The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1930
Page 5
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' ·' 11 '" I If JFUESDAT, JANUARY 14, 1D30. ,fHE DAILY COURIER, CONNE .LSVTLLE, PA'. PAGE FIVE. Thirteen Warrants For (Boys Cfaargi · ,** r^ Robberies at Aro to Be Given Hearing: This Evening: Before Jitstico Kennel. FIRE MARSHAL PROBES BLAST FASTEST GROWING Cretonne, Yard Table Damask 5S-lnch tlnishod table damask floral and figured patterns. (kelson's 3rd Floor) Baltimore ox-Nurse Admits Check Charge Special to The Courier. SOOTTDA7J3, Jan. 14.-- Chief of Police Frank Ganoo an-d Just.ic-o of the Peace "William Konnol wemt to Pitts..burg today to present li warrants charging Wa.ltor Casztyla and F-r«d Koklys. he-Id in l'ittsburg, with 'broak- ·iri'g, -eatei'ln-s and larceny. Signing warrants for t'ho arrest -of the boys wore C. L. Hoi-tzar, Mary Kllen T-oa Room, by Mary K. Hooshsw-etYcter, f!eod"fro S. McCardy, Nelly S. Seaso, George W. Davis Company by I I . Von T)avls, Hetzel-Young Motor Car C-oni- ·pany by A. "W. Young, C. A. Brlthant, 'Del/uxe Tiro Hervlco by John "W. Da.f- f«rly, James D. Dull, M. MlUer and Brothers by Max Miller, th-o Loucks Hawrwaro Company by John S. Ixnieks and U.K. Hurst. Th-o .manager oC the Atlantic Pacific Company In is to sign a warrant. The of the Power Gasoline Company will also sign a warrant. Tho -boys arc lf years old. The licav- ing la scheduled for 7 o'clock this overling at th-c- borough building. Committed to Jail. Fred Ge«ll of ScotfcdnJe was sent to jail at G.rcensburg last evening. on a charge of non-support a n d desertion preferrrt by P-oa^r! Cecil before Justice of tho Peace. 'William Kennol. In dofa.ult of $1,000 ball he was conrmlt- . twi to jail. Probing Store Blast. The State lire marslwl was called to Scottdal-e yesterday to investigate a mysterious fire which started In the morning aboiit 3 o'clock at the store and homo of Camion Cosqueretti in Broadway. Xo report was made by the marshal, who wishes several -days for further investigation. Th-o fire, which putte-d th-o Cosffuorettl store and the homo on the ilrst floor, seemed to ~ have started with an explosion. Night Patrolman, Reuben Cause was coming down Pittaburg street, as there was a crash, and lUiln-klng that' some person had broken a plate glass window, he looked about, to seo flame and smoke coming 1 out. The blast, or whatever caused the noise, had sent the plate glass wlmlow across the street car traok In small -pieces. The alarm was sounded by Oause and Patrolman H-axlett, who was in Broadway ami knew the family lived above- the stor-o, raced for the building, fearing for the lives of tih© family. It was f o u n d that no person was homo. The family returned yesterday, artornon, having been, vtlsttag in ] Pitts-burg, it was said. Viro Chief Howard Beegle, assisted by others, Invoattgate-d the -matter tnit have n-ot been able to solve the mystery. ITfgli School Tests. Kxamin'atlons in the High School w i l l 'begin on Wednesday, January 22, the day the second semester opens. Firo Chief Sworn. Burgess C. K Ixwls last evening swore In Firr Ohiof Howard Boegle ;m.ri Assistants Jamos Jones and Al- IMM-I .tlcynolds. LoftVIIfiml Program. Tho Monday Music Club mot at the I'rosliyterlan Church last even! n-g. The program was in charge of Miss M«/r- guerot ICrltschgau a ad the ·D'uin'bera wore Cor the left hand aJone. Taking