The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 191S. DAILY COURIER, CONNEFLLSVILLJ5, PA. PAGE SEVEN. Hats for Early Spring--OP Now. W« used to wait for the arriY»l of spring or for signs thut it was within hailing distance beforr we clothed our heads in hats that take no thought of winter, even in belo\Y-zero weather. But,a new order of th'nps has come to pass and now -we iaUulge ourselves In hats that herald the spring and go out to meet it while it is yet afar off--in Northern climates. They are not spring hats and they are, not winter hats, Thev are cheerful hats with a thought of summer in them, but substantial enough to braTe the snows of late winter. Here are three of these smart hats that are minded to turn their allegt- tnce from winter to spring and pin their faith to its' coming soon. They have satin crowns and brims of a braid which is variously called "chenille," "dUterpiliar"' and "curpct" braid. - "Caterpillar" fits it best. It Is o fuzzy, substantial looking am! soft braid', that looks wonderfully -\vel5 with satin. It is shown in all the lovely and soft spring colors. These Itats are usually laced with, crepe georgette, and their trimmings are glazed or lacquered Cowers and fruits. Braids that have heretofore been used for spring-summer hats are brought into service for' the dymlsea- son by covering then* with a hard iacquer which pives thVm a'bJgh, hard Inster or polish. For February and March very bright red cats--a cherry red--are made of tlie?*- braids. Gior- ries are a favoritc'trinjming for them, too. Then there are small all blacfe turbans made of- "pcueht leather"-- that is millinery patent leather in tbe form of braid or of millinery bcoltls lacquered or varnished Into the most lnstroos surfaces. Tbeac small, smart, brilliant hats are for ray dime find look quite equal to meeting any emergency. Nearly always they are in all black, trimmed with small ribbon ornaments or little wings. These are also lacquered and will defy the strongest March wind that blows to disarrange a .single feather In them. / ' S To Briflhten Dull TlnU. Neutral colors are so popular 'at present" that the brunette.who toofc joy In tbe bright shades, thgt wore made for her peach-bloom cheefca feels somewhat slighted. For her, however, is the trick of livening the prevailing dullness by linings of striking brilliancy or of adding some bright touch to relifrve the otherwise somber effect of the costume. A waistcoat of snk or of embroidered leather 1£ ft means to this end, but the woman who catches at such sartorial straws must be irons to choose n style that Is becoming. The "grandc mademoiselle" variety, for trample, with its bouffant skirt and military sash, is only for her of enderest silhouette. boys who have lost their sight arc being re-educated. The extent to which other senses can be trained to replace vision explains the eagerness of the Canadians to tske up civil life. Boxing Is possible for the men by the use of little bells on the wrists .of the gloves, differently toued for the right and left bands. Hearing becomes BO keen tint It 1» easy for the men to Judge the distance, and follow the motions of their sparring partners--so easy, in fact, that spectators cannot be convinced the boxers are blind. The Canadian boya whose re-edtrea- tk)o has been arranged for at St Don- atan's by the military hospitals commission not only learn n new occupation, but through training regain self- confidence, tod-.ft firm grasp on the n e w life. - · FAMOUS OARSMAN IS KILLED Captain H of Land, One of Beet-Known Englteh Athlete* Meet* Derth Franc*." The dentil Is annoanccd