDINAL Limited IZWWetlinftonSt 72 1M8 Austin-Rambler Dealers guaranteed used cars; Tk Over PaytMnts. 6K FINANCE PLAN AVAILABLE i Chevrolet sedan . . t Envoy aadaa M Pontlac autoenatafl S Pontlac aedan . . "SS Chevrolet wagon rjl M Buick convertible 'M Xephyr aadaa . . 1.43 " MM tt.SM SH I MM ' Chevrolet. cylinder 'Si Chevrolet Impale con MM Ms ay Mar to Choose From M Low M 1 Down AU Can Reconditioned LABEILE x AUTOMOBILES ' run of Otwrantcod Car 304 RIDEAU ST. (at rn.l) 233-1846 L ' . jttl (Cont AUTOS FOt SALE from Prci'tdinf Column) IMI OUDSMOBIU ftUPt. U. 1 power tcrln nd hrakca ra.lvnr condition Ronbl KAR.MA W GH I A ONE owner iOOoo honvit mile count. irat eleaa condition , 137 iiiibLu classic. vEHv'r.. a.--;-;;..' load. HN. 7147. avanlmt Tm? BtL AIR CHKVROI JT' IM-niaruUl condition Will accept i 111 monthly 1U41I1 IiiS CHIVBOLIT." GOObToNON '. lion 7J.li5 IMT METEOR. COOD CONOtTION MOO Beat Oder 7-J3 ! '.J?0!" f1".011 tftVtt "f1." condition. (J00, or beat . Cte-M3t " good after 1M7 VO'LKSWACEN EXCELLENT Highest oiler t ail Sandy 132-for student M7S or best offer l I7 between g JO-g 00, evenings -J't"1" '' 193 CHEVROLET BEL-AIR GOOD lt"tl1,' ;-.' -.ave.uteaoe.w-" 'i 1 "::.......r i.r "'.J.ii: ' ' uuw urea 2g-373 I 1K.17 VOLKSWAGEN condition. 3t.3 oe- GOOD..S33 l olfer. IS CHEVROLET !JF.W VALVEUIAV EQUIPPED. PERFECT lifters and valve Jub. 4123 or - eondllion U.330. 72i-I3 till besl ollei 72S-S77 7 123-2392. evenings . "u fasit' DODGE STATION WAGON.! runner rough bcrfy 1100 . 11J VOLKSWAGEN. PERFECT' condition Askin 4415 744-4170 13 FORD WAGON Hit! offer cash only. 234-2301. ' I 1S PLYMOUTH SEDAN GOOD I . runnlna-eondlteoMi. 72g-13j. Best 1 " -"l L ,102 AUTOS WANTED 13 PONTIAC'. CYLINDER! automata;, unmaculate condition' . throughout Beat offer Apply ALL MAKES OF LATE MODEL 43 McArthur. ' ' Used cara wanted Pay cash or 13 TRIUMPH TR 1 VERY GOOD condition, wire wheels. g4s. 733-312 1 Ttj r PONTIAC SEDAN. RADIO. excellent condition. 23 721-1 4I. ) iffclS FORD V. STANDARD transmission, runs good. $123 722-233. 133 BUICK BODY NEEDS WORK exceptional, motor, cheap for cash 333-1940 133 DODGE COACH TOP CON. dlllon 1130. 722-9223 THE HOME OF "GOODWILL" "vUSEDCARS ENVOY SpecUl sedan, completely recondltaooed. finished la black excel lent throughout $795 IMI AUSTIN ISA fully f di'ionrd. light C7iaTT blue finish y 1M VAUXHALL auper eedan. In new ear eondition. fin- '-ir,"...-:,$6?5 ' JIM TUBN MOTORS LIMITED Ponilsc Butrk. Acadian. Vsushall and Okie Truck 1770 BANK STREET t Alia Vtfta 733 4030 THESE MUST BE CLEARFD - WE NEED THE SPACE . FOR RAMBLERS Tak6 Your Pick Of 4 ' 1963 CHEVROLET BEL AIR SEDANS None over 15,000 milei and Just like new. Automatic, Tranimimoni, Power Steennji, Cuitom Radios, Seat Belts,' Windshield' Wither. IF YOU HAVE A NICE CLEAN CAR TO TRADE WEIL MAKE YOU AN EXCELLENT DEAL. ;,.r ; ' WAVERLEY MOTORS LIMITED . . Rambler, ' Jaguar. Renault I0 DRIVEWAY 232-3501 USED VOLKSWAGENS AT WHOLESALE PRICES - Why pay retail when we cap give it to you whole;?,. Brand New . 1964 PORSCHE With a few mile. A big laving off new price. , r . A large selection of top a-nll-vly VOIJISWAGENS from lJ7 u 1M2 all with fully Fanned warranty - and jainy. other makes Va cboose 'from. Wt WILL TRADE UP OR DOWM You aama II and we will di It. SHANE 'VOLKSWAGEN Whotetal Dirtrlhutars for E..1ers Ontario and Western Quebec. 