Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 13, 1975 · Page 110
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 110

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1975
Page 110
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FRANK SINATRA AND DAUGHTER NANCY Q. So many lies have been told about Frank Sinatra and his age. I would like to know for sure when Sinatra and his daughter Nancy were born.--Lea McBrideJenafly,NJ. A. Frank Sinatra was bom on Dec 12,1915. Nancy was bom on June 8,1940. Q. This past Christmas President Ford granted a full and unconditional pardon to jimmy "the Creek" Snyder, a we//-known Las Vegas odds-maker. What was the pardon for?--Nell Jones, Las Vegas, Nev. A. In 1963 Snyder, whose real name is James G. Synodinos, was fined $10,000 and sentenced to five years' probation. He had been .convicted for the interstate transportation of bets and betting information and conspiracy to violate the Federal Communications Act. Q. Somerset Maugham, the British novelist who died in 1965--1 understand he was a homosexual. How then did he have a daughter? And who was his wife? I understand she was the wealthiest woman in Eng/and. Can you help with any information?--Miltot: Stein, Los Angeles. A. Somerset Maugham was married in 1915 to the former Syrie Bamardo who previously had been married to Henry Wellcome of the pharmaceutical firm of Burroughs Wellcome. Syrie was not wealthy, and following the Maugham divorce, lived on Maugham's alimony and her skill as an interior decorator. After marrying Maugham she learned sadly that Maugham's true love was a young American, Gerald Haxton. Towards the end of his life Maugham admitted that he was three-fourths homosexual, one- fourth heterosexual. Want the Tacts? Want to learn the truth about prominent personalities? Want informed opinion? York, N.Y. 10017. Your full name will be used unless otherwise requested. Volume of mail Q. Is it true that President Ford's press secretary, Ron Nessen, will soon resign because a newsman ca//ed him a liar, and Nessen feels he has lost his credibility with the White House press corps?--L.T., Washington, D.C. A. It is true that at a June 6th, 1975, press briefing in the White House, a newsman called Nessen a liar. But Nessen is not resigning; neither has he lost his credibility with the White House press corps. Nessen will probably stay on through 1976. He realizes that he has become the so-called "fall guy" for a so-called "open administration," but he is also an admirer of Gerald Ford and knows it would do the President "little good to have had two press secretaries resign from office. The first, of course, was Jerald terHbrst who resigned after Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. Q. Who is Simone Veil? Is she really the most popular woman in France?-Charlotte Fuller, Seattle, Wash. A. Simone Veil, 47, is the French Minister of Health. Under her guidance, France became the first major Catholic country in Europe to legalize abortion. Madame Veil, deported to the Auschwitz, concentration camp by the Nazis in World War II, is considered a possibility for a future nomination as Premier. She is an outstanding lawyer and in 1970 became the first woman secretary-geheral of the Higher Court of Judges. She is married, has three children. Q. Before he resigned his office fast August, President Nixon said he would pay his 7969 taxes of $148,000. Has he done so?--D.L., San C/emente, Cai. A. As of this writing former President Richard Nixon has not paid his 1969 federal income tax bill of $148,000. The statute of limitations has expired on that bill, and even though he said he would pay it, he may very well not. Nixon owed $432,787 in back taxes as of May, 1975. Write Walter Scott, Parade, 733 3rd Ave., New received makes personal replies impossible. Q. / understand that Disneyland has the eighth largest submarine fleet in the world. Can you tell me if this is true?--Ion Morris, Santa Rosa, Cal. A. Disneyland has the largest completely toy submarine fleet in the world. Q. Recently Canada ordered the expulsion of Kuo Chihg-an from Ottawa. Wasn't Mr. Kuo a Chinese spy who made weekly trips to Washington, D.C., where he gathered military and industrial information for transmission to Peking?--F.D., Belhesda, Md. A. It has been suggested that the FBI trailed Mr. Kuo for months on his weekly car trips from Ottawa to Washington, then persuaded our State Department to have Canada instead of the U.S. expel Mr. Kuo. The objective was to prevent disruption of Washington-Peking relations prior to President Ford's trip to China this fall. Q. Who is Betty Ford's hairdresser. / am told that unlike Mrs. Nixon, the present First Lady prefers male hairdressers. Correct?--N. Potter, Alexandria, Va. A. The First Lady is non-sexist as regards hairdressers. She currently uses James Merson, 31, of Di Giovanni Coiffures in Washington, D.C., to do her hair every Tuesday. Mr. Merson, originally from Laurel, Miss., accompanied the First Lady on her recent European tour. BETTY FORD JAMES MERSON Q. Mrs. Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor--didn't her husband, the late Duke, gift her with a large portion of the British crown jewels plus millions in cur- rency?--A.C., Palm Beach, Fla. A. Reportedly in 1935 and 1936 he bestowed upon Mrs. Simpson much of the jewelry of his grandmother Queen Alexandra. How much he gave her in currency is not known. What is known is that in exile the Duke and Duchess of Windsor lived in luxury. THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE JULY 13,1975 chairman of the board, ARTHUR H. MOTLEY president, JAMES MCALLISTER . editor, JESS GORMN publisher. WARRIN I. REYNOLDS editor at large, UOYO SHEARER senior editors, HERIERT KUPFERR4ERG, DAVID PALEY art director, ANTHONY LA ROTONDA associate editors, JONATHAN MAUN, MARY ANN CAVUN, UNDA GUTSTEIN, NOEL HUMPHREYS, PAM PROCTOR, JOHN C. ROGERS, ARTHUR ROTHSTEIN, ROttRT WALTERS assistant art director, ROIERT L PETERSON art associates, CANDICE CULIERT, AL TROIANI assistant to the editor, MARION LONG editorial assistants, DORIS SCHORTMAN, HIE WILLOUGHIY home economics, DEMETRIA TAYLOR fashion, VIRGINIA POPE cartoon editor, LAWRENCE LARIAR Washington, bureau chief, JACK ANDERSON; RED M.UMENTHAL, OPAL GINN west coast bureau, CHARLES PETERSON europe, CONNECTICUT WALKER australia, PATRICIA ANGLY © 1975 Parade Publications, Inc., 733 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017. All rights reserved under International andPw American Copyright Conventions. Reproduction in whole or in part of any article without permission is prohibited. PARADE*; Marca Reg. Please address editorial contributions to: Articles, Parade.733 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017. Although reasonable care will be taken, Parade is not responsible for unsolicited material.

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