The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 15, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1930
Page 2
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T\VU. i'1-IB DAILY COUEIER, lONNELLSVJLLB;, PA. WEDNESDAY, JANTTATTr'XS, 183 ;. 15. I!. Y U T j ' . K A r ' . S A X I ) A U X I L U R Y HOLD .MU.Vr L\8TA1,1,AT!()1S A j o i n t .instiilUiurm of ofllcers of the I-l.iUiii-orc · Ohio Vote-rune Association HtKt the J e n n i e L,aytcm Auxiliary w;it held li.i*t night in the Baltimore Ohio Y. M. C, A. Officers, of this Connfir orRanization wore installed hy .1. M. Garvoy of Wheeling, W. Va., grand vice-president o£ the Veterans Aasouiatlcm. -Included nro: President, S. T. B r v i n ; vice-president, Thomna Christy; socreUu'y, W. G. ·Ko-Knr; treasurer, T. H. Kdmomlfl. The Jennie Lnyton Auxiliary officers inwtalletl hy the- pact president, Mrs. C. II. Wolsgevbor are u« follows: President, Mrs. R. T. Carte vice- president, Mrs. E. W. Heavner; secretary, Mtti. Josephine Mcraml-u; chap- · lain, Alra. Sadie McCHntock; marshull, Mrs. Jcseo Wlialoy; outer : guard, Mrs. · ·· · ...... The president of the ruen'u organization presented the president of tho wonvoii'H organisation w i t h a handsome brooch, white- the a u x i l i a r y gavo Mr«. Carlo o. strand of heads. Mr. Krvln wats presented by the- auxiliary with ;t p a i r of house elippere. His Rlt't from tho Vetei'ans Association was a fountain pen. Mrs. Weisgevber was also given a strand of beads by the J t n n l o Lnyton Auxiliary. Inter- eating tallce were given by Mr. and Mrs. (iarvoy. Lunch, consisting of chicken and biscuit and many other good things, was served by woman of the auxiliary. MBS. EDTfA MeCLURE INSTALLS OF t'ICE RS Eighteen members! of the Ladies' A u x i l i a r y to Walter E. Brown Post, Veterans of Foreign Ware, attended a m-eeting of the Loretta M. Neff Auxiliary oV Uniontown lost night. Officers for tho ensuing year were Installed by Mrs. Bdna McCluro, paat president of (ho local auxiliary. The Uniontown auxilirry presented Mrs. MeCIure with a hamtsomo bod epread and Its retiring president with artificial fn.tlt, silk umlenvear and hose. The- new pr-esl- rl-ent of Loretta M. Neffi auxiliary Is Mrs. Margaret Miller. Lunch was Hervcrl. Iviitfas'riHcnt Announced. Mr. ii nd Mrs. Joseph Rose of Allison annowneo tho engagement !' their duiiJjhler, to Joseph De-\[ito of South Brownsville. Tho niar-riago will be an ov-ent of June. ,;Mr. Do. playe-d football : ..with tho '.South: B r o w p H v i l l o and Brownsvlilo High Kchrwv's whilo in .itt.toiKhui-co at the tv.'o st hoots. . . ' .' . juicy-noun. Mist; Helen Rltey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James K. Ililoy ofl" Union- t o w n iiud Omer Dean, son of Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m Dean of Continental No. 1 were m a r r i e d J a n u a r y 11 in Union- t o w n . 'Vi. ». A. '!'(· 1C K i t s f N H T A I J / K D 1JY i^MtS. U A R V ''I'. J I A K D W I C K l i i s l f t l U i l i o n of oltUiors f u a t i i r e d tho regular nu eting of the Wpinans Benc- lit . A s s o c i a t i o n last -night, -in K n i g h t s of Pythias H a i l . · Mrs. Mary T. Uardr w i u k of 1 niontd'.vii, district deputy, was the iiisUillhiK -otllcer, . She was assisted l y · ladies of ceremonies, Mrs. iOlizi! Holt, Mrs. Mario Vernon iind.diapUiin, iVlnV. MagKle Hyatt. , Ofllcora ,ire: Presldeiit, Mrs!. Myrtle Shupo; vi e-president," Mrs. "'Bllzabetti Wsvlkor; acting past 'president', Mrs;. Em-ma Lou Cowglll; j u n i o r supervisor, Mrs. P a u l i n e Gallagher; record- Ing Hecreuiry, -Miss Maymo Brll.t; press correapondent, -Mrs.