The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 21, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. -THE DAILY COmiER, CONNELLSVILLJE PA THURSDAY MARCH 21, 1918. FULL FURNACE OPERATION IS I REGARDED AS NOT FAR DISTANT IT Beftrfer Coke Skipmeato ol Past Two Weeks Help the Sifautioa. CAR MOVEMENT B*th W iMdi and Enprte*, lattnt Taam Tore Cars, to ItemttiBg i» Betto Set-rice Between Or«m» a»d Tmr- ·aces, Except la Eattan Traitor*. Special to TJ» Weakly Cowter. PITTSBtrBG, Stan*. 20--The onlr strictly new item af importance to the coke market situation is the fact that ftWDdry coke is being oflered in «m- » alterable quantities although quite ir- ngnlarly Producers are unwilling to Oder a regular supply for forward itaMvery, bofcfcwjoently come into the market with, IMS 01 from five to 10 carioatts *l a time. This coke is usu- aBy sotd by brokers who charge the foosomer the set pnce and secure a I commnwzoii from the operator Al-l though normally there is much uvorej fnnt».'e coke than foundry coke in the] open market, at the present time. Ux re ts very little, of the former This docs not ne*n that quite a tonnage doeu not change oonds, bnt rather that It fe, not being openly offered Some Aerators have open orders for furnace ~oke, white in addition they can usually overship on their regular con tracts for a day or two The tune has »ot come yet tor furnaces to any case to ask tor suspension ~i reduction of shipments as furnaces would not object to accumulating a surplus. The. merchant blast furnaces in the central west have been operating at an average rate ot about 80 per cent of capacity in the past fortnight, bnt with the heavier shipments o£ the past two weexs there are better receipts tins week and the tendency daily is towards heavier production. The time of fu!l operation of the nwsr chant furnaces is regarded as not far distant, perhaps only two or three weeks away Cote interests are remarking that they will probably be treated to the experience they have so of en had in the past, of consmn- ers bemg ravenously hungry tor coke and then suddenly insisting that they have plenty Some complications are likely to come TRADE Certain Indications were ro»n tested a fortnight aso that a, better coke movement was about to set in but it was not anticipated that the shipments of the week ending ·March 9 would be held to so clotteir lost woek. During the earlier week the grain was due moro to the eltorts to complete the cleanup of iae region than It was to actual Improvement In traffic conditions That last week a tomxx-e was onlr 631 tons lee's than that at the preceding week -omes in the nature ot an scree able surprise Such improvement aff hfts thns far been made Is due more to the greater facility wlttt which loads are being moved out of and empties brought into the reeiem than it is to an actual Increase in the number of ears. Tbj» In turn shows that the ob- strac Ions to traffic nx^ement have not been wholly removed rather that the have been push ed farther away from the Leeion Some inconvenience is belnff expec ejicx.d this week through an order directing «^at P R R shipments from the Monongahela division and from the Monon pahela railro-xd be diverted west Instead of oa«t. This order anscs from a blockad" of coke along the main line of thrt P R. R.. estimated to Include ser eral hundred thousand tons The coke region hajs this out of its way allowing freer regional movement. If the increase in coke shipments continue as seems in prospett, the bl^st furnaces ·will vtvry shortly bo able to go on a full time basis of opera ion ar se over the fact that last week the Fuel Administration reqxusitit ned j some additional coal to go to an fast ern steel interest engaged in roasting munitions, while effective « 'he beginning of this week the Pennsylvania has ordered that shippers do not end more than 50 per cent of their v.oke loadings east The same rule appliej to coal The coke operators nxigilt be »We to carry out either order without much difficulty but to meet both of theui may be rather difficult Car distnbn*ion was rather irregular last weei. and some irregularities aie ^""rrlng this ^eek also 10 individual operations not receiving their full iiuoias untie*- the days allotments while others received more Those in- « ualities are made up afterwards as oooa as possible butTneanwhile operators have quite a time providing the necessary labor It is found somewhat less difficult than was, expected to p-ovide labor the men as a ruli being anxious to work even when the honrs are irregular Last weeks car supplies on. the Monongahela railroad a,e~aged 46 per cent this average be- contracts deliveries against which were behindhand in. nearl} all cases There has been considerable movement in small lots of high silicon iron made in warming up furnaces after basking Pig iron prices are subject to revision for delivery after March 31, by action of the War Industries Board which is today holding a conference with the iron and steel producers at Washington but the pre- pondo-ant opinion in local circles is that there wi'l be no change from the present set prices which are as