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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, March 25, 1918
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r~ *). M Oail -»· Cennellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,503 VOL. 15, NO. 11'4. CONNELLSVTLLE. PA., MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 25, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. GERMANS CLAIM CAPTURE OF BAPAUME; BRITISH INFLICT GREAT LOSSES ON THE ENEMY: AMERICAN ENGINEERS IN THE CONFLICT 45,000 PRISONERS AND 600 CANNON FALL PREY TO HUNS SAYS STATEMENT AT BERLIN i British War Office Does Not Indicate Fall of Stronghold Saying Invaders Did Not Get Through Barrage; American Engineers in the Thick of the Fray and are Highly Praised; Paris L,aughs at the Bombardment. of the City by Gun - 76 Miles Away; Shells Continue to Drop Into City; American Troops Reported Engaged on the British Front. AMERICANS POUR SHELLS INTO THE HUN LINES * . · By Associated Press. BERLIN.'March 25.--Tlie Germans are now standing to the orth ot ttie Somme in ttc middle of trie former Somme battle- uld, says today's official statement. Bapaume was captured in ight fighting. ; j In the evening Nesle was taken by storm, the statement; dds. British, American and French.were thrown back through pathless wooded country. Guiscard and Chauriy were captured in the evening. Violent fighting developed for possession of Combles and le height west of the town. The enemy was defeated, the state- lent acids. ' · ' , More than 45,000 prisoners and more than 600 guns have een'captured, the statement says. Bapaume is on the northern part of the b'attlefror.t. where is British line/or the most part has been held. 'It is one of the irger towns on the fighting front from .which a number of roads idiate. The official German statement of Sunday night said a front there was considerable artillery activity during the night. American g^BS heavily slii'Hed the German front line positions. Enemy batteries replied, using many gas shells. Later photographs were taken -from aero- planes of the damage inflicted by the Americans. DUTCH TO SrUR!f TJKJTDEK OF OHAEf BY AlitES LONDON, March 25.--The JDUtcb cabinet is said to have decided Sunday to send th* allied powers a formal refusal at their offer of. grain in return for Dutch ships, a dispatch from The Hague to f . . e Daily Mail says. SUBXARIHE SESUS AN ·AMERICAN STEAXEK VOWS LONDON. March 2,i.--The admiralti announces that the American steamer)., 5.088 tons not, has been sunk by a submarine off the English coast. Her crew 3f TS was lan"ded safoiy. The master states tha't'.tne siubmarine fired a number of torpedoes of which four struck tJie vessel, '·'*{.·· NEW YORK, March 25.--The steamer Ciiattahoocheo, toirpedoed off · the English coast, was forinerly the Ham- one oi the vessels seizjid' by the United State? -when this cbnutrr entered the DOUBLE DEDICATION AT PERCY FIRST OF SX'LJWTKR OF .T.OXW JU.VOK GUN WOUKLKS i'AJUS, March 25.--An American corporal of marines was struck in the chest by a splinter of one of the first shells which fell during Saturday's bom- bardmenl of P^ris by the Germans. He was wounded seriously b u t his life probably was saved by the deflection of the splinter by a cigarel case. So far as has been reported he is the only American victim of ti:i!. bombardment.. The Matin says one of the shells fired in the direction of Paris yesterday struck a churcli in tlie suburbs. Several persons %vhq were attending a Palm Sunday service were lulled. NOT ENOUGH SEED CORN IN FAYETTE FOR THE PLANTING i Tests Prove Stock on Hand ! Lacks the Necessary Fertility. BOTH CIRCUMSTANTIAL AND DIRECT EVIDENCE TO BE OFFERED IN LINDLEY CASE FARM BUREAU TO RESCUE Bnjs Snpply Which Will.lie Sold to Fanners at Cost, Bnt Is Not Adapted to Uic Mfiuni.'iln Sections; Fann- ers There Must Continue Tests. The investigations and tests madu i by Farm Agent Dougherty having es- USE OF KIPLING'S POEM REFLECTING UPON POPE BENEDICTANOVERSIGHT Was Sot SnbmIU«d to SntlonaJ Bed Cross Officers Prior to Publication; Miinager Gibson Apologizes. la the February issue of lie Rod Cross Magazine there appeared a poem by Rudyard KipHng whicii contained an unkind and objectionable reference to Pope Benedict.. The use of this poem