The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1918
Page 8
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fAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COTJKIE'R, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 191S, THE NEW DOG LAW MAKING ALL KINDS OF REDOUBLE bo4r Wants Them Burning »t large:; Jfobody IT ants to Kill Them. LAW MUST BE STANDARD GRADES FOR EGGS, CORN, WHEAT, OATS AND STRAW ARE ADOPTED S»j-s tte Attorney General In Answer to MMT Ixjnlrlcs for Interpretation oJ Its PxoTbuoas; Officers - Jfuted Ones TTiio Can .Enforce Law. Tbe new state dog license law, which was enacted primarily to protect r v eep and encourage raising of such atimals for TVOO! and meat and by regulating ownership and control of animals eliminate the ownerless and worthless. cur, is making all kinds of trouble. More questions have arisen under it taan any single law that has been enacted for years. Farmers, hunters and plain forks f have been having their troubles, while the authority, or liability, as the case I may be, of officers to' shoot ownerless a:iimals has been called into dispute to say nothing of the manner in which county treasurers must issue the 'licensee. County commissioners appear reluctant to enforce the act in many counties. The chief 'sdurre of trouble appears to be the farmers themselves and nert the resident of cities who rive near limits and whose dogs stray into townships. The farmers are required to pen dogs up at night and not allow them to run at large off their crwn proper- erties. This is where the sheep are to be protected, but the Tanners' dogs are as much given to roaming as those of the city dwellers and conflicts of authority have arisen. Hunters have laised the question whether in train- ng dogs they must nave them always in leas-h and also what effect the act's strict requirements as to control .s going to -have nert fall when the hird season is on. The situation appears to be that no one wan-ts to nave the dogs running around at lan;e and no one wants the obligation 10 kill them. No end of inquiries have been made by the Department rt Agriculture of the Attorney General's Department for interpretations of the law. In a general opinion covering many of the points raised the attorney general has declared that for the purpose of enforcing the law the officer specified m the act, which are "The chief of police or his agents, of any city, the high constable of any borough or the constable o£ any borough, not having a high constable, and the constable of any incorporated town or township," are the only officers who are authorized to kill anr dog which does not bear a license tag, when found running at large. For killing a dog the officer shall be paid $1 and the same amount for detaining a licensed dog. The attorney general holds that any person who refuses or neglects to perform his official duties, or any individual owner of a dog who neglects or refuses to produce a licenfe for a dog owned or acquired, or any person who kills, injures or poisons a dog. or who harbors an unlicensed dog. or knowingly makes any false statement or conceals any facts required to be disclosed under the provisions of the law. shall be subject to toe penalties prescribed, which are a fine not exceeding $100, or. three months imprisonment. "It is the duty of the county com- missionej-s in the several counties says the attorney general' to see that the law is enforced in their own jurisdiction; and. the secretary of agriculture may employ aH means for its enforcement; and, to this end may call any other state department, bureau, or commission to assist in the enforce-' ment of its provisions." Em-can of M*rk«U Prescribes Thai 'o. 1 Eggs Xist Xot be Over I 1 our Dajs Old JUid of Certain Weight Standards for grades of eggs- corn, wheat, oats and straw hare been adopted by the Bureau of Markets of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and -will shortly be issued in bulletin form. Pennsylvania fancy No. 1 grade eggs must be non-fertile and not over four days old. They must be clean, unstained, uniform in size, shape and color, firm and strong shelled, must be approximately two and one-fourth inches long and about one and seven- tenth inches at the widest diameter and weigh from 24 to 2S ounces to the dozen. The eggs of this grade must _ he strictly fresh. The yolk should be i ^ h ' 0Dw Take Nuxated Iron, Says Doctor, If You Want Plenty of "Stay There" Strength Like an Athlete! Makes Delicate, \erwna, Rundown People Stronger in Ten Pays' Time, in 3tany Cases, Moat people foolishly seem to think they axe smny to get reneged health and strength from some stimulating medicine, secret nostrum or narcotic dru£, said Dr. R. Sauer ,a