The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE POUR. THE DAILY COUEIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. "·WEDNESDAY, MAKCH 20, 1918.. it jiv j!V ' ft" - : HEXBT P SNTDEB. lender and Editor. l»7B-l COJBPAKT, K. .3*. SNTDEB, President- . . JAS. J, DEISCOLL. JOKN . WAJL.TEK S. City Editor. ' MISS I.TNNB E. KINCEIi, Soctety Editor.. . r ~ . ' . . ^ ·'· -'Associated Press. * v" Audit Bureau of circulation. · Pennsylvania Associated Dailies.- ';Two cent* per 'copy. 50c per month; » Mr -year by mall il paid in Miv»ace. · i: Jatered as aecond class matter at tfce iwtfofflce. ConnellsTllle. Pa-' ETE'6, XJJU 20, 1918. - Tlw C««rtCT'» Service flff. WrBLlAM P. SHETUUAN, Hospital Unit I* V. S. A.. Fort McPherson, Atlanta. Ga. BAU-H P. SL1GER, Company Ii, 319th Infantry. V. S.-S. A.. Cano» L«e,,-.Pet«rstio.i;E.. Va. ; f ' Uemkn ·! Tk« ' The Associated Press' Is exclusively entitled to the use for xeoubtication of ' all', news, dispatches credited Co it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also tike locxl naws published .. SEE . . It's.'onr irar. ,1*liere*has never jbecn any question' about -that; since tiie standard .of American democracy was planted on · te : battlefield of France and a united nation pledged itself to figit.until the debt' we owe the world aid our" ovra ^fireside? has been paid, says the Liberty Loan Committee. ' The 3nad man. of Europe '"was after as.. - H e .and-his hordes whose in-tel- lecta,.baye -een perverted, until they worsnip"tbe wild Saiser as a go1, and accept his murderous"dictates as unquestionably as if. handed from the clouds-.graved.on tablets of stone by the styrusv.of. : th.o Al'mlgiity. iiimself. 3\aiscr-crazed Germans were upon us. Reluctantly we chcse the only road to our safety. This-is to kill them as-so many wild beasts. To the sacred cause ot ridding the world and our country oC their menace we have pledged our lives and our fortunes. The majority of us must stay behind the lines. Our lives are Siifo if two things do not fail; our lines in France, and our lines at home. It is o«r -busines to see that the first have the means of standing firm and fighting our battles tor us, and that the second is not ireaened. by lack of funds. A failure in either place means that all may be lost. That our Jor- lunes down to the third and fourth generation must supply the tribute which Trill be levied'by the Captain Kirtd of nations, the kaiser irtici would be God. Luckily, the government has arranged the Liberty Load, so tnat we can pay for the war by lending the money, savins our lives and pur fortunes and actually adding to the. latter, at the i same time. And will we come through? i So question about it. or argument: ·Watch- us. " It's our -war and we'll see i it through. Send the soldier bor a book. ch^n being made in- this ci!r! another book for aaotbT soldier bay. - .BOOKS FOB THE.S01DIEKS. . · 'AseisUag to provide a supply of leading matter for tho soldiers and sailors is another of those helpful war activities in iriuch a. very large num- l?«r_oJ people can engage with:yeiy little e'Uort, co loss of time, and at ao earpxauUlure of mosey. · .Jiiny Ixdmes liare collections of books -wiich. have been read by all tie readers 'ot.'tis families and to that extent have.'aerv- ed' tlie purpose of their " purchase. Tlrese can be easily gathered together aatj.'turned over £o the Carnegie Free Library to form'.a part'oj the collection that Tinder t'h* nation-wide book drire of the American Library Association. To maio sach an appropriation of your booics will be no deprivation to /oar- self but they -will be a source or mndi joy and comfort toe war-weary men id the camps and to the wounkbd ia. tie hospitals. They will enable soldiers to pass their leisure--,time in more profitable -ways than-would be possible U without access to reading matter. ' _ ' . .