The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, J 9 K O . Basketball Latirolbe Comes UAiLj'f COUKiWK, By JAMES M. DIUSCOHU Locals Hopeful of Evening Up 'Loop Standing: With Decisive Victory. VISITING TEAM IS "UNKNOWN" t n an effort to improve Its s t a n d - , ing in Section .10, W. I'. I. A. league, I h p Oonnollsvtite. '[-Ugh School basket-ball team will throw Its best efforts into the game tonight against 1/at.robe High School. Thr Cokors now have two defeats and one victory registered and a win this evening would give au even break. Latrobe is an unknown, quantity and tho outcome is uncertain. Tn fact, with the green team working n n d - r Coach DoUto this season, moat any outcome is uncertain when Council svlllo plays. Tho contest is scheduled lor 8:15 o'clock. It was just a week ago when the Doldo club defeated the Groensburg ( l u l n t e t in an u n u s u a l game and it may be that the Baine defense which stopped tho Brown and White attack wiH lie functioning this evening against Ihe other Westmoreland count y outfit. DUNBAR BOROUGH HIGH SCHOOL TO PLAY ON FRIDAY Tho Dunbar Borough High Shool basketball team, experiencing Us first f.eoson, will play the North Union Township Tigers nt S o'clock on Friday evening. Tho c!nb te titeo anxious to schedule' games w i t h J u n i o r High School teiuns tutd High School freshman quintets." ii'iB'World's Record for 220-Yard Swiri Confluence CHARLEROI MEETS SCOTTDALE BUICKS TOMORROW NIGHT Tunney Undergo ?s Operation Miss Hilde Scteider, of Berlin, showed herself in her beet fonn and lived up to all the expectations of her followers when she lowered tiic swimming record for the 220- yard swini. Her time of 2:57^-10 was considerably low'sr than the mark oi the previous ahampion. (Intercuttigiukl Nawarwri) Bethany Meets? Waynesburg at Home Tonight O O X F b U K X C K , Jan. M.~N. B. Morrison of Bidwi'll was n recent business visitor in town yesterday. Word was rereived hero yesterday by Mrs. VV. II. llelber that her brother, IC/.rn Heal, nf Cumberland had died. very s u d d e n l y at. Ms home there. Mr. a n d Mrs. James Hook and son and d a u g h t e r of Somerfield wore recent v i s i t o r s in town. ttov. II. W. Jamison, pastor oi' the TV!.' K. C h n r c h here, Is attending tho Central Christian Conference, hold in Uulontown til!:; week. Tho members of the I. O. O. F. and Robecca orders hero will celebrate Thomas \VIItlc-y Day in the lodge room T h u r s d a y .evening of this week.' (!. A. Kllioit has returned to his work in .Pitt? b u r g after a visit with his f a m i l y here. Mrs. C h a r U s Shannon of Connells- villo was a r t c e n t visitor w i t h frie-nds UPCC. Mrs. Brime- Trenllo and little grand- danghtor, Hetty MacBurney, havo rc- liiriied i n tli;ir homo In Connelinvillo after u visit with tho former father, T. K. H r u w r . Mr. Brown is improving from a recent severe illness. Tho American Iegion is arranging for a m i l i t a r y funeral Wednesday at L o'clock for the late Harry Porterfield, who "was a member. BETHANY, W. Va.. J a n . ' 11.--The Bethany Uisone will cpn their honia season Tuesday e v e n i n g at tho Irvin gymnasium when, tho strong Waynesburg Yellow-Jackets omo to Bethany Cor tho first game o£ a home and home s fries'. Tho Bisons have b^en traveling at a fast rate of speed iliis year t u r n i n g iu three wins out o/ tho first t h r e e games played. The opposition tomorrow is likely to provi- harder than any of liio other games because 'Waynesburg has practically tlie same team they had last season This game will also be th first game in the tri-sta ! a confe-rpnco and sir/ce they iiavo liop^s of w i n n i n g the conference