The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

WING'S CK1KESE FOOD CDCI DaUvary from I.J rlVtS to too a.nj an onion of tit or awf Butvtaw end unmaoiato area 745-532W 111 Montreal Hd. Eastvitw J.' ':.." f ... - CHEZ HENRI HOTEL f ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY . a " J1 , THE TRABANT, 'NiwtstofthoNtwy oaaaaolaoo-Mo' ';.'HlBBtE lOUNCt . Jopf ln.Thrillt-, i Bavarian iiiOE Kdi Win lova H HURRICANE' "' Th Spttd Special 1 Ooubla-DKker r '..,Dark Ridt y . iv .Main.' Mam 7 '1 i flfhao torfarof vihoi ivotoioa CowmiwinmiiiHiiiii liiMiiiiimawi JIIE 5 BEFORE AND AFTER THE RACES MEET AT THE 'V is m far RESTAURANT 4 ... ' v fat DtUclMB Qkwii Fm4 0DIB TO TA OVt I -. -i 7jj-im ,r, w .Bank St. at Heroa Rd. For Your Dining and Daactng --Pleasure tR 1 a-m. ST. LOUIS HOTEL StaaaoaU. aalM. Patties -Count lor , . a5C HHCJbBBB tUt( lliQl. Qtte) . U1V0I1A BROTHEnS AMUSEWErnS ' SR. JaVBl .' o ? ti k CENTRAL CANADA EXHIBITION . f low Thrc'JSb Rag. 29 (Exctpl Sunday) AeeaBajj Aaiai at M -1CD ATTRACTIOHS f - ' .- . .. y many of which art making their lIKil LArtAUIArl APPEARANCE CASA CE , -H If n Jmnort . ' PARATROOPW v Naw Hydraulic ge VartioiT r: . . FLYING CAGES vYoti Oporata Them '.BIG BAD BARREL A Now Kind of Fun : i FiYjf Oonil htamafltail IrfractlH NG COMET Mitt Thit; OlleW 1 Dm Mamaw't' ISDSLO. v-- i fj . ...... s., . .. . - l mH-7L ''BgTajijrajiWgBjsjaBja SEE ,.mi -s 7B FOR THB FIRST TIME yjk . a.u o oM aiati e) 'il AnrTfbT ARta I P -J HAY-GIRL CUB ; .Ouftlandlng y 'RaYoa . 'i!.'. Bin Xi COPPERTONE 4 , Standout Nejra i MM sy r hi r -' i DOROTHY KILGALLEN Active Scene The i TEA WAGON tut tMmto ra ' BXMaUO UMOTHtr . - .oaf HSTMRUHT rtn TOT SOLBIU 10 IMtT mTOMCI IHMMCt no iwioar SM II TO aM. It ANNtTTt M tMI BVteeMBFOJ hoaantow , XYf aaas wi sm sa"f ajtap SaTJiaklBlT T RMOROASBOHD . ' I faa apaaoi r 11?Rlrtu8t !1? !M1 TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED FOR YOUR : mm k .. il p l 2 V- v other night an ohaerver of the frenetic terpischore asked Gardner McKay who Jill' date was. "Can't think of his name. mused Gardner, "but you know who he is. He played Adam in The Longest Story Ever Told' . . . John Jr.' nicknsme among his pals is "The Silver Fox," because his blond hair Is streaked with grey. ' He wears it Beatle length and Beallc bushiness, only more so, but he has gotten rid of the beard he was wearing 'when he first arrived here. -: Cary . Grant s eye -never misses an artistic superstructure, so it is not surprising that he telephoned Racquet Welsh- known as "The Billboard Girr on The Hollywood Palace" for a date. No one seems to have a tape recording of her reply, but it is considered 'a good bet that Cary will chase her until she catches jm with nun. .: , ' At this moment in our century the "action" in Hollywood indicated that the movie indus- jtry is enjoying a healthy revival. ax any given moment, inert art more Rolls-Royces Id the driveway of Jhe Beverly Hijla Hotel than there art outside the Dor chester in London, CJaridgeS and the 'Savoy put . together. Tbe action at Whisky a Gogo and P. J.'s is sorry, the only word for It terrific Unless you are a privileged character' and art led inside through the hack door or the parking lot or tome other secret entrance to these .two popular haunts, you can wait on the sidewalk for hours lust to get place at the bar or standing room along the waiter.; . Meanwhile the picture shifts on the dance floors, and where there was. once Dinah Short wiggling with Jimmy BoydVyoa see Debbie Reynolds crossing demurely toi the wake of Harry1 Karl and. an hour or' so later I Eddie Fisher's former "steady,' Stephanie Power win come in with Bob NeaL and Eddie will irome in with Mlcheline Lerner -J minding the store. t the savmi toes, for Alan Jay. who !av m New-York and Eddie and Micbelint - and Bob and Stephanie will get together and make a cosy friendly foursome. ' . . Meanwhile the cosiness and 71 friendliness continue' apace back t the Beverly Hint Hotel ' pool. LiI Taylor's two chil dren by Michael Wilding, go COMPLBT "TAXE 001 WYICr,K leal a rail . wo win Un a aurooloM omi may to r oirlaf kot, rrt lo taka CANATtlAN POOIV- RKMPAN RTTLE ; rHiNrss roon - CANTOMERR STTUt -WT - m oteajaokJOa a ,' f hi "" I : I ' 'rmDA?; auoust n,'wi THE OTTAWA JOURNAL-' 19 ITT-- Bytown FY Umch 11.M t - .et Manor I J U OtaUu Ri . Opes Dally Proas 1 a.aa. U tM fjm. v Sanaa S aja, Lif wm-oiD tirac If - ,.A LOW At .: tl a 3.00 th f I W . teelt.4ltf BrMhfMt KCWMr SL Aftwf 235-S15I TREASURE FILM . Rolf Blomberg.. Swedish plorcr, writer and cameramen, Joint an i expedition , which. U