- da Arm- preao con ospondont, Mra. Ida Armstrong; .financial -secretary, Mrs. Qor- tr.ulo Htorey; chaplain, Mrs. Lyda Moore-; l u n y of cere-monies, Mrs. Alica Hindley; i ergeant, ,Mrs. Alice J. Osborn; IniH'i' -hoHte'-Bsi- · Mrwl R u t l i AVtiliter: outor Hoatosa, Mra. M a r y Reed; rnusiclan, .drs. Marjorie K l p o r n ; Miss Americn, Mrs. II. J. .Bird; Miss "W. P.. A., Mrs. - . -Mice Iluey; oftlcor of tlia clay, Mrs. Alico C r a m e r ; captain of guards, jVirs. .Voile V a u g h n ; color hearers, i\'irs. A n n a , .Baker and Miss Beatrice liak-er. It was Minounced that 'Mrs.- "W. K. Leonard of South O o n t i o l l H v t l l c Is -i patient Jn i h o Oonnellsvllle State Hospital. The meeting was w e l l a t t e n d ed. A covorcd-dish luncheon will ba hold iu connection with the uext meeting, Tuesd ty night, J a n u a r y 28. MINNESOTA ill AX TO PLAY IN The Duplicate Tri-State- bridge tournamon scheduled for Thursday, | Friday urn:. Saturday of this week lit I tho- White Swan Hotel, U n l o n t o w n , J promises 1 bt one of! tho most successful of its kind over held In Uniontown. Thi. tournament will begin tomorrow ,ii rternoon at 1:45 o'clock. | Mrs. Paul B. .Dick ot Wills road, la a member of -tho committee. C h a i r m n u Joseph II. Smith announced la.U n i g h t that a large ruirn- ! her of out- ol'-toH'ii entrlrsa wero bein;; i received h nirly w i t h e i g h t ' UK far | away an I n d i a n a . Tho moat distant | application, however, waH received yesterday : rom F. E. Bruelhide, M i n - neapolis. Minn.. Mr. Bruelhido la an authority MI bridge, being oue of. tho country's l a u d i n g lecturers and teach- -or«..ot'.the i n c r e a s i n g l y ' p o p u l a r game, lib. la k'iinvn as tho M i l t o n Work at the Wei t. ''The- con.mltU'o in charge of tho .tourrintnen wishes to emphasize thi ·fact, that in tiddltion to tho play lor the .main I i-ophtes, t h e m w i l l be open event's ur f emi-soetal events Tor thoso w h o v d o n-'l corn p a r t i c u l a r l y about c h a m p i o n s h i p play. " · A m o n g t h e a p p l i c a t i o n s received ·yesterday I'roni teams of f o u r wjjr-} two teams from the University of Pittsburg ,iru! ono f .oam each from tho,,. ,Keyst"n0 A t h l e t i c Club and tlv P i t t s b u r g Bridge Club. To InsUilI Officers. The D a u g h t e r s of Union Veterans w i l l n;eel t o n i g h t at ?::!0 o'clock at. the A m e r i c a n Legion Hall. Thero will bo insi.allallbn of oflicers. A tfooil at- t e n d a n c e in leslrel. Kiroitiens Card 1'nrly li'rlday. A n r r h e i ' of the- aeries of curd parties under tho auspices oil the South Cou- iit'llsrillo VoliMiteor Firo Department w i l l b* hold ou Friday; at tho Snytlor storeroom in South Con n el 1s- vill-o. ProparutUjti.s are- being -made for f l t ' l y tables. r !"ho p u b l i c is invited t o a t t e n d . Standard Rearers f o Mfet. T'»o Standard Bearers of Oochran Methodist. Kpit-uopiil Church at. Dawson w i l l hold their" monthly mooting Friday e v e n i n g at the homo of Miss Hi I I ' l l Cottorn. . . · ' . ; Birthday Party. - · ' · " MiHs Elsie Russell of Sooltdalo; and Mi;-;:; Josephine LaPorte of Adelaide w o r n r e n d e r e d a d e