The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1918
Page 4
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rAGE FOUK. THE DAflLT COtnFUER, CONNELLBVTJULB, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1918. |5Jl?f Sattit tenet. HEKR-T-Fi-SSJ-YDER, - Founder and Saitor, 1S7S-13H. K. M. SNTDBR. JAS. X DBISCOIi, S«tfy and Tr JOHN t. OANS. ' ManttRtnr Editor. ·WALTER: STQOH3 City Editor.; .; ·· , MISS LTNNE B. Society'Editor,"' . . . iaiMBER OF; . - ' . Antedated Press, Audit" Bureau ,r Circulation, PennsytvanU Associated' Dallies. Two coats per copy. 50c P*J* month; 15 per year by zn»U 1C paid In adrtmce. Entered M itooond class matter at tha ^octo.tice. Connallsvine, Pa-' -2, iws. TW WILLIAM P. SHERMAN, Unit U "U. S. A.. Fort cPfcftrson. Atlanta, Gau RALPH F. SLIGEE. . ?10th Intantry, XJf S. K A.. Lee, "P«t6rsbnrj:. Ta. -· Th» Associated Press la ex- cUisively--»ntltl«. to-thi. us*.. ft~ repubUcatton" · of ' alt" 'HCTTST- dispatches credited to It or " not - otherwise _creditea_ln tbi»,jap*r_ - and also tb« local n*ws published herein. , ^^ - r.."- C.ULYOT BIIEAK THBOVGH. There is no certainty that' the German artillery activity oa'tife. -Western, front is the beginning of the much Taunted spring drive. It may be preparatory- to such a movement 'as its extension over a wkte front would indicate that the enemy'is seeking out a weak, point, or is striving to ma?k a movement in. an unexpected iuar- t*;r; Whatever may he the plan it may bs depended upon, that tlje Allied armies, including our. own which no\\ toldw an important sector of the Hue, wilJ^be quick to discern the object and vfll_be prepared-for any:.onslaughts Hffidentiurg m his desperation ^may make. - . ' ·. ?'· ·" It is well knowTi .that the Germans have · been preparing a driviv for months.Rast on a scale surpassing all previous efforts. The betrayal of Russia: by the harebrained "revolutionists, aod the delivery of that naUoa, into the hands of "Germany/ has released laiige bodies ^f troops which have : been massed 6a the vreatern front until the numerical strength, of the opposing forces is nearly equal. Realizing, as the Kaiser and his war-lords do, that "We axfi at ihe decisive moment" of tiie war and oae of the greatest momeais in German history," it is to be oxpecter that the'supreme effort of Germany to^crusfa. the Allied* armies will be made In the conflict which may now be^actualry-in progress. Compared with the preparation made by Germany that made* by England, France and America is no less formidable. Since the arrival in Franco of the first contingents of the American Expeditionary Foraes, the most intense activity has prevailed in the direction of establishing Imes ol communication between, the'bases and the front and preparing tire armies for either a defensive or offensive campaign,. The American, engineers have rebuilt the railways in the rear of" the lines, .have manned the trains and.ap- plied American methods to the handling of untold tons of munitions anc supplies^so that .today the Allied armies are more completely supplier with all the necessaries for an assault, or for making a drive of their OWTJ, than at any j.?j.