The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1918
Page 8
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-PAGE.EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLBVILLB, PA. FKIDAY, MARCH 22, 1918. afan .CM. not win tbU «par without -He heVp of women. 1; Xto't confirm theae. ofid slanders: ;.;"TK«nen talk too'-iaich"; ''Women V'aan't keep a secret." ,, : Dont .pass along anr information ".'that yonr men folk roar .carelessly, or [;-ii mtfally pass alon^to TOO. - Don't fail to'report to ths-nearest Yafficer dwloyal or · ' £;or bajha.Tkr on th jr aaffte;prrtoreigiu'··':^i^Mr^ -^sn-'f.J'.-' i Dra^'.Jtpr^ ; ;tl^'jKa^^tifcijr' 1 '- 1 _.MtDHIGKT HAPPENING. There Is a woman Irvine ;on ifcir Heights who Is .rattier-r ttarid": aboct Ores. And th«. night w«s cold, nnd b«r 'hnaband o*t of.vtown, .and when she retired tit night «Ue felt nervous., v - .After." an., liour'. or^ majbe two . or three, she wa awakened by: the strand 'of a loud gong, beating rapidly.*: .. ; :She sprang from her bed. The house : staod» .ekoae to tbe-'atreeti"ahd. ; the r geng wa etanftng In .."front .of the ·house. She rushed to theVwindbw and 'threw It open. There were no fire- engines visible, but a" street "car 'was staHdlBg.;on--the trac%, and somebody HOSE CLOGGED FROM . A COLD,OP. CATARRH . Cream in .'. Open Up Air Passages. of ' _ ·£ tae «r«at«at;»lnceritT;. ,..;_» -.i-r^d! 1 -?;' '" I»aH'.fors^:thar*ii3:w3r. will-end "· to. «ir Varan lagc oidtrrwheir' friends : Switi victorjC' .c"»~;;. :.-,,:· i .- s.. ·-::'·, ·J Don't gBt^'dSscoaraged.'. 'Jl .shbrt:waiT i and *'"h«ct7 "peace may-"cost!ranbUiier, - "war iidi greater J6a?t .'oj |^'!tBai«' t; «l*aai]n: up this-irer,"-- -* - : , i; Don't l«t j*»kasr _ot oiler women \ ·whose men getto^a^DfontHnr are- kept T»t home make -von 'ERiBpicioas of-rao- .l-'ttTCB or influeneee. The organizations -and indlvidMiIs are all parts of a com'* Jiieated .machine; each: cos must fit In '; JU place and nioTe, wtica needled. ;·;. .;B«i't "accwi'ertlie ^y^a^homes -ot '-tmxfTaotLfff- Many of them are more X«M*r to be abroaS^ttaa aoinft-.thfVare i ," there. The saegKyt thv njen- in .1 Trace* ?ependBC.enrtli.e eaiergj^if th« " .n«« at ; home. "^Ibdwerv micfein a -ixeach as great many men are needed«-_re«r. .or -tn^.flsliUag. line .will £fcil" ot airoBnltW," tood, supplies, -fawdB, equipment and reroforcements: C Doirt f t w i g e t that ' ^ ' :;.*a«n are the ^ rbut-ni»T prow dead^-jn_th«ir-result. ' Don't forget tnat;tt-i3 treason to -tire aid and comfort to the -jen«ny. "Kothing comfoits the~ enemy- more -Iban the feeHne that the war i -vilar «t home and that the people ace Don't syrwd the. Salsehodd ttef tWs ; : 1» a ricb mai/S waK II la bBingtfOBght- -^.Jor U» weJfcre ra£_the poor o£ tKe ^wlwie world. KidfjjSa aaOTBiir S»ns ;7are making sacrifices jf life. H-eaOh, ;_an4comfort in duirproportkm to ttteir .^BKn*cr. AdivJtfeB tliat tend to "atroy, discrcdSt.^ or. discoorage honest Swailth attack the prosperity of 'tlM en- Zltire Natioa.aod oripple its , power. "Giomtic in^uatriee make tbis Nation ^: gigantJc. and giTe,it tzxpnying, money- Depending, money-lending powers equal ?