The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 21, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. THl ;RsdkT, MXHCH 21, 191S. L 5Ji|f Satlg ©miner. . . . . _-; Four«3*r and ; Editor. 157[.-19I. THE COr*T*"** *~-»fpAXY» - \ . K. M. : .'·_··· . -President r and Treasurer,-EusUwsti JpHX'L. GANS. ·ManaVtag Sdttor. City Editor. AUSS LYMNH E. KINCSttt · Society Editor. · · MtiafSSR. OF: . " " ' Associated Press, T , ; -. Audit Bureau of Circulation, ·:Pennsylvania Associated DaUtes* Two cents pijr copy. 50c p«r mcnth; IS'per year by'xnaU It.paid in adTitaoe- ·Entercd as second class matter at the postofflc*. GonBeHsYllle, Pa. '"EYT/G, 3TAB. 21, "VTTCEIAX P.-SHBRMIAN, $ Hospital Catt Is O. S. A-. Port " MePbcrson. .Atlanta. Ga, RALPH P. SIAGini. Conrpairy E. 3.13th lTrf;intry. U. S. N. A.. Camp Loe, Petersburg, ."Va. among, his more cheerful and willing comrades. ' ' [ Through the T. M. C. A.- the Kuigtttk ot Cohrmhus and Young Men's Hebrew 1 AssodXijoii the iejsare hours of tho hoys are occupied with ivho-Isoine entertainment, instruction and recreation. "So" wide is tho rariaty and scope tf iko endeavor in. behalf of the solr Uers* pisy^ioa.1 2j;d moral welfare, ajid so eTCe«ure are tb« K^f.esuarOs. thrown . aboui - tbiTrai' without up^riic^ire r- strai-Rt., that tu«re ii? litH.c inct-'tivo or opportutK ty to go :UieId o-'.r-ov.e :ircs which invariably cluster young, men. wi^en grouped to- gv-vn er beyond tlie reslraiia ag i n - fluoaces of homo. Surpassing in Us importance as an influence of their daily training is the spirit which animates the men. As- serahled 'Xrom different sections they have qu'.ckly learned lo sink all community prejudices, feeling themselves to be held together by the stronger co anno a tie of unity in purpose and' ' iir--tbat of the defense oi the .principles which have caade our -la-Cton greai and which, by botug maintained, will make it etiil greater. No mother noecl j worry about a. son who ha.^ ca^S^t- this i spirit aiid is learning to yield himself · lo the influences -which foster it. BRITISH TANK TEARS THROUGH GERMAN DEFENSES IN ADVANCE "The AasbcfaUed Fr«:s Is «x* -T Clu»iY«Iy. enCttl«d to tUe use lor " repubtlcation bt all" news dla- 1 pjucfaes credited to it or not ;-*» otherwise cr«lit«d in thisi paper - and ;ilsa tfce local new? published r bereln. TODB BESS.TACAXIGS. Alt hooch the loyal cltizons of Wisconsin have saved their euue from the 1'urth-er disgrace of nominal inn LA- Foilotte's . pro-German protege ILS candidate for United States Senator, there iti more than a strong- taint oC the Hun clineinp to the Bad.-^r«r wtate as .showr. by the casiin^r of 66,000 %-oles for Thominin; LaPol lotto's choice, and more than 35.000 votes for Victor Ber- pr*r, the Socialist under ir.dlctment Cor violation of the espiona^o act . Trrrsistfble in an advance tlio Uritlsh tanks nmsUt LhiMr way through ib righi through the Gorman lines. froTii w h i c h Uu? CXinmns h:ivn ftcrf J.'.;ri-.; the slightest rcgoni lor tht- numerous cctriay laotu^ to wop th'.ni. lu t'ni;- ii taken during a British advance, liiis huge: Eiritis-h utnk hae pJ'r.v^-I it,'-, -tv-i.- and onnvard to the socond Hrift, whore it gft into trots'^K' 1 and way .^iowfvi ;;; vantAgr of tiio preiiica.mcr.i. of Uio t « u k m s^cf-a^f m a R-w !uv* while ;h.e ceeded onward after tho retrrsuiDg Geniuizis. ' 1 niimy oh.-t.ruttion.-: of \'o J.Ir.r,' : ; Laud :h« pruj^ii';-^ buiniiar.i-iK-f;;, w i f h c u i rku*-! otin- :::--o - Krtj J]i'- ?i-;j:(on.ri: unik i-xTi£- 'iirraj;!;. vhich was r.' Dn-'- defenses - Trrr-mi«.; toli ad- .