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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 21, 1918
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IT Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,503 VOL. 16, NO. 111. CONNELLSVILLB, PA., THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 31, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. GREAT ARTILLERY ACTION MAY MEAN BEGINNING OF GERMAN DRIVE IN THE WEST Dispatches From London and Paris Indicate Firing is General and Intensive Along: tbe Entire Front; in Many Places Hard Fighting Has Taken Place With the Germans Losing in Every Instance; Cannonading is so Great on British Front Tbat Sounds are Distinctly Heard Across Channel. AMERICANS PLAY PART IN HOT FIGHTING The long expected offensive of the Germans on the West front may now be in progress. Associated Press dispatches from London and Paris this afternoon gave indication that the SPECIAL VENIRE THIRD GONE; JURY REMAINS AT SIX! TAX SLACKERS WILL BE PROSECUTED SAME AS DRAFT SLACKERS Indications IJoint Today to Second Special Panel in Case. NO NU m i -i. t Twelve Men to B_uge Brag Set Organized to Bound Up Those IVTio Fail to Make In- conic Returns by April 1. WASHINGTON. March 21.-- "Tax slackers will be prosecuted as vigorously and relentlessly u n d e r tho war revenue act as draft slackers were i prosecuted under tbe selective service i 110 '- The aW ol al! food \ciUrens is j invoked in brlllging ^ j u s t =J 0 U ,e man j 1 who deliberately seeks to evade \ just share of tbe war burden." e SECOND SECTION 'JOE CDNEO IS FIRST OF LLSYILLE SOI TO DIE IN THE Leading Educators ol Pcnnsyl- vuaiu Will Address City Teachers. DR. SCHAEFFER IS COMING TI i_ Detajs c u n g w e v e n o Tb , 3 ^ ^ statomen , 0( Commis _ Dour liridcmce Likely to Risiilt In , Bion(ir Ol j nt0i . nnl Revenue, Daniel C. the Real Op^iUnjr BcJtnif Put Off Until Sunday; Hard Fiffht Ahead. "\Vith a third of the special .venire of 75 men called in the Lindley murder case exhausted aot a single additional Roper. With only - I D days lott in. whicb to file income ta,x returns, he has practically completed tbe organization oC a huge dragnet Cor bringing into camp all persons who rail to file their returns by Revenue officers in every .section of the coun- general and intense bombardment -which has been launched juror had been secured up to noon t o - u y aro checking up along almost the entire front may portend the big drive for day. At Umt hour the prospects were! v j e wto beginning prosecutions against which Field Marsha) von Hindenberg has been preparing for "=· " would be necessary to summon j tax dodgers. Tbe word has gone Superintendent of Public In«(nieUoi! One uf the "Big Guns" in Affairs of j tlie State; Muminir anil Afternoon I Sessions Are Scheduled Koch l)ny. j With leading educators of the stale · in attendance the second section of i "-he city teachers' institute will be bold j J the high | instructors i will bu Dr. Nathan C. Sckaetfer, sta'.e returns with a j tomorrow and Saturday school auditorium. The i A C K K R " BY \\JIK JUT UK'S RKADV TO TAKK CRACK- AX. IH'.I.S Hjjcr.101 to Tlio Courier. ·MOUNT PLKASANT. March -1. -- Howard Slaclter u-as among the last me-n examined at the Armory by tb= members of tbe Local Board No. u and although his uame is S'.acker lie ~ir, not that by any means for he jassod the examination and expressed a desire to take a crack at the Huns. Slacker is an American citizen, American born. | Well Known Man Kicked 1 By Horse at Camp i Sherman BLOW STRIKES HIS HEAD Lingers Sear Death for Four Days, End Coming- Tuesday. WAS r\ THE ARTILLERY weeks. Not onlv along tlie British and French, fronts but on Bother venire for tomorrow morning. " « I Tlin niitlrtrtl.