The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE srs. · · THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 191s. BUTK^-Wliat it Pleasant Surprise! Bi C. A. VOIGHT m-': i:--- %*£; a - r : m* -·-.-· giXjttf-j .. ^_, f e - : · · : : * . g.r J:L--v feS; ";:" ·/"'.. IKE *?,^.. ' "MORGAN'S RAIDERS.' 1 --A five elk Si t "part "Bluebird- attraction;;., in which JfljZL- ^TlSlet^tfersereau isrseerrta the lead- g;,H - · TagTrolSClis- "being Zpreaeatod today, p5 Z Miss Mersereau £'ves a very intercst- it'-zE " *^ variation, of her familiar role of if^i tion. She is the .daughter of Ken- fe'S I .- ttopky jaoontaiiieep-ai oats with their pbl-E ' ioiw« civilized relatives, and " while Wf^-', ker real name is Betsy DawJey t she is ^f'ji '- more commonly known as the wild- Srrtf-w'l cat - The cogoraen fits her well, per- K£!.." '" tfeularfy in the scene,"where she drops J/J.ST . ...from a .tree and frightens a picnic ly^'" party of "her proud kin almost to ££3*" death. The atmosphere surrounding j£-.S'' the mountain regions where Colonel £S-.3» : ^Morgan recruited his men, among "whom is Betsy's grandfather, is very J well'. suggested. The girl, an arcftnt patriot of the confederacy and a good hater of the yankees, attends a mid- night meeting of the raiders 5n boy's clothes. Desirous ot doinj; something to aid the cause she rides away with a yotmg dispatch bearer. 'WheiTthe - latter Is shot Betsy rides through the - lines bearing the message- to its destination. The scenes attending this feat are- -nicely pictured and full of action. A selected comedy is inelud- . 'ed. 'Tomorow "His Royal Highness,". m World attraction, will be shown. ~"Carlyle;.BUckwell and Evelyn- Gree-. .ley are seen;in,'.the leading .roles. JFri- '.'day and Saturday Mae Marsh .and Tffm-^Moore will. be..starred far "The a Man;" :~aT Goldft-yn'-featuTtr.: · the cast. Those who like a novelty in the. spoken drama, will find it in this great-play"of "Mam'zelle."; The "manager." Jkclc Ball,.-will h'ave a committee-appointed" Thursday to praise or condemn'" this-play.' - Friday might the country store will shine forth as usual. .Laughter, and valuable *rJll add to the evening's-enjoyment. The play 'of "Mam'zeUe" is known.'aa a French cocktail and is mixed in with | singing, dancing and fun. The committee to pass on this play Thursday will .be John Duggan, J*V Jamea J. Drlstcoll. R. "W. Leiberger, Edward Duggan, R. O. Clabaugb, M. B. Fryce, C.' K. Stout, Whiter S. Sttmrael, John Kifcrle. H. C. Bays^R. TV*. Hoover, T. V. Donegal* Joseph" L. Stader and. Harry Van Gorder, NOWADAYS. THEATRE: . '-THE. HEART. OR ROilAN'CE."--A 'WBJiam.Foi- pho.todracia, . features "Jnne'-Caprice, : It is a. picture that -will please all who see it "Hie Mutual **We«F'~deplcU all the current; ' the -best 'cbiaecl'y sitnaUoiis' Imaginable' develop" in the'" course'*6f- Margarita Fischer^ 'nVw" jkmerican .Mutual production; ;"Jilted ' Janet/' Janet borrows; a'neighbor's house to carry out her boast of owning a beautiful home in California with eastern friends who come to visit her. Of coarse the start of the -whole thing ^as one of those beautiful bungalow " pictures' Janet "low; happened to -belong to somebody . The Preacher--An honest man is the noblest work rf God. .'. - The Politician--Well, he's scarce enough to be. She Wants Yarn. Mary had a little lamb. But didn't,gtve a. darn; Instead oC fleece' as-white as »iiow. Sbt. wanted khaki yarn. "Oh, I wasrat asleep," replied Johnny. "I was In a brown study. Late .test fall Sammy Jay, who thinks he's; smart, told roe a conundrum. Ha asked: 'What te the difference be- ·'rween an American soldier and a botcher In a packing plant?' He answered It himself, 'One is a defender and the other a beef ender.' And then h* laughed. I have been studying over that all winter, trying to figure cut whether h! Is · fool or he thinks I am."