having been the result of ov- NEXT DRAFTEE QUOTA LEAVES AFTERNOON OF THURSDAY, APRIL 4K tablished the fact that "there is not a ersight, and without previous subrais- sufiicient quantity of seed corn in the slon of it to national headquarters of county, having germinative qualities j the Atnerican Red Cross, H. D. Gibson, that will insure a "stand" from the] general manager, has sent a telegram first planting, the ezcc.utive commit-! to the officers in charge of the several tee of the Farti Bureau has made ar-j divisions throughout the United States, secure a supply of the f directing tbem U cairupoh the lead- Fii-st Degree Verdict To Be the Aim of the Common-wealth EVIDENCE IS OUTLINED Facts Developed at Inquest Presented By Assistant Counsel. TWO WITNESSES EXAMINED Special Train Scheduled to I'nll Out From Baltimore Ohio Station at 1:110 O'clock. Tbe next increment of draftees from districts Nos. '2 and 5 will go to Camp Lee, Petersburg, Ba., on Thuraday^af- ternoon, April i, in. a .special train which will leave the Baltimore Ohio ; beat seed obtainable, which "will acid to the farmers at cost. be Sag Catholic prelates in thoir districts and bring to their attention the fol- A month or. more ago farm Agent iowng' telegram of analogy and ex- Dougherty directed the attention of planatioa concerning the offensive tbe farmers, through 'The Courier, to publicaijon: . the necessity of making tests.of their! "In the Februr.ry issue of the corn in order to ascertain its fertility,! Bed Cross Magazine there appointing out that without such pre- i peared a poem by Kudyard Kipling. In cautions being taken, it .would be u n - i that poem there is an unfortunate rel- wise to plant corn selected indiserim.-' ercace to tbe bead City Engineer Foust Submits Blac- print Shoirlnif Location of Bourn "VFIicre Tragedy IVas Enacted; Coroner Banm Describes Cause of Death. Botb circumstantial and direct evidence will be presented in the trial of. Frank M. Lindley for the murder of Frank A. Burkey here the night oJ last December 19, according to tjie outline of the case at the beginning ot station at. 1.30 P. M. The 'quota is! iuatoi - v f rom "'"._ °r u-usting^ to itai church. JT his poem ~~ ~~ ~ """' '" ' " """ made up of 52 men from district 2, and 40 men from district 5. 7 appearance as a guarantee that id tbe magazine at the last minute by the editors without having been sub- KIND IN THE NATIONi would grow if planted. Farmers throughout the county acted upon Mr. mitted to Washington. It was regard- ST-AK JUCTIOK DB-tFT.EI' Dougherty's suggestions and numer-i cd purely as a contribution by Kipling. :·'.',- ' .^AJtOfG 1!OYS IS FHVJfCE! o u s - t e s l s have beea maj! - The re-l a n i tie ed'tors did not sense the re- Thoman'Hiieiies one of the draftee ''· 3Ults of lhcse lests show conclusively; flection on the Catholic church which ' " ' t h a t comparatively little corn was!'' contained. H is the matter of great- safely brought io 'maturity before the aal concern to the War Council of the heavy frosts of last tali, hence the ; American Red Cross that this should bulk" of the supply farmers have on j hav6 happened, and they regard it as hard runs so low on test that it will j a serious error. [ in "France, according r.o a post card re» ents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes of igantic struggle was taking place for the town, slow Arras. It is 13 miles LONKON, March 25.--Tlie British this morning were coun- ;r attacking between Nesle and Ham, the Reuters correspond- at at British headquarters reports, ction. The F'rench also were in That Is Belief of Veterans IVlio Honor j Sur Ju »« lon - Tbelr Demi and the Boys "ew . j «... tot* Front. | J°" onM-A5W.DEPARTM.VT. Joseph Biittermore. son of Mr. and The. double service. Has .dedication . at thi .Methodist Protestant church at 1 Percy last evening' was a notable success. The first period ot the program. was in charge of the supply pastor. Rev. W. H. Gladden, tiie second under the direction of "W. P. Clark, commander of William F. Kurtz Post o f j the G. A. R., Connollsville. The eier- j cises were opened by singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." After prayer by the pastor "The Star Span- Mrs. J. J. Euttennore of Hast Crawford avenue, has enlisted iu ttie