The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

r-AGE SIX. S i GERMAN BALLOON OBSERVER / IHB 'HE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSV1LLE,. PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 191S. AND HIS MACHINE GUN not maintain its lines ln'ifjetter i dlion than alleged in corfclaints 1 con- filed is geneVtlly believe'u the 3t^ authorities [will insist upon mine* being given, i train service. In thisflcAse the company declined to cipejuc. but assur- : have been giijn that it wilt j continue to run. I ties railroads have; must furnish serviq The commission information regan tions in sections no coal has been, time and portatioa as far/ Wh»nev«r a French battleplane-spies a captive Gentian'observation ,'baUoon he natnraUx.does to riddle it Trith machine-gun .fire. "The "etMMtant deetmctiozi of their sausage 'balloons "has compelled- the Germans to prorfcie their observes with machin e "suns to protect themselves from attack. This most unusual photograph shows a German, observer in tie gon- dci» oj his Mnsage balloon ready tor^an ascension. .He is cted in his win-' ter girb «nd has his gnn ready for use. . HEAVY IN CO BY j «iorthorn coun- fb'een told they been gathering mining ope ra- the state wbere .ken out for a long to provide trans- possible. ESBH3HS LING OFF SHIPMENTS TERN ROADS StatisticfPof the Fourteen Leading Carriers For 1916 / and 1917. COAi TONNAGE GAINED HAVE YOU FORMED THE WAR SAVINGS STAMP H^BIT? It's a mighty gcx ri one. ; It's a, double-action habit, for it "benefits both you and thu U. S. Government Very convenient- tec, rot- you can save as litUc ;ut 25 CCI.IH at u i.imn os as moch as $100. The interest is liberal and the security the best in the world. Stamps /or sale and foil information at the 129 TV. Crawford Ave^ Connullsvftlc. "The Bank thnt Docs Tilings for Ton" Sale Deposit Boxes for Kent MMERMAN FURNITURE MPANY RUGS STOVES "The Big Store Near The Bridge." 154-J58 West Crawford Avcniie.Successors Leonard Furniture Co. RAMOADFAdLTTIES MUST BE PROVIDED FOR SMALL MINE PRODUCTION ribHc S*rrie« CwwiSsW Rwiuiie B*lbMa* to PreiW« Sidings wkt TnUi Senriw. Small' raflroads and branch lines In th« bituminous region of Pennsylvania along which are located coal miaes irilX be reniircd to be operated so *s to afford an oaOti.tor ftel during this year, unless it can 4 be ·hcnru that" tie running o* the lines ·wonM b« attended by actual loss, ill DAVIDSON Highest Quality--Lowes : If you-think the Davidson -way is not f bny JOUT Groceries and--Meats ask the man .Is buying that -way_and we are satisfied j us--that the fellow who is offering you ing is in reality rmdcing you pay a very service. We Will Save You 15 to :l*rge- Caji Toaialocs -Small Can Tomato Sugar Corn, can une Peas, can Can Alice. Baked Beans _ Can Apples :--IRe Lemun-Cftog Peacbeb,-can'J2Sc Kittia Choice Peare, caa' ^--ISc Royal Aone Cherries., can ·--25c Bxtr» Good Prunes, a 1 pound 13« Srtri Choice Poacbes. a · · pound : : ---'. '·· 3c Fancy Pared Peaelres. a pound 20c lT»nia T,e»fls.An Other TU*c!s Orer HOMO Tom; Baltimore ihio Second With OTer 18,000,Tons; Anthracite Is Increased. which event .permission to races given. This is a -pi which, it is "understood, has agreed upon by federal and sta thortties in order to facilitate transportation this spring and; mer. A number of are being put into operation, ern and northern, coinxlies'"' quiries have "been coming. t ital as to 'ways to get car w: of the big problems which be confronting men intere: operations ,13 sidings. Action .of the Public mission in calling