The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 15, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. DAILY COUHIER, CONNKLLSV S L E , PA JANUARY 15, 1930 Basketball Basketball BJ JA3TES M. imtSCOLL. ers s Broken by Two Foul Goals Nip ami Tuck Battles Drives Biygcst Crowd of Year Into Frenzy. VISITORS HAVE LEAD AT HALF The CoTinC'llfiv'tlio High School baelcetcers lost their second. game in the W. P. 1. A. League lust n i g h t to I.atrobo by a. cloac margin, the score 1'clnj; lli-l'l. Tho contest was played on (ho local pywnaalutn before the largcut crowd of the season. It waa a i'a«t, exciting game with neither team uhlo to establish a eafe lead. llow- (ivor. tl\e visiting aggregation held tho lead by a scant margin from the be- sinnlng of the gnmo until the- latter part of the third period when Miller cagel a field goal which wae followed by another ae Rude sank the ball t h r o u g h the net I'rom the eldo o£ the court. The local passers wore on tho top o£ the 12-10 .score »s the quarter came to an end. Rude led the attack for Connellsville with two field goals and four fouls, a total of eight points, -which made him the highest individual scorer of the game. Uitrobo made t h e firsl. score as fiUSiklewlcB fnssel one through the lioop from under t h e basket. TlHdn scored a free throw. With tho c o u n t L' (o 1, tho game progressed to nearly (he end of the Hunt period v/ithout lur- t l i o r scoring when Campbell, taking Ilio ball on a pass from Malley shoved a one-handed thrust Into the net while s t i l l in tho air. It was a neat , ehot, t h e b a l l K o l i i g into tho basket without t o u c h i n g t h e hoop. This gave the v x i t i n s q u i n t e t a three point lead w h i c h t h e local* shortened to two i ' o t i i U as t h e H:\st halt ended, tho i.u'nro ihc'ii b H n K !i to 7, Latrobo. I t «·;;,; in the ( lo.tiuj; rrilnutc.e of the t.hlv'l (|uui'lcr when Miller arul R u d e Klaaed '.heir shov t h u « g i v i n g - t l i o G'okers a t w o - p o i n t a d v a n t a g e w i t h w h i c h to begin tho Dual etanza of the f r a y . f i U s g i e i v i U closed this gap with ii long ono from t h e center o£ the Door. Jones matlo one point from tho I'roo l i n e . Goldman tigaln tiel the iscoro when ho '"was [ouled while nhooting. Goldman immediately scored ugain from tho £roe zone on u second a t t e m p t . Kudo made hie foul Bhot good. WH h only three minutes left to play and the count tied at 14-14, Campbell driblilod in to the basket and got two froo throws w h e n ho attempted to shoot. Hoth wro suc- cceafnl. lit tho cloning minutee of play tho ball was constantly lu the C^.~-er«' possession but al! c.ttemptfi to flcoro were f u l i l e . Several timee Die biill Jiippixl Into tho basket only to zoom out again. Tho game waa ovoi\ Tho j u n i o r varsity iiuintet «wamped tho junior clasj-. tettm in tho preliminary garnc liy ;i 43-21 count. Tho line-up: Connellsville -- U, Luti-obc -- .16. Kurto -- ...... ---- ......... V ................ _ Gusldewica Lujack _. ___ ..... ____ If ------------ Akta Miller _________________ O ________ Mailoy Bradley _____ , ----- G --------- Campbell Ferenchula _________ .G -------------- Cort Subtititutiojifc -- Jouee tor Lujack, Johnson for Bradley, Goldman for Akin, Doherty for Mailcy. field goals -- Rude 2, .Tones, Miller, Qusklowicz 2, Akin, Citmpoell 2, Foul goals -- Rude, 4 out of 3; Jones, I cut of 2; Miller, 1 out ot 1; Feren- c'htila missed t; Gueklewlcz, 1 out of 2; Goldman, S out of ,1; Uoherty, 1 out of 1; Campbell, 2 out 'of 4. Reforee -- Johnson. F'ordham's Grid Star Seeks Swim Honors T i 1 f c \ »{;^ \ik^rr;;?t »«v* .P. I. A. League Summary SECTION TEN Yesterday's Results. Ixitrobe ili; Connelisville 1-1. Jeannette 30; Mount Fleastiut 1.0. Sriyottdalo 22; Greensburg 19. Standing of tho Clubs* SORD3 P O I N T S · · » · · Lew Evades Jin and Has Great .Year Union town B Latrobe _ _ _.... '2 Jeanuetie _ '2 Seottdalo t AV. I,, Pet. i 0 1.000! 0 1.000! (irccmHturg ..i .................... .......... 1 '.'. M o u n t I'lcitttaut .......... ...,, ...... 0 II (James Friday. at J c u t i n o l t e . M o u n t I'ltiuaant at Lutrolir. SECTION. T H I U T K K N .067 ! .GOD | .;;;;;: .'.\'.\',\ .00(1 y'H Kesttils. North ITnton 10; South U n i o n !). Brownsville 24; CurruichaolH .19. Redstone 22; Georges 13; Point M a r i o n 29; Gorman Sii. N o r t h Union B r o w n s v i l l e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Point Marlon ..... Curmlchaelg __________ Redstone ............... ._ ...... German ________________ ..... i Georges ................ _ ........ . South U n i o n ...... ....... of Hie Clubs. 1,. 0 ' 0 1 1 1 .1 1 Not content wUh bMng; awarded a team ,and being s nr center and captain of his eleven, Tony Siano is shown poised io? a racing start as lie trains for a place on the Fordham nwimmim: team. THIS EVENING J'ct. 1.000 l.OOi) .607 ,riOo .500 .33:-! KrMa.r. N o r t h L'nfon id B r o v v i m v i l l i * , Georges ni .Sou I h U n i o n . Jlcvl.slono ;l. I'oinl, M a r i o n , Ciirm-ii liaols al (jwiuan. SKCTIfllY FIVl:. Yesterday's KOMI Us. Mones5en 39; Gltarleroi 21. West Newton 31; Calltornlfi 29, South Brownsville 28; Donora 2S. Standing of the Clubs. Tho 'Casey Club, '·om.poseil for tho most part of the yoMths who were in t h e line-up oC that abrogation last, year, will play bisfoi'e the home fans this evening at the State Armory, mooting tho Murdochs. The contest is scheduled for -S:15 o'clock. Tho Liatrobe b a t t l e r s are reported to be- somewhat heavier and more experienced t h a n tho Caseys,' with HOV- eral former college stars In the lineup. Clem Crowe, v,'!io led a p o w e r f u l Casey combination lu this city a low years ago, is captain of tho Mur:locks and. ho will bo in action agalnel the latla -who'were on - h o reservo bench wh-on too was opora;lng tlw CiiS'B-ys. Interest in tho Casey Club con- tlnua unabated des pi to tho i'act there IB no Unity F r a t e r n i t y combination on the floor this year o .provide l.ho annual «ngag«inon'ta i ; i tlio fund oC niauy years standing. There .will bo a )·· fe-ilminary contest. at 7 o'clock, featuring: a clash bi- twce'ti the [./a.trob'i'Derry and Con- nellsvlllo Catholic high schoo'ia. Monesstin M ono n giih ela, Ohurjorol South Brov.-imviiki Donora __ _... Weal, NVwlon _ OaHfornla ...1 .... 