The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 23, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSV1LJ-E, PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 1918. BURIAL OF AMERICAN SOLDIERS WHO PERISHED · · ' . ' · ' WHEN THE TRANSPORT TUSCANIA WAS TORPEDOED Save By Buying Ever Reliable CASCARA QUININE ' No advance in prict-for tha I0-jr«f- ·· o!d remedy-- '25c for 34 tablets -- Some' cold tablets now 30c for 21 tablet* -Figured on proportionate co«t per .tablet, you save 9}£c when you bay HilTi-- Curei CoM . . in 2^'i'hooTB -- grip in 3 days -- Mooey One huTHird'and 'ftft7=id!:e*Amorl can soldiers : lie a bleak stretch-of Scottish coast. - They a$$ tho3e : -Who died when-the British, transport ^Toscanii-. was, sunk- Their graves -are-at: the "water's -edge clone to the . base of focfcy cliffs. These-photographs-, show the funeral procession, leaving the morgue at Port"Charlotte in the nun Itfc'e pipers leading, and the turners''viewing Jhe,buri3l_ ceremonies'from the top of the cliff. " ; NEWSY NOTES TELL WHATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Made of Senior Class toXearn tiie Students' Plans. LAST YEAR GRAMAEB BUSY LOT JJl ArttMf*e»i at Sow» Aetite Call- i^t « Are la S«ko*l; Sewral Haie , TBUtary 3*rrk* of Uw r JB«j» Aw Sp«dal tio Th« C*uri«r. SCOTTDAUi. Much 23.--Following :tk* wbbM o* the federal govern- Mr. Wanuwniin, principal ot the 'icbool made a surrey ' of /the o see who kind of w^rlc liad m mind aftei- tlielr Flatwoxl«. This to. get enough te hrtp th» eoantry win the -war :by- vmy ot farming laong with flghting. Of l«t rear's ctan'mdT. one \ has «tthwr (on* to a Mgber r school, or] ac- «r«lr «Bga«ed in some ktndiot work, MariwM CaMon Is ta..'":tr«liiins -. at'-. .C.; . Gertrnde'Parker F1ATWOOE6, March; 21.--Bert- Brown of'ConneUpv-ilIe:speEt last Sunday at tie home ot his mother,. Mrs. Charles .Brorwn.- . . - · - . ' Vesta Robinson is spending a few- days among friends in Crcnnells- ville! ..; : . ·': ' . ; . . Miss Mary Taylor who has been in the neisKboraood for. tie .past several months is spending this weet at.her home.'in Johnstown. . ' -. . Jlr. .vraiis StricWer aba-family ol Star". Junction BDOTI .-last- Sunday at the- home of Srs." Strickler's parents, Mr. and. Mrs. William McBurney. - . George 31; Johnston-speHt : l3;-Jt week in ;Chicago, BU, returning ;'bome. on Saturday. ' . ' _ · · ' . :· ,,. -. · The supervising principal and teachers of. Franklin township' are making; arrangements· to. 1 " hold ' an iTt- stttute at the Bueoa Vista school house on Saturday, Apri! 13. Charles Black who has been, running a. greenhouse for several years pastnas quit.the business and.sold.his green house to Roy ilartin, near Per- ryopblis. Mr.'.Martin Is golng-to more it .to his.home. . · ' · · ' ; ."'-"" Leroy GiHeland and. family.