The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 21, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1918
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 21,19l8. . THE. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILiJB, PA. PAGE SEVEN. Pre-Easter Parade of New Blouses. White, Mue, flesh, maize, bisque, tea and rocM--these are some of the colors in now georgette crepe waists that ap- ,pear in the guy troop of spring styles, passing- In review before Easter. Alone ;with them are daiuty organdie blouse In white or light colors or combinations of ivbtte end a color, and dark" icolored blouses of crepe or silk that : 1««! dignity to the eoiufmny. Tfaprw 'are lew Innovations ii» style. Sleeves .continue to be long anfl necks opon in a "V" nt the front with much graceful mnna^eint-nt of collars. Ent the high-nedced blouse Is to be ·reported as represented In all the ·Ehmviass o* new models, nlong with 'many ihsit ar? not higlu It is to have : a place of honor even if it cannot hopo ;ior as great popularity as blouses with ;opeu throats oc round necks. These ·mre cooler ami more comfortable, nlso fcore practical, but tlie hij;Ii-necfced blouse has much distinction^ anrt Is suited to certain styles and rypes that 'do not wear ttw open throat with equal success, ^ -V slip-o^Pr bvoupc of ^eor^ette crepe is shown In the plr-nire with Chinf*so t ci»l?ar amJ a smart sleevo. The collar ^ at the hack is widened into n narrow sailor efffct. SIoovcs arc cut Jn kl- monn =tylc i n r n f t h e blouse fasten? at ea-h side with smnll buttons and but- ton holes. "WTiat loo'ks like hand embroidery in colored silk floss, appears as an embellishment of the front, but It Is really done on a machine built for thia kind of work. The sleeves are widened by n puff set irf at the elbow and this is gathered Into a deep plain cult that fasteos with small buttons like those on the front of the blouse. The buttons are extended along. the back of the puff. Blouses cut lu one with their sleeves, kimono fashion, are becoming only to slender fljrures. A popular set-In sleeve for this season, Is full from arm's eye to cuff nnd Is gathered Into a deep close-fitting cult that buttons In the same manner as shown In the picture. Blouses of white georgette,, with collars and cuffs of colored, printed fool- ard are amon? the novelties for vprlng nnd blouses of fine, whit* voil« with convertible- collars of colored gingham and cuffs to match, eupprest something new and attractive for the thrifty woman who makes many of her OTTO waists at home. HOW HAPPY GIGGLES HELPED GRAJVOPA AND GRANDMA , BROWN. G RANDMA and Grandpa Brown J|v«d in a LttXle cottage happr oJ lark* with U.H*ir son and hla wlf* and tbetr little gTA*Ktdaaa-hCer. Mar-. Jprl«, and their Uttte jp-mndaon, Richard.' Er«ry oveulnf Marjorle, -who. WBJ a food Itttio firl, would. «t£ the tabl* and run errand* for Gronttma, while riaby '.Richard would atnnd guard at the wln- Idow waiting: for the flrat glimpse ot Ji!a {"mamcMt." for Richard, wai too .tiny to flMlp grandma with th« "work. They novcd tholr [randnu. .and. grandpa very,' rv*ry much, and gTmauSp*, and Rraodma (ajdored them. I^ore IlvwJ in their home. ' On« day Marjori«'* daddy went awar on the train to another city to find work and. after a few we«fca b« s«nt tor Mar* Jori«, Richard and thoir mamnio. The thought of losing tbetr cbwrr voices and aunny amflew made Grtndma, and Grandpa Brown vary sad. and when the day roiled around for tba children to board tb« train. Grandma and Orajid- ipa Brown frit aa it their heart* would RHEUMATISM LEAVES YOU FOREVER / v Embroidery Trimmlnga. Chinese embroideries constitute an unusual bit of Intc-restinff trimming. Aft . complications, unusual