l i g h t f u l b^rUuluy p a r t y : ;ivc'ti at the home pi! Ml a a Mary H r o w n in U n i o u t o w n on Saturday evening. , . · "· BUTDOI-: I The P f c i was .the s I'uuctiun T casion be! bridge J u i t of the clu Ernest H. | Mitchell of | Miller and |ScoUdalo. i Brld i con. Priz Stanley R William Hf OBSOS tor i eon uro M ilcleri liro Donald Po of this pia' HO(-IJiTY Skin As Velvety as One woman who had long been annoyed b y a b a d complexion writes, "It was worse than usual nml T began to uso Resiiiol Soap und O i n t m e n t regularly. In a few c'ay.s my slciu was clear und as .suit juid'yjlvety as a schoolgirl's." A complexion cleared of unsightly Sjlei iishea can usually bo kept so l.'.v daily uso o f Kesinol Soap w i t h a touch of Kesinol Ointment when needed for :i rury pimple or rouyhnes;:. AT t'Oi'.VTUY CLUU 'sant Valley ijount.ry Club 't'tic of a t.-haVmlng; social uesday u.tternoon, the oc- i g tho J a n u a r y 1 o'clock h c o n for won en jne-mboivi i. Hostesses wero Mrs. Koo.sor, Mrs. CharleB C. tliis placa and Mrs. J. P. K. Mrs. J. Frank Konnoy of OTOTS were laid for t h i r t y '.o B u p p l e m n u t u d tho liuic'n- -s w o r n awarded to Mrs. we o.f Scottdale and Mrs. l l e r s of Coiiullavlllo. Host- :ie Kehruary brldgo l u n c h 'sa Ann Doorley and Mia,-; men of Kcottdalo, Mrs. . J . tor and Mr.;. W. J. Bailey in-;i,i T'OK I N D I A N 11EA I) COUPLE Mr. and Mm. L. J. Swisher of Indian Head were tendered a surprise bOUsio- ·warmlug party last, evening' when about twenty friendti gathe-red at their new stone bungalow celebrating their recent: 'marriage announcement, Tho group assembled at the now Kvangoli- [ c a l . Church at Davlstovvn where they were served dinner by the Ixidlus' Aid Society and UIOTI proceed ml to tho Svvish-er homo where gamer, and music wero divorslon«. Mr. and Mrs Swisher w-ero prestoted with a beautiful floor, lamp, . Mrs. -Swlaher prior to hor marriage last summer to Mr, Swisher was Mrs, Verna Craig. Mr. Swisher 1s looking after tho Mellon lumber interests In t h e . Indian Crook Valley. Those In tha party wore Mr. and Mre. W. V. Trimble oil PHtsburg, Mr. and Mrs, J-I. M. Young, . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kosh, Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Mart/., Earl Bittn-er, Mlse Gwendolyn Warrick, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Grimes, Mr. and Mrs. ,T. B. Lowery, Billy Mart-/,, Teddy Lou Yo.ung, Royal White and Clarence Swift Shaiills of Indian Head. ALMETTA. GILLKLAND HOSTESS TO CLUB Almetta Gllleland wa« hostees at ·the regular 'meeting 'of the Rainbo'w Club last night at. her home In 15n«t Crawford avenue. Tho evening was spfent at i'ancywork. Mrs. Goorgft Mc- C'ormfckJ a member, was reported on the sick list. A dainty lunch wan served by the hostess. Sho was « fiiated by Mrs. G. L. MacDonald. Mrs. H. W. McRobbie was a guest. It was decided to hold a white elephant, party Tuesday evening. January 2S, In tho home -..of Mrs. M. A. Largcnt, East Crawford avenue. '; 'DAUGHTEKS OF RUTH CIRCLE AIUIANGES FOK BAXQUE'E Tho Daughters of Ruth Circle of the T r i n i t y ' Lutheran Church mot last night in the homo of Mrs. B. H. Franco, 1121 Sycamore street. An Interesting New Year program was carried out. Miss Cathcart contributed a reading, "A Trip Through Genoa." The circle decided to hold its annual banquet Tuesday night, February -I-'Lunch was norved by a committee of which Mrs. C. A. McCormick was chairman. / ___ MOKAUT CLUB M K K T I N S ON THURSDAY NIGHT The Mozart Club will inat-l. Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at tho Christian Church. The program will bo in charge- of Mrs. John J. lOnos. Tho composer, Olcy Speaks, will bo studied. M A R Y K. DICK C L A S S MEETS \YITH SIRS. WALTHKHS The Mary K. Dick Bible Class of the First United Presbyterian Church met last night In the homo o.f Mrs. 0. A. WaUhcrs, l l y n d m a n street, South ConnellKvillo. About eighteen members wero- present. Mrs. John W. Fuehrer conducted Hie d u v o t l o n n l s . Tho program, In keeping w i t h t h e now year, was Ind by Mrs. Hurl M a r s h a l l . i Business of a routine nature was transacted. A r i u i l U u g was planned, tho place to he decided on later. Following tho business session a social hour was enjoyed. L u n c h WHS served by Mrs. Walthcrs, Mrs. Charlc.-i It. Graft, Mrs. A. C. Ogleveo and Miss Grace Potter, Plilclis Class Meets. The- regular business and social .meeting of the Pidelis Class of tho First Methodist Episcopal Church was Treld last night in the homo of Mrs. Mario GlglioUi. Lunch was served by a committee composed of Mrs. C'tigH- ot.ti. Mrs. Marion Scott and Mrs. Grace Huoy. NS OBSK.K-VAX'K ; A N K N D K A V O . R IVKEK '.'. .'.A.'fcablfli t m e e t i n g of the Christian. -Endeavor. Society of l.hf. First Unit*! Brot'liroii : churr.h wn« held nTjig-'afcih! homo of Mr. and -W. K-oi'u in Snyder strc-ot at. which ·cpnn(:y.;a!Ui l e j ) o n i l i i a t l o n a l goals checked Tor tho v a r i o u s - d and 'plan.H were made for the observance -of- - C - i r i f s t i a n Endeavor 'Wook, .dating f r o i ' i January 26 to February IS. Elans .w.-re al«o madu Ur thci.eo- citity. to a t t e n d tho mid-year banquet uid - e x e c n i l v o m e e t i n g of tho county to .be hold in U n i o u t o w n Tluirsday Howard \Vhipkey played a tikelin Lun-'h was served. ." . FlUKl'S-JiJI l CLASS H!.'K'E r rfS ; . A I' .HISEl'H S I S l . E V Tha 'Prii iid'ihip CluBfi of the. First United Uji-lhren ( J h u r c h held Ite ipgirl'ar. nioiil h l y huHinofc-f.; meeting Msc n i g h t in. .l:l:e homo ui' .Mr. a ml Mr*?, Joseph Sisiuy, I f y i u l m a i i street, South Connellsvi! le. The attendance u'a« nninuially large. Plans were made fov a rummag'! f-xile tho latter part of April. H. 1".. I l u e y . the teacher of tho clcisn, and Mrs. i l u e y , gave tttlkw. Mra. Iluey altio e n t e r t a i n e d w i t h .several musical s u l ' i c t i o n s . .bunch was eervcl by the hosl--ss. The next mooting w i l l be held in tho home, or Mra. A. 0. Dunti-toii, I'll. York avenue, Tuesday nigbt, Febiuiu-y 11. A l l membei-H o? the class ifc;. requested to attend. T K A C H K K . S A M OF!·'!']·:US \viLi, ja-;j:;'i: -roxiGin The icac i p r s a n d of'lcers, also n i l of the .supjrln-tend(.Mits of the First Method!;-'!, ^ ' r o t t ' s t a n i Siuidriy Sehoo! are reijui.'.- ed ;o nieei l o n i g h t im- j m i ' i l i a t e l y ; I'ter p r a y e r meeting-. T. H. -MeuuH. ! l i , - l u - w t i i l p e r i n l c ' i i d i nl., win lircseili m ; ! ! i ' r s i n cujnu.'Ctlon witli l i i e \vnrl-. i ·; t i n - S u n d a y rii:hoil. I 1 'i'nI M c i ' l i n g l'i)t|)oit!il. Tin 1 n - ^ i I n r : i e m l - m ( i i i l h i y mijctiiif.' nl !hf l / n i i ]''i\ l i c i s bet-a post polled 1'niii Th'ir.