-who have been; living In the house of Robert Program For Next Week DIOJfBAT \Vbat a raan will do /or the'. love of a girl is told in the thrilling story, of "U3JDER SUSPICION" FcatilrinB^PRANCIS X.:BVSR- HAN and BEVERLY BAYNB. A Special Production in 8 Acts. Also a 2 Reel Keystone Comedy. TUESDAY ; Triangle Presents TEXAS GUINAN' i n . · ' · ' ' ' . . · THE G\3S VT03SA3S" :" · In 5 Acts. Also a Good Comedy in 2 Ae^s. . In trainlQE »t :to be * Mary Folk isra stiinosrapher; H" '- Rutherford,. ...stirffatv-at TcictMn's; Mark Hotter,, student at " - 's; Vallio" Yahner, ' .liy'HTC, Frick 'companr; ; Mrs;:-Chir- latt» -Stauffer StUlwell, war. bride, at : in Chicago;; Ethel Collins. Modem at Pennsylvania College for Iflomctt Pauline Miller student a t K ^ ' ^ Mre ~ _, w j^- ^ National Park Seminary, Washing- Tnllred3 -me foUcwini officers Ion D- C Joe Bau«rs farm work for ,__, ,__ .... i__ ,,,,,,. TH* gOTernmentr Daniel Evan3 t mployed mt Old Meadow office Gilbert Gore in army ·wrniam Hilton army Miss jafea-Xove, Seton Hill conredt Han- »ah K«Hy student at Searer College S»sanTColborn student at T-eteisons James- Eckman employed with H C rrick:"e*mpan/ Regis Byrne studeni k t "W ft J Willfam "Ha\i-tliorne in «rm-»r «" Mar y Moo re h,'ad Moore ·war bnde employed at teaching" Catherine Oberly student "3ohn"\Iu »aw employed by tie H C Kick company. Nl«« Barclay r em]loyea m the -Baltimore Ohio office Gene fcewmac^ employed with the H C Dunn at Buena Vista^for some time. moved on last .Wednesday to the Geo. Pollock property . n e a r - Franklin which he .recently, purchased. '. . .· : The Young Woman's Mission sjciety of the Fiat-woods church, organized at their last meeting Iby electing -the fol-' lowing- officers - for the coming year: President; Vesta Boblnson; vice president- Sarah Sisley; -secretary. Edna; Shaffer';, .assistant secretary,- Ruth MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONrtELLSVILLE. PA. Bluebird :Prfisents FRANKLYN FARNUM in : , "THE BOUGH LQVEK" Tn 5 .Stirring Acts. Also the L Ko Comedy in 2. Acts. THDBSDAY Wm. : A. Brady Presents KITTY .GOHDON in "THE WASPS" A World Production in 6 Acts..,. Also "CCJUIKNT. 1 BTHST8." See all the Latest War News Illustrated. FBIDAT SATOBDAY 3ce" CLARA. KIMBALL YOUNG in Her Own Company'in the Extraordinary Production "SHIHIEY KATE" By Herbert Footner.-' Also, a Christie Comedy.. , . Dean: treasurer, iftata Arnold. The ladles' Aid and Mission, society held, their; regular' .meeting _'at:: this! last were elected for the coming year The mission society officers are president, Mrs J W Hays vice-president Mrs Thomas Dunn secretary Mrs. Marj McBurney treasurer Mrs F L. TcwBsend- the Aid society officers are president, Mrs M I., Townsend -nce- president. Mrs E 11s Vanc« secre- tarr Mrs. J O Stnokler assitant sec retary. .Mrs." LesUe; Byers; treasurer, Mfc- D. : Ei-. Essington. Xvewmac,. eiuyiw.c 1 * i.*.-- -- - -- - '.i.~TM ~ rrfck'compaBy;-Ethellx)«cltF, student |nellsTilIe « - . · · * - ^- -«»»*~v«i*.- notocro a '-. T- Indian Creek. /INDIAN CREEKS March' : '21.--H. Ai "Wills T»as a busin'ss visitor in Con fTlCm.- vaatvetuj iJtw^-t . TT ' - · , - ·t'UmwBity of Pittsburg) Celeste JXH cks student at Indiana normal Gold!