- !o * h i f ihn t-i tr-ino- r\t nvt* the American sector has there been intense artillery activity. A dispatch from Amsterdam to London quotes Kaiser "Wilhelm -with, telegraphing to the Rheinish, provincial council in the following words: "We are at the decisive moment of the war and one of the greatest moments in German history." So great is the artillery firing that it can be distinctly heard in Doyer and other English, coast towns. The outlook is that the taking of evi deace in the trial may i\ot begin be- j fora next week Conscientious scruples against the the death penalty formed the leading fortb that such offenders need expect I superintendent of public inutrucUoit; I Dr. J. George Becht- Harisburg; Dr. Jesse H. WJulo, Piltsburg; Miss AcJa no leniency. "Through its educational campaign the Bureau of Internal Revenue has endeavored to cover the field so thoroughly Uiat ignorance of tbe law can- cause for challenge of jurors called not be consistently offered as an ex- during the morning. ! cuse," said Commissioner Roper to- C- R. Smith of Uniontown was chal-; clay. '"The press, the four minute men, | longed because he said he could · not I the state and county councils of na- bring in a verdict that would mean i tionla defense, the field force of the DX "VVTOE I FKOST HEATHS" SHELLED j By Associated Press^ j LOKDON, March. 21.--Tho Germans j ihorUj before daira **"* morning be- \ San a heavy bonibardnient over a wide · section of the British front, it is an- j nounced officially. The statement j follows: ! "A heavy bombardment was opened j oy the' eoenry shortly before davn This morning against oar whole front from the neighborhood of Vendeuil. south of St. 'Quenttn, to the river "A snccessful raid was carried out by us last night in the neighborhood of St Quentin. Thirteen prisoners and three machine guns were brought back. Prisoners also were taken by us in patrol encounters southeast of Messines, and in another successful raid carried out by us south of Hou- Uiolst forest. The artillery action on the west front could be heard distinctly at Dover an(J other towns on the' east of England. Th« -firing, -which was the heaviest MOTHER FAXiS AJTO IIREAJKS ..fOSE OX ILEK BABE'S HEAJ Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT. March 21.--,Mrs. S. L. "Walker, who lives on the Pote.nof9fcy farm at the -end of South Church street, lost her footing last evening while walking around the house and fell strikng her nose against the, baby's head and broke her nose. Dr. -W. A. ifarsh set the nose and dressed her face. death to a feiloivman. Mas G. Rush of Uniontown "was opposed to capital punishment and was excused. Acquaintance of Solomon Miller of Upper Tyrone township "frith counsel in the case was considered cause for a challenge. I.. D. Craft of Uniontown pleaded conscientious scruples and was excused. f. R. Gregg of (Tnionio*rn said he Department of Agriculture and other government deparuueuts, banks, post offices and hundreds of volunteer agencies have cooperated in bringing home to the ULSiayer bis dxtty. VauStonc Harris, Mttsburg; Dr. B. Teitrick, Harrisfcurs, deputy state superinlc-iwtoni of public instruction; Miaa Margaret T. McGnire, Philadelphia, associate superintend --nt of schools of that city, ar.d Dr. Will Jicliab Gram Chambers, ttean o[ the school I From education of the University of Pius- [ .! IVhil MASSACRES ON LARGE SCALE BY TURKS IS NOW CORROBORATED jtloyi'd ill \V-oucIIavvn IVas -Orai'tod :iud Sent in Ohio t'nnfrtn- meni; .Body h JSrontrM to This City for Interment; Funeral .Saturday. of burs. Tho program follow Frulwy .M.ornias--0 O'clock. Solo -- .Miss Brown "Sources of Teaching Powor" Swil. TfcJirick Arklrcss Dr. Chambers Switzerland ' of 'eir "The man who failed to register under the selective service act was re- | Department,-!! Conferences gardod by the War Department as a | -- Dr. Chambers and Miss McCulr slacker and prosecuted as such. Tlie Friday Afternoon-- 1.3U O'clock. Soio , Miss Brow: had read a lot about tbe case and h a d j formed his opinion as to the guilt or! ^°, innocence of the defendant Joseph McDowell of