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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 22, 1918
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IT Connellsville'* Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,503 VOL. 16, NO. 112. CONNELLSVTLLE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 22,1 1918. TEN PAGES. ·BRITISH FIRMLY HOLD LINES ON ENTIRE FRONT AGAINST TERRIFIC GERMAN ONSLAUGHT Official Statement of the War Office Fails j to Show Where the Teutons Have Made Gains at Any Place; Correspondents Wire London Morning Papers of Sway. ing'Fortunes of the Opposing Armies; Hindenberg Believed to be Aiming to Recover Trenches Lost Four Months Ago. AMERICAN OBSERVERS ARE WATCHING CLOSELY By Associated Press. LONDON, March 22.--The great battle on the Western front continued until late last night, the war office reports. The British are holding the enemy. The statement follows: "Fighting continued until a 1 .late hour last night on the whole front between the river Oise and the river Sensee. Our! troops continue to hold the enemy in their battle positions." FIRE PREVENTION DELEGATES MEET HERE ON APRIL 6 ·Three Hundred JRepresentatives oi Western Pennsylvania Towns Expected. POPE'S EASTER MESSAGE TO UNITEri) STATES IS A PLEA FOR KINDLIER CIVILIZATION f By Associated Press. HOME, March 22.--A plea for lasting peace is made by Po]?a Benedict in his Blaster message to the United States which he sends through the Associated Press. The holy father's message says: "The first message of .the risen. Savior to his disciples after suffering the tortures of. Passion week was 'Peace be unto you.' Never has tho world, tor -which He sacrificed himself, needed so poignantly that message of peace as today. "On tMs solemn occasion no better wish can be made to tho -country, BO dear to our hearts, than that tho divine Redeemer may grant a realization of the desire of all, that is a healing oC the existing hatred and the concluding of a lasting peace, based o« the foundation of justice, fear of- God, and love of humanity, giving to tho worhi a. new organization of pooplea and nations united ·under tie aegis of true religion in aspiring to a nobler, purer and kindlier civilization. It is til at desire to fulfill our Master's last injunction to bis apostles, 'Go yo into all the "world and preach tho gospel to erery creature.' " WIPES OUT GERMAN FIRST AND SECOND LINE TRENCHES Will FOMJ ORGANEATION:ARMY LIFE AS SEEN BY AN Jloreiwat is Purwant to Expressed Desire of President Wllsoo and Other National and State Officials for Protection During Period oi War INSIDER WHO IS AWAITING ORDERS TO GO OVER THERE As A call was sent out through the malls from Connelisville last night. for a meeting here on the evening ot | * oiks, at Home. | April 6 tbat is expected to bring 300 ,_...^^e^?^r t^lwHY DON! OfflERS GET IN tt is not yet possible to give more than a very general and: C ity for the organization of a are vague Idea of the fighting Thursday on the front between the'prevention body tor the western sec- Oise anu the Sensee which continued with swaying fortunes, ac- tion of the state for the duration or cording to the accounts of correspondents at the British front in *« w *r, -perhaps longer. the morning newspapers. " The German attack made on the British front west, and The organization is being perfected under the direction of a committee composed of M. B. Pryce and Vf. E. DeBolt of Connellsville and H. L. Beepje ot Scottdalo, which was appointed at a meeting of the Board of "The German army attacking south of the Scarpe seems to;Control of tie firemen's association southwest of Cambrai evidently aims at the capture of all the old Hindenburg lines, says a dispatch to the morning Post from British headquarters in Franco, which reads: ANOTHER VENIRE IS SUMMONED IN LINDLEY TRIAL COAl SHIPPING ZONE PLANS PERFECTED BY' FUE ADMINISTRJCTION