1 .1 ... .0 h. 0 o 1 1 i'c.t. 1.000 1 .000 Lev; OU ' A To Si-06 //O A C l U B VET5RAM CtEVELAMO .000 Games I''rlduy. South Brownsville at Weel Xcwtois. Monongahela al Donora. Californiu at .SECTION TWELVI-: So GH men Yesterday. B; JACK SORDS Central Pres Sparta Cartoanlst-Wrltci: L KVV FONSKCA, CJevclnr i first baseman, is one major leag-uer who seems to improve with ge. He 1ms been playing professional ba!3 'for ten 5'eara but never be/ re has put on as stellar an exhibition as he (Jid in 1929, when he 1 'd the American league batters and waa chosen unofficially as the lea ;ue's most valuable player. Up to last season Fonsec i was one of the most jinxed players in baseball. W i i h the Cincinn ti fieds in 1024 he was going great when he hurt liis shoulder Eliding The following- year with the Phillies ):« was laid low by an i n j u r y ( the same shoulder. It was thought that that wna about tho finish o ' Lew'n throwing arm and he was sold to Newark. Tlutrc ha got by in fine style until tho end of the season, when new injuries k:pt him jn the bench for throe weeks. The jinx followed him to Cleveland and got the jump on him in th« ..very first game of the 192S campaign. SPOUTS GLEANINOS Tho Smithton Indopendent girls team wa« defeated 15 to U by the Robertshaw Then^iostat Girls last night ut Ocean Park. Now thtit the new year ie getting well under way, the Kch-ooi athletes who will carry th"ir colors In track and ileld competition are hoping for i an early "break" in the weather so j that outdoor training may start. It is etlll a couple of months, however, before anything "worth while can be done. In the meantime, thore will bo plenty of basketbal i games to hold tho Interest of the sport-loving public. it 1 m Fayette City toppled i'Jast Ptko Hun, 19 to S, last n i g h t at tho latlcr's Held, Sinuding: of the Clubs. \v. b. Sowickley _____________________ 2 0 Dunlxir ________ ....... __ ...... _.. ..... 2 0 Perry ..... _______ , __________ i .1 Belle Vernon ________________ 1 1 East Huntingdon. ........... _____ 0 2 H u r s t _ ..... . .................... _______ ........ 0 2 Pet. 1.000 1.000 .500 .500 .000 .000 Watties Bewick ley at Perry. Kuiibar Township at. Hu rst. Ea:3t Huntingdon at Belle- Vornon, CUDDY DEMARCO BECAME FIGHTER TO AID BROTHER Scottdle High Dribblers Defeat Gr« ;ensbnrg Quintet *--" ^^a» In TlirilJing League Game .Veteran PitclieJ- Retires After IS Y Welcomes Dempsey to Atlanta Cuddy BeMarco, onee k n o w n as tli'J Charlerol sheik, well k n o w n to .';ocal .ustic followers, does not plan to heed the atlvlce o£ Jltn, "Red" Mason, h!.s erstwhile manager, tor ho is a l r e a d y making preparations i'or a comeback. Cuddy, a trouper since he was olx years old, when he waa touring :ln vaudeville w i t h his b r o t h e r find a flock of other children, turned to professional lighting to help his brother, Freddie, Ivts former stage-mate;, who since has become blind,\ Cuddy was Tom Thumb and Freddy played Tommy Tucker. Cuddy went into boxing r a c k e t 'and first ot a l t was engaged in the amateur ranks. During the first year and tour months, lie participated in 112 battles uuci since t h e n engaged in 339 more be-Toro he became n . p r o r e s - l slonal. W h i l o UeMaruo was l i g h t i n g as an amateur, his brother, Freddy, was t r o u b l e d with his eyesight w h i c h xotneUme later failed him. lu need oE t'luula tor medical a i d , C u d d y : t h r e w his wares ' i n t o the p r o f e s s i o n a l field In tho hope of raising the money required to save his brother from b l i n d ness. - He signed up w i t h -Red Mason i who made a neat l i t t l e p i l e f r o m the Char!erol boy. Cuddy w e n t after the "money" in a f u r i o u s -manner. However medical aid i was unable to save his b r o t h e r ' s eye- .sisht. Cuddy c o n t i n u e d his s c