searching (or Inca treaiur in Ecuador in September. ' THE TREBLE CLEF pmanti TONIGHT till SUNDAY; T-Trodmonot Oxmtrf ami ' UWm Or mm Folk Sor wlia Shews at t .30 and 11.00 I1EV ed PETE : i Le Hibou stn at CTVi "t1 I our aaa cac l and lalavlalon 148 BANK STREET '. M HOLLYWOOD John Garfield may be portrayed on the screen by an actor who got a lot of mileage out of hit simi larity to John Garfield Peter Falf Peter ti dickering with tbe Garfield estate for cinema rights, to the life story . , John Barrymore Jr. ia staying with his ex-wife. Can Wil liam, buj dating other chicks usually at Whisky a . iiogo, where be canb found decorat ing' the scenery when he's not actually dancing the Watusi or the Frug. He w regarded as the wild discotheque's No. 1 mate customer. - Jill Haworth leads in the number of woman nours pot in on the floor. Toe Us Rout la p ii Hiahoa 10 Mbiytaa. trtico Downwor .'' : UCCMBtD Vt ' V.THE LIQUOR UCKN8INO- BOARD or OWTASUO . ' BAircr to r-,v TONY D'ANGEtO ORCH. RAINBOW ROOM " ; V INTERTAWMENT fUOHTlY Cmdm lou not STAIIDISIIALL V .'oi in I - ' a I ..-. : I 1 1 .' i a va i Ml 1.11.1 - . 1 i i ii-i swunmmg 'in the sunshine. nicely watched over by Mr. Wilding and the neweal Mrs. Wilding. Margaret Letghton, while the former Mrs. "Wilding now Mrs. Richard Burton-is off with her bridegroom at Ray Stark's bouse, talking big movie deals. in the lobby. Warren Beatty. casually-.' attired.' drapes : his 3 anas around ' Leslie Caron as; she chatters in French withi Roger Vadim. Robert Evans puts his tennis data into car at the door and one minute later joins his cocktail da'te in the polo lounge. Jean Negu- lesco pauses briefly for a cocktail on his way: to Madrid. Everybody looks rich. Everybody, Jud better ' be rich, at these rates.' , ' ... w It's dull day that doesn't bring some global news about Frank Sinatra to our grownup, Disneyland, and thit was not a dull day. We have re ceived word that the peerless leader has arrived in Rome, encountered couple of hundred of the famed Via Veneto papparazzC and decided to make bis peace with them by letting them take all the thou they wanted. - ; His 32 pieces of luggageT Jus bodyguards and his chums i including JUIy. the New York night club owner, are with himhfor. tb. duration of his' eight' weeks stay for the shooting -of "Van Ryan's Express." Ava Gardner, .who was -In Rome, -conveniently moved to Sicily.' oat of range. the occupation.; Mr. Sinatra nasi declared that he mteods to stay in his 18-room villa aB the time, except for when, be Is working oa the picture, but don't give that plan more than three days. The . riddling in Rome should start "subito."' ' ', K3oprrlsit itM) ' ; Esks Cut Two PklcUpTwoJ EDMONTON CB Coach NUtlArmatrong ot Edmomaai Eskimos ' cut . two players Ttrarsday and picked up two others in efforts to, bolster the Western .Conference Club that bis let, t three (Of It juimes 10 Oaltr , ,,J - . ,iJt The ruts were Canadian euard Mel Foss ' and Import centre and Hnebacker Jim TM-bert. Picked us by last place holfKark Rill Toiwn from Hounton Oilers of the J Amer can Football League. ndj Marvin Lee. who went to wm-riot Bhe Bombers from Montreal. Alooettea- last sea von. ; Let. a Canadian guard who stands s'x-foot-two and weighs Jit pounds H t rear tld gradual ( Iowa Luther Col lege. , SARATOGA SPRINGS. NY (UPI) Prior to lia. ibt'whv ner of the Saratoga Special received the entire Dune. It was the only winner-take-aH sweepstakes In. the country. .. . "... Journal Want Vjukk results.' Tjaai a 1 i Ads. bring . imnriniiWiftf(r(Hinrriri an ; S.T S179 SM Westinhouse(w) WASHERS and DRYERS r NO DOWN PAYMENT 36 MONTHS T6 PAY i il jaimiiii)w)-a(; jmMmMr.mmmvauminkv tti i m tjl'i ati. manoim jrl I s i i r i lit fl i AUTOMATIC WASHER Ruvv Dtty tiswsViaitl Four. water temperature selections Multi-Speed tumble washing action 12 lb. capacity porcelain, tub. ' .y:iv ". SS7 $279 . ELECTRIC T i DRYER : .', 1 ' ' ' lbaf Mf Dk ftti l: x j ;' ''New' Air Flow System . . ''t ' . I ' Pmrelain drum .t- Heatine ' - .i ..:;" ' ','' ' J .. I element 5200 watts 24 I ' , ' I "-H lb. capacity. - V v i . . I 'T-:'1 I Ii! DELUXE' M0DEt' (W - DELUXE MODEL' mm OPEN TONIGHTS TILL 9T P.M. Park in our own parking lot behind the store X ilk A if Ifl QfTOft 7 -ottawa'i Select furniture sins AppHanet Store" BANK AT LAURIER 'f. 236-7451 x Black Label s JJeer . ,.XK'i V " - . .,,.,, , - . ' ss"' v" ' , .... . '-1 , At times lite this, a r t Try Black Lbelvidjrmll know , wirritS Canada's beffcseflinsl bcrr ' v A V- v. MrtltAPthSyi BLACK LABSLC TO

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