Part of Luneville Sector Obliterated By Shell Avalanche. CoaJSto be Consumed as Xar an Fos-1 »ibie U, poht.fttod.euu.; c»iK j MANY GERMANS DESERT mid By-Prodnct Coal Expected. | Announcement was made last night' by the Fuel Administration of t h e ; "Fed Up" on War Tllc completion of the zone system of coal : Captors in Sur- Tell distribution which is designed to hring about economies in the trans- porUitioa ot coal through cutting rendering. MUCH IWOBMATMW tion. It is-expected thai the saving resulting- from the operation of lhe plan will amount io 160-000,000 car miles. Tnis means that the same num- i her of cars would make almost 300,000 i additional trips from and to the mines, i which %-ouM make possible an in- I crease erf five per cent in the production o* coal. Hundreds of German Gas Shells Fired at Americacs Kail "Within the Teuton Lines and Claim Their Yictims Among tite Kaiser's Own Soldiers. The plan will apply prfacipally to coal for domestic and industrial uses. By Associated "Press. THE AMERICAN ARMY IN PRANCE, March 22.--Enemy first" and coke, by-product, railroad, anthracite 5eoad ^a* positions on a pan. ot the and bituminous coal used in the man- J sector easi * Luneville have been ufaeuire of gas. and coal moved on the j deslr °3" !d completely by American _ ialaad- waterways and to lake ports j artiller r fire - Af tar the raid into the for Canadian export not being includ- ! German Positions last night tie AN KMBAEKATION CAitP, Jfiar. 21. Two Additional Jurors, Making ed in the regulations. ; American gunners shelled the posi- Eizht in AJ1 Swrirwl Tnr Hough! y outlined the zones in this l Uona h eavUJ" all night and this morn- Jilgnt in All, SCCTireU lur- , ' --"Wuat'll i write to my folks?' hav? delivered its' first blow principally in the triangle of thel a t Meyersdale on th- evening of Arras-Cambrai and Bapaume-Cambria road, while the German ua ZJ 6 ' -anhv south of Cambrai is stnUing against our trench system J^ in the region west of the Scheldt canal. No doubt ttre enemy w ba-re two representatives. These | moat hs." hopes that the attacking forces Of these two armies may succeed i will be in addition to the officers of | starting !or in forming a junction and thus cutting off a considerable slice of I the organization in the towns where '" '" queries a fellow across tb.e taflle me. ''Here I am in theovorseas replacement, service and going out tomorrow. I belong to no organization. Our bunch will go across io n11 up the ranks of units that need men. I don't mind that at ail, but where ?hall I lell my /olics to write to me ai7 Every man of us rjaay be in a differ- ing forenoon. to!lowB . Wsh volatile fle.'ds ing. 'Today a patrol witiout assist- ance from dana, the lower peninsula of Michi- ' M an ' 3 Lan(J £mnd artillery crossed No e first an[1 ! SEVENTY-FIVE I dana, the lower pcnnsula of MJchi-i second liae£ bad becn w 'Ped out. gan, Kentucky and Virginia. i Tbe I atro1 also obtained additional West Virginia low volatile fleWs i information and returned without. j will ship to District of Cairpe Number of Persons Erpressinq; j -North Carolina. Virginia, Kentucky, Opposition to Capital .Punishment I O h i o ' " tVesl vir si ma . Columbia, i casua) * i es. the Germans apparently having decided not to molest them. Carolrna i On tie sector northwest of Tout a the British front and taking back all the Hindenburg trenches lost exactly four months ago." WAHIS6T05 EXPERTS SCAX WAE WASHINGTON, March 22.--American military observers already having cast their doubts on whether the German, drive begun yesterday really heralds the long expected .German offensive were closely- scazrafri'g the official there are companies. The convention will be held In the Slavish hall in tho JTVest Side. | Organizations for fire prevention I will be affected in each town. It is the Woevre, onr first, line' expected the entire membership of morning -- over "Over There" in the there to encounter I of the bank at the .Meuse and at some poinu in positions heavily." were bombarded rather 3LVISKJK " WATCH AT SAFK DfSTAS'CE. LOIvDON. .March 22.