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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, January 16, 1930
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.La ast JLLfdition P rice Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper/ The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. VDT, 9R KlCl KK TI|C «*efcly Ctmrlcr, Founded July 11 r 38711. i Merced, n/-\x VUAJ. 40, 1MU. 00. Tho 1)ally Cour | cri v oui ,,,ed November 10. 3002. | July ifl, 11120. ^^ NELLSVILLE, PA., JRSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 16, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES. Billions Represented In Movement Yough Improvement £r- N«ver Such Unified Demand sts Now, Declares Secretary B l a k e of Board of Trade. PEOPLE HERE URGED TO JOIN "A trtueridous influence- is lining up behlntl the Youghlogheny River canalization project," said Major John K. Blake, executive secretary o£ the Board of Trade- here this morning when ho told of completion, of details tor tho prceDntatlort of facts o£ figures concerning tonnage, navigation, water power and flood control at a hearing to bo held Monday morning before "Lieutenant Colonel Jarvie J. Bain, United States Army engineer iu 1'itts- burg. "I don't know how many billion dollars is represented in the industries which aro throwing their support to this thinjj," added Mr. Blako, "but I do know that never before was there such a, unified demand for this river improvement." In addition to tho Pittaburg Coal Exchange, tlio Flttsburg Coal Company, the H. C. Friek Coko Company, the Jo net, and Laughlln Steel Company, tho Carnegie Steel Company, which is ,1 subsidiary of tho United States Steel Corporation, tho Youngs- Iowa She«t Tube Company, tho Mc- Keeeport Sheet Tin Plato Company, tho National Tuba Company and other great industries are all lending their support to bring about tho improvement. J. II. Gates, secretary, will represent the II. C. Frick Coko Company in person. "* "I don't -want the people of Con- nollsville to faU to do their share now," continued Major Blake. "Cou- Kreesman Kendall asked that a delegation of 50 represent this city at Monday's healing but I would like to ueo twice t h a t number present. Transportation w i l ) bo provided for those who do not own automobiles and a com- j nut too 1s arranging n caravan." | Senator tlarry J. Bell is arranging Tho Adoliiifle school bunding 1 In Punlwr tmnshl» was being destroyed by iire/at 8 o'clock lliis afternoon. Tlio Imllding, eight-rooms, nu "L" shape structure, housed approximately 100 students ^vho i^ero nt their studies It cung fit jire. The origin watt not lonrned. The school building- Is lioutod by coal stoves ftfttl It -was nt iirst 'reported that the flames might liavo been started when one became overhauled. IS'o one irns Injured. The teachers at tho school aro Mabel White and Mjiry Matuscliuh. At 8 o'clock 11 was said the entfro building 1 w n s doomed. The I'lttsbiirg Wood Preserving? Company liad Its fire fighting nnpara- 1ns at the,scene but It vrus an impossibility to save any portion oi' the building us tho flumes had secured (oo much headway. Tho ConnellsvlHo firemen also harried to tho scene. Anna Murio JinJ'nro, 10, a student in tho f i f t h grade, suld that Edward Adams, a student In tho sixth grade, shouted Tiro!" -when, ho detected, smoke in tho building. It was Impossible to I oral o tho source of the flumes us tho smoko soon tilled the room. All of the children In Iho building wore marched to safety, ihe youngsters maintaining iin orderly lino as ilio teachers supervising their re- mot til. The loss utt.s Mild id be nbout Ji2,500. ARIZONA WIRES . IT WILL GIVE UP IRENE SCHROEDER Doubt as to ,Stains of Bloml Killer Cfiso D i f s l p n t e d lly \1lossaj-c. WOMAN IN STATE OF COLLAPSE Three Troutmau ,Store Employes Given Promotions i lor «pr«,.nutlon of Dawson and Lay- I Vernon Fit/iraons of this city, a graduate of the Koeater School in Chicago, has been made advertising manager oi' IHo Troutman Company, effective today. Ho succeeds Alnert Fulmer, v/ho has been placed in chargo of sal^s promotion work and made assistaii' merchandise manager, a new position. Recently Gi orge H. Reagan was made assistant to Genera! Manager K. M. Itlvaua, i etaining his position as head of the downstairs store. Mr. Fltzlmons was with the company for two vears and then went to Chicago to alt'.