ordnance department and is awaiting orders to leave for active duty. North of Bapaume he states the Germans were attacking in gled ' Ba ^ ner ,. w . as sllng " by tte con . ansiderable force at dawn, but did not get through the British | grcga ti 0n during which the flags were arrage. unfurled, the Civil War flag hy Com- · I mander Clark and Comrade George A. March ] McCauley, th-: flag for the boys in the a service by Mrs. James Darby and Mrs. BRITISH ARMY HEADQUARTERS IN FRANCE, 1-- American engineers have again been in the throes of arce conflict, in which they have.done excellent work in trans- DTtation. ! Twenty-five blue stars adorned the The presence of the American engineers on 'the battle front j y OUnBO ,. men ' S n ag . The assembly broke into applause vrhen titc nags were uncovered, "VVillard Holland, son as long been known. They were praised highly for their gal- ;ntry in the battle of Cambrai last fall. German cavalry in small numbers has been in action, but of Robert Holland of Mount Braridock. ms far it'has been merely to harrass the British during their i san s " Kec P *« Hom e n TM s Burning." ithdrawal. tTTOE COSTDTBKS TOIUY. 1YITH CHEAT "VIOWiSCE. LONDON, March 25.--Freah attacks · Germans have developed nortJi- ard and southwarth of Bapaume," e -war office announces. ' "British oops rcpufsed powerful attacks lai« sterday west of Bapaume. "The British drove back to the east- n bank of tie Somme bodies of Dops which had crossed the river. "The battle continued ·with 'great Dlence on the whole IronL Power- 1 attacks delivered by the enemy sterday afternoon and evening rth of Bapatune were heavily rf- .Ised. Only at one point did the Germ infantry reach our trenches lence they were Immediately throws "Elsewhere tne attacks were stop- d by rifles, machine gun and artil- -y fire in front of our positions and 2 enemy troops were driven Dack th. great loss. 'During the night and this morntoK ish hostile attacks have again de- loped in. this neighborhood and also the south of Bapaume." UTISH COS'TEST ETKRr' FOOT OF GBOUKD LOST. LONDON, March 25.--The British in 5ir retreat defended .every hill, ige and fortification with- the great: stubbornness, messages from Gerin war correspondents on the wesi- i front say, according to a Centra! ws dispatch -from Amsterdam, itjsh artillery splendidly sacrificed elt in cover ins the retreat, the bat- ·ies breaking \\i oiur when the Ger:n storming troops arrived within 'ew hundred yards of the positions, e British gunners then fired their t ammunition and retired. on March 23 in the battle now being fought on the British front. They relieved certain oE the allied forces and took up fighting themselves on this sector of the front. "At ( the present time they are engaged in. heavy fighting in the region of Noyon and they are disputing -the height, of the right bank of the Disc with Important German forces. LONG RANGE GUN STILl POUSDIStt ]ARLS. PARIS'March 25.--The long range bombardment of Paris was resumed at 6.30 o'clock this morning but was interrupted .after the second shot After a .brief interval two more shots were fired. The bombardment was again suspended at 9JO o'clock. As was the case yesterday the people did 'not take to shelter. Cellars which were filled on Saturday remained emply this morning. Soon after they we're awakened by the first shock the. people .were brought .to their windows by the rat-, tling of drums. Policemen circulated through each quarter of the city introducing the new system of alarm ·which is distinguished from the alarms in the case of air raids. The police came in for a great amount of chaffing. The people are greatly.amused at their lack of profflciency vrith the drumsticks. This, appeared to mark the limit of interest in the bombardment Work was resumed under normal conditions. The streets wore full of people whose sols .subject of conversation was the new. battle of the Somme which, is compared with "Verdun. · ·ep th,e i Boys and girlB of the Sunday school saug "God Bless Our Men," With a few remarks by the pastor the first part of the program ended. Opening the second part Comrade H. H. Yarnell spoke on "The Going and the Returning of the Soldiers ot the Civil War.". Comrade James J. Barnhart followed him, .using for his subject "The Going and Returning of the. Boys in This War." Comrade James G. Hicks closed .with a. solo j entitled "The Soldier's Farewell." .Fifteen veterans .from CohneHsville were in attendance. They declare that the records of the G. A. R.. contain no' account of a similar service and they helieve the Percy.JleKodist Protestant church is the first and only one in the country' that has similarly honored its men.