The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 35
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 35

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 35
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Page 35 article text (OCR)

TeH - mw mf J. rmDAY. AUGUST XI, 1964 x law u(..WA JoOrviNAL 35 2ot ' m, run to in." .201 " ' awl wn to 8 in I Column) 201 liisirunioin '(Cent from Pioteain'g Coiumnl " 201 wn, fun to in . ,201 .pn, run to in jor iph, run to in 201 iPti. run TO LET (Cent from Preceding Column! zoi wn.funi. in tCont. troai Preceding Column) I (Conl from preceding Columni (gonw (ram Preceding CotunuO' ICont. fmra arnaiiltn; Cohimnl fCowt From Precoding Column i vr ATVttW. i. ArflSBronOOM flat, newly daedrated Abply wrm ivm. iwii: CASTVIEW. - BASEMENT, liini ihiiw, peraing. as . ioaa Street. 144-1MX. ' J iXifviXW 4-BEOaOOM APART- aaenL ?, Mhr, dryer. 14-1 fcATrVUCW. l-BEDROOM APART- IW, 1H ceaieet. EAJTVIIW. LABOR I BCD- room al aaartanent, rerrigeralar. law ground floor. gja-leo. EASTVIEW. BS. HEATTO l-BED-room apewtrnanc naar avarythlaf. 4S-1TM, iat-0414. EASTVIEW, I BEDROOM. SSI parking. IHI-MMl SMt-aoU. ECHO DRIVE. OKOUND FLOOR triple. 1-bedroom, dining roam, decorated to choice. Sepiernber- pctooer. lu. US- us echo narvx. 4is iit floor. 1 badiuuma, modern kite ha a. Boated, paramf eioragv available bow. Hunt EFFICTENCY ONE BEDROOM atataaaatta. T Ricbanond Read ... Yaur awa antranea. yard and aaraaa. DaearaUd a your choice) uay aae-iara. axacnuc street, a tin- 'room. and (Mi equipped adult. H-u7 evening., aXOIM AMI LHOAR. NEW SBC- . lion, 1-badroom apartmant. 134- -aJ. LOIN. VICINITY ARMY HEAD euarter. I padrsont, MO. 134- FLAT. - 1 ROOM. BATH. UN. kaalad. . Adults S4 An- GLEBB, 4-ROOM APARTMENT. Ulad bathroom, equipped, parav ane. g-ora. t. OLEBE. a BEDROOMS. SUN-natch. :dtantt room, aaitlppad, . par kmc. sal: t liailiuuuii, ground naar. dmlng" Mem., equipped ' parkin,. SUTJS.. Octobar.i 3a-; Mia. ' -i. GLEBE, BEDROOMS, ' ELEC trtealiy equipped, 3 tlt-MJl, wains la3-il day. 1 GUESS. 1 OR a BEDROOMS, .apartment? equipped. Ho and tn-114. : GLEBB. BXDROOMS. ELkCTRI-j . eaUy equipped: U. 1M-HU WEST END ' . l-BEDROOM SUITE? V " S-BEDROOM SUITES 4100 - Between Waatgata and Carltna- wood Soupptng Cantraa. Janlinr 1 , aarekra. BMCUtaaUy equ'ooed. - I Fraa parking. Bua traruporta. I uoa at ajur., , OLESC. . S BEDROOMS L ' ELEO-trtcally aaoippaa. H. m-llU miX. il. a-B EDROOM AART-menta. elactrte atove. tU MP. m-tiot. , . - . - MEN! CRESCENT. I . BEDROOM aaartaent. Sal:. 1-Oed e M pertinent, 10s. equipped. Sac 1. LOWER DUPLEX, 8 BEDROOMS. Pot-o. carport. 11 10. 1M-4a. LOWER AND UPPER DOP'LBX. heated, perking natuttoa. arhaali. . , TBI 40t altar t. MACLAREN NEAR BANK. 1 B ID-room, living, dining, balcony. aerMng. couple. Oatahtr. 17. MANOTICtL 1 BEDROOM.- AT-trartire. keeted. lighted, greuad ' ilaar.. sta-gaia.