The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1918
Page 3
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,. MARCH 20,.^ THE T3ATLT COURIER, CONNET.LSYDXE. PA. it.niSSL \-. NEWSY NOTES TELL WHATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN W. C. T. Cl Take»Charge ot| IngatlmrlBff for tbe Bel,' gtan. Belief. LIBERAL RESPONSE EXPECTED, X*e*I BMketteU Tens Defeats tic Xkeatra Tew by o» 1. X C. A. Bo«n Clone All lie r«y; Fwrtr for Soldier. Special to Tho Courier. ' SCOTTBAliE. March 20.--Tbe ingathering of old clothing and new clothing that people wish to cive for the Belgian relief will be taken over by the W. C. T. U. of this plncc. The ingathering will be Add at ti.e home of Mrs. C. D. Held and-Mrs. George McGoogan on .Walnut areime beginning Friday and continuing imtH Monday. Scottdale must send at least eight tons and should send M tons. This is the amount allotted to Scottdale. When the ladies took the re- sponsttriHty on the Red Cross- ot the ing»:h*rins they feel sure that they would receive the support ot the town. Scofcdale has always come forward whei there was a time of need. At,the Austin flood in a day and night they gathered up on* car load of clotningr. At toe time of Johnstown flood they sent clothes to the sufferers there. The ladks -will not take either stiff bats tor-men or women, no sillc hose, nor 9liK«rSj wJUj high haels. It. cost serin have a pair of shoes !: soled-in Belgium during tire past year. Some of the stores have offered tht ladies clothing that is shop'worn ·»anr bey te-sl thankful for this and wfch that more would be generous : enxisrh to make an offer of this kind. J Party for Soldier. iocy Felgar gave a party at her chantry home-, tor her brother.- Wilbir, who is home from Camp Greene, N. C. Fifty-one were present. Re- frehments were served and a'very peasant evening syent. , ·; SreeBSbnc; Walloped. ;The Phy-arcKMe team of Scottdale defeated the Theater team of Greensberg on the T". floor here on Monday ight by a score ot S2 to 26. At the ed of'the first half Greenaburg was ead and at the end of the four ten- ainute quarters the score was 26 to S and" five minntes more -»as played fhen the Phy-Mo-Me team came out ibead with five more to their credit, tester of the Phy-Mo-Me made a bas- ··· "ket- for the 'vfsiting team. Lineup. JScottdaU ',".'· . Greensburs ·'Humes---- F. ·_ Sbupe /Freeman ' : ' F. E. Brown 1 Porter. '-' r - ~ Painter Lester · ''-- G. :-- J. Brown ' 'Might G. J- Peoples · ·'- Field-goals, Humes, 5; Freeman, 3; porie£ "1, aid Lester, 1; Brovra, Z; Painter, i; J. Brown, and J. Pcoplec. 1. Fouls, Humes, 14, and Shupe, 5. A»nnal Spring Opening. Miller's Store this afternoon and evening. Music and souvenirs to all ladies. --Adr.--20-lt, , Sarprise Party. A very mioyable surprise party was tendered Daniel Eutsey at his home at Iron Bftdgfe" in honor of his SDth birthday inniversary. .-. Mr. Eiiteey was the recipient of a number of.'»se~ ·ul preserts. The evening was pSeas- antly spat at music and talking over : "1 time* At a' late hour an elafcor- ^.e hmcfwas served. The .griests present rere Mrs. 'Walter Eilmerand Mrs. Eward Shaw, Mount Pleasant; JacoS iirtsey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Forres and two children, Scottflale; Mr. a* Mrs. Jack Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Thorns ;Mard:i, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brot!rs, Prittatown; Mr. and Mrs. Geore Sihert, :Ur. and Mrs. R«ssell Canoe and baby. Mr. and Mrs. .Clyde Eats?, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gadd and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Ro-e and son, Mrs. Nathan Crabtree . an/ daughter, Mrytle, Mrs. Eli Cros- b5and Mr.- and -frs. Daniel Entsey a|U daughter, Margaret, all of Iron sag*. - · " + : · · - TT»»t«l. '" : Girl for general houseir'ort 701 ?nlbenr street--Adv.--20-2t. -^is the great war time, sweetmeat -- the benefit, the pleasure, the economy of a 5c package of WRICLEY'S --has made It the favorite "sweet ration" of the Allied armies. --send it to your friend at the front: --Ifs the handiest, longest-lasting ref r e s h m e n t he can carry. CHEW IT AFTER EVERY MEAL The Flavor Lasts JVOMEN ARE NEEDED ' · TO HELP IN WAR · "Women can t*» usefully employed ia - Durging the wounded, in iaakiB£ up tba "" '"soldiers' 1 Sits, and'a thousand other ways. V^Many American women arc weak, pale or -^3 anemic from -woman's iDg. I*or young ^gitls just entering womanfaoodj; for wo- f^mea'at the critical time; nursing-moth- '*·* ers; and' every woman who 'is "ron.