The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 21, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1918, PETEY DECK --Let's Hope She's Working: Tomflmnv By C. A. VOIGHT :'§;. i --IT OUCWT Tb T3E MERE. How THAT'S OFFICIAL AMERICAN LEAGUE SCHEDULE, 1918 · PM1CMO.... rr,iow* -- WETEOCT-.- CLKVELAND WAMfTON.. PHILA -- ;... NEWVMMC. BOSTON ·' ' 'AT' · CHICAGO Ahoqrt · AprC M o IS IS Jnne2 » w Jajjrl SlC*. 7 » ·Mwc »n » s Jnhr J 1 44 avt. x n a Ifiy « 7* JUB« is a n 12 B ABC. H BH*. 1 B jun» M v HIT Joir a » c ABE. i Sept » r » Jn» S T t » Aug. j j 4 ; Sept. It 11 Tin* 1 5 1 4 · Aug. IT t S**. M » M 0 J O T . J O U H M July a K 27 a Sept. s *a AT STL LOOM AprO 3» E » 37 » tept. * t 1 Oct. I l l Head April 3 3* Msr 1 JOK« a u Aug. 9 i» n JJW. 31 C 9BPL 1 M.T It 41 Jtra* M S »-» Sept. 1-S 3 June » n J3 It job- s » n s sept a M s June 1114 Anj. $ 7 9 Swt. MISM3T June 1 « 7 8 » Ang. J H 5 Sept. 3»H Jane 14 15 It 13 July 29 30 51 An* I Sept. * X a AT DETROIT Way ! 3 4 5 June 24 !6 K 37 Sept. 1-2 3 i!.T I T S 5Sy »-» SI June a a n Sept a 30 Ttie«e APT!) m sis a a Sept. 1 5 6 Oct. 3 5 S Jtrae 6 « 7 B 5 AUK. 2 S 4 5 Sept. U n June 10 U 13 M July K 20 27 S Sept M 37 a Time H"IS It T! July S M 31 Aug. 1 Sept 22 24 S June 1 1 3 4 «u«. 5 7 8 Sept. 14 IS 18 17 AT CLEVELAND. April 29 B Mar 1 1! May 30-90 31 Aug. 5 10 U B April M Zl 3 a JolT ! 3 4-t Cept- 10 11 11 AprO 16 n 18 19 June 58 23 » July 1 Sopt 7 8 9 Columns June 1 2 3 4 July !1 Aug. 6 7 8 Sept. 14 M.M June H 15 16 17 July 25 30 31 ATIR. 1 Sopt. 22 34 26 Mar » Juoo 11 12 IS July 35 26 27 88 Sept. K 27 IS Jone' 5 5 7 S J An*. 3 3 4 5 SepL 13 21 AT WASHINGTON May IS 16 IT IS July ID ZO 12 23 Aue. W 27 28 May JO 21 12 83 July t S 9 111 ABB. 17 IS 20 May 24 55 S7 28 July 11 12 13 IS Augr. 14 15.16 May 10 11 IS 14 July IS 17 IS Am. a 12 23 M For the April 19 20 22 23 June 24 25 28 O Sept. 2-3 3 Arrtl IS IB 17 IB July S 4-4 5 Aug. 29 30 31 Mny 7 S 1 Juno 28 23 July 1 2 Sept. 5 6 7 9 AT FHIUkDELPHIA May 10 11 13 H July IS 37 IS AU*. » B 23 24 May 24 S 27 a July n 32 13 IS Anx. 14 IS 1C May SO U 2: 23 July 6 S » 10 AUE. 17 1» 20 May 15 16 17 11 July 13 20 22 23 Aus. S 27 » M a y 3 4 $ AUK. W 1J-I2 11 Sept. 30 Oct. I l l Best M a y 7 8 9 June S 29 July 12 Sept. 5 t 7 S April 24 25 26 27 July 3 4 - 4 5 Sept. M 11 13 AT jncw TORK May 20 H Zl 13 July S 8 9 10 Aug. n sj a May IS 1C 17 IS July 19 » 22 23 A.UC. a a a May 10 11 13 14 July 1* 11 18 AU£. 21 22 23 24 May 24 S 27 IS July 11 12 12 15 Aug. 14 IE M April It S 25 27 June » 20 21 22 Sept. 10 U 12 Aprfl 2S 30 May 1 1 May 2S 30-90 Oct. 4 B 7-7 Sporting M a y 3 4 4 June U 3 2S 37 Sept. 2 - 2 3 4 AT BOSTON Mar 14 ffi a 28 July 11 12 13 IS Aug. 14 IS 15 , May 10 11 13 14 July IS 17 18 AUC. 11 :« is a May 1» IS 17 18 July 15 20 22 23 Avf. X 27 !S May 20 21 XI a July G 8 » '.0 AUfi. 17 1» 2« April IS 30 May 11 May 23 30-30 31 OOt. 4 5-6 April 15 16 17 IS J-me U 3) 21 22 Aug. 29 30 31 April 19-1S X 23 3 A»B. 10 12 11 Sept-' 30 Oct. 1 2 Nevw ."BETTER BLIND THAN DEAP -" »e»»B«fie Wrrur Point* Out Why the FORW MIHction l Lex Hard to Bear. -· Sdentlsts ha»« ijKwrn tkat sound not -only-Informs the Intellect, as-dses sight, bnt tbat, mnch in excess of that 'sense. It exdtes feelings--tb»t ix, sound pure and simple has a specific relation to feelings widely different from that of sight. Its primary effect'was the creating of moods, ilargaret Baldwin writes In the Atlantic magazine. This- being so, the simple fact is th*l sound'has far more to do fundamentally -with originating onr emotions," or how-we feel from day to day, than has what"we see. ; It shoold be said In-p«»u3g, that th'.