- ' · · . AKTHDIt GRAB AM IS MAI)E CORPOEAL Private Arthur Graham of the 305lh ammunition train at Car/ip Lee, Petersburg, Va_, has been · promoted to corporal. Corporal Graham left with the draftees .in September. He likes. (Continued -on Face Tv'p.) : :ESCH TBOOPS 60 TO ASSISTANCE OF URITTSH. ?A3US, March Z5.--The French on mrday went to the ansisUnce ol the Itlsh and took over a sector of the .tie front, the war office announces. Ihe region ot iNoyon dud on the St bank of flw Oise heavy fighting :a tto Germans Is In progress.' French troops began to intenrane AIRMEN SAID PARIS; I O.TJTCJELS BKITES OFF tr PARIS, .Warch 25.--Another 'air raid alarm was sounded shortly after 10 ·o'clock .this morning. After three quarters of an hour firemen's bugles I and church bells announced that all ! was clear and the Parisian^ were able \ to rctnm to their beds. AKEHICASS DELUGE TOOT SECTOR WITH BIG SHEHS "WITH THE AMERICAN' ARMY IN :FRANCE, March 25. -- On the Toul PRINCE HENRY KILLED Bead of YoBBcrpr Branch of; Hoiisc' " i of JtenffDies on "\Vest Pront.:: ' Bs: Asaociaieti P-resa. ·'-.'· n . LONDON, March 25.--Prince -Henry. of Reuff, "head of tho. younger branch of ttie Reuit. family, has been killed in the fighting on the western front, 'ac-. cording" to a Central News dispa,cti quoting advices'received from Berlin. Prince Henry XXVn was the head of the younger brancb of the House of Rueff. -He was a gener?,! in .the Prussian cavalry. · ' MANY CLOTHES! RECEIVED larger Quantity Than Expected is Turned in for Bclpan Sufferers. .Larger quantities oi clothes thu were expected were r'sceived · here for the Belgian war suffrers and Mrs. S. H. Goldsmith, and her committee arc busy today sorting and preparing the clothes i'or packing. -.Many clothes are being turned in today which Is the last. The weight of the garments turned in has not been taken yet but there Is much more than was expected. . 'Fair Is Transferred. B. C. Fair, superintendent i"or the West Pann Power company at Scottdale, has been transferred to'Latrobe. THROUGH FARE SYSTEM WILL BE INAUGURATED ON WEST JW LINES Ounpllsrilli! mi! Kc Tlie Oatral 1'oint Jii Sew Fare Collecting JTcthods. Beginning some time thus week, probably about Wednesday, the West Poun Railways Company will inaugurate the through lare system on its whole system. Every car will not be equippeu with the through fare registers immediately/ but slowly the new system will bo put into use until it is used on ail lines .excepting where there is a five cent fare limit. Connpjlsville will be made the central point on the system, no fares will be collected beyond this place from either end of the lines. Persons coming' from Uniontown going through io Greensbxirg will pay- as far as GonnellsviHe and then the second 1 aare will · be ' collected from here to Greensburg. The same system will be used on cars running from Greenshurg to Uniontown. In all instances, fares collected as tar as this city, and then a second collection, made : for. the remainder of the distance.' .The registers that will be placed -in. the cars will record a fare from five cents - to .35 cents. . Thje old system! 'will"be retained on cars running wittin..:a five cent fare limit. .·' . .:' .. ; ' ' ' . - . . : Heretofore it has been ..necessary for a conductor to. make.:four collections' between here, .and'!Vnlont'ovm. In collecting .the war.-tax he has had to question passengers as to the. distance they are .going. .Under the new system he will go through tte car only once, and it will lessen the^ di0liculty' In picking out tbose who are-traveling such a distance feat war'tax has to be paid. ' . . . - . . - , ' be decidedly unsafe to 'trust securing] "While the American Red Cross is ft crop by using home grown seed. non-soct:ir;an. and every one knows '.