Boston PhyalcicLn wlio has studied widely, both fn this country and in great European MedicaJ Institutions, when, as a. fact, real and true strength can only como from the food ,you eat. But peopio often fail to Ret the strength out of their foot! because they haven't enough, iron in their blood to enable it to change food into living- matter. From their weakened, nervous condition they know something is wronsr,'but limy can't tell what. U you are not strong or well. j ou owe it to your- elf to make the following test: jelly-like- in. appearance, but the oat- side layer of the albumen should be watery. Old eggs may be distinguished by the flat appearance of the yolk, and by the uniform watery appearance of the albumen. Pennsylvania choice grade eggs must meet the requirements in freshness and be non-ferule, but there are no requirements rgarding size- weight, color or uniformity. Corn Is dirid*d into three grades for yellow, three for white and four for mixcc: corn. Red winter wheat has five gradmgs and hard, winter wheat the same number. Spring wheat ha.5 four grades and white spring wheat the same number, while there are several other classifications. Oats and hay have also been divided into grades according to quality. OPES NOSTRILS! END A COLD OR CATARRH Horr Ttt Gtt Belief Wkex Head and Nose are Stated Up. Count fiftr' Tour cold in bead or catarrh disappears. Your clogged nos- triis will open, the air passages of your head will clear and you can breathe freely. No more snuffling, hawking, mucous discharge, dryness or headache; no struggling tor breath at night, Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream B?Jm from your druggist and apply a little of this fragrant antiseptic cream in your nostrils. It penetrates through every air passage of tho head, soothing and healing the swollen or inflamed mucous membrane, giviag you instant relief. Head colds and catarrh yield like magic. Don't stay Muff up and miserable. Relief is sure. -- far you can walk without htjcom" ins tired. Next take two flve- srafn tablets of ordinary nu-tatfd iron three times per day -after meals for two weeks Then test your strenj?th a^ain and see for yourself how much you have gained. I have seen dozens of nervous, run-down people, who were ail in c; all the whik-, most astonish(nply their strength and endurance simply by taking- iron In the proper form and t h I B after they had In "some caspg be*n doctoring for months without obtaining any benefit. But don't take the old form o' r reduced Iron, Iron acetate or tincture of iror simply to f?avo a few cents. Ton must take iron !r a form that can be easily absorbed and assintiJated, Jike nutated iron, if you want it to do you any good, otherwise it may prove worse tn,in useless. Many :ui athlete or priKc fighter has won the day simply because he fcnnv the secret of great strength and endurance which from having plenty of iron in thr- blood, wliil e many another has I! dawn io inglorious defeat slrapry lor tlie J.ick of iron. NOTE--iKoxatod Iron which \s prescribed and recomtrwntii'd above by Dr. K Sauer, and, other physici.ina. is not a secret remedy but one which is well k n o w n to (IruffRrists everywhere. Unlike t h e older inorganic ITOT produots, k is easily asstmllateU, tfoen not njtire the teeth ,nui);e them blnck. nor upset the Htoroach. The manufacturers guarantee successful and entirely satisfactory refaults to every purchaser or they will refund your money. It la dls- peitsexl bj A. A, Clarice and all o^t fl.--Adv. ITCHING IRRITATION EASILY CURED When y-oti suffer -rath any skin trouble, even though tie Itching seems unbearable- do not rfrfrcfr that it is necessary to use some disgusting, greasy ointment. Try Hokara, a pure and simple cream, that is guaranteed to contain no grease or acids and -which is so cleanly that it does not soil the linen. Its power to instantly relieve any irritation oC the skin and mal.t it soft, white and beautiful is almost miraculous. Not only do minor skin troubles like pimples. blackh«ads, acne, barber's itch, etc., quickly disappear, but the worst ulcers or cases ot saH rheum or ec/reoia are cleansed and healed by this wonderful siiin food. In order that any one may try Ho- kara at small expense, A. A.'Clarke's Drug Store are selling a liberal-sized jar at S5c. and in addition guarantee to refund the money IE the treatment does not do all that is claimed lor it. --Adv. Indian Creek. Charles Rowan and Harld Prinkey are spending today among Connells- vllle friend:. George Arzbacher from lull Eun is a business caller in Connellsville and Broad Ford. Frank Steindl and "Walter Nicholson are Connellsville marketers today. Rev. F. S. "Wertman from Mill Run is spending today among Connellsville friends. Q. B. Jones returned from Johnstown today an.i !eft for It dian Head over the Connon Ball Rome. iliss Sadie Kooser left for Coanells- vile today where she is attending high school. James .Mountain is shaking hands with Connellsvil'.e friends today. If Tou Are Hunting Bargains Read the advertising columns ot The Daily Courier. You will fiad them. Perryopolis. PCRRYOPOLIS, March 19.