-, . - MAR1ER ROAD. 1 '. BEDR O O M, keeted. MO- Itl-ltoa. 141-101. ItoLEOD. GROUND FLOOR. TRI-pias. equipped. CE-I11. ' MODERN. GROUND FLOOR, edl-oontamed 1 -bod room a Bt. Andrew. OMaw. 13J-3. NEAR UPLANDS AND RIFERw atda. a liediootna, Large kitctun. alien plug olactrtrally Uly aquvpaa. aaa-taae. NEAR - ORLEANS. MODERN . -bedroom apartmant. own en- , trance and balcony, garage. heaU ad. epectoua grounda 141 ial. . NEWLY DECORATED. ELECTRI-cally equipped, a bedrooma. a Ckerlerotx. Baateknr. ItHM ONE.- BEDROOM APARTMENT, electrically equipped, central Ua-ltU. local 114. 1 10 to 1 pm THE BRONSON APARTMENTS 200 BRONSON Xvt wTTHTN .EASY WALKJNO PIS. ' TANCE OP. PARLIAMENT BILL ' l-BEDROOM and , 3-BEDR00M SUITES RENTALS FROM $83 u $139.50 ' SUPERINTENP1NT ON PRtMISU 232-4082 .' - v. 236-5093 ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT, electrically equipped. U. all OTTAWA SOUTH. I BEDROOM, eleatrksally equipped. September. ' MS. aaa-uaa. lu-itil evening. OTTAWA EAST. DUPLEX. PRI-vata entrance, parkfeis. adult. SM-7aia. - . O VERB ROOK.- AVAILABLE. large a lanTuum. atova. gluo-rrf-aws. PHONE H1-41M FOR DETAILS eo awaord 1 -bedroom apartment at Centre Town. Baat, Ught and perking Included r law rant. RICHMOND ROAD. 1 BEDR O O M. modern, equipped. MO: beehetor. ta. Parking. ' tig-SMI. tU-llH. avaalnga 13a-oSa. SANDY HILL. I AND 1 BED- noma, equipped. lu-ei in. SANDY BILL, BACHELOR, t BCD. renew- M Sweetlaad. 711-1704 A New Apartment Address NjJniversityV xArms: 45 MANN AVtV , fBandy Will trmhr '''-I BUauta Walk la Oaavr Toera. 20 MORE VAIUE" ' Than Compartble Stiites tAKOI t- J, t-BBDROOM RUITCS FREE RESERVED PARKING : : V.'$98 ' ' : i7 -a 733-1623 ' ;:: SANDY " "HltlT " l-TBEtfRbOM apart men mumped, park us,' SANDY HILL, SUBLET, a ROOMS. 10 mlnutaa walking distance Centre Town.- Stova, "rarrtaar- . or, beeum. clean. 41 TaatpM-kaev Apt. a. tu-iis. - SANDY HILL APARTMENTS MO up. parting, ievator, uunoro-ana. IN Laartar Beet. SU-lleS. SANDY. HILL. SPACIOUS S-BED- . elactrlcallr aanlnnad. 111. U4-UU 8EPT. U. UPPER DUPLEX, !., ia- trg re 7l4f avanlnga, SPACIOUS. EQUIPPED. LIGHTED. ai conaitlonea, redecorated, haiamanl. garage. llUKlt THS '. CANADfANA- CantraUy located at Daly A. This aew apartmeni onars or t badiooma equipped with dlahwaanara. . and other modem leaturaa. ' ItMpocUoa daily I' I la. W atediaia ; and . s later occupancy, Te! . mna C. A. FITZSIMMONS CO. i ' limttad , REALTORS 131-7 1S SUBLET ONE-BEDROOM APART. , meat, heated, equipped w d a h big faeuittee, parking. Winter pluf.ina. Phone 74-411t. altar M pjn. SUBLET. M DALY. APT d. 1 BED-room, healed. 