situations and comedy touches galore. Friday and . Saturday Thomas H. Incc presents \Vni. 3. Han iu "Wolves of tbe Rail" After "the train pulled out from th» station taWnn their loured one* on it.'Grandma and Grandpa. Brown went back home^ lonely and sad, · They ninwt the bappy lamrhter that had alwuja areel«d wlr arrival home, 'raid just ** goon aa grandma entered the ho-ua* ahe aat down and sobbed. "Tut! Twti Tntl" laughed a merry .voice. ' Grandma and grandpn. looked up. m»- toniahed, for they thoaffh: they were alone. There on the arm of (frandpa'« chair ·vtood Happy Glffgies smiling hi^ hardest. "Whal In the world Is the trouble?" ht aaked. "We're crylngr oecaiuw our Uttle grandchildren have been taken from ua." sobbed jfrandrna. "They've moved away to another city." Enuid£a explained. "And It'll be *Cour long: months before we'll ff«t to »e« thorn ajfoln." ' "Let me t**I you aomethtng 1 , my friend*." «aM Happy G\ng\os. Jor he 'felt sorry for th*«e old people. '"There'i 'pnly one way to make time fly foster DlmolreA *ud tke itfc«-«mjitlc Pobtcvn , Srtr*in t« Leave tae hty.l*» Wiihin ISrc^tr-t**^ lionr*. Tlie Connellsvillc Trug Co^ whom you all know ia authorized to s«y tc every rheumatic snfferor In this vicinity chat If two bottles of AJlcnrhu, the sure conuuercr of rheumatism, (loos not stop aj] affony,! reduce swollen j o i o t s . a n d do away with even . the slightest twinge of rheumatic pain, he will gladly return your muncy -without- comment. j ' AJIenrhu has) been tried and .tested for yeara. and really marvelou 1 :? result* have beon accomplWihed Jn the i motit severs cajaos where the aufterlnp ' and ag-ony wnii intense itnd p i t e o u s and where the patient was helpless. Allenrhu relicvtj? at o^iue. I m m e d - iately, nCtiir you atari to tak« ft tlie crood work beeia*. H sealrchcs out t h p j uric acid dwpaaits, dissolves the sccre-j tioBs and drives rheumatic poison oui ff the . body throutrh the kidneys and bowels- It's ma.rvc!ou« h o w quickly it :icts. Blea*ed relief o f t r n Monies In two days, uncl even in cases *-herr the R u f f e r l n f f J Is most painful alt traces disappear in f a f e w days. ! Mr. JaroM H, Allen. Uio dtacoverfir l . ot Allenrh-u, who for many years suf- j f«red the torments ot acute rheuma- I 1 tism, (JesircB all sufferers to know that! ht doe« not wjuit a cent of anyone's | mon^?y unless Allenrhu decisively eon- ; quers this worst of aH diseases, a n d ' h* 1 has lowtructed tii« Coane/IsviJlc Dru*f Company to eu»ra«i.«e H In every HAS POTATOES PLANTED Iff-in Rflin*f»; W*'« In \\\t*- JB^n J »TM ir( « Jle s ln 1 1 i c ; L«ad la Tfais Aspect ' "UncSe Mike" Rafter of Ohiopyle claims'to have plaat6i 'the first potatoes of the season iu that locality. They have been in. the ground long enough and with continued warm weather will soon be showing above the soil, it is stated. He would like to be shown, he says, who has beaten him. Try our classified ?£f y\ | ^ ^ Headaches come mostly from disorders oi the stomach, liver and bowels. Regulate these organs and keep free from headaches by using BEECHAM'S PILLS "Tut! Tut I Tut! 1 and Unit's to keep bu«y. Ftnd some- tMng to kfxp yoor h*nd» frotn "b«I«s Idle. One must keep busy to be happy-busy brads make time fly." * "I 'M-er thourht of thatr* exclaimed irranfini:i, wiping away her tear* and kiflflnx grandpa, "How Billy we have been!" and srs.nd-. ma nnd grandpa beg^n u laup" ;ind then-- when tbey turned arewnc3 .it;a»n-- Happy GlKKta ^M Rone. All th* nwct day urandma. humnwd AM ?he worked and the day noon ellpped. " THE aa Artcrafi picture.. Hart is OKI seen j ··»»' * nd brfor! " b4 tne *' " as "Ducic" .Viiirade. - ·'---- "-- ' "" bom *' ''HIS ROYAL HIOH1.TJ33." The new TV'orixl made Brady