· to aimie» ot soMier*-" : ' '·":": ~: ~ 2 Don't rail against conscription. It ^is the taireBt, sqoareet, most deiHor 5 critic method e»er -dieVised. -It~was ^-;*rc*d on the coantir, based on- a r, conscription policy in" force for gen ~«ntuns. ~-ltj to help. The day has long passed i-when women were-erpected; to-sit id 1 !* ~ and wait for wars to end. 'Women are -ViaTmlmable not .Jaily at the front as i^jiuraes- imbalance drivers, clerks, and ··" canteen 'mannpeis, bat just "as vala- J-able at home^~lfjiili6ag '.ahd-"biaiage -··ilakiiig aie-'imjioriaai^ax^r-^Ksfe are Sf.V - , anicheror a^neSe»tal, Vitt.fad a'- joB.and wor*_tt:for all it is · TOEL£CnUFTEW. .-lwladfag eaac aai Oatracte Fiiai- w the. at the Motgantown k and the " Bhicfaville fc attcoada irom Morgantotm j jto Ta»» Vn H1». ITIJI other points·· reach- ~jtt tif this syalein. - -· - -- · ; -'·'·' "-. '"- A new power house .-win, be. erected ''·*«· a coal property controlled by *tta r ~\ " **' *~* of-.·MCE capacitr . "ttat ooal o*crations akns. Scott's, ·~jnn OK be'- operated eiecuKal^f in' to- tbe '.running ot+ fzeight trairi. ^._ ~ ~L~, TDWfe Joirtht ··iaetrieal eqorpraant arid ~3e1fr»r]r~ii jmauluad wKain a comparatively sbovt N«w Tork caiatafists bavi i iulmaaiil te-tlM propogiOon- *a the erteot. it i* said, of agreeing If Tatrwinw tkcuc' THE LASTECUaWATlON"~ ·: OF WATS DRAFT ;· Maay a ma au faD«.d»wn heema :» taat o! b» wat«r icovcd nainiitalr- .·kfr taat to kad .txbuy Jlaiaai -. , ·· .Tb* iDdacys ar*"the Kavaneetir'aad -aVz work dagr xui nigdit m .separaring- · ·aa 1 fMMaas xiuui na luooa. jjont tsff' 'm»if of diatnaa ate ainrr reeogniakj 'ttid lucjQoc aacii svBpuavas hacxacoc^ statiorajjlTtrwaeM, irritabffitj, haid^ wry-bi » taeir to m- "tmagta. war ' to reatore the aoraal state of health iTmptoais," lavs Dr. Kane, of Invalid*' Hotel, Buffalo, N. T, M ia. to drink pien^T_oi_water and obtaia yew Javoriie plijirinacj a jonaO* t of Ajnmrif', donblo strength, .which iTtaffnaxi-lr/'almart «verr dntggiat." T«aj w£U;*»d Anorit more .·potent than Ktkia, dJanlvM-mie aod as water-doe* Mar. Said Dr~. PJCTCJ 10c for trial pkg. fajLUBLrxu, Pi.--"Aboni ssc-vear ago I bad aonw i trouble wita mr --^'-"T^oii^trstandvthere^and yell s flrer " sherRhrieked to ;theritreet car crew, .both;;, of- whlch,'Tpere i -j«itandliig in the ·LiOjul.'.'. '.*J."urii- In' an -alarm '" ";."C!o,-.bliclrto bed,.lady," answered the rnotorman:,. 'T wasn't rel?in' fire. The trolley" ."was; off : and the conductor be.cH on ,and I was yenin'I.IBgherrr-hlgherTr " : ; And .tliatta: all'there was to It . CAVE HERSELF AWAY. H«--I bet JOT'vf told everyone what I told yoa as a secret last night. She--Why, th« Idea! There's a wbole lot ot gbto I haven't aeen yet cba£. A -ent-«p~ tcattan - Ha ~ta lnd««d a bappy alf ^Who-tnlnKa.h*:akoti)d make othofi - Br watohfci Mm enjor blmautt. .. "That man onubl to be arreited for beaCnjt nil wife." .. "How. do.yoc know^ be heats hiv ·wlter Inquired Mr. Meekton. . ,!Be confesseg It." "Maybe wnat be told yoa WBS a tonfeaefim end' nnybe It ins only bragging. Walt and bear the lady's side oittke story." '. ..'