17a. : aaa-aOlt. e-IOJ evening- - tteft w " fiB'nAU vnme ped. laundry. Jtaaud. llM. 231- aaae. : - . r SUBLET. . JiUhed. a l bedroom.. ' run- wom ana; eie. t. SUBLET APARTMENT Ml. ONI . bedroom, wall to wall ruga, beautUuf view of etty, occupancy Sept, 1. (134. Evaninga, . ui-lllt. oayuma wa-ooea. MINTO Canada Moat Honored Builder '-r OTTAWA'S. FINEST -v APARTMENTS PLUS;"': YOUR OWN" .PRIVATE - COUNTRY QUB : 'J' jMfk i . -I. Pnr the 'fret time in Can . ads. apartment reeidanui can en icy the magnificent faclrt-liee of their owa exclurive Country Club plua the flrat. rental aecommndalloa. Hera are aame ef the many fse-. tures oATerod by the new ' aVyahor Country Cluo. . I fleeted Indoor Pool I Heated Outdoor Pool I I Regulation Gymnaeijm I Badminton Court Sauna Bathe I Recreation Room I Children 'a Nurari y . ( 8 FURNISHED ' APARTMENTS ON DISPiAY. Earl ting new I. nd b-. room deeigna that offer the oat Irnportant' factor m mmforl . . . EXTRA SPACE, EXTRA ROOMINESS,- ..... ... i . v-, ; " - WALL-TO-WALL '. , CARPET IN UVINO ' AND DININO ROOMS ENCLOSED BALCONIES INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PARKJNO -EAT-IN" KITCHEN a '" ;rv-r ' RENTALS FROM An " ' '."",)' ... -iy , ENQUIRE ABOUT.'.,:-. MONEY -SAVING . . OPENING SPEOALr ' :'; .-' Vf : , 9nly mmutm from' centra' Iowa:- on Carting Ave Inst weal ad the Britannia Drive- . m: en Richmond Road Juat waat af Plnamreat Road, or ; n the Queenewey to Pine-erest salt and wt Hons . Rkhmond Road. OTC bua eervlee (Route ill jffera., ever SS erase - town tripe i .. ..- :- ' . - u -t . . i i : .1 i .t 0AILV r,V,'-Ts.fl P.!.'. SUNDAYS ',VtV''S -.TM'.- 82751 p"- Canada 1 Mori Hornirsd Birt4c THE SIDNtT TOWERS.- f"V MtS- -nam apartmant. au)d ga-atg. TWO . BEDROOM APARTMENT. Metrically equipped. Apply 04 apt, a- UPPER DUPLEX. HEATED, a bedrooma. lie monthly. Ttp-oii. UPPER DUPLEX, a BEDROOMS. 0119. 41 Mutual. 140-JT14. UPPER DUPLEX. 4 ROOMS, bathroom, heated. lighted.' Be- VERY CLEAN. 'I BEDR O O M 1 tranaporta- apartment, cloae tlon. shopping. 40. radecoratad. 72- VERY LARGE. ONE BEDROOM apartment. Hanover kitchen, alec-Ulcally aqulppad, parkins. 4 Maan Avenue. WEST END. VACANT I BID room apartmant. . aun coupie, eery clean. Central. 711-104. evening T2-OT0. ' ' w wty A-rr lioruraM a . nrn. .room. (110. parking, scnoou ana Oct. 1. Convenleat. 711-1 , la! Coidrey Avenue. l-BEDROOM APARTMENT IN H ii modern building. Centre Towa Krklag, heat, iigai tnciwaea a rent. SOS King Edward. I BEDROOM, BALCONY. HEAT-ed. lighted. MO 117 Bt, Andrew. I BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM. KIT- : chen. bathroom and balcony. refrigerator, atova. garagai . a U Melrose. 721-MH. l-BEDROOM APARTMENT, atova. Iiigldalre. parking, no children, aou. a Street; a'trr a. 135-aeiI APARTMENTS ECHO DRIVE Excellent location, bachelor, two ' and three bedroom. ' Immediate no) later pocseMion. Evenings T25-J353. .. . CARUNO r VENUE'-- rttsr', Cariiruswood, ir-conuillirvsc. two b4rooms, " parking ' immediate poftestion. Eventngi csU 723-2352. LAURIER AVE.' W. Near O'Connor, one or two bedrooma, moderate rents. Octo- ;ber lit potaeiiion. Evenings call 725-2352,. . '. ' . C AT '-' "'' FITZSIAAMONS- V CO. LTD. Resltcra 232-7185 1 . BEDROOM APARTMENT. IS . avmlabla hnmedlateW. rant free month September. Apply Super in tend ant. Apt. t. lis Sh turns- 1 BEDROOM. M EX-ROSE NEAR C lads tone, S70. tU-Ult t BEDROOM. BATHROOM. K I T- chen and Irving room. - 721- BEDROOM. BALCONY, IN. dosed auaroam. ard floor. Som erset near Lyon, Malura adult; tv Tia-4a. l I . BEDROOM. . 