-re is Tery little recognition o£ this .-fACt_hSL.thfe_pecson with normal-hear^ ing." Slgbt'aud sound are so-interwoven for. nVm that ho does not discriminate *s to what belongs intrinsl- ' coCiy tti each In the proTince.of feel- "ingti. It ia only -when .the-two are.! iJeariy separated, as In deafness or. blindness, that experience, takes, note of what belongs to the one and the | other. - · ; A «denttBc writer potato o»t that we i can see with indifference the writh-' togs of a suffering animal that Is still. but tbat. 11 there are dies of pain, it prtxJnces etootioD* at once. We are distressed. 3r report, at terrtbte ma- rtne dteasters, it Is aimoct nerer 9*d by people th*t they can never forget the sight* ttoy saw, bat .always tbat they can nerw fceget Out aift at the drowning. Although one -would hodly hesttmte to fay that the excess of the blind amaft catemlty »·«· tbat of the deaf man te soffictent to oveEfaalaoce'tbls elcanental fnrjction of soond tb pro- due; moods, yet the ontfarsBl *act re- nmins OHit the Wind are more cheerful ttea tlw deaf. ONE NEW NATIONAL LEAGUE MANAGER TO MAKE INITIAL BOW THIS SEASON HAD THOUGHT FOR OTHERS SOTHMG BUT SHEER WISDOM ..PoMltly Aunty 1 . IdM In Burning . CMckwi Further* W»« to Destroy CircwrtantUt Evidence. . .The jjfdntr »od virjcarje bei««r at YKent«ckj plaotet, recently grtduirted from a f«ihioo«bU northern MmUJurj. was dcTOttag the .momlng of the ttrst day of her retBrn to fl» oW lnsn««t»d renewing »«roaUrtanc« -with h«r .** tho*s flarky retainers "ijown :nn»n« the qn»n«*i^'"A«-3Be entered :cra«,ot -the cabins «h« eit-w- old AUDI Martha, ·bora-ta -!**«»£ (JnHns «» laerrfube joung Ifldj^B grswKttlM!, boo-Hot mcer. "i b'roaij log: flw. OLretiaiT bornitng,- Btece bj- "piece, * brm* til dttdnn. ·-[catbers." · ' "Annt SUrtba," tnqntwd t»» yotmg iacly. ttfter -watching the work-of tho Kt-sIaTe a feir momenta in (lleoc*, -Vwhy Jo J»n Imtn tbow fMtberc »o ourefuBy and aystemirtlcallr? Is It be. . rause of some reUgioom ide« or «T «u- perstitlonr* "Ko Ml«stiw Lncy," cams tho an- m-f r ftom the deliberate old -woman, is she watched tio laxt telltale featb- »r cromple Into nothing. "Tain't no 'llgion on* tntn't iinflln tnh do wid no iewpnsttslianis. If s wisdam. Jcs plain, ~ aut-un'-out, wlsdum." . "i-Chief Executives and the Pr«m .\£faen John Adams .became president, " JnTTOT, he was e/M more severely at ""-tacfced la th« pr^fis than "Washington . had'. : been.' ' But- bis a4mloi»tratlon fought, ifce atterks. Arm*d by t« sedition law, whl«h va* p*K*al tli* following your. It m£fct to amnlfrttate ISe papers trfciefc H ooald aoc fpree » surrender. If* "the fight. wtiefa'Jasted tocr y«««, tfce people rattled t* the "sopport .of -tbe papers and defeated Adorns in th« Hecfion of 1800 py pnt Second Traveler Decidedly More Con- aidencte of His Fellow* Than Waa tha First At the Information bootti In a large railroad terminal a traveler asked for a tlme-tnblc, wbfch he loofced tfaroagli until he came to the particular table he fronted. This table he cat rat ^Ith his pocketknlfe, and then be put tiiei booklet with this table DOW gone cut of it bacit on the counter. It seemed a thoughtless tiring to do because, lying there as It tlid with Its outer cover smooth, somebody isJgbt j have picked it u p - a n d carried it oil! i thinking, nutnrally enough, that ft was ! complete, to discover its real condition ooiy when it was too late. Bnt this misfortune