. ,,' What Pi 8»ld. *Tn--«rw--beastly fond of--aw--following the bounds, doncher know." · "I Inferred n noch from wlmt papa said." · -"Weallyl And what old youah faw- th«h rayr v "Oh.' he said rxm Ketned to be going to t " PnnltO' Finance. "An egg Is mighty valuable these days." "Of course," assented Fanner Corn- toasel. "An egg will bring almost coouRh to pay for feeding-tbe'hen nu- tli she lays the neifcne." "_'" A Caae for tha Center. tnlota be knows bow the be conducted." "Hope be **·. IIoTlra Kwy^l make him stop ralklug for feu- he'll give away onr moat vahnble mUttary secret." "- .' .' ' Happy JD LOM Her. · Oon--KM* Aatkjwe 1» to be married. , float--Indeed! Who "toi the bappy man? , I thtok. Not ¥«ry Moeh. · She--4 cooM nercr marry a man who has no money. Be--Bat tbarc'ii cam* In maaay. She--Aud there are .gem* in klsces, but that domt bother yoa. rtaraaan in Ctaa* OM. Pete Hcrnum. world's cnampion ban- tamwelght; baa bcea placrd in daas J at tbe draft It Is' btiJeTBd he will ^clalni exemption on the grounds of ·Sire" eyes, "as' the cbmmjjlon recently -- ,11 his bonti for that rea«n. tear that DeTSurtheV effbrto to trace his «a««toni haie^Deen luspend- J "I-aa^pcoe he foond wane of the an- eeatara were fRBmcnied, too." -Abj "Wiat relien--Your trite open, right up,;the^air passages of yo«r.-head'are clear and: you -can breathe freely.- .No ^mord hawking, snujIKng, mucous'diacbarge, headache, darness-riio struggling'for breati af night; your cold or catarrh is gone. . Don't, stay stufred uqi! Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream Balm firom your druggist now. Apply a. little of this fragrant, antiseptic cream in your nos-. trils. Jet it penetrate through every aij pasas^e of the head; soothe and heal the swollen, inflammed mucous memhranp, giving you instant "relief. Ely's Cream Balm is just "What every cold and catarrh sufferer has 'been seeking. It's just splendid.--Adv. BOAT BUILDING ACTIVE MamyTards Busy on Barges and Towboats, .Both Steel and Wooden. Not in years bas the activity been so great in coal barge and tow boat building as at present along the Monongahela river near Pittsburg. TIiu Caratgie Steel company IB launching fonr all-steoi tow boats for handling its by-product coal for its new ovens near Homestead; and the Jones Laughlin Steel company is increasing its_ river fleet. "Wpodeti barges are being boilt tor the Diamond Coke". Coal company and tie Crnctble. Coal company and the Prttsbnrg Coal company are reconstructing, hundreds of,their oM barges, .shipping fuel by river to the La Belle" Steel, Works'and other Ohio river plants.'.' Hunting;. Baffgalns I Ton will find them In our ad. columns. SntP£F. BUT: CHARMUfG . 6UU/S GRADUATION VKKSS Caarmingly yootlifnl in its simplicity Is this graduation frock cf. fine \rhite net with ' conings of white soutache aiwl tiny pink silk rosebuds. "RaintoWa Binl." onr new serial story, begins in this issue. It's by Rex Beach. Read k. ORPHEUM THEATRE Thomas H. Ince Presents WM. S. HART in 05 TEPDE KAH." Also the Paramount--Mack Sennctt Comedy LADT" Krtften -SSatK st that the whole family take at least 3 or 4 (fastis of a thorough, pnrUrine, system cteanlnK med- irane this sprinj;. Now IB the time. Tbe : fiiniiy Trill be healthier, nap- pler, ^od _tet along better if the blood ' pARAMQUNTJHEATRE TODAY A2TD TOJTOBKOTT GOLD'WTN FRJ^BNTS MAE 1L\RSH rN OLIVER MOROSCO'S FA31OUS STAGE SUCCESS "THE CINDERELLA MAN" A CHMSTMAS SURPRISE "PACKAGE FIL.LBD ^TTH GOOD CHEER. She was rich and he was poor. Nothing between theni but six tin roofs covered with. snow. How in-the world will we get them · together? ALSO A GOOD COMEDY --C0102TO-- CLARA KIMBALL YOUNG I?? ^SHIRLEY KAYE' _ s given, a thorough 'purifying, the stonuch and bowels cleaned out, and the germs of winter, accumulated in the system, driven away. Hollister's Rocky Momrtain Tea is one of the very best and surest spring medicines to~~take. Get it and see the difference n the whole family. . Their color will be. better; .thex3rf eel. Sne-and be well aid 'happy. Conneilsville Drug Co. -Adv. " ;-,.: · ------- SOISSON THEATRE THUBSBAY, FBHUY, SATTJRDAT, KAKCH 21, 22, 23. DAILY. (A Freaeb. CocktaU) The Most Sensational PJay of the Present Age. Comedjr Snrprises, Sinking, Dancing, Fnn. COUNTRY STOKE FRIDAY. · Cqinmittee of Censors Appointed to Praise or Condemn This Play: John Duggan, Jr., James J. Driscoll, R. W. Leiberger, Edward Duggan, R. O. Clabaugh, M. B. Pryce, C. E. Stoat, "Walter S. Stimmel, John Kif erle, H. C. Hays, R. W. Hoover, Thomas V. Donegan, Jos. L. Stader, Plarry Van Gorder. Act 1 -- Anticipation. Act 2-- -Bealization. Act 3 -- Guess. _,, ----n ,^ v . Z scut t for-a'rapply of thrl |A n JIT i c. 'Tablets;: l After taking them | I bave nerer_ Jelt-j 5-^_- rb9-J-?ast p*in in ray ! baci, or -wr/where. : X keep'-a" bottle on: lumd so I- cm. take » ^cw every month j ·r so, for preventioii is "betl^l- "tfaan cure '' \ --W. Q. MACJMOUJ.-; 32«-_N.-?9th St " j 'WAMTVU,, PA.--'' I THW- afflicted .-with | : my Iddnejs and my back hurt xn so ia- j .·:_ : ttMely at times I coald hardly enduro it. j :-·;· 3. bad to arise four £3i fiVe. times in a j sight. I sunt for.Atcn-» and 3m entirely-i '· «nred aow; and ain-fesJing fine; ream do*; ", 'lawtj of *mk. I have just pnmed* myt ;' r Wth mile-artonc. If-,-yiwi-^are troubled t ·U'-iKt-k yocr ItifhwTS, I aaTnse"you"to'^ge- ;.-J)r. Pierced Annric Tablets; they cored ,-·{»* and should cure you,*ir-MEi5. E. I*. Y~ XCOTK-U BOT 85, Eonte 2t...-;. _.-...,.^ .''' -.Big IDC' " Jiaiinee. "Daily ' . - a t 2:30. ' '.-Even ing ; " Shows -at "7:30 and .9-.15. . . . : /-.--^-TODAT AJO SATUEBAY--·" Coteman ? s Tip Top Tourists -~ .".-,.' -. . In .the Tabloid Musical Comedy · :: "IN SEARCH OF A MILUON" "'e:Screen--William S. Hart in "Man Against Man." Coming Monday and Tuesday--Charlie Chaplin. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. FEATUBDfG. VBLMA LEE AL. COLEJIAN AL. LE1IONS BEN RUBIN Four "Wooden Shoe Dancers. Pete, Football Dog. Pretty Pony Chorus. Middle Aged Womeiv Are Here Told the Best Remedy for Their Troubles. Freemont, (X--"I was pas-mag through the critical period of life, bring 1 fbrty-su: years of age and had all the symptom* incidiit to cjjangc--he»t flashes, / nerronnesc, and was la. a general run down condition, / Bo-it was bard lor me to do my work. LydJa E. Pinlt- N haul's Vegetable Compound wasrecpmipended to roe as the best remedy for say troubles,-which ifc surely proved to be. I feel better and stronger in .every -way since taking 1 it, and'-the'annoying 1 symptoms have disap- jrearedL"--Mrs. M, GoDKX. 