The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE; DAIIIIT uotmiTOK,, TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1930. Otanrfer. TUB COURIER CO., V. S.VYOE5R, I'fOsldcnt and Editor, 1870-1816. MItS, K. M. EN Prelldnt. JU)LO-li»22. JA.VOSS 3 ?r8.ild»«t mid Goneral C EUM.UND3ON, t o f ident. MISS K. A, Secretary and Treasurer. JOHK L. 3AN8, WAi/TER S. 8T1MMBU City E lit or. MISS UYNNE B, KITSTCEIJ.* Society Editor, MEMBKH. OF A,mfrlo.«,n Newspaper Publishers Asao-oiaUon, A u d i t Bureau of Circulation. 1'ennbylvxnta Newspaper FublUharo Association. Two cents par ropy; 50c per month; $··00 por y e a r by -aiall it paid In adv ince. IJc pec WQO' by carrier. d ai secoml class matUr at the , Connellsvlllo. TUESTAV EYKJOMi, JAN. 14, 1930. J K . M K N T ''SSUE NOW Ul' TO lu tho prelin-i'itiry report of the Law bin tor cement Commission, the ,taterneiiU oil Secretary of tho Treas- iry MoUoa and A t t o r n e y General Mitchell, and his- o w n message, Prosi- -U-nt Hoo\er has supplied Congress w i t h a p l o t h o r a oi material ou the ·jiibject of enforce maut o£ the Prohibit i o n Law. It w i l l bo sufficient In volume a n d doia 1 to satisfy and also to disappoint both tho wots and the drya in and ou ot Congress, many of whom have, broil insistent ia their d e m a n d s for a re port ot what tho Law Knforcemctit Commission liau boon doing, Uedutcd to tl'e simplest towns tho report merely states that Hie com- mlsaion found, what was generally believed to bo true-, that "a staggering n u m b e r of loca. points oE intectloti" exist, and suFScsts four remedial measures The ,e aro, transfer of tho l u v o s u g a t l i / n of prohibition vioiatious aud the preparation of cases against oftonde-rs from tho Treasury to t h e Justice D e p a r t m e n t ; codification of all Federal prohibition legislation; making padlock injunction* nioro effective, tuid relieving congestion in tlio Fede-al co-arts. Tho wutj» will be disappointed in t h a t tho corunlssion declined to i^c-omrneud modification ot! tho Vol- i-tcad Act. Tlio tlrys will find fault w i t h thu statement of tho re-port that " p r o h i b i t i o n observance m u s t be v i e w e d in the* light nt traditional American alt 'urtes t o w a r d £?ovorn- m o n t a l r e s ; u l a ' i o n of conduct." This will bo c o n s t i iecl in some quarters as an indication of tho commission's l o a n i n g t o w a r l m-odiilcatiou, although there is no express mention of the subject In t!u report. The ds \ b i p e d a. stateme-nt would be- made t.: i t would gi\e a clear-cut d e c l a r a t i o n M t'u-or of tho support of thy J S t h A m e n d m e n t as a part of the C o r i b t i t u ' Inn, and conineling obedi- e n c e (o it a- f o o t l u r C o n s t i t u t i o n a l provisions, h p n i l a r to P i t sldrui Hoov- t r ' s a p p e a l , Tito- r e p o r t and the acc o m p a n y i n g document:, w i l l t a r n i s h an a h u n d i t t u Y of a m m u n i t i o n for both t h e foes and t i Sends of prohibition to c o n t i n u e e v e n m o i e vigorously than h e r e t o f o r e t i i ^ l r campaigns' {or and a s . v i n i t a m o d i f i c a t i o n ot t h e Volstead Act. lit his m ·'s.saKC P i p s l d f - u t Hoover embodied tin recomme-ndaUous of tho c o m m i s s ' o u as to means necessary for morr rii;ltl e n f o r c e m e n t , aud added U\o other.