part, on tho '· program were Mrs. Ixmls - Shrall-ow. Mr;:. Florence Claybaugli, NWss lively n I'n.hel, M-rs. AValte-r I'Mgo ,iiid Mi;is K-riisehgiMi. At tho close of tho rprogram refreshments were sflrv- Ml, t'!ie chair-man of the hostess committee being Mrs. W. E. Houseman; heir atdos, Mrs. K B. C'llasgow, Mrs. Rdwhi Glasgow, Mrs. Louiso Gallen- tlno, Mrs. Frank Granlhuni, Mrs. George Gordon and Mrs. Russell J!ak- er o£ Scottdalo and Mrs. H a n n a h Gregory of Mount Pleasant. Ministers In Session. Tho Scolld-ale Mlnis-terlat Association held a minting: at the Y. M. C. A. yesterday that was well attended. Rev. J. B. Lambert read a paper on "The Reformation Period." This was in U-eeplr.K w i t h plan to have tho papers conform w i t h the origin of -the various fl-otioriiilna-ti-ons. Plans for the observance of 1'en-tfcos.t in Jnno were left In tho haiiiijs »f tho program comniit- loo. Hov. A, S. IxMih.nrl of T r i n i t y Reformed Cbiirr 1 ! w i l l roa/l ,-i j»;iper at llu m e e t i n g . Ina Rutledge pleaded guilty police court, Wnshington, D. C.. to passing bad checka, but aaid that tho checks had been fjiven to her by her hut band, whom she married two years nfp when she ·wa* a nurse afc Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, ^he couple hair been JOSEPH WHITE IS AGAIN POLICE CHIEF AT MOUNT PLEASANT Choice Made at Moetincr of Town Couurll Held Last Evening. OTHER OFFICERS ALSO ELECTED P r o m o t i o n »xercisos were held in t h e Sttnd'ay ^(.-liool o(: Trinity Reformed Ohnrch .Sunday morniiij;, with Rev. A. S. IXMiharl. the pastor, aikkessuig r h o ."-Thool. R e m a r k s were also given ly SupoHnton-.ltMit C. I.. Ubor. Those being proiiK)to.| were: Primary to be- iriuners, Dorothy Krotts. Ksthcr i'ritt.s and Paul Wilson K r e t t s : juniors to in- termcHllates, Miriam 1/onhart, R u b y \Vi.ssirige: 1 , Ma..«l Snare, Thomas Porter, \ V i l i l a n i 'i.\eedy n1ui Fre-der1ck H i l l ; intrntH'iiui.te' to senior department. M u r k l . i M i h a n . R i c h a r d Hill, T!ietxk!'c \\"ih ey a:nl Thelma Stoner. Hil)lt Supix'i 1 . Thf .Mt'nV, i;ibU Class of the 1'res- liyt-eria-.i t ' h u n h w i l l hold a supper at M:t c l i i i r c h on F r i d a y v«uiug at 8:110 iTc-l-TH-ii. !.. X. S U o t n p is i c i i r h o r of t h e ! class. for I f ·.;(). ri'.ul :!s..- aiivo f Tho D a i l y Courier. ' SHOULD CO P by 5- HOUR islttolc is frequently effective ··.t fiidlapplicjition and uauaily itv» cml niDiicular aorcncaa n n j .-i by Sih hour. AU druggin,. Special lo Tho Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. !·!.--At. au adjourned mee'ing last evening council elected meinbors of ths police force, (street commissioner and borough engineer. Joseph White ivae re-eloctetl chief and Clarence 'U'h-'tsol and G-eorg-o Ka«tner, patrolmen. Gtvorgo Matliius was electnl street commissioner. W. H. Myerfi \v;ifi clioeen borough engineer,. Council volc-d t" m a k e no changefi iu Balaric-6 of borough employes. Tho flnanco comniittoo w i l l receive bids for tlie h a u l i n g of garbage, to bo actci on at tho n e x t regular meeting, the contract with A'illiarn Giles being rescinded. Tho sewer c o m m i t t e e wa« instructed to Investigate the damageo done tho Owen M. Corcoran property in South Djamorid street. The action of Solicitor Eugene Warden in taking over a lot on Center avenue at 'Washington street w h i c h the Kitchimin