- dowOj" tired or oT"tJ'*v?orked----Dr. Pierce'5 Tavorito Prescrijition is a _ r ^ -'*' cial, safe and certain help, it can now .,-, ,be had in tablet form. . . . Ko"thin£r stands so high, a3-*a Tcrbedy j ' . f o r every ATomanJy ailment. as : ( !PaTor- '.'' i -"lie Prescription." It's jbe.'only laedi- . cine for women put np withorrt alcoboL ..' , Dr. Pierce's Favorite prescription is an , : . invigorating, restorative tonic, a aooth- ing and strengthening nervine and a poai- '· tiro remedy for the functional; denmg*- nienta, painful disorders, and ehrcBia · '· weaknesses peculiar to the ace; Bistres SFETNGS, Pi.-^ 1 ! had been ^broken " down and felt as tbongh my last dhcya had come, when I was advised to try Dr. Piereft'o Favorite PreMcripUon. I took it aad found it did me a wonderful anmmt of good. I baro taken only thnw bottlea and feel I am cured," "JMy limbs are stronger and my. nerves .are again all right. May God bkas Dr. ..Pierce, I. shall always be pleased to Txe«Qinmend his remedies 'to everrbody." y-Mas. E. 1UT, Bearer'Springs, Pa. DO IT EECTRICALLY Tfie Modern, Efficient, dean Safe Way HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES d on the Year-to-Pay Plan Sewing Machine Motors General Utility Motors Electric Dish Washes Washing Machines Vacuum Cleaners Electric Mangles Toaster Stoves Electric Ranges Heating Pads Curling T rons Flat Irons ASK FOR DEMONSTRATION WEST PEJW POWER CO. Confluence. : Mt Pellets, compsed :»kes'tpot of j»jap, ...'·pia V all 3raggi»tiL March 19.-- Jamet Reed is movrag from the Thomas Bomar house on the West. Side to the Mrs. Fred Kcwntz Tesideacc beyond the iron bridge. Rev. "Wm. Sunday of Gettysburg college preached two very instructive sermons in the Lutheran caurcb. here Sunday morning -and evening. ProC. B. T. Frazee was a business visitor to Geice, Aid., over Sunday Miss Reba Pore who teaches school at Kt. Pleasant riaited her parnts, -Mr. and Mrs, D. .H. Pore here over Sunday. . and ATrs. Wm. Steele are visiting in Pittsburg. ilrs. Charles Watson of Connells- llc was a recent visit6r "with her parents, ilr..and Mrs, Alvin Bumwonh. Mrs, E, Keppell and daughter of Greenaburg have returned home after visiting M"rs. KeptpeU's sister. Miss Jennie Scott hero a few days. A. B. Planigan who spent the winter with bJs sons in Pittsburg arrived here for a visit with is daughter, .Mrs. Orville Burmvorth. ·Mr. and Mrs, J. L. Bucuworth and sons- Eugene and Kenneth, visited tbe former's b^otiier, Marcellu^ Burn- worth and family at Johnson Chapel 'Sunday. very ill. DOCTOR SAYS VINOUS THE BEST TONIC Honest Opinion Doctor Gave v HU Patient Bedford, Ohio.--T was in a pftifnl condition, weak, nervous ana nm down sol could not do my housework. -I had doctored for years and tried everything under the sun. A friend told me about Vinol. I asked my doctor about it, and he replied, 'It certainly 13 the best medicine that can be had today. I couldn't give you any better.' I took it, and today V I ai a as well and strong as any woman could wish to be, and it was Vinol that saved me."--Mrs. Frank A. Horkey. Ash St., Bedford. Ohio. We guarantee this famous cod liver and iron tonic for all such conditions. Lauglirey Drug Co., Connellsville: David C. Eason, Dunbar, and at the best drug store in every town and city in the country. P»tionize those' who advertise; Don't knock Conncllsvuls by seui- inr? your money out of town for your job work when The Courier company can do it here at homo. 