--', D U O r e l a t i n g to the- uniflca- I ' o n nl i l l bordt". p a t r o l ; u u d n' thu Coast U i r I, tiio o ' h c r to a t i g h t e r p i o l n b i u o u law tor the District of He a p p i - a i d lo the Conrrct; to o n u e t l t v \ \ t u u n t'ouu a m ! eli'eft t o t h e : mi i ' n i l . s lu- had made. At the t i m e tic i a i l e d upon t h e peoplo a t i . i i . j « t i b i i ; o i ' t t h o l a w dcspilo ' t h e dl .i"n « m n t us to iN principles. " W i i i U , " t i said, "some sections ot t ' i e A n i e i i a n people m a y dihaprce church organization, and vhat proportion are not affllio.txl with any religions body, Protestant, Catholic or Jewish. The work is being unlirtalcen tor the purpos-ea eet forth ainl will 1)o conducted with thoraughnes* . Its ijucces« will largely depend .upon the support and cooperation of the peoplo at tho city, South CotmeUsvlIlf and Poplar Grove-. That tlile will he given in good spirit can. ba assured. I'. IV. VA. EX'l'E -VSION. preparations to complete the construction of the thlid aeotton of the Connellavine Bxteui Ion of the Pitts burg West Virginia Railroad to Cunningham's Bvtdg-c, near Old Meadow Mill, Scottdalo, Indicate the determination of the management to push the work with all possible despatch. The open weather ie favoring th-6 work and It e\!d-wiUy IB desired to take the -meet advantage of existing conditions, Wo have previously had no roal ·wintor w-eatlie-r thira S»r, but it must be remembered that tho groat or part of tho ewiBon lies ahead What It may h*ve Iti atore there J« no jneans ot knowing. So it ia tho jiart oE ·wisdom to dig while the wlnt r sun shines. The later advent of saw and Ing may make that w:tlvity eible. The flshlns season 'itill ia eveval mouths ahead but it v i l i be tho d«3lro o£ moat ot the anglers to take membership with the Payr-lte County Fish Game Protective A.s*oelation in order to be roady JUH! enthuaod when the opening day ariiv B. That George WaEhiiigton was a good engineer ia uhr.wu by tho fact that his mere recounidBsaivce, ·without the aid ot modern inatTumonU), enabled htm to project the Trans- Alleghony canal whi ih later surveys demoiiRtnitoU to be practicable. 5 Reply to University Head Causes Curiosity May Have the JlSect of H Plea Tor Sympathy Wale Not So Int-mded. e m n i l e v ( ! j * re-ponsi i' nnnUiu'i'iUal ( i t t i i lam! inn. u p o n v o \ t n o r t h t h e ia Tiiat. .n c si . i i l o u \«. t , ; u s p i ' i ' l o l n l t ' d i i i ! ,i ( ' n;, I I ' u 1 )i : ;io ! ,ti b s n m a n a K ' p ' K i u i! '!e 1 1n J i u d i t aui-.; I) inea!: .u ot the- itiebtion.s in- ponsible ciuzeu sup- p r i n c i p l e (hat he e n t o r t t d . " So i', i^ t h e precise h i t u ! to the ( \ i s t i n g law. - m u c h a p a r r oi the a i i v Ameiulm-j-nt that sini'c ( h e o r i g i n a l tum.Uiii( n ' a l Hns of iR ,'-, t!ie liw exists o b e y e d U U t i ^ . ' U H l n y ih to ' l i n t ' . H o i . \ ' t lias p l a c e d upon ' n s p o u j j i l n l U y tor pro- io- tor i n a k i n t ; enforce^ . d i O L i u e t i n o i i g h ( h o paHH- 'i ',B( st d ians,. This body .'tit- i h i is.suo m u c h UA nu.y d a s Hit. i i u i e o t t h o IM u p a i R d ueursj. For tiiat ica- i l i * '-..ise.-5 involved will t'oi m tho j L t ,t tiitu h t - p i r u c d dcbatini4, suuie la-, i m t n o a n d uUonnius, other lau m i l e - d i s p l a y s ot ill-tempo' 1 ami abu,\.' Tho c o u n t r y v I U sudm e tho e.oi,n -re -,\ u n h that, patience ass it lu tH, t l U i t i u l · 10 d i s - p l a y , hut it w i l l ro = i r v i i t k i i o ' o a u n t i l tho November ti t ' o.;:- \ \ . i i u i I'si^tering u^ ;ip- pi-o\,ji (. \ u. - a i ) ' L n o v a l of iiienihri'h .t' Cons' i ·· u ao -. mil H .· r e - e l e c t i o n on I'.ie.r u » i ! ^ a · u ; p o i t e i s or op- p o a e . , i , , i I,i\v (."i.oict'meut. r i l l H C l l {'lASl'h. '! tit I i MI a l i o u lo bi» c o l l i ' t ' o d by Hit n .. ' H, ic'iiil!.