realty befell no one, for a moment later another traveler standing near, who hnd seen nil this done and who was perhaps roore tliongbtfol. than .the first, plcfecd op the torn time-table and carried It oft to drop it in the nearest wustc paper receptacle. . Seven old manogera of National league baseball teams win apptrar on the field when, the season opens In April, Jncfc Hendricks, pilot' of .the St. Louis OnnBnals, being the only new manager at the leasoe. Hendricks has behind Mm a highly successful career in the minors. It is a queer kink ot fate that he iras a member of the New York Giants when MeGraw became their man- ·«ger In: 1802, and Hendricks was one of the first players siven the "pink slip" hy the new Giant pilot. In 16 years be has worked his way back up the ladder to a place beside the man -who once declared that he conld never become a nig league ball player. Christy Mathewson. Fred Mitchell and Hngo Bezdek ure almost ns new Mt th* game, in major league experience. It*nit Statement. RBPOKT Of CONDITION OF THB COLONIAL NATIONAL BANK, at Cnn- nsllBvitle, in the State ot Pennsylvania, at the close of business on March 1, ISIS. KfVIAT, STAR flUNNER, IS " J . HIKING- FOB ONCLE SAW ALL- MADE EQUAL BY DEATH No Democracy .Ever Concdvfrd !· *tf All Comparable to That of ' the Tomb. In the democracy of the dead all men at last are equal. There Is neither rank nor station nor prerogative In tbe republic of the grave. At this fatal threshold the philosopher ceases to be wise, «Bd the song of the poet Is irt- lent. Dives relinquishes bis minions and Lazarus his rags. The poor man Is as rich as t fee richest, and the rich man is. as poor ns tho pauper. The creditor loses his ·nsnryand the debtor is aeenttted of his obligation. There the proud man surrenders his dignities, ^ the. politician his' honors, the ·wordllng his pleasures; the invalid needs no physician, and tho laborer rests from unrequited toil. Here, at last,; is nature's flnul decree; In equity: The wrongs of time are redressed- Injustice is expiated, the' irony ot fate is refuted; the unequal distribution of wealth, lionor, capacity, pleasure and opportunity which makes life such s cruel aad inexplicable tragedy, ceases In the reaim of doath. The strongest there has no su- . « «., . ,. ,, * . i Ptamacy, an a tjj 0 We nke3t needs no A. B. Klvlat. tbe former star middle-1 aefense . ^ al ^ aeat mpt(ltn TOC . ·^J^f Tl n 1S » -^1 f DeriCan ettmi)s to that ^vincible adversary sacrarftat- - A PessJmUt. Mrs. iBIcicsok--In-the old days ioye Probably Not. Wise--This is certainly a good cigar ,letters.'-wer^-.written;-wifti,goose quills.. yotf.vs given .me, old chap. . Mr. Hlcksoo--yes;-tnfiy "were wdt j ^ a y--Great Jumbo!. 1 bet I've gome ' , and .{Seen you thaTjrone ana. The Magnetic Compass. Erperlmeots with magnets known to the scientists 2,fJOO .years ago, which, developed by Doctor Gilbert and Peter Pertgrinas, led up (o tbe present-day admhTilty compass of Kelvin, wore shown recently by Prof. J. A. Fleming, professor of electrical engineering. University of London, at the Boya) institute. "The earth Is a magnet," said tho professor, "and every piece of Iron that has stood in a vertical position lor any length^ of time is magnetized by the earth. You can try It on your garden ralJIngs." The hostelry sign. "The Goat and Compass," he said, "does not refer to the mariner's friend, but Is a contraction of tbe saying, "God encompasses ns," end the compass takes Its name, not from the magnetism which governs;' Its worklne, bnt