Uniontovrn was not accepted because 'of opposition to the death penalty. Physical disability was tbe cause for the rejection of John Close of Uniontown. man who fails to file bis income ta-t will be regarded as a money slacker, American committee nnd S f Tbe first Conneilsvilie boy has given ; his life in the jvar with the Huns. While working about bis horse at Camp Shrrman at Chillicotluv Ohio, ; );j.s;. Friday nigbr Joseph Cuneo, 30 year.s old- a mem her of Battery B., 323rd Uglit Field Artillery was kicked bc- t h e ear by tbe a n d fallly ed. He died Tuesday night at kick. The body arrived jn Connellsville Armrauar, . ihif m o r n i n g on Baltimore Ohio relief, corroborates recent: tniin Xo .,,,_ and W8R nfnK ,vcd to the K '^ tm f,_'' ( ir._ I , n ' l ''' S:10reS o n ; fun-era! parlors of J. L. Slader and Kcports Rcacfi 15 Vulnts Tellinf Atrocities. By .A^soci:i'.od P,- BETiXE. STV1T21-JULAND. Saturday, · March 3 G.--Reports received here from '. j n j ure{ ] 1 3 5 points in Asiraie Turkey by "William · ,j o - C j (K i N. "Chambers, representative of the T h P for d when discovered, as he will be,- [ "School ami the Community" D , C h a r s "'· L n a n l b t r s ,tliat ihc si " Vologda. Tbe ambassador pledged American help to any government in Russia that irould resist the German pene-' tration. He urged them to forget their political differences and said he not leave force. would that has been beard in this district lulled from such a distance began at 3 j . yclock this morning and lasted at AXERICASS I.\ HAJTD TO srief. intervals nntil 7 A. at. Russia until com- From Vendeuil, north to the river 3carpe is a distance of nearly 50 niles and the beginning oy the Gernan artillery of a heavy bombard- nent along this wide front may mean hat prparatkm for the much ad?er- .ised German offensive in the "\vest las been begun WATCH M'CORMCK CASE Cniontown .ttorc Inlerosted in H 'lluin in Unrflfj- Murder TrioL \VhUe tie Lindley m u r d e r trial is attracting a lot ot attention in Union- towu it stands s«coad to the trial ot Moat McjCormick who is charged w-ith 1'IGHT Df EATD. 'WITH THE AitEJRICAK ARMY FRANCE- March 21.-- American troops . la the sector east of LuneviHe partici- i paled tonight in a raid on GfermaE j treEChes, penetrating the enemy lines U»s "quartet" to UniontOMTJ. "J am in will bo rrrade to suffer full of the law." I Solo .M:ss McCuirc Miss Brown GERMAN DESTROYERS ARE SUNK IN FIGHT WITH ALLIED ·'A. New Teacher" Supt. Teitrick j , vor k t ], c Turks are carrying out gen- .Sutorday Morning--9 O'clock. aral and ,,, 00 j y rii , r .;sais. TheIC iB Solo . Miss Brown Devotional ._,, ILcv. G. 1.. C. Richardson "From reliable sources I understand; ^ mly GandoJfi ; .n in the district being : Crawford avenue, occupied by the Turks is terrible,": said Mr. Chambers today. "On tb« : m a n in December, 39]7. accompanying pretext that Armenian bands are at drafts frorn wooden, The young man w r n t to Canij/ Sher- Solo _________ Address . ____ MLss Drown Dr. Chambers serious apprehension that siir.ilar atrocities arc being begun in tbe Caucasus." Brif-ish and Kroncl, Iinltl«,hip s Send I -;-/"· Cambers and . M . s s l c G m r c Four Kncmv IKmfs lo Bottom ! * at '"- llfl . v Aitcrnoon--J 0 clock. - o'i Oc«ir,. ,j s o l ° Miss Brown B- A.,,oci:u.Mi I'rea.,. Address _ Dr. Chambers I LOXDON. March 22.--Two enemy i "SlandaMs of Teaching" Supt. Teilrick | flestroxcnj and two caamy torpc-do i'" 111 * locorriglWo Boy" Miss McGuire; DUTCH SHIPS SEIZED uiN'd Stales Takes Them Over, Holland Refusing to Face (Sorman Threat*. l a K - Under of German LhrcaL 1 ; Hoi- Pa., wbpre !:e was working. He was assigned to the field artillery. CUIICO'B father. Charles Cuneo. received a telegram last week telling of the accident and immediately went 'jo tbe camp. At that Ume the soldier seomed to be improvicg and his father returned to this city. Another tele- gmm fame however, saying that his father