-ncl the Koester School, In which ho siudied advertising, window display and card writing. Mr. Fulmer nas been with the COVTI- t o n , tho secretary said, and tho Rotary Club will givo offlcial recognition to I tin- project at. noon today. This afternoon Major Blake and Kenneth, Held will attend a conference on vater power and flood control features of the, project at Mc- Kecsport. The- major eaid he expected to bo kept extrejffioly buey oe- t w e c u no« and Monday preparing the written facts for presentation and that lie might not oe- ablo to return hero u n t i l after t h o hearing. At a meeting yesterday afternoon tho Iran 1 portatkm committee-, of which Mayor H. D. lUinerd is chairman, determined to move tho motor caravan at 7:SO o'clock sharp. It w i l l form at 7 o'clock in South Arch street Mid transportation is guaranteed, lor e.-eryouo Avho does not have FUI automobile of his own. Those W i t h machines who will make Iho Ulp a i o asked to call XI. C. Haddock nt tho Firestone Service Stored and Inform him of tho number of pas- ho-ngers it w i l l be possible- to haul, or of the number oC persons who will bo in the parly. The route will be through West Newtou, 'where the delegation froai t h a t community will bo picked up. Invitations are to be extended to tho communities of South Connells- villo, Dunlxir, Daweon, Vanderbllt, Dickersou Hun, Smithtou, Jacobs Creek, Perryopolis and Layton to have representatives sit in. at tho hearing and swoil tho total attendance. J. T. Bur bans of Dun bar has already notified the committee he -will have an automobile load of five paesengera iu tho caravan. Another meeting of the transportation group will be hold Friday morning to chee't up on limit details, i two had been advertising manager. DRINKS IN SCHOOL, SUSPENDED; YOUTH SHOOTS HIMSELF fy U n i t e d Pre'ss, CORINTH, M. Y., .Ian. 18,- -Kujri-no C lothfor, 11, who was buspended from CVriuth H'glt School yesterday because a j u c of w i n e was found in his IH)Euosa on, wan f o u n d dead at his homo today w i t h a bullet wound in his hoart. A .22 ca.Hro rlflo was found beshu-. the l.ody. A coroner's report, pro- uounci»d tho death suIi'K.e. Eugt'no am! iinotlu 1 -!- boy were cnuicht (Iri'ikhiLc some of tho \vin-o ·\\hik In si hool yet-tor !a. according to Principal A Tho latter Inve-itlcatec and loiiiui tho o u t h had brouj;Ut tl'O wino to school. J I o .-us,|cnde(l -urn u n d sont h i m homo. Tho boy setmed to be afU'ctut! eroatly by tho prhiclparh action anil hu, dis- troi-s was noted by lus parents, w h o wore not tcld of tiis suspension. This j i i o r n i n g hU f a t h e r taU^'l him ( i . i ' C - to li'( t;.r o for t-ihiio! ;ind wlioro tii.-u v.,i.- ii» n^i«n. o lii N w e n 1 to tho awtl loutttl tli« EIELSON REPORTED FOUND BY NATIVES IN ARCTIC WASTE MOSCOW, Jan. 1C.--The Arctic Com- miejslon announced receipt loday'of an unconfirmed report from the radio station at Tinkigney that Captain Carl Ben Eielaon and his companion, Earl Borland, had 'anded near Auguoraa Rovor, 120 mll( s frmo Cape North. Elelson and Borland have been inlsalng in the Arctic region for weeks. They were lot-t while attempting to rescn» tho cre.v of an ico-bound vessel. Tho Arctic Commission's report said U was pi e«umed 'the unverified Information came from natives of tho northern region. Tho Anguem 1 River flowti into the Arctic Ocean uoar Boring Strait ou the northeastei n coast of Siberia. Tho Arctic Coinmlh'iion ordered a search to bo started immediately. Dog sleds and airplanes woro ordered from Providence Bay to the position, given Drunken Driver Testimony Brings Big Damage Award Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 16.