--·To supply th,. need a canvas wasi 11 * 5 =P'TMdid help aud cooperation it of the Catholic i the taking of testimony in Uniontoi-n was inserted in Ihis morning by Assistant District Attorney H. George -May who said the Commonwealth will attempt to establish a case of first degree. -Mr. May presented the facts brought out at the inquest, including the alleged fact that Lindley, Burkey and tbe elevator operator were the only persons in Ihe Second National bank buiMing at tie time and that Lindley walked down the stairs instead of taking the elevator as was his custom. made of tic state, in sections having aimc seasonal conditions as', Ij0tl1 in unty, with a view to secur-: has had from Catholics everywhere, contributions and in active il ^ ° radal ranks, and in view finally located in York county which i everywhere, understand that the ap- it is believed will nil the requirements i P« ar;in « of this poem was the result of oversight and error. "Will you iurjiediateiy comrauuicate of the finding of bloodstains on the wall and at various places between the eighth 2nd first floors and of the evidence of ihe murder as discovred tbe next morning when Hie door of the ...,..,..-. -,. j , _ ,, ~ , offices of the Delco Lumber company, ing'a Vupply of seed. A quantity was;° f _ 1 ^ , s ^ rit 'l]'!.* 01 "^ Catbolira win | Burkey . s eomp:1Dyt were opcn ed by . .._ j .,._.. .,.. ._ ' his associate A. L,. Scaweibinz. The first witness called was City Engineer S. M. Fou'st. who submitted blueprints showing the position of the . ,. . . . , . rooms, the tables, chairs, etc.. and the in your division with the suggestion I ,,,,,..,,,,. ,,, ,. , . , . tiiaf thev place it conspicuous!? with- '"f 0 " .° f , a . e *TMU»i**i stairway. in '.heir chapter rooms, and will, you.! . f" a balt hour M . r - Fou ^ vas .^~ · jected io exaininauon. Each juror here. It is not the same quality of corn Fayette farmers have been ac- cintomDd to raising, lacking the depth of grain and yi«ld per acre, which are qualities of c.orn requiring a long growing season, but it is a good grade of yellow Dent corn that will come to maturity in a seas.on having abo'jt the -average length of the past two seasons in this county. The first lot ot this corn lias already been ordered and it is expected to arrive and be ready for distribution dur- (Continued on Patre Two.) this message to all Red Cross chapters in a-ddJUon, call upon the leading I Catholic Prelate in your city, showing; i was provided with a blueprint and Mr. him the message, and explaining that tbc nexr issue of the Ked Cross J\I zine will contain an editorial of cere regret for ih« error that lias been made.'' ORDERSJIGNS DOWN C. S. District Attorney Bans Posters Banning War Talks. Orders were received by 3(ayor John. Dusgan this morning by tcdc- MOTHERANTS SON Tonncsseo ^Vomitn lias i'ot Heard f\rora .Him; Onc* in Hospital Here. Tiie police bore have received a let- I ter asking them to try and locate j Charlie MoCaalleTS who was confined i to the Cottage State hospital here rec- j Foust explained H in detail. Follow!as the engineer Coroner S. · "^*_ j H. tiauzn was called. The huliet, he i=aid, entered the left eye and went through the head striking the wall and cropping to the fiooi- whore ii was found. Death was pronounced instantaneous. Attorney E. C. Highbee is examining the witnesses for the Commonwealth, and Attorney "\V. C. McKean' is con- dueling tbe cross examination. ARRESTED FOR BIGAMY prch lb i lillg H j Humes ls had Fair tonight and Tuesday; warmer Tuosdcy la fche noon wcaiiier forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Tomptratnro Record. 1318 1S1T Maximum _ '. 60 C8 Minimum 34 . EC Moan -J 47 4Q Tho Yougli river .tell during night from 2.50 feet to. 2.45 feet. the di/Tereat othor places in. the citv, taken down iramcidialely. Tbe call was sent tne council chambers about 8:45 o'clock this morning. Mayor Duggan was at once notified and in turn* be ordered the police to cover the city and see that all signs were removed. The orders of tbfi district attorney were to arrest persona refusing to take the signs down and then notify him. There were no objections anywhere however and about .20 signs were removed by Lieutenant Thomas fc33onaict and Patrolman P." M. Hulll. BANE BUYS HOME Second Satiuna) Bank Bookkeeper Locales in Patterson Avenue, C. O. Bane, bookkeeper at the Second National