The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1918
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

"WKDNESDAY,.MA:RCH: 20, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, COKNELLSVILLB, PA. PAGE FIVE. NEWS OF THE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Glass Factory .Employes Arrange Minstrel for Bed Cross Benefit. LADIES SEW THE ENTIRE DAY TMMITHH, Tnm » a. m. to 9 p. m. is Set for Ingrtherinjr of Clothing and Otter Articles lor the Belgians; XMT GwncBfci Seeded: Otkcr Jfews Sliecial to Th* Courier JIT. PJU2AUJT. March 20 --The L. 5. Smith Glass Factory unit of the Ked 3ross will sue a minstrel Easter JMon- day in the Grand ppera House, the proceeds to go to the Snnth Red Cross unit, 'juntas Heichman and Edward Aldora wiH be the end men. There will be about 35 in the circle, la the olio wirl be some Greensbarg talent. The aBair is under the supemsion of Mrs. Charles Wible -who has bad a wide experience in this kind of work . Rehearsals arc being held each evea- mS- Sfft Vll D»y. An %J1 day session was held at the sarjpcal dressing room in the bank building yesterday The ladies »had their lunch at the work room. Ingathering Toamvw. The Civic clnb will have char!,e of the ingathering for Belgian relief, that will be held by th« Red Cross from 9 until 9 on Thursday m the vacant ttore room in the National Hotel block The ladies would like to have all garments as clean as possible and have string shoes tied together and button show also fastened together with, buttons securely fastened on ail -shoe, Xotes. MS*s Greene of the Carnegie Library spent a few dayc with Miss Dorothy Morns ct the high school. Mrs. Auctart Robuielaw and Urs. Sowe spent yeetetday in Greeisourg. Mrs 'Wttlia Pore spent yesterday with Seottdale friends. flames He said he wouldnt have taken $50 for the meat that was burned Miss Delia Tissue of Bear Hun was shopping in town, Mondaj evening Mrs D Hershbergor loturned to her home at Mount pleasant Monday after a pleasant visit spent the guest of Mr and Mrs George Hersbbeiger Mrs Oooke has returned to her homp at Bedford alter spending Saturday and Sunday with Mr and Mrs George Hershberge" OH3OPYLB, March 20 --Among the recent arn\als at the Ohiop\le House are \V R llealj Baltimore, H W. Herr, Filtsburg Dr Cottorr Daw son, and Gcoige Hod ot Donora Patronize those who advertise F L vVelr agent at the "Western Maryland station, has returned to Ohiopyle after a few days spent in Maryland He will work out his 10- day noUi e before resigning Mrs George Hershberger spent Tuesday shopping and calling'on Connellsville friends Mrs Clara Vaughn was called to Somerset yesterday to attend the funeral of a relative \ "Walter Shipley of Sipes, who has 'been very ill ail winter was able to come to Ohiopjle Tuesday and greet old friends Patroni/e those who advertiso MJse Nettie Beck returned to her home at Somerset yesterdaj after a week's visit with Ohiopyle friends For The Particular Woman MEWS IOME SHOE POUSfl Keeps shoes neat and dean Easily and quickly applied Nothing to spatter or spill Will not come off on clothing taniA Home Set (Bristle Ocnber and Lamb* Wotl Pdiriier) makei the vac of 9mnk easy Any Store (fifty siilnea for a dime) BLftCK-TMt-WWn- ·ED-BROWN Ohiopyle. , March 19--B M. Bas- ·act of Philadelphia is speeding .a Jew d»ys b«re on'business. Charles Lmderman was smoking his meat Saturday and in the eve- nins thtafctz the fire had gone down 1« thought he would taJre a little rest on the coach when he nas awakened bj * neighbor yelling flie , and vnen he opened the door of ibe kitchen he saw his meat house ia otice 5fa«c*hecs. All members are requested to be present at an important meeting; to be held Thursday night March 21 Arrangements for banquet will be made Adv --20-lt Hunting BrrcnJiM ! Ton will find them in our ad columns Eases Quickly When You Apply a Little Musterole. And Masterole won't blister Eke the old-fa*hioned mustard plaster. Just spread it on with your fingera. It penetrates to the sore spot with a gentle tmgie, loosens the congestion and draws oat the soreness and pain. Musterole is a dean, white ointment made with on of mustard. It is .fine £01 quick relief from sore throat, bronchitis, toasOitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, headache, congestion, pleurisy, rheumxtisin, lumbago, pains and aches oi the back or joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruaes, chilblains, frosted feet, colds on the chest (it often prereots pneumonia). Nothing like Musterole for croupy dul- Sen. Keep it handy for instant ose. 30c and 60c jars; hospital size J23D. STAR JUNCTION STUDENTS ACTIVE IK WAR CAMPAIGN Jianr Arc Jfinliert of the Ited Cross and They Inrnst Hesrii} in Saving Stn»pi. A new feature has been added to the monthly reports ot the schools, of Star Junction, this being tbe amount of War Savings Stamps absorbed by the students The --port tor Ine s ith. month entkng March 12 shows that the total stamps sold -was $1^01 74 The report also ahows 75 enrolled in the Junior Red Cross rad 121 in the senior organization /The enrollment in school, for tbe month was 511 By grades the report shows the following. Room 1-a, Ruth Tborndell, teacher Number in 1 Junior Red Cross 3, war stamps sold, $2150 class leaders Steve Timchek Charlie Mutnansky John Brutnaa, John Puskar and William Jenkins Room 1-b Bertha Lmdennan. teacher Number in Junior Red Cross, 3 Senior, 17, war stamps. $2218; class leaders John Shove 1 Ehner Lammie, j Nellie Thrasher, George Batchick George Butchko and Francis Wnchka Room 2, May Riteno ir teacher Junior Red CrO'iS 6 Senior, 10 war stamps, ?5802, class leaders, Kate Robotony, Vary Cunginff James Short, and Anna '*, ira. Room 3 Irene nssington teacher Junior Red Cross, 3 Senior, 54, wai stamps, $21 50, class leaders Cha-lM Thrasher John Fedik, Paul Butchko, John Yokoba-vago and Goldie Jenkins Room i, Blanche Murphj. teacher Junior Red Cross 8, Senior 11, war HABGOOD AND HARMONY" WILL SWEEP THE STATE IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES MAY 21 FOR GOVERNOR The Republicans of Pennsylvania will stand by Republican'Nat- ional Chairman flays, who says: 1. ^Factionalism is the most destructive force in das party." 2. ''The purpose of the Xational Committee and similar committees, is to eli'ct, and not to select candidates." The factional fights of Philadelphia and Harrisburg shall not be dragged into every voting precinct in the State for the rank and file, including the vast body of independent Republicans, will vote against both factions. Habgood is not and will not be the candidate of any fart!on, clique or leader He has always been loyal to the party's candidates, regardless of factions, and lie -welcomes the support of all Republicans from the most modest to the most powerful. FACTIONALISM MEANS DEFEAT REPUBLICANISM OYERALL MEANS VICTORY Habgood favors the National amendments for Prohibition and Woman's Suf- fra5e, consistent with his open and constant approval for the past twelve years of a nation-wide basis and is supporting m his home county for the