picture, featuring Carlyl* Blackwell and Evelji: Greeley- is being shown today.' The picture has been staged in a lavish manner. A whole village was cons-true ted for some oi tbe scenes, and it was no tiny village either, but a good Bi^«L place. Mr. Blacfcwell appears in a .'omaatlc role which will please his many friends and admirers. He is seen as the king of a miniature Kiiropeaa kingdom, and in. this ciaaract^r he has a number ot exciting experiences. His pep, enthuE^a^ro, an[ brains count . heavily in saving the Idnrriom from a disastrous war and in regenerating the people from their stagnancy. Miss Greeley appears as Princcts Diana of TerrKtc, a neigliborins c-ountry. The f-rincojrs and Jack have met under peculiar circumstancGR n America when the pvincesn was traveling incognito, When they meet again in Europe Jack is enamored of her.. An aero- p3;ine cf the type used abroad, figures in the production. * Moving picture fans will like this charming production. A selected comedy is included. Tomorrow Mae Marsb, the celebrated screen star and Tom Moore, will be seen in "Tho Cinderella Man", a Goldwys. feature of unusual interest. C:ara Ximball Youisg trill be seen »oon la "Shirley Kaye," one of the famous screen star's latest production "Thais-" ia which .Mary Garden is sean in the leading'role will be sho^rn soon. daring lugh: wa-maa, whose ga-ng is feared and 1 droaded bv the olficials of a western ; railroad. "Buck's" conversion is aT- ! reeled a; the bedside of " his trying I mulhcr, and h« gives to his task of *? d ^JJ^ro"^.?TM .',,,',,,,..,,!»,, ,,,, .i,~ » rittlltr! -Kith their aitfdy" "I n«ver «p«nt «uch a oory Jtucbed Grandpa Brawn. TU« tlraa Just fl«wV' An3 so it wa« that d.tya aflpped Into week*, weeks Into month* and ·with thrf flnt oboery forif of lh« robtn, Qnuidpa National Taxi and Transfer Co. 206 E. F.ijrtte Street GOOD TOURnfG CABS ASB THl'CKS TO ALL FOISTS. Quick service. Moderate charge. Careful drivers. Moving and hauling. Bell Phone 50". An automobile to its owner is a private, railroad without scheduled limitations 7 ' -John N. Willys Mobile oils, heavy, medium and light iii lots of 5, 10 gallons, half barrels and barrels, from the barrel only, per guUon Bnckeyc Son-Skid Tires, made by the Sebring Tire Company, Seiring:, Ohio. are using 1 tbese tires on our own cars and a number of people in Connellsville are them' and getting as good results from the use of Buckeye tires as they are from the guaranteed tires. 30 x 3 ________________________ ...... __________ $ 8.75 30 x 3^ 60e TT« 32 x 4 _, $15.95 $16.45 Other sizes -- prices in proportion to the above. We carry a fair stock oi antomobile Accessories. ._We chai'gc your battery. We work six mechanics in onr repair department and can do your work to jonr liking. We can vulcanize your tubes and tires. We sell Hudson and Overland pleasure cars and Little Giant Commercial Trucks. The new models are in. Look them over. Yonr telephone and mail order ivili hare aa immediate attention. We will treat yon the best we Snow how. 'Why not give us a portion of your business? S. Pittsburg Street. ConneUsrille, Pa. CHIEF QCAItTERKASTEH Oi" TaOOPS 15 FJUXCE. formation all the energ ; and taoroughaess that characterize I j his career as «. hoW-up and all-around I bad man. "Buck" becomes a staunch cbamiioa of liw and ordor, a loyal j prelector ot tbe railroad^ company's .property and a safe guardian of sor- ernment money, through he has to I fight his former'gang to do so. Ot I course there's a girl in the case. Faith for th«n. "Happy Giffgl'* munma. iralttd rt*ht, dcarn." , laoyhod Grandma Brcrwru "Bn«y bandji j- «.V« Hrt*ft ftv!" ' Th*n she Uid tbe chlMroa th*« UUU t»U Tr« jiut told you. rille is spending tlie week