The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 21, 1964 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 12

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1964
Page 12
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For th first time in iu seven yean, of existence the Eastern Ontario Institute ot Technology hu- borne, to .call Its own. The' ' $3,800,000 building on Lees Avenue to all set for the influx of 750 WILL OPEN MERIVALE HS 20,000 Students to $50,000,000 CI B System The Collegiate Institute Board system has grown until now it is valued at $50,000,000. That Includes the 16 nigh schools, land and equipment, says John Robbie, administrator. - v Ottawa. Op to $110. CWnpeuuon -. i , .numiT ariih mint " nin of exDCrience to aerve In an edvkwy capacity and to develop and appralM i Wp .and pacification standards, Agriculture. Circular M-1W1. EXAMINERS, BTft with niembereWpln proreailaraoManUn Msocistion and eight years' asperlence, ""J? traduation and 13 yuan' expertenoe. Board ot 7tnTp?.9?i" nvtaataners. OttawaV4lJ0KTWiatve travel Involved. Circular at-eea. . senior mtsoNNix Aranw wraiTOaS a rkui . r 1 1 tfiaoO-tll.SOO: Braneai reresw- M Ofltnr. a.400-10JO0; antveratty graduates experienced as a personnel administrator or to reialea were. , ' " ,. oKZZTtVKO-U.. esperlenood la adnunWertog staff devrt-- - tniriM immnmii: knowledge of Kncushiand - il.k fiii for all maltlm and required for one of the personnel positions. Public Work. Ottawa, circular st-MOOA INDUrntlAL SYSTEMS ENGINES J for data analysis. economic evaluation, apace and equipment detemlimtton. planning and asyout ot pktnT and equipment. Feet OBlce. Ottawa, tip to eiA anA ffnsi i n ntltl ni A1.1ML- ..' - t lit CompetHtoa gaOO. et-UOl. MECHANICAL KXO WI118. to Join a Haval Buneertaf Man teem advising on arrangement and types of machinery for taitanaUonln stupe. DuUm win IhvoIts theoretical appraisal ot reduction tears and dutehev toOrlcaUon end JutrsUpn. mmna. nraoware avscems. new mownn aiu svstams. National Defence, Navy, Montreal. Up to SS.BOO. ' Competition ee-MOl. y . ; . v J BILINGUAL UAJSON CrTKU It act asrepreeentaUve of - Loutabourt Restoration Protest la Parts. France! antversMy graduate with atx years leaponainie aaminiswauve er eompleuoa of etcooaary eooooi ana iv yewa ' good knowledge of relevant acta and rejuUUons, uvdudlng hnanelal Admlntatration Act t7460-tt,7a Circular ti-m COMMUNICATIONS giNODfECTt for ftrulpment Btandardand Radio Refutations toglrjeering to prepare Radio Standard! epaclncaUoas and Procedural et noo-eafety radio equipment Deemed In Canada; to examine and advise on the technical snHaMllty tor beanatne ot complete radio systems, undertake interference studies end co-ordinate measurement surreys. ' Transport, Ottawa. Dp to tM0. Oo-ipeMUon 04-1161. . , AeCTEICAL ENOINKERi "to prepare designs and specifications for airport tHrhtmsj. Olummatlon of buildings, power wans-uni rfntrihutinn nwhwiin nverhesd and undereround elnmtts; to review plana and specincattone prepared by eon-snltants and to review tenders; knowledge ef BnglUh and Preneh required. Transport. Montreal, up to as.eeo. compear tlen M-ll&l. t m v.