The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 15, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1930
Page 3
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DAILY COURIER, CONNEULSVI OLE, PA FAGJU OFF UNTIL TBi i. WEASELS INCREASE DESPITE SLAUGHTER Throng Gathers at Borough Building to Get Sicrht of Prisoners, BANKS ELECT DIRECTORS SCOTTDALE, Jan. 15.--Tho Itcar- inga o£ "VValtor Gaeztyia and Pied Koklys, alleged Bvorson boy robbers, to havo beon held at the borcmgh building last evening, was postponed u u t l l loday. Early in the evening crowds began gathering around tho borough building In an. effort to e-eo the "boys. Older men came, liccanao, they said thoy had knov, n the boys from the early part of Mfo. The Koldys boy's mother a number of yeara ago imido flro with kerosene HYid died from burns, The Caaztyia lioy's father was killed about 11 years ago In t!jo pipo mill. People are much surprised at tho boya, as they always eemocl very nice and read only tho beet literature. Bank;, JViiitio Hoards, Stockholders of the Firnt National Uaulc yesterday elected tho follO'A'ing directors: Clay F. Lynch, L. F. Ktonor, Charles II. Ixuicks, P. I'. Hueh. Fonton 0. Ke.'ster, Jr., George K. Breunen, JE1. Vlnton McK. Lynch and B. F. Overholt, C. Keletor. Tha directors "will organize next wools. Stockholders of tho Broadway X«- lional Bank olocted tho following board: John ft. Byrne, F. ~\V. Byrne, V. r. Pleulii, \f. W. Scoman. 10. C. Uoid, F. F. Byrne and F. K. Reid. OffleorK chosen were: President, John R. Byrne; vlce-prfeldont, V. P. I'ksula; cash tor, Thorane D. Byrne. Tho annual felx per cent dividend was declared, Con! Company Elects. Tho Lincoln Goal Coke Company hold it« a n n u a l mooting yesterday when tho following directoru wore chosen; -B. F. Keister, Donald C. Ketetcr, 11. Viuton Overholt, Fan ton O. Keister, Jr., am! JI. C. Deffe-nbaugh. At the organisation meeting the following officers wore chosen: Presi- innt, B. F. Keiet-er; vice-president, Donald C. Kc-teter; secretary, 11. C. Deffonbaugh; treawurer, M. L. Ilas- noss asslbtaut tr«ibiiror, Fen ton O. Keister; assltii.aiit secretary-treasurer, H. Vinton Overboil. Holds First Court. Burgoss C. F. Lewis held his first hearing last evening, that of a man who hfld boon in a light. The prisoner admitted that ho wa« lit wrong, l i e ;i]50 fuiid t h a t it was th first trouble lie had ever been in ami that he had Hifit c-omo to Scottdulc. Ho -was nl- lowwl to go. Working 1 on K.\)loslo«. N^J arrests were made ycnt-erday in t h e Broadwaj tiro and explosion jau. 15 -, lt wnriare on weasel* andled by the woa««ls waro^L bounty claims fo exceeds the , 16 ed. That numbe year prior to 1926^ l tor enth ft Claims 7,000 a year. Although i wore paid in core believe thcy,~ exterminated, excpi god bectioae of tho average aboi Pitts burg Coal Exchange Urges That Yough River \ Improvement Be Pressed rg Coal Exchange, in an open ^ttor to its moinborS encouraging suiaovt for the proposed caniilixa- YoughioRheny Hiver, , cltce tlon fucts project which in 1910 -was^optod by Congress. for cal year, ofl lieing Champi^ CHAMPION, Jan. 15-4 Kalp, daughter of !\lr. ajil Knlp of Champion, ,Lnd,Hii6f of, Acme, eon o£ Mr. and Mra, rug- ! llhoda La van Keller Tho excl^pgo declares thet although Congress % taken the proposal to develop tlieV yor the Govornmeut is now con6ldor\^ i( a abandonment. 'The growth of tho\.j a i i n limtry 1* pointed out ae one ot"h© reasons the work should proceed. \ Membeie of t\ exchange recently an lllam a refilutlou\, klng tlmt tlle ject be pressed 1n\ exe , cu u on early date. \ The letter to tho A raDer g follows: "In 3910 Congress ao, p t 0( ] a project for tho improvement x y O ugh- iogheny River with loc\ and danie from lie mouth to West Newton. r i ao conetructlou work hai3 been lelaed from time to time, and iow the G' v- ornmcul is considering Ihe matter of abandoning the project. "A public hearing tvm be hold in Courtroom No. 3, Postcttfico buildi ig, corner Fourth avenue and