--A verdict for $4,200 was awarded Charles B. Rider of Fai reliance,this morning for injuries sustained November 6, 1928, 'when ho was badly hurt when struck by a car driven by Herman T. Young of Point Marion. lie is now a soldier in tho United Slates Army. Rider was struck while walking along the road between Falrchance and York Run. The loft shoulder and U ft leg were broken and be testified he was unconbcious 13 day.s in Uniontown Hospital. Edna Van Bremen, who was with Young in the car at the timo of the accident, said Young Insisted he could drivo better d r u n k than he could sober. When t h i s testimony was given tlio insurance c o m p a n y agreed to st-ttlo for ?4,UOO damages and $200 hospital bills. LUZERNE TOWNSHIP COAL TRANSFERRED TO STEEL COMPANY Speulal to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 3(1.--Deeds were recorded in l-'aycMte county today for l " lully m consider the Cransler of J,US9 acres of coal iu 1'lver project and By United Pr -SB I-IARRISBIIRG, Jan. 16.---Arizona authorities will not me Ice any effort to hold lieno Schroedcr, "the blond bandit," and htfr malo companions, Sheriff Chariot Wright of Phoenix wired State Police toda -. Mrs, Schroeder and 'rlenn Daguo and Vernon Ackerman, male conf^d- erate captured with he · by an Arl- nona possi- on the Pima Indian reservation, aro wanted at N _w Cnatle for the murder of Brady 1 anl, high-.yay patrolman. yingerprlntn and othoi identifioation marks were hurried to Arizona yesterday by airplano from Pittshurg. Major C. M. IVilhelm of tho Sta'e Police said-New Castle a ithorities had begun, to prepare the ne easary reqni- ftitlon papers for tho . xtraditlon of the bandits yesterday a id were PX- pected to bring them he e today. Two deputy .ihnriffs' from Lawrnce county, a State p illceman and State Highway PatroJma i Moore, who ·was wounded by Iho b vndlts when they Icllled Paul will g 5 to Arizona with tho papers. State Police have no f subt that the trio held In Arizona ire- persons wanted for the murder if Paul. PHOENIX, Ailz., J a i . 16.--Irene Scbroedpr, the "blond trigger -woman," collapsed In (.he county jail today and lapsed into a i emt-delirious condition. Deputy sheriffs, said iiey believed Mrs. Schroeder was si ffering troin lack of alcohol and possi ly narcotics. Mrn. Schroedor talked Incoherently of events from her gi-Ihood near Wheeling, W. Va., to Uir gun fight in Continued on Pas: Tvf«. Lmzerno township trom the Wlorton'l Company to the National Steel Tho consideration was $1. in tho report from Tinkigney, were no details available. There TWO B. 0. TRAINS WILL BE OPERATED ON LATER SCHEDULE Beginning Sunday, two morning Baltimore Ohio trains running eastward out oi Counellsville- will operate under a uow schedule which will place tho passenger trains 20 minutes later than the nrcscnt tlmo of operation. No. S, r u n n i n - between Chicago and Washington, "ft Inch now arrives at 0:58 A. M. and leaves at 10:03 A. M., wi'li arrive in Uonnellsvillo at 10:20 and will leave at 10:25. No. tG, aiado up in Connellsville and operating to F.ilrmont, will leave at 10:30 o'clock Instead of 10:10, LaBelle Woman Unconscious More Than 130 Hours The property consists oC Improved nme-foot vein of coal and Is estimated to ,bo worth $1,500,000. Tho deal Is part of. a now merger of several large independent steel companies of tho Youngs town district and tho Middle West. In-eluded la 'the merger are said to bo the Republic lroni Steel Company, Youiigstown Sheet . Tubo and tbe Joii-es Laugbllii Company. Several months ago tho Weirton company took over the Isabella plant oC T;he Hllimia-n. Co-nvpany and in ex- phange gave tbe Thompson No. 1 plant. Tho Weirton Company aiKso controls a lai'go acreag-o along the Mouongahela lliver front. BOY SCOUT FUNERAL TOMORROW AFTERNOON FOR RICHARD WALL Special to Tlio Uouo-lar, 300TTDAL13, Jan. 3fi.