The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 38
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 38

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 38
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J H . ,1: ! v. 1 t is- T. ill i 1 1 , 1.: 1 19 eft , i .- - . - ..... r 38 THE OTTAWA- JOURNAL FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, IBM 502 rauii m waito ,0. (Cont, tram Prseeitlng Column) 502 FOULE BU WilTID 503 imoTMonwtna 601 loom w in iCont fvem pracedins Culumni 701 , H01QQ FOI SAU ' .701 I0BSB fOI Sill " (Cent from Preceding Columnl (Cont from Pieeealng Column) Cont tram rreeeoing Columnl tCont. from Preesdtng Columnl opanapyag r f"1' HOUSLKrEPCR 11 YEARS 0 over, Monday to Friday. Sleep in. Jje-eojj uwi. HOUSEKEEPER TO TAKE COM-plot charge of homo, 1 tsensgs nova refarencaa reoulred. 4-dsy wid, person 14-13 only. 714- 477. -r KITCHEN WORK. MORNINGS only. Box i-sm. journal. PART-TIME PIANIST FOR SMALL . ballet etudlo. weet end. us-tivi. REGISTERED NURSE FOR STAFF. - 34 boda. Box (-471. Journal. RELIABLE WOMAN, I HALT daya weekly, light duties. 7U- toil. RELIABLE MATURE HOUSE-keeper to look altar noma and 3 pra-achool children, live' In. References. 724-4M1 attar RELIABLE WOMAN TO LOOK alter two chUdran. Llva In. Telephone Prummond Centre. 7ms. coticcs. SALSSCLERKS. INFANTS'. CHIL-dreo wser. tot out Carllng-wood, Wsstgste and Down Town atoraa. Experience In this Hna not neeseaary lout retail eslllng sxpsrlsnce an' ssset, exec lent salary and working conditions, good opportunltlaa -for sdvence-mant Apply Mr. Abramaon. Klddytown. ww SALESLADY. PART TIME. MIL-hnery axparlanea prafacrad. Colaa MtlUnary, IPS Spsrhs. . SEPTEMBER. YOUNO SL!,!: mothar-a hslpsr. Must Uve to. own quartan. 733-7739. Box 4 487. Journal. , SHORT ORDER GENERAL COOK, no svsnlngs or ' Sund.ya. o r lunch eountar. Apply ln,paraoil. Tsmblyn's Drug Store at Csr- llngwooo. STENOGRAPHER ""1" J diplomatic mission. Apply 03 WUbrod. TELEPHONE INTERVIEWEES Part-time. To conduct, telephone Interviews In Ottawa a wl sur-rounding srsssf You wWrapra. cent a wall-known ana respscted ellant. Exparlanea prcterrsd. but wa will train. Work from boma few hour dsily. No selling. Hourly rata. Ohei nama. sddrsss, phona rMwba and aula araaa you can contact toll free tn reply to Box E-481. jounun. T-XLER FOR TRUST1 "COMPANY, preferably experienced, ususl benefits. 5-day weak. Box S-Hl. , UUJ I Ml. . a.-.-- WAITRESSES WANTED. HIOHT work, weekends off. Good wages. Apply la person only. Alts Viata Journal. Shopping vsnwo iwwwn. . mil-wM era est (VfT&VA and district to enow our awaf Ing line of Chrtatmaa carde to trienda and neighbors. No ax parlanea aeeaasary. uwr oig. uj-aolor eatatogua makaa It aaay to ulaM w -m 4re m otter thla way. Write today lor Chnatmae aaraa on approTai ana free eatalogua. Monarch Card Co., Dept. IS, SIT Cannon, Banv Utan. WOMAN WANTED TO MIND children and keep houaa. SM-170 after S. WOMEN. MAKE CHRISTMAS money taking ordara for boatery. Ilpe. pantlee. , aleepwaar. from trienda and relatives. Good aonv miatton. Sand tor fraa.aalaa kit -No Inaaatmant. Nail Cameron Ml lie Ltd.. Dept. M. 12M Queen Street West, Toronto a, ont. YOUNO. MARRIED WOMAN, night work. Apply Dajry .eueen. 1170 Bank Street. YOUNO. SINOLC WOMAN. FOR boweabold duties! must ba sx-perleneed 'wtttt young ehlldran: country girl aeaaptaMa. may Mra tn. aas room . with tetevietou. Ayhnar waterfront. SS4-S7SJ. YOUNO WOMAN OFFICE ASSIST. ant foe retail groeery irm. aome L trprngl ratjulrad, plaaaa supply references, box sv-aaa, aournai. 1S0 TO EXPERIENCED GIRL wUh referencea. genera! houaa . work, t limn ehlldran, alaep t In. MS leland Park Drivs, 7s- 4JM. ASTOB CRAPEAOX LTD; . AtwM amw Inttlinav Awm nandbaga, s-oay waea. Diimauai. retail experience preferied pei manam posiuon. Apply ivi au aeau sweat. v AVON COSMETICS LADIES. ARE YOU IN NEED OP mars money? serrle your nalgh-' bora during convenient houri as sa Avon representative, su-wss, STANTON ROAD I C'PBAO BUILT BUNOALOW. B-IS. barking Parkway, uvuu . SENIOR ; tUmnilstratrn , Ami test PRIVATE BUSINESS OROANIZA- .