The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1918
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 3918. DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVIL1E, PA. PAGE SEVEN. CHAFTVM L Tfct Valtoy c* MMifct. !· *I1 probabUHy TOOT tot Ttew at tb* vvJtay of the Yranrl *HI b« Iran th of Mautoerrate, for It Is tb«« tbBt th» eoeberos drive you. Then y»o coedonfc tbe fMrert eight In ·B CkyMeQdom-- tbe loveliest vnUej hi tte wortd," » Hnmtwtdt tilled it- far tbe Tomari nestles rliht at your lot, · imle of pare delight, * glimpse of FmmOtae that bewilders tbe eye aid fllto Ike *onl with ecstisy. 9taMdf( beside the shrine of Onr L«dy *f Montserrate 700 will see beyond tbe deft through which the river «ni««»»» another hill, La Ctmibre, from wMch the Tiew Is wonderful. and your dilf« may ten yon about the splendid home* that used to grace Us slopes In tbe (oMen days when Cube had an aristocracy. Tour cothero may pcint oat a certain grove of orange trees, DOW Btft* more than a' rank tir ,lc, and ten yon about the qulnbt of Don EMebaa Yarona, and Its hidden t-"as- ure ; about little £stebn and Rose, the twins; and abort Sebastian, the giant slave, wfeo died hi fory, t£ king with him the secret at the well, The Spanish dlatn Is rich in tales of tTMipme IKIM, for when tbe Antilles were mo»t affluent thej were'lea t seem, and men were pat to strange shifts to protect their fortunes Certain hoards, like jewels of tragic Us tory. In time assumed a sort of evil p»fappaHty, not infrequently exercising a dire influence over the lives of tho'se who chanced to tall under /their spells. It was as if the money werf accursed, for certainly th» seekers often came t» e*U. Of such a character was tbe Tarooa treasure. Don Esteban himself ·was neither better nor v*orse than other men of his time, and nlthough ·XUterr Stftratbm drew htaxaett up and then mat real dUnlty In Iris Mack face. ^Understand my whole fortune Is there--everything, even to the deeds of patent for the imitations If I thought tbere wax df -^ f of yon betraying me I would ha\e your tongue pulled out and your eye i torn from their sockets.' The btacT- man spoke with a sim- pnctty that carried conviction "Times are unsettled, Don Bsteben nod death conres without warning Ton are known to he the richest man In this province and these government officials are ropbers, Suppose--I should be left alcoe' What then'' The planter considered for a mo- inent. "Well, wncn my children are old enough to bold their tongues ths? * 111 have to be told If Tm gone, you shall be the one to tdl them Now leave me; this is no time to speak of such things." Sebastian went as noiselessly as be had come. On his -way back to bis quarters he'took tbe path to tbe weU--the plade where most of his time was ordS- narily spent Sebastian hal dug this weU and with Ms own hands he had beautified Its surroundings until they were the lorreliest on tho Varona grounds It -was Sebastian's task to keep this place green, and thither be tooL his way f-om force of habit. Through the twilight came Pancho Cseto. the manager, youngish man, w'th a narrow Jace and bold, close-set eyes Spying Sebastian, he began "So Don Estcban has an b«ir at lastr The slave rubbed his eye* wtth the heel of bis huge yellow palm and answered, respectfully "Yes, Don Pancho. Two little angels, a boy and a girl " His pray brows drew together In a painful frown. "Donna Rosa was a saint. No doubt bad been a famous Habana beauty, came to live at (he qnlntn The daughter of Impoverished parents, she had beard and thought much about the mysterious treasure of La Cumbre. Before the first fenror of his honeymoon cooled the groom began to fear that be had made a serious mistake Donna lubcl, be discovered, was both rain and selfish. Not only did she crar* luxury and display, but with sin gnlar persistence she demanded toi know all abont her husband's financial j effliirs. Mow Don Bsteban was no longer young; age bad soared him with sus ptdoD, and when once be saw himself as tile victim of a mercenary marriage be turned bitterly against bis wife. Her curiosity he sullenly resented, and h* unblnBhingJy denied his possession of any considerable wealth. In fact, h* tried with malicious ingenuity to make her believe him a poor man. But Isabel was not'of the sort to be readily deceived. Finding her arts and coquetries of no avail she flew Into a rage, and a furious quarrel ensued-- th« first of many For the -ady could not re-rt without knowing nil there was to know abont the treasure. She Sean-lied tbe qnlnta, of course, whenever