--Emperor Wil-dispatches^for e-Yidence to support! liam. Field Marshal von Hiadenberg .their- view^tnat'the^German onslaught, j and 1 General von Ijud.endorft have gone terrific as it may be, really--is .the. ^ort r ( to the western front to witness the runner of some other movement [ German attacks, says an Exchange American observers think that tnoj Telegraph tiispaich from Copenhagen. military situation in Prance'is. against' Bulgarian and Austrian trops are now the probability of a real German offen- 1 on the westora front the dispatch re- siv« at" this time. The view prevai' si ports. The Bulgarian troops which that Germany now would hardly stake! have arrived on the western froat will issue of the war or a desperate drive against the all but impregnable allied line in the west. "During tha enemy attacks yesterday his masa-ai infantry offered remarkable targets to our rifles, mt- ehine guns and artillery, of which fu'-l 'advantage was taken by our troop.;. All the reports testify to the heavsr lossed suffered by the enemy. No serious attack has yet d-eveloped this moreirtg but heavy nga,trag it still to be expected. be used as a strategic reserve. The number of Ausirians on this front is not large. Austrian cannon in great amounts have been coeentrated there. KAISBK SAID TO DATE OFFEREI 5ETV PEACE 'TEB3TS LONDON, March 22.--The Central News correspondent at Amsterdam reports that the Catholln newspaper, Nieuwsblad Van Heti:euden, is author- CONNELLSVILLE FOR EXPRESS ROBBERY J. M. Coyne, Former Jlessenscr, Charppd IVfth Taking Package Said to Contain $780. 'By Associated Prpgs. PITTSBURG, March 22.--J. TV. Coyne, an express messenger who until last December operated between Pittsburg and MorgantoTra, "W. Va., the association pot in the military or naval service will "become identified with-the movement. Uas Unused .Lot of Comment Among 1'olkmrers oi Uu Harder Case. mt _ Tbe fire prevention organization | ond has the endorsement of President ^il- ' "son.,Secretary of .· War. Baker. Gover- nor^Brnmrcush and the state fire marshal. . "'. ' they know not wnat! And not even knowing what unit c-f the mighty Overseas Army that is almost daily swallowing up a stream of red-blooded men. the flower of a toighty na- j tion's youth, through this - , a [ camp of embarkation! Daily they march up the road, lugging their blue barracks bags. They stay for L while Ten Jffen of a special Ten ire called at 2 o'clock hud becn examined at 2:4' tliis lu'teriioou tritboitt any additional jurors being secured in tbe Lindley murder trial. Two additional jurors, making eight in ail. had. been secured in the Lindley | and Lake Brie ports for trans-ship- ment only. Pennsylvania, Maryland and Northern West. Virginia, will ship to West Virginia, Maryland. District of Columbia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New England- Lake Erie ports for tra^s-shipment only except that Pennsylvania, mines may number of Germans deserted last night and surrendered to an American patrol, in a certain wood. The Germans approached the Americans shouting "Don't shoot." The prisoners were turned over to the French. Much information of value was obtained from the deserters w.ho said 'fed up" with the war and Lorain, 0. as far West as Wellington ani! decided *** would rather bc P rison - ers. Jnciuded m tae inibrmation ob- the night time sees them go j In the early morning hours,; none ' but thc guards pacing , BAmSTSiAlSING FUND ity fttr the statement that s©mi-omcuil i was hehi for court todav by a magistrate here charged with stealing a negotiations are on foot indicating that. Germany is displaying a strong inclination for peace, but setting -March 27 as the date for the western drive in case ao basis for official negotiations is reached by that date. BEar,EV CLAIMS CATTITIE OF BRITISH POSITI05S. HEIOJN, 'iterch 22.