The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 14
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 14

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

'rf tHytntTTTTTTHf nlHT'Hti;MM f s ;ihmth a ay 's m mm 9 m m wwt a fit 14 5$ PLAYING AT CAPITOL lightly mora senior playmate. Birg. Crosby, thrown In for good measure. - Someone called , David R. Schwartz wrote this gangster farce, a takeoff on tha - Robin Hood legends.. The golden hearted outlaw and his merrie men have been transplanted - from " Sherwood Forest in medieval England to the trigger - nappy, boote-ruled Chicago of the 1920s. . Actually tha thing starts off rather, welt, with what la known nowadays as a' "guest star" or Entertainment Directory MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE r Viv Eas Vagas"; -TwtttgM of Honor". Box oftlca opans at a P aj. Show starts at dusk, s i: AaU Sky iv.A ir c" Hoorn at tha Top": "Naver on Sunday". Box oftlca opans at m. Snow starts at duik. Britannia -My Dog Buddr"! Hay Thare. It's Yogl-Baar"! Box ofllea opans at a.m. Show starts at dusk. Capital -Itobln and tha T Hoods". II 15-1 .10 . 4 3 - 7.00 . 1.20. Last show OS. Cartltr "Vtngaanea du Faucori d'r". 1148 3 51 0.41 - .S4. Adventurer da la Jangla", 340 5-3S- ' ." Caatra " i v ; ' -Bikini Baaed", u . J 31 40 - 1 40 "HigH School Htll-cat,". 120 - las . 1-30. Last show 30. ami a Parts '!...'.-"1ameur a vac das St", I !4-S 14-lo ts: -La. Sunmnas", T.M - 154. Laat ahow SJ4. ' Euadala -BadHma Story-, I JO . S 34 - . 4.-Laat show $M. : , Slgla - ' "Tha Naw Interna, u 11.4 1 33 S.10 - t-2S - S.40. Uttla llsta 2 -Tha ailanea", 130 310 . S 10-1 1S - S 40. . lIMn -Savata Bam", too . 4 40 - IS. "Giant of Matropoltl", lis S SO. Laat show t.33. auyfalr "Seven Days In May", I4S . OS - tSO. -Drylandara". IJO 4.30 - 10. Laat ahow 1.10. ir Vj - Nslaea Vail of tha Boman Cm- ra". 1.00-tJ t-M. Laat show OdaaaXiaaaaiway "Bcdttma atory": "Coma Sa- trmbar". Box .office apana at p.m. Show starts at duak. ' ' I ' Bagaat . ' "Cleopatra". US - 4.40 - OS. alalia " . "Blua Hawaii". 3 33 . S 13. "Slim Carter' . 3 10 - 10.10. "Tha Out-tadar". 110 - S 30 Laat show S 30 SUSaaa "Hay than. It's , Yogl-Baar"; "My Dog Buddy". aur Tapi . "Viva Laa Vaaai": "Twillaht faf Honor". Box office opens at P-ra. ahow atarta ai auak. "Bedtime Btory". I SO 134 is 1.41 a.4e. ua snow za. 17 Danctag Floor Show CHATEAU Dancing nightly, antarutnmant at a p m. and 10 p.m. ... . n- ,j. ; BELLI CLAIKg aTiitai lalnasanl from t pm. .... CHCX HCNftl Mum a tha Baloa d'Or. Bntartalnmant. - , . CATINBAO CLDB Danctag and . . laa now anowa msntiy. . OTCL DUVTRN AY Dancing and antartalnawat nightly In Btcha-llaa Lounga and atxaeutiire Paat- hOOaS. - INTErlPltOVTNClAt; O T I L Diqlng ana U wring nighUy. . OTTAWA ROVSB Most la tha Orttt. ST. LOUIS HOTCL Daaeuag. STANDtSPIAtX Dancing : and . antartammarrt aightly. . TALISMAN ta tart al anient nightly. Dancing rrtday and Saturday aughta, TOWN HOUSE MOTEL tntat-talnmant nightly troai aoa. DOIiT FORGET . . . SPECIAL SATURDAY MATINEE -2.30 P.M. mm ' IN PERSON With tha BROOKS SISTERS and Nf NELSON, MC ' EVENING SHOWS TONIGHT AND SATURDAY j N IGHT ot 8.30 p.m .nam iiUsiu uksoowki mi ADMISSION SATURDAY MATINEE . M ' (August 22) '; y : $23 - 513 . $1X3 ; ' EVEKINGS ...J SIDO - $2i0 - UM - $lio' DONTMISSTHISBIC OPPORTUNITY' TO SEE RED SKELTON V ; IN PERSON AT THE ' , CENTRAL CAflADA EXIIIDITIOn FREE bus Service 6 s Track, Leaving IiHirsi Ifi4ai Sksfant Caatra -IsakatlAltiVitt i -tfk St. Hsrsa , " i -laakSLaHartat " 'I MM. OTTAWA i:C3SE : r BID AT U (ATtlBDAT sad an aax weak v Ntal Jackson -: mi ttt OaWttf Rock V RoD Twist ' aod Instrusnantal : SUNDAY IN THE GRILL ; from 1 to 11 fML ' Bobby Sorault AND HIS ORCHESTRA . rraaah an SagHah Saaga Back, Twtac, lajatrwaiaatal 123,456789 m tiif RACES EACH NIGHT IS . t -I; THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Riinyon Rides Again AAith Robiif and:Hoods ROBIN AND THE SEVEN MOODS (tarring Frank Sinatra, Deaa Martin, Sammy DavU, Jr., and Blng Crosby.' New playing at tha Capital , Theatre. : By CLYDE GILMOUR Th unbanjshabte ; ghost ol Dapon Runyoo ridet high and wlda throughout tha calculated saniness of Robin and tha 7 Hoods ' $inatra-Martin-Davls .comedy musical with their "cameo" contributloa from yes-hours of this expensive Sinatra teryear' Little Caesar himself. Edward G. Robinson. . His name in this capet Is Big Jim, and In the opening espisode bis smiling "boys", fill him with bullet at his own birthday party. , Guy Gtsborna (played' with excessive and fatiguing cuteness by Peter Falk) wants to Uke over tha entire territory. . But Robbo (that's Frank Sinatra) insists on Inheriting1 half of Big Jim's domain. The two contenders .for the throne then buttle if , out in . a aeries of mock savage, ploys.' Unfortunately, the Impetus ol a lively beginning soon wears off. For tha remaining two product km from Warner Brat. wht we get is mostly ust a noisy but tired and tiresome re working of all the old Runyon cliches - about guy ".and dolls and comic rub-a-dub attending gospel rallies." .f fx . . 11 .;'-'... ' Journal Want Ada.- bring quick result. " . . 'f JOWSTMHE... FRANK CULLEY Ftainring LYSAYORK IN THE j " Dsachccir.ber ' Rcsa con mm out UTUJDAT AFTESXOOM JANSQWI nSlkiKuii Carlirva Avanua at tlw Kirkwood by-pass NO COVER NO MINIMUM for rasarvation call . 722-7601 tickets yon Lust or kba . "VIENNA LIFE" , ' WIBNEB BLtf ; I ' Now at aaht at all S DAVIS AGENCY STORES atM SJM 4.S0 B.00 ' SETT. land CAPITOL THEATRE ELVIS FRESlf HUTSlDEtl 1 bS 1 Civ a f JtHMieKT me touts JIMWNtT - SHaaiAUataUllad'Lwaaal SMHaaalwaaaaHj LatwJTa . i Ma. i a. a . laaaaai, .-aaaj ; Kwwwwitni mfracniwwiiiJsVfam - 1 VVtEK DAYS .. -f ... : ' Featare t IS.lS-SJ.4v4i-7JNJ! ; SUNDAYS . 1 ,1- Features at IJQ.4.IS.4S-J5 CUUdren 17 M IVfgrtl " mm1 ' Bank and 2T iSS.-- rani imztz it iuxs at npuur 2i:d week c 1 4Mnan aa oc lima . . Sheawtnc at Wllin IF 4 ACABMT Alt JUS S , US - 4A . S.0S REGENT THEATRE ANS A! iratu t. M-illi Aalt KMnaia.t v- A Famous' PUytrs Air Conditioned Theatr Dernicre foil ce solr en francais "VENGEANCE DU FAtCON D'OR" et "LES ADVENTUBIERS DANS LA JUNGLE" .A L'AFFICHE SAMEDI A MAMM SOfR (Ea Technkotor) 4 "THE TERROR" , avac ftorta KAKLOFF at SatvJra KNIGHT" Dffrri rum gtcUant "DEMENIA 13" : av wmiam CAMFBElX ft Laaaa ANDERS S2I.3 C:i.7.a!:s23 aanr awtra 9mtmti Tat. (II-SMS - - BF v School Attendance Hits Peak (By Tha iCP) More than 4.780,000 Canadians, were attend ing elementary ; or secondary school .during in school year Just ended and another 134. 