from the circular card which encompasses the needle. Help Win the War! Every boy and girl wants to buy War Saving Thrift Stamps and not beg for them, THE DAILY COURIER offers a means of getting them in a dignified way with little effort. Here is the plan whereby you can da your " bit" in the war and save money by investing a little of your time in War Saving Thrift Stamps: Th« Courier will give a 25-cent stamp to any boy or girl who gels a new customer for The Courier for.byo months at 50 cents per month, paid in advance. It will give two stamps for every customer who will take The-Courier for four months, paying $2.00 in advance. It will give three stamps for a six-mouth subscription paying $3.00 in advance. For every old customer who will pa}- four months in advance. The CourierVill give oue stamp. No 'subscription will be take n for a longer period than six months and DO old customer will be accepted for more than four months paid in advance. -War Saving Stamps are "Baby Bonds.' 1 They are the best investment to be found--better than banks. They enable you to put your money in Government securities paying four per cent, compounded quarterly. Back oi them is the government of the United States, the strongest in the world. Here is the opportunity for the boys and girls to help wiu the war and also save for the future. ' · · . Call at The Courier office and get instructions and receipt book, or from any Courier Agent side of city or town of rc- portlnR 1 bank arid other wish itom.i Redemption fun*! w i t h U. S, Treasurer and due from U. S. Trencurer Total 5309,05-i'.5 136,92 136,52 .100,000.00 RESOURCES. Loa^is and discounts (except those shown in b and G) JtSO,6M.5S, 480.638.SS Overdrafts. unae- cured V. S. bonds deposited to · h*f- · euro eircuJaLior: (par vaJuo U. S. bonds and indebtedness owned and un- pledged . , . . , . . 10,000.00 110.00-0.00 Liberty Ijoan Bonds, 3 Mr pnr cent ajid \ per cent, unpledged 39,700.00 Liberty Loan bonds, 31^, and 4 j)er cent, pledged to secure state or other deposit* or bills payable Securities other t,b;in U. S. bonds (not Kicl.ud.Inf? ijtocke) owned unpledged Stockn, other than restirve btink stock bank (50 per cent of subscription) ..... ." .......... V:ilue of ban V. [IE ' house .......... 6(1,000.00 F u r n i t u r e and fixtures ...... Real estate owned other than blinking house ........... Lawful reserve .with, federal reserve bank , ...... Item a with federal reserve bank in process of collection (not a^ailablo as re- 11,000.00 60,700.00 E,000,00 federal 1.627.50 254,84«."4 9.755.12 387.DK 442. OC LIABILITIES. Capita! srtock pa.'.d in H00,000.00 Surplus fund 30,009.00 Undivided profits. . S,S17,5S [ L.CSB ciirr«nt ex- 1 pauses. Interest, and taxea paid 2,370.32 4,147.37 A m o u n t reserved for all interest accrued · 2,4vu.0c , Circulating- note:; outstanding 100.000.00 I Net amounts due to national banks Total of Iteme 32 and 33 1.G37.50 Individua.1 doposlts subject to check Certificates of deposit due In less than 30 days (other than for money borrowed) Certified checks unpaid Total of demand deposits (other tban bank deposits) subject to r-uHorTe, items 34, 35, 36, 37, 38. 39, 40. and 41 265.430.SS Certificates of deposit other than tor m"msy borro-wed) Other time deposits 274,793.36 Total of time deposits subject to reserve, 'Items 42, 43, 44. and 45 292.378.78 Ellis payable, other than with federal reserve bank, including: a.11 obligations ranriBcnUngr money borrowed, other than rediscounts 12,800.00 ?2S3.3?6.47 13S.32 15,000.00 66,000.00 S5.00.00.. 