--The British first lines have been captured by German troops "attacking from southeast of Arras as far as La Fere, the war omc- announce?. Heavy artillery flsM:ng continues in Belgium and Freach Flanders. package containing $760. Coyne, who lives ia Connellsville, left the service of the company soon after the money disappeared last December. He was arrusted streets here yesterday. on the Scni*cr Canvass.Wll br Made · by Foc»l Cborcli Sunday. The men of the First Baptist church will make an every member canvass of the congregation next Sunday afternoon, March 24th, to secure contribution for the extra -million dollar fnnd that the Baptists of the- Northern Baptist Convention are raising. The Baptist War Commission will receive J1SO.OOO for work among the soldiers. The rest of the million dollars will go to Home and Foreign Mission, Christian EtJucatioa and other denomina- I tioaal activities. Many churches i throughout the country ar*/ eooperat- | ing in this matter, the laymen taking the lead, and it is expected that the effort wil! be entirely successful on or before Easter Day. Smith Grimm is chairman, of the general laymen's committee of the lo- ' cal church. The city has 'been divided i into 10 districts under the following captain: James Forawalt, J. F. MetK- gcr Rice Lyon, Charles Hatfield, Wade H. Marietta, I. V. aush, A. R. Boyer, J. G. Evans, E F. Hess and H. D. Shearer. Each ciuptain will choose his helpers. The canvass will be made UEKKAX PLASS WEST WBOSG, DOCUMENTS SHOW. BKITISH ARMY HEADQUAE- TER.S-IN FRANCE. March 22.--The fighting is still continuing but the first stage of the offensive has pas.s- el The enemy has failed in the ex- ecution'of his program as is attested by captured documents showing what ae planned to do in the-early hours of h!s adventure. Last night was fair!;- quiet along the front. This rnorr.jng the Germans were bombing iri t^e Croiselles region. There were indications that he intended to continue the attack today. ' the The ; ATTACKS OX FEEXCH -PARIS, March 22,-JTho Germans are carryiag out a heavy mem: along ^everai sectors of fron- T - it is announced officially. »iatc-:acnt follow.':: "During the day the German artillery kept up a very violent bombar.f- wea.i besween, the ..MJette aid tfce Aisne In the whole Rheitns region and on the Champagne front. Our batttries everywhere replied energetically. "In the sector ot Hurlas the German; made three successive attacks. CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS To e Placed in the ^oii-C Cljiss by President's Order. Sy Associated .Press. WASHINGTON, March 22.-- An executive order issued -yesterday ,by President Wilson provides tliac all conscientious objectors to the selective draft shall be given non-combatant service, including the medical corps. quartermaster corps and the engineer service. The^-order provides that as far, as may be feasible assignments of objectors to non-combatant service will be restricted to the medical department unless request is made for assignment to other branches of noncombatant service. cantonmec u the same men march down tlie same road. The dim light of tiie picket's fire casts a glow on a flank of thc departing unit. The line , ^ wends slowly, silently past till the j * murder trial in Uuiorttown this morning when- the special venire of 75 men was exhausted at 10:30 o'clock. A t ! v , . i that hour"j'U.dge J. W. Van Swwiringen ' their pathB can be seen about the big \ or ^ red alloUler ^^ panel Qf 5 [of 2 o'clock. Juror No. 7 is J. V. Ellis of Union-I p : town, well known as member of the ; of viewers for a number | e was the 53rd man examined The 56th man called was J. W..Ma- clore, also of Unioniown- and he "was accepted by both sides and walked into the box as