The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 16
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i m t m 9 w w "' V ' '' ' 16 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL FRIDAY, AUGUST 21. 19M w wm f f fi White Sox Gain With By CURT BLOCK t'PI Sponi Writer 1 They're number on in th second city and U couldn't have corn t a better tim. Th Chicago While Sox gained first place by a naif (am in the American League yeatcrday for the fir: tim ainc June 18 by completing four-game sweep of the tumping New York Yankee and tonight they play hast' to the Baltimore Oriole who hive hilt suffered their wont "break" of the season. -EIGHT "OtUCULS' In the next nine days, flrst - plac Chicago'' and second-place Baltimore face ' each other eight times to conclude their season serie. The Oriole yesterday lost 4-3 decision to theujfd So, but more important. .they lost Slugging John (Boog) Powell, who fractured a triangular bone in his1eft-wrUt while chaiing a fly ball. 'This I our worst break, yet." manager Hank Bauer aid. referring to Injuries earlier in the year to Luis Aparicio, Steve Barber and Milt Pappaa. "I dont think he (Powell) can come back to help ua thie year.1:.. Chicago, on the other hand, has a Tiealthy stabl entering the four-game sat with the Bird at Comiskey Park and corn a oIlM) blanking of New York, the team thy couldn't bet the first 10 time they met . The Yankee war 4-13 over the last two weeks while playing the two top club and have dropped 4V& games off the pace. Yesterday the Sox pecked way at long-time nemesis ' Whitey Ford for nine singles - and Bv run and broke the Yanke southpaw's kcorele Inning streak over - them, which spanned two seasons, at 48 with two 'runs in the second inning a skipper Al. Lopes celebrated his 58th birthday. STOPS YANKS Johnny Btuhardt, never beate defending league champion, took hi fifth career decision over New YorlL and, raised hi season record to 10-6 with seven -hit route-going performance, 'r v-. Powell, th Oriole muscular. 22-year-old outfielder with 31 home runs under his belt, learned that Fenway Park' left field wall doesn't bend no matter how big you. are when be rammed Into it while in pursuit of pitcher Pave Morehead'a doubK in the second Inning when the Red Sox cored all their Th Anal run. which Oroved to be the deciding factor, crossed the plate on AparK do' throwing error. Fireman Dick Radatx saved Morhar eighth win of th campaign and wai credited with hi 21st save when he put the skids on an eighth ' inning Baltimore rally. I In the only other American League game. Kansas City downed Cleveland 7-4. and Los Angeles beat Detroit 4-3. In Thursday's . National League contests, Philadelphia took two from - Pittsburgh 2-9 and 3-2 to increase their lead to 7V4 game. Cincinnati 'defeated San Francisco 10-7. and Milwaukee drubbed Lot Angeles S-2. PHILLY HERO v" The latest hero for th pennant "hopeful Phillie is : Speedy Gonzaleav. , . . ' Formerly known a Tony i Gonzalez, the Philadelphia ' outfielder scored th winning run from second has last night and now. al far , as the Phil an concerned. ss-iai aoarkt aa. sia-iaai la RlOaaaad Boa lltMSll SlU iwani - FUEL OIL t RaBiaVamlal anal ComfatsretsJ 2912 Baaeiin RtL S2S-2711 ' l MUee Watt ot Pii awsif aJL-l paa. DAU.I Lead Sweep uver l anks it's call roe anything but second place. The hustling Phillies took two thriller ' from Pittsburgh 2-0 and 3-2 to increase their league lead 'to 714 games. In th second game, after Johnny Callison, often hero in the past matched solo home runs with Buc third baseman . Bob Bailey; Philadelphia . 'loaded the base on two singles and an error in the eighth inning against Pittsburgh' Don Schwal and Al McBean. ' Callison then lifted fly ball to deep centre. Pitcher Rick Wise tagged up and scored easily from third and Gonzalez, , on baa via Dick Schofield's miscue. never broke stride in the 180 foot dash and left Manny Mota astounded in centrefteld. fJ '..