-:day f v e t i i m ; ; unt.1' T ' . u i r s i l a y , . I n u . K u ' y -J:.;, l'r';tidiM:: i (..'iiiU'U's i.. -'ti-rkvy ;i n i u m i u ' i - H . Ai t l i a i i tia;e L l i u r o v.ili bu an iiihiroBtlim oro- I . . ^ -^ L * -'William. F. Williams of Wc-st No-w- toti and Harriot A. Hays of SmithUm wero licMised to wed iu Grcousbui'K. Dohorah Bible Class.. : The Deborah Bible* Class. aV _ t h u ·First'- Presbyterian Church mot. TUoH- day afternoon iu tliu'chUTch for its regular business mooting.. ' .Ladles' Blblt- Class. - ' . - T h a Ladles' B-lble CiasB at .Trinity Luihcjran Chiirch will meet, Lomdrrow ·evening' In, tho social room ,of t h u church,' · '- ' : ' '.'." " E.LA. SMOKER THURSDAY ' AT KSWANIS CLUB The a n n u a l smoker of. th-e S'oiuth- eru rDh-iuioii, W-cwl, Pe-mi Section, N, : K. LV A,, hold In Oonn-oIlflY-Hle, wlM bo at tho Kiwania (Miib rooms ad. 8 o'clock Thuriiduy evening. William Alt, chairman, of tho -Bvaut, .proni-isos. "ii ixja.l, spoalcer, .'lutorostwig movies, pl-e-hty of'oats iiivd some . fluo eiitertai.nmortt, tho U k o ' d f which Iran never b altar a h-eon -pnoaenlted ;ift n saiokcr." . " Employes from m a n y points on tho division w i l l attend. Found Dead In Street. McKBES ROOKS, Jan. 15.--Tho life- IBSS body of Fred MejnycKiik, 'iii, of tliis city .was f o u n d iti llobb street, a bullet, w o u n d t h r o u g h hit; h e a r t . ' . . . Stolen. 1!)2(J Buiclc Coach, Ltcenae N.\ 3900G, Kngino No. 10794'1SI. Call 754 or 7'IS, H. R. Smith. 4H5 S. N i n t h street, Councils vilte.--Advertisement.--IGjanlt. "MAKES You FEEL BETTER" and75(tPk^3.Sold Evatywhara ·fe at her "They ar; smoother," your throat says ao . . . "*rhey do have z wonderful flavor," your taste tells you . . . "They m '-ist be better for me," your common sense says . . . "They have made a tremendous success in three years, 1 ' your eye tells you . . . BETTER TOBACCoS--there's the answer! . . . So change to OLD GO .D today and get pleasure, plus throat- ease . . . cleaner, riper, smoother tobaccos without artificial ;reatmen,ts . . . . smoking minus the cough. BETTER TOBACCOS ..,,. make the difference ". ,, ,, . . . ,, not a c o u g h i n a c a r l o a d * * BLEDSOE'S COUNSEL ASKS HE B · IVEN CHANCE TO TESTIFY C o n i i t i U ' M l from the time, wn ·) callei Hornc'i; t p H t l . n o n y . A l t h o u g h Mr». ir«f admitted t-b« had sla declared iiho nevor h "Do yon ro-membor around A u n t Holon county d e t e c t i v e as!« "J only saw two," roplled. "Was thorn a j;itn p time'.'" "Yos," "Who had K?" "Tony." "\\ r as there anyone "Glenn." "Were you and (!' friends?" : "No." "Did you likt- to Helen's house?" "No." "Why?" ",lii;t b(;c«-use," i5lj tor no t h o u g h In* wat- and he wa» p o r m l t t mot'be-r. Holon 'llePf? was o oral Unin-'. d u r i n g tin wa.F quest ioniHl f u r t t 7iiovn.l of her .' which Jack Tonoh.oe eign. Aeslfitant Dlfitrict Jones asilted lier it i ·tinned a baseball t with tho murder of ,f replied in the uogatl' "Did GarlettE (Hq Brownsville, who aO niovo her name f r p n tlon) HiigKBHt 'Why baseball bat to h i m ' Jon eft, The witness. not. Later Mrs. Jl' tol Garlottii in thu torrid county Jail.' bad asked her iC eh' G l e n n A l l u m was'in tho night of the muv- "Did G-arleltb ask y tflc-nn A l l u m wart in 1 t h a t n l g h l ?" t-hc wni.i "IIo .suggeriled thai taken." "And by that he i:n coukl bo jilaced on G 'T don't know. Hi WUH going to I'liii UH i l)ecau«n I went with and b r o u g h t W-ouset lettn c-lahned I had TJowiiiiiR and that D way ahoul. it." "Wen;- Max Hannai good l'riend«V" "1 helievu t h e y we not -em-mies a l i h o u g some trouble. I bol some l i q u o r nt.olen thought Wonsettler s There w;is a ripple- when Mrs. Vt'ima .Ko fred .Kull, ( o l d of T visited her in I'MUsI)- day, ai' thi' l u i l h and both wei"- (|iio.