Sraith/fi jld street, Titteburg, at 10 A. M. Moncay, January 20, 1030, and friends of ri /er improvement muflt show cnuse · j glv-e good reaeone or this very iraj or- tant work will le aoandoned. . "You aro urged to attend this m -ot- ing and give reasons to show that the proposed improvement ifi attogei her justified. "Tho Pitteburg Coal Exchange has adopted tho following resolution: "Whoreaa, The Mttsburg Coal Exchange unanimously paesod on J ug- wet 28, 1.926, a resolution giving in detail reasons for being opposed to the proposed abandonment of; tho existing project (or the improvement of tha Youghiogheny Kiver from its mouth to West Newton, and, "Whereas, The matter of. its abandonment is again being considered by tho War Department, the local office of the Unitei States Engineers in this'district having filed an unfavorable report on tho improvement at the present time, and, "Whereae, This Exchange assisted in gathering and furnishing data during the year 1D25 which in its opinion fully juetlfied tho early Improvement by a slackwater system from ite mouth to West Newton, and we herein point ouo somo brief reasons and comparisons in support, of such an opinion as follows: "1--The Monongahela lliver was flrst improv-ed in 1S39 by private capital. It haa since been shown by its earnnga that it wae an economically sound proposition, and again after being taken over by the United States Government and further improved, has shown ite wonderful growth between the period of United Stales control, 1807 to 1529. It has grown from 5,200,000 tonr, in 18S7 to about 28,000,000 tons in 1DIJD. Below is the «r;hcdulo in 20 year periods: rcriotl Ton* 1843 ........ , .... ......... H-1 ,000 ISO,") .................... 1,430,000 JSS5 . ...... ............. 3,436, 000 , ..... !).in,0(in 23,710,000 States (Government "2 -- The United is now, and jh«s fo? some time, been Improving tho upper Monorigahela of its m o u l h , which coal IB rapidly being exha/istod in tho lower reach ·· of the Morfongahela Vr.Hoy and wUi.-h Bi-adc of Jjfil is and quito neceesary I for Hicbo U i r g n in'lustrirs. "4__The United States Government is now improving the Allegheny Hlver and extending it« locks and diimn many miles and aside from tho flvftt throe poolR with not a« much p r r « - pecte for immediate Inrgc than will follow on t h o Yo River, and wo believe the courwo Biver slackwater syetom with modern : . sll oil on 1he Allegheny Uiver ifi rii;ht loclte and dame to care for f u t u r e i n - ; and proper as it will upon a larso croaeed tonnage, notwithstaniling a ' t e r r i t o r y for industrial expansion ;w large percentage oE the pros jut Ion-1 well ae to tap tho miiierale of that nage only poesea through the first six locks, and TI e agree this is proper and 'important that it should bo dono to care for future growth in tlv valley. "3--Tho- Youghiogheny River being a tributary of the Monongahela River, ernytylng into tho MonongahHa River only 16 milefl abovft tho city ot Pittsburg, will not only open a largo acreage ot partially developed coal land, of tho very best gradi of coal for all purposes but. it will trtet f u r n i s h a grade of ga» coal for the inillfi and industries in th© immediate district I siblo. valley. »g Wf. elnceroly bolieve that, with the proposed improvement on tin? Youghiogheny River completed, n v«ry large tonnage of coal will soon be dof v«loped, together with the industrial expansion that will take place, that in a short period it will bo proportion rival the river into which It flows-the Monongahela. "Therefore, Be it resolod, That we. ask that thifl projet bo pressed to execution nt an early a date as pos- of Monday morning, but the officerii are vary ((uietly vorking on tho case, ami in another day or so development** aro Kelier of Acme wer married re Mrs. David Plocelier of on Friday, January 10, at her ho\ Tho funeral service was held on Suvl day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at th' Methodist Church it Donegal, with Rev. J. C. Beahm