The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 23, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1918
Page 4
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FOETX. -iiifi DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 1315. .· i P : " I:' m HEXRY P. SNTDCSB. Founder and Editor, 1ST9-1916. . COMPAJiY, - K. XI SNTDER. : . . President. JAS. j; DRiscob Sec'y and ^rcasuTtr. .Business ltanae»r.. - " -JOHN I/, CANS. · ' ' . /STIM5IEL, ' : - -.· : City 'Editor;' . : ' . : MISS LTK5CE..B. KINCELi. .. Society Editor. - MEMBER OP: ' .·,,· , ^ Aifiroclaced-.Press, -.y ' · i Audit Bureau .of Circulation; %. Pennsylvania. .';A"ssoclated Diill^s. j^Two cents psr copy, BCc per^zobnth; »5 per. year. by : inall if- paid In advance. iBntered as second class matter at the poatofflce. ConnaUsTllle. Pa. i, MAS. 25, is. ; TW Ce«rtar'» Fla*. WTtilAlI P. SHERMAN. Hospital Unit L. TJ.. S. A, Fort. " McPherson, Atlanta. GA. RALPH P. SIJGER, Company K, SI*tn Infantry, ' TJ. S. N. JU Camp Lee. Petersburg. Va. ·ntl««d to to* MM lor npobttcxtfaa of all mm to- pstcbel credKed to It or not o«Iwnrte cn4itel to thla paper - awlalM tin Ixml the agreement at the dinner conference oi-ti "^-fanners and busi^ jneos men yesterday- to=wbrk-dut the details of curb market and tarm-labcr plaz.s along sucl) Jines. as, ^ «Shieeii montns but no pennafient im- proremect has yet been affected. )There Is a definite ratio.'between the reduction m the fixed charges per ton ot mine production and the car supply," tailing or rfsiag'a^cording as the -latter,, ijeceties Irom or .approaches W0:"pe"ri«ent.",'It follows"-as.a.-natural consequence, ..when'" labor supply .is ample to take care of. the ear .supply, that- whatever tend». to.-improve car service ojr_inake tie supply hold closer to-; tnaximmn, wijl, berpf. -direct' and- initiirial benefit to",tKe"prodicer.' Such jwneflt is 'ib.gjievei "$il result from the adoption qf : .the..zantng system that sn? eurtidhnentUnjhusiness no\v going to iUstant.jjoints! is..very, likely, -almost certainly; in" tact, tflbe made'up -oV-lhe plants '.being,, position to produce more 'coal and market it more quickly within a restricted, area than, they formerly marketed in an unrestricted:, area. , ' . ; · ,, : . . It has bmg'been'.a.complaint m.ttie_ trade thaf conEiderab'le^-cbtil has been shipped to markets which should have been provided' from inines" Savins' a shorter haul. Before the days of iprioe regulation this overlapping of markets byrcoal fi-omjdastricts haviiig low mining Taiesjresulted. ia'keen competition vritti.' resMUnt smalt profits, and often none at all. In districts in closer proximity to the potato of consumption. With prices -fixed by the gorernment competition has been eliminated, but there has remained the handicap on some districts of haying a .long haul to market and a correspondingly long wait'for the" return'of empties.- · Under the. zoning, system soras consumers will be depriTed- of a grade ol coal to which they have become accustomed, occasioning some .tnconven- ieiicel-lnit ik~ short'duration. To offset thfe they will receive a. larger, supply, QT 'such as they need, with-less (telAy-"letween - time -of shipment and delivery. Th« producers will be obliged to secure some new customers' to take the place of those lost out- fide ' their zone, boundaries, but with the present active market and large demand this will neither difficult nor *Uy benefit bottr^storties^ will: bfe-'oC- utmost ^ importance," 5 tire" significant featiire^of the gathering was the ·unrestricted, manifestation. oC the get- togother- spirit.'; f ' " ' ^" : .