The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 23
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1 k PLAY AT EX : NOR AD Band New Concept for Military A brand' new concept la mill-"Ury musical units, (ha NOR AD Cavalcada of Music Band, will ba entertaining twica daily at tha Ottawa Ex.' ' Tha band., is mada up of selected musicians of tha VS. Army. Navy and Air Force and the RCAF. It la the first multl-aarvlee sateraaUeaa band and repre-eanta snare tkaa mjm Casw-' dlaa and Americaa service tea and wemea assignee1 to the North Americaa Air Defence Cammaad.y 1 The band's primary function at borne in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is to perform military ceremonies. .But on tour it becomes a' "pops-concert" band. Its "Cavalcade of Music" re CS Boosts Adequate Mcllraith .. M f ""-. (By Tbe CP) Privy Council President George Mcllraith said in tbe Commons Thursday he feels Civil Service salary Increases Just announced by the government are adequate, taking1 into consideration fringe benefits provided for civil servants. ' " ' He was replying to New Democratic Leader Douglas who noted that the Increase for Grade 1 clerks, typists and stenographers amounts to only ISO a year and that this group of employees has had no increase since 1961. Mr. Douglas said their class would not be' reviewed until 1965. ; , ' Mr. 1 Mcllraith Said fringe benefits for Federal civil ser vants amount to about 23 per cent of basic salary. Tha best employers in private Industry provided fringe benefits valued at about 13 per cant of basic salary. 1 advertising and promotion mi agar for Its Ottawa headquarters. ,.. t, The new positions are part of the bureau s target of doubling its present staff of about ltt by mid-INT to deal with the ex pected large number of tourists expected to visit Canada for tbe JMth anniversary of Confedara MOO. v.-.:.- Aisa being sought through the civil service commission are three travel promotion officers for posts la Seattle. Mexico City Gov't Seeks "Travel Promoters (By The CP) The Cane- daa government travel bureau 1st seeking a general manager for Its New York office and an nd Tokyo. N. : MEREDITH IN NIGERIA LAGOS, Nigeria (AP Jsmei Meredith, 31. first Negro to iduate from the University of Mississippi in its US-year his tory, arrived In Nigeria Thurs day for graduate studies at the University of Ibandan,. Going to Toronto? Montreal? 233-3204 i-:' ' M -Vv : :i ,r: in New, pea eaa besly ie aarve quality eat-of-tewai aeeeanssmUtioaa aad get i. baimadiate eonnrmatioa. ' Ia Toronto tha asodara Lord Simeoe Hotel he . Montreal, the fasaoua Windsor Hotel. , . Both offer eoavaaiettt ' 4ewe4swm'laentiosss t LORD UMCOE KOTO WIMDSOnJaW D DepMailt Serrkt S " f Vl. rassnif aefta P rsneiifuW OreWfes SSmrf hsts E-batas TertitT ( Yt-Tht tws (Mca f4 ' SdWet.Ua : '4 1 1 watra - of Ticket Drawn for - POKTABU Tf During " Simpsons-Sears August Homo Fumiahings Sale was rfoSmlatet, 2naMSirML Mm 3,0 KXTtND TatS INVITATION TO VISIT ova BOOTa AT THS XX SAMI SPOT AS LAST YSAB BUT WITH MUCH Moax to ornca. ota rXATUBB WILL BC THB INTaODCCTlOW OP A NKW raEEZEB THE FINEST IN CONSTBUC-TION AND WITH UN-BKI.IEVABLE OUABAN-. IXES. Competition of Rival ad-vanUiB to anyone Bin-ccraljr lntTMtd in hav-Inc a hem trmmzr, procram. Opportunity to portlcipoto rvary dar. - HI El Tim hm instu fureha your food from tha Mm with axprknoa."''T IS rnn In the lood buaUasas., NEW PRICES ON FREEZERS rar tha bonollt' and betUrmant of your homo and family. caB far oae f-aur walt-tralnae looa esnaultanu to visit you. lyn Thompson, U, of Suite 1, 321 Waverley Street, died from therapeutic! misadventure. She was found dead in her bed It about f.M a.m. May 'I by Bart Reid, who lived in Mrs. Thomp son's apartment. The inquest into Mrs. Thompson's death had been adjourned to Thursday from June 2t when FREE INSTALLATION f.71 II TUBETYPE B It;''- v.. . . . . . B.. rlea SslsPrM ' " ' wiumi wiiacuaa . Trae-tB 'A' Traa-la . taia Trea . Ttraa ft '70 15 Tube-Type Black 23.93 XI m " 7.I015 Tube-Type Black ...... 26.95 ( M.X 760,18 I Tube-Type Black ...... 28.95 !. ' 870 115 I Tubeleee Black 27.95 MJt '': - 101 I Tubeleee Black 27.9s' 2mT '")', . TJ0U Tubeleee White 31.83 2lir" .00kU 1 Tueeleas WhiU ......... 