--J. B. Snyder and Edward Francis were Connellsville callers Monday. Mrs. H. H. Slocum was shopping in Connellsville Monday. Edrannd Martin is serving on tbc jury this week. Thin-man Hixenbangh, W. C. Townsend, James Brown, O. E. Herwick, j Clarence Carson, William "W'eiraer and L -A.' Brown motored to P-.ttsburg Monday. Patronize those who advertise. Miss Alice Stalley 13 spending this week with relatives at Sewickley. John Eskin and family are moving to Steubenville, O., this week. The Fayette county agent of Agriculture will speak in the election room of the school house Thursday evening. Pictures of Panl -will be shown in the M. K. church Thursday evening under the auspices of a class of boys taught by Miss Dessa Hall. The "West Newton girls and boys basketball teams will play 'here to- nigbr. Honorable Samuel W. Small wiTl address the patriotic mass meeting to be held Friday evening. Miss Dru- cllla Piper spent Sunday -with her relatives at Layton. Mr. and Mrs.."William Armstrong and Mr. aud Mrs. J. 0. Stenger have returned from a motor trip to Petersburg. Va. The Philo Literary Society will render a program Friday afternoon. Patronize those who advertise. sioiwjp Get at the Real Cause--Take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets That's what thousands of sufferers are doing now. Instead of taking torics, or trying to patch up a poor digestion, they ore attacking the real cause of the ailment--clogged liver and disordered bowels. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets arouse the Ever in a soothina healing way. Whan the liver aad bowels are performing their natural functions, away goes icdigestioD and stomach troubles. U you have a bad taste in your month, tongue coated, appetite poor, lazy, don't-care feeling, no ambition or energy, troubled with undigested foods, you should take Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel Dr. Edwards' Olive TaWela are a purely vegetable compound mixed with oiiye oil. You will know them by their olive color. They do the work without griping, cramps or pain. Take one or two at bedtime for quick relief, so yon can eat what you. like. At 10c and 25c per box. All druggists, Dunbar. Db'NBAK, -March 19.--Mr. and Mrs. John Vishart left today for the Mayo Brothers hospital, where Mrs. Wishart will enter for treatment. Thomas Keneer of Speer's Hill was a business caller in Connellsville Saturday. Dunbar Troop No. 1 on the Boy Scouts is requested to attend a dedication of the service flag m the high school Thursday evening. llrs. B. L. Frett of McDonald is visiting her sister, Mrs. P. A. Courtney of Connellsville street. Classified Adv'jm--rictrta Brine results. Cost only lo a word. PARAMOUNT JHE ATRE TODAY BLUEBIRD PRESENTS VOLET .MERSEREAU IN "MORGAN'S RAIDERS" DRAMA IS' 5 ACTS. ALSO L KO CO.MKDY IS 2 ACTS. --TOMORROW-. -A. BRADY PRESENTS CARLYLK BLACKWEIJ, AXD KVKLY.N G REELY IN "HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS" A WORL.D PRODUCTION IN 6 ACTS. --ALSO-- ··CCKKKNT T:VEXTS" SHOWIVG ALL TUB LATEST NEWS. ORPHEUS THEATRE TODAY ·Tin; HKAKT or FEATURING JUNE CAPRICE Als.o "The Mutual Weekly." T 0 M 0 R R 0 W Margarita Fischer in "JU/TED JASET" What Happened to Her at Her Neighbor's House. SOISSON THEATRE THURSDAY, FHIBAY, SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 22, 23. MA-TOE! DAIXY. 1V/T A TWT 1V1/\1V! The Most Sensational Play of the Present Ago. Comedy, Surprises, Singing, Dancimr, Fun. COraTKY STOKE FRIDAY. Committee of Censors Appointed to 1'raisi- or Condemn Tljis Play: John Duggan, Jr., James J. Driscoll. R. W. Leiberger, Edward Duggan, 11. O. Clabaugh, M. B. Pryce, C. B. Stout, Walter S. Stimmel, John Kiferle, H. C. Hays, R. W. Hoover, Thomas V. Donegan, Jos. JO. Stader, Hairy Van Gorcler. LAST TIME TONIGHT "Pretty Miss Nobody" SAVE THE HAIR And get more of it. Use Our Bald Head Hair Grower It truthfully will grow hair on Heads. See Forst, Scottdale Druggist. A Drug Store for the People. N EURALG1A For quick results rub the Forehead and Temples with BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25c Come to the Easter Store! For Easter marks the season for new apparel. And this store has In every sense of the word prepared bountifully and ·well. Smart Easter apparel for women--for men--for boys. 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