-il.i station, ,S'hi) said tilie recel' call a m i t h a t the pe 1'iided tj.) .nive hi.- na must seo her. In 10 m i n u t e s , M r s Boll arrived. "Ho asked mo whtrt Pa fro Orl«. (y corroborate i had previously iped tho boy, ho id. fleeing any guns i house?" t h o .1 him. t h e I l l t l o fellow inf Pd at. you 0110 with Tony?" ui 11 Allum good fit ay at Aunt iied tins youngs- extremely tirod. -d to go to his i th« sland ae-v- fiflernooii. Sho ·r rogardlup re- j from a petition . T\ad . ' . . Had hor Attorney' A. B. ayone had 'me'ii- t · ' . In connection hn Donolioo. -Sh» o. ' · lira. C!arlet!t.t of. .-feed her to re- bouphoe-'fi peti- Ou't :yoii take a " pe-reteted Mr. declami ho 'had I of talking w i t h ir of the Ifayette ritloned t'hat ho cou'ldn't forgot ied at her house :er. iu to forgot t.hat cxl at y o u r homo asked. 1 m i g h t he rnis- *int the m u r d e r ,enn Allurn?" said .'Downing n t of tho county the Stabp Police ler back. Gar- double-croHsed olt that Have You An Stomach? and Wonsottler 0. They were i they had had eve thero waa and Haniian ole H." n the courtroom 1, mother of. Al- uiy Bell having r.g on last Fri- id beiMi located med In 11. police ed a telephone won t a l k i n g ro- ue, i n s i s t i n g ' ho Roll 3«id, Tony .1 eaid and what Wlirn paw. pain ami d l n t f c a s follow a l?oncl itU'dl, It Is ji.n alniOHt nun: slffn of "too m u c h fu'Jd" In your stomach,. Got rfrt of it nyw for !t Ifi ilang'croiift. LT]x7.f?r.M aro apt trf 1 follow. No m n t t e r how much acid Is In your Btomacli. you cnn «n.1oy anrl rollsh y o u r noxi nir-a] wHIioitt f o n r of a f t e r otteeiie. It ymi have noniu ni.surated Mag-ne.fia h a n d y to p r e v e n t tho trouble before It. Hlart.", Try It. Kftt. w h a t e v e r you H H n , in r o a s n n , and thoti ln.ko a littlo BlsUralod MaKiinsIa to nniitriUtZQ tho acid. BWefsten y o u r Btoin- ni'.li and protect the stoniacli iliiliiK. Por.tore rftcommond BlRiiraLud M a g n e s i a -- fbouiiands iiflo H bocausa It: p o H l l l v a - ly p r o v B r i L a Htoinurh t r o i i b l n nr a|O|is t h n worst attack In leim t h a n tlva m i n u t e s , trot a t r i a l pack.tsu. powrlor or tablotK. from y o u r ' UK(! an dtrocti'i], u n i l l i i d l f f c s t l Htoniach l.voulilea w i l l po lllto A d v e r t i s e m e n t . Diet and Health. f LULU HUhT PtTeRS t M.Q,A.UrHOROr Q\IT AND HEALTH'AMD dtr FOR CHILDREH* a n d the boy said and I said 'nothing.'" Mrs. Roll sakl ehe wan not alouo In the house and named tho others j present, although slio did say Boll I fl-sTuKl her to stop out into tho h a i l no\ ho might 8-pcuk w i t h or aloiln. ! "Do you h.nuw how he locaUxi you?" I "I asked him and lie isaid "VS r o'll, || used to lie a policeman.' " "Did you learn from ua wo had Keen Tony Boll oiite'idc the tolice elation in .Pittsbui-K when wo visited yon?" asked Attorney Jones. ! "V.