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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, January 14, 1930
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L ast ILidition Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. rice VOL. 28, NO. 51 The Wi-pklr Cotirk-r, Foiitidi'il ,)«Jj- 17, lf.711. 'I'lio Oally Courier, Kuundeil Kovfmhcr JO, J003. Blcrjjeil. J u l y IS, man, CONNliJLL.SVILL.E, PA., TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 14, 1930. TWELVE PAUES. KENDALL URGES DELEGA1 OF AT LEAST 50 AT RIVER HEARING ©- Nurnbers Will Have Considerable Bearing on Success of Project Before United S t a t e s Army Engineers. BLAKE VERY BUSY GATHERING DATA The hearing on canalization of tho Youghlogheny River, scheduled for 10 o'clock Monday morning In Courtroom No. 3 of tho Building i n Pittsburg, will be held at that time, it was announced this morning i n a letter to Major John 13, Blake, executive secretary of the Connells- v i l l o Board of Trade, from Congressman Samuel A. Kendall. "We would like to have a representation of at least i.ellsvilie," v,rotr tho 50 from Con- congressman, and those familiar w i t h hearings such as nre to bo held before Major J a r v i s ,1. Bain. United States Army engineer in T'lttsburg, Insist that attendance and Interest by people of the cotn- munllied afflicted have considerable bearing on tho success of the projects. Major filake is v i r t u a l l y swamped with gathering In details which it will bo necessary to present at the hear- i n g At P l t i s b u r g , McKeesport and West Newton similar activity is under ·way and a s.cssion w i l l be held at West Newton on Thursday for the purpose of assembling such written matter as w i l l be laid before the Array engineer. .The Board of Trade secretary spent a busy clay in I'lltsburg yesterday and is both encouraged and elated by I n f o r m a t i o n gleaned t h r r o . The Pitts- b u r g Chamber of Commerce is giving !h'i proposition Its whole-hearted support and w i l l have a r e p r e s e n t a t i v e at the h e a r i n g on Monday. Tho I'lttsbm-R Conl .Exchange yesterday passed a resolution endorsing tho improvement and tho, woight of Influence wielded by t h a t p o w e r f u l organization of coal companies w i l l be put behind tho project. The m a t t e r w i l l bo laid before City Council at a special session to be,held t i l l s a f t e r n o o n . Mayor 11. U. Mlneril will ask for a resolution in favor of . anaUzfitiou rind It w i l l be Included v - i t h other w r i t t e n m a t e r i a l . Tho State geologist, Major Blake learned yesterday, has abandoned p l a i i H to speak at State College on M o n d n v a n d w i l l a t t e n d t h o hearing in the i n t e r e s t s ot the river improve- L F. RUTH BACKS UP BANK CLEARING FIGURES SHOWING BIG LEAD OVER UNIONTOWN "Our figures are complied strictly^ In accordance w f : h the requirements of tho Federal Reserve and aro so reported to them. We do not Include any checks on out of town banks sent to our depositories in Plttsburg, New York or any ottur town." This was the statement today of Linford F. lluth on behalf of t h e Con- neHsville Clearing House Association when showed an ( xcerpt from the Un- lontown News-Stnndard which reads: "A. flat denial was made by Mr. Dnrby (T. P. Darby, secrtary and treasurer of the U n i o n t o w n Clearing House Association) of a report from Connellsytlle t h a i 192!) clearings in t h a t city will ex Bed Uniontown's by at least $16,001' 000. Connellsville counts every ch"ck dispatched for SENATOR GRUNDY BACKS DEEPENING OF YOUGH RIVER Views Contained In Letter Congressman Adam 31. W y n n t of Ureonsburg. to n t h e · on! i i i SiimiH'l A. KenclulJ. .Ula'niM. \ V y i n t unl M. Clyde Kelly w i l l i i t t o n d IUK! lend t h t - i r support t»j (he ilfinum! tor approval of the pro;M-I aiul cvoi-y r o n u n u u i t y betveen i h i ~ i - i i y sind 'he m o u t h o t t h o btmim ,t Mt-Ki-. i-poii w i l l have ropro^^nt'i- i v c-i prosciu. " A l l ) i ' i - , o u s i n t r r c s l p d i n this r i v - er Iinprovi'itit nt iiro not o n l y i n v i t u d b u t un;»(l to attend." .said Major i»jri T U ri D H l a k , t h i s niovnins. "Wo do not care AiNlH HtK hnu, ( h o y arrange to got therp. "hey i n a v KO by t r a i n or automobile, but v. hiu is I m p o r t a n t is t h a t they arrive by 10 o'clock as the hearing will bei;in on t h : i t hour sharp. This project h a s reached i stage whore its sue c ·.