- iH" C 1 t N \ i l l i - , in U i i i ia ; S \ U l i a n i l P u . i l a i ( i i t u t ' , u u 1 e,i, ' M .. r i u ,u.u v a l u a b l e . i ..f i ' u. i .1 i o,. t l j L - . , i \ t . r u l .. l l v I U t' 1 ] " ' \ i I V , t O klMV, t h O u.: i i · » ·. r . " t ..'j: i r \ n ho ' ' ' · i · ^ ' 11 j [ . t . ;n ^ it r his .... i !i i\ · IK i i i a c t u o l y all- · ; " ' i · i u - S i l i . t n t o r c a t - j ' · ' .' · l. t ,,.,'il'i *.i. Iv.'i I W llO'.C By DAVID 3 .AY/ CCJopyright 1'jao i y Ti.e Courier.) WASHINGTON, Jan. 14,--Tho adventure in philosophy which President Hoover unde. took in. his correspondence with Dr. vV. O. Thompson, President Em rltus ot Ohio Ktato U n i v e r s i t y causwl no Old ot c u r l o H i t y here today. Dealing in imp Iclt phrases and generallzatlone it was d i f U e u H to determine just what forces, of c r i t i c i s m and what groups ot p a r t i s a n s Ml. Hoover had in m ^ n d a he ironically paid his respect to their "stra- tegems." The President a communication might be i p g a r d i I as an answer to many things that havo happened f i n d many comments i u a t have been maiio but Mr. Hoover refrained from becoming too bpoi'i ic. Whan he rotors to "partisans de r - rous t h a t t h e PreFi- dent s h o u l d f a i l , " Ihe- ^.V'neral a s s u m p - tion in that lie re eis t o lus opponents in Congre-is, the igh it must be said that these- have lot boeu confined to any one poliUca party and that 3Ir. Hoover's trouble i havo come aa much from the dlvisif u in tho Republican ranks n5 from t'io Ijomocrats. Undoubtedly Hoover nad in mind some o£ t i-e newspapers which are editorially opposed to phases of his foreign policies, but thero again his woids wore so general that ha left tho Capital -jucssiing inor-o or lesi as to w h o m he really m e a n t . It Is a fact t h a t tho President has been annoyed by the ofl orls of the lobby committee to involve him as having ac- cjiuphucd in .SOD o of the machinations «C tho bugai in ereata, aud h ia quite possible that 19 is taklni? a IllnK at some of his IT ties Hi t h a t regard. N e v o i t h o l e s f j tho somewhat cynical l e t o i c u c o to "cortain i n d i v i d u a l s , ncwHpapors, a 1 soc-iations and institu- llon.s" which iiiultiply the troubles of a President, w, j n o t lost ou the President's uudiciK - here- a n y nioro than hit, le£cnse ot boards and commissions as a nn ans ot getting at the t r u t h . Mr. Hoover, a cording to the gossip ot tho Capital, bas tor several years been stpokeu o' as ti mau who resented Lritieibiii, and it was f r e e l y predicted i.eioro ho we it to the W h i t e House that he would io sensitive on this 1,-outt. R e t e i i ly In huyiug tar»woll to tho American delegation to the Loudon naval i-onfere'uce tho President expressed tin hope that in the meantime the ci u n t r y would exercise patience and t h a t tho work might proceed "ire' from criticism." This is the type o appeal which President Wilhoa m a d e in 1918 when he thought ho saw tho partiaiu-i g a t h e r i n g strength to lefcat his program ol! peace even 'lefor-a the peace conference was c a l l e d , and it remained his belief u n t i l l i i = ! death t h a t partisan elforts p i e v . n t r d tho ratification of the i'oveuan of tho League of Nations, .Mi. ( jolidge may havo t e l t the iriiicis.m of as o p p o u e n t B b u t IMJ never ·exhibited the- slightest Hign of it. The Nation, 1 C a p i t a l has always re- eardc-d U a one ot tho opNodes of | b t i i t l o t h a i i-riticifaiu a n d attack s h o u l d be t uployed hi a sort of give ni(l l a k e ta liion, but it' must be con- i · ded l i i it -.nii 1 ' thy \ V i U u u Adnuit- i ^ U M t m t i U b.H.niic more or lebS i p i . i l u v to baa uu P r e s i d e n t The l i m o c i a 1 - . S K I now O M M M o u i l l y in- u i i U in ( h ' k t ,,1 o t s i i i - t O j - y u . - i i a l l y detend t h e r i . u i l c - . In i » - m . u k i n u j I h . ' t i U i eamed mn sr "t t h e i r les 1 - i o n s t i o n ho K t - p u h h i a u m l t i o n t y !i n U n . W e l \ Uiut .Mr Hoover' m!'.-,i\.i K) Or T l K i i i i p M - i i w i l l ao'n-, 1 I'urEi'Jtt a l o i n e a i i i e s a u n t o f f ..