*evious time in the progress O f tbe trar. There is 'the experience of former camp^gns from which to profit and there is a grimmer determination to "see toe thing through" animating the forces thai bare steadily driven the Buns back from the high-water rcark ot" .their advance toward the Channel coast ant toward Paris. . · The struggle will* be the inost 'titan- tic -of the war, the fate of nations including' our crwa depending "upon the outcome. Through a willingness to sacrifice any number of-men the Germans, mere, weight of .numbers, may make temporary local gains, but they will not be able to break down the barrier that has been raised against their permanent forward move- meat. The Allies will vrin'anA in that winning pur boys will have a part that will; add -icaperigbable'glory to Ameri- porting affidavits and thus secure deferred, classification 'for 'them. Unless Ihis is done the farmers will be without' recourse to retain the relatively email-number.', of farm, laborers who now'reinain stfcct'to call for military service*. '" In this particular the selective service law has tailed of its announced purpose of protecting, one. of tbe most icntial industries -from a depletion of the. ranks 'of ,its workera. 'The ner^'Juit as patriotic as any .other classVof citizens,' have"not urged:tbat preference^be given" them, as-a class. Individual workers have, in many iu : stances, 'refused and irill still refuse to aste for exemption from military service because of their occupation as farm laborers. The employing farmers, not of draft age, have expected different results from the Jaw wiviout the: necessity of- having to perform the somewhat unpleasant and unpopular task of seeking to have men exempted from service which many of them are entirely willing to_enter upon!. Much better andjmore.'satisfactory results would have followed from an application of the principles of the law as originally understood "than to have interpreted tbe selective feature to apply solely to the selection of men physically qualified to be soldiers, and with apparent disregard of the needs of tne essential -in-dustries. Do 'not allow yourself to be foolccj by the apparent mild advent of spring- at so_ early a date., March has HP change*obfe~ moods' and "U ca;i ring: many of them in the remaining ten 4*7?- "..,".'.','' ." i In his -latest -public- deliverance or. the war the TCaiser"makes fiO reference to the combined power and mig-ht of "Me und-Gott." TTIth" evident dis-cour- "fieremenf over the. outlook he. admits that '*W* are at the decisive moment of '.he war and one of the £reo.t«)t moT^en..ts in German history. No mention In this of th'e other nwmber of the hartotrshlp -which Tias been conducting affairs-to dat«.- Has it been- diw«lvfcl [y Imperial decree, or has the junior member withdrawn? "It's a safe tmt that the Germans won't start their big- drive tviUiin range ot he American artillerymen. re- "Can't boat the Dutch" needs vision now that Uncle Sam has hpaten the Dutch jtr putting 1 their ships intu service. HAS i'Olf OPKRATKD. AS - : TBe farmers^ for *deir complaint that the' selective service law is. not operating .as they wero* givea "to 'u'acferstand It " would. Tb.^ popular conception of the law has Jeen that jt would automat;.cally delude necessary farm labor from mlUtarr'serrice so" tbat- production 1 of foodstufEs might be conttiiucd upon, a scale commensurate with the n^ds of war time. -Durlng v ihe 'first' drft' th"ere ; were many exemptions under the rules and: regulations ihc-n in Co'rcc. which granted exemption to registrants who established the, fact -that they were necessary -as .agricultural 'labort-rs or farm managers. The 1 ' later 1 rules, under tvhich regi itra'nts were-, divided into c!assifica.t;c us, "extended j no such pri". iiege,. but .a recent cultugj provided tfeat faftners "SsykJrisr to ha'- If the by-product gas tho Hope Gas company Is preparing to mako gives as; much heat as \he natural product, and helps to keep the supply steady, the consumers won't Tuck a bit, provided. of course, it does not speed up the meters at the samd time. . W i t h 77 .