immediately returned to the t camp. He was at his son's bedside ! ivhen death came Tuesday- night it 9 o'clock. IDeceased was well known in this asking McCormicS il he might bring hand some distance, fighting ensued. Hand to The raid- American lines ,-fter about 40 miantes. v Purther [need." the message said. action occurred off Dunkirk twcen 4 and 5 o'clock this niorn Brttish and three rVench . Two d'e- j ers returned to the It is of course impossible to say j details are not available at this hour, rhether the present burst of artillery ; 10 p. m. Tbe raid was carried out in Ire on this front means that it is j conjunction with French troops after ikmg the line indicated or some- brief but intense barrage. The Ger- rtiere within its limits- that the heavy j raans retaliated with a heavy fire ot blow if one indeed is coming s to be struck. There is tae coasicl- radon thai the bombaixJroeni in this articular "area may be a feint to over a stroke in an altogether dit- erent sector. is and high explosive sirells on the American batteries. 1A8HXS OF CAXM5 SEFJf ACKO.SS At Ramsgate besides the sound of nnonad:ng bright flashes were srem t sea while the vibration of the ex- ilosion shook the windows and dis- sdsed tiles from tb.« roofs. X'JEASK BOMBARWMEKT OK FREXCH FKOST BKGl'Jf. PARIS, March 21.--There has been n intense and sustained bombai'd- wrt of the sectors north and soum- ist of Rhetaas as well as on the harnpagne front, the war omce an- ounced today. B,*ween Caurieres wood and Be- UKiatix, on the Verdun front, ttie ennans were driven back in violent jnil to hand flgntins.' In Lorraine the Germans suffered complete defeat in the region of omeny, sustaining heavy losses witli- St obtaining any success. MSSIOS .During toe opening yesterday of the j stroycrs were engaged wilh a force of case Judge K. H. Rcppert informed | Germaii destroyers which Ivad prev- the jurors that they would be kept ioitwly bonibardec. Dunkirk for ten together until they had rendered a [ Natural Gas com from which the Payette County G company obtains its supply, will te- S\n tlie operation of a large by-product plant at Downs, Marion county, T. Va., on April 1. upon which a large ,,. I States. Pn^ideni Wilson last night is- j y ° rk Ci , ty ' '.' sued a proclamauon taking over all i . Jose r a -""' Survivors liave bc?n picked I flutn °f raonty has been verdict. "I ata not establishing any j up j Ton i two 'enemy torjHvto boats. during '.be past year. Tho gas to be precedent" the court said, "hut there "One British destroyer was clani- -is not going to lie any scandal con- | a ged but reached harbor. The Brit- cerning this case if I can prevent it." MUST FILE AFFIDAVITS i nas-olaties were slight. There wore ! no French casualties." -"Vt'JiSHING'rON, March 22.--The Japanese MHitary mission was received today by President Wilson. The mission arrived here March 18 and after a stay of a few days will make a tour ot the eastern part of the country visiting war plants. TVOOI) A3fD BEL! HOJEE JROH FKAJfCT! AK ATLANTIC PORT, March 21.-Major General' Leonard Wood and Major General J. Franklin Bell commanders respectively of the 89th and 77the divisions of the National Army arrived here today from Prance on a i French steamship. j Rn!e Issued Affecting Deferred ClJWfii- fieatinn for Farm Help. WASHINGTON, March 21.--Farmers seeking to have their help giver, deferred classification in the draft must flle affidavits with local draft boards the Department" of Labor/announces, j called lo the fact that. ! Attention the boardi deferred classification otherwise. "If tarmerfi whose hands are LECTUREONWAR RCT. Backncr to Tell oi the British People in the Strangle. Rev. George W. Buckner, pastor of the Cbristiaa church, will deliver a i lecture Friday evening, March 29. In the church on "The British and the manufactured will be conveyed through tho company's gas pipe lines throughout northern West Virginia and Into tile Pittsburg