-Books relating to technical sub- jeca^in which many of the boys are interested "with, a view to preparing lor civil life .pursuits alter tile ti-ar, will be of~particuJar valae and bt-ne- fit. The tastes of many will nrc to fictjoa; of others to biography, niasoiy or travel; some will, have a fondness for poetry. or dramatic, works. Tins tie average" owner will have no difficulty ifi,;mafcihs a choice of Jxioks ; "As" a "boy who dissects a wntch In order to ffce the -works. I have been taking this army apart." Secretary of War Baker told the officers of Persh- Ing's army. Like the same boy of whom he speaks the boy secretary may not be able to find places for all the wheels when he undertakes to assemble the time piece. The Allies are not advertising their "spring .openinE" tiuite as extensively as tiie Germans but when "the 1ay' ; comes they will be found to have a complete assortment of seasonable ^oods and a very efficient delivery system. ·· Dickeraon Run and Dawson may l»« depended upon to' inakr; the "Y" Quite as much of an institution Down Th^rr. as it has- become Ov^r Thnrc, It is n ho,Mt of Daw.ion and Dicktrsf.n K u n people to do things- HER PLACE IN THE SUN. --By Macauley. "When UK* Keystone Tlv^jrion drcpa [ Into place in that arch of steel GT n - ! ftra.1 Pershintf is forminK In f r o n t of j the HlJidenburs Iln«. thfi Huns v - i H ! Ond It as 6lfl\cuU tr. mak* a dent in | the structure aa It ha* fccou to pry -ild ] Pennsylvania out of its place In \'K* ' arch of stales. The Prick Coke coTnpanT. by dc- \ cliuin^ to stccrpt bt35 for the Morgan j Valley mines %:caus« they wprc con- i siderefl too hlgt.. has ^et a. new S w ^ n d - ard In maJcins a-wards--a standard j that might profitably be cciuyi aa j That "Hlndy was a wise precaution o f ! to send out invitaUoos for th mourners to gather in time to western front. The farmers are Kiven to understand by the Vood Administration ttfU they may sell Ih^lr wheat before May day. they caa'-w-eU"spare from their libra-j^e obseqnica^r German hopes ries« -The gift iriH even be the better " If we make the sacrifice of partin fitb. th-e iooks of our favorite -writers. In event we may be thai our gilts v^ *£ a proper appreciation by tbe "boys and 'will do much to brigitea their lives antl-Jn- flntnce them along,ttie lines of rigiit thinking, acd ciean living. General Fershing is sreatiy, interested in tae movraneat to provide books for the soldiers. From his intimate .knowledge of the conditions ltnens ho . under which the soldiers live in Prance he is in a. Bositon to judge of the value jf every means, Intended to relieve the tedimn. of the.'ioio tonrs and he baa parttculaTly urged that an ample supply .he provided. ; . To · carry hia' idea into execution he has made requisition that .50: tons of cargo "space be provided - f o r books in ocean carriers eafih^ month. To meet this requirement mean/ that about 100,000 volumes \vill 'ne«i-tq'be shipped every month, or · 1,400,000 TOl-umes." per ..year, Nearly 1,000.000 bocks have already'been placed in-the camps in this country; another 1,000,000 will be_needed before the overX-TherfeliS'.ahus'-splendid oppijr- tnnity'Ior every book'owner to', have a part in' supplying these "messengers to the trenches," both at the" present, gathering and at others ..which will follow from time to time., v Having learned the giving habit you will not, of course, permit a single occasion to. practice it to pass unim jroved. T. KKSEBTE 3OUTJA, Tbe excellent start already made to rgfiTTPt Company G. Third, Rej^ment, 3!iliHa.Seserve. is but another Jn- 5faioe" of" the 'readiness "with which, the young men of Connellsiflle respond' *-o calls for military service. This organization.