--Boy Scouts of Scottdale, Kiiigsview and ICversou will join tomorrow In paying tribute to tho memory oE Kicliard Wall, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. 10. Wall, at tho funeral service at 2:30 o'clock at the home iu High stremt. Thomas H. Rutherford, president of tho county Scout organization; V. L. lluntsberger, county Scout executive, will attend the service and all of the troops of tho three localities mentioned will be represented, it was said. _ There will bo a Scout guard of honor. 3lev. John C. Crowe oi' the Christian, Church will conduct the service. UNIONTOWN Jan. 1C.--Miss Irene Smith, 20, of L iBello has passed her 130th hour of inconsciousness. She tell out of a c. r last Saturday nnd biistamcd si frni lured skull. She ib V patient In the Brownsville General Hospital ntul i; tiud to luivn shown some pigu of i i ' i p U Contractors' Meeting. Philip Dalian I is at Atlantic CUy a t t e n d i n g a con e n r i o n of 30,000 road contra* (or S I O M all p n r t s of t h o United State.--. He is a member of sl FIREMEN'S MEMORIAL SERVICE SUNDAY NIGHT AT CHRISTIAN CHURCH Members of tho Ne-w Haven Iloso Company will attend the evening service at the Christian Church Sunday as a memorial to tho dopartctl members ot ;he organization. Tho sermon will be delivered by Rev. E. X D u t y , tho pa F tor. His ( h o m e w i l l be "''The Un ·ucoauizcd Voice," WHS KiU.te 1M MembersMps May Now Be Pro :nred In River Ass'n Mcmbershiu blanks, Co · -enrollment in the You?hiogheuy H i - e r Improvement Association have- I ion received at Iho odice of Hie- B o n - d of Trade here and an effort to 1 ave several hundred of Oonncllsvlll people Included is to he made soi u. Borne momberMiips h ivo already been .subscribed by those who vialted the offices of tho Board c E OYado. At West Newton, tho entire coin- inunty Is consider,thly s f i red ovor the one m u yesterday 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF PROHIBITION IS MARKEDBY DEBATE KJaGuardln, Introduces THH in II on so Attacking HaUHcation. SENATE VOTES ON SUGAR TARIFF sold 18 memberships In j 3 minutes. A charge oC is being made. 1 for The a membership finds wHI be used to defray expenses I the organization. The power of t a body will do determined by Its m .mbers and members will bo sought i every community along (.he river. TWIN DIES, OTHER BABE, MOTHBRJN \ OSPITAL Spet-lal to The Coi rler. "MiOUNT PLEASANT, J in. 16.--Tha infa-ut son of Mr. n n d Mrs. L. 11. Cook oE Stewart died at t le Memorial Hospital last night. Th ) babo was one oC twin boys bom Ti eday . The child was taken to th-e u s-pital a few hours befoTe its (loath. Afiler the child was at rndtted the other and Lheit the nuthor were brought to tho hi»pii,a1. It was said their condition Is fair. By PAUL n. MA.LLON, , United Press Staff Correspondent. WAS'HINGTOiN, Jan. 10.--The 10th anniversary of .prohibition was celebrated by both wets and 'tlrys In Congress today with oratory and legislative proposals, Tho Ilou-se set off the fireworks ly cheering Speaker of the Houise Long- wonth loudlv -for his S'licce.ssful .stand aguirist President Hoover's .proposal for a joint -congressional conrnijttee to consider Joint proposals. While di-ys lauded prohibition In speeches, wete presented legislative ·proposals, Representative I/aGuardla, RepU'lJHcan, New York luirodiuced a resolution flmllengtn-K the legality oC the IS'lh Ani-tndin-ent on technical growuds, whll-o Senator Blaino, Republican, Wisconsin, proposed repeal of the 18th Amendmiertt In a Senate resolution. Blalne said tho 18th Amendment never had leen and never could be enforced. 