championship this year they will'bo sharp-ihooting lu an effort to send their traditional rivals home on the small .;nd o£ tho- score. Besides the g.ima. tonight the Bethany herd is scl-edulod to play two other games this weok. On Thuraday the q u i n t e t representing Michigan S t a t e w i l l le at U ' t h a n y and on Satu r d a y - W . , 1 , ' w i - 1 play at Bethany, making tho second t i m e in seven days for DIG Bisons M»d .Pre-slde-nts" to collide. Bryan Ctnss Meeting-. Tho Progreeelvc.Claws of the Bryan Alethodiet Episcopal Church will moot on Thursday ov ( e liug at the homo of Roes M. Nlcoiay in Lower Tyrone township, A gond attendauco is do- Blre.l. Moiipsson Gniue .Deferred Vroin Afternoon to Saturday ·', 'Evening: at Armory, OTHER STRONG -TEAMS -C'OMING * ' · SCOTTDAIJ'J, ' ,ian. l'l--Oharlorol, p o w e r f u l q u l n t e l in the. A l l e g h e n y County l/oague, w i l l put in an appear- i itn« at tho Stole- Armory floor on ! Wednesday oveaing at. R : M / o'clock,-! opposing Dip Itulcks, last, year ind''-| pondetit. chrtmplonH of SVe-stmorolaiid i county. - I H a v i n g fin IT e rod f o u r fiothacUo t b i i M J fer Hi in season 1-h^ locate are w o r k i n g ! out r e g u l a r l y in the hope of po'rfectlng i the team-work that apparently does) not function tw it. ahoul-d. Tho club is de-termiuoil to get back into lt« w i n - ning stride and hopes to hit thte sproe against the Governors, A n n o u n c e m e n t wna made t o d a y t h a t the Monessen game ·will bo played Saturday evening iiwtend of lu. tho afternoon, as originally plannod. Tho Kniglitd oJ Pythian outfit trimmed tho Scottiee by a deeislvo margin and the Bniclffi w i l l l)e out tor-revenge. j It was snitt that, on another occasion the a f t e r n o o n cage competitions will be attempted hut no d e f i n i t e a n n o u n c e - m e n t can bo made at this time. in ail p r o b a b i l i t y tlve D u c j n w n p Lafayettee, one of the- o u t s t a n d i n g floor aggrogation« in t h e P i t t s b u r g ril«- trict, win put in an appearance- on Use night of February I. The Duirlw hope- to so to Cumberland in t-h-j near f u t u r e to meet the formidable Knlghtfi of Columhut; combination that has bec-n w r e c k i n g tho strongest qulntett! in all socllona ot the Tri-Slato District. Officials of th-e- Bulcko hope- to provide local fandom w i t h tho best floor attractions poselble. Tlite policy, however, can be continued only aa long as tho patronage continues. Gens Tunney, former heavy- TVeight champion, was taken to the Presbyterian Hospital, New York, to be operated on for a large stone' in his · kidneys. Doctors in consultation assert that the ailment is not tho result of his ring encounters, (Intornatlonal Nawaroo!) Casey Basketball Meets Latrobe Misrdoeks At Armojy on Wednesday Keagy Corner .·Wins Seventh Straight: Game (Mom Crowe, Former Local , Is Member of Visiting PRELIMINARY W. P. I. A. League Resumes Tonight; Action on Friday Activities w i l l lie resumed tonight in (.he Western P e n n s y l v a n i a Inteiw hol- astic A t h l e t i c I / o a g u o ^ w i t h scores of games on Iho program. Ttt-o next serif* of, games in the- various eeclloiw of Hio circuit will be played on Friday evening. The sch«lu!