The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 23, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1918
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 1918. THE DAILY .'COURIER, CONN ELLS VIL.LE, PA. PAGE THREE. NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED OF DEidCKATIC COJHHRJBSSIOlfAL COiDaTTH K Borough Officials to Seize Uncaretl for JLota for War Garden*. WEUWOWMOUNGPEOPLEWED Bowers. Ose of leading Mer- chaats of the Town, Is Claimed by Heath; Plasterer Buys Old lions '.'K; INeigkbors Steml Limber,' is Cbwee. Special to The Courier. MT. PLEASAiNT, March 23. -- The borough officials have decided to h^ve no unsightly lots and yard ifl the town during the summer. They have made a survey ol the to\*n. .All persons with lots that need cleaning will be notified to clean up 2nd 1£ they do not the borough will rteclire the said lots a nuisance and will gi?e it out to some person Jor war gardftns. Kuth Poi, daughter oi ilr. and Mrs. James Fox, and Harry Leepefr, the well known,' grocer, were married ITJRETTY, jVTERICOOS FHOCit I OF IVHIl'E UBQKGETTE CRETE I People Notice It Drive Them Off I with Dr. Edwards' | Olive Tablets A pimply face vrill not embarrass yoa much longer if you get a package of Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The skip, tteild begin to dear after you have taicn the tablets a f e w nigtts. · ' · ' · · ! Ge^sethebkxxtthebowelsandthellvei i with Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sue-1 cessful substitute forcalomel;there'sneyer! any sickness or pain alter taking them.: Dr. Edwards' "Olira Tablets do that; which caiomej dce^and jest as effectively,! bnt their action is gentle and safe instead ' rf severe aatl irritatinjj. ·.' . | Ho one who takes Olive- Tablets is ; ever cursed with "a dark brown taste," B bad breath, a dull, listless, '"no good" · feeling, constipaticr^ toipid liver, bad I disposition or piiUpiy face. I Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are j 8 purely vegetable compound mixed with olive oil; yon will know them by their olive color. Dr. Edwards spent years among pa- i Bents afflicted with Uver 2nd. bowel ' complaints, and: Olive Tablets are the i immensely effective result i Take one ori two nightly for a week. See how much better you feel* and look. lOc and 25c per box. All druggists. Representative Scott Ferris of Okla- at S:3o on Thursday evening at the hoina, a youthful legislator with 12 Methodist Episcopal parsonage by the I years' experience, ir, congress, has ' been made chairman o£ the Democratic congressional committee, tbe organization which is 'held, responsible for the maintenance of a Democratic majority i n . t h e house. . Rev. E. J. KTIGX. Mr. and Mrs. Ijeeper j.been made chairman o£ the Democra- will live tare. William Bowers. William Bowers of 3aat Main street who would have been 71 years old yesterday, died at his home on Thursday evening. Fmiaral services were held ^ this afternoon at his main'street home, and interment followed in the ML Pleasant cesntery. Mr. Bowers was one of the oldest rtercbants in the town. Lnmber STOlen. James "White, tie local 'plasterer, bought several old houses at Moore- wcod and was tearmg them down. The tonber from them uisapepared. Most of it was located by Constable James Ellis. Eighteen persons were implicated in th* robbery of the lumber. They were given an opportunity to're- Uric., acid in meat excites-the kidneys they become overworked; get sluggiirh, ache, and feel like lumps of ^ lead. The urine becomes cloudy; tie turn' ae'Turnier andTc'a'p* pr'o'secu- bladder is irritated andjou may be DRINK MORE WATER IF HONEYS BOTHER Eat Less Meat and Take Sails Backache or Madder ' Trouble. for tions. One brought back the lumber. Vincent Sheranick was arrested and pleaded guilty and paid Mr. White for the lumber-and the costs.' If the rc- mainder'o? the lumber Is not brought baok other arrests will follow. . . Yeteian Bobbed. Pechin. obliged to - seek relief. two. or three times during the night. "When the kidneys clog you must help them flush ! £~ off the body's uriaous waste or you'll be a real sick person shortly. At first you feel a dull misery to the kidney region, you suffer from backache, sick PECHIN', March 22.