12TH FLOOR. aauih am of ciuanpiaia Tower. AeaUabla Sept. . 111-127. aflle hour. ' v -' a-BEDROOM DUPLEX, PARKING, near everything. Frantanat St Eastview. t4-TM. a . BEDROOM. CLEAN. QUIET. Brkil 74.; iraua, e wiuta raxners, iaa- t BEDROOMS. DININO kitchen. ISO WUlew. ROOM. 1 - BEDROOM APARTMENT. Mo- Arthur Plaaa. electrically quip-' 74-73. a 4 751 .VBEOROOM APARTMENT. M A rann. . r le euef. a-BEDROOM APASTJaENT. OCT. BEDROOMS. KITCHEN. BATH- room, aacand floor. II Cordon Street. a-BEDROOM APARTMENTS. t3. living room. Kitcnen. oainroom, basement, free paraJng. plug - to heater. 7 2-054. a-BEDROOM LIVING AND DIN- ing room, aunroom. iront ana tx.j-Kijr-u ROOMS WITH BATH. NICE. bright, etectrically equipped. would will couple. coupl 231-5222. UV1I5I. i BEDROOM APARTMENT, heated, cloae to erhool, privau entrance. Nevan, phone daw. LE r VOYAGE UR .- ' ' Your West and eddraer enir 4 ailnutea from Carllngwood ' Shopping Contra. . , Croydon at Richmond Road . Your living of" quiet and comfort la assured at l voyageur. ..- Located an both bua liner. Carting Ave. and Richmond Ra. . , FEATURING: :. .... v . I high-speed elevatort . freourized eorridprt , . Drape in epr mU . BroatUoomed hallM - ' . Gy wtiirnv ', ' , " , . Wovidbwrfcint, .kooty ihop , , Children' wading pool . Indoor heated pool " , Sttam toom : Recreation room ' . MkHl-CrUinrKl TV aerial .Built-in ooena , . Counter top $tovet . It ek. ft. refrigerator . tU music piped into each aoartment ,.. , . Wathert ant dryer on evem floor . Interior-exterior parking . Deeunfar appointed lobby . Rettful musk: in main lobby'' ' ' . Constant exchange -of t fresh air 1 , , Beantg talon ' ; , Tuck hop '. CioM to schools, churches, shopping , , . " -; , trench Provincinl decor WE OFFER: , 1 Bedroom eorm Q2.50 mescing at . . T 2 Bedroom com- ' inencing at ....... - $125 2 Bedro.-iint, 2 Bsfb-room rornmencing at $135 OPEN HOURS: m to p m . Mnn thru trt I pat. to pm . SL and Su Lessing Repreaentatlv MRS J. RAMSAY Under New Managrmrnl. Owned and operaind by SERIAL RrALl ttS LTD. . . Articles for, Sale ' Article fnr Sal : Arllrlee Wanted ' ' Boats and Marine' ' im : mi miA SM am ma Oerdenlng - Landaraplnf Farm Implement Fuel fnr Sale " Market Basket Pet Stack Poultry - Uveaaoch Trading Peat Personals ' 1 Nursing Hemes ' Employment tar Mala Help Wanted 11A Salesmen aad Agent Ml , Femel Help Wanted Ml Employment Wanted M I Teaeaere Wanted ... g am. In a pm rThuradsv rill i pas. auansy g pes, la d p.. of Thanks, Anniversary Mass, (Minimum Charge H ill v ' i par word. (Mtntaeem Chary ' , i ..s, - illfcjM.S a.inia . auy to write uour own Ad: Just ...... days.' PVmM Bnd Kloed address ft i ORDER YOUR JOURNAL WANT AD 4 OR 7 TIMES ' AND RECEIVE ONE DAY'S ADVERTISING FREE! AnrHXrrrcerfSents IM 14 , Deetha ' -' las J Meow lama lvSA Annlearaary Mam , lag . Card f Thanka IMA Soeletlea and Ledge lt Fuaarnl Drrecvsr log Cemetery Meavorlall lA Cam a Cbereb 1MB Flertata ' ' ' IM Leal : - IMA Fouad II Where i O , 111 AmhuUnc aoeetM 111 : lis Apartments Ml ' Apartment. Flats aa Ltt SU ' Aaaitmintt Wanted SS Furnained Aaerunenla ' ne BY PHONE 236 - Km-iMmm ar am 4 1S pjB. bUtmr4y i Ad-talreri are on doty dally a. aa ' AT THE COUNTER Cssrrtanu eemaialwad arrwe aeallaMe ta advarlissi at ? The Jeurnal Building. Main Floor, weekday from am. at - -. gaUsrdars area s am. a Is noon. ANNOUNCEMENTS Blrtha. ma. Ertrsgemenra. card ka-arua, I pec word. Deslk Neueee. Ledge NeMeea. : .HOTS: H ml a Suclal tmca. - Bos N urn beta WheB iiaad count sS three (3) words. . 1 word. Tcjephorm Dumber, 2 word. Cot of mllm( UM Niim, Address snd TtnTprtorva Number tor better ' It's '-V Ad for name " Msa) Ik Writs Oas BEDROOMS, DEN. STOVE. RE-'trlgerator. kaalad, parking. Cambridge. Evening bm-wo. tOASSITIED ADS, THE OTTAWA JOURNAL, U7 QtMM !, I. I War. tsoh iomtm ROOM APARTMENT HEATED, unequipped. 170. IM-11M. M BtECHWOOO. a BEDROOM apartment, a chiioraa wele lai. 141-MM. 7S. THIRD FLOOR. 4-ROOM AND bath, large balcony. 231-1111. 71. : ROOMS, . LOCK NEW, Nepean. IJMHI 0 SANDY HILL, 1 BEDROOMS electrically .equipped, adulla. 134-5257 THE NEW . rm npl A APARTMENTS - CeatraUy Located at j r; ; SIS BELL ST, i Carting Ave. and tne Quocaawgy FREE aiectrlcity, fabric dranra. ' parquet floor, aaun hatha, gymnasium, Individual thermostat, maatar TV. antenna. - private balconies, aua dock. ' eaxpatad corridors, ( . SEMI I - from BEDROOM, $93 .......... ronff0.! $106 TWO BEDROOM .' .from V-'s...... $122 ' "Cannot Be Beaten' . for Ve" . Fumlahed upon request l Modal Apia. May Be Seen WEEKDAYS A M TO a P M. ' SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS ,.. AJ. TO PAI . 23fl 4257 233-7102 BRONSON APT 100 BRONSON. MODERN SPA- clous bachelor, I and 2 bad-room anartmentaL electrically equipped. Within eery walking distance of Parliament Hill Priced from sua. BV aooolnt. ment, 13-1J or apply to building superintendent on prem- Mea. sea-ama. III ATTRACTIVE PRlCS LARGE bodroom ana large living room, electrically equipped, residential area. Route ltakra you down town In -14 mrhutea. lnlereatadf Phone T4-i, Modern arven-etorey. rw la-elevator building featuring .bal- coniea. dish washer. fu.-ly ' draped apt. and many olhrr feature, semi . on bedroom. . on bedroom, two Q"7 CA bedrooma. from 0 .JU . Open for Inspection dally Mrs. Hogarth, 117-1. 137- THE ." . . .. Du Barry 660 ST. PATRICK ST, St CHARLOTTE. A modem one- and two-bedroom apartment building irvrd for economy minded Dft peopl. tram . x ,i- 90J Furnished - $100 All mrvteaw meiuded in rent. Mr. Presley. 11-41 Owned and Managed y . ' KASSELL REA11Y IT0.' AI Kaaouf, F.Ellis '"' Tulllai Raby . Positions Vacant Rooms ! Raoma to Let x Room Wanted Room and Board . Real Estate Houses far Seat till A Tol . 