85,500:00 1^,360 Total $809,084.54 Cash in vault and net amoun Ls . due from na- tton?.l Utinhfi .......... , . Exciiiinges Cor clearing- house . . . . . . . ; . . . . . . . . . . . Total of. items 14, 15. 16.. IT and 18 -1,1,931.13 C6.000.00 C,500.00 17.iia.72 15,99-1.3( 29,715,H 3,^76.05 8tn.tQ of. Pcnnaytvanta, County of Fsy- etto. Ha: . i I, II. 1C. Schonck, Oashler of the a.bove-named bunk, do Holcmnlj' awear . that the above statement is true 10 i the *b(.'.st of my knowledge and belief ; H. E. SCHKNCK. Capbier. * j Subtler ill eel, and aworn to before me this ISLh day of Marcii, 1918. AL.VONSO BAS1LONE. 'Notary Public. Correct--Attest: ·- P. 1i. B1BJGHLBY, W. V. JJSCHB. HARRY DUNN, Ulrr-ciors. counts (except those shown in b and cl . .$133.396.47 Overdrafts, unsecured 133.?^ V. S, bonds deposited U fx-- cure circulation ^par v a l u e ) - . 50.000.00 LT. S. bonds and certificates of indebtedness owned and un- pledged Liberty L, o an Bonds. 3H ]*r cent and 4 per cent, unpledg- ed Securities other thanU. S. bonls (not including slocks) owned unpledeed .... 33.100.00 Stocks, other tha-n federal reserve bank stock. . Stock of federal reserve bank (50 per cent of subscription) .'. Value of banking- house . . . . ^§,OJ 9.S6 Furniture, and flxtures . . . Real ' estate own»d other than bankinR- ;iouse . . . . Lawful reserve with federal refl-ervo bsnk Items with federal reserve bajik In process of collection , [not available as reserve) Cash in vault and .net amounts due from national banks Esehang-es for clearing house Total of items 14, IB, 36, 17, and 18 4fi,28fi.SS ChecV.i on banks locatod outside of city or town of reporting- bank and other cash iteme Redemption f u n d with U. S, Treasurer and duo from U. S. Treasurer · - -. "War SavlngH Ccrtif,cate« and Thrift Stamps ac^ vually owned Total SS52.22.M i b n rro wed) Certified checks Deposits requiring' notice but less than 30 days.... Total of doma-nd deposits (other than bank deposit.*) subject t n reserve, Kerns *, 25. 36. 37. 38, 39. ·10. ;ind U 358.fiTl.93 Certificates of deno«it (other than for money borrowed) Other Unit- deposits Tola] of time deposits subject to reserve, items 42. ·S3, 44. anil -35. . "^.",507,52 Totiil '. 2,360.00 100.00 79,550.65 J. 5 00.00 42.07.5.' ania, County o' Fay- State of Pennsy'.v etie, s.s; 1, JAS. C. LONG, cashier of the- above named bank, do solemnly ywear j thut tho above stn.teir.ent is tru«i to the i -An «i j best of my "knowledge and belief. " J AS. C. LrOXG. Cashier. · * S f t l 9 S f i ^ Subscribed and sworn to before m* " " s ' t a a o o J this 18th day of March, 191S . . ' J WM, S. TAHIX Notary Public. 0-HAS. n. KRANJvS. O. TV. GALLAGHER. A. C. EH WARDS. Directors. REPORT OB' CONDITION Otf -THIS Union iTaUonal Bank at Cannelisvnie, in the state of PoJinsylwinia, at t h e close o£ business on March j, 1928. B.BSOUB.CJC? INABILITIES. Capital stock paid in . . . . Surplus fund Undivided proms I1.S41.52 L.CJHS current ^x- Pfontiea, Interest, aiYd tales paid 1.6D1.4S Circulating notes outstanding Individual deposits subject to check Certificates, of deposit due in IBS than 30 days 9 i ^0,000.00 ' I 3.S50.09 50,000.00 | 276.a5I.2S ] ESTABLISHED POLICY It is the established policy of tbe Title Tnist Company of Western Pennsylvania to promote efficiency and accuracy in every department, and to make its service use'ul to the people of tl:e community. Checking accounts, large or small, are invited.

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