1/lberalixa.tion of the ; VoIl«ad Act would ftelp re-establish moderation and temperance, he said!, but declared "the ultimate solution ol "tho ovil» of prohibition" is re- pen! of the a'meiidm-ent, Soon after B'lalne Introduced Ms a].iendmerit the House listonotl to a de- feose of prohibition by a dry--.Representative Coo per. Republican^ Ohio-who rose to answer a recent speech by Representative Schafer, Republican, Wisconsin, a wet, tha-t prohlblUou. is inconsistent with Christianity. This leg"al challenge received sparse attention from the Constitutional drys who were more interested In a hidden provision they have discovered in the Williamson bill which may deprive Secretary of Treasury Mellon of most of his power over alcohol permit releases. Many _of the drys havo been after Mellon and they have withheld approval of the measure to leave the alcohol permit fiivision in the Treasury while t r a n s f e r r i n g all the rest of the prohibition u n i t to the Justica Department, A provision has beeu written, into .he hill, however, designed to encourage their support of the measure.'' It states that the Treasury can approve approve permits .only after 10 days have elapsed, d u r i n g which time copies of the application must be submitted to the Attorney General. It tho Attorney General objects to any permit, the Treasury may not grant it In short, the Ijrorisiou. gives the Attorney General a veto power over the Secretary of Treasury in the mat ter of issuing permits. Senator Borah of Idaho has charged diversion of industrial alcohol "is a national scandal," and Mrs. Mabol Walker Wille- brandt has asserted it is the biggest hols In tho enforcement wall. Chief Congressional interest today was centered upon the Senate voto on tho sugar tariff, scheduled for noon. The! vote will come on tho Harrison amendment proposing to eliminate tho 2E per cent increase provided in tho pending tariff bill and to retain the 1.7G cents a pound duty In tho present law. The outcome la so much in doubt that Republican leaders themselves do not agree. Both sides claim a victory. Tho issue rests with eastern Republicans who long havo voted against high sugar duties but who aro now reported to be privately split ou the question. Discharged From Hospital. John Collins of Markleysburg has been, discharged from tho Unlontown Hospital and will spend several days with Ills brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Darvell Cunningham cf Unlontown. Mr. Collins suffered several severe cuts of tho right arm whence fell at his home. OHIO TO DISPOSE OF STOCK IN W. M. West Peim Puts On Public Utility Course for Employes Public Service Commission Holds Purchase Was Violation of the Clayton Anti-Trust Aot Of Congress. Th«. West Penn Power Company, in conjunction wlUi th-o department of ongliieeriirg extension, Pennsylvania State College, has started a ooiurse in amblio utility operation in Co mi ell 8- vllle-, CliarloT'ol, Washington, Groens- birrg, N-ew Ktriusinp to.n and Ridgway. Apjcoximatoly 350 s'tuclouts will attend the monthly t lass meetings heitl in citios. Ahont 20 perfione aro enrolled in the ·course In Connellsvill-e and they are already Bending ih'jlr lesson ma/te-ria! to State Colle-Ko. On ThU'reday ·ose- «iag, January 30 there will be a meet- lag o£ tho Southern Dlvteion in the acquired. FINDING NOT UNANIMOUS 13y Unltiil Prtsa, WASHINGTON, Jan. 1C.