- - Uon raqutrea an sdmlntstratlva aestatsnt. fulW axperlanesd la all sraaa of off lea admmlatrat ton. ppllcanta should ba aanlsr ' secretartea with bookkaaplng 'cperKnea. Kindly apply with complete resume. Strict eoo- noenea ssauraa. . aox a-asi, Journal. REUABLB OIP.L CAPABLE LOO KINO AFTER small office, knowledge typing and bookkaanlng. accounts eeivable and payable, ate. plea sant conditions, hours from (JO lo'l pan. P-day weak. Apply In parson. Ottawa Meat and Fish, xrr uarunar street, seat view . SALFS AUDIT CLERK With omptowastsr sapsrlsnss. 40-hour week fun company banaltts...' . Please spply In person to the ' Persoanel Dept , SIMPSONS-. SEARS 1165 CARUNO AVE. ADVERTISING' ' ' ' AOENCV Requires Fist, Accurite " Copy Typist . vror OtUw's OftTc. ' j CALL MRS. BIGGER ' 238-7153 LADIES Become figure work ipe-cistist hy trsintng is a Comp-. tometer Operttor. CALL OR VISIT ' . -VICTOR ' 1 COMPTOMETER ... . ? - ; LIMITED Room 120, 237 Lsurier West . 332-7066 i TROg. gRtPMAN LTD. RKALTOBI AMBITIOUS LADIES.) WITH soma Bailing as penance, dsalrr sua of learning real estate. No experience needed but willing ness to spend long fruitful hoursj and with a goal of earning 1.000 par month. Eight eslab-. llahad real aetata omaaa. ruu eo-opsraUon. Contaet O e o r e Thomas, galas Msnsgar, 1JS- US1; avanlnga. 13a-anj 4 BEDROOMS trraarrivt west knd TWO- storey, residential area, large lot, compieiaiy lanwareipn u lencea. cioss to an iwuiim. Call Turner Real EsUta, "Realtor."1 T2S-SII?, svsnings U Mot-utt. Taa-fiis. SECRETARY THE NATIONAL RESEARCH Council requires the aervlcea of a eema woman to act as aacra- Ury to senior officer who la head of a rsssarcn sec uon, mont. real Road laboratories. Ottawa. Dutlea Include taking and trana- acrlMnst correspondence of scientific nature, typing complex scientific papers and publications, and other related duties. Minimum educational Qualifications. Secondary School graduation plus st least five fears, sianograpnic axpervmea. reference wtll be given to those who sra university graduates in a science course and have escre- tarlan training. lnUal aalary up to M.KM depending on aduca- l,M an ,MMjMU, . AMI, II ' lettar to the Kinuhiyiiient onicar. nauonal Research councu. luu Silases Drive, Ottawa, stating age. education and previous ax- pertenoe. rlei pelitlon ER-314. LABORATORY TECBNICIAN THE NATIONAL ttESEARCH Council requires the services of young woman to undertake data process Ins In s research section sl the Montreal Road Laboratories. Ottawa. Minimum educational quaUncauons. Orada IS graduation with First class standing In mathematics, pre vious experience in data pro cessing dasrsbla but not essential. Initial salary up to 4O0 par annum ospenaing on education and relevant axnerssnca. Apply, by letter, to the Employment Officer, National Research Council, 100 Susses Drive, Ot-tawe. autlng age. education and previous experience. Quota Corn. pvuuuu nunwjer ajt-sis. Smsll Attractive Home for -Elderly Women Requires gt ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT A GRADUATE NURSE With tdminlstrative gbtllty. Apply Superintendent BRONSON HOME 81 Bronson Avenue 232-0959 FEMALES ' for '. . CATALOGUE 8ALES , TELEPHONE SOLICITATION v PROGRAM S dsjrt weekly, 9 JO sjo. to ' . 4J0 pjB. Apply in person to the , - ERSONNEL DEPT. SIMPSONS- . - SEARS -: 2165 -CARUNiS AVE,- OTTAWA 503 IMPIOTMUT WilTIA AOORISgrvI YOUNO MARRIED """ )uet completing Insursnce JiSKlV rse, sun as trainee. BEAimrr your home, paint- jrjf. nscoratlnt, Iniarior, exterior. wars,sssasnem, WWWJ BILINGUAL GENTLEMAN SEEKS vivra awnwa. is yearl' experience, alas knows switchboard, box E-4S1. Journal, st phone 74S-SOO0 altar six pjn. BRICKWORK. CHIMNEY REPS ire, cement work, naasiona " and blocks. rea sstlmslss. SIT- CARPENTER. CEMENT WORK, block chimney, painting, stone facing, 7ia-J4JH. 7i-47g. evenings. CARPENTRY, ADDITIONS., RB- parra. suns, cupboards. price. 