with Miss Lawsoa. tbe operator in the railroad tower a: Smoky Gap and the awakening of Andrade's new character and his steadfastness of-purpose are part- ij* the result of his love for her. THE ARCADE. THE SOJ.SMOS. The Jack Ball Stock Co.. opened in the' celebrated play "ManV zelle" this afternoon and people were sure given a treat. The censors were on hand to praise or conderoa the play and were traamiaoua in declaring it the ireatest play iu years. Seldom has anyone hoard such screaming in a theater. Mrs. Robbing was called on to eject one young man "and when he refused to leave an officer was called. During the course" of the play ft woman from Scottdaie fainted, and was revived by-a local osteopath who happened to be.on hand. The play was so far from the ordinary, one could h*rdly ktsp in touch with the sur- "prises. . The play will continue tonight, JFriday and Saturday, and will have dally matinees. The censors were Johu Dyggan, Jr., James J. Driscoll, R. W. beiberger, Edward Dusgan, H- 0. Ciahaugb, M. -B. Pryce, C. E. Stout, "Walter S. Stimrael, John Kiferle- H. C. Havs, K. W. Hoaver, Thomas T. Dnaegan, Joseph L. Stader, Harry Van Gorder. Colaman's Merry Makers, a New England organization of sincere and dancers, will be the attraction at the Arcade for tbe remainder of the week, and. judging by the other Boston companies that played this popular little playhouse, they have got a real show: The-bill for today, "At Fun Inn," wiiich was written bj- Lew Orth, the famous song writer, who wrote most of the musical numbers also. The bill !s full of novelty and variety from ihe moment the curtain i goes tip on a unique opening to the j fall of the curtain on an original ' finale entitled, 'The H.xi Crosn Nurse." A trio of famous fucinakers, A. Coleman, Ben Rubin and Al. Lemons Trill furnish the fun, and an exceptionally good -chorua of alnger» and dancers. Among the out o£ the ordinary fea- Ituras are Miss Velma Lee, pramjer danfieuse; the Four Speedy Stepper*, ·wooden shoe dancws, ana "Pete," the j bulldog that plays football. Tho papers along the Sun Circuit »re liberal in their praise of the company. The bill lor tomorrow and Saturday in "In Search of a Million," and the picture today ia "Vengeance and tb« | Woman," and on Friday and Satur- Iday William S. Hart In "His Last Shot." I Charles Cbailant is spending a few | dajs with relatives at Hickory. C. T. Davidson la transacting business in Uniontown today. . Mrs. Samuel Grass has just received a fine lot ot spring DHLS ready tor your inspection. 21 Mar. It Adr. ^v. S. Stickel is serving on jury thia week. Rev. J. A. "Wharton of Wamscon. 0.. will preach in the Christian church Sunday. THE Perryopoii*. I · :-i PKRRYOPOUB. March 26.--Mr. and ; Mrs. C. T. Davidson were Charleroi j callers Tuesday. i Alien Galley and J. 0. Stenget i transacted business in - Uniontown j Wednesday. ' -Misses Catherine Barr, Helen Coic and Helen Strickler wore Monessen callers Tuesday evening-, ilise Rebecca Patterson of Conneils- "JILTBD JANE". A -MutUil drama ·featuring Margarita Kscher is full of all sorts of fun. It is built on a rollicking story in which a. venturesome young woman borrows bcr neighbor's bouse and discovers that her neighbor is a handsome millionaire and »t that. · There- ureSlimitless' F. T. EVANS EffTATK - BOTH PftO.N'ES. Vanderfailt. VANDERBILT, March 21. -- Mrs. Leona Coughenour, .Misses Lilbarn Reed, Pauline Johnson and Anna M-utac attended the Y. M. C. A. benefit dance at the Cochran banquet hall in Dawnon Tuesday evening. Charles Sinkule has returned to his home at Farrell after visiting friends here. Mrs. G, M. Strickler and Miss Laura Gray were ConneilsvlIIe shopper yesterday. W. A. Cosgrove spent Wednesday in