hetr:i wished lo deed to tho borough to br exonerated of the paving Hen was r a t i f i e d . The fire arid wiiter committee was i n s t r u c t e d to go over thu town and seo if any tire h y d r a n t s could "be eliminated. Ur. W. A. M a r s h , president of council. namel his c o m m i t t e e s as follows: Finance, Morris N. I'ignuin, .S. C. voirsbii and K. ! . D u J l i n g e r . Property, S. C. Ste-voneon, Morris N. Pigman and TUiy Celslhorpe, Sewer, C. M. Mt tis, K. S. Diillinger and Peter M u l l i n . Ordinance, .Ray t!el«thorpo, Oscar A r m s t r o n g and C. \I. Metz. Police, John Nixon, Kay Gelsthorpe and Oscar Armstrong. Street, F. S. Dullinger, Peter M u l l i n and John Nixon. Fire, water arid l i g h t , Peter M u l l i n , M. X. Pigman and J o h n Nixon. 50 I'ntlcnts at Hospital. On Sunday 10 |,er.sonj were admitted to the Menuiriu] Hospital, making 50 pal louts in the house. There avo -eight babies in the nursery. Tins Is one of tho busit" t J a n u n r y s that the- hcepital has ever :i ad. Otlicr .\evs. francls Dwyei- o. 1 \Vtxsi .Main «treot, osn of Mrs. K a t h r n l ) \ v y e r , is at thf Memorial Uo«j]it^l. s u f f e r i n g w i t h p i u ' u m o n u i . Tho I oy is .11 yeart? old. Mien K M i t h I . c i g M y is maldiu; p r e p a r a t i o n s to !r.m- T h u i v d a y or K r i ' l a y f u r F l o r i d a K u r n i s l i i n g s f o r tho .Kamy.'.iy H i g h School art 1 a i - r i v i ; t; d a i l y and it, i^ Imped t h a t rlio bii M i n i : w i l l ,:--oon Ix( u r i i w l over. Work is prnj:n? i .;'!ii}: n l c f l y on M i c ' Tiirso's h o n i o )?in · I t n i ' i t n t t i i « r r - : i r ! o( i h f l i r w p i t i i l . I'hf i i l u m n i of l i i p j i i o s p i l a l w i l l t«lc mrt i n t h e f u r n i s h - I ini; of tho o u i l i t i n i : | Pittsburgh St. Hope Muslin Yard wide standard quality bleached Hope m u s l i n . Special! [11 (Umlt). (Xolsnn's iiril Floor) Bed Spreads .Largo double bed size, t IxlOS, c r i n k l e d spreads. Slraigl ', and scalloped edge. (Nelson's 3rd Floor Cotton Batting Large 72x90 inch spread, pure w h i t e (Inffy cotton batting; for comforts. (.Nelson's 3rd Floor) Bed Sheets Large double bed siz' sheets, 81x90 i n c h ; made -t' hoavy q u a l i t y m u s l i n ; hemmed. (Nelson's St'il Floor) Y a r d w i d e cretonne -- wlrle range of c o l o r f u l patterns--for coverings and drapes. (Xolson's «»·! Floor) Terry Cloth Yard wide, double faced tarry drapery cloth b e a u t i f u l all-over pattorn.s. Yard (Nelson's !irl Floor) 325 Women's and Misses' This clearance lot offers rlrosscu j:r cecl iormerly at $5 and moro. Smart silk, satins, cantons, Hat. crepes and georgettes, in w a n t e d w i n t e r shades. Si/ca 1'or Women and Misses. Women's Warm Chinchilla WINTER COATS Casement Cloth Yard wide reversible easement, beautiful all-over de- Blgns. Hpoclal 39«. (Nelsou's ftrd Floor) 27 Inch Outing Good quality, soft napped outing, In whites and fancies--l-'or comforts, g o w n s , etc. (Nelson's 3rd Floor) H;its that roll h i g h oJT tho face, model:; with long Rides and backs, others '· smart I r i m ; m a n y that are self tr'miner]. Remarkable v a r i e t y ! Saybrook Crepe 15c Muslin 25c Pillow Cases Women's and Misses' chinchilla c.oit3, excellent quality, smartly tailored and ideal for sports or school wear. Excellent values a - this price. Sixes 14 to 40. Parchment Shade New