33J5 H.W Mr. Reid failed to appear. The jury was. told Thursday that Mr. Keid was in Vancouver and the court did not have the power to summons him from there. At the opening of the inquest. Dr. James Campbell, she pathologist who performed the su-lopjy 00 Mrs. Thompson's body, said be was unable to determine tbe exact caute of her death. She . had a email .amount of barbiturates in ber system, but the doctor said he did not think It was enough to cause her death. The autopsy reveal e d thai she -had one of ber lungs removed " Her, family doctor said she had a respiratory ailment aad bad been given a prescription for barbiturates because she In summing up the evidence, the presiding coroner, Dr. J. ST Cross, said tbe amount of barbiturates in Mrs. Thompson's system would not be lethal to a normal person, but noted that the woman was not a; normal person because she only had one lung. The Jury said the evidence would have been much stronger if the organs required for a complete .autopsy had been re EXHIBITION SPECIAL Mm n on n mi c? A'Hiie iSh Factory ' to ' the Store Enables -lis to Slash ithe Prices . on These Premium Quality; Nylon i Tires ! Friday, Saturday, Monday : On the Parkins Lot! . These Tires Are Superior to Tires Installed on ; New 1964 Cars at the Factory V Lifetime Road Hazard Guarantee Plus 3 Year Guarantee Against Tread Wearout : Regular 23.95 Each Without Trade-In LACK WALL ' ' ' -V J- All Companies Sell Different" Grades x " -'trf.Tttwt! t .-.w These AlsUte Tires Are V Prenluia Nyioa 1st Otstde For This Sale ! Big Days ' . . of Mnasy Savtaf Vahiaa $07 With Year aW 0 OMTtratsAay (oaattiea .i. Re Ust Fricc 295 E. Months ago we planned this aale of premium quality ALLSTATB tires. We purchased large quantities to sell at wy below usual prices ... the result the greatest LrucUoad tire sale In our history. Because these tires are superior In quality to tires on new 1964 cars, we're guaranteed them three years against all road hazards. Check these X "Silrtit - iaisnion , ieaiures: . ,v i, . ... . : . .v ; p .- . . . Special hook aha pee" slpes asaure an.dtrectloa akM control , Kubbar buttaaa betweea tbe ribs ajaasf truly silent cornering, braking - forybutadleiwe, a revolutionary aew eoatpoaoS gtvee better mDeage Shop where you wUl, you wont find safer, tonger wearing tires like these, anywhere " this price. Don't delay drive Into Simpsons-Sears and save! . 7 f I M A D E at -V ' .if: C' FBEE Sc tht finttt array' of fabrics and . samples at any on of our locations. Simply bring in your measurements and we will make your drapes free of labour charges. Minimum length 72" ($1.99 yard and up). ff TOD IK N0VM6 HTO 1 MEW KM. SHOBTIT A SMU1 DEPOSn I0W WU DUBU TOO TO TAKE AOVAXTAGE OF TUB UVM6 ; 101 FUTB8E OaWBT. CARLINCWOOD PLAZA 728-1944 McARTHUR PLAZA 745-2323 BILLINCS BRIDGE PLAZA 733-7725 EXHIBITION: MANUFACTURERS' ANNEX READY-TO -HANG DRAPES ' AT OUR EXHIDITION BOOTH ONLY L PRICES AS LOW AS 3.00 A PR. (SINGLE PR. x 45") LARGE ASSORTMENT OF SIZES AND PATTERNS 1 " , 1 m. . 1t'"l BafRjj " ' ' l ' " 1 ""JTjr-- X r-.i '4 V ' J z - FRIDAY, AUGUST 21. 19M THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 23 pertoire ranee from the clas sics to Dixieland iu. Its dance show orchestra, . the NORAD "Commanders," provides music for festive military and civilian dances and entertainment.1: programs. ' At least one prominent Cana dian has km and 'beard the band perform. And that was Opposition Leader Diefenbaker. He was benared by tbe band as the visiting Canadian Prime Minister shortly after tbe aait was farmed ia IMS. USAF Lt. - Col. Mark Am. Hna is conductor and command er 6f the band His two associate conductors are Chief Warrant Officer Edwin Bearman of the U.S. Army and Chief Warrant Officer Loy Eberiole of the USAF. 1 Flight Sergeant Robert Her riot of the RCAF is assistant bandleader and a trumpet solo ist. 1 iwiiiiwig PM Talk On BNAAct (By Tbe CP) Prime Min ister Pearson said In the Com mons Thursday that within the last week he has been In touch with all provincial premiers on a, formula to amend the Brit-j ish North America Act in Canada on all matters which now have to be referred to the Brit ish Parliament Mr. Pearson, replying to ques tions by opposition leaders, said he could not make the proposed new formula public now but may be able to say more before a federal provincial pre miers conference in Charlotte- town Sept. I. sCOROtitk'S JURY Urges Drug Labels Be More Specific 11. ' A coroner's jury recommended Thursday night that theUn-structions for the dotage on inscription drugs bi made more specific on the labels, particularly where an overdose could be fatal. The Jury ruled that Mrs. Eve tained for the time required. It recommended that an attempt should be made to have facilities made available to rectify the situation. An RCMP chemist told the Jury he would have liked to have had more blood samples for his barbiturate tests. EDINBURGH (CP) - Relay workers set out from Edinburgh to collect 1 for each mile they walked for a children's charity. They exceeded their target with 1,(M before reaching London and returning to Edinburgh, a distance of MS miles. FREE MATCHES NEW YORK Tobacco retailers give away more than M per cent of the II billion match books produced annually. . T mfLimnyn we.-" -JfJBJBBB 1 M.V 1 -V-CCssT I Ik il HIT irl 1 ttr sJ I I. ,l V . I 'VI I Bi J J Tw MB firI-r-W4rKl 1 e- i a, a 1 t-- v ' -a.-'- Vt - 1 - 1 : J V I J I. ! 1 1 i!

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