bank, has purchased the G. C. Warrick property in East Patterson avenue and .will move there during the weelt from his present j full amount will bs at least ?5DO. residence in East Murphy avenue. · The house is a modern frame structure of six rooms'anil was formerly iroard from and although letters have · jj v boon answered or returned , ^TM ££* bcfortVdTM m'aa Fr'od The letter is written by Mrs. Julius ] M u n k Satur(lav night on a cbal . go I)t j bigamy and i? being held today u n t i l i he can produce papers to show that ' he' got a divorce from his wife. Mary j Miller. He remarried in Indiana in October. HSs first wife is "making tho .prosecution. Miller left his wife in June last yoar and claims she ",vu notified of the divorce which she denies. j burg. She says that McCaalley's j mother is loca'-ued in. Chattanooga., | Tenn., and "is going insane." The j police will attempt to locate him. BAPTIST FUND $345 Goal in Ktery Jlember Canvass pf Sunday Set at S500. An every nember canvass of the congregation was made yesterday by the met: o- the First Baptist church for contribution to the "Extra .Million Dollar I*und," that the Baptists of the SOCKS NOW THE NEED occupied hy A. B. Morton. The. Mortons hav.e removed to the old Morton homestead, in South Pittsburg street. JJJSST YEV. "Women Aslu-d to Urop Helmets for Weeks iml Kni{ Footwear. A plea to the women or Connclls- country are raising for religious work j r i l i e knitting for the Charleston Com- among the soldiers and lor other do- i f or ts coiranittee of the Navy League nominational purposes. jto lay aside helmets for ;·. fe.w weeks The canvass was successful, nearly I an ,j tnii socks has been received by everyone asked giving something, j Mrs. j. Kelvin Grey, the chairman, Some reports are not in yet. From from national headquarters." The those...who have reported $344.85 has 'committee is planning to make a" large shipment of socks on April 30. · Tomorrow is the day set for all comfort outfits to be sent to headquarters in the Title Trust building for the . shipment to be made the next day. All ·women havrn-g articles completed are been received. It is hoped that the Struck by Automobile. Adam Snyder, 19 years old, of Leis- Thnt Is tie Indication Bcpatding the Annual BJtii' Show April 15. aiid Ifi. Preparations aro going along nicely for the .annual Elks mJnBtrel show at the Soisson. theauro April .16 and 16. The soloists have all boon secured an'd tho circle is filled. Tho cast IB a week ahead ot .former", years in its rehct^sala. Everything pertaining to the show is in good shape. · . .' enring No. 3, while riding on a hicycie yesterday afternoon on the Leisenring road, was struck by an automobile, suffering injuries to the hoad and leg. He was removed to the Cottage State, hospital whore it was stated that the young man's injuries were not serious. asked to turn thorn in at once. Is Assistant Scoutmaster.; . . Lyeli Butormbre/has been^'accepted- as assistant-scoutmaster for Troop Kp. B. He wilt take tip his work rn"«e6ut lines immediately 'and will also', struct. the.boyB in 'flret; aid. Itifos Fructnred. John RotU-well, a Baltimore Obio laborer, was struck by a trrjn, suffer- SUBSCRIPTIONS LIGHT At Knd of Saturday's Canvass tho rircmon Secure Less Than $290. After canvassing tie city. Saturday for funds to cover expenses o£ the convention trip this year, instead of ing-fractured ribs. He was admitted : holding a carnival, the committee ot to the Cottage State hospital for treat- "West Side Volunteer Firemen had ment of his injuries. Mrs. David Halfhill W(LS admitted to the hospital y'es- terday..,to undergo an operation. Foreman Scolded. John McDermott, a foreman in the railroiid'shops at Havre, Mont, who was. badly scalded about six weeks ago,, wh'ile off d.uty, is visiting bis par- parents, Mr. and Mrs. John McDermot of ·Patterson avenue. He will leave j",ai:,jEa3ia:a. : Gir Wednesday,- taken in just ?188.65. The ministerial association held a meeting this afternoon to consider the action of the firemen and the carnival proposition. Given Servic* Flag. Tbe Philo Christ! class .ot tbe First Presbyterian church of Dawson, presented a service flag to the church at the regular . services yesterday morning.

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