70S VMA 14 tm '' tSA 7M Tot I TO , Apu. far Bele Hoaaaa for Rant Rooeaa Wealed te Buy t Bona Wanted ta Beat Offlcm-Slarm aa Beat ' Property far sale Preeerty ta Beat Prupaitj Waated V Oovof-Town Praeertlea Farau arSaJ aad Real , ink : Acadian 153 NEPEAN ST. Just wt ot Bank St , . ., ' ' Tl Hi TI1A 711 Til T14 BY MAIL ; . .:-, - v. Claaaified Ada may he placed by malt through the convenient ard at form appearing aa tale pas. t 'DEADLINES Classified Ada receive1 Saturday I mav be u Claatlfled Ada racelaed Saiurdayi may be before Spa. (I hm. Thnranay. I p m. J moarlod the foilowtas publicaUoa day. Aaaouaamnsenta ! 41 aa. tar CORREaiONS AND .' number. No allowance aa eleim Correction aheuld be erdered Allowance can be mad for on Advertisements may ha cancelled are received a lore p m Monrlae and pre. to pm Sunday . sr suvsiua InseHliMi When befere the second Inmrtto. (II tacorract Insert Ion only. tor neat day rf bnatnicmm to Friday, 1 pa. Seturday Relunde will he glee en umierd eaneellln an Ad demand a "BUI' Fiure la (roups, each Initial, abbreviattoiia, aitna jcount Bos Replies, JOc not refunaabht. It la advisabas to . result. Rates apply to privsts sdvennaars onlyi v. . writ on word in ch pcs. Hsud tniwrt mf I... . Rnder lMsdln No. ..... ...s Ph. No. al-' e Words Tkne I TUnM UtfRIBR AVE WtIT BACHELOR AND I BKDROOM mooern, iireproor nu tiding central Iocs lion, laundry facilities, electric-ally equipped. Free parking. Janitor service. 1M-S17S ALT VUTA, 1 ENJOY THS CONVENIENCES OF Iht .large a-be4room aulu. fea turing luxurious styling, designed for your comfort. On large Is nd scaped grounda, well plan ned, worn aavtng kitcnen, apaciou rooms. Wonderful M.l,l SBHrtUMilV. 11111' FIRBT MONTH FREE AVAILABLE. CENTRAL. gTOVrS refrigerator, Venetian, parking. 1 bedroom. Mo. 122-1 JO CENTRAL MORTGAGE ' and " -1 HOUSING CORPORATION t ' STRATHC6NA heights ' ' ' ' -"' SANDY HlLl AREA , . Two- and thrm-bedmom mil 'r0m $74f. n'th. 'cn; . 729-6121 ni.j ARE YOU' CRAMPED FOR BED- f . TIM malaaoetl naa a bedrooms, large kitchen and living room, electrically aqulppad, rklng plentiful, abort Dual inp downtown. Phone 74e-eiee COOPKB STREET BETWEEN O'CONNOR AND MET-calfe. for Oct. t occupancy. 1 bedroom with porch. WO. 232- 241, after T pm. can 23J-MD1 tst n INTERESTED IN SAVING RaVNTf Sea Mhla .l-bdroora eportment. newly - decorated.- alactrically equipped and heetad. In janitor serviced ouuaing. rrss aerKirtg Direct bua to downtown. 14 mln- utc Phono itg-ain. COOLING and Haalm.-. Controlled by tharmoaUU EACH ROOM of EACH, APARTMENT THE , SANDRINGHAM 5 RANGE ROAD Overlook ing The Rldeau River ana u-iacoB Fare ' : Ofler: Mchlor, I -.1- and S- . nrdroom apartments Enquire about our auny . ex Ira features Owned and Managed by , THE . GREAT WEST LIFE . ASBURANCB COMPANY R 4 a I d a a t management assures a- high standing of service and eerorlty. "' 234S377 CENTRE TOWN a-BEDROOM. SECOND FLOOR. triplex. Oct. I, adults only M-11TI. ' 11 CHAPEL TREET BACHELOR AND a BEDROOMS, electrically equipped, i an I tor aerate, laundry feclrltlee. ern building. ISo-odll. - it t LA ROE- BEDROOMS. L A R O t living room, aeparat dining and kitchen. 