uror No. 8. GREAT THRONG AT TEMPLE FOR DINNER FOR THE. FARMERS last strangling file-closers are en- ' vcloped in the darkness. Then silence \ reigns, broken only by the sentries' pacing. You who have seen it must hurry back to your own block or someone may inquire what business you have abroad at such an hour. They're gone; where, they do not know, but they go willingly, even eagerly. They think mostly of the folks back home;--what to write to them; whether or not to tell the loved ones they've started on the first hazardous plage of the Great Adventure. And SOOQ you'll be atart'ng oot, into the darkness like the thousands whose feet have trod the same road. It's an inspiring prospect, Since leaving three months ago. I've sent back a fevr sketches of Contlfuou on Page Ten. on Snnday afternoon between hours of two and five o'clock. the Catholic Priests Executed. ' LONDON", March 22.--The execution in Brussels of two Roman Catholic priests on the charge of espionage is reported in an Exchange Telegraph- dispatch from Amsterdam. Eight other priests, the dispatch said, have been sentenced, to imprisonment at hard labor for life" at Brussels on the' same charge. Former Conductor Pies. "WiHiam H. Leckemby, formerly a Baltimore Ohio conductor between Ctmi-berland. and. Connells-vitte. later engaged in business at Cumberland, died Tuesday at New Brighton. FuTPtte Boys Enlist Hobert J. Cook of Connellsvilte; They were either . dispersed by o:;r j Herman Stesfey of Moyer and "William fire or driven bacfe by our counter at-1 A, Novasfcey of Everson enlisted in tack,-.. Easi of Suip-pes German rai|tbe Regular Army at the Pittsburg v.exe completely diecked^On. ih.e rigal * recruiting station yesterday. FOUR-TOTE SPEAKERS Schedule for Scjxt TVcek Is Announced by ScercUry lienner. Attorney J. Kirk Renner, secretary of the Kour-JIinute lien's organization, tpcliy announced' the following schedule of speakers for the vreek beginning tomorrow: Saturday, John Duggan, Jr., at Ar- .catle; Rev. J. T. Burns at Orpheiim; Rev. J. L. Proudflt at Paramount and S. R. Goldsmith at Soisson. Monday, S.' P. Ashe at Paramount and P, B. Younkin at Soisson, Tuesday, R. S. Matthews at Or- pheron. 'Wednesday, ifayor .Toha Duggan at Orpheum; S. R. Goldsmith, at Paramount. Thursday. Rev. J. L. Proadfit at Or- pheom; Rev. J. T. Burns at Paramount. Friday, B. B. Smith at Arcade acd also at Soissou. ' .· Saturday, S. R. Goldsmith at Arcade; John 0nggan, Jr., at Orpli«um; F. E. TounMn at Paramount and S. P. Ashe at Soisson. SOLDIERS' FUNERAL EXPENSES To Be faid Bj Government H Amendment Passes Congresses. By Asaoci.ited Prrtaa. ·WASHINGTON, March 22,-lf an) , probably showers tonight; slightly amendment proposed yesterday to thejcojder; Saturday fair and somewhat Army regniaiions is. adopted, the fun- j warmer, is tie noon weather forecast era! expemes of all soldiers who die for Western.. Pennsylvania. BALTIMORE SL OHIO TRAFFIC FORCE MAKES THREE EW RECORDS Total of 4,000 Cars on C6n- of Planting and Har? Crops is Discussed Alter . Uanqnet. ' About 260 persons, a large percentage of'whom wer farmers from the nearby townships, sat down to the tables in the dining room of the Masonic temple at noon and later listen to ad_. ,, . j dresses on the problem of farm labor Of the men dammed, d-urmg the dt . ring ^ suramer and h(w thc tasi . j uiined rrom tlie men was the state- ^ment that during the gas projector ! attack against tb6 Anierican lines on i February 27. 