« mint not be i m p e r i l l e d by a vsi'dk u t l - - m l a i i f o . w h i f h rrii{?ht indicate- an a p p a r e n t lack of interest and vvery citizen w i t h t h e w e l f a r e of Ms c i t y at lieiirl xliouUI make tin aoaest t-fioi't to be present." Representative Joseph IS. Henderson Is engafji'd In collecting statis- t i al nuitpriiil w i t h the assistance! of vurlous posil cornpunins in the region a n d urgliiR- t h e i r s u p p o r t . URGES PEOPLE TO CO-OPERATE WASHINGTON'. J a n . 14. -- Aloni; with tho first forma! expression of views by Senatoi Joseph R. Grimily on waterway dev l o p m e n t in Western Pennsylvania, t l i p prediction ·nan made last n i g h t by representative Adam M. W y a n t of Greensburs; t h a t Improvement of the YoiiKhJoghony River would be t h e next important step to be t a k e n by the Government in that territory. On the eve of a conference to bo called by tho d i s ' r i c t army engineer in Pittsburg n e x t Monday to -onalder th proposal, W y c n t declared the improvement project would mean untold p r o s p e r i t y t ) tho groat coal, limestone and a g r i c u l t u r a l rectors sc"ved by the Youghioghuny. "We have been vorking at t h i s now for three years,' he said, "and it ioo'cs like our drc irn is about to come true." The conference in P l t t s b i i r p r with !h« i district engiii"er w i l l bo hold at 10 A. M. next M o n d a y in tho Fed* oral Building, t t a t p geological ox- ports as Avell as i - i f o r m w l men on tho mineral, coal, c l a v , K r a v p l and agri- U o n t l r i u c i l o'i Pajfe Seven. Pltts'burs, Philadelphia o* New York clearings. IE such checlm were ln- cludod in the Uniontown 1929 clearing report the aggregate w o u l d reach $100,000,000 It Is believed." Continuing- hie statement to a Courier reporter, Mr. R u t h declared: "The 1929 local bank cloarings were over $51,000,000 or an average of $982,396 each week. "The large volume of bank clear- Ings is accounted Cor by the huge payroll accounts which certainly reflect industry in Conneliaville." Ths excerpt declared that the Un- ionk-wn bank oloarings for 19S9 would $31,000,000. which on the face of tho r e t u r n s of tho Coimells- ville association, are ?20,000,000 lose than those of this four local banks. Womqn Fight for Places At tyohn Donohoe Inquest Special to The Courl' r. UNJONTOWN, Jan. H.--recauso of (.he intense inleresl on Hie ] art or Mie public in the inqueat into t h e of John F. Do no hoe H was necessary Ibis aPternoon -to shift (he pi oceedlngs to the aiiiclltoriuin of the n e w Building. Courtroom No. I, where the sessions week were held, was not available 'because of a i ou'nt ea*e and H was found Courtroom No. 2 was entirely inadequate. Testimony wais sch eel idled fo begin fit 1-30 o'clock but it was i lore than ·a half 'hour later when the first witness. Mrs, McCloan, form- r housekeeper for Donohoe, was cal od to the stand. Women oiiitivunibei e-d mei in the through which jammed cow idors and ex MB. Tihey ifouelrt with men Dor places from which -they jnlgh t hear. At 2 o'clock chairs were plao d on the «U|fe for the memheis of the jury and the space they h a d ore pied was g-Iven over to the public. The first witness. M r s . McClean, testified ( h a t M a y o r L u t h e r S. Crawford and C o n s t a b l e D. Provance Hood and Morton New Directors of Second National were tho first persons to ~f o to her house nfter the f o r m e r stale trooper's body had been round and hut later County Detective A. A. Dov ning and a n o t h e r man W