-wHl -bo. limited to serric« wtthiii. t6£stai" tut that, in its "vray, is no-less^itixpoftant'tiiaii ser-, Tice as a part 'o! oiir^feder^l forces. The former cornpantes^of' tlid National Guard stationed'here learced the rudiments of war-in-jnat-; the same way, and events have shown that they learned it veil, while their patriotism was firmly rooted and grounded through having served as soldiers in the state miliHa, The' young m en who are i ormin g t ' the new organization . are inspired by the sa?ne willingness to as- yucae their, duties a citizea soldiers as the men whom they succeed: .The ! service they are entering upon is necessary and honorable and, if falth- fally performed, of no little credit to the men -who form the rank and file. There will probably be no effort required to 'bring the OnnensTille platoon of the company up to tbe re- '. quired strength. -The young men who ; are not eligible for other military ser- , Tie* at this tira-2 will recognize the present as an excellent opj*ortunity to b«come part and parcel of on organization which has always been the «u-« of »efa Hid».t» the citizens ^^yuTn.Th." ^r."Tnd"bS O? P\ nitsyirwala. * And that reward is mine to claim. By W»Jt Mason. II ^Gw£!rihlS£!JiE@I]s£3 --TM J u~uc*4. WANTED -- YOUIl B.UUiKlUNO businena. K EXZLN' liTA tt WASTED -- CHAMBBIULUO AT YOUGH MOUSE. ISoiirLJii VTASTKD -- IMSinVASilKR AT VTRKT SIDE JiGTKU ISrnart: WASTKD -- rot; ro jujVEJ*.:isi; K lur cla*sift*l columns. WANTKD -- 8K'-t''X: HAS!." T T f l ' K writer. CoJI U^ll I2-R, oj- Tri-iimu SB-W. Mount I'lULKUK. ;2(rolt ^VA-NTKD -- KXl-KRIK-SCKD UUU. for Ksnnntl hous-wnrk. Call 202 Wrst Ctdar weiiuc y.ftrr 6 F'. M. InjATtf 'W^vNTKD--nOY TO ACT *\S IM1H- t?r arid work - in druff srtore. J. C MOO11K. W.VMTBJJ--CUA \ntKH-V A II.i. M I D - dle aK f t t l ;:wiy pifcferrrj. R A o. RESTA.I.-RANT. JStnirJl FOR KOU I*OH t ilnri !···!! K«r llxvi. ilKNT^ONK K nm^li KAracn. K^-- KBNT--- ONK Prefer ratiroivrt or ""·'a.M-'ttfj 1 ' f!.'IC.TKJIKr Tt';i.-t Kt-iiU^. I v m a r i t IlKST -- OSK |-r*IF.Atn.K non: ( n r n i T l j - wcuri'.'t 1-y M o a n ^ »J. I n q u i r e KlAH'.KNOV SMtT"/.. «KY~"*" "^ FOK BK.VT-- THl'.KB I ?.nir/(« w i t h o u t cl:!lt)r IIOOM, ca.rc CouHor. FOK BENT -- FKONT ' second floor of Iut;:i A toe. inaairo of H A H K V r ' ii.'Lrsir'' OOMS W I T H 'lil;-..\r:i- '··FlCKci ON Kti'.ns uumi- J J U N N . i.O.ST--^ATt"llT)AV KVTJN1XG BE- tu-r-*.|i Arch :itre.-t an-1 K o u r t h KtreM. WIM: SMI.:, pocK-'tboiik r.on t a t n l n (J money. Kcturil to Courier oir.c^. .«KAt.Bl B I J i S WI1.I, BK KKCK1V- *i fi^r :27,Oc»J.(iO l:i Taxable I, per cent 'Wtln of riiy Sti'n/at 1-MirtrU-t of lh: Si-hooi Board. . {'"alrviffw ^ r^h 18th. irHS School B u i j d . u n t i l nonn. ocj] £!ord re- Sunday, March iSlst is Easter Sunday. The advanced forecast .of tlie -weather is not yet announced, but 'here's- hoping that it will be fair and give everybody a chance to display their new Easter outfits. Tbere is wonderfully attractive Easter raiment at al! our sixty-three stores; there is the greatest line of new novelties in women's, misses' and children's wear thai the market produr--., starting with new tailor-made suits, fine assortment of dresses of all leading materials, shirt-waists, skirts, and all the other articles necessary to make up a real Easter outfit; handsome lines of novelties; headwear, dresses, hosiery, ribbons for the younger folks. It is hard to describe tharu all and will not attempt to. The men and ba.zs are being well taken care of, or at least we are^prepared to take good care of them. All the new staple styles of suits, complete new lines of Sfsring and .summer styles in hats and caps. It'w^wld bo hard to describe our wonderful assortment of footwear for men, for women, for boys, for- giris--only want to announce that the spring styles are all in. they are handsomer than ever before, prices reasonable taking everything imxt consideration. We are ready to serve you, TOady to outfit you complete with Easter clofliing and we can save you money. 