offleiating. lator- ment was made in Donegal Cemetery. I Pallbearers wore nophows and grand-) sons- of tho deceased. Lloyd Hess is fit 111 in the hospital because, of a plonged illness from an infection of a bone in the leg, but ho i« now on tho road to recovery. After spending nearly two weeks at tho hom of her daughter, Mrs. J. Howard Barkloy oC Dolmont, Mrs. J. C, Bcahm returned to her homo here on Sunday. William Mariotti of Indian Head, whilo working in n mine, had several fingers Ijadly crushed. Amputation o" two of the membets wns noceeeary, and a third is badiy mashed. The male quartet of Uio County Lino Church of tho Brethren will hold its weekly practice nt the. church on Sunday evening at 8:l,i. Virgil C. Finnolt. lecturer from the state of Indiana, v ill deliver an ila- terestiug lecture ut the County Lino Church on "Why Girls Srnoko," on Sunday, January i'fi at ?: 30 P. M. Uo will show SO stcroiitican nlMee in connection with this lecture. Admission will b« free. Rev. John M. Gonry w i l l have charge of the sei'vices n t x t Sunday morning at 11 o'clock at County Lino Church. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Barkley and son, Omert, of Acme vi died at the home of Prof, and Mrs. .), i to ward IJarkley of Uelmont latit S u n d a y a f t e r n o o n . Swiramit '" Pick Wild Flowers. While Deputy Came Warden C. C. Jirowii and several other men wpro t'iHding game In tho Creek ITill dist r l c t , they picked wild {lowers in bloom. This is inotit unusual for thf.H llraf of year, but the wrrii weathor li.ifc brought t h e m out at least 10 weokn earlier. 1' {.'Itancellors to Meet, The Knight*. of Pythias will onter- l a i t i the Pafcl Oiancellora Association of Souths et'M'n Pennfiylvanla at Odcl Fellows J l a l t on Friday evening, J a n u - ary 17, at S o'clocK. (J. L. McDonaM of Connelkivillo will likely preside. Del0KJites from Fayette and "\Vcet- morcUind county lodgc-a will IH present. A buoineeti m e e t i n g will be hold followed by ,i program. nforc f tub bits Keep hod. Yt'tUerilay more rabbits were received t h r o u g h the Hcottdalo Sportsmen's Association. In the H VB crate- a that arrived thero were- three de«i. Sixteen crate* have boon liberated, all told, in a radiiw of 15 milefi of Hcott,- dale. liNjur of t h e crates ranio from the State. Three the association bought came cllrocl from Kansas ant! are tho large light colored variety, and j are tho finest the aseocial ion hey ever received. Of the ISO rabbitu received thero aro 170 good heiilthy, lively ones to t u r n loose. Church Officers ''Named. Tho newly elected officers at St. SUMMIT, Jan. I".-- Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Dinemoro and daughter, Helen, of Logans Crossings were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Commod ro Fike, on Sunday. Omu Rboadee n id childrea of Masontown were calling on relatives lioru. William Morris of near Bltn Grove was calling on re atlvts hero Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jf.irry Secso and fftin- lly of Huftedale si ant Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mre, Sebu..,- tian Seeso. Mr. and Mre. W a l t e r McLaughlin and children of N-.-mucolin fiiKuit day with Mr. an i Mrs. Frank Me Laughlin. Mr. and Mrs. /osoph McGoo and family spent tho veck-cml visiting My and Mra. Odas C^.ling at M o u n t Pk-as aut. J. L., the smai son of Mra. Carrie Hart who has been very i l l with pnou monia is improving slowly.. Use our classljjed Builds Unusual Home. KOKiN'IGSBUR*;, Jan. 15. -- Tho mar Mann, winner -of the 1.029 Nobel prize for literature, i« having a now homo said to be a depa'-luro in architecture bulU for dune.s of cotist. hirnscl. the among this Prussian pant iialtic A Family Affair. MUNrCH. Jan. 15--The viliagc, of Lauter has 6S ho.isehold^. fn tho J c o m m u n i t y elect inn 15-1 votes were cast for 74 candidates. Bach f a m i l y [·ad its own candidate and in several cases two or three candidatcK. I'ublo Used ir, Smuggle Hum. BUFFALO. Jan. 15.