The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, January 13, 1930
Page 7
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3IONDAY, JANXJAHY 13, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SEVEIN. j HEALTH SERVICE SEEKS TO TRAC£ PARROT SHlPM|iT Many BSrds Distributed From Now York May He Affected By ANOTHER FATAL CASE REPORTED By W3L1.IAM W. CHANUK, .IU. '(/tilted Pr«!»s Staff Correspondrnt, WASHINGTON, Jan. 13.~Surgeon general Hugh S. dimming of the U. S. Public Health Service, was awaiting reports f i o m N'ew York today consenting widespread ealo of South American parrots, infected with pelttacosh, the deadly lever which lias paused at least threo ds-atha and Itrlclcen more than a score of persons throughput the country. These reports arc expected to show iow many Infected birds have been okl to retailers and into what cities they 1mvo Kfn distributed. Information concerning extent of jalo of the parrote was requested by th- Public Health'Service'when It was learned from Baltimore authorities, Chat many birds, Imported, through Hew Yoik from Argentina on December VI uul 17 had been sold In that illy. Ono of these birds Infected Shree members of an Ammpolifs, Mel., tariily--ttte fltiat cases to be reported In this country In 25 years. When many other similar cases !vi»' reported In various cities throughout the Eaet an! in Ohio, Cummin K requested Dr. "W. S. Wynne, N«w York City health com mission er, to determine to whom thft\New York Importing concern sold Ihese blrde. 7'ive- entire- campaign of battle igainst the malady depends upon Dr. WynneVi report, it was sakl here, as til of the par'ote Itnportod in either of tlie two Shipments may be carrying Ine- psittacosis germs. Immediately upon receipt of Dr. Wynne's report, dimming Avlll communicate it? information to hla field men and to local health officers w n e r e \ e r tho parrots are reported to have been sold. Three officers will br requested to trace r-very bird sofd by the local retailer. All tho parrots /f the infected ihlpnipnt may be killejUipon discovery because of the nijvsterlous nature of the diiioasa which officiate fear t.iey may b* carrying. « T'an'ot fo-vei- nlid ordinary typhoid, pneumonia and Influenza ar§ very limllar Insofar a« symptoms aro con- pernert. Treatment of tho disease, howe-ver, hn« baffled even the most noted physicians, Dr. dimming' said. Psitlacosle hae been diagnosed ae the diseaao in all easce reported so far in which a p-oron suturing from pneumonia or influenza has failed to to the- ueual treatment. BLEDSOE WILL NOT EE CALLED TO STAND IN DONOHOE INQUEST I ' N I O N T O W N , Jan. IS.--All eyes »ro pointed to Coroner y. A. Halt// 1 renewed inquest w h i c h gets under l\'ay Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 n'clo k. Close to 20 witnesses w i l l h a v e f»ien summoned b y t h a t time, f t Is b ' M o v e d , with m a n y coming Tor- wan 1 to t h e stand who, U is said, -\\ill B l t h c t p l i o d e f i n i t e l y upon the records tho -stamp of sworn testimony on nuii'irti \ v h i c h have been ftylne; around since the ivight John Flood Donohoe was murdered, or dot.troy these rumors as (isments of imagination or Sow (iriRlit fabrications. yix year Alfrod Ko 7 l may be able to loll something, some officials believe. The l i t t l e felow has nc-t been pressed tor i n f o r m a t i o n since his arrival at 5 (/'clock Saturday morning from P ! t t b b t t r In tho custody of County DoUc tivo A A. Owning. He has rallier been permitted to familiarize h i m s e l f In brand inw surroundhiRS and mako himself 'V. homo" so that win n he mounts t ) i r wltnes.