a i t e d his roo n. Coroner S, A. H a l l ? wantei to know If lliey w o n t t h r o u g h his pi pars and she said thai she was u n a b e to say. She told of A t l o r n e } Antho iv Caval- c u n l e and Donohoe's brothei "and sis- tor going t h r o u g h papers in the room after tho f u n e r a l services. Attorney Cavalcante asked h e r who the first persons to |jo through Donohoc'a papers were. "I'm not .sure," she answered. "Mr. Crawford and Mr. Provauce came up first b*ut I'm not sure they went t h r o u g h the papern." Anthony Taesoue of Republic, automobile dealer, said his first knowledge oE any implication in the Uonohoe case came last week when his daughter reicl in a newepaper that a llcenee tag n u m b e r which had been Issued t o him had been epoken of in the testimony, being given at the inriuest that day. "!B No. X28-168 your tag number?" questioned Attorney Cavalcante, "Yea sir," he answered. "What kind of care do you deal in?" "Graham-Paige." "Any other kind?" "No sir." "During the latter part of July were you the owner of a Buick or Hudson car?" "No. I never had either kind last year." "Did you about the day Donohoe'e body was f o u n d miss any of your tags?" " "No." "Until last week sometime when tag No. X29-1BS wae mentioned did anyone talk with you concerning those and make- an i n q u i r y concerning the Donohoe murder?" "No." "N'o shite police or anyone elee?" "Xo." Institute Will Be Held January 30 to February 1 Hi) SLAYERS OF FOUR IN PAYROLL HOLDUP IN NEW YORK CAR Officers $efc Number and Hopeful of Locating Murderers. Are Five of Country's Eminent Educators Listed for Three-Day Gathering at Hlnrh School NIGHT SESSION IS ARRANGED GUARD SAVES THE PAYROLL WILKflS-BARRia, PH., Jan. 14.-- A band of hold-up men dynamited Wertheimer, William, Grant Dull, Jame« C'. Missirag Aviators Foud Dead With Wrecked Airplane Uy U n i t e d JPress. AMSTON, Conn,, J a n . 11.--The lost monoplane in .vhich Daniel Marra and William K i r k p a t t ' i c k set out on an a l t i t u d e test i r o m Kami Ing Ion, Long Island, last Friday was f o u n d wrecked near here today. The bodies c.f the two aviators wore foanil near tho ship, which was badly damaged by tire. Tho plant* was discovered in the woods near A m s t o n Lake by Krecl Uowley, a KmeKeeper. Tho locality where the fog-blinded filers died had been the graveyard of t w o m a i l i l i c r ; w i t h i n t h e last t h r e e yea is. - T h e J129.- I'arlh I I 1 A U H 1 S B U K G . J a n . H fi!! f r a u d d i i u o v o r e d in w i t h the p a y m e n t of i u d o i n u i t i i ' s puitl (jy the Hurcai: of Anim.ii H u s b a i u l i v of tho Depart! II+MI t of A t ; r l c u l l u r o for tho k i l l n i g of tubt-rcuKu- c a t t l e \v,is partly c I wired tip t o d a v w h e n .!u\ 1! TlioiuuM and C h a r i o t t'. S'.irk [ilo.tdcd g u i l t y to a c - h u s ' ij I - . M I . ~ P M . U - N a n d iclx clmric« of forger; . FEVER CASE FOUND IN FREIiPORT FAMILY P1TTSBURG, H.-- The t h i r d case ot parrot fevT, or psittacosis, in the Piltsburfi d t o l i t c t was reported today when a ' nini-year-old Freoport girl became i l l w i t h the malady which took her g r a n d m o t h e r ' s life last Saturday. Mary Walker, g r a n d c h i l d of Mrs, William Shield*, F1, of Freeport, who Olcd Saturday, wa- stricken today. A daughter of M i s , Shields, Elaine, IS, iesaleo ill w i t h th discaee. JOHNSTOWN, N. Y., Jan. 14.--- Parrot t'ever caused i h e d e a t h today of Mrs. Anna Sweaiii, 33, who contracted the malady from i parrot sho received ae a Chr'stmas present. The death is believed 'o be the flret in New York elate caused by the istrariga dlseaao. NEW YORK, Jan. 14.-- N i n e cases of parrot fever wen reported in the New York area today. Two cases aro in the Bronx, time in one f a m i l y in Brooklyn, two In ^ onkpra and two in Youngstowa, New York. Daughter Brings Family to Thirteen Mr. and Mrs. Joi.n Skoloda of Summit urs receiving c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s on (he b i r t h 1ft a da i g h t e r . There arp now 13 c h i l d r e n , 11 of whom are boys. C o n u i i u n t s t H lilot. H L ' C H A R K H T , R u m a n i a . J a n . 