4-aa7. v " - . , CARPENTRY. BLOCK BRICK : ana semens work of nil kinds, floor and selling ttlee. Interior, exterior painting, xu-osse. CARPENTRY. FRAMINO ADDt-tlons and kitchen eupb a a r d s CARPENTRY OUTSIDE. INSIDE, finishing rooting, eeveatrough- mg. csu ice. eai-oais. CEMENT WORK AND STONE mason. Guaranteed. Free se- umste. rsst service. rav-lTIS. CLEANINO WOMAN, MORNINOS. ssnoy niu only, gsg-isis. EXCELLENT DAY WORK BY EX- PH I ICCXI WOtfUlfl. Anywhere. MT-OJOli EXPERIENCED, WILL CLEAN, psuns. ivnca, lanoscape. ns able, guaranteed. t-mi. EXPERIENCED RECEPTIONIST or, office work required. Call SM-TS. a. -I EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER seeking position, willing to take on full responsibility ktai Must have top eelary, slsep out. EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER, . oeswva permenam posiuon, gao- ww , w, w w wiling. EXPERIENCED IOOXKII PER oesirva ruu or pmn-uam work. 777-7 4.7. . PAMILY. NEED OP ODD JOBS. truck, hedge trimming. s3a-H4S HOME REPAIRS. CEMENT POUN-Js'lons, roofs, eta. IreaUngs. SM- KITCIIEN MODERNIZED flEM. , era! allarationa, beat work man- snip, ressonanis rata. S3 2-1434. LANDSCAPING. CEDAR HEDGES. ssvsetroufhlng. ton truck nvsU- DMi ssnage. 7ee-s7so. MAN-HriTR TRUCK WILL RAUL refuse to dump. , Pessonsbls raiaa- ras-sava. MAN WITH TRUCK POB LIGHT moving, cleanup, lawn mowing MAN. .BIO FAMILY. NEEDS , work. Have truck, clean yards, painting, landecaptng. hedge . irinunma, BU JODS IIBIIS US-044S. W. MAN WITH (MALL TRUCK. DE- sirss lignt delivery. T4S-I4M. MAN WOULD APPRECIATE C4- ponunity te Issm wslding. evenings, vss-sssi. MARRIED MAN WILL WASH wan a. noon, sennngs. end lebs. A TURK WOMAI. A8 ftlCKP- wifi trpmi, aocwri rri. vntTtj. box ojz, journal. MIDDLB-AOED GENTLEMAN Re quires position aa booaji a a p a r. lull or pax V tuna, fully gualUtad. 73J-4S7J. NIOHT WATCHMAN FOR A rAC-tory. 4J4-0SJT. . ODD JOBS. CLEANINO BASE- meat, yards, eta. ccs-su. PAINTER. EXPERIENCED. BIO or small. We ll do than) sit. CES- Ml 7. 1 A I N T I N O. SATISFACTION guaranteed, ex per lencea painter, reasonable rates- 1M-64M. PAPER HANGER. PAINTER AND decorator, ires estimates, gal' IMS. PLASTERING REPAIRS. STUCCO. painting. carpentry, cement. ones. Tsa-iass, sae-siee. REGISTERED NURSE. NIGHT ahlft, Friday, Saturday, auindey. Box E-41I. Journal. RELIABLE HOUSEKEEPER, weekdays 41 hourly plus c s r- isrs. rza-aaev. RIVIERA. LIGHT TRANS PORT. furniture nlovtng and gsnsral asuvsry. masv. STEADY EMPLOYMENT DESIRED by reliable married man, cleaning offices, gardening, night watchman, maintenance work, painting. 9 years" experience snd ten years with Sanitation Department, also experience in farming, xsa-oszr. TYPING DONE IN MY HOME. legal experience. Tai-asso. WE DO ODD JOBS. CLEAN yards, casements, etc. J3S-SSJS WILL DO HEDGE TRIMMING, landscaping, painting, ft mates References. Odd , csptsd. 33e-47e0. WOMAN WANTS HOUSEWORK by the day. Tgp-xsgr. WOMAN DESIRES HOUSEWORK. $1 ss sn hour. SOe tor trans portation. T7T-ITS4. YOUNG MARRIED MAN DESIRES stssdy employment, willing te no snyanlng. Experienced m aervice station. 1SJ-41J4. PALL CLEANUP MAN WITH TRUCKS TO CLEAN Sards, wash windows, palming, iterlor. exterior, hedge trtra- nung. psuos. ssa-vsas. $04 TLiCHOtS WUTID TEACHe'r FOR RC 83 NO. t Oegnods. for nepiarnoer, apply stating qualincatiocia. aalary and name of last inspector aa sua Thomas Doyle. ftect.-Treea.. RR S. Msndllck. Ontarts. THE ST. JOHN'S C. SCHOOL RE- aufrss one hum school Ensilsh teacher. Alberta's salary and northern allowance. A P P I'y to Father J. S. Leases. Secretary. Fort McMurray. Aits. Phone SOS nonet BECOME BILINGUAL 14 weeks, f m group. All Isnguagea. School of Moatern lajngusges. sal Somerset Wast. CKV4S44 LEARN ORAL FRENCH. BUSI- nses 1 converse tioa from retired bilingual executive, by discs, tape recorder ana pnvste suiuon SHt-7144. MATHEMATICS. CALCULUS. pnysiea. sngitsn. rraach and unaaiieuj. rA3-n. sveidnss RADIO AND TELEVISION STA- ii one xrorn coast to coast need goorta and Corasasrclst An nouncers, Weather Glrla and DJS, Commentators and News-awn. You may have hidden latent, can ina neuonai inate-tute at Broadcaellng, Tss-WH. rKNCa CONTBRSATMMt EVENING COURSES. PRIVATE tuition, i small gtwape. . surapasa t- susgg 7J1J eeenstngs. NEW IN OTTAWA L'Ecole Unlverselle 235 O'CONNOR - French and Spanish Choice of prtvgte nd jroup teaching t . For Inforttuition ; Call 233-3363 Regte ter Now end ' Suit in September. SO. hit ama BRITANNIA VIIXAGR ' ARKA Will mind ehlldran sally my "wns. eas-ssas. EXPERIENCED CARE FOR CHIL- oren, my noms. pin. lis e-reaqria, t EXPERIENCED MOTHER WILL mine enun haens, Ottawa Ssuth. SJS iqsi. INT ANTS GIVEN OOOD CARE, my hecas, daily, weekly. MS- sers. . MIND CHILDREN MY ROME. Exhibition week. Glebe vlet- nny. csT-soaa. MIND I CHILD IN MY HOME. kly. T5-7o. MIND CHILD. MY HOME. DAY. owe. a-a years war. 7Je-r7Sl. MIND CHILDREN, 44, 4 DAYS. siu wesniy. Tse-ssaa. MIND CHILD. MY HOME. NEW Edinburgh. 