district. The Hope company owns 500 Dutch ships ill American waters. At the same time Great Britain was taking over Dutch vessels in British ports. A total of 77 ships of probably 600,000 tons were adic-d to the American eo was Ihe last surviving son of Charles Cuneo. A brother, Lawrence died only seven months ago. Eight other children are, also deceased. Three cousins of Joseph Cuueo aro in the service of the United States, merchant marine by the requisition: J o h n Cuneo being at Camp Hancock, ing. Another -100,000 tons are put into ! Ga - Md Frank Cuneo, "somewhere in " of "Upper Freeport coal in that vicin- [United States and Europe. Uy,.-which will bo utilized in the manufacture of gas. A-lUetd service by Great Britain's ac- , France." Both are from this city. UOB. Most of will be used in the ; Second Lieutenant John DePerie of cros I food-carrying trade between the 'Tyrone is located in a Tennessee camp. fected in this new call fail to (lie affidavit they should have no cause for complaint if their men are taken statement says, to protest later." be useless DISTKICT ALSO HEAVILY ATTACKED. PARIS, March 21.--A strong attack as made today ty the Germans :airi5t French positions in the 'oevre, the war oiBce announces at after spirited fighting Che enemy as driven back. General Wood went abroad last De- HUNDREDS SEE TRACTORS cember to study war problems at first Sand. Late in January while h« with 30 or 30 other French and American officers were watching the firirig from a trench mortar in a training camp a shell exploded killing some of the men with him and wounding others. It was only a few days ago tha: he'left a hospital after convalescing from wounds. General BeH also arrived in Prance in December and has been visiting the battle front and training camps. JST OF WAR REACHES ASTOXISHISG TOTALS. AMSTERDAM, March 21.--A war edit of 15.000,000.000 marks wai oufbt before the reichs-tag today for ·st reading. Count von- Roedern. cre'ary of the imperial treasury said ?rm.iny's monthly war cost had in- eas^d from S.OOO.OOO.W! marks in e winter of 1915 and 1916 to 3,750,0-000 in the last five months owing: th ry ga,i :al cost of the w; of which he d impended. 3JO,MOJ)00,030. HL'SS IMPOSE MOKH JJUJU)K.NS OS' MOSCOW, March 21.--Germany has increased her demands upon Rumania and nev asks that Rumania surrender to the Central Powers all of her own war munitions, as well as tlios=j left in Rumania by allied troops. 100 ·flroxiis THYSICLIXS OOlXG TO PHJJfCE. NEW YORK, March 21.--One hundred American women physicians will leave in a few days for Prance where they will undertake to save the cliil- :(l bos- .'· increased supply of necessar- idren of the allies, it was announ -· war. The secretary gave the ', today bf- the American Women's b ·ar as 550.000,000,060jpltal. which is financing the project tie said tbe Entente ^* B " of the physicians are specialists U'orld v;lar" for the benefit of the sol- diera' and sailors' fund of the Chris, t t[an Endeavor society of the church. 'The society is attempting to keep in touch with all members of the congregation AvhO'bave answered the call to the colors and provide them with various articles., The lecture will be of interest to tha public in general. Rov. Buckner spent six years in England, more than three of this time during the course of the war. Six Xachines Entered In Deraoiistra tion Xear.Uniontown. Between 1,200 ai\d 1,500 farmers! from all parts o[ the county gathered: (j oa | 5Jan Holds "Get Together" Party HICK is HOST. at the William Thompson faTm nearj TJfniontown yesterday and witnessed practical demonstration ot tho value of the modern tractor in farm work. Demonstrations were given by six zna^lunoE. The test WB arranged by tlie Fayette County Farm Bureau. SUPERVISOR NAMED JTait Represents Fuel Administration in Indian Creek. J. II. Cover o( Cumberland, Md., has been appointed district representative of the fuel administration in Somerset county and tlie Indian Creek valley, Fayette county. His supervision extends to ail operations tributary to the Baltimore Ohio and Western Maryland railroads in that territory. 