{ipeal i l 'h -h u ciiU u i a t t i l tu awaicc i a wu'e s m i i . i i n y for the m a n BRJNGIN'S HOME THE REP.O .IT CARD SUCCESS FAILURE, i WONDER C o n l i i i u c r i fr^TO Pagrc One g_ dam will -ome nt t h e ! ,, rhe r i v o r [u ( , m e . [)Q . t lftft head af L i t t l e Fa He, ouo at the foot of i fal!trkwaU , m!| l ) U l j 1 ( n f po f u - tho M i d d l e Chuto, and one in tho rapid 5 abovo (Jreat Falls Tim Inet named eit-ft is objectionable on flccount of thu narrow bed of tho rivor at this , ocks an(i dau]tJi ruo a b o u t , mUo una)j)o lo o b t a i n any s.itfei't ;tory l i i - Cormalion about Kt, hii^tory or its could, only find trat « of plac« but the othr« aro Concerning t h e niirvey ot the Yough- loghcny from McKc-aspoi t to West Newton, Colonel M e r r i l l in Inn report eays "Having no rpe-ctal Instructions a« to tl'o HtniUs of tho e u w y I directed Lieutenant Alahaii to commence at Ba ti (n low Oeceola, tbe- other at Bu na Vl=ta, but they hai inna be-in l y l n i In mine, tho cams completely hrok(i through, and l h f !mk« almost totally lestroyeci. Nothing of them i« non fttai Jlng fiave porthmp of the ··'ham er walls. lS() t l l ( . M ( coll](1 u . ttl , a f r o n conw .,._ w ( l h IK . r , }ft , n v t n p in tho Woo. N e w t o n and work down, stream uoighborhotxl of tht- i l v o i , the great to tlio mouth of the river. I aeloctci! cauwi O j t i 1(J l u |iure une ii- 1ho dam« Wee;, Newton ae tho fitartin;,' point ho- i, a v u , B ) JCCI1 j,ulit \oi h i g h What thia caiuo I under stood that tho wishes of hc i gMh AUlri ( x a c tly I coul not learn thofe at whose iiiBtanoo thi., a u r i e y Ull tho 1 ) f L f r o m p w! to pool tVas waa orderod were to hav» an oxtenclon | a ijout 13 foei." of fi* Monongahela slack-water cyatom i Ueutpimnt Mahan asconlnod that up the Youglilos'ieny; and tlipreforo l! three pools and fhreo dam would lie thought It host to limit tho nurvoy to a ' rc . cu ,{ r ed to tho i tmmit? of length of river that cotill bo examined S ( ea tnboate! to West NVwtoi . JIo gives thoroughly, and not to go above a. , h o !oca ji on of t he, dam- a-nd (he p o i n t that could bo reached by three jnO(lus o p u r a n u l of their instruction darua of ton foot lift each, boljovlng w i t h the f . e u m atos of Iheii cosl at an that there would be ample time lo - u , erage i ( v r l f ; th o f 532 fo t tor wch continue tho survey aftor thesie dame d a m wh j c}l j, 0 ,, r o poflffi an. tho coet of were built. I had no 1n»tmctlon« to ask-o this survey c, part of the oxaml- nation for the exlwision of the Clieea- peiko Ohio canal route, and therefore- treated thu question as a purely local one." Lieutenant Mahan in hi* report to Colonel Merrill givce a doUvilel state- mont of the survey oi tho Yough- logheny from McKee*port to West Now ton, which was made in AiiRuel, Sopte-mber and October, 1873. From tho dam w oukl be ?tH, 0(57.2 . Kach dam would have an a b u t m e n t 30 I'ccl above an t stono «x- below tho dam, with win;', Avails 40 fi it in length, which -would cost 516,586.;-' i. Tho estl- malo for tlie foundation of the lock !550 f stono with :U6.15. and BE The luck i-5 to be- lock 2B(Jx5C feet; l i f t K feet, walls 22.5 fool high, 10 feut thi -k at the top and 13.5 fe-ot Ihlck at the bottom; 350 tet total iongtli ^,·o^lld C( et $85,216.80. tho following pamp:raph in hifl report Th!(J W(n(ld nnilw Ul(1 U)ja ^^ Q[ it will bo eeen that, 1 th slackwater I lock ?!i oc,]SS 65, arid o tho navigation of the Y5m;hiogheny is no ooraiH .i 6 i ns t l i e e n t i r e tmprov'ouient, ne-w scheme: $683,023.^1. This p.