68 large Beimrtment Stores, Located In Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. K:vy-n-; '.'F J A M i ; s M. KI'tD. I.ATF; uf Cc.nn. llfsvlUo. c u u n t y of -t utal.: of P e n n s y l v a n i a , flo- abo WAJ.TED--GOOD CAR RK1MI1:- nuui. Apply MASTBK MBCIIA.\'1C West Petm Snop. lSnytr2l WANTED--FIEST CLASS SlIT pinff clerk for f u r n L t n r n Kior*:. Wri "d-KHK." care Courier. 13n»irtt TEBS03 CAST1E. I used to think, in olden days, that Vernon Castle lived in va!n: I didn't RKNT OR BO'T StX i room house. W r K e "X." c*rc Courier, ! statins prtfic and location. SOir.arit L^ltcra T' j".a.tji-nl;Lr o na.TicU *-.'U;itf j i a v i f i r f b.-rtn Kt-aut^d to Ui" i ,,UItl(;r.'.;^r'^'!. nsntc*- JJi h r r e b y f r i v c n N ail J.!-r.!O!t* lntj,-l)tcd to said (·ac^vte ,'.', :S!^k^ ImfcediALe payment. iinu' '.o !^:J;-T hnvtnK C'Uitr^f .tjrain.-*! On- SLvntr, tu ir n tvii' Ih.-rn i'r"p*'r!j- a u - tlu:ntic.M,-d f,.T ;.v:'.l--n-:rnt N A X N J S J tll'-li'. K x v v - ' u r i x . (.'onticHsvilie. Prc. H. n. J.UVV. A t u . r n - y . tfniarSc-w^d MKo his fiddling -ways; sttnrta me a pain. boosted him so- Ions', arid BO his dancing j Prnss housework, Pa- FOt! GF.S'KRAL. 701 iiulbeVry frtrcKit, Scott- id ! __._ _ _ -- _ _____ ,-- ^r- his skill and, grace, I felt n.K on* who I WANTKD -- TWO COLORKTJ snfltrs vmng, when I beheld his pic- t for three -tlays 1" l i f f t p with houK^worls. tured face. . "He ouj;ht to do some UB«-'- I Aildretw "C," cjtrr- Coyrier, 20ranr3t* tul thtntf,"- 1 often paid, in acr.etAs fiTrave; "let ·women dance thfi Highland Fline-- a. man 'shouli iilce a mrt.n he- .har*. Let wom«i in tne ba-lt room baak, and foxtrot, Uunnylios nwtl walU; a. mn should find a u s e f u l tasic. ' and -climb 'It like a of Ah. WA-VTKD -- AN EXPEIRIENCED cloak and «uU KM. Jll«-hest salary IXO Xorth Plttsburir street. xon SAI.K--OSK i s u FORD. : X!RO on t. I?1T OvcrUnrt. ch^p. Trl-3tfl.te No. 13. Beil No. 0.00. j for i u - i of N'OTK'K IS H K R K E Y GU'KN' T H A T ;vn ur.ipi3c.'itn.ii 'A-il! b«i ma-Oo fay T. D. O:u'Jn«T. N. K. };tr'ln*sr ;uid. C. A. Fort t u !h^ '.lav "rn or df Pe.nnsylvania, on I-'rJdn.y, A p r i l U', 13IS. at 10 o'clock A. 1L, untJfr ttifl jTivi»lons of aa AM ot AfHfe'iibi' uiif it !«,'»! "An A r t t o pri'vi*!' 1 nulw wiieo well, he saw the useful chore. -ajwl grabbed it Hk« a houj»e .afire; he'U be forgrotien n**'er rnorf, while there's a ) bard to twungr a lyre. He Quit the tin-) sol'and the gilt .without a in armor or, H'frtRtw fonwok the fame Tifft 3^.p« ha^ built, to flu'ht vi-.h farmer biy--and ) die. I scorned him "when he used t n ; flirt throagh entiled^ films of -movie art, btit "ntath his" seven-do liar s h i r t there beat a fn-and- heroic hdart. H* 1 doesn't care a tinker's whoop what I may think, what I may say; but, him, upon my coop I . WANTED--BOYS AND GIRLS OVKH 5 years cif afto. Paid w h i l d learn in SILK. Mil*!* 20mar i it : - 5tli i:iy 'it Ayril. A. D.. 3 S T + , and Lhc wippli.