-.-ir au*I then pro- The beat and most effective American propaganda, and probably the cheapest to expiolc, would be to sinl the 3ulf*»- j if warm and indifferent. p:itriots on a visit to the army cantonments, there to wit- j ne«K and to feul the ianptrrvtion impart- j ed by the sifrht ot tboewjuidfi of ctcan j ·.Tha business, professional and shop ' trim, vigorous* and fit yoang .Americans} · ----""yin*; the rtwil naikmrU BpirU, j iaen of ConneilsviUe caa have the best vacation during the coming summer .they have ever had. The hest , .lha pby-sical beneuiS' they may After his experoince with that German shell In ?uch clofle proximity to his automobile. 5rcretar- Baiter Is no Lsairas : ^;fr " - -- · · · - · · · - H HI CasassaSedl fVnxueH. therofroTn. are coa^-dcred, and i doubt -wntinjr t* admit that the war the best because ot the benefits that j Pomew ' 11 .-will he conferred upoii others, the By joining the farm la bo? it Jess than 3,000 miies away. teers; and giving their tim-3 for a cer- taia; period or number of cra.3-3 during the plantLcs and han^esdiis seasons, te men t .the ;ci.rr will supply a very tirgent need and perform a patriotic; The Percy Methodists a,re 3*Htlns a ;v." la^hion in honor rolls by y.tyin*r tribute ^o tho veterans who IKIVC p-one on beforo whose st-r- for their country have bn inspiration to the boys wlu will come th«- veterans of tomorrow. 31 is apparen 13y up volnnleers. service while enjoying a season o£ rec- to volunteer reation that -will- be ol equal- if not jfreater. advantage to their bodily 'health than a vacation spent in the Usual more or lesa aimless fashion. In fact, ·when, the peril of the .food situation is serionsfy considered, taking stVacation in the sense the term usiial- ly implies, vrbOe there remains the unsatisfied demand for labor* to help grow and harrest food corps, ought 10 be looked upon as an unpatriotic thing | to oo. j '.Rest is best "obtained through a i change' of occupation, environment I · and. scene. Several kays or weeks spent on a farm in active labor in increasing food production will provide all'the requisites of a rest from the annoyances,'worries si'td grind of the office or shop -together with, the stim- to the farmer ihe farra-lafao the rub-, The Hutis UnI better t-o-r thry aro wasLine In making Iitrd paw b 3.1 Is. Tivcy'll need «om«"- thinff to pull them back to Berlin n?.'ii quick after thai macb- vaunted drive ThCTO , ls n " llmlt on he*Eht. ^ia-ht c £or volontecra »» «« ««-n-iabor best testimony I iac give M to tbo duly of our people to ' »b-i. AT r t f d ro;t K - . i . K -.,·:·;)·: i'j\f, K^iii). jaQ.OQ. i Alpo i-n.- I'.'IT - jvorlixnii. "hf»^. In- | q'j;r« Tri-S!,-i.i..- -.i. 1-. !*·· H No. ^K. i FOR SAL.K~-iHlA.Vf 1 ,\"J-:V. F [J.VfSETO j eraj BUtiscrtpiiotiH to tlin Liberty Luani is in tbe fact that I. p^r.vinailjr. have- dono this thing. U is duo 10 our pov: erumeni. at tblt* time, that f-v^ry citi-i 7,ou .ihouitl b* fully awak-i* to the in-; it-rests or thy hour, and wilUr.n. jnst as far us hla ro^nurc^-.s win permit, to. aid tbe government in the prosncticon j of the wan, · An itivc?tmcnt ia a rjb*rriy Sotid is 1 Dot a £ifi to the govcrnintnt, but a = loan to I -- - oisii w.\^uK.r. W A . V T K S - -!,\v MAN WAXTI-::.' --^i Jier c.ui }«r and wo MOOIU-:. V.* A .VT K 1 ift governmnnt hy which the lender will receive a fair rale of in- o"«««wor^- ·»«* r terrat." By making such ir.v»e!.mont. . be will pay nothing but a just doht to I W A N T E D -- T - K-'il- H U . K -A SIX i - V L I S r K R . SMKi.