Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 6, 1976 · Page 172
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 172

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1976
Page 172
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Page 172 article text (OCR)

Problem: You've got an emergency clogged sink,and a liquid drain opener could take Sometimes, not at What do you use instead? Answer: Try Drano Instant Plunger. It works on all kinds of clogs, even emergencies, better and faster than a liquid drain pipe opener. Now, you can unclog a drain better and faster with Drano Instant Plunger. Clears the clog in one second. Drano Instant Plunger works with "plunging pressure." Just place the top of the can over the -^ drain opening, cover any r O\ vents, and press down A for just one second. " You'll hear the sound : \ "WOOSH,"seea ·r?- little white puff of ' second later, the drain will run free.' Contains no lye or acid. Unlike many other drain pipe openers, Drano Instant Plunger contains no lye or acid. Yet, it works instantly. Liquids could take hours. Liquids take too long to work. Sometimes, they don't even work at all. Drano Instant Plunger is guaranteed to work. Every time. Oryourmoneyback. f Exclusive Adapt-a-cap. Drano also has an exclusive adapt-a-cap to fit on more kinds of drams. And Drano Instant Plunger is also economical. Even though it costs a bit more to buy, there are five usages in each can. That means it costs less per use than the leading liquid dram pipe opener. So, no matter what kind of clogged dram you have, use Drano Instant Plunger. It works better and faster than a liquid. Drano Instant Plunger works. Or your money back. · Q£j NOJ use m drams where lye or acid dram openers have recently been used and mayst' 1 ! be present. = 1976 The Drackett Products Company. 18 NIHJJfflCEREPORT BECAUSE OF VOLUME OF MAIL RECEIVED. PARADE REGRETS IT CANNOT ANSWER QUERIES ABOUT THIS COLUMN by LLOYD SHEARER Supporters __ of nuclear HDW LONG? don't like to talk about it, "but there is a very good chance that before this century ends America will have run out of domestic uranium. Uranium, of course, is needed to fuel nuclear reactors,- which jprovide about 8% of our electricity. By the year 2000, we are scheduled to have about 725 nuclear plants in this country, producing about half our electricity. Unless the scientists develop nuclear fusion using- an endless supply of hydrogen atoms from water, or they develop the fast- breeder reactor which produces more fuel than it uses by converting uranium wastes into ,usable plutonium fuel, there is a very good chance that we will run out of low-priced uranium in this country. We will then become dependent upon uranium from Australia, South Africa, Canada and other countries. In a sentence, there is no certainty that by converting our power plants to nuclear ones we are going to make America energy-self-sufficient. A study by the General Accounting Office on our domestic supplies of recoverable uranium, "How Soon Depleted, How Long lasting?" is soon to be released. That study should shed much-needed light on how soon or whether we will become dependent on foreign uranium. A vital question: What is the difference in being dependent upon foreign oil or foreign uranium? MB UP WARD family of four in 1960 and its members earned a pretax income of $10,000, that family would have to earn more than $19,000 today to maintain the same purchasing power. · The $5000 family in 1960 now needs almost $9600 to ensure equivalent purchasing power. The $25,000 per year household then must now earn more than $49,200. The purchasing power of the dollar in 1975 was worth 55 cents in terms of the 1960 dollar and 72 cents in terms of the 1970 dollar. The culprits, according to the Conference Board, are: inflation, higher federal income taxes, higher state and local taxes and higher Social Security contributions. As of January, 1976, of the top 384 officers in the United Nations, only eight, or 2.1$, were women. TURK STRIKES AND OUT In the northern state of Punjab, India, married couples who have a third child may face a fine of $250 and a year's imprisonment. Under a new bill passed by the state cabinet, parents who have a fourth and subsequent child will be liable to a $600 fine and up to three years in jail. The bill has to be approved by the central government before it becomes law. It probably will, India'j3 population and starvation rates being what they are.

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