Legislature, only candidates who will vote to ratify them stamps, %30 15, class leaders, Emma Brown, Robert / Wliitc, 3am«is Piersol, Anna JlomrocJv, John. Tarnwhit and Arthur .Mucci ' Room 5, Joe .Myers teacber Junior Rd Cross, 7 Senior 5, war stamps 536.S, class leaders Mary Timeik Mary Koraly aDd Ands Hornlck Room 6, Rutli Brown, teacber Junioi Red Cross, 7, Senior 15, n a i stamps, ?660, class leaders, Joe Hoi- nick, 05, John Morgan 9 Hlidred Koffer 94 Cecchi Goann,s, 91, and Helen Cenjce. r n Room 7, Ella M Pollock teacber i lunior Red Cross, !", Senior, 13, war 1 stamps, ?203 M clash leaders. Frank , Roobuck, JIarj Sbavel Elizabeth Schubert Barle Burnswortb and John I Timcik. Hoom 8 Garnet Jones, teacher Junior Red Cross 12 Senior 12 war stamps, $16102 class teacuer Josephine White. Robert Thrasher, John Clinga-i. Irene ButcWco and Edward Asmnwall. Room 9, Blrarbeth il Hess, teacher Jnnio- Red Cross, 10, Senior, 12, war stamps, ?28 87 class leaders, Joe Knrdula, Gertrude Jeokins lobn Shubert Clad3 Carr Jano Burnworth and laa Wolae .No 10 E I Ramsier, teacber Junior Hed*Crcss 3, Sen or 10, war stamps. '58 SS, class leaders Mary Malatin Lllban KefJer Grace Allison Ruth Piersol, Mary Shelter and Sarah Graham Smithfield. S^^THPIELD, March 20--Mrs H B Gnlher and daughter Rebecca returned Monday irom Camp Dlx. where thej had been visiting Dr Gnmer Mn's hnsband Their son Lieutenant Mortord Gmher of t,amp | ^leade accompanied them on the visit "Mr and llrs. B T button and I granddausbter, Ehsabeth Campbell, were m Jobnsrtown Mondd and Tues- daj called there bv tbe death of Harry Mansfield, Mrs Button s brother- in-law L J Gramiell was a Connellsville businew visitor Monday. R J Benson was in Masontown on Monday circulating his petition fo' the nomination to the assemblv in the first di^rict. We see a n w ess item m one of our counts papers from a eountn scnbe in »hicb he boasts of the number of automobiles owned by resident-, ot has village Whether tbls is anything to boast of or not as indicating the thrift and prosperity of a town oi community is a debateable question, but as a matter of fact and oi some Historical interest Smithfield, or a atwen thereof, owned tbe first automobile in Fayette county the ruiming gears of which are still in storage here, and there are now owned by residents of the baby borough 5ft. automobiles some four times as many as the scribe aforesaid claimed were owned in hi« village The remains of Mrs Claik Sap, who died at her home near High House on Sundav were bronght heie and tnter- ed *n the Bapust cemetery Tuesdav Henry Hardm, the demented soldier of Camp Lee, who escaped from his escort in Umontown, and who was returning him to his friends, was located and his guard delivered him to J his friends who receipted for him Trncn the guard retunwd to Camp Lee Havdm s parents weie dead at the time he was drafted he and an older sister made a homi 1 for themselves and younger members of tbe family on tbe Haydentown road just without tbe borough limits He was a auiet, well disposed. citi7eu claimed exemption when drafted on the gioimd that his sister and tbe other members of tbe famitj were dependent on him £c i q apport and no ooubt the thought oC their condition preyed on bis mind and was the cause of it i becoming unbalanced Mjr^vttK*tir}inevif^ Hooks Yl anted By Soldiers and Sailors Pi ease go o oui book-shelves, select as manv good books as you can spare i\ rap tJiem mark ' Library War Service and 'eave at our store or Cirnegle Library to be sent to the camps