«hinF to his credit in :i sing-Ie day Uncle Kar.i is setllne: the shipyards a lively pace in adding u ibe merchant marine. It IP far better to have the namft Slacker and be a rpal pal riot than ·to have some other name and be a real slacker. .After April 1 the income tax slack- era will look just like the draft slackers to the government officers. That tractor meet Trill no doubt enable the enterprising farmers ff Kay- ftto to meet .'the farm-Iai)or situatio'n. That'll -Kill Bill. Latrpbe-" Bullet in. l~'s comtnfr. On ton sets are or thp market. Thei'srnrdon tools are on display. And -evprybpils; Is getting ready to srwai the -falser- with the shovel and the hoe." ~»iighty TRut A*ot Uad. Bellefonte "Watchman. Tbe boy who..runs away to *mHsl because MB parents r-fase to consent may be a trifle- naughty bsrt he Is not fundaro«ntally bad'.. CO\SERT1*6 BEXS. They've handed down a stern decree, the conservaiion boosters;' that hons inwnune trom death mu«t be, 'houph we may ahoot t h n roo.vters. Snys Hoover and his morr?" men, \vhosc ukase muse be heederl. "Jt is a ,iin tc kiJl a hen, when eirjrs are badly needed. Fresh ejfff-' «r«- pood boncath one's belt, the textbooks all d*lerminc, and when they're stale they'll do to pell .the-peace, fan and We'll put the Teutons "In a bos. iind buy our me.n more bullets, if we k i l l o(T the crowing cock*, and spare th» cacltlinK pullets. Aiid now. In every liutcher'u store;" rrom" TVaterloo to "Wooster, the helpful hen if 'seen no more, but there's a stack .of rooster. Oh. lead the Tdc-sters to the block, for .rooster meat.Is corking, the Leghorn and the riymonth Rock, th.? Brahma .and' the Dorkinp: Oil. K'-ve the roostera chlor- oforrn-r-tpo uncicnt for beheading: and eat them" - cold and eat them': -warm, their feathers -jse for-bedding-.-^ bake. ,upbn'-lbe kttchen flre. a - f o w l of proper sre-nder; 1 also cook a rubber tire, -which Is a bit more tender.. .1 chew' the rubber tire a while, and then I "chew the rnosur, and say, " I've Hoover skinned tion boostr.rl" mile, as conserva- TOUGH'- HOUSE. SI»:B HOTEL. WEST 19maxtf WAJTTKD--MBSSBi^GEKS. "WESTERN UNION TELEO-llAPH CO. . T T P J 5 - ·writer. Call BeU 13-R, or Trt-Stat- 9S-"W, Mount Pleasant. ' Mfebtf "WANTED--BOT TO ACT AS FOli- ter ajwl work In drug" store. J. G ilOORE. WAITED--TO RBNT OB BUY SRC room iiouse. Write "X," care Courier, stating price and location. SOmarSt WANTED--TWO COLOKBD V7OMEK for throe days to belp with houirework, ArtJress "C," care Courier. 20mar3t' TVASTEJi--CWflBK. SINGLE, MJ»- dlo ac*-il man preterred. Apply KILL HOUS1S. ScoUdal*. Pa, Zlmar4t " WANTED--SECOND HAXD SAFE. SOUTHEKN CO^'7^"EL.LSrILLS COK15 CO^ Cltisens Bank building-, city. WANTED -- A' EXPERIEMCED cloak and suit ffirl. i^igheit salary paid. ISO North Plttaourg- struet. "WANTED--STOItjVGE ROOM FOR juiolrnobile. Apple Klreet. Call FIVE ANT TEN CENT "WA1A. PAPER CO. 21mar2t , -WANTED--BOYS AXD GIKLS OVER 16 year«i of age. 3'aid -while STLK 20mar-tt W'JVNTED---"\VOMAN FOR inff and cleaning, Slust be thorough In her work. MRS E. K. DJCK, o South Pittsburg street, 32marifd WAITED--YOUNG LADY OKrapher and accountant. State pcHeoce and salary desired, Addrse P. A., care Courier. , 36martfd WANTED--AT ONCE EXPERIENC- cd