--Kansas City Star. A Modest SuspfcJon. The aadtencc cheered constantly when yon raade yonr speech." "Yes/' replied Senator Sorghnm. "They cheered ervery prominent name I mentioned. I began to suspect that they'd rather hear themselves cheer than listen to me talk." The Real Reason. - She--How does It happen that yon never married, when ycn've been engaged so many times? He--I can.give the best references from- all the girls -who broke the engagements. t They nil say I'm too good for them. · -~ . , / W h a t Happerved to Him. ."Dinks, had an athletic-stroke yesterday." . - . . - ' . . : "Athletic stroke! · Ton mean a paralytic stroke, don't yes?" "No; I mean just what T Bold. He got mixed up with a professional boxer." As to Women. "Uncertain, coy and hard to pleaae?" Conviction wil] not carry, \V can't expect this ancient whceie Observing what th«y marry. · Foreign Scenery. Artist--J painted this wonderful cloud effect and sky coloring r-broad, l^iend--That accounts for It. I never saw such a bunch of clouds here In my life. '(par vhie) 10fl.MO.00 U. S. bonds and certlncates of indebtedness oirncd and u n - 10.flOO.00 110,000.00 Liberty Loan Bonds, 3H ' per cent and 4 p**r, coot, unpledged 30,700.00 Liberty - Loan bonds, 3^£ and 4 p*r cent, pledjp- cd to secure state -or othor deposits or bills payable ........ 13.0(M).00 Securities other' than U. S. bonds (not including stockjr) o^wned unpledgred ...... 5,000.00 Stocks, other than federal reserve bank stock . . . . - . . . Stock of federal reserve bank (50 per cent 'of subscription) . ................ .Value of b u n k i n g house ____ '. ..... 66,000.00 Furniture and fixture? ...... Real estate owned' other than · banking- Jiouse ..... ...... Lawful reserve with federal reserve bank ............ Items w i t h federal reserve .bank Jn process of collection (not available as re- sorjv-e) .................. Cash £n vault · n n d not amounts due f r o m ^ia- tionaj, banks ............ Kxctiangea for clear i n p house ................... Total oC items 14, 15. 16. IT itnd IS (3,331.19 Checks on banks located outside of city or town ot reporting hank and other cash Utm? .............. cdowptif'tt find with II. S. Treasurer and due from U. S. Treasurer .............. Q.700.00 j 5,000. 0» 3.714.1* 6S. 000.00 5,500.00 17,11!),72 15.9S1.34 29.715.14 0.276.05 i *79.B5 5,000.00 Total ' ?S09,084.5A , LIABILITIES. Capital Mock paid in ...... J 100,000. 00 4.MT.37 : 2,400,00 t ". A LITTLE BEDTIME STORY. When Johnny Chuck ended his w^n- J 'tec's hibernatloa and appeared In the | doorway of hia house, hu found Peter Rabbit waiting for aim, a-qniver with curiosity. "So yon are awake at last, Johnny?" exclaimed Peter. *1 was in your house several -weeks ago, and there you lay | with your eyes ..closed and your hands J Bank Statentrmt. OF CONDITION OF THIS COLONIAL NATIONAL BANK, at con- SOISSOS THE.UEU. Jack Ball and his popular stock company- scored a distinct hit in that heautitul heart story of the golden west. 'Pretty Miss Nobody." The popularity of this clever company, is steadily increasing. The "scenery and effects border on perfection, and each and every member of ' this artistic company seemed most pleased with the reception given th^rn by the patrons of the theatre: The play will continue today, matini-e and · night. ""Starting., Thursday, "Mam'zelle" will --"belpfesentect with the':full strength of iasJeep than '1 ever saw "anybody before." Just Over the Bridge ConnellsTllIe (West Side) RESOURCES. Loans and discounts (exxopl those shown In b and c) $4SO,S9S.5S 4HO.d9S.58 Overdrafts, unsecured 1S6.0-J 135,92 cure circulation Surplus f u n d 30.000.130 ·ISnxJivida'd profits.. G,St7.65 Less current expense^, Interest, and taxes paid 2,270.32 A m o u n t reserved for a.U Interest accruod Circulating notes outatandlnR 100,000.00 Net amount.* cfuo to national b;mk;j 1.627.50 t Total of fu-iTMf 32 and 33 I.