3 Michael StNat Queeniwgy Talephont 743 MM 1 'It '. ' I- M: . I I kl 101 AUTOS Wt SALE 901 U6AI (Cont (mm Prcdln( Column r ' ' """Tr" su;.HD,oS BANKRUPTCY SALE motor and tires nod Bmi offer ! IS TBI MATTER ef te Rank-74,-;7 ruplcv ef I.I.OVO MARTIN lM CHEVROLET. IWJtNING OR der. licence 3 T31-M4S . nine condition eood ..con' 1- door. radio, eood condition 711- 0IJ "'l OWtRTIBLE " . U I MVTIlr B 1 ItirWI ITlK. ftiih'e. lully powered, food conojiinn .vuai oe aula t-an ar or nearest viler 334-3712 1M MO (TD itinav aaf-ru r-oew rtiu many accessories 42 Ouo original miles iverlliaoie . booy ana run. ; ning gear in. superb condition condition, economical 4123 722-4000 !' . EORD CUSTOMLINE IN a"" repair. OK as runabout 1200 or best olfer 722,-glllO sf'cr . . ! PONTIAC COACH. LICENCE. bargain. 733-330 gttef 4 11 .1. imi fori cost gttriBLS OI.0IMUBILB ll'PEB . IM , -fURQUOISE. AUTOMATIC . haaba, radio, whltewall tubeleaa tires with guarantee, snow tires, extra wheeli expertly mainlainad. In perfect condition Second owner ; ww avo ciover atreet. i ja- i-. iraoe up or oown cantury Motors 441 Olsdstnne at BCant 333-1773. HAVE lets. '3. 37. '31 J CHEVRO-Pontiaca. Fords Veils. exchanee for late model cara and pav cash for difference See. Maurice Motors. 310 Rldeaui irevi. aae-seare . IMMEDIATE C A S S FOR ANY i make or model la perfect eondi-lion IM-MM LET ME SELL YOUR CAR FOR you, J have the time, place, experience and can arrange a financial transaction Call Jog Mareuls 2J2-7314. , med'cash high MYMMrrs?' Archie McDonald will buy your far for top cash price or trade a down, for cheaper ear and caafc . . an part credit en ear at later oat Arc rue McDonald. Laurier Wast. 133-g713 PRIVATELY OWNED CARS. PER-feet conditio., Cash 72(-2144. M4-1102 PWVATELY OWNED AUTO- In serf act riiagllln i P. PA-i33 ' WE BUY LATE MODEL CM AND Ford product. T29-41M. WE BUY CLEAN AX CHEVROLET pay top cash p ice. , n at Dominion; and Pont lacs. or trade dowi Automobiles. 144 Carting nur. 7211107. wriaE!AOURCAR"bN CON signment for top prlca 73S-M73. PALMER 'tito'wBECBER CARS AND TRUCKS WANTED for wracking. S13-30IS. Albion Road. 103 mmuomm CHEVROLET HALF-TON PICK-UP. mechanlcallv sound, rtaus pas. T-'EL OIL TANK TRUCK. 1931 GMC. new motor 2 compert-menta. LSS gallons 333-323. NEW AND USED SCHOOLliUSES. Large stock on hand. Fac-I lory distributors for Bluebird1 . bus ce. rantrord. Ont before you buy. Shepherd M-tors. Alexandria. Phone 11. itEW 4.ND USEDSCHOOL B'JSM Elliott Motor 'Belleville i Ltd BellevUle Ont Phone WO 1-1314 nVSK- WCK-UPS. ALL KINDS and make. Call Ken S e y nvur solo.. Kempt villa. . USED SCHOOL BUSES JVT Rt etlvod 13 GMC. sg-paeeenrer IMS CMC, M aas.ngar Both like new. 31.000 actual mileage Shepherd Motor. Alexandria Phone 77. I4 DODGE i.-TOM PAWaT "" reeondltlonsd new ar Paint, boat offer Ann, a. ... w Arthur. 'Vf 1P4 IKTlRNATinMil .-Waai pickup. JsleonaMloa .!(U7 eeeo. .xt-l-lMT. 191 AUSTIN! m' -ni. eoe A-isgar. KEN SEYMOUR MOTORS KEMPTV1LLE. ONTARIO 238-2338 258-3020 SPECIAL ON DEMONSTRATORS 1M4 OLDSMOBILE M t-door nanus, power brake. ati elng white- warn, tinted glaea HI-FI raoio ana many ether ex-tra 7,00 miles List SPECIAL $3895 IM INTERNATIONAL i.on , pickup. VI. custom radio-W f "l ""r' ao miiee ' ilic$2495 lf METEOR CU4lom eedan fPowr neea-lng. power - tgoaom. radio. VI excel- condition 7 $1795 1M FORD F-70. complete - with 7tll Brentford dump unit, new truck rnndltlen List new Vr,1-,' " $4995 IMS FORD ',-toei cylinder . pickup, long box. 33 00ft miles. Like a d-1 inc , new truck ? I WO 1M3 INTERNATIONAL ..-ton pickup. 