The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1930
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, J A N U A R Y 13, 1930. THE DAILY CU(JItrEJK ; PAGE ELEVEN. "The K. TdL A'V^tt *JlwZ ^ »·" ··--V CABINET.!! «s, 103D, Wostern i'J'oivepaper Union.) T,-n much Iclloneas, I linvo ob- Kpi-vocl, .-nils u p R wom«n'» tlrao , much mor* coniploColy and loavos t li»," loss her own miatro»B t h a n any "Dior sort of. employment whatever.--Burks. HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS A f t e r middle age when the uvernffo porson, mnu or woman, begins to notice tho thickening of the wtiJstllne, it. Is nec- ossary, If one keeps fit, active and ready for the enjoyment of all of the good things that nature provides us, to cut down ~^^xm on starchy foods, -eat j^-"«^Qt ' ess °^ wont and more ^^'·^^H, of the natural f r u i t Juices, which fire Invaluable In neutralizing the ncld ash of heafy foods. AclclO'3ls, rheumatism of various forma, get iui ( lf we don't \ratclt out. W\hi»n heartburn dm acid stoma'ch) rolls" up to cholie you. take n good fclnss of frosh orange, juice nnd see how quickly the discomfort will sub side. · \ Hrhik orange Juice daily ns much nnd an often ns the stomach demand ft. With a system well nourished daily »flli citrus fruit Jul-e, whether li-iiM)ti, lime, g r n p e f r u l t or orange, the rtn-adt-d arthritlii Is routed and the body is kt«pt in perfect condition -provided tlie food supply Is rimmtnable Yonng people who woi-U off so unicl stonm In exercise may etit more freely ·of hfiu-ty .foods, hut Inactivity and ( o v e r e a t i n g Is Che ottuse of a large pro portion of disease and death. Xovv.-uln.vs tlie wise mother begins with tlie citrus fruits, ijlfi- gives nor thw-ttionth-old 1.,'iJio 'n touspoonfu of slra tied orange juice lietweori feed Ings. The vltnn\lncs nnd ininern! matter found In orsingo juice iiuilds _, the tls-nies and biines ni«i gives the body resistance to colds . nd Infection, The .?mall glass of orange Juice If part of every well-appointed tablo for tho first meal of the tiny. ' Fresh vegetables, especially the green-leaf vegetables, like lettuce chnrd, spinach and brocolll, should be part ol the menu of every dinner. Uncooked onions If eaten i\t night are both wholesome and a Rood antiseptic. They also Insure solitude, which is another necessity for a normal person occasionally. The best diet then Is plenty of rege tables, citrus fruSts and enough starchy nnd protein foods to keep In rortnnl Patronize thos_q who adi-ertiae. Flirtatious rrlrls are said to make poor teachers--they can't make tholr pupils behave. : DEAR. IS RlOU^M, WILL THE AEROPLANE IT? MIPS ---^-v-^-- ATLAWTA.CA- DE Afe NaAM-- CALL. A PET H E S Xv (v\l£S MILOrSE'D LOMBARD DEAR Ol. 1 ^-"*-·*-·*--*---r*--~-*- ^lOAH «" IF THESES No GRASS /N THE: McPRTH^ WHA'T" Do ESKIMO? ·· / COO.N? pf l\fa$* '£%%** m^?y% i/llp(( ! !v/[fj »,» ^2- iSistn. CASPEI* TO\WN)/AND OCt" :3feHT)MENTAL. TOOT-5 AWI CASPER. . ACCOMPANIED" THE. HOME OF MR J CHUCkLE Ki PRAIRIE JUNCTION / T' ti5 ie ~TWE AARDEM OP TME ROSE* *TOOT'. UMCl E EVERETT! BUICT Ht5 N1Ah45)OSJ NEWS. BE nrt, · THE «,POT WMERfe WE ANE5 E-LalE PLANTED A RC 2E. BU5H S5L VHAT15, Ai?O, ANb' VOWED THE.Y I WOU -b \VEt» ON THE. f Arf Twe PlRST ROE. BLOOMEp 1 . THE J TMEV QUAMR1SUEt AMb H6 LEPT TOWM NEVera. TO UETVtajvJ 1 . "THE Pin^jT RO"3E. BLOOlv»HC.AWO MOP"* RO= H"5 StboMED AMD. THE. BUS=H AND ^RE.'W UNTll. IT COVEREt "THH HOU, THA T Vs/A«. THEN HE. Lovteo HIM, THE UMT)1_ HE A MULTIMILLION- AIRE', . !k"TH HN THEY N u^siS*- ^ . K r jr fraturrp Syn^licht*. [nf , GrMit Britxin By JIMMY 3IU11PH? -[-m/^-T RQ'oS. BU*3K COULD ^t^Sovy AMD iirROW UNTIL. IT COVERE ~THE WHOL.E , 10 "WAIT BEFORE B E C A M E A MILLIONAIRE., KETT HOW TO GET A GIRL By I»AUL 110BINSOM / DON'T SET PRBSH.' 1 NOW A 70 CO IS "SBNO THEM WEPE'O YOU THE pones \1Kl5tLE? -i3UT XOU VJOULOH'Y ONE _ US A TICKET NOV-) VJOULO You LEAN'S IT TO, M E / I ' L L F l V i r UP/WHAT5 AND PHONE PDUrtO it "MO ^VJE.tL THAT ROADSTER.-THE 'EM- WE'LL NAME SOM6- FUN ''' AMD NOT OK THE A UTTUE "COURTING" VltW AQE VOU TQ^INC-TO DO- MD OS ? IF ^-^·"·^r^^^ TIM Ti LKIi by PCMS MOM TS RV3WT, ·SPUD*. WSEH CAM VAUGH. WAHT TO, BUT \F hAR MOOOW'D US' "BANU OOT,;' FIROM A 'SjUiP, *H A. \r ; NNU'O ou OW MOUR FAW=jT . SPUD ' "D" U6,ME BEEM BIG SlS'Ili'R. SMD THE SEIDEB TO TIDS By LES FOEOEATE. C XDNNXE FOR THE GO FJRtSTV . C L L " Ml- MV THE i_^st?r ONE'S FELIX THE CA'A 1 fey PAT SUtLIYAN. U'ELU,UALiR.A,, AT L.AST *1 OT R-to OP My R.ivAL NOVx) TKA.T HE l ^ Ot-iT F THE. V/JA.Y, I'M GoiNCr TO ON, K I T T Y A. A. INI You'riE CLEVER. CAT, WELL, TH IT'S ONE RULE TO GO BY I By 33DWHIA u,, V/VSH Kl VOU TvA \ K) K TVA^-S l l^'c. NOT TVA'E.V IMFVH-- JiO VOU

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