on tl Susqnehanna railroad ·why- it ceased Yunnin best way to woman who agree with luch for noth- price for his Satin Fancy Apricots, 1 a poujid __ Pure Fruit Preserves, 1 1-2 ·pound jar Puje Aipple Butter, 1 1-2 jar ·Large Dill Pieces, a dozen Finest Creamery Batter Mad Strictly Fresh I^aid Kgps, aj [ Sack Fresh Corn Oats, a package lOc ke 'Flour, a jac-kage 12c r Head Rice; a jxxind __llc · Comb 'Honey, 'a comb 22c Jarge'cans'--. JOc i Cocoa (loose) a pound 22c ktra Choice Rio Coffo, a w ponnd -T fe f Santos Coffee, a pound 20c i aPvcr Cleaner, a can lOc Large Roll Toilet Paper _j .4$ Santa Clane Soap, 5 cakes 2Sc Jell-O, all flavors, a package Oc · Kilters Catswp, a hottln J3e Onion Sets, a pound lc" Van Camps Spaghetti, a can 17c . pound Eat more Oteoma boys "overjere." Purity"Nnt, .bet; used--a"~Touh(l f 34qil arine and save the Butter for the than Butter--once tried, always 32c.. Diamond PASer'Alpxiey's Daisy, 34cV' Buckeye, pound, SOc. ' Our Meat aKtomers are satisiSed customers because they get qualUP and tbe lowest prices in the city at all times. Hams, the *r T»nJi S2c ;' Finest lard Reuderril, liu, Sic J. IT. DAVIDSON CO. · C TIIP Si'OBJB THAT;BOES THINGS TOR YOU" STREET, CONSEIXSVILLE, PA. tatLstics compiled by the 14 lead- fuel carrying railroads of eastern ted States show that the tonnage coke bailed during 1917 -was very .uch below the tonnage of 1917, but tonnage of both bituminous and anthracite coal Increased very Jarssly. The Pennsylvania railroad in 1917 shipped 11,998,437 tons of coke, compared with 14,257,911 in 1016. Pitts"burg Lake Erie coke figures for 1J)17 and 1D16, respectively, are 7,417,313 and 7^)42,088 tons. Baltimore Ohio figures for cok e are 3,471,003 tons in 1917 and 4,350,981 in 1916. j In carrying bituminous coal in 1917 j for revenue the Pennsylvania led a l l j railroads with a total of 50.557, 46S tons, Ihc ^Baltimore Ohio was second with 37,158,222 and the Chesapeake Ohio third with 25,715,776. The Erie in 1917 led in anthracite shipments with 'a tonnage of 11,324,771, with the Pennsylvania a close sec- onod with 10,£34,459 tons. The total .tonnage of the 14 roads, shown comparatively, were as follows: Anthracite for revenue, 24,904,078 tons in 1917 and 23,638,966 in 1926; bituminous /or revenue. 204,768,229 tons in 1917 and 138,710,445 tons in 3916; coke for revenue and: fuel, 27,740,259 tons in 1917 and 31,581,224 tons in'1916; anthracite for company fuel, 547,759 tons in 1917 and 511,284 in 1916; bituminous for company Kiel, 30,241.740 tons . in 1917 and 27.636.761 in 1916. The 14 railroads are the Baltimore Ohio, Buffalo, Rochester Pittsburgh. ;tie Brie, the Buffalo Sus- qaehjuma, the Chesapeake Ohio. New York. Central, Huntingdon Broad Top Mountain, "Western Maryland, Virginian, I Pittsburg, Shawmut Northern, Pittsburg Shawmut, Pittsburg like Brie, Norfolk Western and the Pennsylvania, Siberia Ha» Vast Resourc;*. The common notion of Siberia is based on latitude and climate. Because part of it is la the nrctic circle the whole vast region 1ms beon ns- samed to be almost beyond the pale of civilized occupancy. Notwithstanding that much has been written describing Siberia as It is, the common notion Is still that it is fit only for penal eettle- nenta and that the nihilists and other political eiJles were sent to these settlements as a living death. This Is not far from the truth. But the inhosptt- nWe regions fn which the penal settlements were placed arc fur from being all Siberia, and even some of these districts are capable of sustaining the vigorous inhabitants of