at the front of Capi. W. F. C. Holland, one of the best-known track athletes and oarsmen In England. He was a -versatile track: athlete, winning K'rftij* championship* at Che 100-yard, half mile, mil* and lonf jump. He rowed in the Oxford ranity Hfht for four years, and was 'president of Oxford Boating dub In 1389. He row«ti No. 7 in 1896 In the Leander crew, which defeated Yale. For several yean afterward be coached th* Oxford crews, and for ten years before the war acted as jbdge at the Henley regattas. A Serapcgoat. "In some respects I find It *m ad- vnaUrpe to have ft stupid servant fa the house." remarked Mr.'Dubwalte. "Why do you say tlmt?" "Airs. Dubwaite Is leapt In such a stake of mind by tJifi blrtnders of the servant «lae forgets to cull attention with her utmal frequency to my own short comings." , Coat Dreea. There is much talk about the coat j dross 'for spring, the strictly tailored suit being somewhat passe. THE LITTLE BROWN STOW- AWATS. tbara Cvod to Terr until o THREE CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES CHANGE i HANDS IN SHORT TWENTY-FOUR HOURS, Terr happr for tW* Bute tw« family on« day I«Mr Cbekrtmch faJM to to Us born* In the crock of thr box. ftnd Brown Roncb cair»» to tell irX Cocfcrofi=*i Quit sbe and her Wfteco nttl* buMw -w«r» ri«Saylesi». t "Wfcal abrJ] r do?" »*«d aramm- fcftcfcromch. wlptatp b«r «?« wtth hci (apron. .. t **Wtoy not nxrfu away from twrrv£ Brown Ioach. "Tbc« fruP are to b« »«ot xrt en n. ship this arid you can gt with them." Tttia Mamma Cockrn*ch decided to du. i«nd'befoPB toi4c had her t»W«s snugly iucJced Into the cmcfcs or the box. One cr tb* HLtto feOows ran oat to SPI what "ft'-M colos on, Irat Mr-.muM. CocJT roch yanked him back bt»frr-e h* fras discovered. "It tbcy IMS* r« Tr^'U be put o(t," whispered M*mzaa Cottro»cli, "We'v^ That oigh. 1 . Black R*t dlccorer«9 the latUa stowaways and sot down to ciiat ,wlth Momma. Cockroach whUe the little ·ones nm over the boat eailns everythlnc ^h«y »aw. and the nisei day they wore [BJ1 dreadfully sick and dizzy and hod to «ty In bed. Throe titles are now in new himtlp. And it all happened in 24 honrs. At ;Anita, la., Earl Caddoclc, .a private in the Xntlorml army, was awarded n | referee's aecision over WlaUek 5C-tyszko. champion wrestler. Oaddock tobk i the first fall after one hmir and twenty minutes of rough going. When thti 1 agreed limit of two and n half hours of actual wrestling had expired the;: · referee awarded tbi decision to Private Caddock, N. A. The decision carried ' .the title with it 1 At Saranae Lake, 3Sobble McLean won .the world's professional epeeti I ekatlng championship, deteating Edmund Lamy in'three special events. " i In Chicago, Angte ICieckbefer won the world's- championship at three-! ; cushion billiard* from "Alfred De Oro by scoring a total of 150 points to De Orrt's 126. . ' i GREAT VALUE OF ATHLETICS WWn^ SPORTING JINGLES e The umpires would also like to ' · have a dectslonless dny. But taere will be no beefless days amoos players on the field. Recruit pitchers Sure 'more curves than a Broadway beauty chorus in the spring. . Hockey is sort of a substitute sport. They play it when they can't play anything els?. Kaiser is short of- guns on account of the delayed steel. This way out 1 Don't slam, the door. Why It It that when somebody mentions. Eddie Collins you ·think of Heinle Zim? Boxing Is hard cn the ears of the, boieti, but ·wrestling Is tough on the listeners of tie crowd. A deaf gay could enjoy a wrestling match. Finding a baseball club In Pbilly Is as hard as plnylng the piano with mittens on. 