- ' , ' 1 HISTORIANS," onrrertlty ersduetes In history, preferably with nLMhni wrvk t viaatar dearee knal m history of 17th and 18th Century North America, France and Great Britain, and demonstrated aptitude for nnarch. rtrees of Letnsbourt Reeeerctt eeeuon. nonnern Anairs ana rwumai aawuw Ottawa, asjosajea.. circular e see. INDUSTRIAL ' BlXATtONg OFFICES, experienced In labour relations or closely related field. Labour. Winnipeg, . Sg ,100 H.tfH. OompeilUon WH1, , - TRANSLATORS (Oerman Into KngUsh). nnlverslty graduates with two years' experience or Don -trad ua tea with four years' f experience, Trent anion Bureau, uuawa. auMeww. voupn- , tM S4-71S. ,...! -.1-- : . .1; TRANSLATOM-IN-TRAINTNO, Ottawa. TRANSLATORS 1 and I. Ottawa, and Montreal. To translate from Bncliah Into French administrative and semi-technical texta, eornaporalenee. , reporta and pubUcaUons; nnlverslty graduates, OR non-graduates with two years' related experience; up to ftJOO, Transisuon Bureau. M-ruo-a. . .. . LIBRARIAN, with reference and circulation experience. Royal . . MUltary CoUege. Rngston, Oct. Up to toMO. Circular S4-106J EDITOR, wtth tnorouelt et tne areesury, uuawa. of editorial DrooedureS anifl meUees and of printing and Illustrative proteaiea, Canadian WlldUfe flerrlce. Northern Affairs and National Resources, PHOTO ENOINEERINO TECHNICIAN, with Secondary school : graduation, broad technical experience and supervisory ability, to adopt photoaraphio techniques and Instrumentation to obtain visual results of edenttno experiments In ths blolairlcal field, AcncuJiura, Ottawa, ssjso-ssjao. oornptuuon ot-iTix. BILJNOUAL ENGINEERS AND ARCHITECTS, opportunities for Architects. Town Planners. CtvU. Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Public Works, , Ottawa and centres In Quebec : province, sajee to six jam. cireuiar ss-bu. Kng. ana Aran. LANDSCAPK ARCHITECT, QuaUOoatkms that would permit membershln In Canadian Boeteer of lanrleeape Arohlteets and Town Pianners, and one year of , experience m sandseape . erchrteoture. National Parks Branch, Ottawa. Dp to . . oireuiar et-sii. ' - . ACCOUNT ANTS-AtrDITORS, university graduates er members of professional accounting associations. Finance, Oom Starting salary up to tt, WILFAR1 OmCTM, completion of secondary school or, for either level three years' welfare training and experience or , university sraduation. Teterana Aflalra, Halifax. Montreal, Sionaon, norui say. sieeina, .aiaaioon ana Mmonton. to at 440. Oompeution et-ew. ADMTN18TatATnri CLERKS for 1? tMrthem posta. Northern , Affairs and National Resources. S4.MO-S4.710 phis aUowmnee; ep to auuv. Aoeomrnoaauon avauaua. 3omneuuoo es-sie. rORCIOir SKBVrTt STraOOaUrantS. female- Oanedlan d tissue between SI and 40, with IS years' reetdenee m Canada. for rotational service In Ottawa and abroad. External Affairs and Trade and Commerce. BUrUne aslarlee Sl.lss and Sl.TM , aeoordlns to aueUneaUons, plus Brine snd rental allowances ; aeroao. ueeopeuiMO ss-tvs. ;i j, , ; For details and appneatlon forms, writa to ths Civil Service Oommtaeton, Ottawa 4. For eompetHlons marked details and application forms available at Post Offices ta major centres, National Employment Berries Office end Civil . Semes Commission Offleee. Fteaas (raote eompeUtlon or t ucuw Hwnaw aa ukucbmu. last year. " . students when classes begin Sept. 15. .Since there Is more room here. , ' than at the Slater Street school' $600,000' worth of new equipment yhen the 1964-65 term gets be 950 teachers 50 more than under way enrolment will have inched up by 1.626 over last year and about 20,000 students will come through the doors. Coping with the situation will EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES j CIVIL SERVICE OF CANADA . LANGUAGE WSTRUCTOR AND J" ""i!! graduates ID OeneraJ Art or Fdgogy or Wltd6ld or Pnnchlsiicuate tralnux programme. Civil 8ervtce CHrnmtanon alilSIWJrt "l Ul,r OT,roment .departments. Ottawa. KMO-tWOO. -, wlU be on band for the students to use. ' "(Journal Ho by Dcminfcm ww) ' Although two large school building projects are on the CIB books, Merivsle High School is be the