northern cli- caatea. Siberia, in the economic sense, has all the resources which go to make n vast stretch of territory self-sustaining os nn independent nation. It has forests, mines and great agricultural regions where every product of the temperate climate Is capable of cuktra- tion. The timber Is In the north nnd west. Tbe mines- are In TsTtlely scattered districts. Reflectiona. His face would hav« stopped a clock. But bow can one wonder at it when one learns that he was a wandering lecturer? Anyway, no one had even seen anything npprnaching the face that be hauled into £*u(lclle-in-the-CUay one wet and muddy November oi£ht and set up In the town hall, allowing words--calcDinted to mnke every drinker of anything stronger than barley- water fit once reform am] spenrl the rest of his existence in sackcloth nnd ashes--slide out of the hole in the middle of it "Yes, my dear brothers," said the weird looking person, "Cor more than forty years I have shunned the glass,'* ·· "And I blocmln' well believe yer, jruv'nor," said a loud and hearty voice from the middle of the audience. "If I'd a fnce like yours I wouldn't never look in a_pftll of water even."HE SOUGHT CURE WITHOUT AVAIL Uank. S Suffered Screrely From Indigestion But Blaster MtNiicine llestored Him to Health. "1 owe my restoration to health 10 Taalac," says Will iam Dunsian, of 15536 Alien St, ALlentovrn, Pa. "I urge anyone sufferiDg Crom any form ot indigestion to take this Master Medicine. "I was in very bad shape--not sick, but utterly miserable all the time, ":My appetite was gone and whatever I ate gave me such severe indigestion that a burning would rise IE my chest and seem to choke me. "I tried all kinds of medicine but noihin-g gave me any relief and I kept getting weaker all the time Crom lack of nourishment and nervous strain. "Since taking Tanlac- "my appetite has COKUJ back, the paLns over ray kidneys have disappeared and I now go to the table ami eat like a woodchopper without suffering the slightest discomfort or distress afterward. Tanlac is cft*tainjr a wonder-worker." Tanlac, the famous reconstructive vegetable tonic is now sold here by Con-nellsville Drug Co. Tanlac can also be secured in Donbar at D. C. Bason's Drug Store.--Adv. "Rainbow's Bnd," our nw serial story, begins in this issue. It's by Rex Beach. Read it. Patronize those who advertise! KB PORT OK CONDITION OF THE COLONIAL NATIONAL. .BANK, at Con- aellsvllle, in the State of Pennsylvania, at the close 'of business on March 4. J91S. KKSOUKCL'S. Loans and discounts ( e x c e p t ' those shown in h and c) H?Q,69S.5S -(80,608.58 Overdrafts, unsecured 136.92 136,92 U. S. hondu deposited to secure circulation {par value) 100.000.00 U. S. bonds and certificates' of Indebtedness . owned and un- pledged 10,000.00 iiO.OflO.OO Liberty Lroan cent and 4 per cent, unpledged 29,703.00 L i b e r t y Loan lionds, 31,;, and 4 per cent, pledged to secure state or other deposits or b i l l s payaNe Securities other tha.n U. S. bonds (not I n c l u d i n g " stockr) owned unpledged 5,000.00 Stocks, other t h n n federal reserve bank -stock Stock oC f e d e r a l reserve bank (50 per cent oC subscription) Value of banking house (J6.000.00 F u r n i t u r e and fixtures Real estate owned other than biink'n'g house Lawful reserve w i t h federal ' re,iej-re bank It«ras with federal resorve bank in process of collection (not available aa re- Every piece of furniture at the New Store is marked at money-saving introductory prices to get you acquainted with us and our progressive methods. These prices are in plain