900 projectors were em- I ployed. One half the projectiles flrpi ifell within the German lines and the I gas overcame many of the Germans. j T h e next day, according to the deserters, 31 Germans were killed and 30 -wounded while taking out the dead. morning as was the cose yesterday, the majority were found to be oppo»- j he)p od to the death penalty, especially i ness men of the county are going to i( _ when circsunstaatial evidence plays a The meal was concluded about 1:30 _jd the addresses followed. Girls of part in the case. j ^ aoa ., sLic science department of The unusually lange number of per- j lhe high scbol EorTed and wcro ,,,,,. sons opposed to tie capital punish-1 p | imeme j on tbe -excellence of tie merjt has to cn?a^ed much comment among those watching l.he trial. y Ctme From His Own TTheat, Bot 3Jnst Be Hsfid By 331^0 Rule. StaU Food Administrator Heinz has made a ruling, to become effective meal. Boy Scout.? were on hand aid. The boys aoted to DEPTH BOM^HLLS FOUR Officer and Fifteen .Wen Tietims of Collision in Atlantic. Bs- Associated Press. WASHINGTON, March 22.-- The navy department -was advised today of 16 deaths among nremberc of the crew of the destroyer Maalej- who werj reported injured yesterday in the explosion of a depth charge when the destroyer collided March 19, wiUi a British warship. An officer and 15 men were killed in the ancideoi. incoming farm B r*. Tnoy also earned chairs and otherwise assisted at the tempie - . . , , « , · IRISH PORT, March 22.-- The s guides to tb« !bodie£ Qf ^ ' BOOK TOTAL NOW 654 Contributors Are States destroyer Manley havo been brought here to be embalmed for removal to America. Fire broke out in tie after part of the Manley and the depth charge kept there was immediately thrown over board in the bcpr Asteil to Plainly i l b a t the "essel would steam rlear. ncUsTille Wyision, Suys Statement Issued Today. The Baltimore Okip railroad made three new records on the Connellsville division yesterday, moving March 25, which extends certain .privileges to farmers. with respect to the use of flour. They are permitted to take wheat I tho week for the soldiers and sailors of tboir own raising to the mill f or j was 664. Reciuest was made by Miss grinding, in sufficient Quantity to meet j Margaret Wbiteman, librarian of the household needs, until September 1. i Carnegie library, that 'contributors next, and to receive its equivalent in'placo their names on packages sent Label Packages Sent, lo Mbrary. |' J ' ne e*P'°sion. however, blew off the When count was made tni» morning ! *£.?** ° f tte . ves f' I*TM" TM r the total of books contributed during UTOrs are now m a *"«pital here. wheat flour from the miller, but they are not permitted to sell wheat flonr in any quantity. Purchases of wheat flour by farra- 4,000 cars altogether on Uie entire ! crs are to be governed by the 50-50 division. This new record . breaks j rule, which must be observed by mill- one established in May of last year, er s in selling flour to farmers. The which is Considered remarkable on . sa i c ot cereal substitutes may be made by the miller or dealer in case account of the greater shortage of I labor at this time than in 1917. One record vras broken when 1,050 cars of loaded and ompty freight were moved from the Cumberland yards west to this place. The movement was divided up ill 21 trains. A record for moving loaded cars on the division was established by getting out just 16 more cars than on May 19. 1917. Cars shipped both east and west on the division on that day numbered 2,570 loads. Yesterday ihere were 2,586 cars moTcd. March has been a record breaking month for the Baltimore Ohio railroad on the local division. Although the records yesterday were for the whole division, a record has been twice established tins month for moving, cars out of the local yard east Both/records were made on Sunday, and on both occasions over l.CCO cars were sent east- -within, the United States vrill be paid 1 by the government. - . - j · Present regulations provide that the f government bear the.expense of officers' funerals only. Temperature Record. 1918 1S17 Maximum 73 54 .Minimum 46 37 Mean 59 46 to the library so that they will receive credit The latest list of contributors is: Homer, -Mrs. Martha BOOST PRJCIOF WHEAT Senate Approves ^AMUT FJpnra bi $3.",0 Br A-isociated Press. WASHINGTON, March 22.