The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1918
Page 10
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TKN. THE DATLTf COTJKIEK, CONNELtSVIIJ-iB, FA. PRIDAY 11AE.CH 22, 191S. DISTRIBUTORS OF COAL AND COKE MOST HAVE 1JCENSE An Dealers, Except ROM £x by Act, to CH»Uia Permit*. "fBBT PRICES TO ROLE 3»Ca«euam «»*ke me* Xirnuwe ARMY LIFE AS SEES BY INSIDER WAITING «· Catl Onii hjr Ueeucci. -li I irrote ot the lighter alae. Bat, since -ir*itie bane, r» nautoJ to write something, in my poor wmy, tn«t might coc»«y i hint of tie sar- tawoeae at 'Oils. thJac. The gnat human interest writers visit an army camp for a day or twt and then Trrtte Jltttmnoting accounts of wl»t they saw, plmylitg up the little Incideata tiat came to tfcelr notice. Their staff ·s very interesting Wt they do not get the pnetnre The- only i«r ti» art tb»i is Irran the inside an* few 01. th* in- aide have fee ability or tke turn to paint it in Its true colors. Erecy other .man. in. «n camp, ween you see bJra, ia a letter la barracks, at toe T M. C A., at the K of C. ball or other meet- ins place, meat of tae men are widt- And these letters, everyone, ex- a heart-throb, lor here and there axe fenoat under sailing or- ders--tber are going down the road DC licensee, .ind the* ot coal and coke under hare tent Iff tke BneMeMo; the United or )«kr yerte lor trsunhipcoent long until they, toe, nake the ftzrt. IfK-oair natural then that th«b- neat- ages sboaJd xpeak of the joutner abe* -a Journey tcattrfcl -witii peril Soiueooe near 700 wHI seal hie let- tec, pjctc up ila hat aad get ready to go that is the last V**T m retn proaahly teB yon. "Going oat, aie you 1 " you'll laqnise and hell answer: Tep at 3 in the fflornlBg; got to be lack In tie ternuks at 8" -Well, the best of luck te yo« tffl w* meet again." * TOUT parting wlah a»d_je* wish, £ ntistay bard, I vast to tfiil 700. Tou dost know h» aam or where he comes tram, rat y«m itaa S eetwz per ton of i*"^' ''anto coal, iaesn toe ex-,to go," r r-lom otXOOO coat; b 5 per can of d« detivervd arioa cf smtthteQ? coal ivzkec. f '"i *y*" in wUtoc !ir tb* retail deslcr or con- r that aaeb eoal ic to bo used for VUiaox* only, (e) the acrm of 2^40 pounds ot oelnery of such be effected at or east ot (d) tfa« Hini of 30 centa fit toe. of IW poaods at eoai irtao iteHraj of cneh eoal is to he «Oeet«d ·wvat of Sedan*; prornied, Unt »Kb. lJM«aae«i may add to soch. jaaitnamg emonMon 5 eems per tan ot tMO poaoxte of aattracite coal wben«aeh liocoBee incsra the eueoee of nacnaninf ·och coal at Atlantic or lake port* lor tranribxpment Btanaiifi 9ba91 charge anr por- ecmuaataq a purcbM of- coke lor a. retail dealer or ·eaaanK. Any eoai or eofce porehaa- ·d or * Hataaee 2Dr any eonsomer or mar he cha.i^d and tn- t» aaeh bcecaee f, assoi. Beenaee Shan azk. de- brtker or pnr- trom. aK7 cuutuoer or tar to* potcbase of any -^H »4rteh 1» owned by sceh Dcsnsei. or m -at** be or rt h» airy direct or *MBraei intenet. or for seQi : entfOed to re- or compensa- rjom ar «aBtBC ajsent.»r otherwise, or «UEii vavpiodaeed from a mine con- traBad, dtoeettr or mdlrectiy, by soch a, or by (be controlling owners i Bi ··iii.irlroin-a-maae whoae. waaer or OM »iif*1iil1ei*. members, or laalnin wio control sadi oic or Imtirerilj, *.