4 days weekly. T43. MIND BABY BY DAY, MY HOME, good care, 414 weakly. Flsrs susei. asa-eare. MIND CHILDREN WHILE mower works, rrencn home, Tn-errg.'- MOTHERS CARE, MY HOME. vsrmny rressoai ana eomers e t. xjs-siaT. NEAR WESTOATE. GOOD CARS ear cnlMren. Tgg-aoag, OVERBROOK. CARE OF CHIU wil l, aiav mrr ruM nsre lav horns, dslly or weekly. Kaetvlew arva. Tsv-aeue, aster a. WILL MIND CHILDREN MY noma. Tss-TTsn. WILL BABYSIT MY HOME. VIC1- . nity csrllngwood. Shoppars City. TA4-4M4. . WILL MIND CHILDREN ' MY . home, vicinity gominei ule-Par- cneaier. iss-aaaa. WILL TAKE CHILD TO BOARD m my norne. bsj sups. ' WILL MIND CHILD MY HOME. rsrsuaie Avenue. T 2a-JOSS. YOUNO CHILDREN. ROOM. 507 KSUICia ViUXT PSYCHIATRIC SOCIAL WORKERS far expect tag peychlatrle cervices In general hospital ssttmg. Teem sonroaeh. Chlldeaa and adulta. New SO-bed Psyrnt- strie unit, m planning stsges. TWI tlniMSMlllAA i M.ll- wlth plans for School of Soeiai worn, nxcesiem supervufon. Attractive aalarv and frlnaa bene. file. Apply Director, Psychiatric ervicea, ; Hiicnener weteraso Noepitai, Kitchener, urn. iC'ontinued en Neat Cnlumnt I AiffeimiI-'i-Mrl4 4( s asaaaa ' - r. V t f k ' VVST" r -;: ;t '- ; J r - r t t - $ ' ' t f " " " ' ' "' " T. I i ' ifi v -'. : . " - 1 , , " " eWW WatMistJ;a.. tfk KtWV'rA tUt ft Jylh.iMtMeii PRINCESS GRACE TAKE A DIP Princess Grace of Monaco Is pictured st the beach of Monte Carlo where' she went to 4wim in the Mediterranean with her son, Prince Albert, tlx. 1. (Fed news Journal Photo) 506 IABT eOTICB Coal front Preceding Columnl BOYS AND GIRLS. EARN EXTRA monev selling new flees trsnssrs till after Ix b 1 bltion 234-3el. ONTARIO AUTOMOBILE Asso ciation, full . part time repra-seatatlves. Call Fred V sens its. tai-4404. REGISTERED LABORATORY technologist required for 430-bed hospital, experienced in biochemistry, bacteriology, haemat-logy desirable. Apply-to personnel. Revel Ottawa Sanitarium. RELIABLB OLDER COUPLE - - wanted aa care take re for term heme, close tn Ottawa. Chores Include maintenance, care of horses. Ralerensas. Rex S-474, Journal. - , . . . ... wim-m a siUAiu COUPLE for a modern oairy term, n a 11 mile nwa sown . on aa"w"i good , house, all ' eunveiiicncea. . ehjMd . smss . ateL. war -round work, good 'wagaa. Apply Sax gva, new nasxaam. wi ORGANIST CHOIR DIRECTOR REQUIRED FOR NORTHWESTERN united cnurcn, wiues, ior I. Pins organ. Please write stating experience, salary ex- pseted, to BMXS E-440. Journal. UNEMPLOYED . MEN AND WOMEN New Courses Begin Shortly . tTnderths Canadian Vocational - , Training Plan ; Sponsored by the Federal awl Provincial Governments: .ft) Beginning September 4, IBM. , Ul Direct and creative selling S months course In eslsesnsnshla. Mini- . mum regnlrsmenl Orsde VIII. fbl Basic Training Orsde VH and VUI 4 . months. Orada IX and Orada X 4 months " ' each. ' (c) Comsaercial Clerical IS months sourss (Minimum re.ulrement, ' Grade IXI. 1 (d) Commercial Secretarial . 10 nionths course. . (Minimum raquirernant. Orade XI. 3 Bagmnlg October 1, 1444 . ,.. (al Archlteeurel Drafting-Minimum texrulremeot. Grade XI or equivalent 11 Beginning September 14. ' Technical Coursss ' Minimum requirement. Grade X. . ,v (To he conducted st the " Ontario Vocational Centre. ' .-'. Ottawa), i .- Length ' Name , . of Course ' Adding Mschlns Servicing ' 4 M- Appllsnce Servicing 10 M Commercial Art 10 M . ssactronlcs ' . -. 10 M Engineering Drawing . . 10 M Heating Equipment Service foil and gaal 10 M Induatrlal Electricity 10 M Horticulture and . Landscaping .. . IS M Machine Shop 10 M Retrtgsestlen . f (pre apprentlceshlpl I HI , Steal Layout and - Welding . 10 M . Typewriter Servicing 4 kf- Vending Machine Repair 10 M ' Business Courses Mtntmuta recjutrement. Grade X Bookkeeping 10 M Buslnaas Machines ... 10 M . Duplicating Machines , . 10 M Clerics! 1 ... 