saleslady, highest vra^es; steady position. PEOPLKft DEPARTMENT STOKE, 220 Worth Pittabure screfet, - 22martfd "WANTED--MINERS 'WAJiTBD WHO are studying for examinations to get the best mining' tvoofc pnbU8h*d, "Ttin- Inff in a Nutshell." by JAMES WAKD- Scottdale, Pa, Price J3.25. WANTED--OLD FALSE TEETH, Dor't matter it broKen. I pay $2.00 to J1S.OO per set, S*;nd by parcel post and receive check dy return mail; MA2ER, 20flT S. Fifth Street, Philadelphia.. Pa- 5marS2i WANTED--AXY KIND OP PRUfi'- ioy, -whether it Is a calling card, sal? bill or the ftn^st engraved wdtlir.r Invitation or announcement. TVe prin 1 . anythlnff---everything"--do it 1 : 1 'and do it ripht. Call the man »t TELZ COURIEPt office. Both phones. 27-tt LINE SICK AN*T Accident Insurance Company wantb active representative In Tayette cou-i- ty. Splendid opportunity for man who Is w i l l i n g to -work. Good Immedi money and permanent buslnew. Spare tinf* and evenmes sati.Tfactory sifirt, Xo itivestment requtred. W r i t r - XATIOXAL CASUALTY COWJ^AN Tietroit. Michtgca-n. mru-20-22-23 For KOR RENT--NINE ROOM HOUSE. A p p l y 215 "Wc.vt Green street. FOR RENT--OKE TWQ ROOM apartment. FLORENCE SM17TZ. West Side. 21mar3t FOR RENT--OKK FIVE ROOM house, small garden, pas and b.ith. R. FOR RENT--ONE THIRD FLOOR (flat, modern oonv«niences. 511 .Sou Pittsburg strtst. ilmarJt FOR RENT--ONE PlvSIRABLE More room formerly occupier] by M*anj» Murphy, inquire FLORENC7; SMUTZ FOR RBNT--FRONT OFFICES ON afcond firor of D u n n k Evanit bulld- iag. Inquire of HARRY DUNN. SJan-tfd FOR KT3MT--SIX modern ROOM HOVSK. ;nl*ncfK; larpr garden. H. K, SNTDKR. 3t7 East Cedar. 21mar6t yo P. JIE: NT--A TH KK K STO R \ brick buUding. 06x*9 ; suitable far a forage or rr.anufocturinc ptirp»sf«a, on the corner of Meadow Lane ami Church 1'iacn. I n q u i r e J. !.. STADKR. J5AI-E--TXVO GOOD CLARK G R I M M , Le FOTl SALK- room C^LLai;e, corner t'a.irvlew FGRNITL'RK FOR WV- low price. 1~- South FOK SAl*B--SOUTH rille lots. Convenient, chrap, eaay terms. Inquire at THE COURIER OF- PICK. FOP, 3AX-E~T)ISTRIBUTOR COtlj generator and Bljur complete. Inquire C. nellsville. Pa. BU-rting motor It "WORK. Con- IGmarfit Jtsisli Fafflks , Edgar A, Ouewt, FOR SALE--TURKS TON PACKARD truck, splendid running condition. Kcady to t?o on the jt-b. $1.200. En- q u i r e SCI-CMITX, West Slile Oaruge. tlcation inus®te--af£divUsP',-wl£Ei" '. thej locaJ boards in^ppcr^'of^iH'e^taiius,' otherwise the bcarda- fcc.i'e no anthor-1 ity to make deferred ctasaificaticxi. * - i * Inarr-JU-cU as a very .arge "miniberi rf resi^iraut^ bav-c ' :»iroady been j rJasalfitd..:i;:iay frtrro 'laborers "have; b«ea lost fioru ihat scrvx-o.. or will Iel A3 soon ajt' ikf-y are ca ! ^-?d to reporlj for duty at tbe rrainiaj; camps. Thisj I«*ves only Ehose men- who have not been called for examination In God mada tht. liltle boys lor fun, for " *· r o u g h - a n d tumble times of play, He their lltilo leprs to run and r;tce and scamper throug-K the day. E-le made them strnnR for climbing . trc;cs, he Hiiited them for horne and dnim. 1 * · ' And filled them Cull of revelries s-o they ccittld be their father's chuma, But therf He saw that gentle ways · -.m\!lst. also- travel from ao'o've, Vnd so. through all our troubled days He sent Us little; Rirli? io law.-. H« knew that earth woujd never dpi - unless a - f a i t of Heaven it hadi ilcn-needed eyes'divinely blue to toil _Hy~fiay and"-still be prlad; A ";v°r-tii -wjiftr.* only men and boys . -"" made.