-o for tonight Incl-idcs: Section Ten Latrobe at Coimetlsvlllo. GriKmsburg at Seotldale. M o u n t Pleasant at JeaiineUe. Section Thirteen, Drownevltlo at Carmichaels. South Union at N o r t h Union. Redstone at Georgcfl. Point Marion at Gorman. Section Fire, West Newton at. C a l i f o r n i a . Dcmora el South Brownsvilk-. Monesecn at. Charleroi . The s c h e d u l e of games Cor Friday ovening la as follows*: Section Ten. Scottdale at Jeannette. Unlontown at. Greenelmrg. Mount Pleasant at Latrobo. Section Twelve?. Dunbar at Huret. Sewlckley at I'erry Alv-arton at Belle Vernon. AT 7 O'CLOCK Tho K e a p y Corner ImsketfrOTr, won t h e i r sc-veu-Ui s t r a i g h t game last e v e - I n l n g w h e n lliey mtwthered the M sou- t o w n W h i p p e t quintet w i t h a :5-lS score at the State A r m o r y . U ^ as a clean hard-Cousin, contest lnt t! o locals proved loo s t r o n g f o r t h e vi k i n g aggregation. Flotci, ,Sols:;on and Der- Bi'ii led the a t t a c k , each acorliu f o u r Held goals. .Maine:; got t h e tip-off to UH who paesed to Caval canto, the lattei scor- By H K X n v tflJM'MilXn lug. For a moment It sccu ed an Unite 1 Press Staff Correapoml'nt. j t h o u g h the Corner o u t f i t w o u i h a v o PARIS, J-an. IS.--Despite vigorous j a hard time w i n n i n g the contest How-; action by Kuropean motor nwn-it-fac- | ever the S o u t h Klders soon had things. t.uT-ers to stem the Invasion of auto-j g o i n g t h e i r own way "when ' .lerry'V mobile!-, from t-h-e United States ATOW-· Sellers banked a p r e t t y ono t irough AMERICAN CARS CONTINUE TO EUROPE Looking: for.Bin-gains !' If so, reoid -the advertising columns of The Daily Coiwlor. ic-an iri-lo J f Heels Arrested In Brazil. BUJ3NOS AlfllCS. J a n . 14.--An attack 'by Communists on the Mexican- embassy here l.tte .last night, wae broken up by p-l!ce, who arrceted 11 persons. Titled British Explorer Lady Richmond Brown, British explorer, examines: the trusty "companion" that -will . accompany j her on her \ expedition \ into the j mountains of British Honduras. t h e net from the side of the court.) Kioto \\\cn plopped another i .to the hoot to place tha iocs la iu t io lead w h i c h they never r e l i u q u l s h e * - Seventoen fluid goals were scored by the Corner c l u b w h i l e tho ( ppoBliijj (liiiutot. chalked u p f!v. The practicing which t h e ? l o c a l c f i g e r a hr ve been dolug was e v i d e n c e d by the r -.s-e w i t h which they h a n d l e d the b a l l ati-d the accuracy of t h ? l r shots. Tho l i n n - n p : Keagy Corner SR. W h i r .nts--13. tPjoto p C .vnlcnntfi- M i l l e r F I j t l l ' Sellers O - -Halues Bergiti U - Rossi' King - O Bitm Substitution!;-- U i i y n n fo- M i l l e r , fiolHHon for Sellers, Zlmmi -man for Borgin; l i n g e r for Housl, V alker for Hise. r'iekl g n a l u -- -Flolo 4, G u y i i u . Sellers, Sol:son ·!, K i n g ; C a v a l c u n U 3, l l a l n e !''oul goals--King, 1 out g-in, missed o n e ; J J a g e r , 'i billy, missed 1; 151 »o, 1 oi Referee--Kerns. vehicles contiinio to pour rn and centra! Europe. A.nwjrica/jt manufacturers refused to r i:-ecom- a-la.nned at tho recent m-fro!Sng [ in Bruaaoln of -t-ho T n l e - n i a t l o n a ) i Bure-au of Motor Ma-nufactuTors, or- i ganlzed largely to ombat the. t o w e r - ; ing nienac« ot A.rrterl«m competition, j Tho Uniteti States was not r-ppre-se-irtcn) ' at tlw gathering of European au-lo-j ·motive co-nwrmH lnt of in- fomvfbtlon bus R«»su-rerl American motof «nrperts l.hat nothing was nc- conx-pllshed In tho way of sorlon-sly cmrtw.illng A'lnerica.n products. TJiiiiblo to Unite. It ^Til.l -)e- recalled that various efforts havo been niO'do by European inthistrialists in. tho past to cr-cato somo sort of unified front against the increasing -doman-d in Kiirop-e for American autombbiloH. Th-e (juota -priTicipIo'has been applied in one form or another in Poland, Czechoslovakia anid Austria. German ; ina-nii'factnre.rK ·have for aotiKj tlnve btv^ri Insi.stontly der)Muvding centralized action throughout Euiroive- in vftfiucing to a definite ninrater the Iniiporta/tlon of American, ·cars. The quota system aa It ype-ra.tes at 'present In Poland authorizes im- portation.troin any one -country to the ·extent of 500 tons per four months. Poland hoa designed this rogulatto-n, however, unoro for facilitating fiscal problems than to protect the Polish ·automobile Industry. # Aaistrla has for .'ionio time been limiting tlio importation of auto-nio- blies -from any one country to 300 a n - ·nti-al]y; th-e r«;oiit f a i l u r e of th-e gre-at Styif orgii-ni'/.