figures for all to read and--let us emphasize--this is a one price store. Nothing, is marked here with,the view of dickering. We believe this policy to be. the only honest method of doing business and ask your trade on this score. ,See Our Street Boor Display Golden Oak, Fumed Oak, .and Mahogany Clever indeed are the 191S ideas in Duofold Suites and ville's most up-to-date shovying at the New Store. All woods a wide variety of styles. See Our Special Duofold Suites, Rocker, Chair and Davenport, at - - Davenports. See Connells- and coverings represented'in ZIMMERMAN WILD CO. Are Exclusive Agents for the STRADIVARA PHONOGRAPH So many superlatives are used in the description of the various phonographs that all we ask for the Stradi- vara is for you to hear it. The instrument speaks for itself. All styles and prices. The Only Furniture Store in Connellsville That Gives S. H. Green Trading Stamps. Ask For Them. We Are Exclusive Agents for the Famous Sellers "Kitcheneed" Kitchen Cabinets See the new models just received--the styles particularly that have the full size flour bin, that lowers to the floor for filling. This and many other features fere,ex- clusive with the,Sellers, See Our Special at $29.50 -vc 11,000.00 50.700.00 5.000.00 3,714.14 CG,000.00 C,500.00 17,119.72 IS.334.3-i Cash in v a u l t a n d net a m o u n t s d u e f r o m na- t i o n a l hank.s Exchanges for c l e a r i n g house Tour! of iu-rns 1-i, 35. J6, 17 anil 18 43.991.19 C h f c k s on hanks located outside C'C city "r town-, of rfe- portlnp 1 b n n k and oilier cash itoms , Redemption f u n d with U. S. Treasurer and due from U, S. Treasurer Total · $S09.0St.S4 LIABILITIES, Capital stock paid in S300.000.00 Surplus f u n d 30.UOO.OO U n d i v i d e d profits.. 6.S37.C3 Less c u r r e n t PX- penses, i n t e r e s t , and taxes paid 2,370..IT 4,-147.37 AmouM reserved for all i n - terest nccruert 2,-ino.OO Circulating notes outst.imllntf 100.000.00 Ne.t a m o u n t s due to na- t i o n a l b u n k s 1.627.SO Total it i t e m s .12 and 33 1.627.50 I n d i v i d u a l deposits subject to check . . .'. 2It·1,846.71 Certificates- of deposit diie in Jess 1 t h n j i 30 dnys (oLYinr than for money borrowed) 9.7S5.12 Certified chocks 387.0.1 Dividends u n p a i d 442.00 Total of. demand deposits (other t h a n bank deposits) subject t o reserve, items 34. 35.' 36, 37. 38. .19. 40, and 41 265,450.R9 Certificates o' deposit other t h a n for money borrowed) 17.5S5.42 Oilier t i m e deposits 211,793.36 Total of time deposits subject to reserve, iionis ·1-, -13, -H. and -15 212,37S.7S i'Bills payable, o t h e r t h a n w i t h federal reserve bank. " in chiding; all obligation; 1 ; repri'sentwip monpy borrowed, other t h a n rediscounts 12,500,00 f ·MetsfetiPennsi'luama: Total ..: SS09.GS4.54 Sliitti of Pennsylvania, Counlj* o'f Pa.j'- o t t c , ss: 3, H. E. Schonck. Cashipr of tho above-named bank, do .solemnly s«**s;ir that the above state meat is true ;o the best 'of my knowledge and belief H. E. SCITEN'CK. Cashier. Subscribed nnrt sworn to before me t h i s 151H day of March, IP 18. ALFONSO BASILONS. Notary Public. C u r reel---Attest: P. H. KKIOHLEY. W. -V. LF.CRE, HARRY Dl'NX. Directors. ESTABLISHED POLICY It is the established policy of tile Title Trust Company 'of Western Pennsylvania to promote efficiency and accuracy in every department, and to make its service useful to the people of the community. Checking accounts, large or small, are invited. ttl DEfK--He Has a Bight to Be Sore By C. A. VOIGHT

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