-wint* thcroto, for .1 charter for n n Intc.iuii*'! orpora.tkn to b* 1 called ST7tTA COAI* COMPA.VT. t h e character (or t'ord car. * W i l l sell e x c e p - j t.n*J objoct of which Is the inininR- nf [fonaily cheAp. C-ill U«i!l nhoro 29,! e^M nnd tiir mannCacturo nf the sum* 1 ScottdaJc. ra. lainarfit ) i n m coke, and t h p sale of coaj and --"· '--~'-- I cnki*. uifl for thi'so purposes to have, KOR ^SAl^E--A SIX CYLINDER f p o r t ^ M a n d P r j o y all the rlgbT . s , b o n e . Smdebaker, 1917 model. J n n u l n * at : ji r;; an ,i privil-.-pos by .snid Act of A n - VTKBU'a RESTCAURANT. Rrio^. A t r e c t . j P R n i bly, and i h v «uppl-mfnts t h e r e t o n f r r r M . STKRMNfi, HIQBEF, MAX TO HUN' Mu«t be ovyr 1R years of ply at KOBACKKRfc. IS mar.-51 nine yards' of · crepe today. Edgar A, Guest. E D--GENTLBM AX liOO K- keeper. Must bo expcrloncori and come well recnmintniea'. TRI-STATK CAKOY CO. ISmartftt FOR. SALE--DLSTRTIiT^TOIt COIL j KOK-rator and Bfj«r startup- motor i complete. Inttuire O. U "\VOP.K, Con- iMiUvtilo, fa.. Ifimarfit MATTHEWS. So FOH SAJjti:--1 1317 FOIIP TRUCK, panel body. In good con.Jitiofi. CBK- TRAI. IVIOTOR CO.. We:,'t A p p l e screoc, Connellsvillo. limit r6t WAXTBD--1,ATT FOR STENOGRA- phlc and ^encra.^ office -worl;. Address "STENOGIIAPHER," The Courlor. , 19martf It's all worth while, the hurt and care, The burdens that are mine to bear. The disappointments and the race For fortune anil for glory's place; The failure «.nd the small success, The blend ot pleasure arfd diatresa h»bt make a day, for there they "wait "With amil«s to crreat me at the fate. An hour or two of joyous fun Are mine as soon as day is done. Fond hands and tender rest is mine . eyes with health and laughter shine. The harshness of th e day d aparta ; -e more 3 r est where gentle h*artB h by the faults and only see Th« man that I have tried to bo, What matters "it. if grood or ill tins rrtarkexj by daily bout with skill? Th-e petty roum! of grim affairs. The glory of ai-cnrnplirrhed cares, The uhame uf f a f t tire and the stinss The'"feeble fKort, always brings ve vanished, t may ciaim once · more" A- r.oyal welcome at the door. etimes trhen frotted by a task, aried and worn, myself 3 ask This -question, why shouM mortals ."tnrtif ' This daiiy alavflry to care? Why share the bickering of men. And t a k e their sneers? «.nd ahvays then Beyond the care I see them smile And then I find my task worth while. It'3 all worth vrhilel the troubles fade " "WA^TJSD--TOUNG 1/ADY STEN- Of?ra.j?her and accountant- St;up ex- pericnce and p.-vlary SesiTcd. AddrRss P. A., care Courier. · 16m:irtf-d WANTED--TRUCK DRTVEH, EX- periencod w i t h Packard truck. Must have g-ood reference. Appjy "UnRST- MOR.ELAKD GROCRRT COMPAN^Y. elcctcicians. houae wiring, etc. FIRST CLASS be f a m i l i a r with Apply FATJ5TTB ELECTRIC CO., 51 street, "Unionto-wn, Pa. -WANTKD--AT ONCE, ced saleslady, steady poHition. Must understand aHerations. PEOPLES' DRFT. STOPJS,'220 £r:rcet. FOR SALE--BARCAtN. EIGHT ! room house and lot 40x120, Eighth f street. West Sidft. I n q u i r o 110 S o u t h ' Eighth street; Tri-State G'JS-W. j FOH SAMS--3 PIT "WAGOKS. 30.' busliel capacity, 3'- inc'.i fiauiye e n d : dump, Alao 1 post auger Cor ail o u t ing'; coal, adjustable. .1 or.tra. bits. I n q u i r e , C. Jj. WORfe, ConncHsvil!o, Pa. j I G m a r S t -AT ONCE LINOTYPE OPKRATOR N AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE FOR RUNT--A Til REE STOUT brick building. !6x49, s u i t a b l e lor a garage or manuTncturinfC purposes, on the corner of Meadow* Jjaae and Church Place. · Inquiro J. I-. STADER. ISmartf FOR S.VbE--liO ACUJ3 FARM, S room brlclt housw. A-l bank, barn, 15 m i n u L f t B walk from borouprii limits. Can give immediate poscssion for 17.000. E. F. Do WITT, Bell ' phone 2P9-J, Scoctdalc, Tn. 20mar4t LADY BOOKKEEPER. AP- PLY