--Indisputable evidence that Veteran W. T. Kennedy of Uniontown was present at the sur- i render of. General K. E. Lee; a.t Appomattox was unearthed at Pechin school last .Wednesday. Mr. Kennedy and'-C.-L. Smitb., E. K. Snyder and A. I. Ellis.'Uniontown veterans, accompanied by their comrade. Her. NV". H. MeKlveen, pastor ot the IJunbar Baptist church, paid the E:H3Oi. a visit. All made interesting patriotic addresses.. In th'e course of his remarks Mr. Kenne'dr stated that he had been present in tbe ::oom at the surrender' of General Lee, and one of the pupils, remembering tliat a picture ot that event was in liis history, turned to the picture, and Mr. Kennedy'^ face was readily distinguishable. ' . A card has been received from Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Keffer; Jr., of Clair^ ton, announcing tbe birth to them of another son he second) March 15- Mrs. Keffer was' formerly Miss Sadie Keffer,.a well-known Fayetto county teacher. She is a daughter of J. L. aoth-Brroel who stated that h* was headache, dizziness, stomach gets from the Old Soldiers' boiae at lay- ton- Ohio, and that he had been robbed was gathere-d up sleeping on the Spepce jorch on Main street. REMARKABLE CURES Th«»kfil People Ten What Si» Cnr. Did for · Drug Co., Cc/nnellsville; · Broadway Drug Co, Scottdale, ^eHs San. Cura Ointment on the money-tack plan--BO reliefs-no pay. Guaranteed to relieve eczema, tetter, salt rhfum, itcbtog. bleeding or protruding piles, . - . .burns, cuts, bruises, old sores, pimples, -boils, carbuncles, chapped bands, '. chililains, testers, insect bites and poison from ivy. · . ' s-.- . -"My face and neck, were one mass ?',;-.of sores; doctor said I had eczema ?. T ,acd erysipelas. I. .had .not-, slept for. K -..weeks with -burning, itching pain. The j ?.', .Arst time I used 3aa Cura Oinfrmrnt I ^·sleptatl nUrht and in a.sbort time was "".', ^completely cured."--Charles Fay I f "Mywife stepped on a rusty nai ' ; .a;nd ran it into her. foot. San Cura .! "Ointment drew out a poisonous brown ; pus .'and cared her promptly."--En .gene McK^nzie. Plum. Pa. i; "I had been .afflicted "years with piles ancN spent over J500 "Tor pfle mecUcicc'.'.. Two Jars of San S.C'tra Oittfcraent -cur-,,.1 me."--James [\ Lyujcii, Enterprise, Pa. ;f',;· San. Cura Ointment costs 30 cents :{60 cents'and {1-20 a'jar at^rey .nD-rug. Company, Connellsville; Broad- :fway "-Drug Co.", -Scottdale, and is (splendid remedy tor 'burns, . scali cuts and bruises. SCAT RESOTES PIMPLES. ( San Cura Soap will remove plmpies 3 blaclchads and many sfcin diseases Makes tbe complexion clear and the skm velvety. 25 cents at Laughrey Drug Co.! Connellsville; Broadway . : 0rug Co.. Scottdale. -. · " If your 4rugg1st doesn't .keep it ; send to the Thompson Medical Co.' ...XitusviHe, Pa.--AiT. · · Confluence. . CONFLUENCE, March. 23.--Miss Rolen Bowlin. who has been ill lor-a long time with rheumatism, shows a little improvement. Lloyd Kurtz. the barber, has bought the C\ B. Maddoi property on Oden street Mrs. E. L. Beggs and two children ··who were visiting friends-here several weeks. ' have returned to their home in Connellsvillc. Daisy, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry "Watson, who has. typhoid fever, ts a. little improved. Miss Marie You'akin ieft yesterday for a visit with friends at Pittsliurg and "Webster. . . Mrs. V. E. Jones of the West Side visited friends at MarSletdn yesterday. 15. S. Bowlinuof the West Side was a business visitor in Connellsville ye.iterday. . Mrs. C. tt". Hall has returned from a several days' visit with friends in Connellsville. Earnest self-inspection is a mighty good salesman for Liberty Bonds just now. Patronize those who advertise. 