(527.50 { r n J t v f d u a l deposits nubjcci t to chi'ck 264.S46.74 i Cnrtlflcatrs of deposit due in \ iftsw than 30 days ot)i'T i than for monsy borrowed) Certiflel checka Dividends unpaid . ,, Total ot demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject - tr reserve, Hoinn 34. 25, 36. 37. 38, 33, 40, and CarroU Battery Co. A Factory Trained B»tUrr 3fait DODGE BROTHERS COMMERCIAL CAR The car's steady growth in good opinion proves how readily the public appreciates real value. The-kind of people who buy DodgeiBrothers care are seldom concerned withi any-"questigTr-of-p"rice.'" · ~ - "".."TheyralwayB.tiiiDk.first^of its.hj^h. Duality .and sta- -btiity" ·"" ~ " - . . . - - . The record of its economy and comparative freedom from repair costs comes as a pleasant afterthought. It will p*y yon to Tisit as and exmine thi» ear. "~ ~~'~ The pisoline cohicmptlon is n«nsiuiljf loir. '· The tire mileage is umgv*J1j high. C»T, *8S. :·'·' : . ; ToBTlBg.Cnr or ;Eoadstfr. $SS6. Sedan or-'Cotipe, .H350, "ff inter Tonriag Car or Boadst*r, $10^;.. : L . . (All prices f. o. b. 'Betroit) v ·· ---: -;.-···-.·'-- Central Motor Co. 110 W. Appl* Street. - Tri-SUto Phone, 368. HAVE YOU FORMED THE WAR SAVINGS STAMPHABIT? It'i a mihtygood one. It's a double-action tmiiit. for It benefits both you and the U. S. Govurajnent . Very convenient- too, for you can sa/vo as little as 25 cents at a time os as much as ?100". The interest is liberal and the security the best in the world. Stamps for sale and full information at the FTCST KATJOM 129 W. Crawford ATR, 1' "The Bonk that Does Things for Toa" Sale Deposit B»xcs for Bent- ESTABLISHED POLICY ·'V-It is the establish- ea'pollcy of:-the'.Title Trust. Company of Western .Pennsylvania, to promote .efficiency and -accuracy in every department, and to make its service useful to the people o£ the community. Checking accounts,. .large or small, are invited. D. 755.1 2 387.03 Certlflcu.t«» of deoostt o t h e r than for moncx borrowed) Other t(tn« dcposit« Total of t i m e d«- poitlts imbject to reserve. items 42, 43, -14, and '46 29C.37S.7S tlf» payable, other t h a n with fr.deral rc?s;rv-e b a n k . I n c l u d l n f t r all obligations rcpresrintiJip money borrowed, oLhnr t h a n rediscounts 12.500.00 j Totn.1 JSOO.084.5-t i State ot Pennsylvania. County of Fay-| 1, H. E. Scbenck, Cimhter of t h r Eibove-nam«d bunk, do -lolemniy swear t h a t the above statement is true to tho beat of my knowicdR;* "and beltat K. E. KCHK.N'CK", Canhler. Suhwcribeil anrl sv.-orn to before mo this 15th day of March. 1918. · AWONSO BASIL-ON^. Notary Pul)tic. Correct--Attpst: P. H. BKIGHLKY. W. X. U3CHE. ^ HARRY DUXX. Directors. JtEFORT OF 1 i.'O^DITIG.V OF TI£J^' U n i o n .SHtlonal Hank at ConncllsvHl«, In the state of I'ennt-ylvania, ul the close of business on March 4, I31S. J:KSOURCES. Jjotins anil Ala- cttcnta (erccept thone shoivn In b and c) .. ?233,39«.47 Overdrafts, · unso- vurcd 13S.S2 y. S. bonds rte- po.iited to KC- ciira circulation ( value) .. 0.000.00 U. S. bonds nn» of IndcbtedncMs owned and un- pledged . . . . . . Liberty L o an Bonds, 3Vi'' per cent »nd 4 ]ior cent, urrpleiig- , ' ad Securities other thanU. S. bonds (not Including- JrtockiO owned unpledged 19.100.00 Stocks, other than federal reserve, bank jftpck'., Stock oC federal reaerre " bonk (50 per cent of subscription) Value of banking house . . . . 2S.019.86 Furniture and fixtures ... Roa! estate owred other than banking: house .... L a w f u l reBervc with federal r«*«rva bank Items with federal reserve bank in proc«ns of ootl-ectton ( n o t ' available as reserve) Caah In vault and ' not amounts due from nation a-1 banks fea Cor olwirinir IS,000.00 65.000.00 8S.500.00,. 85,500,00 19,100.00 IS, 350 25,019.86 5.13R.OC 9. 