FJtlsburg. Mrs. Joseph McBurnoy and Miss BIslo McBnmey of naar Jnnlata, Miss Sara Freed and MisB Catherine Brown of Dunbar township, Mr*. S. W. Dunn of Bnena VlBla, Mlea Cora Falrcliild, Misa Mlnnine Snyder and Mrs. J. E. Cooper attended the Red Cro'sB sewing here Wednesday. Sirs. Frank Nft*veil, Mr, and Mrs. Edward Dunlap and (iiuigbter, Bess, J. (',. Beatty, Edward Strickler and Joseph Shallenberger were recent callers in Connellsville. J. L. Love a.nrt Frank Mariotti went if Pittsburg Tuesday evening and drove home a new Borige touring car which has been purchased by Mr. Mariotti. -Daviri Sheffler was a business caller in Pittsburg yesterday. L. L. Scheel and Mr. Brady, who have been working on the steam sJiovel at the slag dump, have .been transferred to Toungstown. A service flag has been put up by the Auto Sales Repair company in honor of Lewis Colbert, who -was employed there before eniistiEg at San Antonio, Texas. Patronize these whs advertise. Wed at Chester William Wildres of Acme and Elizabeth M. Kaip of Champion were married yesterday at Cumberland. · ' " ' ' ; " ' . " . · · · Cuba in the Daysof^ifeyier and Gomez and tta ragged, half starved bands of "in- sunrectos" furaisb the background for the new romance of love, war and buried treasure we lake pleasure in offering in our new serial-Rainbow's By REX BEACH It is a tale of plod and counterplots, raids and disguise), a filibustering expedition in which a pretty young woman plays a prominent part, and a good deal of fighting. You will never say that it lacks interest or action and you wili not "be sorry yon read it . Watch for the Flut InstaHment If Is Coming Soon! Harry f*. fto-ffcra, irbo had csrgis rt ] tie trajisponation and supplies of tlie . Ajaericxu oxpeditionao' force inio i MexVco Bcveral mon-ihs ago, ia chief S quartorroaster of the American forces ! in ]3iirt)7e. HP has just been promot- J od from the grade of colonel to Uw-t of brigadier geaerL No Raise I n P r i c e O f T h i s Great Remedy The Nation on a War Basis From the beginning of the war the Bell System has supplied promptly and effectively the countless needs of the Government for telephone equipment and service. Yet, despite the unprecedented demand from private sources, a universal service has without interruption been maintained by a program of construction never before equalled and by an expansion of the operating forces to meet each added volume of traffic. America's giant task of preparation could nor be complete without an adequate communication system. Over ten million Bell Telephones are now at her disposal. Every Thrift Stamp sold helps America ivin! The Central District Telephone Company £. F. Pattenon, l.oc«l Manager Uniontown, Pa, CASCARA'EJpUININE Tie itandnrd cold cure for 10 in tablet form--safe, sure, no opiate* --euroi ooJd ia 24 hoars--erip in 3 days. MoneybackifitisiU. Gel the Bcnuloe box with Red top *nd Mr. Hilt's picture on it. Coats leas, civei more, oaves money. 24 Tablet* for 2Sc. If ro« want*pficdy hrip try D. D. D. Proscription. So ew to spcW, not l-TOny or mccsir. It -vra»b« Into Uw sailptaxl tlie relief i* iautant. Try it today. It is ffoaranfeoed. 860. »c and MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Just Over the Bridge j CoroidlsTiUo (West Side) EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOE OUR SPECIAL, CIMS BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. ·WHEAT. Carroll Battery Co. A i'lictorv Trained Battery Man. Patonize Home Merchants Wto Advertise in This Paper Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. TRI7CK Mud WAGCMVX. MOVING ASD lIOlSTUra P1ASOS A SPSCIAI.TT. 1 JOS E. Cra M Atlcf, Orr-- ·Ho P. It. 3, Deyoc. Bo«]i

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