14.-C o m m u n i t i t M and u n e m p l o y e d d i b t u r b - , Worth Kilpatrick was ro-elected president of the Second National BanK at the reorganization of (he board of directors this afternoon, William J. Davidson was named vice- president, Alex B. Hood, cashier, and J, C. Whiteley, assistant r-aehler. At the meeting o£ the stockholders nine directors were chosen. The peven formfjr members re-olected are: Worth KllpRtrick, L. P. IvIcCormlck, David J. Davidson, Munson find Thomas B. Ehard. Alex B. Hood and D. H. Horton are t h e new members of the board. Th Union National Bank stockholders thiij morning re-elected tho flvo directors. They are A wards. J. Donald Porter, J. Sherrard, P. J. Tormay anl J. Dougherty. Tho board wa« to organize this a f t e r n o o n at,3.30 o'clock. Th-e "bonn-d of directors of t'ho First National Bank at Vanderbilt was re- elecl'Hl at tho mooting of tho stoc-k- hoUU-rs tin.-, morning. They are as follows: John I 1 ', Black, Emerson E. Arnold, John A. Cruller, Robert Norrls, Curto C. Collins, William A. Cosgrove and C.' S. Harper. No time has been sot for the reorganization of the board. Council Orders Police Pnfroi CITIZENS MUST BUY FORT NECESSITY IF IT'S TO BE PRESERVED CONTRACT AWARDED FOR AIRWAY ROUTE OVER MOUNTAINS Ry U n i t e d Press. PITTSBURG, Jan. 14.- W. R. ICr- win, chief of the division of supplies of tho Department of Comnierco, announced today tho contract for the construction of the PiUsburg-Wdsh- ington section of the W a s h i n g t o n to Cleveland A i r w a y has been let to M. W. Barrett of Blo-msburg. The major items, which Include, I m p r o v e m e n t of the PHtsburg-arecnsb irg airport, are to be completed w i t h i n 90 clays and t h e entire line f i n i s h e d w i t h i n .'20 days. Tho i m p o r t a n t f e a t u r e of ih'i airway will be e s t a b l i s h m e n t ot new beacons, emergency landing fields, etc., throughout, the Allegheny Mountain district in the hope of r e d u c i n g accidents Mrelch." in treacherous "liell REPRESENTATIVE OF HIGHWAY DEPT. MEETS WITH COUNCIL A ^pecial meeting of City Council wae to be held this afternoon when a representative of 'the Stale Highway Department w i l l dij-uuss th« city's part in repairing tin 1 through thoroughfares which have been included in Ihe State's road program. The streets affected arc Crawford avenue. Snydw street and Morrell avenue. le is to lia/vo a poiico patrol. A need, long f e l t , is to l filled at once TIB ,a. rcHuH of notion t. ken at a meeting of the now C i t y Co mcll last nlghi. Mayor II. D Minerri rope -ted that th-o city automobile, which ,vas pur- Chaed for ILSO of the polic i department was in a bad state of llsrepalr, and that 11 wouM be «xp.nmv« to hav* it fixed u}). Ho itsked oj inions ot other mem'bern cotwxrnlng - remedy and it was f i n a l l y datermin d to pjet a TIOW m-achino, mo-doled -.fter th« fashion of a real patrol wapiti. The purchasing ag«nt wa.s .i-n'thorlz- od to advertise for bids for a new }i''Orl H'-tmriohlle, with a bod suitable for patrol wagon purposes. · biittl'O. business ot any oth r nature was transacted. Councllnrat Cha/rles F. White was absent on acoo nt of ill- ll-PSfl. M. Barrtardo appeared tf request action on a sewpr situation in West Applo street and the solons will personally inspect tho situation GRUNDY WILL OPEN CAMPAJ GN ON JANUARY 25 By United Press. HARRISBURG, Jan. H.--T he opening of Senator Jo eph R. G r u n d y ' s campaign for the nomination to (he office he now hold-i w i l l be fired fit a testimonial d l n n r given him by the M a n u f a c t u r e r s Club of P h i l a d e l p h i a on January 25 H was intimated hero today. Se'fta-tor Grundy himself Jovernor J o h n S. Fisher and J o h n . P i ler, former president of t'hn Hub, will ad- dross the gathering. It is believed that Senatoi G r u n d y will utter the k o y n o t e stab ment of his campaign at t h i s dinner. XTN-IONTOWN, Jan, 14.