only new one to open this Fall. (The school it adminis tered by-CIB, but was built by Nepean High School Board.) "The $1.71444 building has 14 classrooms, four shops, three laboratories, two commercial rooms, plus s drafting room. music room, library and gym. FISHER PARK ADDITION Also helping to extend facili ties is the new $287,000 six-room addition to Fisher Park High School One of the schools under ration is to H built on Car son. Road, and the other it a new High School of 'Commerce slated for the Preston Street On the academic front, Mr. Robbie says, new mathematics will bo taught in Grades 9. 10 and 11 There is going to be a start on teaching bilingual classes m commercial courses at Glouces ter High School. French short' hand it cm example, he says. FRENCH DRIVE' In addition the board intends to continue its "drive on oral French.'' More extensive use of films snd hooka outside the era- scribed curriculum will be putj into use too. Two schools m particular to foUow this trend will be Woodroffe and Lauren- tiap. , ! -Grader 12 it being added to Brookfield this yean Grade) II to Gloucester, and Grade 1 1 and some Grade 12 subjects ' to VJHUnpiaipe. y i 400 More PSPupils t- Yi-. It has been a fairly qalet building year tor the Ottawa Public School Board. i But the student population is on the increase again m 1M4. Board officials are anticipat ing an enrolment of 2S.40t students. This Is an increase of 400 over last year's record total Only one new school. Feather- stone Drive, has been opened to meet the increase. The school bas been operat ing as an elementary school during the Summer months, but will open this Fall for Intermediate students m Grades seven id eight. " -- Another school. Dynes Road. is to be ready for occupancy late in October.. t H. A. Christie. Inspector with the public schools, said t bore will be ..approximately 1.050 "setters on staff this year. Of this number, in are new. Ninety-two of -the It) are ex. perlenced and 101 are iMxperl- enceo. ! ..V ., i,.. .There will be 2 extra class rooms In operation this term. no sshi. 'it- -- In addition to Feathers tone Drive School, there will be four extra classrooms in use at Kant Street School, two n Agio- court ana one at Woodroffe. ,t- Seek Macaulay-For Toronto : ! Mayoralty 4 TORONTO (CP) i. Robert W. Macaulav, former Ontario cab-net minister who resigned from the provincial legislature three month ago, said Thursday be has been asked to ran for mayor of Toronto. - ' He saM ta an interview be has been approached by groups of dtliens and individual asking him to run for mayor m the Dae. 7 election,-1"' ' -"I have been approached. Beyond that there, cannot be any comment at thia timt.7 ha aaid, He Indicated that , a formal state m a t or announcement would be made soon. -. 1 .' .:. Journal Want Ada aum resuita, bring Bolster Carieton University is anticipating a full-tfme student enrolment of t lightly more than 2,fOQ this Fall In courses leading to degrees In arts, science, commerce, journslism and engi neering.,.'. . i,5 ' Last year's total was 2.24TJ ; t4M JfjlDERGRADUATES ' . Of ,the :'2.t0t expected ' this year, k It estimated that about 3.400 w be underrrsduate students, ,and about 200 gradu- Part-time student enrolment In courses leading toward de gree credit, chiefly in the eve ning division, is likely to reach l.Nt as compared to l.SM last year. Classes In all courses, day and evening, begin Wednesday, Sept.' It. . t. . - To help meet the U.t per cent increase in full-time student en rolment, the full-time faculty has been Increased from 112 to Ml. Psrt-time Instructional staff has been increased from 11 to 