-. Callison thus drov in til Philedelphia's second gam s Sy United Prei International AMERICAN LEAGUE Baltimore at Chicago (night) Pappas (11-5) vs. Horlen (9-7) or Pizarro (16-6). Minnesota at Detroit (night) Stigman (6-11) vs. Wickers- ham (14 9). Kansas City at Washington (night) O'Donoghu (8-6) v. Osteen (U-). Los Angeles at Cleveland (night) McBrlde (2-12) or Latman (4-10) vs. Donovan (6-7). New York at Boston (night) Stottlemyr (2-0) va. Heff- ner (5-4) NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago at New York (night; L. Burdett (9-5) vs. Fisher (6-15). Today runs while ex-Met Frank Thomas did the same In th opener. Rookie Rick Wis (5-1), went eight inning in th nightcap and was yanked in the ninth when the Pirates scored one in favor of veteran Ed Roebuck. ' , One again Callison showed why he is a prim can, didate for MVP honor. Roebuck got plnchhitter Jerry Lunch to lift fly ball to th Philli hghtf lelder, who grabbed it and then nailed Bill Mazeroski trying to move from second to third. AMERICAN LSAOUR New York ooo too ooo t a chimo , eai too ooy s t mm. mmmm (4. sudor a. Hamilton i arxl -Howard; Bus hard! no-ai and Carreoo. L Pnrd lll-W. Belllmora . . One lie t 1 Borton 04 OOO Ota 4 Vineyard. McNallr 111. Millar tSi and Orsino: Morahead. Radati ill and Tillman. WP Mnt-eBtad ia-ll. IP vineyard !-. Kansas Clljr , 011 OOO Ml T 10 1 Cleveland- ' 001 100 1014 7 I Meyer. Block T. Wyall f arm Pitchers Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (night) Veal (13-9) va. Short (126). Milwaukee at Houston (night) Clnninger (12-11) v. John son (8-13). Cincinnati' at Lot Angelea (night) Malonev (11-9) va. L Miller (2-4). Su Louis at San Francisco (night) Simmon (13-9) vt Hendley (10-8). JUNIOR OPTALli Ottawa CM IS: Mineral! Apart ments. 7. WHtninf battery: Lee Paraeneatl and Dave Crahtroe Loalng battery: Jim Durwood and R. Shell. HAS Paraeneou. Paul Cyr. -v . Cattettw anoMtna Centra. It: Montainarda. II. Wlnnln bat tery: Bob Burnette and a. BLara ttock. Loalng battery: Steve M- Leod and at. Bbeiibom. hub Bob Rurnelte. R. Parher, p. Cet- aetto Us :. EdwarrB; una. MrMahon .' ail ll and Ateoa. WP Stock (1-11 kP MrMahon lS-l, H Davlllllo i4thl. Loa Ansoka ano ene 400 4 a 1 Delreal Ml 010 OOO t 1 Brunei. Oelneat (Si and nod-fart: MrLain. Navarro T and Freehta. WP Oalnakl ts-l. LP McLaUa U-41. NATIONAL IIACU't Plrtaburah onooooontt a 0 Philadelphia 000 ooo ana I a a friend i0-U and Paslltrnnl. Rurtcaa isi; Mahallty. II and Dalrrmplt.- MR Thomae laihi. Pititburaii ' 001 ooo ooi I Philadelphia 00 001 Ota 1 1 Bchwall. MrBeen III and Rur- tK Wlat. Roobuck ill and Dat- rvmple. WP Wlaa lS-11. IjP Sfhwall (4-31. HR BaMey llOthl, Calllton illet". Milwaukee ooeeiaoii a I a Lot Antelea em 00 eon 1 1 Badoenkl r-a and Torra: Moal-lor. R. Millar ll. Ptrranotkl III and Rnerboro LP Motllar ll-li. HR Falrlr fettil. . ., Cincinnati All 100 10010 IS 1 an Pran. nil one ni 7 I I Nuxh.ll, Ttltourla ilr. Cilia i and Edwards. Paelelleh lt: Perm. O'Dcll . Herhet (. Presenter 0i and Crandtll. WP Ellle ie-11. LP O'DelJ it- I MR Rnblnana (25lhl. Cepeda (14th I. Mays iSathi, Cardenas ilthi, Johnaon (lltfii, Crandall ISrdl. .,.K: . ; vi -r i-r ki 6i 500 BICYCLES Ollaw'i Lurtttt StUelimm - New Bicycles, 29!i PAMOl' ' ' ."'-'- C.C.M. ond Raleigh 37 PAMOUB I-1PSBD ' Bicycles 491? SfXONO DANp : v ' ; Bicycles r K 15 S Yet Wa Take Trale-tM Baal Alleweaae la Teta ' : wa itRviea all marb op nicvci.t stavica all mar op aicvci s LEXINGTON. Kv. (UPI) Calumet Farm ha bred 29 win We're f Uttered I - . Ovrrulf-a-bllllon '. '-'' . Rmlntofl Plastic Shall hv bn (hot Ptek tka (mm tkat'a yrwrael Haalf CasMdiU Maala lUMlagtaM ,aUr, PUatla Skatta -MMjt yenrartta aaai iMijr First in Canada First In Quality. Same prica as paper (and soma other plastic) shall, but that's whara comparison stops. Sold only by fXuthorliad Remington Delrt, , RiMINtjTON ARMS OP CANADA UMtTlB 16 Queen (liiabeth Blvd.. Toronto 18. OnUrlo ,Aulkrlsd Rtminttt Dfltri , YA i ii i m ' I 1 1 t DYLES Cmx ViLLEY I UREAL SECUIN fl PRRR PARKIN).