* \toser student at Indiana nor- ·1*1 Lucille Porter student at la 4itna "I^sle Gove employed by the H C-Fnck comiTaw Earl Gordon ·mplojed Marcer Mcllvain assistant. ,eneral secretary Y OI C A. Mar ·aral Stauffcr, student, Ohio vvar- f »cn Cole, employed by the Baltimore A Ohio office * Hav. Clarence leckernbr _ -_ Bit will preach. On--tna--Methodist Bpiscepal ch,ur3tr Sufldar evening. u |*r lAckemBy"fot-aome time was-with "Savngelirt Biefer2dTFana'"js one "' S- !hf~pttblic"is~invit5r "~ s Dlmer lor Soldiers ·» Joseph Home and Dan . dinner "at the OTtel restaur- on Thursda for Frank i Borne Homer Miller Fein McGiven ffxA Joseph Cafferty who reported in V*i Pittsburg this morning for duty 4 1m. the navy and go from there to Ve» /(fort New? One of 'he OTleil chicien - dinners was. served Tosepl Cafterty 'l.wmi the toasttnastei Covers were j laid for 19 ATter "the dim er-music ~ ..^ * ....--. . u aart Dinging Ttere indulged until an j mess in Mount iBraddock ·arly hour of the morning* YT ·"-" -»- J-- Higu Chain S/.T: Steele of Davistown -was transacting busine is m Connellsvi le Henry Miner of Mill Bun was a business caller in Connellsville and Uhfontown ~ , Mrs William. Be wit* andl Mrs John Arzbachcr of Mill Jlun were calling ¥n"Cbnnellsv!lle frienos'.and shopping; -_ Dr Joarshall and wife of Normal nlle spent a dav among Connellsville friends -- James ,HiHBler oT_Jones Mill was a bosiness caller in Connelteville Charles Duiibauld J -of'-M«lcroft is spending a day among Connellsnlle friends Cahrles Stickel ot. Comiells- speat, a lev days among Mill Hun7f rietids. ~ ~ ."Wailiam SIcCuhe of'MllVEuniWas a business callei in Conaellsville and TJhibhtown. F M Burnworth was a business caller in Stewarton lodav Charles P Newell of Mill Run was a business .'visitor iniCannellsvUle. 3Irs Bodner "VI oodman^j- is spend ing today among Bear Ren friends Hiram Connof/is spending today Sn- Connellsvillej Edward Ftiilem is- transactiris'bus- .^ess in Mount CBraddock ( H ram Hall Is spending today in Connellsville and Youngwood OR RHEUM THEATRE TODAY WILLIAM S: HART IN i - "WOLVES 01? THE RAW .ifso "THE KITCHEV LADY," a Mack Sonactt Comedy. · · ' . " ----KO-.X-OAV . · ' , / Jesso 'L. Lasky. Presents "WALLACE REID in , "XUf OF XUSIC JfOD^T-lEr 1 Absence makes The Heart Grow Fonder. It made De Spain's : greot warm heart fairly, bubble: over; and catised him to vonture life .and limb to get "the best girl in the world." · , PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY GOLDTTOf PRESENTS.MAE MARSH IN OLIVER MOROSCQ'S FAMOUS .STAGE SUCCESS ' "THE CINDERELLA MAN" A CHRISTMAS SCFRPRISB PACKAGE FILLED "WITH GOOD CHEER.' She was rich and-he-was poor. Nothing between them but "six': tin roofs covered., with snow. How (n the-world wi!l we get them together 1 ALSO A GOCJ COMEDY --Monday-- "WHAT A MAN "WILL DO FOR THE LOVE OF A GIRL IS TOLD IN THE THRILLING STORY OF "UNDER SUSPICION" . FEATURING FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN AND BEVERLY BATNE. , A SPECIAL PRODUCTION IN 8 ACTS. ALSO A-2 REEL KEYSTONE.COMEDY. Gold Bond Stamps,Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Lovely New Silks for*Your Spring Frocks Wonderfully pretty they axe, too. in, their smart .new colors and elegant weav- ings. More, satisfactory stocks than you will find, elsewhere, and better valuns. Try comparisons; if .you like, and you 'can prove it for yourself