- " . - ,, - ""For'te first time in the history of Connellsville the fanners o° the immediate section and the business and professional men came together to discuss and consider ways and means of mating the services of sacb.* .more helpful to the other and t* the community as a whole. Having obtained the differeat viewpoints upon matters under consideration there was exhibited a fine spirit of willing cooperation in reaching a unanimous conclusion on the objects for which the function ·was planned. · , As a result' there is today a, better understanding . between the' two groups of rien--tho growers of products on one hand and the non- producers on the other--ihan there has ever been touching those things that vitally concern the material well being of the entire community. The men present at.the gathering realize that hitherto therr, has. been altogether too much 'disundeTstanclins ot the motives and aims of bothj:he farmers and the towa people to : result''in that cooperation whica is everywhere re. garded as the most essential factor in the promotion, of,the largest benefits to the greatest number, of people. These mea realize that the world is today witnessing and suffering from the evil-.consequences of. the biggest misunderstandings;^" history. They see how -blindly theVKaiser misunder- rtood the temper, courage and fortitude of the Belgians r How much he misunderstood..-.the;, ability · of the French .ta.witjistaniLhis brutal efforts, tqSteed that nation white; how much her underrated the calm persistence" anfl dogged determination VfolT ''tHe British to '-e^at-iilTii^it^Vtig-is'tlp.^ hdw boldly iin,dTjefiSaitiy;.Tie haa-t^aitt-;" pl£d every^lawj feumui'·- ind --'divine; oi.h'ig .."033- ·*?*?erlng iS;the':'; American exjsnsive.- It- will no.'-doubt develop that ctisig^s Jn the zone boundaries will become necessary to equitably adjust distribution from. time, to time, but the principles ot. the system teing sound and-logical, the details of its application will be very easily worked Yesterday was a day of discoveries in Coqnellsvllli. The farmers discovered Cbnnellsville and Conncllsville discovered the farmers. Th-i conscientious objectors will all be made "con-coma," but not the kind .that wear, the chevrons of the real non-cora-nii.isloned officers. The latter would just as conscientiously object to beinff placed in the non-combatant class as We "C. O's" object to -being placed in the fighting class. Unl^ntown has need of a Jury administrator or some other official or means of increasing the output o£ jurors? who do not object to capital punishment.- Some of the glamo'ur of armrXHfc disappears when the boys Ret -to the embarkation camps to wait their turn to start upon the Great Adventure. It becomes a scriou« business then.- The WRtor company must not be ni- lo-,vod to forget that street repairs, resulting from loakir.E rnHins, must be "made in ConnellviHe, not on paper tp thy New' York office. Jt Is ^Xiberty Cabbage" Elizabeth Herald. Jjovers of the succulent cabbage . is snow ehgrlngfiippnvlfe'las!;' of-clear-Ting np th'e!ie'"misunaer3tanUDgs;'-ahB properly fermented.- can now indulge Uietr".. 'appetites without suspicion of disloyalty.; There is no lonprcr any kraut. " "litberty cabbage" takes its place. Think Only In BUltons. ",,'.,,'.. 