-i.nVi-r. 1M T :.;-«lol. In't'Jir*- .11 ' W K U i i ' S [:KST.-\rf:AA'T. i:r^:u"'' tn*«t. i I K..--.'MO.i.V ^^niar"t · i-'m; sM.f-;--i'J3Ti,!n"Tf 'i: CO EL, ' ; t'on'-ul'-i''- i n q u i r e ''. U. V.". .UK. Con; ' r-'U S A l . K -- I J-.M7 K i ' U t ' TlllTCK, i i':-t)iw-5L-viU'.-. HmarCt 1 . **a_ 7 i jiui6TryV.:v«i. G of takia^ part in an activity that ave much to do vlth Winnies the irar. Such an. experience should en- abJe. the average town, man, Trhsther ne has had p-rvioo^ farm experience or not, to return to his customary Trorfe or business with renewed energy and the consciousness' of having done something ·worthTrhil** m,eant332ie. But best of all, ami aside from, all vacation aspects, an e-~cperJeace of this kind will be reoderinj; very rccportaat' and accessary service "Without t'elp the fanners of tiiis sietion will uot be able to increase tb« production of foodstuffs this year. Farm labor is unobtainable from the ordinary sources of supply, he-nce the only alternative the farmer has is to limit his crops to family retiulTetaents in. case he cannot be assured of labor to enable him. to -hamEe plantings .that ·will provide a swrpJ.cs for maricet, A systematic effort in the direction of eciisting voluters for this woric among the men in. ComieHsvilre has already been undertaken and with very encouragiiLg. resulls. The success of the plan will depend very much upon the number of n-.en enlisting as volunteers and also upon tbe willingness of the fai3nvrs to avail themselves of ttte opportunity' as they no doubt wiir readily do when dinner quests of the business man of the city, the Committee of 3'ubltc'Safety and the Fayeue County Barm Bureau tomorrow afternoon. 30 MOTHER SEED WTCR.T. "I\o mother need worry about her son in camp-," is the testimonial Street Commissioner "William McCormick gives as to the satisfactory character of the conditions uncer -which, the young men of this and-other: sections are-itxcniiEg- to-be solders-at Camp i^P^ _J.tXsuch a ustimonial as many other parents vho have visited a can- tomnent are willinj; to give, and such ,*as would be offered by still othr par- eats if they, barf the- same opportunity. The extraordiicaTy care and attention given to the health, comfort and ·weUbeing of tlte boys excites tho ad- By Watt ; ^ f UM.: ,- ol-OKi . :n c'.p -.v.r.h hw M I D - I! tiNT Oil 1CY rfLX the patriotic service he owes the coun-1 ^j^u^^'.^V a.mi'io.iaicj-'"**" I'olul'rVi'" try in which he lives. j -This ^ar U to be fought to n finish, i J}| and to brln.? H to a successful i s a n t ' j d . I tbe people of the United Slates must j -be viUiug to make great Hucriftccs.' Ct · It Js rio great sacrifice when one in- A i vesis bis money in scctiritir* \vhich; *" w UN - Ti .- £ ( _ j - i I - J - K ^ I N jprodure for him, when so invested, a l d i f ? ;IR«I rn»:i rn-?-.-rre'i. ^ 1 reasonable imiorae. The fact is. o u r j HOtrb'K. rw-vtiAti". I'A. people have hot yet begun, to under; stand what the word sacritice meaas. To givR a little money, or a littie time, to a worthy caoiie merits cotn- t.'ie hoofa end tail. I used.) . , , . , :art of trade until ih^ sheriff\ mcndntlon, but much more is that gift to be commended which b-rings with it danger fa limb and life, While our boys on the battlefield are potting" their lives Jn jeopardy, we, at i FOR SAUO-- PIT U'AUOXS, 30 j | b'r.h--! ..-^f-i'-ity, S: ific:-i i,-auKC CIK! j i d u n j i . Al.'.n I por-t nti;T*T tor :-^5OOtirw 1 reui.1, afi.Mi,-Ur! blt. « c-xi ra hii.