1'or Kovhood Friends, W-. E. Rice was host at a dinner at the Royal Hotel last night when lie and four boyhood acquaintances from his home town of Oloaii, N. Y., got. together for the firtft time in many years The guests SPRING BEGINS Winter Is at An Knd aod J^Rir Weather is Brouiis»'d A'otr. Today Is the first day ot spring, and although it seemed tor a time this morning as though a shower would usher In th e day the sun broke through about noon. Tho weather roan predicted fair weather for the dny. , Although today is officially recognized as the first .day of spring, the past several days have been so baha- that mauy gardners in rh e city have turned over tire earth for their first EXTINGUISH FIRE The body was accompanied bero from Camp Sherman by the father and Corporal Thomas Reese, also of Battery B. ! The funeral services will be held Scouts Beat Oat Flames in _F,wt Part | Saturday morning from the St. Rita ; Italian Catholic church on the Vest the Side at 10 o'clock. Interment will bo Bast Park Addition was extinguished I made in St. Joseph's cemetery. Addition; Forty on Job. A bad brush, tire, burning Park Addition was extinguished '· made by Boy Scouts yesterday afternoon,. In addition to his father deceased .The boys were in charge o f . Scout |i s survived toy a slop-mother, Mrs. ^ olrrra ' ss ' oncr - Stone and work-! Rose Cvmeo and several aunts and. crop. A hoavy demand for sets Is expected ' ivithio. tho week. onion qd for several hours with the flames, j uncles as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Abmil -10 scouts made up the fire fight- Cuneo: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cuneo; ing squad.. and Mrs. Albert Cvmeo. The iire had spread through t h e j ---Chestnut Hill cemetery and was burn-; ing towards the W ood s back oj wins ; . fAMDAWV UMrAWl Road. It was extinguished just as it reached Lhp edge of the heavy timber. : Much ground was covered by tie j flames, which spread rapidly through; Some I the dry brush. BARNES STILL A MARVE War Yeternn Walks from Uniontown to Cnmberlmid IB a Pay, S. Gilbert Barnes, heUer knowni as _ Soldier Barnes, member of the Seventh ' m ade t Cavalry of Ute Ciril War, wfco is Uik- jb^alU . j ing from PitJsbnr.g to Camp Lee, cov- '· A higher sick and death rate prevail- ^luinjfps jladc in Prrsonnel of : CrawT'ord Avt-nuc Firm. The Horner company anuounces the reorganization of the com7«Liiy by the election o£ tho following oHicers: E. W. Horner, president and manager; K. William Pack- of Philadelphia, set-- rciavy, succeeding E. J. Horner, now Higher Sick and 'Death JOatc in 'a- ' a t, Canip Hancock, with the HOth Reg- "nieni. U. S. Infantry; C. L. Horner, treasurer, succeeding F. D. Mnnson, ARMYHEALTH.GOOD Army Than Xational Gmir-d. By AKS'.ic)Q.i£d Press. WASHfNGTOiV. March. 21.--The; now in the ordnance departnjent, sta-, army health report for the lasi week j tioned at Waslxington, D. C. public today sho-ws that the of the iroops generally is good. were Captain Stanley ered the 62 miles betcwen Uniontown U5CIS PLEADS WITH Rl'SSlASS TO KES1ST. MOSCOW. March ii.--Russia will mtoally become a German province il Russians wil! lose tbeir liberty if y tul«iit to the peace fnrced by ia. tuberculosis. foal Tipple Barns. SOMEBSBr, March 21.