124. and staff In the library and offices from M to I2t.', f. Wt FRESHMEN Of. the students surging to the campus ibis Fall, some M0 will be freshmen. To acquaint them with Carle-ton aind the use of Its facilities an orientation program will be held Sept. t-11 Fresh Week wlU run from Sept. 1MI. ' Some tot applications have. been received from students wishing to live in the university's two ' residences , which have tots I accommodation for 221 y . -. Included in the1 residence population will be 21 graduate students, seven residence fellows responsible for assisting administration with residence government, and 17 .. foreign IHI IMraic College 4. Tt. Jotoft Png, Jfei Plrntei et, . ,,TaiDlD8 SCHOCi fOI 1 . . CNOINEintS - tlai'inm ENoiNcmNO . raotmciANa WntCCSRS OOMMUNICATIOH TSCHMICIANS and DOT. OPSKATORS ' hadio. nxcTRomc ,! and TV TECHNICIANS hiatino. nrrmor ration and AW CONDITIONING 275 First Art. ' 233-8200 Toronto Branch - 7MA rmg St.J' ResJderrtkJ School n mrra iiliiim m COLLEG I jstudanta.7 Including 13 Colombo 3 MJi swc 'JWl5'W atbssiwaA.aai W I Mi aid ' ' HI L a. OPCNS Best. IS, ISM Plan students. v The Student Personnel 6((4ce is seeking off-campus bousing for more than 70s atuoenis. ii . i mm vw e i e i i V 12 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL . FRIDAY, AUGUST 21. 1064 : 1 NEW EOIT BUILDING ALL SET U of 0 Expects 11,000 University of Ottawa is ex-, pecting an 'enrolment of about 11.00( this year. Bill Boss, public relations chief, said that would be en increase of around It per cent over last year's figure of 11,000. This number includes an ex pected 4,000 Tegular students, I,- 700 in evening classes plus those registered in affiliated colleges, I taking corresrwodence courses and the -students who took the preceding Summer sessions, . Part of the 15 storey men's residence at . Nicholas Street and McDougal Avenue will be in operation when registration begins Sept. IT and It, be said. And it is hoped "to make a start on a women's residence" In the College and King Edward Avenue area ' within "reasonable" length of time. It wiu-touse lit el TEACHING FREKCII is our business 18 years of experience! AUDIO-VISUAL METHOD ALSO OTHER LANGUAGES ' ' . DAY or EVENING CLASSES '. . . - Mariana Gendreee pirectortu School of Modern Languages I TeL 23S-SS44 ii Or U2-41M SSI SOMERSET ST. W. ;' ' . . OTTAWA . - EILFISIIER LTD.? - , I : V1 -n' SMMS imm , J Qwr Specialty For 59 Years: The Care & Dressing Of Male Students . From Kihdergarteri To Graduation : . 3 L R. Fisher Stores To Serve You ELMWOOD ROCKCUFFE PARK. OTTAWA Wishes to Announce the Opening of V. . '..: Grades 4 and 5 ,(. - V In. September, .1964 - Hmm ItnMntlat aaS Oar Sehael' far slrai OraSai 4 - It iinhv immiwi, neiviaaai acMauaa. . Setalniianei al 94 etaaf-kaalu aaS aV-alMlallae. BITS . AppIjB" V ,,--,'ii, v' V' Heeilinliliees ' - ''::,;' Mrs. D. W. Blyth, MA. pions.) Oxoa -cJl'J'.- Canadian Memorial CaaKCPRACTIC CCLUCE 252 Blow St Wi, Toronto ",',' , A 4-Year Course From Grade 13 For further mformation writs to Registrar ; v and see Booth ta l- .; f - '.'-.'' ' ' 'v Manufacturers'-Annex t OTTAWA EXHIIITION : . ; Jaaxf la acaStaile '-: Notice Re Registration at ' ' Osgoode Township High School Metcalfe 1nstirute:6f j Irtternational .Reputation j " -': : ' , ..a..; - . (Awsrded Her Mejeety The) Qweea'i Medal) , ; ( n Anyona seeking information re registration in Osgoode Township High School may contact , the principal, Mr. J. L, McDonald, at ths school Aiigutt 31 Sopttmber 4 between ths hours 25; p.m. Phono Metcalfe 55. ' !-. - "i :4 Osgoode Township. High School, .: ; T MetcaAUeront , r S Tk Smeem 1$ 1 Ytur Hmtdi ' V , ''-."i , . . - :;, , .. .. . . v ' arf ' Lofoitune Business College ; .' . ..'