r a p p i n g , the lust of the battle t a k i n g his fancy. Thort-j. who are intimate with the youny; f e l i u w feel t h a t -he burned h i m self up, pur tic i pa ting in too many encounters. " ' What DsMnrco's comeback w i l l a m o u n t to r e m a i n s to be seen. H e ' still has m a n y f r i u u d s in tills region | who w i l l bo p u l l i n g for him (o con- j tiuiu- his gait. ! KlchtT Turns Tide of Battlo in * Hec-Uc Game at Stae Armory Floor. LARGE CROWD 1 SEES CONTEST Art Nehf, Phoenix, Ariz , vet- eian soutlipaw pitcher of ti a Chicago Cubs, announces his retirement from baseball in wHch ha has played with major ieagii' teams for the last eighteen year;. Before going to 'the Cubs, ( h e famous southpaw was with tl s New York Giants and previous o that with the Boston Braves. FORT .WAYNE CLUB SOLD BY-ST. LOUS TO TOWN RESIDENT Stn'bling, the fistic pride and joy of Gcor.ia ring lovers, greet in;; Jack Dempsey, e.s -heavyweight champion -uui even t o d a y aiost popular'boxer in the world. Jack will rcfere ·- t!ie American L*ff\OB boxing show l Atlanta, G i U e u u T u n i i e y , r e t i r e d h e a v y w e i g h t j b o x i i g ( · h a m p l o i i o f t h e w u r ' l d , WHH shov.-ing r a p i d I m p r u v e m e n i t o d a y follows ag a. kidney opo--.t^-i, Mouiliiy at a Mc-w York JIOKJ»U»' ST. L O U I S . ,lin. If--Sa s of the Fort W a y n e , l i K l h i n a . bnseb;. 11 club of the- C e n t r a l Leu sue- w h i c h tho Bt. IjOtiit-j f a r d i n a l s h a v e o p e r u t i 1 for sev- orul y t a i r f ;LS a f a r m , lian men a n - i iiouiK'tMl by I ' l u n c b Hickey, .'ice j t r e s - j i d e t i l and luisiniii-o manas*? 1 - of (lie \ N a t i o n a l Lc.-asuers. The f r a r .'lifce was ·' piirduirei liy Chetitor G. f- .·hiefor, a r t ' s i l o n ( of Fort Wflync. i R i n k c y a i i n o u i u T d ( h e na.i ' was not. i a n.-.-ult of ('ommiissi.mrr K. *i. L a i i f i i s ' j r e c e n t a u a c l c mi ' V i m i n «t--re-'' h u s e - j b a l l a n d t . ; i i i | i l i o (.'a:-dinal« voilid. adlj a n o t h e r ( c a m iu tli"ir ch.i :i to take j tli« .i.)lace or the Fon Wayu · outiit, ' S CO r mA US. J atv. 15. -- G reens- hurg High %va« ctefeatod, 22 to IB, test nigiht by tlio pow-erful oom/binatlon of Scottdal* 1-llgh School at the State Annwy as iiie Kirtoifln quintet recorded its flrst Ijriumph in two starts In SecUo-n X of th-o Western Pennsylvania Intel-scholastic Athletic League the -g.r-eatest crowd of the season. Tli-e W-os'tmorela-nd co-untyseat-ers were le-a'ding, 9 to 7, at the hiUf and iii vls-Hors apo-rtert a 1S-17 advantage wit'h bi|t. 30 secon-ds to play in the final -period. A Sy^tfcdale player was given a ·thrown from the freo line and he sank the b a l l , tielug the game as; the regulation time whistle ended. Dirrtn« the overtime period, Greens'burg took the lead w h e n Shaffer dropped a foul. Slaiiffcr'TOugh with a .simitar poin-t for the Miltora. ii.fini.ln rtead.lock- in.K the K-.0['e. Cox taking- a beautiful pa.s« shot ono from tlio field and then Kirj-h'er nuMl'» good a f o u l try, the f'CoLt'.es hokiing tlie 22-19 o-ilgo wlieu the fim-o CIOTO to a close. T h o l i n e - u p : Grcciishurg--10. Scoitdiile--22. H11:lbH '. - F Klcher Criivottii V Stauffer Anderson C Cox Wrlgh t O VV'alil« Pn-g-e .G Rush SiiibS'tiluUons--Stra.siier for 1-1.1 bbs; Shaffer -for Pag-.e; Kelly for Shaffer; Co.n\vuy for