--By a vote of 43 to 38 the Senate yesterday fixed ?2.50 as the minimum price of Buttennore, Mrs. William Rogers, i wheat for this year's crop. This ac- Miss Josephine Moser, Schick, W. Sliger. Mrs. Mrs. J. L. A. P. Freed, Dr. G. I. Edmunds, Mrs. Juliet Ward, Mrs. D. H. Flick, Mrs. Edgar tion, if sustained by conferences on the agricultural appropriation bill, to which it was made 'an amendment, would overturn the President's action the farmer certifies in writing to hav- Junes : Miss lyena Kat7 ' Mrs ' L ' J * I i n fix ! D S ^e w h =at price at J2.20. ing Lhe previous possession of such !l.Kapline, Harold Clasper, David F. j it i s believed that President Wil- substitutes in the quantity specified, ! Fersuson ' Mrs: M - M ' Wi!s TM'. TM.** son will vew the measure it it goes to together with an agreemoot io use the j substitute on the 50-50 basis. Farmer* i kre not exempt from moklng. report Golden, T. B. Donnelly, Miss rman, W. H. Yaw, George Mrs. Wallace Kauffman. of the quality of flour on hand."- j -'»" TM"» 1 ' N e f f - M J?: RpS .' M f" e "" - j Mrs. J. A. McCreary, Miss Eilen Ogle"^y. ··M^..''' " · ' vee, Mary K. FJeniing 1 , Jlrs. HOMES CHANGE HMDS-, \ m %. ^ A - c - Uerbert - Several Denis Arc Closed by West.] Side ifeal Estate Firm. Sales of Connellsviile properties through the agency of A. E. Wagoner Company have been announced as follows: Modern seven room house and lot at 408 Highland avenue, Connellsville Water company, to Mrs. Plor- WAR FINANCE BILL Creating a $501*000,000 Pusses Congress. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON. March 22.--The ad him in its present form. RED CROSS RALLY ministration bill to establish a war Prominent Men Speak at Poplar Grove School Tonight. A Red Cross rally and vic'.rola concert will bc held this evening at 7.30 o'clock at the Poplar Grove school ! house under the auspices of the Corporation! schools of the township in the interest of the Junior Red Cross. Addresses will be delivered by Rev. J. L. Proudfir, E. T. Norton and'coun- ty Superintendent' J. S. Carroll. finance corporation was passed by the House yesterday 36!) to ~ Tae Senate i Kmbarpo is Ordered. has passed thc measure. | NEW YORK. March 22.--Congestion The corporation is to be capitalized j of freight in cars and warchoiises and .1 5500,000,000 cither by private sub- | on piers here caused the freight traffic ence Craft of South Connellsvillc. who will occupy it wber. the tenant, Mr. Ludwig. moves. uMary E. Lane, house and lot in West I s c r jptjon or by f u n d s from the United · committee of the North Atlantic states Crawford avenue, to Swayne Harper, j Slales trc a.sury. ' Secretary JlcAdoo,; to announce today that an embargo who bought for investment. C. R. | aii c n airmau. and four other members j would hi placed effective at the close will compose tho corporation. of businiss Saturday against further rcceiveing here of freight in less than Dutchman Wnrlik«. I carload lots from.other Reed now occupies the place and will continue to. Kxlinp at Kelly J-'ieM. Word has been received here of the arrival at Keily Field, South San Antonio, Texas, of Swing D. Exline, oj .Uniontown- and a brother of L,. R. Ex- Hce, decorator at Kobacker's store. BxUne enlis-fced in the aviation service in PittsJ)ur March 6th. AMSTERDAM. .March 22.--A dis- j country, patch from The Hague says one of · parts -of the the most prominent members uf Par- ! liament intends to ask the.government j Enlist in Medical Service. ]*athaii Levine and Louis Levinson whether it is not time to recall the : have enlisted in the medical Bervice Dutch minister at Washington a n d ! and wUl leave Saturday, Levine to' hand passports to the American min- Port Jay, Governor's Island- Sew York Bister at The Hague. 1 and Goodman, to Eort.Jloaro*, Va.

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