.4 y.- x 9 " :., iftmrn. naoctApiiatr comci STaorm icmtni cf mm . . . mnTH too - 'A- .' 'r - - . -v'v-.---5-. ;-: Tk Is ttw ptaee ef etat reeawa tar -the ' , -BIsM TralalaiT Is SUIT aay amkHSM i. seal a rrfyuty srinilia.1 ..- y f EXCLUSIVE CIVIL SERVICE PREPARATION AND FULL BUSINESS TRAIN1N0 ' .-V-. - Sp..i.,iltrV ctossei (Jealarai' BeJorsT injsr ta :, ye SMOaTRAICD e STUSOTYPS e TKlXrm. ead TtPlWaiTUta (Stsadsrd ar EaMtrk t .'; - A sssdsra sIsMrls efllee maektaas atse Csleelassrs, BesiJa sad plrtasaeae iTAU ' V cU- Seaeessaer (tk - NlfkS CUaSH, Iqieatat ltk 1, ' Dally KorolmwTt Rwi, ISonday s Friday (lnl) ij.uo.s.i.Vl.eie pje St . D. UrOITVNt, IA, UC; Lhti, rtttMiat ' i :' : MISS ft V. DCPUtS, bX M.S. (Phnadelphla), O CT, Principal 31 KIDEATJ STREET ! ; ' OTTAWA T V PIIONE X33-4791 The library of science is fce in moved from Arts Building at ItS Waller Street to M Laur ier Avenue East. The space is needed by the arts faculty. Mr. Boss said. Earlier, this Summer the Department of Physical Education was separated from the Faculty of Arts and formed into the School of Physical Education and Recreation. WILLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE Dunbar School 69 EsUblished 1896 .. FALL ENROLMENTS NOW BEING ACCEPTED FOR DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Shorthand (aaeeewtttia. Fltaua : . aa Oress it'. Typeenitlag 'r Bookkeeping and Accosjating it Diets pbooe ' H FnO SetratarUI ?v, Routine k Buslnea English Preparation for Civil Service Examinations Courses Jfay Be Arranged f Any Time 'f 14514 Sparks St.; 311 Richsssd Rd. ; 233-3031 or 233-1127;- . .... ', . ' ?K , ; -WUU$-Trained Oraduatet Art T Always in Demand" EASTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION , 'OP NEW STUDENTO . NOTALREAPY REGISTERED BY THEIR GRADE 8 V ; TEACHER OR PARENTS) ' X ; V DATE: Aug. 28, Sept. 1, 2 3 v; " S' r - TIME: Afternoons only AT THE SCHOOL: 233 McArtbur Road NO REGISTRATIONS by telephone . t REGISTRANTS MUST SUBMIT ; .June report' and promotion certificate. x Students entering Grades 10, 11 ll' IS' must' . also submit a letter of, transfer from the school ;,. attended last year,, v COURSES r . will b pmblithti. X Arts and Science, Grades 9 to 13 lncV (Academic), (General) -4 Business and Commerce, Grades 8 to 12 Lncl. v.'- (Commercial) . v ' ; XV Technical, Grades 9 to 12 ft One Year Secretarial, for" students who have ' T completed Grades 13, 12 or 11 . ' " FEES ' V . -'"i' None Grades 9 to 13 IncL : ? t:i ' RE - OPENING V : : 'aMamvaaHaw - "' " Grade t Students: IMS ajn. Tuesday, Sept. . Grades IS, II, 12, IS: I4S pjn. Tuesday, Sept. , NO REGISTRATION FOR EVENING CLASSES UNTIL LAST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER :,V i ' SUPPLY TEACHERS V' '', , ".' " 'v . EVENING CLASS TEACHERS j Please send application to: , ". i THE PRINCIPAL, ' ' ' ' MeArthur.Road , ;.; t. . stating- telephone no., and all 'relevant Information MUSIC TEACHERS! Dallst, Drana Schools! THE JOURNAL ANNUAL MUSIC PAGES- Saturday, September 12 ..Who wiH be teaching Ottawa pupils and where what activities tr ahead Hi the world of music, bajlet, drama 'circles. i iisn'n'f-'! , . ! . .! - New and preview of coming evenU will be -".. presented by Mia Jean Southworth, Editor of The .Journal Saturday Music page. . , ; SEND YOUR ADVERTISING COPY ON ANNOUNCEMENTS AND REGISTRATIONS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to : : i. . - ... U THE, JOURNALS A v mmmwm rTtttphon v-j . A i, 2C3-751I -Local 203 ( ( (' I-.-. 1 6 -I: v .V

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