AT OFFICE. TRI-STATK CANDY COMPANY. North Plttsbure ISinarSt WANTED--MINERS WANTED WHO aro studying for oxaminations to gee the best mining book published^ "Sf!n- ins In a Nuiahell," by JAMES WARDLAW. Scottdale, Pa. Price *2.'25. Tho" joys more £lurioU8 made Because they -wait at close of day To spend an hour or two in play. That evening: Umo. made rich by them "Who ne'er by" word or look condemn. FOR SALE--TURTIB HORSES, thr??e cows, 50 chick ens, Earming implements and Jiousohold s n ods. Ail sums under SSlOO cash, and all ovor $K.OO, four months' credit:. Three ;;er cont discount for cash. DORCAS E. SMITH, James H. ISmarSt* administrator estate of Smith, deceased. WANTED--OLD FALSE FO a SALIS--r HA VE SEVBH AL good bargains?!, in ^gouth Connellsvillo. A double house, f o u r rooms on a efdfi. with one-fourth acre lot, on car line. TEKTH. | $2,500. Tcn mom brick houso, Don't matter If broken. I pay S«'.00 to 1 square' f^om c:tr line; ffas and water, $15.00 per sot. Send by parcel post and ' $1.400. A double bouse of six rooms receive check, by · return mail. . MAZER, 2007 S. Fifth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 5mar23t* WANTED--ANT KIND OF PRI.\*T-j in?, whether tt ia i calling card. bill or tho finest engraved, ·wedding- Invitation or announcement. We print any thing--everything:--do it promctJy Call tho man at TBS B o t h phones. 27-tf and do It rl-^ht. COURIER office. WAXTJSP--O1.D . LINE SICK AN'D Accident insurance CcurtpaJiy wants' active representative (n "Payette county. Splendid o p p o r t u n i t y for man who is w l l U n t j to work. Good Immediate money and permanent bus [ness. Spare time and evenings satisfactory at start. Ts'c investment required. Write . KATIONAL. CASUALTY COMPANY, J Detroit, iflchtcan- ' on .1 side, ffaa and -watei: Insltie,' one square from car line. One two family house of five, rooms nn a sido, one. f o u r room house and Direo roojr: house, one square from C{LI- line. All three properties for $3,300. I will loan one- third of price of these properties-. J. A. MASON, Secoral National -Ban it building. 20mar£t iIltAN AND "WTFE TO TAKE CfTARG K OF AND RUN A COMPANY BOARDING HOUSE FOR 15 MEN. PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT AT $75 PER MONTH AND LIVING, CALL. KIBR FIRE BRICK COMPANY, LAYTON, PA, BELL . PHONE 98 R'31. DAWSON, PA. The Store that insists on fttting'tfSieir Shoes correctly. Particular people like out Shoes. They're pleased with orr styl* selection and our methods in fitting, A FAMILY SHOE STORE ·with Better Shoes--Better Values--Bearer Service--for our cusomers' saiifif action. Call and see some new Shoes. !; -t itt:ei»tratioit ot Voter* lVe«-k. HeEiBter asaeasors in every borough and township in Ray e tie county "\vill ait at tho various p o l l l n p places Tuesday and- Wednesday of thifi \veek for the purpose of onrollinfi: voters f o r the £»11 primaries. In order to -vote at the primaries this fall voters must bo rcy- istored with their respective parties, It ts the duty of every voter to bo sure that he ia properly registered. * TaJce your tax receipt along. raar-lS-20 REQUIRES TKE SERVICES OF SALES-INDIES FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS; HIGHEST SALARIES AND STEADY POSITIONS. APPLY AT ONCE. 56 WEST MAUJI STREET, UNIONTOWN, PA. SAVE and INVEST IN THE i SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY-- , j : w. s. s. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MAKCH. 181S. JtX. 3. 1!«3- $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.( CONNELLSVtLLE. PA. YOU Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring-the Results.

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