Hundreds of mothers after careful examination have concluded that this is the logical place to buy their children's Spring Clothes This year, more so than e\er before, are our pnrces lower than elsewhere Investigation is the best assurance f* 1 * 1 'Sl/'L'j- Girls White Lingerie Dresses 6 TO U VBARS. Extremely becoming and unusual style features are introduced m these Dresses, which are suitable for Easter, Confirmation, Graduation and Party wear. The materials are VOILE LAWN BATISTE m medium and high uaisted models including many ·ver- sions of the new coatee atjle Tucks, Laces, Ribbons and Hand Embroidery are important style notes PBICEI) $1-50, S2..50, $2.95, $3..50 ASD UP TO $1-5. Little Girls Easter Headwear Charming, winsome sUles that irothcrs "ft ill pronounce adorable, are priced wjthm rcai-h of the most modest purse $1.50 up to $4.95 BOY'S TR CLOTHES Best selection at ' The Big Store" from our larger and rrore varied collection of moderately priced styles Boys' All Wool Blue Serge Suits In the latest Norfolk and Military stjles--ages 8 to IS years, priced-- SC.95, $'.'.95, $J^0 ATfD $9.50. Bojs' lowest aiKeii Suits _ _ . . . $3.95 up to S12.50 Bojs'JVeiv Spring-Hat, , 50t and $1.00 ^fc^v »hite Blouses and Shirt* - _ . _ ,,· 75c to $1.00 Boys' ScTirjitc Bloomer Trijusers _ _ ,.6-ic to 82,00 'ew Spring 1 Tup Costs _ |3.!5, $4.95 and $6.50 New Easter Neckwear Collars. IIosier\, Footwear and everything to complete his Spring outfit in nea A N D WEAR Homer's Clothing TCOcoooooooceooooooooeooeo J. B. KURTZ, 3 NOTARY PUBL.C X AND REAL ESTATE. g HO. i South Meadow S CemwUffvlUft !^L Q DCOOOOOOOOOCOOOSCOiaoOOCXiOO Grandpa Is Today MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMM57RANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. BIG ft A remedy for iufoctlont it tha i r i n - v r r Uact Pah 1 tin ron polfonoui Hi-d ·nil! not utricture Relieve* in 1 to 5 dars Pared Poit If detirrd --Pnco *I or S I ottlw 92 71 l*r»p»r*l M" THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO , CFNCINNATI, 0 in the bost of health Hale find hearty mth good, good appetite and good digestion Grandpa a fire st«*dy too He lakes caro of htmnelf- He keepe himself fit He ·eeM to It that bia nerr«« aad blood ' KTC in xoofi Bbapc "Wnen he finds that he to «tUj* without mUab, te«l- Ing- ». tittle dcpr-ftsjed and cross, ·laepy all day yet c*n not sleep m.t nlglit, be beglUE Ills tcea.Unant of Blo-fercn, the n*rv« and Mood tonic. ^·Bio-Eeren, a compound ot L*edthin. Iron Peptoftate and other valuable tonic elements in. tablet fonr IB JtiEt exactly what tbe A-verajte tlrect bu*l- Tieaa mtui xhe f0erag« housekeeper needs at Uite ncJOon of the year. It toner tbe uervefi and putt? -ricor anil energy Joto thi Eyvtera « There is no rovntery about Blo- foren Bs-erj packaga show* luat exactI the content. AsE your aoc- ior about Blo-foreu, or. If 5011 *wl*. send us hia name and we ivin fop- ward him Ui« complete formula. Give Blo-fcren a f«Jr trial. If If don't make good your mono Till bo pleaMntly racumad to ou. loter- e«Uns booklet iviU b» maJBod you cm request. lAXKa parfmgo U.OO t all pixn} (SrugKlats or direct If your drugg1«t don t handle it The Scntanel H«m* ecllai Co, CtncicnaU, Ohio LEAVES NO AFTER-EFFECTS EXCEPT HEALTH ALL D R U G G I S T S - L A R G E PACKAGE $rSS HUP" STUBBS PUZZLE: WHEBE "CAP'S" GOESG By EBTVEYJl CPiNT. 0 WITH ME TOM16.HT.' 33O6S AtWT ALLOWEO' ACCEPT TH)i GOOtS EVENtN ' HOW ARE YOU THIS O« YE5. I 'A» WELL, THANK LtTTLE. BOX OF

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