'Johriatovrn Democrat. Apparently Congress has at last got to the" point -where it can t h i n k only ·in. terras-of billions. SONS OF CIVILIZATION. -By Macauley. @^^®SXS®@GX3©^^ o y^*o *n A *n « o ·WAXTED -- TOOK business. KEXDINE'S. BAHBERING tf : TV ANTED--DLSfcTWASriETl AT WEST SIDE HOTEL. Ittmarti %TANTBD ERN' ONION TELliOKAPH CO. WANTED--SECOND HAKD TYPE- wrlier. Call Bell U-H. ar TH-Stat* D8-W. Mount PJeasant. 23(ebtf RK. SINGLE. KID- ; dJf a^red man preferred. Apply HILL HOL-Sil. Scottdalo. Pa. ilmar-tt For Rent. FOR. ,RKNT--NJNE nOO.*iI HOL'SE Apply 215 Wert Orc'-n street. 22rnar2t WANTED-- BOY TO ACT AS POR- tcr and work in druu store. J. C MOORS. W A ? r E S E C O N D HAND S.vrB. SOUTHERN CO.N'NELLSVTU^E COKJS CO.. CItliens Bank bulldlnsr, citr. 21niar3t . WANTED -- AX EXPERIENCED cloak and suit tflrl. Hiffhest salary paid. 110 Norlh Ptttsbure strcftt. ISmarifd FOR RJ5NT--ONE J-MVE ROOM j house, amaJl g-arclcn. ffarf and li.ith. E.I SOLKS. Ho£tr Addition. ISrr.artfd TOP. REST--ONB flat, modtfrn coQT--eiii PlttMburir stroet. J. K, Renner, Attorney. MART LOOBY VS. MICHAEL Looby, lit. tlit] Court o£ Common Plena of Fixyett-: County. Pa., Xo. 13, March , Term. 1913. To M inline I JLoo'-jy. re- LhM, tho Mibjioenn and alias subpoena ; in this case Viave been returned "Non j RML (nvemti ! f ," you are therefore re- i quired to appear In the Court 9! Com- · in on Pleaj- ot Fay cite coimiy. I'a., on I tho Ural Monday oi! April of nairi \-ourt, i A. D. lOlrt, to answer thci J l b c l and j cotnplaiot iilr^-1 Lhcri-in, and show c^ufo. If any you h.-we, why a divorcp from tho bonds n:f matrimony should " i ^_ j not be i r r i n t f d thc llbollant above "iinil FLOOU [ n a m c ( i - THOMAS 'L. HOWARD, SlierifT, DCC». 611 is«uth Sheri-Ts OJflee. ilarch 8, 1018 ilrnar3t WANTED--BOYS AND GIRLS OVEK 16 years ot ase.. PaW v:hlle learning, j )n g. CONNELLSV1LLE SILK MILL. - ' WANTED--SEVERAL 'HEX FOP. work .in repair shops, 5 hour uhlft. Apply MASTER MECHANIC. West Penn Railways.Co. JJroar-lt Cnf BUSINESS MEN v AND FARMERS JOIN ^;- .HANDS TQ HELP WIN . - .; :Continued .from Pace One.! *w;-Wright,.William McCormick, T. 1L Kern,.iA; 'C. Ogieyee.-llaypr John Dug- WANTED--^WOMAN FOR SWEEP- ing and cleaning:, Must be thorough In her work. MRS. E. K. DICK. 506 I South Pittsburg: sli tt. 22martl!d i " I he-is going to make.^ver*Vtborbugh' 'S 311 ^ J; w - Blair.;:-. .; joK ot-it;- The raore-o^bpfetely : the|-..' A £ e .r- t he: appointment pf this-'ci mfiundiKtiiDiSgrtimonf-the people ***" ^" t * 11 ' 1 -- '-*"" ^"^ '1 here at home are cleared_uji, and^ closer their cooperation, 1 th'e inore tajt - be:n.hat: wh n'cile Sam :om- :C the talk'ran into'Tarnr labor. A vote o£ thanks to illsses RRynoi andT. Gans.^the high' school domestic science classes, the Boy Scouts and.tfce WANTED--^TOCTN'G LADS," . STIiN- ographer oitd accountant. Sta-tc er- pcrlcnce and salary desired. Address P.-A., care Courier. ]6mc.rtW · |--AT ONCE EXPJ3RIENC- ed.' saleslady, hig-heat WILCCB; steady position. JPKOPkES DEPARTMENT STORE, 220 North Pittsburg: street. i'2martfd ' WANTED--MINERS WANTED WHO arc studying for examinations to got -the best mintng book published. "Jffin- in a Nutshell." by JAMES WAHD- cottdale. Pa. Price J2.25, FOR HI3NT--O.VE 0ESIKABLK 7 rc - Tlonncr. Attorney. ...,re room formwly occ-upiod by Means m - v 3-IKB .VS. BLANCHE J.LEB. IN -Murphy. Inquire FI/RKN*C£ SiliTTZ. i t h '- t- () '-in of Common Picas of "Fayette JSfebttd jcouniy, rn... Ko. 41", December Tcrrj, . 