«. i n q u i r e ; j C. U W-^HK. I'oimonsvJJV. Pa. j TffK TTAK CRITIC. I've btrnp-lod every thing 1 I've tried, Vv-j shown tftere's such a ·word .an fall; and always I have let Ow bide go with the hoTTis. the hoofa end tail, to ran a m; closed my door; and piianufta then, and Icniorrade. I dc-ld til; I w«nt brofce broke once more, I used to sell hot do?r and -w-urst, but I couldn't make the business pay. and once ag-ain was I immersed in QVQTI kinds ot consomsne. I can't conduct a penmit atand. nor mafce the popcorn business j^o; I am no good at pounding sand, at shearing- swine or baling sncr\7. And having " at in I've tried, lost everything- striisffled lor. T feel thai J am to L*how how wo should run the war." AH day I ait around and tfill what Haig and Pemhic^ cmglU to do, if tbey would make thfi kaiser }**n, and sho-w him to his proper iew. And I ex.i4aln how Daniels lost the confidence of roc-n like me, and made the navy svc'n a. frost" that it has chilled the deep bine sea. I climb on Baker's tortorwl tmme, a-nd from him take a dozen f.iTl5, and show just where he (raeered 'thfi g-arne, and gave the foe a base on balls. I cannot wind an eifrht-da^- clock, or cut the weeds oc till the Joam, but I can st/ind around and talk until the ring-tailed cown com* home. WA,NTJ-:I» form CO., HASP SAFK. ''O.VNKLI.SVII-LK COKK B u n k Milidinj.'. c i t y . SlmA.-St 'KliS FOU O. M'-KKH A: *UQh;\ r. FOR KK.XT-- A T J i J l K E STORY th v corn «r of V" :irl*tw L.H nc un«! Cfiuri^j I'Uicc. Tiiqu:rt' J. 1*. r?TADKR. K(»R SAJ.K--CU A"Uli KAH3J, roon\ br.cii houst-. A-l bvink. barn. 1 iTin:ii.;p w;itl; froTR h ' - r t ' U K f i limits ?an «i(.'f' {UirfH-di.'i!*; ro.-fsrion f o r I S7,'"iii. K. P. Ut-WITT. J'.ell pho 2f«»-.!". S«.T'Uda;i % , I'a. w U m a r V t sx j* Era K.\ '.' home, are doing nothing of uny great frnjomrnt in giving a little of our sur-1 plus money to aid the government i n i marntaiaihp its armies in tho field and ultimately securing a peace that will amply repay all the sacrifice of time, treasure, and life given to secure it. THE SAI) TALE OF A' 5TA.V. A3fGRY Beneath a tree one day 2 heard An old man speak ;in angry word, The day was fair, the sky ·was blue. And I "was happy, througrh and through, And as his mutte-rings caught my ear Amazed I stopped risrfat there to hear His imprecations, launched upon The head of some unlucky one. old fool I you'll never The way your hips and wrists must - , tarn. That head o' yours is thick an' dense An' void nf ordlnai-y sense," T heard him any: "How .many times Will you commit your blundering In spite of all that you've been told? Tour head won't even take a cold. well, 1 'You blamed learn "You know right pop! . "You cn,n*t' Mucceed Yet day by day z you ornery by looking up, eek by week The only thing' you do ia peek, miration of every person, who .liaa.i I've 'paid for lessons, so that you raado CTCQ a casual iirpecUon or'the y_°., UI . d .^' w P e . ? r °p£r t h i n p to camps. Teaching the boys how to mate and to keep ;hemseives fit is the. first consideration of the officers in command. Those means wrhicb, ex- rK'rieoce and iavaf.tigation have demonstrated to bo of value in maintaining men m bodily h.ealth. and vigor have been reducer: to simple systems Fuiralf Rennioas in Washington* Fort "Way.Te News. Governor General Harrison, of the Philippines, has appointed hi* bro-Lher Archibald .with whom he irf quite chubby, as custodian for thfc prnpi-rty of enomy aliens in the island?. ·WiishinRTton City society note: F-ucj- Burlftson, a daughter ft Po:;tm;uiter Cenprn.1 Burleson, has boen tendered and has accepted a lucrative pus i Li on in the Navy Dopartment. Gf«rdon AuchincJoss, the- classy voting son-in-law of. Colon.