325 JSagoleon. fit, Fremont, Ohio. ; . North Haven,*Conn--- "Irydi* E. Pinkh«m*s Vegetable Compound restored my helth. after everything'else' had failed when paaaiag- through chno^c of life. There Is nothing* like it to overcome the trying 1 symptoms. 14 --Mrs.FLOKEMCK IMC..n, Bos 197, "North H-ven, tonn. LYDIAE. VEGETABLE ^. tYDlA E.PIHKHAM MEDICINE CO. I.YNN.MAS5, nbutmttd by GntKr. DAVID AND THE FlYWC SQUIRRELS. O S» nomine ~ DvrH ploj^fl wi In th« jp»ra he «*· two brtvwj lilnt, float tram the top of th* noorn trtt fasto tlu bnuolMl at Ot* cbairr tre*. I 't (aw Our rau»t no«an«r Uuctunl mwjr QwH'. ntfl« trims. Sre~- . from tk« tmitia swr b/. "Brown !·**« « th tr«. in thfl prio»tto.l Wbr, thafa Mr. and Mr.. "Wfc» "X b«T« M rfttttwl BqweoOfrtv "m»S Tm rrotMaT to auunr yxsy ot*e--come aUon^.** TnlCnf Da-rid** -v*nd. 8qu**U«-i..»lw!. Into UM Ch«rrj tr»« wkwra Mr. and Mrm, , Squirrel wt chattln|r. StTM*lew) told them ttot £*Y1 omA ttom them for brown 1e*v«*. and tb«y b« mu.vt b« * T«ry funny Uttlft "If all b«T" thtmiht w« -mn tb«7 wouliin't throw itooM at ua," chaeUod Mr. Sunlmi But Ura. 8qutTT«I cv* hlu m. took that Raid: **B4 polite to eonipnT','" aod tb«D sbe ahcnrsd TMvld her new Mat. of which nho wo* T«7 prtrud. "Looka aoaKthlnp Uke a croir'B beat. doo.n't !tr r l«u»b«d DaTid. "Bu I never taiow iMrolrrrta built neatsr* "Surely we hnlW them ni the Toot of a Dransb ivinr £be 'TOP or the tree," re- pU«d Jfr. Sauirral. "Wo cover then with twlca and leave* to keep oat th* raiaa." 5qu«de« Took David Down to tha Ground AjFaiu. DavM ptepnd Into tho Uttla oi^nlnf that serred aa =. doorway, and aaw that the ne«t was lined with eofx. mosa leavea ·ILnd b!U nf WOOL "What a lovely, coaey, nttJe home!" exclaimed David. "And ihat'a not all," chaMwtd Mnj. SquJjreL' "Our aiorwooro la over to th» bafc tree. Sbau we By over there and jtafce a peep at It?" "Bnt how can you fly wjthont wtnttl" toavia aakad. "We don't need wlne»," replied Mrs. 7UlJTeI. "We spread out our /«t and the tooie sldn.on eaoh side of our oodles act In the pface of wings." Then aa« spread her four fe«c aa far apart M they would go, and Invited David to go for a aaiL So Dnvid hoppad upon Mr*. 3o;ulrrel' hack, and Squecdee cUmbed upon air. So,ulrr«ra baot and down they soiled from Che very top of th* cherry treo to- a branch near the middle of the oak tre*. There In a hole "Waa stored what was loft of their winter's supply of food. M.'jfx a nice Qttla lunch of acorna, Ixreuft'aULS. pine buds and bits of green bark, David bade, the aqulrrclg ffood-by. and Squeedee took David down to the Cronnd ajfnin. , David thanked Squoedee for hia trip, and ran Into tho hotuo to tell hia .manima about the two llttl* squirrela that looted IHto brown leaves aallbuj thrcugrh the air. "Sure enough!" laughed mamma, as sho looked ont to «te Mr. Squirrel )eicp back Into tho cherry tree. "They're *ly- IneSquirreUtl" The advance spring showing in -women's, misses', and children's wear are now being displayed at all the Union