-- Mo Beenm sbaE rebate or par to aor owner of a mice pro- eoal or to any person directly Interested therein. a»«kockhalaer, jacrtner, member at aaoeJaajoil or otbannse, any part at aau uiimli«i»«i, charge, or profit raaalmd br cnea In 4S ho oth it mat be whore's he'* ant »TTI to come back all A man who was hare his son told as the towns back hone are atmeat entixetr drained of ot draft a«ge ·e are sffil sonte vbo oackt be said "bat ve dont ezpcot -srtn. It Bright be if U»r here and got first-hand kno^edgx of what others arc dome, they'd see the bcht, bra ire've not expecting mock of fsDorrs who claim, tber car. do (bear bit eheekme np Lrrty Bond «·« m a buak or dedteattnc Bernce fittgs for more loyal ni be in it nryseif in a coopte of wveka.' PWlmro in the serooe nkc to rea* trotn bomr like that which iofcl of Mayor BUKKZH'S thrrd son enbst- mg. or mention ot x whole conwr in '.fee CatboUc ctarch Etrnce Hag at Greenaburg beine dedicated to the som of the late Thomas Lynch in tiie service. Bat snch items alirayi lead to a discussion of tbo*e who tbe fellows here throk ouiht to go but do not. At I write, there sre probabty khaki-dad men readme. writing, games or resting in Uus $ over a thovaukd are ai the T M C A, nearby, aaodter thonsand are in the KL of C, hall, and thousands more are in barracks or ,on duty They're an 8n« feBows A couple of weeks may see them an OB shipboard sailing onward to do their all if necessary to ftnuih the Big Job That Has to B* Done. IE it any wonder that tins army of ntHing ones resents it that teftms bask ftotne do sot get in It* W P S Dickeraon Ron. DICKEESON ROH, lian* ZL--W H. rttdsett was a ConneUsrllle business caller yesterday morning Charles McCarthy and John McGowan of McKeeaport were transact- ms bnsmess here 'Wednesday ^fr, Rtcbard SHo-w ajid MIES Rosie Hazzocco werp sboppms and cailmg friends Wedneecay H Ton A6erti£e tor it In oar classified coi- tnnn- One cart t, word. tr i sintie pro- OB por- be leaalieJ to procure a b- lor the perkKmance of bos dn- or pnrcbasres Bate «.--Contracts relating to Mi eoal made before the Presi- order o! August 21. TSXL, aad eoDtzaets reJafcns to an- before Che Pieii-- ordar of Jcngust 23, UK, vWebare bona Jo in character and anhinealile at law, shaU not he affaeted by nde 1 hereof, bijt coal yaebaaed or aoM nmder such con- traeta abatl be goTenied by paragraphs g, 9, K, and 1] (as modified ·jr the order ot the liroted States I"Bd Adiiitina tator dated November t 1WT) of PdWicaooi: No 9 at the United States Fuel Adminrstraban. Bale l.--Bxrrr Kcense shall be m aveii torrn arad slraH coctata ssch tann*. protsion, ktnjnoEs, and n»UjcOuO)! as the United States Fnel AAr»iT^n(-rmfa-|r IQay fTOTvl time £0 time preaerfbe. and the sam? shall be subject to modAcstion and revocation by Mm, and siiall he usned and held jabfrct to these, and such further ratal and restdxttoiK ts he mny from 0aM to time eerabThh. T»» above role* and regulations be- A. 3* April 1, 19M Mi WEMC UIM Act nw««t«a ti m jMujjigu^ wm b- j| ban*£ol or bcMK- irr uum 50 centi a boa, J. N. Trump ITE Ulir n/H it i TRANSFER J. B. KURTZ, AMP REAL K, a PUBUC OK W3EXHESS INKS "Bambow's End." oor na» ser a 1 ·torj- begins in this issue Its by Hex Beach Read rt. BicG A Ttmttr for iBfMtlMt ot ffc» K r i a a r y tract. ftM*. n*n mil n*i hi 1 to S or 3 . I THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO . CWONNATl, O Save ff Safe--=S Easter Outfit For fabric quality--this Sp: store you buy from, and upon its lieve we have the "Goods"--and f of 19-18--you -will have to depend upon the reputation and integrity o dlity to deliver the right kind of merchandise. It hasn't been easy--but we you to be the judge. In the finer SUITS--it ·will pay you to see the Ace, Militaire, York, Poole, Bud, Roverhafl, Recruit, West Pomt, Lonsdale and Turf--new' models, and winners, every one. In