'Jess Willard's promises to fight are as reliable as' a railroad time table. Collecting the baseball war tax is going to be as easy as · -- Into an upper berth. T» S«nd Team* to Franc*. Sertnl nwjor le»me ctnb owners ftiTor Charley' Cnnlskey's plan to send Ufc* two penoant-wtnnliig big. league t«*n» to France and" Englund as ·ooo u tbe war li over. Foundztlon for Health and of Permanent importance In Keeping Sol* dler in Condition. Thaf the valne of athletics "In improving mental and physical conditions of all men from the standpoint of military service is appreciated by English as well as United States government officials is shown by the following statement by Brig, Gen. W1I-- dred A. White after several years of observation on the western front: "When the athlete has gone to the' front . his place in athletic ranks should he'immediately filled. Sport Is the foundation for health, and too much emphnsis cannot be laid upon its benefits nnd necessity. Athletics are of paramount importance in keeping the soldier 'fit, and the same in true of the man who must be prepared to become a soldier. "The soldierly qualities developed are many. Discipline is encouraged, itmsmuch as discipline is the very essence of team play. Quldtness of decision, and speed and agility are not to be overlooked, and what cricket and football do for tho Englishman, baseball and track athletics do for' the American." "lyi*t -wonr," squeaked Black RH , "Sen. Sickness -won't kill them. Tv-j traveled orer Lhe wattr so touch I'rij iwed to it Bat you'tt probably land '" Jt botal kitchen where yon can live llkr ktJBCB," anfl be toM Mammas Cocfcro»ch .·front tbe wonferftiL piac* to which sh- BOXING FOR BUND SOLDIERS Ona of F«vorrto Sport* In St Dun. ·Un'A Whar* Canadian Boya Are Belnfl Educated. i Boilhg la one of the favorite sport? of blinded soldiers In: St DnnstanV Jxuidon, England, where Cannillai! . Tb* little family of stowaways were cvrtalxdr glad .when the fruit bcx ivti* .thrown on shore and ifamm* Cookrocch ba4 to button up tb* ebDdron'a aroond tbrtr n0ck* It wan 30 Tery .much «oid«r tSum tlifllr own ooontry. Tbe troll box w*a Dla*«S on a wagon and Jiggle^' over tb« roacn roads until they all -hm 1 , )«ada«b«0 before the mmbUnx cee-TRd ftnA tbe frett box wan nnloaicd In tho kttchflc of a Mr botaL Therft tnui a eaxnftny at fe«t and n elatt«r nnd cbattcr thwt seemod to Isl foroTer--tban cam* a tarrfble silence. After a kmg thn* ICamzna Coofcrcmch and bcr Httle fanritr fcnturocl out. They vt«ry btmery. wad tb«y t cnand all of lowalr food vet on great long *halT* crorr *· uncxiT*r«d. Manuoa Cocterotdi and her little fara- llT had one aptoxUd fwurt. and 'Mammn Cotdtroaah dtoolarnd ft was »v«o better tban Black Rat bod saifl It would b«, for they at* aU tb«y wonted and no one earn* In to ·top them. . Before Maxmoa Cockroaob want to bed ah* aat down and thought out A Ions aoamaatt ta Brown Boach. telHn^ afcoal the woMcrt-ul place thcr had ntored to, and be«v)nr Wrn to come and fcrina* h!a family. Tbk ah* told to Black Rat. who protntaed to tob Brown Roaoh K h* crrer ·air hlfij araln. . . J*at next mornlrur Mamma CookroACh learned that ab» and ber little anas wtrcfit -vanted in the hot*! kitchen. Snor whan the cooks paw the Httle brown _ fetowawaya aoamporlnr over tbe table** and aorflw tbe floor tbey atart«d · to nreep them a-way. Bo Maxiuna Cock-; r«a\oh kept ber bnblw nndar cover until! night. Tney Itred for a long time, happy? and contented. In their new hcane. 1 gvvm BlaoX Bat mo»t have de- Hvared Mamma. Cockroach!