10 M Secratsrlal t 10 M Retailing ens) Marketing 10 M Belling snd Advertising 10 M Upgrading Course for ' Adults Grades XI snd XII, each 4 M Free tuition plus Using sllow-snce available for persons residing ss the Province of On-tsrio according to eligibility Apply at the loesl National Employment Service .. Office. atl! Sister Street for training Zander the Federal Provincial National Employment Office. X HARCOURT, Oulrman COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE BOARD OF OTTAWA ' W. a WALLEN . Ce-ordlhator of Training CANADIAN VOCATIONAL ..' .P. TRAIN1NO-,.. , . GNAWING HABIT . If beavers did not wear (knrn their tnclsors by gnawing Wood, these fait-frowing teeth would prop their tnouthg open. " " . . - ' , ... r' , i 601 toom to in ACCOMMODATION. ROOMS. Weekly or monthly, some . with running water. Vendoma HotaL eo aomerssi a tree 1 west. ALBION NEAR BANK. ACCOM-modaUoni for 1-1, board op- ATTRACTIVE. LARGE. .COM. IBrtable bedroom, private home. win, aeiHssnusii. aaa-eais. ATTRACTIVE KITCHEN. EQUIP-pad. bedaittlng. West End. lsdiss only. 744-317. - ATTRACTIVE DOUBLE. USE OF kitchen, privets sntrsnee, Lsurlsr East, near King Edward, sos-,fe. ATTRACnvg BEDROOMS. TWIN1 . bads sad single bed. clean, euietl AVAILABLB. FRANK AND O'Connor, swan, running water. 134-7SS1. w AVAILABLE. ROOM FOR THK ExhlbiUcei by day or week, com pletely equipped, - 134-4717 SU-SSIO; 434-3413. AVAILABLE. WELL FURNISHED ueuiuesn wnn nesk, own telephone, quiet s pertinent, eleva tor. Due at aoor, no other roomers. 445, 404 Lsurlsr Cast, ssa-eaes. AVAILABLE. 'BEDROOM WITH private bathroom. Glebe, man preferred. 134-753. AVAILABLE. NICELY FURNISH. eavervcMan, quiet, ground BEDSITTINO. WORKINO PER- aon, is lentrsj Avenue, ssa. ua- BEDSITTINO. PRIVATE EN. trsnce. 374 Madaren. 134-3114. ssx-lawr. . BEDSITTINO, WITH KITCHEN privileges, 44 psly. SJO-4144. BEDSITTING. KITCHENETTE. US. aiso singis room, sag eentrsi. 143 Flora. . Br-DHITTINGS. LARGE. ALSO aingies, completely rurnuuied. newly decorated, stove, refrig erator, raaeonaoii at at a r r a y S34-34U. BRIGHT FURNISH ED BEDSFT-ttng, privileges. Huren-Walllng- ean. Tae-aiso: rao-isss. CA RUNG WOOD WALKING Dis tance, rumishad room, adult home, gsntismsn. 711-47 40. CENTRAL. BALCONY. B E D- eitung. kitchen, plume. Uundry buslnsm lady. SM-lalT, 117 wipaan street. CENTRAL. DALY AVENUE, FUR- nisnas. suu i-a, privileges ga- aies. , , CENTRAL. LARGS ROOM. K 1 T- chen, furnished, unturnashed. parxing tree. SJi-lpuv. CENTRAL. ATTRACTIVE BED8IT- ung, own television and still. M-vws vveninga. CENTRAL. LARGE BRIGHT front roam, all privileges. CO- viva. CHATEAU LAFAYETTE. 41 YORK mooem, running water, single. sn wsaxiy. sa osiiy, . CHRISTIAN HOtCS. TUNNCYV . Pasture, adult working Isdy, kitchen prlnllagas, garage., 711- CLEAN. WELL FURNISHED room. St. Laurent Montreal Reed. BHg-0144. CLEAN, NICELY FURNISHED room, quiet, suitasls tor student Jjl-l47a. CLOSE TO UNIVERSITY. BRIGHT. saw nmn. vewuni pnviiegee iiiennes room, snare iwucony asf-wesi. CLOSE TO WESTOATE, FUR- nisnsa room. 714-gloo. COMFORTABLE BEDSITTINO room, housekeeping, csalrsl. woewiesa gin. xas-saos. CONVENIENT TO TIACHIIS College, s rooms, qules homo. iwiwii poviieges. vsa-BUSS. CRYSTAL BEACH. FURNISHED room in new home. 434-2323 DOUBLE HOUSEKEEPING. FRIO-Malrev grill, llnsn, telephone, students, pensioners, s beta overs. vicinity normal sen oof-Museum - 144 waver ley, corner ' 4M-042T. . . BASTVIEW. FURNISHED BED-room, near hue, parking. 744. 0744, EASTVIEW. ROOMS FOR RENT. lUflHIDHBU , DKUnWSI, I I-, -,, - ia as-lee FURNISHED FRONT URHinntu rBOST .ll D- aitting. kitchen, balcony, lighted, heeled, electrically e 1 H 1 p ped. neeten, 1 133-7444. FURNISHED BEDROOM, SUIT miooie ags woman, pan. ais- 1411. 1 GLEBE. l-ROOM UPPER FLAT, unfurnished, equipped, eoO. 434. GLEBE. ABOVE AVERAGE BED- room, stttusl room, p r I v 1 leges, gentleman, GLEBE. SINGLE HOUSEKEEPING apartment, quiet gentlemen. See-7314. 241-44I4. HERON PARK. VICINITY CBC, all schools. 7J4-0O44. KITCHEN PRIVILEGES. NEAR Tunnsy's Pasture and boa, lady preferred, parking. 744-4134. IMMEDIATELY, FURNISHED. UN-lurnlshed l-S-room flata, p a r k-Ing. CES-ssgg. LARGE, FRONT FURNISHED room, parkin avatlsbls. 434-oa7. svsnlngs. METCALFE COURT, DAILY, weekly, maid service, parking. 444 Metcalfe. CE4-441I. NEWLY DECORATED, PARKINO. transportation at door, privr-leges. 134-7413. OTTAWA SOUTH, t ROOMS. FUR- nished. 107 Aylmer, parking. CES-S407. OVERBROOK, NEW, FURNISHED, large room. 44 wsakly. 