regular sizes, stouts, stubs and longs --»t $25 to $40. At $15, $18 and $20--Suits that meet all requirements of style and pattern. Ask to see the "Cornell"--a model suitable for every age. Blue Serge Suits --our customary good showing--which is better than you "will find elsewhere at $ 1 5 to $35. tlie be- Boys' Confirmation Suits A. pleasing stock of Boys* Spring Sorts complete m sizes 6 to 18 years --Btae Serge Salts at $1.50, $10, $12 and $13.50 --Other Srots at $3.50 to $18. --Jrr"enUe Suits In goes 6 to 18 years at $4.00 to $12J0 --Little boys' Wee sailor suits with lone pants, at $10 and $12- Wash Suits A meet comporehesisrv* display of Boys' Wash Suits m various popular colors and styles--all staes 2 to 10 years at $1.00 to MO. Special values at $1.50 THE NEW TOPCOATS for Easter and after are m grey, black, green, tan and mixtures -- smart -- serviceable -- at $1 7.50 to AND THEN THERE'S THE NEW HAT -- it's time you were wearing it now. You play safe in quality and style by choosing it from our carefully selected stocks of imported and domestic models at $2.50 to $6.50. Plenty of hats at $3, $3.50 and $4. Men's Caps Traveling Bags Suit Cases Dress Pants Work Pants Rain Coats Overalls Collars Shirts Ties Socks With Easter Only a Week Away Selection is Best RIGHT Now These Prices on Groceries Friday and Saturday Only S ft. CM W. TL. BaidBX 4er _ 2Sc 3 bxx. ITMte Pear! X»earo*{ 2*c t kzs. WhHe Peari Spmvhetti Ke 5 cakes Oelaf«m Soaa - Me StafceB Pels Soap _ »c 5 eake« Brfs White Ftmke · cakw Raw/ Ta«k Smp _ Me 6 eakes SwUt's Pride Soap . Sde » cake* SvaaMM Soap - 30c t cam Mek Oeaaaer _ 2»c I Ibs. Ar»« SUrek _ Stc 1 large twttie tmnmtfa - IDc 2 cans Baker's Corn - Kc 2 cans Poni Lfly Cora - 2«c 2 cam Bine Biagc Com - £T»c 3 earn J«at«rh»n C«T7) - 9G« 1 can Ked Bens · 1*0 3 cans Serrier Tcnaaio S**p ate ] can, C»1M. SIloi^ Peacbrs Ue 1 can Ixrft WUte Chcrrie* !7c 1 Bk looao Santm Cofee -- 2»c t Ih. Premium Co»ee - 2fc ·JOc Ih. Craodna'e Ca«en -_ S*e 1 ft. OU fi«aah)e Colee The Fashionable Woman's Choice --Wtete French BH OHovw cr* ftn8 aad frtadbie quanf-r- Perrin s maXa, have two claepw, *\re overseam sewn and haws Paris pont fanbrotdcred backs. A pair, 42.75. --WUto Washable Xocha Glares, of Ettfltsh make are verv smart, wiih their pique sewn seams A atr, New Neckwear for Women -- Dainty Vesteen of net trimmoa wth ral lac" a! SLOO to --Satin Collars of extra quality in new shapes and shades for suits and coatB. ai $1.25 to $4X«. -- Collars and Sees of imported Sfloss m a caoice selection of new stTiee Collars at SOc to «S^O. Sets ai r 0c to iS-50. -- Pique Collar and Caff Sc.s {or Tailored Sc-(s, at 76c to SL50. 7Jc to $1.50. -- Pique Collar and Cug Sets for tailored Suits, at 75e to SLSO. -- New Pilet Coi'ars at J5c to New Veils of Fashion! -- fcew Shetland Veils TOth tarurr borders m taupe brown narv pnr- ple and black at S1.2S to J2.50. -- ^Hcyagon iferh \ c i i s in fashionable sha4es 5nd black shown m fautT deagns. at S1.2S to J2JX). -- Circular Veils in fancy designs, at $1.23 to $8-50. Saater Sunday--more than anj other day in the year--a ·woman wants her costume to be of refined, distinctive style She prefers it to come from a store acknowledged as style supreme in her aty Her costume must haire quality--and it must oe fairh priced. For years, Coaneilsville's best drt.sed women nave looked to this store to suppl their Easter needs,--and we believe that never in our history were we better prepared to accept this responsibility than now Time is short, and garments should be purchased now to allow