047. OS 26,231.64 EVEN THE OOG5 8ARK AT eyv YOUR. CtOTHIMO AT HOME REGRET IS THE FRUIT OF POOR JUDGMENT. Fate works in a mysterious way and in Uiis instance shame follows in the wake of folly. Disregarding the offerings of the home merchant, the privilege of fit and alteration and the assurance of service, this woman fell victim to the offerings of an unscrupulous mail order tailoring house. The inevitable follows. The skirt that came was without shape and a hopelessly wretched St. Shame prodded the conscience of the victim as her friends ridiculed her folly. She feels that even the "dogs bark at her" and while her lesson has been well learned, it nevertheless has been an expensive one. MORAL:--Drawing blindly from the sea of misrepresentation is certain to bring a bad "catch." A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. ZIMXERMAX-WII/T) COJCPAST '«rnitiuii, HOBS. Stoves IM-IHS V. Crawford ATe, 'YT. x. LECHE Dry (JoodK 12S. IV. Cratrford ATC. THE JIORJVER COKPAJTY Slcu's Wear 100 W, Crawforil ATC. COLOJi'IAJL NATIONAL BASTS! Corner Pittjsbure Street and Crawford Arenne. MCDONALD MUSIC AAD ILKCTRIC co. lloyal Hotel pluck 3f. Httsbnrg St H. KOBACKEK, SONS "The Big Store" X. Flttsbnrg St. C. W. BOVTA'S FootvreBT for ETcrybody 127 If. Pittsbnrg St, COS^SELLSVIXLE MARKET AM) ?iOKTH END JffARKET J,endingr GroeOT-r Stores 136 aiid 318 X. Pittebnrg St ANDEBSOJf-tOUCKS HAHDTVAKE CO. Hardware 116 T. Cniirford ATC. t CHAKtES T. GttES Jeweler 141 West Crawford Are. BIUVWNEIL SHOE C03IPAST Shot'ii West Crawford ATB. CONSELLSVILLE DKtJG COjMDPAlVY Drngs 180 ITcst Crawford ATE. PETER R. WEIMER richois n»d Phonographs lS7-lSI)liast Crawford Are. A. TV. BISHOP JCTvelrr 107 IVest Crawford Are. THE AAEOS CO. ·fcome BniWer" 143 y. Pittsbrrg St. CBOWLET-atESTEEZAT CO. Shoes for the TViole Family 113 IT, Crawford Aw. A31T3IAM WORK China and WiUl P»per H7-1S1 Yf. Crawford AT«L THE CEJiTBAL STOBE Dry Goods 211 V. Crawford Aye. ELPEBK'S Ladies' Suits nnd Coats 180 5T. Fittfbnrg St FIVE ATST) TEN CENT WALL PAPER CO. Wall Paper - 103 Yf. Apple St. TV'ELLS-MILLS 3HOTOB CAB CO. Afrents for IVUlys-Kniglii, OTerland Cars, Accessories WERTHEOTEB BROS. Men's Store 124 y. Pittsbnrg St. COXSELLSVILLE LAUNDRY "Snow Vhite Vork" 12i! Baldirin Are. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Dngpan ffost Side i^BISBEE HARDWARE CO. Hardware YV. Crawford Are. WRIGHT-METZLEB CO. Bcpartment Store v. Crawford Are. LAC6HRET DRUG COMPANY 112 S. PfttsbBTg St. RAPPOBT-FEATHERMAX CO. You Can Do Better Here. ur Suvlnt's Cortiflcales ;LIH! T h r i f t Stamps uc- t u a U y oM-ned " 3 7 , Tottti ot it 34. IE. 1«. and IS 4t.25G.SS Checks on bunks located outfiide of r ( t y or town of reporting: bank a.nd other cash items Redemption fund with U. 5. Treaouror and due Iroge Ur .';' TrcMUf«r' ,.-- ·)3,370.78 4SIS.94 UAEILITIES. Capital utook paid In .... Surplus fund . . . ~ Undlviiiea proflis ll.o-ll.62 LfiBH c\irrent ex- POHKC, interest. and laxs paid l,8!U.i3 Circulallnff notes outatnnd- ins , Individual deposits fful- jett to chfick Certificates o£ (l«EW£it dud j in legs tl^an SO days i (other t h a n for money i.SHT.O-t ; borrou-ed) CJertJIicd checks DcposiUr r e t i u i r i n p notice but less t h u n SCI d a y u . . . . Total of dfniand t o t h o r reserve. Items 42 1. and 45. . 7S.5SO.C5 i 511.000.00 I 40,060.00 I than tmnk deposits) RUbjcct to reserve, hems 34, S6. 30, 37. 38. 39. '. 4«. nnrt ti 355.S71..1S 9.850.09 i Oortincutes of d^iujsit. ; (tnher than for money g*.000.0(»| borrowed) . . . ; Othpr tiinft deposits ,.,..,, Cota.^ of time tie- posits subject to Stato of Pennpvjvania, County of Payette. s»: · 1. .TAS. C. LONG, cashier of the above n.imcd hank, do solemnly s*year that the above statement is t r u e to the best of my knowledge and belief. JAS. C. l^OXG. Cashier. Subscribed and f w o r n to before ma thU 18th day of March. 1918 . WM. S. V A R D , Xotary Public. CHAS. B. FRAJfKS. G.' W. QALLAOI1ER, · A. C. EDWARDS. Blnotoim.

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