7as-44!4. PRIVATE HOME. NICELY FUR. n 1 shed gsnllsman preferred. rAS-seee, QUIET BUSINESS GIRL WISHES soma wiui buns, nwnw, only boarder. Centra. Box E-43a, Journal, j SANDRINOHAM APARTMENTS. lovely room, private bath, park- vssw, laoy. sae-i7sa. SANDY HILL, t FURNISHED rront. relrlgerator, suiel coup is. 434-3440. SANDY HILL. NEAR OTTAWA University, Students prslerred. 131-0444. SHORT TERMS, MONTHLY RATE. Riverside Hotel. Attractive Tse-sors. STUDENTS. 44 WEEKLY. SINGLE. aouDis, ample paraing. sae-esvs. WEST END. BEDSITTINO ROOM, unfurnished. 4S4. T14-0474. . S vis a in, s.einua e, w as. meaia opuonai, caua wwesnta, (ae-aeav. t , L t ROOMS PRIVATE BATH. parking, suit gentleman inanos. 743-4334. S LARGS ROOMS. PRIVATE entrance, carpeting, private aa in room, paraing. ua seas. FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING rooms, nrivats entrance, near Number S Building, goo Lorstta atrset. 1 ROOMS TO LET. I REOENT street, ise-sj'i. SANDY MILL COURT RENOVATED THROUGHOUT, new lurnitnre. water in e a c n , carpeted bans. Kite an-130 Osgoode. S1O-4330. etw. , atAstajAaie, ss : TVLVt FURNISHED. BED81T- ttng room, semi-private, community kitchen, equipped, television, girls. 133-7444. . - 602 tOCW WAITED QUItT RECENTLY RETIRED Dueinesa woman raqutree comfortable furnished housekeeping .room, small spartmsnt sr would share. Near ..bus, Bex E-444. Journal.' ROOM AND BOARD FOR S STU- dents. wceoroffs Avenue and Bassune ROOM AND BOARD REQUIRED by studeat, vtctnlty Bocae 1 If f 4 Park. 7SJ-S014 days 0 to 430. SINGLE WOMAN WISHES ROOM, narniansa or imninuahea. board eassntlal, preferably with its-genial family,' Centra Town preferred Box B-5SS. Journal. THIRD YEAR EOIT STUDENT desires a quart room wttn poem. Monday to. Friday. Vicinity Leas Avsnua. Box x-avs. ournsi. 603 I00M AIO I0U8 ACCOMMODATION FOR. LARGE room wttn twin anas, aastvssw. ACCOMMODATIONS. HOME cooked meals, parsing, construc tion workers welcome, xas sees. ACCOMMODATION FOR IOIK tismsn, smgiun,. siosns. ive a-ar tier, ga-gais. ATTRACTIVE. LARGS ROOM. twin bads, girls, gsi Torn. a SI10. CENTRAL ROOM AND BOARD for gentlemen, 41 rrana.' gaa- GENTLEMEN PRSFCRREO, AYL- mer Avenue, near nriwiinn. privileges. 134-0100, GENTLEMEN. fl WEEKLY, laundry, Dutch family, aoroereet- Drivewsy. 434-4110. GOOD MEALS. OPENING N U R S- mg aome, sun pensioners, xn- siar. . PRIVATE HOME, ROOM, TWIN Dcosestceuent msen, parxtng. ROOM . BOARD. GENTLEMEN, students, uovemment people. iss nwmwooa. sse-assr. ROOM , AND ' BOARD. UIET, privsta Mens, exceuent mesle. Anstainer. fas-17st. ROOM AND BOARD. 510 GD mour near Bartx. sae-Ktss. SINGLE IN PRIVATE HOME, gentleman. sxceiient mssis. weetooro. TX4-41S4. SINGLE. QUIET. CLEAN. GOOD mesis. near ausss. ssntiem a n. aae-aeas. . 1 GENTLEMEN, WORKINO OR retired. Cswllngwood area. PAS- 0440. -,.,,.;..., :l ,4,i- :..,, f Tot ROica roi w ABLE. GRACIOUg uMISTANCS. . Thomas Shipmaa Umltss, -Re-1 . eltor , Ben our ado. ACTION WITH RESULTS, BELL- tag? Call Jack Roth well. -Real- sot. isv-avfr. ALL ADVANTAGES OF CO UN . try living, near Avtmer Read. Excellent location. 1 lb-storey, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, largs living dining room, f Irep I s c s. jsrsga. targe isnaerspsa lea, ttt. ALTA VISTA, S-BEDROOM BRICK noma, wen landscaped lot, Itfc seiutreomo, recreation room. ' near schools, shopping centre, v occupancy. Lew down payment giauo. ixx-aaxT. ALTA VISTA. S-BEDROOM BRICK bungalow, finished recrsetlsn room, t rirsplaoec, fully laaaV sceped lot son ISO. mstarsd trees, pnvste sale. TU-44W4. I ALTA VISTA. 4 . BEDROOM brick bungalow. Many cxtrss eav.vo. ' JJ-eww. ANOELSTONE, BRICK SEMI- bunssiow, 1 bedrooma, I't betn- rooms. Mcnsiisr Pars. 711-0004. ARLINGTON AVENUE. CRN TRE Town location Between Kent and Lyon, completely renovsted elder houes with three bedrooms snd unfinished attla, only 411.-poo, snd there at a gsrsgs fool ' Blsnd . Delany, -Realtor,- 711- eiuav. ASKING 414.000. S BEDROOM house situated in R I s a k burn hem let, on large tread lot. Own er transferred MLS S4I1. Mc- Keown Realties Ltd., gai-SRns evenings Lee McPhalL 133-4414. ANY PROPERTY WE LIST IN are ellv wa feel we can sell Percy Kerwtn, -Resltor,- 414- 4147. Journal Want Ads brinf quick results. ATTRACTIVE 4-STOREY FAMILY horns. In Usf ooda Village. Boyd Block. 