Safest to buy here, and thei variety/is so much better. · ; * --Tatfeta- appears in pretty striped ebccts at $2, 26,'$2.50 and $2.75 'a;yard. .White Taffeta with a,rough filling is $2.00 a yard. --Plain Pussy. Willow.. Taffetas, 40 inches wide in rose, navy, blue, black, green, coper*,--at $3.00 the yard. . . · --Now Checked Silks in pleasing combinations and plaids, 35 inches wide,--at $2, $2.i'5, 52.50 and J3.00 a yard. · . . . · . ,--Baronette Satin, a new silk suitable for sklrU, dresses and sweater coats, in ivory, mastic, taupe and duck blue, 40 inches wide, at $5.00 the yard. Poulards in wonderful new designs and colors, 36 and 40 inches wide, at ?2.00, ?2.50 and ?S.OO a yard. --White habutai silk, 36 inches wide, soft and lovely for waists, at $1.00 and J1.50 a yard. OF-IMPORTANCE TO KNITTERS-- " A big- new shipment of the famous MINERVA YARNS ia the various new Spring sb;,dcs suitable for sweater coats, sleeveless sweaters, ate., has just been received and placed on sale. GermantowTi Yarn SOc a Ball $4.00 a Box. .The new shades in Germantown yarn are:'Gendarme, hyacinth,'hsliotrope, wild rose, robin egg l;'.ue', begonia, apricot, turquoise ,old. rose, peacock,., salmon, raspberry, purple, old blue,' nile, hunter green. Vicune--at 65c Ball, $5.20 Box New shades in . icime are: Old rose, salmon, flame^ .apricot, tu*r.f)uoise, : old blue/peacock, American ;Beauty, purplo ( maize, and green. Silk Shetland 70c Ball, $5,60 Box ' New shades in SjiJk Shetland are: Gold, pea::ock. sage green, flamo, apricot,' Burirandy and white. ' . Aviation Yarn eitrji --Minerva Aviation Tarn, three ply- yam in heavy weight, olive drab, at 60c balL --Double "weight oxford and khaki yarns for making sweaters o£ extra quality, »t BBc ball. Ready! Pictorial Review Pat- torns, Fashion Sheets and other fashion publications for April now ready at our pattern department--first floor. New GLOVES Are in Order-- Spring IE in the air, so new gloves are in order. --For "Women -- French Kid Gloves, light weight," in whito, black and tan, at $2.75 a pair. --Kayser's Washable Silk Gloves at 65c, 75c, $1.00'and ?1.25 a pair. If These Ginghams Had Come Two Months Ago --that is, when they were due to arrive, it is .safe to say there wouldn't be one yard left now. They are a very good quality, in tlio prettiest light-colored checks and stripes, and they are 35c a yard. . The patterns make them especially nice for shirt waists and both women's and children's dresses. These New 6Cc Books Published February First 1918--On Sale Today "Under the Country Sky"--By ..Grace S. Richmond "Holbtno the Smith"--By Jeffery Farnol. n'he Side oi the Anjjels"--By Basil King. "DrunllU "ffiVh a Million"--By Elizabeth Cooper. Xof--By Margaret Wlddcmer. : Chain of BTiieaci"--By Carolyn Wells. Women's Ribbed Underwear for Spring --Lisle Thread Union Suits,--at 60e, 70c, 85c to $2.50 the suit. ' . --tdsle Tliread Vests,--85c to-65 ; c ea'ch. --Siik-and-Lisle Vests,--at 65c to $1.00 each. . . --Bodice- Vests witli plain tops,--at ISe and 25c each. · --Lisle Thread ; Dnioa Suits with fitted or umbrella knee,--at Sac to 81.00. --Union Suits in fitted knee style with French band tailored top.