'Laz as gi?e you prices. - . . . Side by Side Which Phonograph for You? "^y H I G H phonograph would you rather have--one that plays all records or one that plays only one kind? The Brunswick is the all-record instrument. It places no restrictions on you as to what records you shall buy and use. It offers you the whole world of music--not msrely a part of it. Would you rather have a phonograph with one or two prominent features or a phonograph that is a combination of them all? All Phonograhs in One The Brunswick is the latest and the final type. It includes a newer and better sound chamber--built entirely °f wood--like a fine violin. So it is free from metallic or harsh sounds. The Brunswick has a throat-way volume regulator which is designed after nature. It does not have shutters and rmrff- lers on the outside. The Brunswick has instantly interchangeable reproducers, especially designed lor .this machine--not makeshifts. The Brunswick has an accurately timed automatic stop which actually works! The Brunswick has an extra capacity motor which means less winding. You can play as many as seven records without "winding. The Brunswick has an improved index Sle. , The Latest and Final Type As stated above, the Brunswick is a'com- bination of them all. Frankly, we exarn'in- ed all the finest instruments before announcing The Brunswick and combined the most desirable features. We knew what we were about, for we had been making fine phonograph cases for others for many years. The House of Brunswick, as you know, is the leading wood-working concern of the country. We have been in business for 76 years. We own our own forests. Our woodworking craftsmen are famous £he v/orld over. Brings Pathe, Too Among other advantages, The Brunswick plays Pathe Discs. We furnish a reproducer for Pathe Records with Sapphire Ball Needles. Thus we open up a new field of music which has been closed to most homes, Pathe has the largest musical collection the world has ever known. Many of the leading singers, musicians, bands, etc., perform exclusively for Pathe, Tet with all these advantages--all these superiorities--you will he snrprised to know that The Brunswick is offered at slightly lower prices. Thte we should not mention--maybe--because some people judge musical instruments by price alone. So we want you to think of price last when you compare The Brunswick. Put it to the severe test. Compare its tone. Appraise its features. Note its fine woodworking. Examine its finish in detail. You may even compare it with phonographs costing more. But, type for type, you will find a saving on each Brunswick. For instance, the size usually sold at §100, we price at $75. Don't Wait Longer Before deciding oil any phonographs, know The Brunswick. And even if you own. an instrument, it will be interesting to hear this latest improvement. The Brunswick dealers listed below would be glad to demonstrate for you, without obligation. We want all to become acquainted with this all-record phonograph as quickly as possible. Go. to a Brunswick dealer today and ask him to play your favorite records. Ask him, if you wish, to have a Brunswick sent to your home. Once you know The Brunswick, you will prefer it above all others. Prices $3£50 to $190 Peter R Wei 1 vlvl 1m* 11 VI 127-129 L Crawford ATC., Connellsville, Peona. P L A Y S A L L R E C O R D S Meyersdale. MEYERSDAU3, March 19.--Mrs. George Sipple was given a surprise on Monday evening -when a number of her friends called at her home and announced that they were there to help her celebrate her birthday. Tbe evening was very pleasantly sypent in playing various g«.mes and music and at a late hour a delicious lunch, which th'e ladies had brought with them was served, alter which the guests left lor I.their.b.onw!S. wishing- :ilrs. "Sinple many more happy birthdays. A. G. Smith and B. N. irwin left on | Tuesday on a business trip to Wash| ingrton and Baltimore. Mrs. Washington Lancaster and daughter. Miss Hilda, were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. .' McKennie several days during ' ^et- Mr. and Mrs. Albert. Deist of Steubenville, O.. are spending the week at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shultz. Wrs. Charles Sanders and daughter. I Mary Elizabeth, spent Tuesday Tisit- )BS- friends in Alarkjeton, Miss Kathryn Kattan, who-for the past five years was an employe at ihe Hartley. Clutton Compauy siore, resigned her pasition, and on Monday returned to her home in lalrobe. Mrs. Mary Kesgau lias returned jhome alter a visit of several months v-'5th her dauEhtev, Mrs: Thomas Downie at Auosta. Mrs. C. B. Crowe and daughter. Miss Ben:adetto. have returned from |a two weeks' visit with relatives and i friends at Williamsport, Pa. Try our classified ad^ertisenients. IF YOU HAD A NECK AB LONG AS THIS FELLOW AND HAD SORE THROAT T O N S ( L I N E WODLDPCKLT RELIEVE IT.

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