* meatMge to Brown Boaeh *H rigbt. for hundr«dB and i thooaandi of little brown stowavay« ; ·awe seroM In avcry ahlnload o( trait until ABJ*rloa woa overrun with' tbeiBJ *Tben yraat . precautions were taken to? fceep them out-- but It was too late, This i» th* way tbe Cockroach oaroe to- d Columbia Records And ?fo Interest Charges at the Kpport-Featherman Co. PUTS THIS COtUMBIA GKAF01VOLA WITH 12 SELECTIONS (6 DOUBLE KECOKDS) IS YOUR HOME FOB OA'LY i. An Unmatchable Value! An Unmatchable lastnimeiit You'll say so when you've heard its incomparable tone! You'll say so when' yoti'.ve seen its special features! You'll say so as you admire its magnificent cabinet! You'll say so after you've owned it lor years and put it to the real test Come in and hear it. Let us play for you all the newest Columbia Records. Compare what we offer you in a Columbia with what you are offered in any other machine and no other machine will satisfy you. YOU NEED ONLY PAY ?5.00 DOWN. 50 CENTS --will soon pay for this Bed Outfit, without your feeling the cost at our Special Price of only-- AN ALL-STEEL SPRING AND A FELT-TOP MATTRESS Included with this massively handsome Bed and you need pay only $1.00 down to have the complete outfit delivered to your home. The Spring is a strong and well made one. The Mattress is full weight with good, serviceable ticking and the Bed Is one of the most popular style« with 2-in«h continuous posts, cross rods and vertical fillers. Your choice of smooth white riifimel or beautiful golden bronze finish. See Oar Big Display of Baby Carriages Our Baby Carriage section is a rery busy plare these days. Come a ad see tho beautiful carriages that we have and let baby begin to enjoy a daily outing. You'll find everything here from the little sidewalk sulky to" the largCj beautifully upholstered reed carriage. Prices very low and--YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD AS GOLD. Gas Range With Large Oven, Special For This Week Only EASY TERMS--SI.00 CAET, $1.00 A WKKE. This range has four burner top, bracket slicIF on each side and oven 18 inches wide by 17 inches deep. It's asbestos lined so that it Till hold the beat and operate very economically and is built at heavy gage steel. Come and see it--it's an exceptionally great value. We Bid You Welcome ; You'll not oulv be delighted vrith. the magnificence or the pattcna and colors, but you'll be 'equally surprised at lie lowness o£ our-pricos. You'll find-- " T 9x12 FT. TAPESTJIY BRUSSELS RUG AS LOW AS.:... ....._ There's not a Uiing in rugs that-you can thinlr of that'you'll'not find ' here moderately priced and on tenns'so easy.tliat you'll scarcely fecl-thc cost. " ' · Fibre Rugs, Grass Rugs, Wool Reversibles, Tapestries, Brussels, Velvets and the luxurious, heavy pile AxmJn- sters that wear almost-everlaetingly. Make your selections now and get the largest choice. OMPARISONS ALWAYS ·PROE--YOU'LL DO BETTER AT · ' Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. 'S'rs fjfw rk*mj*4 ?.' National Taxi and Transfer Co. 206 E. FfflKtts Street GOOD TOUHQfp CARS A3TD. TRUCKS TO ALL POEN'TS. ' Quick service. Moderate charge. Careful drivers. Moving and hauling. Bell Phone 507. Merchants who avertise in this paper wf!B give yon best valiaes for yoursnoney. LOCAL AJTB L05G DISTANCE MOTTSGS. I!cll 842. Bosldence 101 Haas ATC« Tri-State 57S. . CONXEIXSYILLK, PA. ·J.N. Trump [ITS Lll TRANSFER TR17CK aad MOVtiTG AKO E01STLXO PIANOS A SPECIALTY, i Patoitize Home Merchants j Who Advertise in This Paper s'»5XiSSx3easses®G»8©3Sxs^ i I TRY-OTJB C5LASSIFIED ADVEETISEMEKTS. II · ' . . ' . . . · · · - : ' . . S-i E(g^^ i TOM SV OOT UK !2K HO. jn 3KtB an anou OTB* JO 2SYH3JM BOnmift.

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