--at $1.25 to "In tie Brooding Wild"--By Ridgwell Culium. "The Blind 3ttiin's Eyes"--By Wm. MacHarg. "Another, Man'Shoes"--By Victor Bridges. "I Conquered"--By Harold Titus. "Thfi White "Waterfall"--By James Francis Dwyer. "The J.ast Try"--By John RKCd'"Scott. "A Man's Han"--By Tan Hay. Many Styles in Silk-and Cotton Shirtings Every one brand new! These are the shirtings . that make such satisfactory men's shirts, women's sport blouses and dresses. They wear well and -wash well and. they are extremely attractive. Silky stripes on white and tinted grounds wit! tiny silk designs in the weave. They are 32 inches wide and about as reasonable in price as though they wers all cotton--$1.00 and 51.25 a yard. The -time life ·'-doesn't:., seem ! like living., consider....-the trenches. ... Hugh Chain "aged 09 years and p Itagle died at the home of hi sister .like living., consider.,.-tlie trenches; 4* Jtrs Joseph Beard near Wesley I Then go and buy a LiberU Bond as 3|§.Ch»pel yesterday morning at 6 30 I a bracer ^l^eloek.'! Funeral services will be an- ' '0»ounced later. UK, I cmonal * Hfiss Lucetta Hutchm=o-i his re- I'jffcirned to her home in r i tanning \ after" a visit ptid fnends h re Mrs.-Charles-Painter hat. gone."to lit- Philadelphia friends % tj! Try our classified atheni eaw-ts af SOISSON THEATRE '.T'EJCE. TONIGHT IWf ATV/f IVir^lVJ, (A Frencli Cockto«) ( TheTHost Sensational flay of the Present Age. Comedy, Surprises, Singing, Dancing, Fun. , Committee of Censors Appointed to Praise or Condemn This Pin), and ^Tho Ha^e Passed the Word "Great." John Duggan Jr James J Driscoll, H. W. Leiberger, .Edward Duggan,.R. O; Clabaugt, M. B. Pryce, C. E. Stout, Walters Stimmelr JohnlOferle H C Hays, R.-.W. Hoover, Thomas V Doaegan, Jos L Stader, Harrj 1 : Van .Gorder. Act 1-- - AntKipationi Act 2-- Kcalization. Act 8-- Guess.. coamG-^srojiDAY, TUESDAY AJTD IYEDNESDAT, MABCH 25, 26, 27. First Xiine Here "»OTC Jf EV MAXNi" A Bnral Corned} Brama-TiJth Specialties. Matinee Daily. Just Over tte Briflge ConncUsTllie ' ' ' ' ' _£. WillaM CanoH Battery eo; A, Jactorjf Trained Battery Man. National Taxi and Transfer Co. I S06 E. Fnyctte I'Steeet. . GOOD TOVBDfG CJUES TBUCKS TO AIX PODfTS. Quick, serrtce. Moderate charge. Careful/drivers Moving- and. hauling. Bell Phone (01. Big 15C .:· Matinee Daily ;v at':-2:'30.- Evening;--.;."; Sho-ws at . 7:30 and 9:16. Clean, Progressive Amnsemeat for the Whole Family. , FEATDRDTG. VEL1IA LEE AL. COLEMAN AL. LEMONS BEN.HUBIN Pour .Wooden Sh^e Dancers. Pute,. Football Dog. Pretty Pony Chorus. Coleman's Tip Top Tourists , . In the Tabloid Musical Comedy "IN SEARCH OF A ·tin the Screen -- William S. : Hart .in "Mivn_ Against Man." - Coming Monday and Tuesday-- Charlie Chaplin... Send WlMtman's to Your Friends to the Service Nothing is more appreciated by an Army or Navy man than a box of .candy. There isn't any better than Whitman's, so «rhy not include some in the next box you send to training camp or overseas? We Have It In All Pac!cag:es. Gollins' Drug Store South Pittsburg Street.*

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