--The Interstate Commerce Commission tod.iy fouml the Jialtimore Ohio Railro.Kl Company had violated the Clayton Anti-Trust Act by acquisition of t!io capital etock of the Western M a r y land Railroad Company. An ord si- was entored requiring the company to "ceaao and l«sfHt" wiich violation and to divest itflclf of the stock o West Penn Building in tins cily at wMc-b tinxe a gen-ral otilline of the ·different com-a-es \ \ i l l be presented. C. C. Gallagher of CotwiellavHle is ohaijinan of the \v rk in this division. In referring to the subject tluv Engineering Extension News of the Department of Knglntering Extension of State Coil-ego says "The COUT.VI) in p u b l i c utility opora- C u n t l n u c d o n Page Six. Bob Flenniken, Ex-Ball Player Collapses, Dies Dancing With Daughter ®- WolI-Known Cai-nticJ aels Citizen Strickon With J poplexy This Mornin ,'. v Special to Tho Cou -ior. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 1 !.--'Stricken with apoplexy in tho last danoo iield thiis moi-ining at 1 o'clock n Oo-mmtin- ity Hall at Carmichaels, Job Flennl- keoi, 03 years old, natlvt o£ Greene The W eat tier Snow "flurries and cold r tonight; Friday mostly fair and coi tinned cold Is tho noon- weather f( recast for Western Pennsylvania. Teniperntnro rd. 1! )0 J029 M n x i m u m M i i n n i i i n i county, one of the best known sponts- men in Western Pennsylvania, died an hour later in a retiring room. At the time he was stricken lie was dancdng with his daughter, Carolyn, 19. He had danced virtually every dunce of the evening and seemed in unusually good spirits. Tho dance was about over when ho released his hold on tho girl and crumpled to tho floor. Friends tried for an hour to revive him. Mr. Flenniken was born at Car- mlohaels and spent virtually all his life there. Ho way a member of a semi-pro baseball team in that coutity and was associated with Gainer, Phillips, "Lefty" Core and other ball P'layers, For nrany years be Had been associated with and considerably interested in horse racing. He Is survived by his widow, a daughter. Carolrn, and three bons, Harlcieh, eapt.iin of the basketball t e a m sit ^ l a t s a i i n t t o n A r n d c m y , Va., .Jimies of \ i ' i n K h , u ' l 3 . ami Hubert I., The order rerjuircd that tho dlvet-t- ment take place w i t h i n six mouti a. The Baltimore Ohio is ordered u report, to the commission o n - t h e mai- ner of tho fitock'a disposal within I.", days of the date it ta sold. Tin: Western .Maryland operates about .'iu miles of line in Maryland, Pennsj 1- vaniii and West Virginia. Its ma n line extends from Baltimore harbor u and through Hagerstown, AM., whic It it follows the Potomac River to Cumberland. Tt connects with the Pltt/i- burg Lake Erie llailroaxl at-Con- nell«5vill, Pa. The commissioners' record ehov s tho Baltimore £ Ohio acquired 144.7.M) « hares of Western Mary kind seven pt r cent cumulative preferred stock, S.Ot'tl shares of common stock in Jauuaiy and February of 3927. At that time the Baltimore Ohio also secured an option to purchase 19,070 additional sharee of Western Maryland seven pc r cent first preferred, which was exei - cised in the following year. Through these acquisitions the road gained control of a total of 330,!)0a shares, r about 42.S per cent of (he Western Maryland's total outstanding capit: 1 stock. A dissenting opinion was returned by Commissioner Farrell, who said t h u majority view "constitutes an erroneous interpretation of Section 7 of tlio A very interesting and appropriate | Clayton Act and unnecessarily rendcis program lias boon d r a w n up for tho 1 impossible as a practical matter t h i s t h e j accomplishment Congress had Jn vie'v when it passed tho Transportatio i Act." Farrell said thte section bhould 1; i 'so construed as (o permit the one carrier to purchase a controlling i n - terest in the stock of another and t hold the stock ae investment with th hope it can bp later used for solidation. An application of tbo Baltimore t-. Ohio for consolidation with th I Western Maryland is nmv pendin ; before the commteKion. Capstan Salesmen Comiisg Tomorrow For Convention T h i r t y - t w o salesmen of the Capstan Glass Company fri-m tho different cities of the United States and Canada will arrive in Connellsvllo at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning on Baltimore Ohio Railroad Train Xo. 17 from New York City. I The salesmen aro coming for Iho annual two-day convention which opene tomorrow at the plant at South Connollsville. The mooting will close on Saturday night when the salesmen will leave the cily. entertainment and attention of salesmen. 