1917. To Blanche Ueb. rcsrpondent: FOR RENT-- FHOXT OFFICES O N i T f i i aro hereby notified thut, the Hub- floor of Dunn Jt IS vans build- ' poeiui. anti iiHus subpoena in this case iqukro of HARE? DuKN, have *;«o romrn«e ""on ast lnvontu«." Sjan-tf6| you are therefore rnr.uirod to appear in . -- , . -- . j the Court of Common Ptcaji of l-'ayetie FOR P.BST--THRKJ-: KICELV FUR.' : c o u n t y , Fa . on the 1st .Monday of April ntsheri rooms for H.crM hoiAHnkeopini^. | of rnld Court, A. D. 1918, to answer the with use of bath. 1217 Syciunoro j libel and complaint filed therein, and Btroet. £3r:jarlt · show causo, if any you have, why n. di- · ; vorra Croni t h e bonds of matrimony FOR KENT--TWO LARGE UN1TUA- ; should not be printed tlic iibejlant nlhcd \\e\it hounokeopia^ roo^ns. N o ; above named. THOMAS .L. HOWARD, children. S09 Or-.-cn street. ; Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, March S, 1018. Sterling'. Jlfsbse Matthews t Attor- -I CHARL.BS X. FOR SALE.--ADVERTISING SPACS Secrets. In tli In this paper. Aelc fur ra.t'j.t. pr.p ciA-F 1 FOR SAwE Alt^ erc.-cart. FOR horses. No. I. SALE--TWO GOOD C^A-RX GRIMM, Lc ere-s yrill 'have no is!hrou^iwitihisjc*,tieHunbuic'-. ccmmittee - who arranged.the banquet was given. --The- domestic .science classes arc especially- to be -commended for the excellent manner; in \yhich the dinner ·was prepared and served. Every per- !sou had plenty to eat and thc menu ;ras well planne'i.: Tie class tfed and ' - misnnderstand- eiTo : thein nr ^ey- misconception, ag to-why. chas- tisojs^nt has been administCTed.. Compared .with thej total needs of tit; war ·tlme5,."whatrthe-'men 1 of th?. farms in tl«:. .Ticteity .ot CocDellsville and the men. in; the's offices and shSps may-Jointljt -accomplish- toieach otbir's and_ 4he -natiyBi _ it ·*£ ..muct_Jess jragortance. than;:the fac'f'ina't'Tn'ey 'aro"gorkiDg Itpgether in the spirit of patriotic co-5peTatlon to tliE^eud' tnat/tte war may be won and justice, liberty aid human rights may again, be restored to the nations of the earth. 'i'RE ZO-\,E STSTEJI OF COA1 11STK1BUTJOS._ ' Some producers of cqij will ' ertred 225 guests '' httch,:al- it-va's'.the firstHlme t'riat:any- 'on" such" a large scale had ever 'been attempted. . - Thffe -was""a-~ia'rge" 1 attendaifce: 0( busitiess men ai the banquet, persons in all "walks of life attending.- The ministerial af..- .ciation -was well .represented and Rev. Father John s . T. Burns also present. Janiea S. Darr represented the Department of Labor and Industry at, tie banquet. Mrs. "\\ r . 0. 'Scboonover, Mrs.' 'J. B. - j Marietta, Mrs. W.'R. Clasper and Miss doubt be disposed to regard tfce'zoninjr systEsn. of distributing coal as 'an infringement of their right a market wncrever it raay.,be ffiund.: It could properly be regarded, as. such if there were ao compensating 'advantages in the plan. · ' : : ' · If the operation of .th-a system ae- compHsbcs all that it~ls. ezpected of it. in tbe itroduoUo^roeT^cphomie^i' in trafcsportiitton_ aKSu^Vaa 'large a reduction iu ear milca4».;is ^timated, tbe coal producer's t t£^jp;ral district, 1 Lena Moreland occupied , a reserve .table.' ··". - ' .} . The Boys Scouts were, at work, from "S"'.o'clock in .the morning until 5 o'clock in tbe,evening: ;.,|Chairs .were carried to the. banquet^., eitra dishes tran»ported; .and. dirtv. dishes washed and dried by them. .; . . ; , There wa-s.notb.tag £rom the banquet ^ren,U-to waste'. . After"- the -meal^had bee'Iierred, everything left over^was hauled to the Cpttage'S'tate hopital;'.: "-The room ^va3 : llnd wltiL.eigfrt'lon'g tables, FOR half r ADAi) SA1.E--PRESl-' COW, lile cast of M i i r i o L c a ONK 'far; n«ys. .ECKETS VS. Court o£ Commou Pic-ad of Fnyetie- county, P;i., No. 13S. December Term, 3517. To Lola