-ation, -liowoverf Is boUov-ed to -have soutx-cled tho doom of t'biK sy«- 1e-m. The 9ty-r plant is to An stria w h a l Hitro-en is to France, urw! what tha ford ffMito-rie-s are to America. Chechoalova-kia -linn a I'.soo-wu- re- stri-c.tion r u l e , bujr A-tn-c-rkian iiutonio- blle 'dealers! have always! fou'iwt it very en-ay to olattiin spool211 lice-nseH to -exceed this mnii'ber. l/t.;.t year Cudcho- slo-vakia allowed the ImponiH'tion of 1,900 oara .f-roni the United States, .Four J'rico .Stashing. Aiito-moliv-o c-rilicH ixitnt out t h a t the iiiabUity of Ui-o various coiiutri-e.4 ' and .sleeve t r i m m i n g s to acWev-e evu i n t e r n a l u n i t y - - 1 erous proportions, n-otably Franc-e, whe-ro the Citroon t The fact t h a t a cert firm still reftiees to join the French Syndicate of Axitpmo-bik; MMiui'ufaetuir- ere--te a self evident guarantee t h a t hitewiaUonul .solidarity is no more than a glorious, but hazy, dream. IiMlI'viduar c o u n t r i e s U'tidubtod)y will co-ntinn-e t h e i r effoi-l.s to limit A m e r i c a n antes as nmch as ·posBiblo; au Jn-ereitsed tariff la · a l r e a d y being 'c-oriside-red by. some of the more -d-e- sparing n a t i o i i H . A m e r i c a n m a n u - facturers are lit, jires-ent, t h o u g h , rao-r-o concurued with couibatting the prc-vn 1-etit notion that will 'bo sold for u aong in 1930, on ac-coimt of the W a i l Street disasters;- They 'h-eartlly · discoiH-nge -tiro p-roapectlvB buyer's idea, thai a f-ew we-ek» wil-1 M-(t Hits Klii.'-ihlng and riunrtorhig of tirlces. Tho Casey ba^hctlxill toain will appear before .Connellisville fan« on Wednesday evening in t h e i r finst homo game. The- irlfih t e a m , composed ot local bafikotball performcre, will meet the bntrofoe- Murdoclts, a fast combination, at the- State Armory at 8:15 o'clock. The virUtlng team is made up of f o r m e r college material w i t h Clem Crowe, well k n o w n hera aa the leader of tho befit. Casey C l u b i-eam ever in t h i s c o u n t y , a s c a p t a i n . M a n y o f ; Crowe'a (riendfl w i l l lw on haiKl to greet h i m . I A p r e l i m i n a r y engagement, between j ths L/atrob-e-Dervy and Coiinollfiville | Cnlhollc .High School teams, will b e j piayed at 7 o'clock. Section Thirteen, North Union at BrownfiTil'e. Georges at South Union. , Kedfitone at Point Marion. Oarmtchaels at German. Section Fire, South Brownsville at West N e w t o n . Monotigahela at Donora. C a l i f o r n i a at H. S. DUMBAULD NEW SOLICITOR AT UN10NTOWN STORM IN FRANCE TAKES SIX LIVES; TEAMER SINKING U N I O N ' T O W N , Jan. M. -Horatio S, [ Dunibauiti was elected C i t y solicitor, succeeding Joseph W. Hay, at the meeting of city council Irst n i g h t . Other changes are contein[ilat-:(l in the new ailministrntioH, Mill Toivners to Hear Proposition of St. Louis Cardinals For Jfcxt Year. ' FUNDS SUBJECT OF IMPORTANCE \ oCOTTUALE, J a n . 1-1---A meeting of? ( h e h o a r d of directors of the ScotWalu C l u b IXIH benn eal!e»l for T h u r m l H y n i g h t , by I'resident Roljorf; young at ivhicii t i m e p-law, w i l l ho. dircu«sod for tho dimnojul posfiibilities noxi. niiinnier. A m o n g th». m;itterfl that will ba brought (,o the attention of the directors !