Supply Company stores. There is a wonderful variety of distinctive, well defined skirts for women; we have a special line of separate skirts in all sizes, black and navy serge, black and grey serge, pleated back, fancy plaids and striped silks, and icany other kinds. There is a choice distinctive line of children's dresses, range from eight to twelve years old, and from three to seven years old. You will just have to see all these new Easter ready-to-wears and then yoa will understand why we call them "distinctive" styles. Ribbons of every sort and every style, for Children's hair, for bows, for sashes, for any use you may have for them. The stocks are new, the colors beautiful, prices very reasonable. Timely Easter offerings of new spring .shirt waists and blouses, exceptional advantages, exquisite hand-embroidered. A very large and complete line of these popular goods at reasonable prices. Every one of our sixty-three stores are now showing a complete spring lino. It is time now to hearken all ye buyers and 'prepare for your Easter outfit. ·8 Iarjre Department Stores, Located in layette, "We-stmorelaad and Allegheny Counties. JTETV C03OLLSDER AT CAMP FKEMOJfT, CAI* GREAT DANGER ATTENDS CROUP AND WBOOPING COUGH .Til* T'oliowinjr: Treatim lit IK ilieudcd by the ItifihcMl An^U .Gtve the civild at once a qu-arter of a tekspoonful of Korkoln Jelly. All gotHl drug's!sts have this. In a. minute lite little patleat will feel a guntlc s-low, throog-hout the thro-jLt and chest ftiid f lie liard chokiup matter wiii be easily I coogrhed up and cxi»ell;d. It's simply wonderful hovr quicklr I IhiS pleaeaat ta«tiBK jelly acts, and all i motft-jrs whosi- children suffer from j snuQUcs, croupy cou^tts ;uid col-da, ton- silitLs, etc., H.TG stron^'lT' n-dTisexl (.o f ha-vft a mnall jar on hain-d for e-wor- ! g«n.cies. It \vitl save you many anx- i{ ious moments, Forkola never failc and ovcry'drug'S'isl in the coun"trj' gnaran- tees it on tho raoney lic-cfc if dtosatiB- (icd plan, so try it ai our exp Adv. 31aj. Gen. John F. Morrison, new commander of Eighth regular arrnv It Soothes and Relieves Like a Mustard Plaster Without the Bum or Sting Musterole is a dean, Tvhite ointment, made w.ih the oil of mustard. It does all the work of tie old-fashioned mustard plaster--does it better and does not blister. You do not have to bother with a cloth. You simplj rub it on--and usuaH? the pain is gone 1 Many doctors and nurses use Moster- ole and recommend it to their patients. They will gladly tell you what relief it gives from sore throat, bronchitis, cram, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, congestion, pleurisy, rbeumstism, lumbago, paica · and aches of the back or joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chilblains, frosted feet, colds of the chest (it often prevents pneumonia). 30e and COc jais; hospital size $23, Trv our advertisement*. succeeds Brigadier General For several months he haw been charge of system of training for all American troops. Bwprains , find them in our ad ?o SPECIAL! O-NE SACK POTATOES , 254 BUSHKLS r "ET, BOWIYTZ 5LUIKET, West Side

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