10,000 Testiffloniafs from Motes O! Stem VliotaiTe su««r«tu!l-.u«a Mother soar, tongue coated and you feel rheumatic twinges when the weather is bad. Eat less meat, drink lots of water; also get from, any pharmacist four ounces of Jad Salts; take a tablespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast for a few days and' your kidneys will then act fine. This famous salts, is made from the acid of -jrapes .and lemon Juice, combined with Hthia..and has been used lor generations to clean, clogged kictneys and stimulate them to normal activity, also to neutralize the acids in urine,, so i no longer is a source of irritation thus ending bladder weakness. Jad Salts is inexpensive, cannot injure; makes a'delightful effervescen ttihia-water drink which everyone Should take now and them Vo keep the kidneys cleaa and active. Druggists here say they sell" lots of Jad Salts to forks who believe in overcoming kidney "trouble wblle it io only ^rouble.-- Ava. Keffer of 'Kpffers station. Mrs. Abraham Brooks of Beeson Mill Is on the sick list. Albert Cole of Continental No.'2 spent Sunday" with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole of Ketfers station. A flourishing Junior Red Cross has been organised at Pechin school. K is hoped to reach a 100 per cent enrollment next week. ' lavid S. Lcaplmc of Pechin Hill is doing jury dutr this week, and has . Daiuty afternoon frock developed in white georgette crepe, Iwiturlng a tunic skirt. Gay colorefi hand em- broiiiery in an attractive border design is introduced,' affording a summery aote. "TIZ--A JOY TO SORUIRE0 FEET Use Til!" for Aching, Burning, Pnffc-J- . uji Feet anil Corns or Calloused "Sure! I u» time for any foot trouble. 1 * Good-bye, sore feot. burning feet swollen feet,, tender feet, tired feet. Good-bye, corns, callouses bunions and raw spots. -N'o more shoe tightness, no moro limping v.-ith pain or drawing up your face In agony. "Tiz" Ohiopyje. OHIOPV1E. March 22.--F. JL' Hush is having the ?.arge maple trees in front of his hotel trimmed. . . Among the recent, arrivals at the Ohiopyle HoiBi: are C.'F.-Bupon, o Pittsburg; Harold Smith of Uniontown and Thomas Smith of -Uniontown. ' ·: - . ^ . Frank Cunningham was a caller in Union town yesterday. No trace bas . been found : of the drowned pony of the .Mitchell.boys.. Mr. and Mrs. James-Hall 01 ilaple Summit were marketing in town yesterday. : D. J. Porter was a business transac- tor, in .Uniontown yesterday. .. Mr^. F. Rush and son, we're.among the visitors in ConnellsviUe /Wednesday evening, and Thursday morning. Uncle ^like Rafter was " greeting friends in Uniontown yester'day. Harry Savage was in. Connellsville yesterday. Thomas Fleeson of Cumberland, Md., spent "Thursday here greeting Ohioplye friemls. . Mrs. Sam.Shipley^ left Thursday, for Dunbarto visit her sister Jfrs. Lizzie Huglies. .Mrs. Hattte Rowan is visiting with Connellsrille -friends. '.. ' Buying a Liberty Bond is a sood thing to do but holding fast' to it is better. OHIOPYLE, . : March 23.-- T. W. Fleming waa'a visitor to. Aluvrtou on Thursday. '. ' . - " · - . ' Among the recent arrivals at .the Oliiopyle House were C. -A. 'Clotworthy,; Meyeirsdale, . J. I TV. Miller, Pittsburg 'and Mr. Lurtwig, Pittsburg. Miss Myrtle Mitchell and Hilary WUburn went to Cumberland Thursday, .and were, married./ The. couple ·eft Friday for western points to spend ;heir honeymoon, . : Miss Helen .Robinson of Ursina is visiting friends here for a fow days. Mrs. Clara Dull and son,' Jack, departed for Uniontown to spend a few days. '..- , ' ; . William Brady left Friday morning or Johnsfown to spend a short visit. A_ J, Jeffries motored to Somerfield Friday with K. C: Holt. There's no. faette;- tonic fq*- a lag- Sing self-respect than the purchase if a Liberty Bond. : been retained for service next weet is magical, acts right off.'"Tiz"'draws also. ' Alva Daugberty ol-Pcchin has accepted a position with tiie Raincy company at Mount Braddock. John Shipiey ot Shelley street. Js j-ibij yourYe'et fcei.' out all tbe poisonous exudations which puff up the'tect. Use "Ti7." and wear smaller shoes. Uae "Tiz" a.ud forget your foot misery. Ah! how comfort- improving his residence by the ercc- ? tioh of a back porch. Mrs. John Willing was visiting friends at Falrchance yesterday. Mr; and. Mrs. Charles Adams arc Get a 25-cent box o{ "Tir" now at any druggist or dr-partincnt $torc. Don't suffer. .Have your 'feet, glad feel, feet that never ATVC-!!, n?ver Jmrt- never get tired. A year's foot com- or · rnfuadcd.