^1 House, ha.s been appointed assist«int counselor fur the Stn,te Department at'Wash: riff ton. To- S-c-ther with his rather-in-law and imcle-ln-Iaw he was a member of that war mission recently sent to Kiiropo. Alfred Brahdni«, IL brother of Justice Brando is. has been appointed by the government to n. position of "fctlerai. :nv(a,-cip-ator o/ profit ccrii^jr," Oh these family reunions at the pie counter'. The son oT .Tosepfaus ha.s been appointed lo a nice place in t h r quar'.nr- maKter's departir.ent. How lovely'. W A N T E D -- A N ' paid, ISO orCh I'Htsburi? ;:rri:«t, WANTK!--KTOKAGK UOOy K**'Il uuotmobiK*. AMU* wrii«t. i.'.ill F I V K A N D TEN" CKX'T WAJ.L f A f K C CO. ;:ir.i:ir2t ! FOU HALK--CF^KATJCST AND MOST ^ c o n v e n i e n t b u i l d i n g lots Tor workmen ' and others. CHy water, natural gas. j ft lee trie light, troJloy service. Prices i ranfre Trtitri 55') to S^OU, but mostly )ranj;e around J'200. Inquire while they ! last n t t h u of!lco of TUB CON'NELLS- VJtrl^E EXTENSION COMPAN l', Th« Conr'.ur B u E l d i n K . Conn«I Is villa. Pa. WAXTBD--IIOYfi A.VP GIIV.S O\*KK 16 year.-* of ngn. Paid w h i l e learninfc, ' T j L W SU-K M1LJ,, 2 Omar-it WANTED--TOUMi 1*ADY STKN- o graph er and accountant. Btatc ex- IHjriciice and ccilary desired. P. A.. c:iro Courier. ICrnartfd pericnced have ynod COIv DllIV^R, BX- Packard truck. Must renoe. Apply \V KST- " COAIPAN'Y. FOR SAJLE--!BNERAL STORE. KI proposition in tht county. .Unwt year's sales 3Tr,,00(.t. Good u»\vn, b-ist location. Only store here. '.'STOrtf;;," care Courier. 21 tna.r3t FOTl SAT*E--I HAVK SEVERAL pood kar*ramwt in .South Con»;Jl»villp. A double h o u s n , fo»ir romns on a. side. w i t n on^-Counh acrf lot, on car line. 52.500. Tun room brick douse, one nqu.-ire from _car lino, prn^ and water, $]..·*00, A tto'ub'.e iioiisfc «t six room? ! on n pide, pa.-: w a t r r ins-ide, one ! sqw.'iro from car line, Dni^ two family I lifjuso of flvfl ronms on r, sWn, one (our i room house and three room house, one j square from car lliif. AK three properties for f3.300. 1 w i l l loan one- third ot price of thc.s.- properties. J, A. MASON*. Socon'd National Bank building. 20marHt WANTED--MINERS WANTED WHO are studyICIK for exnminailony to pel the best m i n l n r j book publlahod, "Mining In a Nutshell." by J A M E S WAHD- LA.W. Scoctdal«, Pa. Price $2.25. Sfeblit WANTED--OLD FAX*S£ TEBTH, Don't matter JL* broken, J pay £2.0C to Sla.OO Ier set. Send by parcel post and receive check by return mail. L. \TAZER, MQI .s. yitu* Street, pmiadi)- phia. Pa. 5rr i in*23t' 1 B.ST-XTK OF JOHN'S. MITX'En. I^/ of iho u.-w»Kh:p of S;il(licU. c o u n t y of Fuyct'c ;'.nd. clitic of I'en ti sylvan in., uc- cea»c.d. Ij.'tJ'-fy te.stam* 1 mary 0:1 if.t- above nair.i'd cutaU; l i a v t n ^ bc-m g r a n t ed to tho undiivsisTK;:!, «»(icn :? h«rt- t by sive« to all pers»ns indebted to i :·:.*}:·.! c£tALe, to m:ik ( - i i i u n v O i u t e prvy- | mi'iil. itnc! to those' Iniving- claitiis against the same, io present t h e m I properly nut}i"nU/?alel for sttilcnip BUZA, MJL.I-KR, Executrix, Ind IItad, m. H. G. MAY. AUoniey. WAITED--AGK.VTS M r ANTEl JN Cbnnuilsvilie ;uid vicinit:- to .-solicit or- dcr« for men's S;L!CO CloJlms from factory direct tc wean-i- at whoicsale prices. X*. O. Box 52J, ITiiiadeJphia, Fa. I»mar3t-eod- ANY IOKD OF PKLN'T- Intr, -whether Lt is a calling card, sale bill or Lbo finest engraved wedding fn\-ita.tion or .announcement. We print anything 1 --everything--cLo it promptly and do it riffhu C;Lil the at THE COUBHSR office. Both phones. 