--Report was made late last ni,;ht to customs border Paul's Lutiioi'dn Church"aVe:" Deacons",' 1)alro1 f'O»i r n »»dir !hat smugglers are C. C. Botih, C. c. Bittncr and Edward Andowon; t r u s t e f , Christ Kromer; chief iitdiiM, Walter Bcnlz. The cabinet elected t h e f o l l o w i n g oflicenj; Prcsiflpnt. Kcv. J. jj. Lambert: vice- president, 1!. n. stoner; f-r-c rotary, (i. 10. Kngel ; trcatiuror, (!. K. fnwuH-ial secretary, H. C. Kngel. using a spare cable to s h u n t liquor across the Niagaia River from Canada. Tho cargo is n u l ' e d across by pulleys. .Mi.'ferfl A n n a and Either Carbon of North Scottt'alo entortaincl tiio Katherino Von P.oru Clans of St. Paul's L u t h e r a n Church at their homo hi.,!, e v e n i n g ut, « fnihincfcS and *oc-iul meet- In^. The Sund.iy School Association o f . T r i n i t y Reformed C h u r c h held i t s ! meeting at t h e c h u r c h Ian I evrnlng. SlI^.-i Kvelyn Wall of this plafo underwent in ojioratiuti tor appetuli- eitw at the Memorial Hospital. Mrs. May Franc-is of tirivoneburK Is spending u few days w i t l i friends here. Victor Radios M o n t h l y 1'aynumls GEO. W. CARROLL Four Convicted of Hoblwry. D U F F A T X ' , Jan. 15.--Tho j u r y !n the C'aivon .?2oO,000 j e w e l r y r o b b e r y hu-l night r . - t u r n e d a v e r d i c t of g u i l t y tit:aiu«-t tin- f o u r (lofom'unh., It«d Dtiko, T t d d v K o j - a t k l , H i l l y Seiner a n d K-Jdio I ' r x y b y l . K i - l i i r i i s t« l-'hui Tots Dead. M U L L . Q i-\, .Lin. 1., T h r e e tot.-, ' r a i i j i n i : in i^o i r o m cij;lH i n o n t l i i - to tivi \o!ir». 'vo-r* 1 liio'iici! to i J A . i i i ! in ;l iirr w h i t i i v fr^ t r o y (Hi i l u - i r h s m i " !.,i ; nU;hr w l i i h ' t h n r m u t h o r \\ciu u .1 V ! 'nice ti teloptunie. 1 Hand Coopers This Company has immediate work f o r a number of coopers experienced in making tight v, hiskey barrels. Steadv e m p l o y m e n t for several m o n t h f - at highest pay. Write, call or wire at once! A. O'er holt Company Hro.ul J''or). , |'n. your old radio or ptioinograi \ model of these two world's best Victor-Radio Console Results Guaranteed TOJ ie quality . . . reliability. These should be 'oremost considerations in the selection of your radio. When you buy a radio you want to know the t it is not only going to work, but con- tin .ie to work, and give the results ex- pe« -.ted. That is what you assure yourself in Buying your radio at Aaron's. TKs store sells only'Victor and Sparton-the world's two best radio makes. Every ra !io offered is the latest model of its type, W ith these foremost sets go experienced ins tallation, competent inspection and pr sper serviceing. A-.t today on our offer of a liberal allow- an ce for your old radio or phonograph on ar y model. Sparton Radio $1 TO.50 CO.MPLUTK--Tho radio receiver that, has the endorsement of the- world's threat arlists and conductors. Complete w i t h ton radlotron tubes and outside aerial, ready to t u n e hi. Victor-Radio Electrola .00 ' COMPLETE--Night after night h e companionship of t h i s wonder-radio will draw your family circle ever closer. Dynamic speaker, nine tubes. Super volume. Victor-Radio de Luxe Sparton Equasorme COMPLKTJC--The modern, complete musical 'instrument. Reproduces broad-cast and recorded music electrically with the realism of llio personal performance. COMPLETE--A luxurious cabinet housing a marvelous radio set. Inlaid door medallions of matched butt walnut. Modern blended finish. Unrivalled tone. CO.UPLhTE--An a u t h e n t i c : reproduc- t i o n of a fine old antique, live hundred years old. A radio that makes you forget distance--you step i n t o the picture, you FEEL the artist's mood. No Extras All sets arc priced complete, as delivered to your home-\ v i f h t u b e s a n d outside aeruiJ. Furnishers Since 1691 No Interest Aaron's assess no carrying charges, and any set may lc purchased on c o n v e n i e n t p a y m e n t s , if desired.

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