- , , A 'rr ' 1A i-4 laUwCCnLIU. dM. .U l0l.!.S7 IN RUE PRINCIPALS 4 v. .OPEN FRIDAY TILL B TM. .. V ll . V'T; J-'r "f!" mti ''"'',' ii ti ii in,,, HL . 3Sterejte Srw Toi eastviiw 746M' . ni448j, ; "Wzg IT; bo 1 ' v. .-tTN Or) DMMlBfMmSMES f f vail aMpi llhfllJ WP ilitiUl I Ul if I ! Ff fj 111 mi P) Iff iUi;, BYSHE RCE ft C9. ', -Itrvini OttatM : Since Hit V 113 1AN1C ST. S32-2464. 1 .. . - - isfewasat-. ' aaarTleJk - oans Aata ' Mr - Tirucn jM .. Who gets the Urjest selection of late-model used ours them to advise yoii; wisely when you're selecting a Wd ; . and trucks available? You do at your Chevrolet- ' car or truclcSo if you've been thinking about that used iiai iin m i f nimf viusmowiwrinujeauiVLreaiersi viBanim npwana car or truck, now s tne best time to take action! See your Ufll Why UinihTV n lmo"t find wtatew you want, at a price Chevrolet-Oldsmobile OK Used Car Dealer today ! VilLUt Mill II LI I ; you want to pay. The OK sign means much more than ' ' llfirn nin ninitr ,,0, Ta,ue Uhtll H'Ul llllfll I tta8ot M VVaV V VsUi f f f ill f f '. -ijibu to nit!9 it vniin niininnict, .rui::h. " value i in (11 1141 ill iUUII Ui am milUUml nimneu pn consisienuy onenng me Desc - OlDSfJOME DEALER'S..! Amho,bed OK Used Car Uraien in Ottawa-Hull: ' ' MYERS MOTORS CO. LTD. Comer Elgin and Catherine Streets 233-8411 233-5633 COTS atriU (TUCU. the new-car business, too. H and hi afaff am nrc(ol . Inert ofll200.000. or morn la - turf prize. . mm CARR'S HARIKE SALES LTD. BCU'S CORNEAS V Otl. Lraweod put . Open Signing TtH It p.m. iafvrdny VnW Noon 82S4I6I ' variety X: 0-M , sionals. They know cars and their wide exrjeffer , GUEST MOTORS LTD. BELISLE AUTOMOBILES LIMITED , 72 Ledue Street, Hull, Que. 444 Montreal Rd., Ottawa, Ont 7773$ v.,V::-r;:v7 749.5941 - "i e..M U .mm. mm.m ,k....l 1 .1 A -.l..l. ...'j ' ' ' ' . , . um avia iw ace Baseball AMERICAN LEAGUE THURSDAY'S RESULTS '. , Boston 4. Baitlmor 3. Chicago 5, New York 0.' 4 Lot Angeles 4. Detroit 3. ' Kansas City 7, Cleveland 4. (Only games scheduled.) W L Pet. GB Chicago .. 75 47 Bl3 Baltimore .. 74 47 .612 V, New York .. 69 50 .580 .4 Minnesota .. 61 60 .504 134 Detroit . 3 62 Jo4 13V4 Los Angela. 63 62 .504 I3V& Cleveland ... 56 66 .459 19 Boston 56 66 .459 19 Washington . 49 75 .395 27 Kansas City . 45 76 472 29 NATIONAL LEAGUE . , THURSDAY'S RESULTS Cincinnati 10, $an Francisco 7' - (-Philadelphia, Pituburgti 0. Philadelphia 3. Pittsburgh 2. . Milwaukee 8, Los Angeles 2. , (Only games scheduled.) J W L Pet. GB Philadelnhia 74 M-..RI7 e. IT mm. mm a mtM amn rranciKO o I om, vm Cincinnati . SL Louis . Pittsburgh Milwaukee 67 54 J54 7V4 64 56 .533 10 63 58 .521 IIH 62 57 .321 Lot Angelei . 59 60r49r 14y, ft t'r i'f vm H I 3 . CO. aVaagaj & H Records Chicago .. Houston . NaV York 86 64 .467 18 51 71 .416 24' 39 82 J22 35 INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Jacksonville 7, Buffalo 4. Rochester 3, Richmond X Columbus I, Syracuse 0. Atlanta 8, Toronto 3. W L Pet. GB Syracuse ... 76 52 .594 Jacksonville. 76 53 .589 Vt Buffalo 67 56 .543 Vi Kocneater . . 07 89 .332 8 Toronto - .. 67 81 .523 8 Richmond .. 56 70 .444 19 Columbus ,. S3 75 .414 23 Atlanta 46 82 .359 30 SWIM POSTPONED FOLKESTONE, England (CP) Canadian' swimmer Yvan Cliche has postponed for at least It dayt his attempt to swim the tngusri channel. Cliche, a 14 year-old Paria law student form. rly of Beauceville, Que., intended to make th swim Wednesday night but hi pilot boat developed engine trouble at the last minute. WWWWWWWVN TAUaM( IN 1( E.R.FISHER LTD H-M SPARK ITMIf - OTTAWA . OAMAOA wetnaai arooaa . imimul '. tiujata atatat Oar Specialty: Thi Can indDnssing . tt Matt udwib; V ! , , iron KindergirtM lo tVaduitiofi. values in usea jb v. par m (f K 4l( "etyl You can be confident,, that a lmen and expert mechanics is always the best advica and sewir: Yr ' I OUT JI. tjaea T IfCSlCT IS Opt HI uviieiua irrei viienirsi e ii T e iiua jungay niyiu. Ar Yqun Chevrolet oldsmodii.e cornLETE yuTQ centre 1 -

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