4-bedroom, bath. I s r g s kitchen, den, full basement, new oil furnscs, gsrsga. Asking 411 000. good terms. Gerald Morris Reel Eststs Broker, telep hens Mstcslls Id. BEAUTIFUL 4- BEDROOM S U N- gslow. near schools, mopping snd transportation. Asking 414.-300 Csll for sppolntment, Lars Osbers. Broker. Tll-3304. BRICK BUNGALOW, I BED-roums. Gatlneau stills glSJOO. 1.000 handles. 443-3441. BRITANNIA HEIGHTS. BRI sunny bungalow on Pirn sl St. Slap hen's, double, attacl ' ed gsrsgs. bnmsdlsts Ion. Asking 4UJO0 Mrs. Brsdahsw 424-4134; Nicholson snd Wymark. "Steel tors." las-7I7T. BUNGALOW, CITY VIEW. 1 BED-rooms. 411.400, gljoo down. 721-g317. BUNGALOW. S BEDROOMS, UR-bandsls Acres, garage, pavgd driveway. 733-lols. BUNGALOW, URBANDALE, S bedrooms, playroom, landscaped targe lot, 41.300 down. TX4-4M4. BY OWNER. S-BEDROOM HOME. excellent condition, near Carle- son university. 134-0444. CALL VERNA COOK, -REALTOR.' 7-S33. with nomas snd properties for the dlscrlmlnsting CASTLE HILL CRESCENT. 1- storey. Deorooms, undscspeo. T1S-4341. CENTRALLY LOCATED. S7S MaoJ Lsren Street, s bedrooms plus dsn toom. . All vary specious rooms. Perfect for executive or professional fsmlly, Wj 4113 montnty. Txx-eraa. CITY VIEW. S BEDROOMS. DIN- Ing room, principal, . Intsr-eT tsxee. 4)O0. Vacant. 733- SS7g. CRYSTAL BEACH. S-BEDROOM bungalow, living room, large kitchen, built-in even and range. carport, ruuy ssnoacapad. 413.700 414-4140. DUPLEX. RICHMOND ROAD. Ch urchlll Avsnua. B vaars aid. S bedrooms, red brick construction, hardwood floors. 4 s r n s t on main floor, awnings, private Caved side drive to a brick and lock double gsrsgs, possession of main floor very reasonable. 43,000 down. TX4-7103. DUPLEX BUNOALOW. OVER. nracet. near schools, cnurcnes. ete,vuw. .rae-iase. DUPLEX. GLEBE, NEAR PARKS. mmsaisie occupancy of 4 - bedroom ground floor upper apsrt- mem wim dim isro room renieo. asi-ssM or 440-osss. EFFICIENT AND- , PERSONAL service wnen rou are buymg or selling. Call Hudson snd. Evans, -waiter, 3sa-ui. . SLMVALS ACRES. 1 BEDROOMS, targe living room. rircDiace. oc cupancy Sept. M. 414.000 with low down payment and second mortgage if desired, lull Alton atrsst. FOR PROMPT SERVICE. CALL Albert Oslo Agsisuiss L "Realtors," 714-t4l, er Ahnonts est. FOR HOUSES. ALL TYPES. CALL Bert Rats Baal Estate UO, 1 414. r a vtwv a it ana watsf srseev l-yesrld brtcx eungaww, g bodrouuia. ft rep lace, play room, gsrsgs. lot to a 140, 41.400 down. Owner transferred. 4SJ-4S1S. GLEBE- DESIRABLE lO-StOOM. It douhls. gsrsgs. Fourth Avenue near Bank, October. CS4- 443T. IF YOU ARR THINKING OF BUY- ing sr selling real aetata, asil saajor atesjty aa Tsa-awis. LARGE BRICK . DUPLEX. 4 years eld, S Bedrooms each spartment. Large kitchen 10 x 14. nisster walla. MLS K2SS4. Evenlnas. William Naasv. 724- 1011. Kelly-Moors Ltd, 'Real tors.- 743-1001. McKRLLAR. 417404. MODERN seaea luem noms. onertng e bedrccsns, S attached gat age. Broedvtew and Msnsan Schools lust s round ths corner. Hury. hurry, hurry! It Hsmee. 710-sios. Nlchoison asm Wymark. -Realtors-. 434-7177 MOUNTAIN PARK. HULL. NEAR Red brick aHingaiew. solid, warm, clear, like new. Lot 100 x 40. large rooms, living, dining room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, s batb-roome. solarium, cellar I feet high, cold storage, landscaping, frees snu iiowcra. Bpacssi siei ancs. 11700, so Frechette. 7 NEW EDINBURGH. RESIDE! tlal. largs lii-eotrey brick. 414- 100. 74O-0410. OTTAWA EAST BUNGALOW ON aiaaon Terrace, nser nil . Property tn excellent condition, S bedrooms, living room and kitchen. Asking 414.000. Call J. Downey. 431-4711 , evenlnes 744- 0431. Canada Truss. Company. "Realtor." PRIVATE SALE. LARGE HOME On eeno urns, wwissmiuib canal, ecanpletely remodelled, t bedrooma. exceptlenslly large tendscspsd grounds. gU 400, 134- Plll or sas-safs. ROOMING HOUSE. S-STOREY, 0 Deorooms. oil nesting, nine ' lane Asking 415 4O0. les down Eymsnts, T. A. Clark. "Reel lor, -'740. . SAVE 11.004 AGENT'S COMMIS- Ion, Modem l-ieoroom nnca bungalow, like new, being offered prlvstely by RC AJ. ofricer. 