17.00 miles Like $1395 IMS nrTERNATIONAL cab and chassis. 17 ' WB. 30 engine II 000 pound rear axle, good 1 00x20 tires. . s'1 eemplotety ,a s aQe rccondttlnned I " J ' 1J MERCURY M-gOO 134" '. $395 ' IPM DODGE 2-ton cart and chassis. VI engine. 1. ' apeed liansm lesion, good ;'' W" $895 l FORD F-7M with Ixll . $795 SERVICE STATION SPEOAL . WILLYS Jeep, complete with oob gad plow, sxcel- 7fje lent condition' 'J Eaitern Ontario'i Largest International Dealer. ' OS MOTORCTCLU . SYLSI ANB CO. -Wf ttLU AND lIRVICf HON- da BSA, and Hsrley-Dsvideoa . motorcycles: also Vcapa and 1 NSU acoolsrs joj anal 0T Ban Street I34-M11 . - Journal Want, Ads bring quick result. ,1 ti ! I I c TOIftC. trediag aaarr tne ivm asms at ecu's Jewelers, ef ki the Tm ef , Renfrew, lp ' r-re.lnce el onurw. FOR SALE BY ItlMUfcR Sealed tenders will be received by Ihe undersigned trustee until P August. Monday. Ihe 14lh day ol 1M4 for Ihe followtna10"1"' , wimin uie limits ol me lih ot County ol Carletoii and l tocl roniuunf main? or jewellery, cninaware ana gutware. riiuni ai approsimaieiy. aiu uw. retail value J Satan .kn.nui sla.aat ahalu. Ins 1 .sir conditioner 1 lilina ran- ,n" 1 'eei nesa. 3 enairs ana om.r ,tem. s Assets may be seen by appoint-. mml with the undersigned Ten-1 dars must he sealed and clearly marked tender re Young and' must be accompanied bv a certl- fled cheoue pavable lo ths trus-' tee for 10'. of the amount of the . tender The highest or any der not necessarily accepted DONALD A MaeLEOD. C A . i Truste MarLrod. Comrle . Co , Chartered Accountants. 3ii O Conner Street. Ottawa' . 902 .UtriOK SALE Complete line of new and used llimillira A . . .. -I 1 . I . M Comba Furniture ComaJnyJ . DATED at Ottawa this 31st day Limned. Bridge and Mill Slrtet.iaf August. I4. Caneton Place. Ontario. . J. A t.EMIEUX. - ' Mcnl.d ,.. Deputy Clly Clark, A- - live Scotty puppy! I t-l 1-1 I ... -V!S& - ENTER NOW! rAV.;-.JZ&S- ..-.rT." W r -?: . You mav win lively - - 'ai... . ,r- I . a A -'V" v Scotch terrier puppyl lt' ' easy '.s . just drop corn- I HA J a. nln.a4 nntru (nrm intn tha I a.Yl af jr- . l ""r- meM Ciiryr X r "Scottie Kennel" entry. tn 1 - T 'in he Children', Sweater Department, freimarVs . jb lat r - r ,;."v " ., V V Third F,oor' WT; ' ) Street Floor at Wesfgate. . I . . ' . girls IRI I HI W II- a rcsal a,"?S, -v r s . V " jfX' :''&iAX fV i f lint li Jf-TaXr . XX J) Kyffl 'JLRIXl -a awaT afaa laawia lSXiJ T 'Cil f-1 ! rrn 6 :jv IVi.rv, I ; r. :4 ". W7D tu' Njif V:a.V-?l . . . oi ewh at Oowtttowri tuvai m"' i;. iiiin - i-mzhhSZMT a real fin t .jr.-it- -J r . .. r-c- i ati I I H I t IIMIHA all 1 I I I A.A.4, , ,d Lo, JM THENCE northeasterly In a straight line, a distance ol 111 43 feet more or less .o ins pom. ni The Board of Control as a Com-Imltlee ot. Cltv Council, shall hear in person or b his counsel, solicitor or agant any person who rHims that his land will be orei- I., udtctaslv .affected bv the bylaw and whp appltta to he heard Such applications to he s u ra mified to the undersigned on before the lltn day of September. . OAS . . : ; IhnrtiMitiim , vr v Will Crf SW jM'jty a or 0," sweaters and boys 4 k 6t 3.98; 10 ft 4 It 6X. 2.98; 10 o lively youngsters return to "school well togged In Scotties quality ; sweaters of Dupont Orion, knitted for perfect fit and guaranteed by the famous Canadian maker.- , - - I Little girls prefer e dressmaker style with embroidered collar and front panel. Soft, cosy Orion in starry blue, red or A no" white. Sizes 4 to 6X. 10 to 14. .,V -:.. 