W a lite. K l e l d goals -- l-llbb.s 2, Cravotta, Au- (lerKo-n 2, l')U:htM- ;!, L'ox, H'ti'Sli. Foul goals--Greens burg, 'J out of l i ; Sco ltd ale, 12 o u t of 16. Uel'e r ee ~ Fa \vtet t. Se.ottdal;'ri ( r l u i n p l i over Greens- b u r g in an o v e r t i m e game, by no means a surprise, was s o m e t h i n g t h e .Mill Town fans we're c r a v i n g f o r . Staui'fer'jj and Kicher's f o u l s and Cox' Held Ronl i n t h e e x t r a p o r i u d b r o u g h t l l i c t r i u m p h t o f i l e Miller:-:. West N ' o w t o n took a i . l i r i l l i n s :!l-il'J dr.'cislnn over ( ' H . l i f o r i i i a at lit' 1 J a t f c r ' ; ; floor l a K i n i g h t . Use- oua- clasKlJled North Union Higlh Basketeers in fie For Section bad Eust JluiiUngdon Makes PJl- griinajrc to Belle Yemeni In Third Lcngue Gaino. SURPRISE NOT UNEXPECTED North U n i o n T o w n b h i p dribblers scored a lu to !) d e o i H t o n over t h e biitiltclcers ol South U n i o n ' P o w n s h l p in a hootlc contest, last nig'it at tho Uitter's floor. By v i r t u e of t h e tri- u m p h i tho Welsh clan rema nod in a t i e with Brownsville for t h u lead of tietition X.I.U, W. P. f. A. League. Brownsville whipped C'avmlchaels, 24 to 19, w h i l e Redstone d o w n e d i Georges, 22 to 13, and I'ah I Marion upset German, 29 to 25, iu o t h e r games in the group. The line-up: North Union--15. Sonth Union--». Lewis F - Dills Fisher - F Cefaretti Shiffbauer .... C Crable Uhazie -. O J'e- Karpus Belong 0 Ventura Substitutions--Crosshuul for Fisher; Haley for Crable. Field goals--Fisher 3. f i h l f f b n u e r . Selong, l.'ha?.lo. Dills, V e n t u v a . (foul Roals---North Union. 3 out of 10; South U n i o n , 5 out of to, Srnro -by periods: » N o r t h U n i o n .- 2 I r ' 6---1.S South tTtiioi! -1 '"' 1 1--- 5 finfr.rpc--~ Dcstafano. \orUi nnlon--". South Union--I. .German F. . Fagler Cramer - F. Dewalf. \V a i[ C. Drews F u r i n S. C. B r o w n Klmosau O. P h i l l i p s Collingwood G Ventura Substitutions--Ainsley for Zimosan, M H m a w for Drews. Field goals--German, Cramer. Foul goals--North U n i o n , 2 out of 11; South Union, 1 out of 5. Referee--Molnar. ROCKWOOD CAGE OUTFIT DEFEATS BERLIN QUINTET ROOKWOOD, J a n . 15.--Berlin, - o. Class A high school in t l ^ e Somereut County League, wae da-foaleO by Rockwood High team on M o n d a y ove- iiing on Rockwood'e iloor. The game waa marked by m a n y t.hrillw us the two toamfi took turns in holding tho lead. It was not until tho f o u r t h quarter that the Rockwood lads took complete- advantage of tin visitors by cscoring flve points while .tlio opponents d'c! not ecora at all. The- l i n o - u p : Hocktvool--I". Berlin--!. Klmtnel F tiroff White -F Gougheuour Zearfoss C -__ Leslie Kroger .___ G._..- 1'Yilz Zufall _ -.... G ..._ Loguc S^lbs^ttuionQ--Morrison for Kimmel, Meyers for White, Bakor 1'or Kreger, Walker for Fritz.;. Field goals---Kimmel ::, White 2, Zearloee, Oroff 2, Leiilio 2. .Boul goals--Kimmel 2, White, Zearfoss 2, Kreger 2, Leslie. Referee--Gnagey. Timer--Newman. Scorer--Dlvely. D u n b a r Township I.