she had a chance, but she j discovered nothing--with tbe result t that tbe mvstery began to engross her whole thought She pried Into the obscurest comers, she questioned tbe slaves she lay awake at night listening to Esteban 3 breathing In the hope ot surprising his secret trom hH dreams At length a time came when they lived in frank enmity, when Isabel never spoke to Esteban except In reproach or *D£er, and when Esteban unlocked hi" lips onfy to taunt his wife with the fact thnt he hud been thtta-ted despite her cunning It was onl mtural under such con ditions thai Donna Isabel bhonid learn to -dislike her stepchildren--Csteban had told ber frankly that they would Inherit whatever fortune he possessed [ As may be imagined, fche found uuia 1 to vent ber spite upon the twins She widened her hatred no as to include old i ^Sebastian and hfc daughter, and even went so f:ir as to persecute Evunge- llna s sweetheart, a slave named Asm- ( slo i It had not taken Dorcas I'-ib*'] long? to gues 1 * tho reason f i r belMiMiansj many privileges, anil onf of her first fart of the money he hid was wrung there Is great rejoicing in heaven at iron the toll of slaves and the traffic j her coming Eh? What do yon think?IB their bodies, much of it was clean i "Um-m' Possiblv Don Esteban will enough, and in time the earth purified i miss her for a tlma and tnen I dare It all. Since his acts made so deep an i say, he will remarry " At the negro's taprem, and fInce the treasure he left exclamation Cueto sold "So' And playad so big a part In the destinies of "hr "»tl Everybody knows bow rich those who came after him It Is well he 1= From Orients to Pinar del Rio that some account of these matters j the n omen have heard about his treaa- ·honld be given Tbe story, please remember i« an old one; it has been often told, and In "What treasure'" asked Sebastian after an instant's prase. Cueto s dark eyes gleamed rescnt- the telling and retelling it is but natural i -. -- =. 1 that a certain glamour a certain tally at this show of Ignorance, but be tropical extravagance, should attach to I laughed tt, therefore yon should make allow "Ho 1 There's a careful fellow for aace for some exaggeration^ some ac cretlons due to tbe lapse of time In the main however, It is .veil anthenti rated and runs parallel to DaniMi Bosa Varona lived barely long emvgh to learn that she bad Riven birth to twin*. DOD Estebxn, whom pr?j*5 v~«» as a grim man, took the £$ow of bis arudtfezi bereavement as be- one of his strong fiber. Leaving tat priest »pon his kn«es and the doc- t"r boded with the bit'es he strode tbnrefh tbe house antf out Into the nnact, followed by the wails of the ifavc women. DOB Esteban was at heart a selfish you ' No wonder he trusts you But do you think I have neither eyes nor ears' My good Sebattan, you know all about that treasure, in fact, you know far more about many things than Don Esteban wonld care to ba^e you cell. Come now, don't you 3" Sebastian's face was like a mask carved from ebony "Of wh«' does this treasure consist' ' he Inqu'red. "I have nerer heard about It." "Of gold, of jewels, of silver bars and precious ornaments " Cueto's head was thrust forward, his nostrils were diluted, bis teeth g amed. "Oh, It Is somewhere about, as yon very w*fl man, and BOW therefore, be frit a sul-' know! Bah ' Don't deny It Tm no J«n, fierce resentment mingled with fool What becomes of the money kl« grief. What trick was this? he I from the slave girls, eh? And the asked himself. What had he done to sugar crops too? Does it go to bay ·writ such misfortune' Hnd be not arms and ammunition for the rebels? ·Hde rich gifts to the church? Bad he | No Don Esteban hides it, and yon »at knelt and prayed for his wife s help him Come,' he cried, dlsregard- aaf* delivery and then hung his gifts ing Sebastian's murmurs of protest, ·pen the sacred Image, as Loyola had "did you ever think how fabulous that hmg np hl» weapons be-fore that other , fortune mnst be by this time? DM you "oaaterptrt of Our lady' Don Este- tver think that one little gem, one bag of gold, wouM bny your freedom?" "Don Bsteban hai promised to buy my freedom and the freedom of my girl." "So?" The manager "was plainly surprised "I dldnt know that." After a moment be began to laugh "And yet you pretend to know nothing about that treasure' Ha' Ton're a good boy, Sebastian, and so I am I admire at tbe memory, for those of the finest , H* looked up from his unhappy \ iiiaaHnii to find a gigantic bare- v foatvd aegro standing before htm ···. The slave wsi middle-aged; his kinky hair was