- the proud parents of an eight pound f ort baby boy. Mrs. Allen Lyons' of Mount Braddock has' moved into her house near ,' Hill Farm -aad will occupy it and garden during tht- summer. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton and family DAWSON, March 23.-.,...,. .. ^. of Edenbpni, bave returned home j Cunningham was it Pittiiurg caller Dawson. No Other Fine HE any-record Brunswick opens a. broader field of music--all limitations'are removed. ' ' Come in today--choose any record you wish-- ijyhateve.r make--whatever artist. Hear it on The Brunswick to gain a new appreciation of -tone values. For The Brunswick is equipped wi'th two repro- 'ducers, instantly interchangeable. Use any needle you like--jewel point, steel, flbre or sapphire ball. A reproducer, is provided for the world-famous Patlie Records--hitherto barred from many honies. All without extra cost. Faultless Renditions . 'Another distinct advancement gives The Brunswick first place in reproduction. This is the acoustically-perfect sound chamber, built like a violin. In this one feature we gain for you- all the previously lost overtones, mellow low notes, the clear, vibrant "high C," and delicate shadings. Nasal, metallic tones are impossible in The Brunswick. Whatever artist or rendition you like may be heard incomparably better on The Brunswick. Make Comparisons Hear this marvel-instrument play your favorite record--now. Note the difference. Now that the final-type phonograph--the very best--is obtainable, why be content with less? Remember, Brunswick prices are some-what below other models of like size. Come in today--we are always glad to show you, but you are not placed under the slightest obligation to buy. ; PLAYS ALL RECORDS PRICES $32.50 to $190 127-129 E. Crawford Ave., CONNELLSY1LLE, PA. Mrs.' P. J. after visiting relatives here for several days. and friends | Friday. ifrs. James The people in this section are busy preparing to make garden. 'Some few have already part of their garden planted. i ·George W. Franks is conHned to bis home ajj the result of a fall received a few days a^o, but is improving. C. Vf. Pyle of Keffers station and John H. WicMillan of the Furnace bave returned from their wimer's sojourn at the soldiers'i home in Ease Tennessee. They like the home very much, but with the coming; oS wars: weather they could not resist the call of home, . ' Samuel Bryner of Ferguson road, is suffering- frum a crushed foot, the result of an accident fn Freeport mine No. 2 at the Furnace. . Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Zarrad, recently married, have gone to housekeeping at Ferguson. Mrs. Z.irrad was formerly Tiliss Lucy Cole, daughter of Henry Cole of Ferguson road. ~VV. S. Franks has bis early potatoes planto'l. :. There's .no accounting for tte man who will insure his life yet hesitate to insure his freedom by. buying a Liberty Bond; Mehon was a recent No More Qnp.sswc.rk!" 1 YOU HAV iTMI!!^ G J±l±±!: when you bake. No rubied pastty,na poorly done bread, no wasted material -- no worry, because of wrong orec regulation. OUR CENT-A-WORD ADS. Meyersdale. Patronize thosfr who advertise. s » B . . liketlem. Fnr3lJ«3'»MoUi« ; n« r ».«"«,' tu" ·»·'« ad GNTALLXMS5- nmoosior vnw noes itt HDHEUSE ice nun HYMSO AS roou. .i.Iarch 21.-- Mrs. Clarence -Moore very de)!gl;truliy en- teriainod on Thursday afternoon and' ier for her guests tae members' o[ the L'.'B. T. club.- Knitting and sewing indulged in and at five o'clock' Iiinch was served by the hostess. IDss Christena Bowles entertained the K. K. club at her home on Thursday evening. Refresa,menis : were served.. ! Mrs. D.. J. Afeyers .has return ;d from a few days' .visit in Pittsburg.' llrs. James E. Dlxon is visi:.lng tor a few days -with relatives and .'friends n ConnetSs-ilte. · -Mary Black has returnisd from Pittsburgh, where sne liad been visit- r.g lor a. week. John Bane oC Johnstown is'spend- ng UIP week here with relatives and 'i-iends. ' - Dl'Jtia Bittner has .returned to aer Uouio hi Glencoe after visiLing re- ativ'es here. - : Mr. and Mrs. John Rolirnan, who visited their reir.tfeves, Mr. and Mrs. j Daniel Dahh, hare, returned to their ! home in Ciimberluad. : .! -Mrs. H. M. Bcichy spent Wednes; (iay visiUng hi Grantsyiile. ' -;. .3r:i=.s Mary Kinsinger of E U t . L i c k i , v;as cr.Uing on friends in onr city on i ._·; Vrtcfncsday. . · ;: .Tshing. things as .they come is all i ..! rigiit-.but going after a Liberty Bond] . i is'.reuch 1 better. . .' ' ' , ; '."