--To have Fort Necessity, the site of G-eorgo flTst ami only defeat, In a fitting manner ground will liav© to be purchased by paitricnUc 'clitlzon* 'ftT a, psitiMotki organ Ignition. Th« U. S. Govern'men t will not. go to any expense of acquiring any land. These facts were made clear by Gonotvel H. L, Ia)ii ·ers, Assistant S«crolar\ of War, In of momorial .parka who, with Sajmu-el A. K-eadall came bero toda,y for an Inapeotion of tho historic ,-ypot jn tho mouniains noor Fairailngton. Colonel Ijanders said he considered Clvo Fort. Necessity matter of minor importanoG a convpnred wJth other historlca.1. sites whion Jiave been call'Sri to 'his ajttentlon within tho laet two and a half years. Colon-el I/anders _ ind'l-cated thait he would Tsiake a recom(m«n r datlon to the Wai 1 Department, for a memorial, a-nd the 200 acres Including the historical seen* snrrourldhiig; Fort Necessity be 'Pur-chased by outsi-d-erft. The secretary- said Dhart between 3,000 and 4,000 requests similar to ·that from Uniontown had been made to Ms department. ln«ludlng in the list he said was one Worn West Point, Mo., who claim that the battle which turned the itide in the Civil War was foug-ht there. BInck Buck Pro1)o Opens. , PROVIDENCE, n. I., Jan. 14.--With at. loast 17 witnesses to be heard the Providence county grand Jury today opened its investigation Into the Black Duck rum shooting in which three alleged rum smugglers were shot to cleat'h by Coast Guards last December 29. Blast Kills Man. SHENANDOAH, Iowa, Jan. 14.--An explosion destroyed the gas plant of the Iowa-Nebraska Light Power Comparfy today, k i l l i n g one man and seriously I n j u r i n g another. Early Surveys of Yough Provided for Locks and Dams to Connellsville ®- McKeesport to West Vewton To Hiiro Five, Remn nder Of Jloute Three. ARMY ENGINEE FAVORED PLANS ancrs were r o p i i ' t e l f r o m townfi throughout K u m u u i a today. -Many |i*r-on« were i n j u i e d in clothes w i t h pollcp ami h u n d r e n s of rioters arrested. Suim 1 orcnisl. The o u t l u o k tot ay \\,i.-i tomorrow for ?now 'St Aged West Newton Woman Found Dead Special to The Courier., WEST NEWTON, Jan. 14 --Xot seen «ince Christmas by n e i g h b o r s and believed to be v i s i t i n g relatives, Mre. A n n a M. Hood, SB years old. of Suler- vllle, jiwir hero, was found dead at her were botno °" Sunday. An only sou, Freeman, if T r e v a l l n , Va., who hud come to v i s ' t M u s m o t h e r , found her 'lead in a cha r, it newspaper clasped in Jipr hand. Death was a t t r i b u t e d to apoplexy. Part II. In his repori to the Seci tary of War, February 10. 1876, Colo tel Merrill says of the survey betw- en Conn e l l e v i l l e and West N e w t o n : able to establish a slackwater navigation on the Yougluogheny as far up as Connelleville, and knowing tho strong desire of l.he i n h a b i t a n t s !o have such a navigation, 1 directed Colonel Sedgwick to fitop the canal survey at Connellsville, and beyond that place to survey the river to a connection at Weet Newton w i t h the work done in 1873 by L i e u t e n a n t Alahan, engineer. This was done and j,he results are given In the accompanying maps. "Between the- suspension nridge at C o n n n e l l e v l l l e and the bridge at West N e w t o n , a d i s t a n c e of 2G!f. milee, Ihe a makeshift mine pay car on Neport mountalneide, kttUng f o u r men and injuring six, iu a. daring (Utempt to gain a |35,000 payroll, ueed an automobile with New York licenie plaice to ·escape, police told thi United Prese today. The license number was CX-9406. This duo was obtained late lact night but an Immediate cheok -with New York authorities- could not bo made, it wae nali. The attempted holdup wne frus-^ trated through the heroism of one of tho survivors of the car'a crow. At first, the blast "was believed to have been the work of amateurs, but later Investigation by local officers and State Police revealed art elaborate and careful plan by the robbers, who wero willing to e.ommit maps murder to get tho payroll. According to" the police, the bandits Continued on Page Seven, NOISE OF CHILDREN AT PLAY DISMISSED AS DAMAGE ELEMENT UNtONTOWK, Jan. 3 ».