follows Bessemer Basic No 2 foundry 'Malleable Gray forge These prices a r e f o b furnace, freight from the Valleys to Pittsburg being 95 cents 535 30 133 00 J33 00 jss 50 J3" O o NO IMPORTANT CHANGES ARE EXPECTED TO BE MADE IN STEEL PRICES bxtenslon of Existing Schedules Intil Fnd of the leur Is Belag Urged by tte Frodncen. Special to The Weekly Courier NEW YORK, March 20 --The Amen can Metal Market and Dail Iron Steel Report will review the steel and | iron tradp tomorrow as follows The War Industries Board and the general steel committee have been in session in ^ ashlngton today considering the subject of prices to rule after this month It is improbable that any formal announcement will be made before nex week The bf lance ol proh abiliTy seems to be quite strong that no hopo"tant change In prices will be made It has been regarded as prac i ticaltj settled that there would be no nig made up of a very good begin- 1 general scaling down and it is thought nmg for the week and a ierv poor ending This week promises to show - mllar irregularities as it opened with the curious condition of supplies being bette- on Tuesda than Monday, 60 per cent for Monday SO pc- cent Cor Tuesda}, and 50 per cent yoster day Other divisions are snowing im provement over last »eek In general shippers observe that the bettec, car supplies now being furnished are due to quicker dispatch of cars 1 oth loaded and empty rather than to thst izpon due cotxaiderauon it will be h«ld inadvisable to attempt an~v re- adjusEzzNnts. After all the majority opinion js that the prices are about as ·ftell related to each other in the general structure as could be expected The chief uncertainty seems to be as to the period of time for which tue prices will be made The producers a~e aujrons that the extension be to the end of the year It is pointed out that the fixing of prices for three months at a time thus far has repre more cars having been put into the sented simply a convenience in the ··crvice- The recently promised addi particula- circumstances existing and lions of cars released from the east- i n blockade are not much li evi ilencc as yet Reports from th east ire that while many cars haie been mloaded even the empties are con- ested and cannot be gotten out ei- ept in pots fl bile the market Is still relatively inactive it is dec'dedly more open ihan two or three weeks ago and there Is the new feature of there being fair sized offerings of foundry coke though by no means enough to supply the demand. The market remains quotablo at the set prices, as follows Furnace *5 00 Foundry 72 hour selected $7 00 Crushed over 1 Inch J" 30 The local coal market is broader there bemg fair sized offerings Sellers have been able to dispose of all the free coal available but it Isis not been gobbled up with the qmikneas that characterized the small offerings of a Tew weeks' ago The l3rge con- ·*uraer* seem tt, be fully provided with coal in nearly all cases The latest view of the coming pnce fixing for coal after March 31 is that there will h« no change for tb Pittsburg district, the (245 mine fln price bemi con thmed The plan for brokers has been altered They wiU be licensed as originally announci d but the ] 5-cent brokerage will be continued in some what different form According to present expectation it will be requisite foi th« broker to have a definite order from the consumer, to enable him to bay coal ana then charje toe 15-cent brokerage 4part from such transactions, the broker is permitted to bay coal at as much under he set price as h« can and sell it at tue full s«t price, but ht cannot make this margin and Ineluile any brokerage at the same time The transaction musi b« solely In one form or the other The pig Iron market has n o t ' ecome mvch more active by reason of the in creased output, aa the additional Iron la practically all being absorbed on did not -epresent *he adoption of a settled policy Opinion is divided as to whether buyers have been hoUhng off from making purchases on. account of the price isslie pending but in the highest quarters the opinion exp-essed is that tnyers have not been disposed to wait on this account, at they are protected against reduction* in any event- The market is quiet, generally s-peaking, becausp boyors already have a great deal of material due them There Is heavy enquiry *r a few Jnes, Including oil countrj goods, small Rptkea and a few ipeaaltieg. Coal Is now ahno*t plentiful, and coke supplies are increasing ateadil} FBODC7CKE OTttt OWYEB. Of Calm, Ewn If Lani Ha. Been gold to Otter Tfrtlft. Millions ol dollar! worth of culm were disposed of by a decision of the Supreme Court in th« equity nrocead. ings of "W L Kramer of Pottsvllle, against John Sfetterr, of Port Car bon. By the decision independent coal companies which years ago deposited ctilm on lundB now owned by big coal conwrotionj still own th« culm even thoug?] toe land oa which it rests ias changed hands Don t knock Conncllsvii'a by send ins your money out of town for your job work when Tha Courier companv can do it here at home Let us gl/a you prices. 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