sufficient tune for any necessary alterations COATS $15 $19.75 $25 $35 to $79.50 Full belted and side-belted styles smartlj designed for women and misses There is every good NT3W color one has heaid of shown in snch popular materials as Silver- tone Tncotme, Poiret Twill, Bolivia, Covert Gabardine, Serge and Poplin Coats for every use--motor sports or general utility --with our biggest showings at the moderate prices SUITS $19.75 $25 $29.75 $35.00 to $69.50 Finding the Suit of your choice will be an eas and enjoyable experience when opportunity is offered to choose from such an exten- bi\e assortment of approved styles Eton effects military effects plain and semi-tailored moJels in gabardine burella, poplin--and a host of other popular materials and in all good shades DRESSES $15 $19.75 $69.75 $13.50 $25.00 to For the -noman who desires a medium priced Easter Dress there are two special lots--one at §13 50--one at 514 95--that offer unexcelled values At these prices and upwards are prettv street and afternoon styles in georgette sei ge, wool jersey, foulards and combinations All new colors All sizes --A splendid showing of stylish Suits for Stout Women at $35 to $85. --See our display of Sport Skirts, all patterns and colors at $6.95 to $15. WRITE SOON Bees the boy in. camp, OTCT there, or aboard ship, One of America 8 foremost Engraving cotnpaniee n mating especially for tins store a "Cheery Greeting Card intended for our boys In the army and navy We nave them in ten. different de- si gas, each bearing a very appropriate sentiment. They carry a smile and a breath of Some Send them duly Make it a habit. Prices 5c and lOc wrtli envelope Comforts! All in khaki to meet requirement^ and done in snail compact Dandles Money Belts Diaries Sewing Kits Bibles Trench Mirrors Soaps Testaments Air Pillows Vaaslines ( Styptic Pencils Camphor Ice Blankets Easter Waists Styled Right Priced Right --The famous 'TVirthmor" and "Wcl- worta Waists in organdy and voile plain and fancy trimmed at $1.00 aad KM. --White Voile Waists with neat iaco trimmings, at S5A to $9S. --Plam and barred Taffetas in all new novelty shades at $JJS and $S-95. --Exquisite style in georgette crepe i in plain wiiite and novelty shades-both light and dark Some have very smart beaded trimmings and are lash- icned T» th convertible collars while others are quite plain. }Pri««s $3.JS to $19.7-5. Underwear --Hand made Porto Rican Underwear, chemises at $2.50 to $595, gowns it $2 50 to f 5 35 --Grope de Chine Lnderwear--corset covers anil camisoles at $1 SO to ?3.50, gowns and petticoats $5 to $10, chemise, $2^0 to $5 00 HOSIERY --Women's fibre boot Silk Stockings in black, white old rose poik navy, pearl and maize--regular 75c value Special at --Women's Thread Boot Silk Stockings in. black and white Regular 75c value offered special for Easter, at the pair ,, --Women s Pure Silk Hose in pink, Nile, yellow sky, peach black and white--regular $1 35 and $150 values, special for Easter, at S"J 1 A the pair *P J-.JLIf Easter Millinery! One Special Lot tr Ladies' and Misses' Hats Featured at All New Colors All New Shapes Included in this lot extra special at $6 95 are the newest ideas brought forward m sailors, toques, turbans and Incomes Sports hats and dressy hats trimmed with ribbon bo-ws, flowers and fancies Women in search of inexpensive hats find these surpusmgly good styles and values Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On Every $100 You Spend--Get Them With Every Purchase of lOc or More.

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