« the- r a i s i n g of money. It is understood t h a t a campaign line been under way and that a sum hag already been eecurod. Thin work te to bo pursued w i t h g i e a t e r vigor. Fandom will be called upon to contribute freely to-make it possible for Scottdaio to have one of the clawsiest clubs that over represented Iha community on the fle'xl. The offer of the St. Louis Cardinals to return t.o Scoltdale- next year and the farm in the Middle At- l a n t i c League aleo w i l l be given careful consideration of the directors. Several proposition* are reported to h a v e be-on m a d e :ind t h e s e will bo di«- cussed thoroughly. The recommenda- t i o n of the board will bo announced t h r o u g h those columns at a latter time. The Scotties and Cardinals h.iva u n t i l next m o n t h to complete their business a r r a n g e m e n t s which are expected t.o be worked out shortly. Branch Rickey is keenly interests*! in. tho local farm, and is anxious to ret u r n . However there are- a number of details that are cropping up which in list b« taken care of. Other teams are already making ar- rarigeme-nta for tho 1930 eeaeon. Cumberland has (signed Hooker Joe Phillips, formerly of Fairmont, as Its skipper, succeeding the popular J o h n n y Byrnes. The Black Diamonds secur-tnl Del Gainer of tho oM echool to rep i a c o Phillip!}. Charieroi, league c h a m p i o n , w i l l have t o get a now ] leader, rsince Bob Rico w i l l u o t return, i There is a possibility thai. Joe Drujr- j mom! w i l l siiecwd h i m . Bob Prysork: w i l l hamlls WheoliDg Stogies. Scottdale, Johnstown, Clark-sburff a n d . J e n n n e l t e w i l l name their pilots after t h e y have taken definite eteps for lh schedule. However most-of them w i l l be lined up long before the opening oC action on May S. Ohiopylf* M i l l e r 2, J i e r g l u 4, , Bteu. if J; Bor- out of i!; ·. of 2. '·us H" J-'urs Q u a l i f y as Spring r i i n m l n i f leaver tes. Hy f n i t p d t'rcss. PARIS, J n n . 1-1.--Six persons have lo.'il t h e i r lives in the storm which Is i .sweeping 1 F r a n c p. | Two women were buried when a bouse t h e y occupied in Kninue collapsed d u r i n g t h o h u r r i c a n e . Miimc-rons HOS r a i l s have been picked u p by the D u n k i r k radio stat i o n . The I t a l i a n steamer Valentin Coda signalled it is sinking. The last signal was "Kvvtva Italia." The M a r n o is rising dangerously. icers By FHANCTCS FA CM3T C'oiiyriglit, li)M, by Sy le Sou-rc^s NIOW Y O R K . J a n . 14- Kmm omit- t i n g f u r e n t i r e l y w h i c h w a s cha.rac- te-ristic liisi. ^[wVng, fur s n o w freely a d m i t t e d on a d v a n c e s p r i \K modo.lg alt h o u g h there is i feel in ; for ocitfl of falwic-J.,Uio ijnnlity--h-e-a.t »ss inr-s such I\H which ino-asi res \\,\i to th-e iileal of what a warm .v eat her trtm- nriiig sh-nnlil he-. BesldeH being sniai't ;alyifk n e i t h e r looks nor feola w a r m , erving chi-efly ae a decoration for collr rs and filcevoK. Just because it. iis so e iceessful as a " n o n - h e a t i n g f u r , it np -ears in collars n more- gen- in type of pas- promo ted for with fur trim- Use aulckly Ada. follow, tel doth u n i t ,wutH «outhoi-u roaort we/av uiliig, in fiignilicaiii,. J i one collection galyalc uppearrt again and a g a i n , in w h i t e , on s u l i a of w aite, pale blue, ping or g r e e n , it. ifi oven more con- RnlciioiiH ifl a coal rlrilmlng in resort show luge). Uipin ia also f a v o r id, o n a l i f y i n g in ( h e same class wit! gulyak. 