growing gray but be was of ( aapaib proportions, and tbe muscles which showed through the rents in his i cotton garments were as «imooth and ·apple aa those of a stripling His black face was puckered with grief, aa he began: , l« It true that Donna Bon -- " Tb« ftflow choked. Tea." Ertebin nodded, wearily, "she Is dead, Sebastian." Tsar* came to Sebastian s eyes and overflowed his cheeks , he stood mo- llniiloi. striving to voice M« sympatby. you eh' We're both loyal to our master, But now abont Evangehna " "Be was too good for this world Qed jeatawi and took here to Para- Tbe widowed man cned out angrily · ·Taradtse' What is thi.s bnt Para- dlae'T* He stared with resentful eyes it tb* bcautj roud about him "See! Zh* T«m«rir Don Ksteban flung a loac ana outward. "Do you think there !» a dfbt Uke that in hem en' P.ra- dla* Indeed' I gave her everything She farted nothing by dying " Wrrh a. gone Ooogbtfnlnese which proved bim raycrter to tbe ordinary jln*. Ottm*Uia replied · · True' Sb» bad all that any wom- u'l heart could desire, bnt In return (or TOOT goodness she gave yon ehfl- 3m Ton have lost ber, but you have I*tn*« n btte, *mi baby wbo win grow a bexotifnl girl to be another Doan* Kooa. I grieved ut yon grieve. «·£· opon a ttme, fur my vronwn died la cbfldMrtb, too. Too mnembdrf Bat ny dwtffeter Ov**, and «he tas bromnt lanabbM brtn my old a»a That )* the pvpow oC children " Be paosad and ·hlftad hto n«lffct mnrtaJnly. hi* fOtt bkuk !·· Into the dirt. Afl«r a tbw be ("'d, «towly»"ltic«ll«ne7l Mnr, »bo»t tbe-- weU-- r "T«*. What abont !t?" -DM tb* Donna. Motn conJMo tor ·bare of tb* *Knt te anyone' Tbew priera and thorn docten, you knov-- " -She dl«d wldMt ·peaking." rnwa H rests between ym and me?" "It doe*, unless JOB have babbled." Cueto's face took on a craftier expression. "She IB a likely girl, and when she grow« up she win be worth more than you, Iwr father Don't forget that Don Esteban is before all else a bus! ness man Be carefa! rhat some one doesn't make ban so good an offer for TOUT girl (hat he will forget his promise and -- sell her " Sebastian ottered hoarse animal cry and tbe whites of Ala eyes showed through tbe fjoom "fie would never sell Evanfeanar Coeto laughed aloud once mc/re. "Of course' He woa)d not dare, eh? I cm only tensing you But seel lou have given yourself away. EveryUiIng yon tell me proves that yon know all about that treasure," "I know bnt one thins," die slave declared sttCntng hbneelf slowly, "and that I* to be faithful to Don Esteban " He turned and departed, leer- lag Pancfao Cneto (taring alter him meditatively. In tb« days following the birth of bte ebfldra end the death of Us wife. Don Eiteban Varona, SB had been his cnfttom, steared a middle course In politic!, In that way managing; to avoid a clach wllh the Spanish official* who ruled tbe island, or an open break with j his Cohan neighbors who rebelled be- ncigth their wrongs. Betebnn. dealt with both factions and went on mlstac slave* and sugar to hi« own great profit Ihu cwhu, Bstaban and Bosa, fcrel- oped Intu healthy children and became the prfaa af gabavtbrn ttad hfx datxffh- tar, Into whoae care they had been AM for I3vanveltns the nagnxs, dw erew tall and strong and hiad«ome, unfll she was the finest ·tare cM in (be ndghborhood. ; 'fkon, oe day, Don Bsteban Varona j remarried, and. the Doana Isub«J. vbo "Your Father Has Sold Me to Him I" efforts had been to win the old mans confidence. It was in vain however, that she flattered and cajoled, or stormed and threatened, Sebastian withstood ber as a towering cclba withstands the summer heat and the win ter hurricane His firmness made her vindictive, and so In time she laid a scheme to estrange him from his master Donna Isabel was crafty She began to complain about Evangelina. but it was only after many months that she ventured to suggest to her husband that he sell the girl. Esteban, of course refused point-blank, he was too fond of Sebastian's daughter he declared, to think of such a thing. "So, that is it," sneered Doiina Isabel, "WeU she is young and ^~ __ / j handeom^ as wenches go I rather suspecte^ you were food of ber--* With dlffli.uJty Esteban restrained an oath. "You mistake my meaning,' he said stiffly "Sebastian has served me faithfully, and Evangellnu plays with, my children. She Is good to them, sba IE more of a mother to them than you have ever been." "Is that why yon dress her like a lady? Bah I A likely story * Isabel tossed her fine, dark head 'Tm not blind, I see wnat goes on about me I wont have that wench In my bouse." Goaded to