M. Secrets, respondent: You are hereby np- ' !I1 ' tilled that thc subpoena and aliits sub- _j n o n n a in t h i s cai-o h.'ivc been returned " r j "Non est inventas," you arc therefore u \ \ required to Appear in Hie Court of 'k j Common PleoR of Fayctte county. Pa., on the 1 1st iloml;iy oT A p r i l o? ^aitl Court, A. ]?, 3.018, to answer tht: l i b e l and compluint tihrl i here in, and show . If nny you JiavE, why a divorcfl . ^,.!;*. j cause. If nny you JiavE, why a 6 _1_ I from thc bonds of m a t r i m o n y should ' WANTED--OLD FALSE TBISTH. | ~*S roo::1 at a low 1 price. Don't matter- if brolccn. I pay 5^.00 to ' Cottage, corner Full-view. J15.00 per act. Send by parcel post and I ~~ , FOE; LTV- i"2 South i'.'imar2t. receive check by return mail. UAZHR, 2007 S. : Fifth Street, Philadelphia, Pa, - 5mar2Sc° . .WANTED -- "WOMEN" FULL TIME aalarj" J24 selling jruarante^d hosiery -to wearer. Stic an hour spar* time. Big spring business. Experience unnecessary. Norrlstown, 1NTJ3R.VATIOMAJ....MILLS. Pa. 23 marl t* ·WANTED--AGENTS WAXTED IN" Connellsville and vicinity to solicit orders' for men's .Salco Clothes from factory direct to wearer at -u-holcHale O. Box 522, Philadelphia; prices. Pa. P. , I9mar3t-eod* WANTED--AGENTS. MAKE BIG 1'irofltB sell inn our extracts, perfumei?, cold creamH, face pov/ders, . spices', medicines, etc. Beautiful high gradti ilrie. Exclusive - territory. Sample soap free. LACASSIAN* CO., Dept. 115, St. Louis, Slo. - 23marlt* SAMS-- BROWN hug:ffy, pr.ioilcaily nctt Pair view avonue. BARY r t-6 FOK SAI.E--SOUTH COXNF.L-LS- ville lets. Convenient, choaj'. easy terms. Inquire at THE C O U R I K R OF- FO.R. SAI^E -- HOR3K 1200' poumi.w. ivuson-nn:"! W13TGHING ugrsy ··*·*- rea- ar lit be grunted thy '.ibcUant ab named. THOMAS L. HOWARD. Sheriff. Sheriff's O*rico, March g, J318. Want Ads--I Cent a Word. FOR EjA-UE---BUXXiDJKO TO 'I'JZAH down, lum'ncr- In, groad «:oiu!ition. Inquire MRS. J. K CAJU'OX, 102 Korth- Thir'd streeLi: Vr-»st £-ict. 2arijar3t WANTED--ANY' KIND OF . irijr, whether it' is a. calling card,..sals bill or the finest engraved -wedclir.g- invitation or announcement. We print anything--everytbing-^do .'it -prom^tiy arid do It right. "Call the man at TI13 COURIER office. .-Both phones. 27-t£ WAITED--MEN AND WOMBN. 13 or 'over, needed for- g-overriment war jobs. Thousands- of . clones wanted; 5100- month. · Rapid increase; Common education sufHcIeht' AMERICAN IX- Rochester, ?J mar-lC-23-* FOR SALB--TBF.ITJr*. TON PACKARD truck, · splendid r u n t s ins condition, Roady to fjo or. the Job. 51.200. Inquire SCHM1TZ. West iJine Go.r.ige. FOR - SALE -- CHOICE. HOME grown carmen ycert iintl'eating 1 potato ea. Price rr:iso"na,nie. Both- phoney. J. C. DETWILER, Conr.illBVllIc. R. F. FOR CON- CKETE FORM WORK. A. G. McKBK COMPANY, DUNBAR FURNACES, DUNBAR. · " FOR SALE--STABLE OGx-13, LOCAT- ed on lot 106x105 .corner of Meadow Lane and Church Pla,i,v; Also throe double houses on same lot. Inquire JOS.. L. STADKR. · 23rnar'Jtl. WANTED--LARGIS fit than under the.61d;yste:ii.. The The adaress oz -welcome was -made by eiTect of the reducUpaTJir ;ar m. .wit! -be to return eani£y."cars to" the heartiest'af 'welcomes--to the farmers mines with, so much-^griealer despatch ani assured them that' they. were not that it will be equival^a£'to.'. an in- only \vapted tor the one day "but -were crease ' _»-·----=··--.·..».· . ..... i .,..._ . · i ,. nearer Uon of ilants;and in car sup?I~r"rc*u!ti;'.a'jal\rn.yy"welcome for the 365 days.fn.a approach to'!iull-tliGe-~op.e?a- year... . - t,:.-..""