·--Thn noiao u£ healthy happy c h l k r e n rollicking about the Hchool playground in not aa element ol damage according to the r u l i n g ma?ie today by J u d g e Thomas H. Hudson as the opening of the second day of the damage suit of Walter C. Craip against the school board of Union tow n to determiro the amount duo him from the city for the appropriation of hia land in Morgantown street on -which was erocted'the Benjamin Franklin Junior i-ligh School. "To some uch matters are noisy. To othere Ihese sounde are the sweetest music wer heard," Attorney HI. C. Higbee declared In furtherance of his argument to have this item excluded from the damage He I. Mr. Craig- yesterday fald that Ihree and a quarter acres taken from him togclher "with further destruction of hie property was worth $100,000. Many realty experts are to "be called on both sides to give estimates of the property. The ConnellsviUe aad Danbar Township school districts -will hold a combined teachers institute on. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, January 30 and 31 and February 1, in the Hifrh School Auditorium, it was announced today by Superintendent Beia B, Smith, Som« of the leading educator* of the United States will be on. hand for the sessione, discussing important topics that confront the faculties in tho elementary and secondary educational institutions. Upwards of 200 tpacheve will be in attendance. This body is larger t h a n many of tha county imtilute» In scattered sections of Pennsylvania. Superintendent Smith announced there will be morning and afternoon sessions on the three days. On Friday, January 31, t h e r e will be an evening session. This has been arranged o t h a t many who desire to attend Ihe. in.vtttute but cannot owing to various dufies throughout the day will have an opportunity of hearing one of the e m i n e n t educators who will be on the three-day program. In addition to the fivo instructor:-, thorp will be 7nany entertain-menl. features by students and teachers of the two school districts. The educators who fire on the program follow: Dr. Elbert H. Fret well, professor of Becondary education, Teachers College, Columbia University, one ot tho country's ranking authorities on extra-curricular activitlee. Dr. K. c. Hartwell, superintendent of public schools at Buffalo, N. V., one of the outstanding city euporin- tendwits and one of the moat popular educational speakers in the land. Tha officials say they are exceptionally f o r t u n a t e to have him on. tha program. Dr. Hartwoll has beon. schcdnlod; -to speak at the only evening session. Miss Mary R. Lewis, Horace Mann Demonstration School, Teachers Col. lege, Columbia University, an author. Hy iu the field of elementary educa- lion, who will conduct conferences w i t h elementary teachers r.s well as speaking before the jr-reral session Dr. Robert M. Stecle," prosirfe-nt of the State Teachers College at California. J3r. Charles R. Foster, president of btate Teachers College at Indiana. Blonde Killer, Two monsMayBe In Arizona Brush PHOENIX, Ariz., Jan. 14.-A possp of 50 pla infiin en with six shooters and Winchester rifles clos-ed in today on a section of, brush wildernesss a fow miles southeast of this city which they believed hid two ban lit, s and * blond woman who kidnaped n dopirty sheriff and fowffht off deputy bhorlffs on the main street of Chandler, a small town near here. ,, After careening through Chandler in a fast motor car and f i r i n g at officers who tried (o h a l t them, the bandits raced toward th* (Angled undergrowth at it he j u n c t i o n of San Pedro 1 and Santa Orti'/, rivers, tho posse close lehlud. Alt/hough officers had no definite tn- formaUon It was believed possible the men and women are those who battled Pennsylvania Ktate