fury by his wife's senseless accusation, Esteban cried "Tour bouse? By what license do you call It yours''" "Am I not married to you'" "Yes--as a leech is married to It» victim Ion suck my blood.' "Your blood'" The womanilaHghed shrilly Ton have no blooa, your! veins run vinegar Tou are a miser ' "Miser 1 JDser' I grow sick of the word It Is H you find to taunt me- with. Confess that yon married me for my money," be roared "Of course I did I Do you think a woman of my bennty would marry you for anything else? Put a fine bargain I made!" "Vampire " "W!fn or vampire I intend to rule this honse, and I refuse to be shamed by n thick Hoped African Her airs tell her story. Sfa* is insolent to me, bet--I sha'n't andure It She langhs at me. Wen, yonr friends shall Imgh at you." "Sitauco!" commanded Estehan. "Sell her, or--" Without waiting to hfnr her throat Esteban tosoud his arms abov» hie head and ded from the roam FHnglng himself into the saddle, he spurred down the hill and through the town to the Oaslno de Espaool, where he spent tho night at cards with the Spanish, ·of- ficial's Bat he did not scll"j!v3ngelina. In the riays thiit followed mfiuy slml-1 Spring is here--with all its joy and beauty It is the tie of the year that everyone looks forwaid to with the keenest anticipation, for it is the tune -when happiness and contentment should radiate in every home Have you done everything in your power to greet Springtime with a cheerfully furnished home 7 All OUT goods are marked below usual prices at this time and you are invited to come and view our wide range of offerings. TJic Soft Liarlit From a feill Shade Lamp Cmes tho home a luxunouslj comfortable appearance We have some \ery special values as pictures Your $19.75 $27.75 A Spoua! 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There's character and class to Period styles. Comparisons Always Prove You'll Do Better at CornieUsville's Most Dependable Fnrmtnre Store. lar scenes occurred, and as Bstebnn's borne life grew more unhappy bis dissipations increased. He drank and gambled heavily he brought bis Meads to the quinta with hlrn^ and strove to forget domestic unpleasantness in boisterous revelry His wife however fotmd opportunities enough to we iry and exasperate h^m Tvitb reproaches regarding the slave girl CHAPTER I!. Spanish Oold. The twins were faeveu years old when Donnfe JsnbeJ's schemes bore their first bitter fruit, and the occasion was a particularly uproarious night when Don Eatebfln entertained crowd of his Castillan friends Little Bosa was awakened at a tare hour by the laughter and shouts of her fathers guests She -was afraid for there was something strange about the voices, some quality to them wlilcfa was foreign to the child's) cstierKffi'-e. Creeping !=t~ hec brother's lotm she awoke him, and together thay llateneu Bosa began to Tyhbnper, and when Bstebnn triod to rcsMnre bar his own voice was thin nad reeflj from irlght In tbe midst of their agitation they heard eomo QUO weeping"; there came a rnsh of foot ciovra the hallway, nnd tho wit lnstnut DvangeUna fltrng harBEh* Into the room She Cell upon her knees before them Little muster' Little mistress!" Blifi aohbed, "Son will sn\o mo won't you? We love each other, ehj See then, what a crime this it* 1 Sxy that yen win sai o n " The chlldi en were frightened, bat they managed to quaver "What has happened? Who has harmed you?" "Don Pablo Pe^a," wept the negress. *TTour father has sold me to htm--lost me at cards Oh I shall die' Sebastian won't betteve It. He is praying' And Asenslo-- But what cpn they do to ielp me? You clone can save me. | You won't let Don Pablo tnfce me away? Ifc would lull me " i "Walt I" Bsteban scrambled out of bed and stood before his dusky nurse and pjaymate. "Don t cry anv more. Ill tell papa that you don't like Don Pabio Hosn followed. Tea, come along, brother,' she cried, shrilly "Well tell Don Pablo to go home and leave our Svangellna." 'My blessed doves! But will they listen to you?" moaned the slave "Papa does whatever we ask," they soured her, gravely If he should growl we 11 como back and hide sou in tbe big wardrobe wheie nobody wDl ever find you-' Then hand m hand, wlta their long nightgowns lifted tn their knees, they pattered out into tbp hall and down toward tLe living room, whence came the shouting and tbe langucer Don Mario de Castano who was fnc Ing the door mopped In the midst of a ribald song to cry "God be praised! What's this I see?' TO BE COiNTCfUCT Vri Bobert Williams, Galesburg. Ho. 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