4-pieeo tile bathroom, free parking. 14 emnuta la downtown by a bus, psvon 74-!. farm Wanted Cottage far Sale Cetlegee for Rant Co Us re Lata fnr Self Cottage Wanted Y1A Tins Ante fnr Bale Autaa Wanted Truck aad TraUaa Oaragoe Misceriarreous Legal Aactlaa aaase day. 1. -- CANCELLATIONS mneilted without R. .'; .'r .. i..'.'vf. No. it.HiuMiit i. . Ottsws. ' Business Opportunltir Financial Wank nan Space Used Cars e-4, 4th I 4V4 lh Tints TtasT1nM i- , ( ' - '. ' II M IM riwa -1T f Ft ' . 4 I n I Tr I F'' ' - j - ' .," ' -- ', ' 11 .71 IJ Fras Ul(rta - t j I I I ' I ' ' I I !U I Ff I -n t Fl '; I I . I U I M 12$ Free 4J Froa I I . H M IM Fras JU Frss ' 1, I t - 17 ) IM ,. IM FfS 4J ,Fras I , - ,v I I I - l j, IJ .7 ) Ftwa j-4J4Fras, I I . " l 1.14 IM Frss ) Ml Trm - I - ' M IJt ( Free Free " -4 --I ; : V MINIMUM JS-WORD AD ..,, , ,k ' ' '-" ,;--. -. -1 ... ' - - ...-, a-.n..i- gf j it"1- a, aiAi Iilfilit44f' - A-""I a-i ibiiA. MINTO I Moat Honored Builder Ottawa's Garden Communtty PARKW00D . HILLS . enjg'y' CANADA'S .'. FiNtST HEATED OUTOOOR SWIMMING POOL AT YOUR DOORSTEP -AfV ARTMENTS I BEDROOM FROM 1 1 BEDROOM FROM liTl . BEDROOM FROM 114 ENQUIRE ABOUT AUGUFT SPECIALS NOW AVAILAOtJt ' CGI Kitchens . Ccrornlc boXriroomj . gig bright rooms Full-length balconies carpeted hail Conditioned-air corridors 'uttl-channel TV aerial Sparkling laundries jtKContolc clrvaton Indoor and plug-in parking . Modest rentati : town houseSx from $118 Enjoy the ebnvaoiancaa of aa- cellent tyre bua service, aa-aanalva parklaad aurround-ingi. a shopping plaaa open all weak., public and aeparat achoole.. and churches mass, Uua'Vgardaa rotnm unity ideal, for you. - PARKW00D HILLS OFF FISHER AVE ' -JUST. BELOW BASELINE RD. . ita-Ttsa Vlsii our (urmahed modeb on dupiay avery. evening .(incl. Saiurdayi til . Sunday til . MINTO Canada' Moat Honored Builder In Ottawa's fopular West End -"parkway : apartments ENQUIRE ABOUT MONEY - SAVING SUMMER SPECIALS Comfortable parkland aurroundinei Convenient to Shoppers City, Carlingwood Shopping Centre, snd new Trade "School Public and Separate Schooli, and Churches Free plug-in parking BASEUNt 'ROAD JUST WEST . OF WOODROFFK AVE. (near -Shopper City l OTC BUS AT DOOR RESIDENT MANAGER A. ROTHSCHILD 828 4838 2S 2979 Vtail aur furnished models oa display ever? evening itnrl. Saturday) -til S. Sunday t U 4. v. MINTO . Canada Mdat Honored Build rr . Just Off Rideau St. snd Cummings Bridge , M Blocks from Parliament Buildings ; THE SELKIRK APARTMENTS $75 J $82 $112 BACHELOR, from I' BEDROOM, from BEDROOM Enjoy wonderful comfort and convenient, with - modest, dollar-ssving the Selkirk Apta. DAILY )- WEEKENDS IS4 - 749-7755 '' ,t . . .... .. . ., , C1fWt wOnlfM9wTf Aflef Selkirk Sea, one block couth . .. of Rldeeu St.. luet peat - Cumminge Bridgo near Eastview Shopping Centre MINTO ' Caned' Moat Nrmored Bnlkt .jiaiaabluh, .ih tmm,m BOOB VALUE a BEDROOMS. ! PRESTON. reooacaiad. ao and ail CI4- SIM. ' MANOR PARK, 111 S-BEDROOM APARTMENT. S E P- eras oming room, equipped ana own dryer. 