Police officers anrt hilled a highway patrolman several weeks a.go. . BUGLE CORPS WILL START PLANS TONIGHT FOR BOSTONCONVENTION At a m e e t i n g called for this evening at ( h e c l u b rooms, the Logiou Drum Bugle orps will consider, among o t h e r t h i n g s , p l a n s for altc-mlance at the n a t i o n a l c o n v e n t i o n of Urn Amer- ciin Legion at Hoston in October. As was the case w i t h tho c o n v o m j o n last ___ { f a l 1 "t Louisville, Ky., the post and , j corps w i l l p r o b a b l y send a large dele- TSvaneelisUc services winch are be- j g a l j o n * lug conducted al the P r e s b y t e r i a n , T f, 0 ' f e l . h odulc PITTSBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT WITH TAXICAB STRIKERS PITTSBURGH, Jan. 14.--More than a ecoro of. taxicab strike breakers were arrested today for ope;xiting without city licenses when Y e l l o w Cab officials defied the orders of Police Superintendent Peter B. * Waliih by using drivers imported from Philadelphia. Tftey were released ;. tier paying a $15 fine each for viola ing of a city ordinance. After the arrests Piltsburg was cableea once- more as it* l.COO regular drivers remained on strike. Meanwhile the pollen depart ment definitely aligned itself wJlh tho striking cabbies by declaring t h a t it would not ieeue city license? required by ·very taxi operator in the city to imported drivers from Philadelphia or anywhere elfie. EVANiGELISTIC SERVICES BEGIN AT UilSENRING C h u r c h at Lei.senrmg N.,. 1 got a w a y yeal . is of a c t i v i t i e s for the " T h i n k i n g t h a t It would be p m c t t c - j f a l l of the river surface is 122.6 feet. As a r u l e , there le a narrow strip of L The Weathtr R a i n and colder t o n i g h t ; Wednes- c"ay r a i n , c h a n g i n g to s i i i - w nul m u c h colder is t h e noon wealhtv forecast for Wcsiern 1'enns -ivania. Tcjiiperalnre Record. 19-29 15 to a good s t a r t last e v e n i n g w h e n more t h a n a h u n d r e d persons gathered. The sermon was delivered by the pastor, Hev. W i l l i a m Hamilton, who will be the s p e a k e r t h r o u g h o u t t h e week. His subject was "The Power bottom land on one fckle and an a b r u p t hill on the o t h e r t h r o u g h o u t | of leaver." Misses Grace a n d Ethel -the d i s t a n c e ; t h e r e are a fe\v points | Mae C o l l i n s of V a n d e r m l t h a n g , w i t h on the line where tho construction of j Miss H n y d e r at the p i a n o . either s l a t ' k w a t c r or canal w o u l d bos | T o n i g h t the B u t e O r c h e s t r a w i l l troublesome, but there is no place that i f u r n i s h music. The ine3tlng w i l l bs comparea iu lift')culty w i t h points ' opened al 7 lf o'clock. Thp p a - t o r above. The worst soction is in t h e 1 i n v i t e s a!! to a t t e n d . Narrowfi, below C ' o n n e l l s v i U e . Here w e ! M i n i m u m h r u e the L i t t l e Falls, S t - 3 miles below C o n n e l l s v i i l c . M i d d l e C'liutc, 10 inilee below, and (treat Palls, 11';. milcfi bo- low. If a s l a c k w a t e r n a v i g a t i o n ir? C o n t i n u e d on Pagro Four. ,, H r j i i n Ambrose Out. B J I M I I A m b r o s e , who luul been v r y w h i c h is c a l l e d for the p u r p o s e or Uiin fit County Home. The body of Ixionard Sharp, GS .M'ars old, who diu-d on J a n u a r y 1 at t h e C o n n e l l s v i l l e K t a t e H o s p i t a l . was sen) to the county home :it Uniontown \ c s U j r r l a y for inttcritst'iM 1-t bad been neld at the .1. K. Sim.H F u n e i a l H-onih w b j ' c ;iu f|,,rl wa:, made U locate r e l a l l \ i i J o h n C. R. K. I) Nt A| tlie Hi^iiital. J ' - a i ' h o t M o u n t P l o a s a n l I and Mrs M a r i f McCSanu \ i l l w i t h i n l l u e n z a al his i.imo a t V a n - j o f H n y t l e r l o s v u w e r e i i d m i t l e d today clerbfn, was a b l e to be ml y e s t e r d a y U the ( ' o i i n o l i h v i l l o Stulc- Hisoual for for Uie flrsl time. 1 treatment.

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