-stiimi e wilt cnrrv tries (o Ignore pollllrs but flnd him- f e l f , nevertheless, cnmobhcd in i t s \iclssitudos. Mi 1 . fioover'H lielicf t h a t t h e great majority -of tho people wivh lilm success irrespective oi! parly, is corroborated by l e t t e r s received by h i m almost daily, lu the flfKl year ol nn Administration this Is particularly t r u e . Tho disposition of tho p u b l i c is to givo every President a f a i r chance and, as his Uusks grow larger and responsibilities greater they exhibit a corresponding patience. Kx- icriunco, however, ishows t h a t t h i s a t t i t u d e does not always last uiul that boinewhorc m i d w a y in his flisl term a President faces a critical decision ou the part of tho public. Ho either retains his m a j o r i t y or losses It. The Congressional elections of 1910 carried n w a r n i n g as to w h a t happened in, 1912. Similarly tho los.-i oJ Congress in 101S was a forerunner of nemocratlf defeat in 1920. The Congressional elections of 19X0 w i l l he an index of w h a t may he expected in 1SH3. Meanwhile it ia hisnllk-aiu to note t h a t Mr. Hoover has taken a le.iE out ot the e x p e r i e n c e oE Andro Tardlou, Ficnch Premier who recoul- ly was abl'- to retain a n i i i o n t y in (lie FiBUch Chamber ol D e p u t i e s by r e u i l n d l n g h l hearers of a famous -itjn f r e q u e n t l y d i i p l a y r d i n A i u r r l - ean 1'rontlrr daneo hails: "don't bhool t t u » piano player -- he la doing t h e beat ho can." TUi.s humorous remail; in.iiio U easier for Monger Tardiou lo get .1 von* of eouJtdeuc o and t h e !!- R o v ' n o r or ti?r 10 J i T h o m p - o n , w h i l e p o r h a p i ! r u l o n o t in not i n t e n d e d im a ploa un- p u b l i c - . s u p - ' '' nl '" l.ort, w i l l . u u - n h o l e ^ s p r o b a b l y that cUc-ct. »UL*» b the f u l l k ] ) t h of w u f c - r (six feet; to the lower ond of thr 1 w n of Weet Js'owton, Tilts Hbov-e is a laiccli ct history oC the project of a. traus-Al eg-heny cans.1 and Ui echwiio to ope i the Yongh- iogheny to navigation fi om th- origi- na! rccotnmondatlo-ne of G e n e r a l Washington to tho predont tlnae, although m u c h valuable i n f o r m a t i o n lias necessarily been omitted. There is only "iiio other point to which a l l u s i o n w i l l be nwixio at present, and that IB tlio importance of! opriing- up tbo vaet coal ilelde about Cann-ene-vinie and nbovtf to a cheap water traiidpo'"te.tlon. On t'lif. fiiibjeel, Colonel Merrill has tbo f o l l o w i n g in one of hie reports: "Along the entire length o£ His Youghu)g!jjti3', from its mouth to Conn-el 1-svlll-o, thero are heavy deposit* o£ bilnmluoiif! coal, and CQimollavlIle ili-iclf in t h e c e n t e r of a district widely k n o w n Cor Its excellent gas coal, coke anl iron. Tlieso products aro in great demand both Bust and W«st and their only outlets aro by the Pitleburg Connellisvillo Itallroad Company, and by a brnnoh of the PenneylTania' Central \\hlch has bean b u i l t within tlio p-ast year. Th-o producers ar-e Uhere-for« unanimous In their dcaire- l o havo cheap water transportation both Bast and "West. C.inal boat6 will ati-swer their purpose for communicating will! eastern irmrkele, but as a largo portion ol tho West can best be reached by i\ay of tho Oliio river, they naturally dcalro e i t h e r to hav-e Con- iK-llsvillo nuwle the head of steamboat navigation, or elue t o have such a water connection with the Ohio as will ouablc thorn to load their products at their mines into such bargee as aro used on tho Ohio f o r traneporting coal and cok-o in flcete. Tha barges are from 125 to 130 loe-t long and 25 feet wide-, and H is evident that any navigation t h a t will pass these will also paea the boats t h a t ply on a canal whoee locl«3 are 120 by 20. If, therefore-, wo ran arrange matters satisfactorily for Ohio river ctxil barges, we will havo ample spac-o for the regular canal navigation. CoS,l barges may be brought to Con- noltavillo through river locks large enough to accommodate a towboat with one or more barg-ee, or through rivor locks accommodating only one barge at a limo, or through an independent canal. Relating to tho eame, matter Colonel Sodswick says: "The- great importance of this route is tho opening of that