·.. Coanoilsvllle caller. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Forsythe a baby girl: Mrs. Richard Howell was the guest o£ friends in Pittsburg Friday. Aa item appeared in Thursday's Courier statins that Jlrs. Pnrnell was! entorUUnlg the Woman's Work society ! of the Prei-.byterian church.. This v.-ao i an error as 'the meeting was post- i poned until next week and ^ as to late | to have it coi-ecied in the paper. I L. S. Melliugor was looking after some business matters in PittEburg yesterday. V,-. F. Buto. Harrj- Cochran. Frank Tarr. James Mehon, Henry Cocliran, were among Dawwro people who attended the Traction memcir.slratlon at Union-town tliis wedi. H., T. Cochrar. and "Wm. H. Moore ft was suited made a purchase of. them. f Charles J. McGill was iu Connellsville on business Thursday. If war raltc was rnoney Liberty Uond^ would be selling forty pomLs above par. ITlo to Patroaize. Merchants who advsrti:e their good" Th* Daily Conricr. Heal Pimples and BlackhaadsThat . Covered Face. Itched, Burned / a n d Caused Scratching. Was Disfigured. Used Three Cakes Soap and One? Box Ointment "JI suffered from skin trouble such as- pimples end blackheads. First a few pimpleo appeared on my face, and then more until my face was. covered. . They. itched and .burned to scratch making my face red, and I was disfigured.! "1 read about Cuticura Soap and I' thoughtI.wouid.try them. : Iu3edthree cakes of Cutkura Soap v/ith one small box of Ciiticara Ointment when I was healed." (Signed) Miss Mabri Harsh- rnan, Donora; Pa., Sept.'.i; 1317. .. . ThbuaandB of people, young and : old, aoffsr torture of bod}' and mind, because of.ekin -troubles which might easily be cleared iw*i^ er'Tajght have . been prevented had Cuticunr Boap been used for every-day toilet: purposes with a touch now and the.-- of Cuti- cura Ointment. Simple Bxoh FffVa by Mail. ActressPO3 card: "Cotia arm, Dept. R, £oicafu"-Solf) . everjnvhere. SoapSSc. Ointment2 Get A Direct Action Oven Thermostat and measure the heat i.s easily as you measure milk Iri a pint cup. You oimply ct tho Temperature Wheel nnd obtain any .degree of oven iieat that the receipt calla for. 1'. T. ETAi'S KSI'ATH, ' Agcntu, Both Fliunies.' What a contrast! A co-'fortable 10 or IS minute-' "auntto :-.;t that..much tieede'd sa^k oi : se.;.:'--«;.· n hour's tiresome drive with :-. ':;ea:r : rnd wagon for the same errand. Just swing'into the saddle of jr OU r Harley-Davidson, out over the road, and you are back in a jiffy--no bother, n tedious ride, l o u r team is rested--time was saved --and you are fresh and eager for the fields again. "For IS Years the Master Mo-jr.i" : lias established a new standard for the farmer. It has changed scores of. old tasks to pleasures--brought the advantages, of city shopping to his door--and taken his produce' to the. city market when it brings the best price. ._?°. n lSJli-- d yrinB,.3 ; ourj-,[:xt town. Let us -· shovf-yo-a just; ivhaf 1 liis. wbiulcrful'nulc" machine"" can mean lo you. No obligation--and we'd like to know how things are coining anyway. ! 55:E. Crawford Ave;. · Conse'ilsvilie, Pa. yoa seen tKc ffarJcy-BaoiJson Bicycle? as.- ; · 'Extra.Pair... . Of Glasses E v e r y o n e who wisitr: j^]as."es should ha-vy tv/" '[tali 1 --not only Cor (sinIT- . fi'ciniy use. in the t-yent oi!« p a i r hocoines broken tmr. i'ti:- til-- r^'.ieJ If you wear now coat'tDUlly tJiefi chuntff t" specL:tc!*iM n'.itJ vice vernii. · You will be .surprised at the relief yuu curi t?et in 1 this way. ItrLnff In your S lasses itnu- l e t - mr- mtike you an txtra 'pair,. A. L.Tucfeer, Oph. D. 103 Sooth P i f t n o u B X Street,

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