/'· .': the- condition, the hus b**en ho^iag RobertKorris acted 'as;, chairman"' ;of the-meeting ; in the;, absence of-TF 1 :. W. Wright..'' . - - ; . . - ! ''"''; ' ". . . ;.'-."- ;/'.-'. .WANTED -- OLD LINE SICK AND Accident Insurance Company wants activr. rcpraseritatiye in Fayette county.. Splendid opportunity' for man who, Is willing: to Tvprk. · Gcod immfidiai? I money and permanent business.- Spare ^i'nie" .-and 'evenings · : Ba'tisf actory" ' at ; start. No Investment- .'reciulred, -Write ' NATIONAL ~i D : ;trj?U, -'.Michigan:.' COMPACT, ·FOR SALE--LAT\'X ilOWEB, GAS cooking stove and gas st^ve, Uook ctxac, two carpet swceperu iinil an Iron bed. MISS 12LIZAE" Green street. FOR BALE--GENERAL STORE. Best proposition Jn tlio county.. I-asrt yQar'.s sales 575,000. .Good tov,-n; best location. Only store he-re. "STORE/' care Courier. ,. 21mav3t FOK SALE--GO-. ACEK 'FARM', '8 room brick housed A-l bank, .barn, 15 minutos' Trails, from'.- borouEjh limits. ,Can^ give "-tmrn-eLliato post-ssion ' for ?7,DOO. 'E: P.' DeWITT. · Bell- phone 2S9-J, Scottdale, Ptt. . 20mar-lt YARD : CLERKS, . TRACK CHECKKHS AND CREW CALLERS. T. L. E. RAILROAD COMPANY, DICKERSON RUN. GOOD SALARY, STEADY EMPLOYMENT, RAPID PROMOTION. APPLY TO C. E. REINHARD, GENERAL' YARD MASTER, D1CKERSON RUN, PA. FOR SAiE-- TWO BREEDING PBKS of full blo"oded rose comb Sli- norcas, all 'laying-. No. 1 .and 2, 8. .Kens Booster, S2C and, £25. .rcspectlyely. " - ^ Hatchlns . . "51.00 for,- 13.. WIL- i LTAM GRIFFITHS; ·soTitii. conneiia-' · MAM AND -WIPE TO TAKE CHARGE OF' AND .RON A COMPANY BOARDING HOUSE POH is MEN: PERMANENT . -EMPLOYMENT AT ' $ 7 5 PER MONTH AND LIVING. CAiL KIER FIRE BRICK COMPANY, LAYTON. PA. BELL PHONE - 98 H 31, DAWSON, PA. 'the advance spring showing in women's, misses', and children's wear are now being displayed at all the Union Supply,Company stores. There in a wonderful variety of distinctive, well defined skirts for women; we have a special lino of separate skirts in all sizes, black and navy serge, black and grey serge, pleated back, fancy plaids and striped silks, autl many other kinds. · There is a choice distinctive line of children's dresses, range from eight to twelve years old, and from three to seven year? old. You will just have to see all these new Easter ready-to-wears and then you will understand why we call them "dis- , tinctive" styles. Ribbons of every sort and every style, for Children's hair, for bows, for sashes, for any use you may have for them. The stocks are new, th.e colors beautiful, prices very reasonable. Timely Easter offerings of new spring shirt waists and blouses, exceptional advantages, exquisite hand-embroidered. A very large and complete line of these popular goods at reasonable prices. Every one of our sixty-three stores are now showing a complete spring line. It is time now to hearken all ye buyers ami prepare for your Easter outfit. / 93 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. The Store that insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased with ottr strls selection and our methods in fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--tor our customers' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY-- w.s.s. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government KABCH. 1918. 3 Mi. 1, 1923. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 CONSELLSViLLE, PA. IF YOU Anything, Have Anything for Sal© or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring 'Resultts. IS*. ,1.

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