iar h 'o part of the. Yougbiogheny coal f l u i d s lying- on tho south fcid-o of tho r i v e r to cheap transportation, and by that much enhancing tho con! com- meico ot tho Ohio river in one of He motit important feature's, tlic eupply of coal from FiUbburg and adjacent territory. It ia o£ as much importance- to get Uite coal to market jics Ihe development of tho coal Holds lying along tho Monongah-ela river by slack- water navigation lias Iwen. Thie im- provem-ont eeomu to bo called for In (oneeqiionco of the fact that the, coal bods on tii-o south side of the Yough- i-oghpiiy, between Connellbvllli} and ~\Vcst jNewton, aro not worked or de- velopi'd becaubo it w i l l not bear tho cost ol! delivery to tha railroad on tho north eld-o of th« river. At this development awallri t h e improvemont of river navigation, and being of more ira-portauro in a n a t i o n a l t h a n in a local p o i n t o£ view, i t muet bo made at edrno early day, and it "would aeem but just l i n t w h i l e th-e G-ovorument ii-s making v-ei-y extensive Improvements, i o r 1hu navigation of the Kanawha, In a w i W and unsettled region ot country, t h a t this, q u i t e at, imp o r t a n t n a t i o n a l i m p r o v w n o n t phoald now b^ commenccMl. Several of the p r o m i n e n t eili/ce-nn oC I'ittsburg and p o i n t s above have been moving in this m a t t e r for foui or five years past, ami it is to bo hoped t h a t t h e i r wMies w i l l now bo crowned with Incomi', proslrtoiit, "r n a ^ n l , e nulcl make It a . p j x M ' i t n i l ) » u , l d v t h a t l i a l n t · - · · ) - l a i n pi 1 i t f r t ' i a n h o f ,h in i i o u - l i a l tcr IVrirert Landlord LONDON, J a n . 14-- "The perfect, l a n d l o r d " who suwl a woman tenant for rout a.-. JMarylebone C o u n t y Court a d m i t t e d t h a t ha did not know how mw;h tho ti-nant owed him. \ Stopper T a Mts. Jofiit Q. ShoppeV recently took a»j unbia; ed blindfold test of three methods of going shopping -- the first, twc she decided as inconvenient and tiresome, but picked the. third way which was by electric cat, as the most comfortable, convenient nnd economical way to go and coccu:. WEST STRONG" The Second National Bank Is alwaj'S glad to interest itself in the plans of firms and individuals for achieving worth -while success in their affairs. The value of its counsel is enhanced by its long experience in the Connellsvillc district and the local character of its board of directors. IT PAYS TO BE IDENTIFIED WITH A OOOD BANK. Resources Escceedingf $3,300,000.00 OLDEST BANK IN CONNEI.LSVILLE At no time would the car owner more appreciate good, dependable tires tliau in winter with, its severo cold, snow, and slush. Freedom from "tire trouble" is then most comforting. You cannot buy hotter tires than those oi' the largest and best known manufacturers. At our stores you will flnd only the best known brands of I ires--no unknown brands, at ridiculous prices, which are high-priced no matter what price you pay. Our pi ices on these standard brands will be found lower thai, the same identical tire is sold elsewhere. Maximum volume purchases means lowest possible prices, which advantage we extend to tlic consumer. Make your winter driving safe with chains. We carry them, together with a full line of other motor accessories, batteries, gasoline, oil, grease, etc. Sixty Stores in Nine Counties of Pennsylvunla. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS If you are contemplating b u i l d i n g a home come and look at tuese lots. They are large--60x140 feet. Natural gay, city water, line gradv school and church. Ono mile from business district ol Coiinellsville; a 5-nilnute trolley ride. A nice location for a suburban lomo. Inquire of C. B. McUormlck, P. O. Box 144, Con- n?ll~-.-ir-j. Pa,, residence. i POPLAR GR-OVE

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