Hovelt.v parchment lamp Bliades, regular 5!)c ai d lifii: values. Assorted pattern? . (Nelson's 3rd Floor Aluminum Regular S8o and OSc 1- itchon H l u m i n u n i n'a'rc--Pans, ) rench KrlpiTj. Pei'i'olalor:,, no. (.Nelson's 3rd Floor Large size, 42x36 inch, bloaclied pillow cases, made, ot good (liiality m u s l i n . (Nelson's 3rd Floor) 3D inch hsavy quality Saybrook rayon crepe, assorted fast; color woven patterns. (Nelson's !Jrd f l o o r ) Yard \v\il-3 heavy q u a l i t y bleached and unbleached muslin; for till hom-3 :ieeds. (Xclson's .'Snl Floor) [Hj fil 24x48 Rag Rugs Largs slzo, dark black patterns -- h i t and miss weave; fringed »nds. (Nelson's ofd Floor) Yard Wide Rayon Yard wlrio lustrous riyor. a l l colors for slips, drapes, pillows, etc., heavy q u a l i t y , y a r d 20c. (Nelson's 3rd Floor) I9c Yard Wide Fast Prints 111 Guaranteed fast color percalo prints, good range of dress patterns. Special, !:· y a r d . (Nelson's Snl F l o o r ) . TOMORROW IS LUCKY SPE CIAL DAY IN OUR BIG UNDERSELLING SHOE DEPARTMENT and Children's Better Footwear Up to $2.-19 Values Sirups, Tiiss, Oxfords. All Sizes. blisses' a n d ('Iiildren's JRnbber Overshoes All first quality rubber. Regular 9Sc values. All slzas to a large 2 Children's Fanqy Dress Shoes Plain or fancy pat- torus In Inoc- or button styles. Hegu- lai- $1.49 v a l u e . All sizes. Women's Novelty Footwear A largo selection women's up to ?5.00 straps, pumps, ties and ox- forrls, Made of the newest leathers and materials. All heel styles. All sizes. Women's Strap Slippers Black kid one ('trap slippers, with flexible leather soles and rubber heels. Boys' Sturdy Shoes Up (o -2.05 Values Tan and binds Jwithnrs. A l l sizp.s. Men's and Uoys' R u b b e r Overshoes All first, quality. Made wide or row toe lasts. Reg'nlar ?]..|9 va All sizes for men and boys nar- lues. $1 m . L i m i t a t i o n s Conference to Held in 400-Ye«r Old SI. James Palace. Be . '' jjy JOSIOPJI. G O R D O N United Pi'es.s Stall Corrnsponrtent LOiv.UON, Jan. 14--Four centuries oC tinio and the finest exielting ox- amp.'C';, of Tudor grandeur w i l l poor dow.u at the delegates of tho great naval nations oC the wrold when they convene at St. James' Palace this month tor the Fiv Power Conference to.discuss naval limitation. By curious coincidence the great conference will begin just 400 years after Henry V I I I began to build the "inagniiieut and goodly liouee" of St. Jainef.' in 1R30. The designs were prepared by Thoma« C r o m w e l l , whoso namesake, a l i t t l e later, was to figure eo p r o m i n e n t l y in the a f f a i r s of t h e 1'alac.j. N'ot . v l t l i e t a r u i i n g I ho ravages of time, tlre^ Mid niu'riomlly c l i m a t o St. .lames' Pular-? riUll r e m a i n s t h ( " m n g n i f i i i e n t . ami goocUv hoiino," Its b a t t l p m e n t ? onit ' tinvor-i a l m o i t - l i v i n K ^yniholn of a n other ugi', another s p i r i t , a n o t h e r era in tin a f f u i r a of m e n . I'rh'oloss Tiiix'strj" Koom To reach thr I ' o n l t ' r e n c o room t t i o d«!lep.;!tes of l!i-- n a v a l nal.iotirx \ \ i l l l i n v o o p;ii n t . h r o i i R h K r l n r y C o u r t , an o u t d o o r c o u r t w h o r e Vor ceniui'icis t ; i l ! B U a r d s n i e t i h a v e s t r x n l it a l t ^ n l i o n ;iw Branarations of Icinge and queens and royal princes passed in ami o To reach the lloor wiiero Cerence