27-tC For l-'OK RErfT--ONE TWO- ROOM a r n r t m e n l . FLORENCE SMUTO, AV'osl Side. 21marSt which are neither difficult nor impossible to be foUwoel by those who bare passed the physical e-varninations admitting thorn to the service. The day is divided into a regular routine of work, recreation and rest. And yet By Gosh: the moment that You're, by yours-jlf you fall down flat! "'You've been a trial trrrat to mo \ou've filled my life -with misery; You've .-trewn my path -nrjth RrleC nn' woe. Your are the biKffocst curse 1 Itncrnri I ousht. my rishlenus w-rath to rent To rnt you oft' w i t h o u t a cent. Just wtrv uj jr or ^ Pr - as J do, n ncatl to you." I looked ar.d tried in ratn to see W"hat manner of a man was ho That so dtiscrred another's 1 scorn ttTiat creattrre desolate, forlorn ' Was standing th^re. nor answerins .N'ourisWns food ia ample' quaotitj- is j This old man's virulent attack furuished under "killed, direction in Yet stransest .shock that i have its preparation. Suitable clofbdng and I known, Public Sal.-. THERE ·WILL BE OJ-TKRBD AT puMJc sale, on Saturday, March 23rd, 3.32S, at 2 ^o'clock P. M., on the premise.*?, twenty (20) acres of land, more or less, located ijj Dunbar township. Kayctte county, Pennsylvania, and bounded as follows; All that certain tr*tci or p.irce] of land bounded and described an follows, viz: yesinning ;LL a p u f n t In the public road leading from Wlicofcr to Morrell at the corner oC land oC BUtcU- stone. heirs, Soirth 84.10 minutes West, 750.09 feet from the eastern side of titf Wheeler, school house Jot;' thence along said road South 3 degrees 13 minutes "West/ 1711 feet to a point; thence South 59 degrees Kayc to the rUrht-of-way ot the "West Penn Railways Company; thence nlonp said t3in to land now or formerly of the Wheeler Improvement Company; thence by 'land of the "Wheeler Improvement Company .North uS decrees 4 nunutes "West, to a corner; ilu-noe [ by the p.-une North 11 ck' 4S niin- { FOHt. RTSXT--dVE THIRD utes Kast. fftct to i h o -Vhefrler | fl At , modern conveniences 511 Souiii .ichool house lot; On-nce North 73 de-1 PittHburg street. ^:nm,-3t rrrees 11 minutes West. 1:10 f e r t ; ; thence North LI decrees -tS 'minutes | FOR RR.V7--ONK iDKSIRABLE H;UJt, 295.18 feet lo tbe public road; store room f-jrmorly occupied by Means thence along the public road South 8-! i Murphy. Inquire FLORENCE SMUT2. ' dofrrens 10 minutes "West, 608.7 feet to the corner of the Blackfftouc heirs' land, Iho place of Vip^inRiner.. being a portion o* the name piece or tract of IKnd conveyed to the said Jo 1m Sf. Robinson and Samuel A. Ooiighcnqur by deed of John A. Guiler, dated Sijp- tembor 2,9, 1913; excepting and reserving" thereout and AT ONCE UNO-TYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY OOUBIKH OFFICE FOR t l O U S P . : .·OL?£S, KEMT--ONE FIVE ROOK msji gard«n, eras nn»i bat.ii. i-;. Hngf Addition. ?Smart£d MAN /1ND W31'"E TO TAKE CHARGE OP AND RUN A COMPANY P.OARDIXG HOUSE FOR J5 MKN. PKRMANBNT KMPU1YMEXT AT 575 PP;R MONTH 'AND LITING, CAJ^L KIER FIKK BFICK COJtPANY, LAYTOiV, PA. BELL PHONE OS K 33, DAWSON, PA. FOR RENT--TWO I^ARGE UXFUR- nlshed light. housckeepinK' rooms. No children, fto^ East Green street. , . ! Tlie sl P" aker seomed to The (frills and CHnp (iuties call for '-Old man," said I. -my nerve excuse · · every physical need is fully provided.! " f ' e SIp " aKer ^emed to be alone. ' '"Old man," said T.. ' much work and for hard work, but be- i ^ n t ^'ho is he, that you abuei made still more i *?