-i stand Tuesday lit* will be perfectly free and casv to t e l l e v e r y t h i n g ho knows*. Nlt'hor R. C. H K ' i s o p nor other prl-oner« w i l t b^ o a U r d to tho s t a n d Tuesday by Coroner Ualtz, They w i l l bf rosarved p i o b u h l y for a later hen r i n g , pending e n t i r e l y upou (ho n a ' n r c of f.he new deve-lopments w h i c h an expected to materially,!} with Tuea- d a / s hearins. It is Mild District A t t o r n e y J. H. Arlams and Special I'rcHccntoc A. K. Jones M i l l n g d n bo at counse-l table tnul in the evi'iit m l i t e r s of n e w and special in- tV) pst develop t h e y \ \ i l l cooperate In t V ' i y inainit'i' w l l . i Coroner Ualtz, b o t h state. A Glimpse Into N. Y.'s Future! t . '.^j^ This conroosStc photograph reveals \ '$/*$ one of the sights to which New / i ^te^Jxt Yorkers may soon become accus- ' ^- t '* JI tonaed when the gigantic Empire State Building, how in process of erection at S4th St. and Pi eth Ave., has been completed. The building. which mil]· be larger both in total area and height than any structure the world has yet^ b«en, will be 5 Burrno'unted by a mooring mast. The building will be 1,100 feet high (116 feet higher" than the Eiffel Tower in Paris), while the Graf Zeppelin, trans-Atlnntic airship, whicn is shown moored to the banding's mast, is ?§2 feat long. A "Vf %?. .- .t 25 ARE ENROLLED IN ML PLEASANT JEWISH SCHOOL Sessions Transferred Fi-oin Council Chapel to IHph School Building. MEETS THREE DAYS EACH WEEK SpecUl to The MOUNT PLJHASANT, Jan. 1,1 --A report submitted at a meeting of the Council of Jewish Women a: Tree, ot Ufe Chapel showed that thera fire 25 persons enrolled 1n the 80h"ol which 1s being conducted under the auspices ot tho council. Seflions liavo been held in the chapel.-but beginning today they were transferred to t tho high school building. Instead of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (he school will meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Mrs. Edward iNcher IB teacher. The council dec!d d to hold a bridge and flvo hundred parly In the Bank hall the afternoon of January 22 for the benefit of the school. Committees in charge- will mot this evening. Mri. Xnt'kS Punpnil. Tiie funeral service for Mrs. Kdna Zundel Zuck was held at h r home in Collage avenue on S a t u r d a y aftbrnoon, in charge of Rev. J H, BrlcHgum. Interment was made in Mom t Pleasant Cemetery. lioj's Arm Broke a. Andy Plnclier, 11 y e i r s old, of Southwest fell at his lioini yesterday and had his arm f r a c t u r i ' . He was b r o u g h t to tho Memorial Hospital. .Not K e i o h r r Shot*. Residents along Main ^treot were awakened Saturday mornt ig at 12.,55 o'clock by what was apparently f o u r shots from a revolver. A b m t 10 01 15 m i n u t e s later tho-re won flvo more shuts. I'atrotnian Claren 'o Whetsel investigated and tound th: t It -was .an a u t o m o b i l e backfiring th it \\a,s responsible tor the noise Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jasaim are tho parents of a son born ynaterddy at the Memorial Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Marchel cele- b i a t e d the baptism ol their boil u t t h o i r home in College av -nue yesterday. Charles S war Us has gom to Dayton, Ohio, where ho may posyibly make his home. Miss Rachel Rakusin spent lhr week-end at Greenelnjrg w i t h Naomi Davis Mi's Russell K o o n t x underwent an operation at tho Memo lui Hospital Saturday. Miss Gladys Davis of Ore-ems bur's I b p c n t the week-end w i t n Miss Bca'- trtt-e Raknsln. WEST PENN BRIDGE WORK IN UNIONTOWN BEGINS MARCH 1 t'XIONTOWN, Jen. 13.--Work on the- proposed Wtot Penn Ha(1wad ( ' i ) i p a i i y impvovi'monts iutt now p 'o^resaed to a point, oftlt'lalo stated y^U'rday, w h e i e i' in expected t h a t o i 01 about March 1, onKtneow ot Ilia - A u i e i i c u u lirid?;t C o m p u n / w i l l utai t e r e c t i o n of tlio t!S-loot vkiluct, leading irom N o r t h I' M i n u s hiuiia a s o u u p to I'ciin s t i i ' f l , In thi t e a l of t h e (nil UIOUAO. , '''/it- c o n t i a c t rr tlu \ la-due I vvus let * ,v i wc't'U** »KO S a t u n l o y \voi kmtMi t.'