-Hgh ljaskote«r/f. conquerors or Perry T o w n s h i p last week, are n o w t u r n i n g their attention to the next contest, on tho program on Friday n i g h t , w h i r h will bo played w i t h tho Hurt-!, dribblers of. Mount PleiiEout Township at the'e gymnasium. White D. T. goes to Hurst, Sc- wickley' Townsliip, tiel with Dunbar for tho lead of Section X, W. P. T. A. League, w i J l bo entertained at Perry- opolls where the protegee of Clifford G. Difkison hopo to a w i n g into a neafc w i n n i n g stride- t h a t Khould spell a complete collapse of the Hernvlnia outilt anI give the llc-d and Black free hold on the top rung ag the. Shearer athletes are expected to win handily from the Mounties. .lorry H u n t s m a n w i l l take his cagerrs io Bello Vornon for a n o t h e r try at tho w i n r o l m n n . Ttio T5s«l. }!unt)ngdou. boys ivrrr- tlowned by D t i n b n r and then, Sewfchley p n l l f d a big siirpriso. A l H i o n g h D u n b n r . Perry ;tivl AIver-» ton loom ar? f.n.vori('?H on Friday nlght» ilKH-fVi IH.I t o i l i n t ; w h a t w i l l ha.ppen. MOUNT PLEASANT IS DEFEATED BY JEANNETTE HIGH Latrobe, by virtue- of its triumph over Coiinellsvillcj, went into a tie with Unlontowu for the- lead of Section X, W. P. I. A. Leag-ie last night. James "Red" Mason, veteran manager of Pittsburg, collapsed shortly after the fight oE Tony Herrera ut the Smoky Ctty arena -Monday night. He was showing signs of improvement today. · * » Sewickley Townshii) rau ronghsliod over Franklin Township last night, winning by a score of 4i to 15. Campfield, Qpodliu, Latimorc, Ijongliiiei' and Petri are on the V a r s l t j for (he H»T- mlnie clul). Mount Ple-aeant High dn'bblera journeyed to Joannette last night whore they lost a 30-10 decision lu a hard f o u g h t game. In the first quarter t h e R l n g l e y boys hc-Jl -tha veteran ,fay« !o but three points. P j l J a d l n o led fo r M o u n t Plcnsant. ivitl) i;wo field ecials. ) T h e l i n e - u p : Jeiimielte--DO. .Mount i'lensnnt--10., Cribbs F Benedict; Cusin; F Brierch^clc Kryzack C Freed IxMclus G Volliiu S t e v e n s o n G P a l l a d i u m Su'SBtHulione---Wurzrll I'or Crlblw, Bengal for Casini, Carroll for Lejeiin-i, l.aveil for f-tovenson, Abromsoti for Crlerchock, Simmons for Freed, M i l l e r for Sinunoii!!, Shila for Yolhin, iSobroy for Palladino. ». Field goafe--Cribts 7, Kryzack, J^ej- clu«, Btevoiiison -1, M i l l e r , Palladino :.'. Foul gouis--Jeannette, I! out of 7; M o u n t Pleasant, 4 out of (i. Score by periods: Jcannctto .._ ,3 S 12 7 ;',() Mount Pleasant 2 0 fj 2 lij Itoi'erce--Huang. MOUNT PLEASANT CLUB DEFEATS McKEESPORT MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. Ifi'.--Tha Pbe -Me So Mo C l u b of M o u n t Pleasant defeated the McKeesport IHgli j u m p - ers in a terriiic struggle at McKeefi- nort on Saturday e v e n i n g by a score of 30 to 26, The l i n o - u p waa as follows : M o u n t IMeasimt--30. JIuKcosport-- 26. B " T °» · F Gutmaii Posler ,, F Weinberger Epstein _...c Taxol Gordon G Hirfichbergei- Simon ,, G Freelander Field goate--Epstein 2, Bf.rron 5, Poster It, Hinion 3, Weinberger Taxel -f, Hirshberger 3, C t i t m a n 2. Fouls--Barron 3, Pouter. For games w i t h i n ages of IS to IS years w r i t e or c u l l Morris Barron, M o u n t . Pleasant, Pa., Bell phone 127. ·t, O i l i e r .spur! nows o.n I';igo XIno. '"Will Return to Fistic Wars fsck Delaney, former light h e a vy weight champ ion of the world,after a Jong absence, will soon ret urn to the scene of h i s former glory. Jack is scheduled to meet Tom Kirby in a match to be held at Provi. R. I. .lntttrnB-llon Kewercel)

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