-- Fire Tuesday destroyed the large coal- tipple ot the Roy Si Stuil Co., near Somerset, entailing a loss of $3,000. The structure [wojects nver the branch line of J Central Powers. David R. Francis,! the Baltimore £ Ohio Sailroad and is American arabassador. declared i used in furnishing coal for the en- a ttjueraent to the Russian people j giaeg. ued from Uie Americas embassy at The origin, ol tac blaze is not netnnre to C'unip Hnncocli. James A. Darr, a member of the lldtti Regiment Hospital Corps who has been spending a furlough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dar- of South Pittsburg street returned to camp this morning. Darr is in training at Camp Hancock, Ga. Fopcst Fires E#ge, Forest fires yesterday barned orer 50 to 60 acres near Kairchance cans- Ing a loss of many hundreds of dollars to young tiinber. Another fire in. lie vicinity. of Coolsprlng barned over about an equal area. Lewis, who is piloting the "Overland Submarine" tliat is here at this time; Jack and Doni Hair, proprietors of tho "West Pcnn poolroom, and Jack Ball, heart of the Ball Stock company, ploying at the Soisson. No Orders Yet Tbe local draft boards for District Nofi. 2 and 5 have not yet received any orders to prepare for sending the next coTitiugont of men lo Camp Lee. It has been reported that No. 2 -will sent 52 men and No. 5 40. Natior.n.1 Army than in Naiiona) The? company has recently established new connections and will ua.nd]o several important lines of merchandise not Heretofore represented in this and Cumberland Tuesdar between 9 | Guard camps. ThiB was du*. tho report ; c it'. A more aggressive policy, will o'clock in the morning and early night, according to a atory from Gum- fa erliUHi. ' Barnes is 72 years old and is the uud-lsputod long distance ULKfer* of the country. Ho seem* to be nearly equal to tho days of old vvhon he made rec- j orris. says, to the recent arrival at the be adopied and tho business will be camps of large numbers of drafted j materially enlarged. The store has men. ; just been Total' drains for tbe week In all ' presents t camps were ISO against 156 the week j pearance. completely renovated and. bright and attractive ap- FOOD PRICES DROP HuUcr is Doivn Four Cents a Pound j From FiRttre of Week Ago. R!0J! TO CONFISCATE lie *rivate Troperty of Krery Kind ( Conferred on the Presidou!. [ By AsBOCia-lcd Press. j WASHINGTON, March 21.--Dnder a i Prlcee on eouie foodstuffs are drop- I bill sent to tho Senate Military Corn- Charles E. Thomas, of Scottdale. t e fC Uie Headqnarlerx conrpany o£ | the IlOth infantn,- at Carop Hancock. , has been aoxk-d to the force of salesmen. ping. U utter has declined four cents pound in the past week. Onioni mittee yesterday by acting Secretary "War Crowell, the President would are being offered in the city as low as ; be empowered during the war to take i over private property of any kind, per- I two and a half cents a pound. Generally fair tonight and Friday i ] Potatoes are quoted from 30 to -10 | sonai or real estate, with corapensa- NO CAMP LEE MEN "Will Pnrticipn1' in Liberty Jxian Parade in Fittsburt; April C. Director Gencr-al of Railroads McAdoo has decided that on account. oC the railroad congestion in the Pius- soraawhat colder Friday is tlie noon weather - forecast for "Western 1'enn- Eyivania. btirg district it be impossible to Temperatera 1DJ7 52 ititutnum. -Mean. __ The Youg-h river fell from 3.30 feet to 3.20 leet 1518 __56 -U 67 53 liorins the cents a peck. Milk lias dropped slight- , tion for the owner, whenever duemed; permit a rtetachmeiu of soldiers from necessary tor tbe national security or; camp Lee to participate in the demon- conduct ot tno govcrr.mcni. | stration. to be gh'en in Pittsburg on 'April C, the day uyon which the thira I-iberty Loan campaign will be in- aug^t rated. ^"w Cotnmereiul Ilonrosenteiive. J. C. McConnick, traveling coal freight agent of the Baltimore Obio Kailroarf Dill SisneiL WASHINGTON', March 21.--Prcsi- Railroari company, has been mane|denl Wilson today signed the bill commercial representative with head- Quarters in the First National Dank j building, Bniontowu. bringing railroads under government operation and. control nntil 21 montis after tiie ecd ol the war. ^"helber this decision will also prevent, men coming home on furlough before emharking lor overseas duty hag not been staietl

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