11. Is dyed In rpee-browns for spring, prod u c i n g a charming ombination with the grayed-paetelB, ; s well as tho vivid shades, which n alte up tho list of colons in errfart spring w-oolens. B u m m e r e r m i n e i the third of the s p r i n g Cura nlccted o be noticed this r t p p e a r i n g ai the more f o r m a l l e ? - ; tha oil ar ( w o already d ore mo o yer«il.ilo aine« they are adaptable .a both dreMn aad ulothes. !. M. U riff in of Klalwocl6, state d o p u t y , i n s t a l l e d tho n e w l y elected officers oi' Dawson Orange at its recent mee.Ung in G r n n g f l i - l a l l . .Following tho i r i B t a l l a l i o n , l u n c h wae served. The Ht;tft'fr i n d u c t e d i n t o office f o l low,;: Mvjfil.e-r, Robert !,.. G a l l a g h e r . Overseer, George 11. His oil. Lecturer, Ollvo lUUeno-ur. 'Steward, Earl Hixpn. Afisietan!; steWtinl/Paul Pivarnlck. Chaplain, Mrs. Caroline Gallagher'. Treasurer, Tt. T. llutchineon. Secretary, Mrs. Minnie Hixon, Ciateketipe-r, George Puehcar. CcrieH, A n n i e E. Rltenour. Pomona, Hazel slcKnight. Flora, Maude J. Stride 1-er. Lady afislstant steward, N e l l i e Marie C'ottom. Trustee-, W. D. Hixon. OHIOFYLE, ,Tan. 14.--Mrs. Sherman Nicholson was a d m i t t e d to Die Fra.ntr. Hospital at Confluence. .Saturday. Mrs. Clyde B n r u w o r t a r e t u r n e d to her home Saturday nf er a week's visit w i t h her p a r e n t s , Mr. a n d Mrs. Charles B n r n w o r t h at ''-oniiBllsville. H. S. Nicholson s p e n t Slonday at Confluence. Mrs. Sylvia llellerbY in !'f! H n n d a y to spend a few days at Y a n d e r b i H . Kern, the i n f a n t d ; .lighter' of Mr. and M r s . Hoberl. f l u m e , is ill I g r i p . | )firaersoii K e m p of Bidweii was a ' caller in town M o n d a y . Miss Alda Davis s'-ie-nt. over the week-end with t r i o n d s in Connells- viile. II. Li. Bumwoi-lh ^^·as a caller in Uniontown Monday. L. M. Hay o£ Mill Kun was a caller iu Ohiopyle Monday. Ellis Tressler of. Bi.lwel! spent Monday m-orning in town. M. E. Peck was a caller in Uniontown Monday. HIGHWAY PATROL SEEK AUTO DRIVER WHO AIDED "CO?" A reijvu'st. lias boen issued by mem-« hers of Ihe State H i g h w a y Patrol (i the d r i v e r of a Chevrolet coach who t a r r i e d Thomas lOldoc, injured pa- Irolnuiii, from the si.-ene of his accident, on thi» a f t e r n o o n of January 4* to tho r o n n o l l B v J I I e S t a t e Hospital, to £ f l in ((itu-.h w i t h (,'orporai Stein, Uni o n t o w n , e i t l ' i j i - by phone, 1M05, or in Th.3 iniprovise-J ambulance, wit- neKses fjaid, had two women and au I n f - i n t as nassengcrs in addition to t h e d r i v e r . Corporal Bteiii said that he was de- sirim; of reaching the driver for tha purpose of o b t a i n i n g somo information v i t a l to the ease. In Jiecd oJ Something ' Then use our Classified Columns. Results quickly follow. Patronize those who advertise. Lay Track Plans for 1930 Practices Ills Preaching 1 . w h o has acquired some fame w r i t i n g .popular song hits about b e a u t i f u l girls he would lilte to marry, finally m a r r i e d ono of t h e m , the bride being F r n u l e i n Bertha J / a n g e r , w i n n e r of hie I. s u m - mev's I n t e r n a t i o n a l bonuty contest in Vienna. Fuctqry, MOSCOW, Jan. 14.--Constructlo'ii has begun on a glass factory in the c i t y of DiseltehaiiBic, U k r a i n e , w h i c h acc o r d i n g io Soviet economists w i l l ho the largest i n (he svorld. It. w i l l com) i n hour. 36,0fl0-,000 rubies and te exjmcted ( to bala production by 1033. (Left to right) Captain Tom Mason, of the Harvard 1930 track team, and Eddie Farrell, coach, talking over plans for the coming Reason. Itarvard looks forward to a splendid team on the board* Mid cinders.

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