1711 Bdgsniu rmce. SCHOOLS. TRANSPORTATION ana excellent is no scaping are fssturss of this 3-bed room eeml- bunaalow. In Couvtland para. Asking 144 300. Leo Brule, Real Estate Broker, 7U-0344, SVS- nings 7SS-SJ7S. . SELL OR RENT. SS HOLLAND, large single house, brie, g beta, rooms, Snlehed eaeeroent. SHS- 0111. SKI. SWIM, SAIL. OOLF. S BID- rooms. Dane 1 lea nunaaiow. e 1 1 heated, lt sere. 34 minutes from Ottawa. Olea Esgla. Que. 417. eie. SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCED BY owner; Drive to SIS Edgswerth. - near wooerofts High, csriing. ' wood, etc, cttstont-bullt split, best nsighborhood, 4 liediouiiis. .Sib hatha, very largs Urine. dining and family rooms, S-car gsrsgs, screened patio. S4400 oown. I1S-48S4, - TRIPLEX. NEW. LOW DOWN PAY- V ceijaaee T WATERFRONT, CRYSTAL BAY, double lot. new brick ranch slt- year bun fa low, 1 bedreorna, fire- piece, autlt-m appilsncea, carpeted, landscaped beautifully, cxtrss. Only 434.400. a. and A. Oeldsnbsrg, Brokers. 114- 0010, 710-1404 anytime. WE8TBORO. 4POTLI44 BUNOA- low. g rrooms. separate dining room, gars re. Terrlne tenderan. Ingi glt.400. Otto Cllngea, "Rssl- ssr, Tssese. WHEN YOU NEED HELP Df BUY-! ang ar asiung yeur home, call , usorgs b. SS4-47M. WITHIN COMMUTING DISTANCE i . .. sse semiiy noma. vfully mooemlred, everl o a k I a g branch of Rldsssi River, t acre lend. Beautiful shade trees. Aek- ing arise 40.400. Tsxss 0144 yssr-ly. Low down payment, SS3 par month will handle Somerv I II s euuiai him. nasi etefera Brokers. Phone Kemptvuie 130- , aa is i S-BEDROOM BUNOALOW. Queenswsy Terrace gens. tywn er transferred, brunedlate sos-aeslsn; nlosly landscaped, reo-reaUon room, ssrvioee all paid. Home la spotless cosutltlon. Yen should see It. Phona anytime 744-1414. ' 4 BEDROOM t-STOREY. CLOSE to acnooi, iraravoruuon. sn tipping. 744-4141, after 4, U Car- dova. ' -i-i 11.900 DOWN, T-BEDROOM ones nouse, jsmss ntrset, a. Proeperine, -Realtor.'' 434-0741. 43JO0 HANDLES -THIS 417.400 eenu-bungalow bp Johannssn. 4 seorooms. 114 haens, treed sot, CarUngweed. 714 LEAVING CITY 7JS-1109. LEAVING AND CHARMING BRICK SUNGA- low. recreetion room, iencad firdsn. stone psUo, B culms-'Insersst. 414.4117. , DRASTtcau.s' aiBiina OWNER DESPERATE, A NICE 4- wvwwwn, mmv am arica nun- galow In Crystal Bay with (Irs-place, dlnlns room, large kitchen, attached garage and lovely landscaping. Immsdlste pnmailnn. low down payment, now only 11JJ00. Roddick and MacDonakl id, -Realtor.- 14-1717. Evening Fred Burbldfs. 7U-410I ee Len Wathen. 444-7417. THOS. 4IHPMAN LTD. REALTOR 142B Main street, 134-4144 Open Bvsnlags tin t RIVERDALE. DUPLEX. BEAUTI- ful terraced art' ovai looking . Rklesu Gardens, fully asiwippaa: 410,300. HINTONBURG, s-UNIT. WELL ranted, excellent tnvselasist (444J00I. (1.000 DOWN. " REOROOM fsmlly noms. does ts Britannia Park, lovely garden. Sapient boa a a Ion. Asking 414.700. 111.000. . WITH 41,000 SOWN. Ottawa seat noma, plus inveer-ntsnL soned for spsrtmanti wall reniad. Investlssts. WEST SND, S-BEDROOM HOME. fruit trees, garden, garage. Asking 14000, with 41.000 Sown. Flexible. OLEBB. TRIPLEX. FULLY el.,, V' -' sxceiient condition, well rented and red need to only 414.400, with 41.300 down. .1 COURTLAND PARK VENDOR says reduce but ssu. s ssrgn bedrooms, large dining room, large Using room, fuel flieplscs. den. sunroom, attached garage. fully InwiSaS 7 WITH SHOES AS EXPENSIVE AS they. are. let was go oarerooe and buy this 44 aero farm with a 4-bsdroem house, at 414J00. with IM0 down snd essy HANDYMAN'S SPECIAL TOTAL rice lor two ..tjftawa-.- pass homes. giMoo. BoSh wall rented. Land seosd tog oporte RENT HIGH DOfTT CRT. aYf Can 41e0103; T isagusgwj rHOSTMirntAJf LTB, TtXAL. or-, onssi aeaningg wi e. 138-41U. ' ' . r... EDSTAN 1 HOMES . ; -1 "TrmTiw trtt enr 5 6N VALLEV DRIVE, OTT ' PLEASANT PARK ROAD 09 THE ALTA V 1ST A AREA $16,680 w $20,3415 73i-4o15" ' QUALICUM The Prestige Gommunity a Superb Design Achievement by TER0N ; .828-2343 - ? i Lees ted st the sad of the Western Qusenwsy. alt Mlgh- wsy 11. , , 1 ' . ' CHOOSE - '-.-YOUR. '; . , CAMPEAU HOME frbrrr : 3 CHOICE LOCATIONS LESLIE PARK ;. ; MODEL HOMES AND SALES OFFICE LOCATED - ' OFF BASE LINE ROAD . ON ORECNBANK ROAD AT THS WK.TERM CITY LIMITS. ' w-siss Queensway Terrace West. OFF PINECREST ROAD, NORTH OF THE QUEENSWAY. SALES OFFICE AT LSSLIS PARK, . Playfair Park i , SALES OFFICt LOCATED ON KILBORN AVENUE. EAST Of ALTA VISTA DRIVE. 741-1170 . . CAMPEAU, "Vour Key to Batter UolfieV (C'nnnneegl en Nest Columnl ' seVasV A A aAIAA.ili iaVieV l.VA AafcAadVeS. a

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