7 Mafchin, Ion, sleeve pultevef Short sleevt pullover ' A manly style for a boy two pockets. Alpaca knit with blue suede, beige with 4 to 6X. 0RL0N rrHman't Childrtn't Downtown r V-neck, raglan sleeve cardigan Orion with cotton suede front. 1 V I ' ' ' , f- 1' J "' V ' I rust, grey with red. Sizes BY . a,a,Laa. .. i s a... M:; : and OirtV Wtar. Third floor, Stnet floor, Wutgato , DOWNTOWN Open tUf 1.111. to p.m. Dllr ' (FridRY, t.30 a.m. to 9 Saturday, V - J'. a.m. to p.m.) Xi) PARK EASt AT FBEIMAN'S PARKING CENTRE ; ' :.-y. .-; t'V i' " '.;.':. r-. " U6A1 , PUBLIC NOTICE STREET CLOSING Nonce hcrchv ,,vmi that The corporaiion oi the en of Ottawa lis character ai a public .highway . Al-l, ahu BIKtiULAR that cerum premises, situate lying and being in the Township of Nepcan now Provlme ol Ontario and BEING1. composed Or pert oi Lot lh .i, ftmll 0( aoolll street aa shown on a plan regie- Ltcreo in me Registry umce lor the Registry Division of ths Clly Ol Ottawa as Nuilliaer trttawa and n,ph part of satd lot IS more lartit'U'air: v rirM'riK4t follnuti I, r.z.z'-.'; srvssnvi 11 V VJ If V ri I VI .a il. ik. a.... westerly along the nnrtherlv limit of the said lot, a distance of 100 feet In Ihe northwesterly angle thereof: THENCE aoutherh along westerly limit ol said '"I a 0i4Un.e of 44 3 feet mure or less .,Jn' .'r!"0" C 901 ' I ' ,r nax A at as a ak. a A. A a-Oad Navan Youth Hurt in Crash Jacques, Cuerrter. 17, of Na lieiiuieu leg .when hit motor bike wa in Collif ton With CT on CyrvUlf Road t Maxim Sirtei. Gloucester townihip, about e Thur-dau ' f . . The youth W treated at St : . . ' . .. loui Man d Monilort Moa- pnal and released. Driver of the car wai tianne, 42. of Cyrvilte. CITY OF OTTAWA TREASURY DEPARTMENT PURCHASING BRANCH "SAFETY PATROL BELTS" "NYLON COATS" rXV"."'? hi: Board of Commissioners of Pdilce. ! Ottawa. Ontario, and endorsed! Tender for the Supply ol safety atrol Belts' ot aa applicable, will Patrol be received by its Secretary SEPTEMiER 1 1 3 30 pm EDSVT 3rd. ISM Information and Forms Tender may be received from the Office of the Co-Ordlnator of pur-; chaaing Treaaury Department!.. IK Kuaaaa iiriva I Itlawa unuru The Cearooraflon doaa not bind liself to accept the lowest or any ; tender and. In paKlrular If on.v lender la received. Ihe City reserves the right to re reel it - A T .HASTEY. city Clerk. ft 43$ .4. 3-93 with Blue 141 I R'n,lhi I -i l j SHOP "'.P. l!a asiwj ' " I WESTOATE Open 9.30 a.m. t I p.m. Daily (Friday, 9.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, . V ' 9 a.m. to . B.m.i ! . EVERY ADVERTISED ITEM AT BOTH STORES (unless :y. lllhUI.I g.a, Science' Museum For 1967? i ' l.ri ml vjiotra ,nj Mail uvi Prgmigr Robarti jii expected te gnnounc won ih Ontario (ovcrnmeni trill build i miuaum of sctance. industry and technology at a Canadian centennial project, Th paper taid a committee wa formed to study the posr- bllity of the project almoit a year tin by Education Minister William Davit. Ther ha been -Kb formal announcement ijnce then, but the paper laid . . " , , . ... i,,-a 411 nao icanicu uiei um " cha:rman; Earl BrowBridge. oreiident of American Motor (Canada) Limited. Brampton. Jjlhai reported favorably to the minister. The ma n problem now i de- cidlni Ihe location of the pra- iaa-i the rvaper said. 1 1 ' . ' r . . tjuatemal City i the capital i -... Guatemala. TONIGHT UNTIL 9 P.M. T . 1 1 - I specified)

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