71 aasfl THE SAVILLE TERRACE -APARTMENTS . i Arfacenl to Carlirvgwood Shoppina Centre but .only minutes from Downtown FEATURING: Heated Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools Private Balconies Multi,-Chnn4 TV D riper ' Kitchen Custom Designed Automatic Wall Ovena Counter Cook Tops Six High-Speed. Elevators . 12 Cu. ft Refrigerators Laundry Facilities . Quiet, Residential Area Assigned Parking Space 'iPuMi Separate and High ' Schoola - O T.C Bua Services Churches Carlingwood Shopping Centra Fully Landscaped Furnished Lobbies Corndora, Luzuriouily ' Carpeted Wilk-.ii Clothe Closett ' WE OFf ER: BACHELOR from ,' I BEDROOM from . a BEDROOM $9b $112 50 $130 RENTAL OFFICE OPES Dsliy tore" pm atturdab IS to 1 pm . Sunday 11 to 1 pm - Uum Representstiv , G. H. MOFFATT 72S272&X Unler New Mnajpmmt 0ned and opergird by , StKIAL REALTIES LTD. WESTOATS AREA "S reams ita.1111 . MODERN. BUILOINQ. LGE kitchen iwlih. dining area, alec-. trtcaUy eauipped, fro waaher. dryer. Iroa parking, tia-1133. Available Oct. let ' TNE IOIIR WINDS AFT. - Unary Lrelag Al a Frtea Tan Can Aftnrd NO LEASES REQUIRED FOR OUR fully jurnlsnea Docneior. I- arm a-ocdnum aultea. Linens, dishes J,. -ear Id ' arrvtc anciuded m oar earrptnuuii riw. IM'ATEU AT ITS BASLiNE Rimd si Nevano. Drive, ue-.sve - .. CENTRE TOWN l-BEDROOM DUPLEXED APART-ment modern, equipped HI. SHt-O'.al BRfTTANT TERRACE I.Tf. BACHELORS LIVING - ROOM. screened off bedroom are, kitchen, ceramet tiled bathroom, atova. raJngerator. beet., hot water and electrlrtty supplied Free car Mug-la at your door. Madera , , iauadry rooms, all Brtllaay Drive. !4l-l. tt r-r i r: " u li-r ' i jj . . .1 ' . - : . r Op6n.House THRt'E PROJECTS M OTTAWA'S ' MANOR PARK ';r,featu(1ng f 1, 2, 3, Bedroom Apts.. ". and Terraced rternei . antl Moicf Type ..Bachelors ,. .""some available immediato.v Othet .for ''September and October Occupancy. : . til.- . A iypirai example is s 2-bedroom , home which . hss bedroofra and tiled 4-piece bathroom oa the top floor, living ronm, dining room and kitchen oa the mala ' floor, and healed garage, laundry and storage room in your private basement. Alto included Is heat, hot water, stove, rrfriRoratc- - snd the moat complets raruament services anywhere . , .i . . Wt have s fulty , furnithed model available for your In-apsction daily including Sunday jilt dark., , - Manor Park -f Maoagementc r Company - 231 Brittany. Drive 745-6881' ICnntlnued an Nest tnumal MBtAAsvskjkaaA.

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