* ^" r ^ cd £0 " lrt an ^ hun " his head. have an catlias- -'^ut^ih^^ou^e^a^fe^^mai^c tt tor their lasts, known hew to- gmiftble l ^^^ o«t ^iei .teamed'that the ^TM^ t ^ ,«bi«r ? ; i* nc4 -»; J^p^te ia^tfridual [ · · worse." . ins: fit for both, and fit by bott, the Dien lasm and rea; lildg tor their lasts, They have forgotten-t»yw to grnoible and compitUn. having learned that the known I .came out here -to be alone. I came out here myself to eunre My saxtw. of golf keeps gr«ttl! ojal -which may underlie any part of t h e above described tract, w i t h the appurtenant mining- rffrhJs and privil- egrep. which may have beon heretofore conveyed. Terms of Sale--Ten per cent on day of sale; balance of one-third on con"- ilrmation; one-third in six month?, and balance in one year. Deferred payments to bear interest at the rate ot six per. cent annually, and to be se- cmred by bond and mortgage. \v. j, tMcGINNrs. Receiver.- .. . mar-H-2l FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON all tho '. second floor of Dunn Bvai:s build- liiqulr of HARKT Db'NN. S j n n - t f d FOR R1SNT--SIX ROOM MOUSK. Bath, modern ctviveniences; iarc-e garden. H. 1-:. SXYDTCfl. 307 Kast Cedr,r. - 21m(ir6t POR SALE--'i horpos. CLARK .So, i · : WO GOOD IVOllK · GKIMM, Leisenrlne ! · · · 'iOmarlt* ' HJ5QUIEES THE SERVICES OP SALESLADIES FOR AiL DEPARTMENTS; HIGHEST SALARIES AND STEADY POSITIONS. APPLY AT ONCE. 5G WEST .MAIN STREET, U.N- 1ONTCAVN, PA. Sunday, JIarch 31.=t. is Easier Sunday. The advanced forecast c-f f h n weather is Dot yet announced, bin here's hoping that it will be fair and give pverybooy a ch.iiice to display their new Easter outfits. There is wonderfully attractive Easter raiment at all otir sixty-three stores; there is the greatest lino of new novelties in women's, misses' and .children's wear that the market prod.nct's. starting with new tailor-made suits, fine assortment of dresses of all leading ma- tsriaJs, shirt-waists, skirts, and all the other articles necessary to make up a real Easter outfit; handsome lines of novelties; headwear, dresses, hosiery, ribbons for the. younger folks. It is hard to describe them all and ·will not attempt to. The men and boys are being well taken care of, or at least we are prepared to take good care of them. All the new staple styles of suits, complete new lines of spring and summer styles in hats and caps. It woulfl be hard to describe our wonderful assortment of footwear for men, for 7,'omen, for boys, for girls--only want to announce that the spring styles are all in, they are handsomer than ever before, prices reasonable taking everything into consideration. "We ars readj' to serve you, ready to outfit you complete with Easter clothing and we can save yon money. 43 Large Department Stores, Located in Faystte, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Tie Store that insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. Particular peopJe like our Shoes. They're pleased with our style selection and our methods in fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Serrice--for our customers' satisfaction. . Call and see some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY-- w. s.s. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MARCH, 1918. JAK. 1, 1923. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 CONNELLSVILLE, PA. IF YOU W^ANT Anything, Have Anytfyjig for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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