0. Fred Ricman end Samuel B. De- Merell are accoinp inying tho salesmen. COLDER WEATHER TONIGHT FORECAST; 12 DEGREES, OUTLOOK PITTSBURG, .Tun. 16.--Further drops in tho temper iture for Western Pennsylvania and AN est Virginia were forecast by the United Stales Weather Bureau today. Snow flurries and colder weather were promised for tonight, w i t h a continuance of the :old wave tomorrow. The thermometer was expected to drop to 12 degrees above zero or lower in Western Pennsylvania. The Weather Bureau also reported rivers in tho two sl.ites receding and were in no danger of rising above flood stages. a con- UNITP SPANISH WAR VETERANS WILL INSTALL SUNDAY The United Spanish War Veterans will install ofllcers Sunday at 2 o'clock at Odd.fTollowH Temple, South Pitdsburg street. Past Commander ,r. IT. Wentzell of D a n i e l M. Blerer Camp, Unlonlown, w i l l bo the installing oOlcer. All Spanish War veterans are requested to attend the meeting a-s bnstunss of im- portauco is to be transacted. Delegations ot ve craus from Uni o n t o w n H i i d Mount Pleasant camps will be prosrnt. Joint Rotary Meeting Tonight At Country Club DAVISTOWN CHURCH TO BE COMPLETED BY FEBRUARY 10 C o n s t r u c t i o n work on (be ncv Evangelical C h u r c h at Uavialown h expected to be completed by Februnn 30, according to word e m a n a t i n g fron the Indian Creek Valley. It is understood that workmen an' now finishing thp plastering and othui interior activities are to bo complete, before the buildincr IK made ready fin occupancy. While no plans havp b deflnilcl formulated as yet. thcro - K i l l bo appropriate service, new edifice. :ii dedicating lh, The church one destroyed b u i l d i n g replaces thr by the cyi-lono which swept through the Valley nnd v i r t u a l - ly wiped out the village of Daviatown, which tince has been relumed practically LO Its former status w i t h the completion of the r e b u i l d i n g . However a woond sturm hit the r h u m b a n d b a d l y damaged t h e edifice w h i c h being constructed. A joint meeting oC the Connells- villc an\l Mount Pleat anl Rotary clubs will be held thifi evening at :30 o'clock at the Pleasai t Valley Country Club. Secrelnrlps Jler r| 'he seci-Krirte's am Tonight, directors of tho art? Young Men's Chri»tirn Association of the Southwestern ]'· unsyivanin District will be held this evening at Wllmortling instead of last night. State Ronalor Harry .1. Bell of Uaw- son will bp Iho p r f n c . p a l speaker. J)r. Bell will he accompanied to W l l m t i d - ing by S a m u e l W 1 iks of Daw-son. They ai-f direr to s of the V i t i s h u i p Lako. Krif^ Kailroai! Y. M. (.', A. a*. Dickersoa R u n , Textile Strikers Bsafc Police Chief By U n i t e d Prcsc XEW BEDFORD, Mass., J a n . 19.TM Textil* wokcra riotexl today when police broke up a masK meeting being conducted by union organizers jn front of the .Dartmouth mill. Deputy Police Chief Raymond Chase was attacked, knocked down and trampled by the crowd ard 15 members of the textile workers' union, including several women, wore arrested on charges of loitering and disturbing U,e peace. on Training Cruise. COLUMBIA. Pa., Jan. 16.--The XT. S. Navy dirigible Los Angeles passed over Columbia, Pa., ui 1^:20 today, flying low and f o l l o w I I I R thr counU of the Rusejucbann,! Hiver jn the- di. rection of J I n r r L s l i u t r T)i bis; ship, w h i c h lot't I j a k u l u u s t , N .1 . on a t r . u n i n n t r u l s t t c'.nly ( l i . s m o r m i was described ai»

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