-ett." I v " W b y ' w a w Tony Bell interested?" came a (('ucry from tho jury. "1 don't. Know." "Did he ask. you not. l.o say 'anything?" . "No, ho Jiifit aslffid what 1 had «ald." "Did you eay Mr. Ucll was excited '." "Ye«,-he put his coat, on -one arm and than on the otlior." , ".Did you try to figure o u t . w h y he ·sva« excited?" . "No, i nothing more was said about it." - . · · - ' . ' . . - · · · _ · ' . : - - i f j Cold Wave Is Forecast Tonight Rupture, "T~\E3AR DdCTOR: I am a man of *-J 50 yea-s of agre. Last full I weighed 322'i pounds. I am B foot 8 inches in my stocking- feet. I started to reduce, and went down fast, for in four months 1 weighed 270 p o u n d s , dressed T-- a loss o£ 62% pounds. "I have a navol rupturo which IB not large, but slnca reducing it aoonia ' to want to sot blg-ger. I am not wearing: a truss or an abdominal support. 1 'I would Ilka to n«k you whe'.her an operation Is ad- vismble for a navel rupture? My abdominal region protrudes very much, and, OB la u-sual In such Cases, the abdominal muscles are very relaxed. "I can see now what a fool I have been to let -.his weight accumulate. I would ilka to whip back Into some- tiling 1 like Blmpo before I cllo. If I can't look Ilka anything olive, I want at least to bo a neat looking corpse! Never have :.iaed liquors, tobacco or narcotics. I ana dieting according to your littlo book, and am now a 'L,ulu Hunt Paters' fan. It Is something to think about: when only a few years ago, Intelligent women like yoursolf wpro not petmittcti to vote. I hope to live to sec tha time when all barriers will bo down, ao far as woman are concerned. MR- H." . I.uIU Hint Peters, M. D By United Press. PITTSBUnG, Jan. 15.--A. cold wave accompanied by snow will reach Western 1'eini sy 1 vairia You will probably have to hava that rupture operated on, Mr. H. Unless a rupcuro In an adult Is very small, tho opening will not close, oven though special exercises wero taken to dovt lop the musclea. If you can't havu t) la done, you should see your physician to ba fitted for a trusa. You still havo considerable excess fnt, and If you do have an operation, your aurgnon might rid you quickly of 10 pounds or so of the abdominal fat When an abdominal operation ban to ba porfonned Is one of the times that I know of that an operative removal of ab-'ominnJ nit could tio recommended.- The abdomen proper doesn't have to bo opened In a hornla operation, nor would It 1» oponed to remove tho fat Of court e, where thero IB a great accumulntif'tv on tho exterior of the abdomen the -e Is always a great accumulation in tho Interior aa well (thin Is really the dnmagro producing 1 fat), but only the reduction diet and exercises could l» uucd to remove that. (Anothar Umo whan an operation might bo advlsablo, la .when there is a great apron of'fat hanging 1 ovir tho thighs, for whoro there IB aruch great stretching of tho skin It ia voiy unlikely that It would retract aftur reduction. However, it would bo a/l- viraablo to roduco considerably Urtt, so as to bo In better condition for the operation.) · You rnuat havn Intelligent woawa In your own family, Mr. H. You w:-U notice it io only In cases where thin Is not true that you flnd men ranting against women In any othor fle'd except housework. Will you wrlto mo again, pleata^ a.nd let mo know how you are KOS ting along? I wish you would wri» mo after each IOBB of :J5 pounds. For thoso who aro Interested, v» havo a pamphlet, on Reducing ard Gaining and an artlclo on tho Atonic Abdominal Wall. wSilcli outllnaa son o splendid exercises for tho trunk. 