--.merry. "wouid in time groir And so He shared His Heavenly joys that f-ith in-:," Him should never' Hc;s*ht us i down a.' thousand charron. -· ^K« UetUt*d our .ways with golden jind-fo.iifthrt!jj ffywi-"and (Mnt.ied atrnjy. He let us hare His Tiftle sirls. they are thc'tc-nderest ot His Kefirs, Arnl w^ way-k-eip aa! c.oJ] thosi ours,: uTjtil Cod's measenffor shall Jcnocfe, j Vhey "fcrinc . to " us -.tnii jcrfiTrtlmcris and ' FOR SAIiE -- CHO1CB HOME jrrown on.frr.«n srceil anI eat ins" P n t«- toes. Prloe reasonable. Both phoRpji. -T. C. DETWILKR, ConnellsvIIle, R. F. D No. 2. - 23mar3t FOR SALE--LAWN MOWTSn, GAS cooking- stove and gas stove, book case, two carper sweepers and an Iron bed. JHISS EL7ZAEKTH VAXCE, US West. Gr^en street. 22mar2t 'OR SALE-- GKNEKAL. STOKE. Bent proposition in the county. Last year's sales J75,000. Good town, beat i oa ·wood fcr A. B. Kjncal.xuax Co* WOOL AIL-WOOL E F no man think he is conserving wool by wearing part-cotton! clothes--wool adulterated is only good material gone to waste.... Instead of buying poorer luits and more of them-buy better -suits and f|wer of them . . . . For clothesmaking as it is '|lone in the Kirschbaum shops means better weafing clothes--means wool conservation in its only gfenuine sense - $20 to $40 The Store that insists on fitting -their Shue.* convctly. Particular people like our Shoes. ThE.';''n- nl«ist,-d 'iViLb r/ur sty''o selection and our methods in fitting. - V" A FAMILY SHOE STORK with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service---tor our customers' J satisfaction. » Call and see some new Shoes, f SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY _Bt-Y-- War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MARCH, 1918. JAS. 1, 1923. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST COMPANY CONNELLSVJLLE. PA. location. Only store here. care Courier, "STORE," 21mar3L FOR RALE--50 ACRE FARM, 8 room brick house, A-l bank, barn, Ib minutes walk trom borough limits. Can Rive immediate posession for VZ.OOQ. K. F. DeTVITT. Bell phone 299-J, Scottdale, Pa. SOmarlt . KOPv SALE -- TWO BROODING PEN'S of full blooded rofle comb black Sti- norcas. all layine. No. 1 and 2, S hens f and rooster, 520 a.nd 325 respect ivelv.' Hatchinp CSRS *1.00 Cor 13. WTTJ- IiTAM GUIFfi^THS, South Connalls- . . They soothe 03 with each fond careea \ ana ^ i i ^ n f r r V n us ItTM even" de*d," And happy sljonld that . mortal b e whom God. has trusted through 1 the yearn I To KUard a little grtrl and see that she S OF ADanNi STR ATION on t i e c.Htate of Jasper Thomas, late 4f Dunbar to^wnshrp,, Fayette eo-ucty. Pa., ciac-'iised, havinc been grantexl to tho undersi^n«d, notice Is hereby jriveu tf all persons indebted, to said f stale tr make immediate payment and to thos-e having- claims against the' same to present them properly authenticated Cor settlement. GEORGE C. TBOMAS, rickcTHtm 3tun, Pa. CARPBNTKRS FOR CON- CRBT13 FORM WORK. A. G. McKBE COatPANY, JCNBAR FURNACES, DONBAR. REFUGEES SAVING MAJJ AND WJUi'K TO TAICE CK4KE OF AND RUN · A COMPANY BOARDING HOUSE FOR IS MEN. PERMANENT EArPLOTMENT AT ?7S PER ' MONTH AND LIVING. CALL KIER-FrOE BRICK COMPAMY. LATTON, PA. BELL PHONE 98 R 31, DAWSON, PA. MEAGRE POSSESSIONS! AT ONCE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE REQUIRES THE SERVICES OF SALESLADIES FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS; HIGHEST* SALARIES AND STEADY POSITIONS. APPLY. AT ONCE. 56 WEST MAIN STREET, UNIONTOWN, PA. t f.

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