room iti locatet! th-o w i l l uee the main stairway, by tho great Sir C?liristopher "* subsequently early in the E Century, altered by Williai Then they w i l l pass thro Tapestry .Room, e n t i r e l y covi priceless t a p e a t r i o t i oepecial for Charles 1, I l l i i H t r a t l i i K the of V e n u s a n d Mare, and hei'6 monograms. Th c o n t a i r i K D, mngnlflc'C'iit firep: I n t e r e s t i n g feature of this fir the cipher H and 4 ( I t o n r y a joined by a true lover's Icnot right, probably can'ed out hit lone i n i t i a l H. Then they w i l l e n t e r the cc room itself, k n o w n to history Ann-e's D r a w i n g Room, one of imposing room.-; in all Engia t. the con- lalogates designed /re 11 and ?hteenth i Kent, igh the rel w i t h y made armoir.T! r i n g the s room ice. An place is d Anne) On the ;r, is the nterentie is Queen tho most ·id, The color scheme lo soft, red. The floor s ·entirely covered by a red, figured carpet; the- walls iiro cover-e-d with warm-red silk of heautiCul, simple de- fa-ign. Tho room is about IfiO feet long-, 50 feet wide. At one end stands a, fine marble fireplace of clcassical design, believed to have been done by Sir Christopher W r e n . The head of Medusa is in tho c o n f e r of. t h e piece. Under .Nelson's ti.;v/o Over I h e Jireplace, and looking almost menacingly at the table at which in J a n u a r y the delegates f r o m the United States and the other countries w i l l confer, are h u g e paintings'ot tho three Georges,. First,, Second and Third. Tho latter, contemplating the scene from a sitting position, looks down almost fiercely, as i£ res-wilful of the fact that the representatives o£ a certain people occupied important positions in a room where he once- received certain news. From thic! room there w an excellent view through the tail windowe o£ the famouis M a l l , and in the distsince in visible the campanile of AVefitininlster Cathedral. For p r i v a t e meetings the rteiegats w i l l IMC the. room adjoining Queen Ann'fi Drawing Room. Summit e f© I_ON3 -- t.IPE RADIO TUBES STANDARD for EVE1Y leodln; SET SUMMIT, Jan. M.- Mr. a n i l Mrs. i ITii'gh B a r n h n r t nn-d Mrs. J a m e s K. Worthlngto-n were c a l l i n g on Mr. and Mrs. Ralph "U'orthlngton of U n i o n town. Josfl-jih Pin-kiM.'y of . l u n l n t i i Is v i s i t - ing hiB f a t h e r . Kobt-rt PInlasoy. M'tr. n n . l Mr.-. Jni-ob Harford n n i l i l n u s h t ' - M ' , M o l i l - f i , Mi'H. K w l n g UPSS, V V i l l l a i n McDowell HIM! Mr. fuid | Mrs. C, P, Uploii iui(t dttivgli-l^r, l?Mizii-, nii'tl tarn, Oiuronms, waro Read the Classified Page today? Do so. You will find some real bargains advertised in its columns. visitou-s at Cates. Mr. arwt Mrs. Harold clnnall, liavo arirveil u 1 Hi*) lattRr's par-en IH, Mr. H a r n h a r f , whore tiijy f for a wct'k. About 2n p«opU fr-on who uUonrieil HM» funer Karforrt al (.i^tsa, Thi- Ilcyd of Cin- tlio hom-e of -mil Mrs. John .vpeot t o visit. this vicinity l of Pr-eomiin - funora.l was .^ali! to havo been hold at. Gnte-a. the largest ever Mrs. Ewlng II-oss h n w r-occlved word t h a t her b r o t h e r , Thomas Morgan of 1'nion-town, h n d lii-i font Injnrr-il so t h a t ampiitatioji of n. toe w;i» necessary at Brownsvi'.lfl H o s p i t a l , \vh*r«» · hrt was removed nftor boiiiff Injured, la j Allison mtn I

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