3-.o column rulea for obUilnlng those. * « * Mrs. H.---Tha questlono on tl^ habit you speak about cannot bo' answered In tlio column. But we have an articla on tho subject which yea may have. . « · * DistrcsH, Lotilnvillc--You ii,re wosv rylng without cause. Forget itt, Editor's Note: Dr. Peters cannot diog-noKO nor glvo personal advlca. Your questions. If of gonorol Interef t, will bo answered In tho column In. their turn. Roquculs for o.rticles or pamphlets on hand must bo accompanied by a fully (ieif-addreaso-l, stamped envelope, plus tho folIovriBjj small chargo to help cover coat of printing and haiiiiling: for each article wanted, 2 ccntu In coin; for each pamphlet, 10 ceii(« In coin. Tho patnphleta aro Rednclna artu Gainln j, Hygiene of Women, Kidney apd liladler Disorders. Address Dr. Peters, In care ot this paper. legibly, and uot over 200 words, * · W Tomorrow. tonighl, Weather U u r c a u t h e ore- United States dieted today. The lowest temperature t o n i g h t ivill be about 15 degrees abovo zero. The cold wave will last about two or three days, it waa predicted. 'Rivers in thi« suction are receding,'. Weather 'Bureau bfticiaIB Bald. Not always because of over-eating, but because a gland is weak. That gland largely controls nutrition. When it is weak one may nearly starve, yet stay fat. Modern physicians the world over now combat this great cause of obesity. And excess fat, in late years, has been disappearing fust. Marmola prescription tablets contain the chief factors which they use. People have used them for 22 years--millions of boxes of them. And countless slender figures everywhere now show the amazing effects. Go try this right method to reduce, Stop starving. Read the book in the box with the formula and reasons. Ask your druggist today for a SI box of Marmola and watch the change. TRUE GOLD GRANGE OFFICERS INSTALLED N e w l y elected ofllcers o£ (.he True Gold Grange of M u r p h y Siding, Moy- cr aJitl adjaccti:. territory were in- .stallod last arming, with Mr. mid Mra. C!. M. Gridln and Mr. and Mrs. Watson Ijiico o) C u r f o w Grange and Mr. a nil Mrs. William O. llixon o£ Dawson Grange in charge. Tho of- iicers arc: .1. L. Snyder, ' i i a H l e r ; Lewis M i l l e r , l o c t u r e r ; Peter H a l f h i l l ,'or; Heed Detwiler, chaplain; Mrs. .Lewis Millei-, socruLiiry: Mrs. W i l l i a m Mai-iclla. ireasu r-or; Mrs; Victor l)o(- wik'i 1 , pomona; Mrs. Lawrence; W l n k - lor, corles; Mrs Jotwph G a l i e t l , fioi'- a l ; lOliir S i r r l a n a i , Kiiuilieepcr: .lann'.s \Varnoclc, s U ' w u n i : John Warnock, i i H s I a t i i n l s l i ' w u n l ; M i n n Ikille Sir- r i u n n i , lady m e w a r d ; V i r i o r Dot w i l o r , i n i H t o ·. l'\)H(iwlnn t l i e l i u s l n o s s session, l u n c h was sorvi'U. Mack Lattovt* wrltos about ta«»- licd Yeast. Thousand* guy ailda S to IS Ibs. In 3 weeks. CompJation claim liko moglo. Kcrroa, ooa-itip*- tlon vanish ornrafght. Oet Irciliml Yea:it tablets from druggist I HSay. meaameeummtni * S ' i Concrete Blocks; Wo have recently purchased concrete block plant from S. M. Gi'imri, located on Measou Street, West Hide, Connellsville, Pa., und can f u r n i s h high grade, all sixes coiicre-;o iM'in'al Dead. J o h n fcipoiyal, f.8 years old. dioil Tuesday at. Ills aonie in U n i o n t o w n , Use -oua- classified, Phone 1700.

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