000 were enrolled full-Ume at unl versity or. college. ' The bureau of statistic said today In an annual survey that this represents an Increase from tha preceding year of mora than lour par cent at the elementary and secondary school level, and about 11 per cent at the university level; En rolment at jihe latter la about double that of seven years ago. , There were about 3H institu tions of higher learning In Can ada in 19C3, including some M I AU0DIN I SO BIG I STAR-TCP I a-rat' n MUST PUT IT ; Dtv-iK tjau j ; TWO mim t'ZZZ?4 r llafB(af(aiBHfegflBs W EUfl8PnE8LEVS rVr. AIJH-MARGRET A3' ' JJJVP i SINGING UP A STORM ..IlltalEST STCSfEVEHPlir w .Bdweenj I tail v e v : urn RUE LAVAL ' DERNIERE SOIREE 1 . Un lilm a Clayda talaach ;j 'f' 1 -Guy MAIRESSE t Di.i...... Janino MAGNAN V ciaaaa tata.K I DtmaBChat represantatkm contlnualie partir da midl trenta. ; ' Autre Jours ouvertara da portea a k.--, SPECIAL KIDS' SHOW - Saturday ELMDALE ONLY Doort Open 12.31 Cartoon ' Festival-. 1 Hour of Color Cartoons , ELL1DALE "BUGS BUXMT JAMBORET ' i "sou of war , "KKDTIMB STOaV AT I.tS It's the best since "Touch of Mink" nnfemi MEET THE n a -f miADiniM DAVID BRANDO A-?LZa-I KllWCM ' AT DKAhUU iiwciy.j ,30! v SHIRLEY JONES1 j LT" . ' w.-, !. i wSkawSTNIltY SrlaflWaatPia HCnn8-anrwMl"tUVt Paint STANLEY SKVMO -Urn.- W6LRT MJWir in 11 n " COIOI ii wit p.m. ' jT I 1 " -a' A ' "-vL Driv-tn Opana at 4,0010 al DBIVB-IM ONLV "Come Seottmbtr" LJfllljIiLllir with Rock HUDSON I , "Irm ' ' ' ' COLOB , , 01 1 1 4 i i Tl 1 111 t j . Bverjr Bay tVlth degretxopferrlng power but excluding about 20 which grant degrees only in theology. if IN 11 1 ft OFfUN WBIT'INTHESUN! AY, AUGUST 21. WW I AIR. FORCE HISTORY , WASHINGTON -a On AtifI., 190T. the armyalr forea began as tha aeronautical division o( the army,!giel corps witli one olftcar: ' ,OMrrTANCI i iaVtHiiaS?' a nut m hi MtLINA V3h i f Orf If i . aS A I I i ii ..rr naTTrTsaTn rumi(AvuM--ANnrFiiRicaii ! Muiiu Htu NmiktUmkci HIGH V jg-OfAT tVONN IIME BRET HWSEV JAN IUN0! ! t JT. J K lH OTTAWA! " ftll Matlnaa: tad. ASalta SI . Bvanlns'' -Sta4. (1, AgalU I S -Ckliaraa Sac aajrUaaa ENDS SATURDAY! c:;:i3 k-aaaaat l.aai ; -...-jjawnnwg, a JVgJ(M tlOt. j, " -AwaaaMaawM 1 ... e5nr'.' . 2nd Hill GORDON MITCHELL , in "GIANT OF METROPOLIS" color ; '." fhia "tiBVLANnicB' Faaajr1 I KM A U AT HtU ON . Cl.SaaS A Traa Starr at Canaan's Wast J raVNCIS Vl.aMOv.gAMBa DOUOtA ."'it'- 6 th AND FINAL WEEK ! ! 11 KEVER BEFORE A SPECTACLE UKE t -I m . 5AMya.BR0fiST0N liTPil --S? iJa. i . Son... aVa color oUrTIIA lUKtH Ot T f STEPHEN BOYD LEC 6UINNESE JWJFS U&SOK CHRBTOPHER HUMMER n 'sJ a jfl i 'Jit. ' IncL Sun. S.M-5544S- Daily (ind. Sunday) at 1.30 - 3.30 5.30 7.35 0.40 j , Mb,l"'! ("i,',f,:''"' asm a an. , - liar'itaaifs - ADULT ENTERTAINMENT 7? ' lwa.4 M k.tfaut.Var ...sny tfte- naw loves I A' ' a MON. THRU SAT. Al" lMS4 ' - 7.2( (.40 - -1 ' 7i- K a A v.

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