.i'ler Hnis 'V. Ma u h a l l couipl.Mcil all . n i l l i u t l d i t i K 01 i l i i l i i i - u l i , .uid tn i" \ I h U c t ; put tu i ciKl'iutsr, i,ir s f t i t i n i ; of i v o i k by the bi Idi i- (din.),ui\ it i* not «MH(to-d t h a t thi 1 , u t u a ! id} ins ff t:\i(K \\!!i In- « . t i i i o l bi-tmi' s h e firet or tniiW r 01 t V p r l ' , lui' otli- . 1,11 *\prof«uv| i, b^l'pr 'li.ii ,ui m' ··uur .· r i" a !} 'iH V. £. ROCKEFELLER GIVEN PROMOTION BY WEST PENN POWER FIRE DESTROYS CENTRAL HOTEL AT MEYERSDALE ·Structure Wa* . One of Oldest Buildings In Somerset Conn it j- Town. LOSS PLACED , ABOUT $8,000 \ MKYKRSDALK, Jan. 13.--Flic S u p day morning alxut 4:.'10 o'clock (le atioyed Iho Central Hotol in Main street, one- of t i o oldesit builflingfi 1n Meyersdale. Vor stnno timo tMs property has been unoccupied w i t h thi exception of a lew rooms nsod bv H. 1C. lllbncv is his tailoring: and cleaning establishment. The origin of thr fire Is unknown btil residents llv- Injr nearby saj they I'icarii an explosion n n d in ft s h o i t uh-llc tho build- IUK was ablaze. It hc-int? an old fi'am s t r u c t u r e the* names sprond r a p l d l v . The lire i-otnp.iny rosponded n.uU'l(l and worked h a i d to keep the flr-o Tiora sproadlne to n"arby buildings. The propertj was owned by II. B, \Ve-igley and .vaa valued at $S,000, p a r t l y i n s u r e d . The AYolgicys w h o live adjoining tho hotel Vorp not at home n t Die time, Mr. \VMs?loy being in J o h n s t o w n and bin w i f e waa at Homerset, * Other J»\5. Mr and M i s . David Kppivco and c h i l d r e n of Johnstown, former r o f i l d f ' t i t s ot MoyfrsdaUs spent Sunday Ivno visiting relatl/c« and friends. Mrs John L u r c h and throe children ot G r e o n s b u r p spent from. Friday until S u n d a y h c i a with t h e i r rolathes, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Woavtsr, Meyers a v e n u e . M'.. and M -a. Thomas Rahrlg and l i t t l r ilaughtf-r of Cumberland wore KUPHts of thoir iniclo, Very Kev. J. ,), Brady, Sunday. M a r M n Spangler of Hyosota Sjient s p v t r a l days tore w J t h r'jlatlves Mr. ami Mrs. diaries Hughes and tv.o Kon» ard Mrs. Hughes' slfctor, Mlhs Margaret llartlc, H, N., all ot U n l o n t o w n , r p e n t Sunday hero- with their p a r e n t f , Mi and Mrs. John H a i t l o , Mrs. Jjce Saylov and son spent Sat- n r d a j -vHHinR In J o h n i t o w n . MiSH lOlla I'hllson, who s p e n t a wenlt h u r u at the 'lorne of hor brother and slstei-in-law. Mr. and Mrs fi. I!. J'hll- bon, returner! to her homo in Berlin. Bridgeport U M O N T O W N , Jan. 18 -V. K. Rockefeller, district sitpci i n t i ndent of tho West 1'onn Power Company w i t h oilier Iu U n l o n t o w n , hi a been :ip- ()0inled manager ot tho eastern divlu- lon of the company w i t h halquartei» in (irecnsbui'K, accordlngf to an an- nonncoment made et erday. The promotion becouiee e f f i o t l v e J a n u a r y 15, at which time C. N. Harnmn, at present district superiht"ndent at Can onsburg, will take up his dutteo m-, dtetrict BUpe-rlntemlcnt In Uniontown. Mr. Roekofpller « h o has boon located iu tJniontowu lot tlio pa«t i,ev- ertil yeaia, w i l l atiuuci 1 H E. tircg- ory, «a oaetern d l v j g l o j ' malinger. M i . Gregory ha« been pron otpd to the ol- ll(.i» ol Koy-'tont 1 U \ ! - t l o n w i t h olllucis at Hul{, r t'\\ in . Mi 1 , l i n t mail w i l l lie i i ill ret t ( b a r g e of a l l commercial i i t t i \ i t u ' s in the diu- l i i i t , i i u - l u d l n g m u u h.i'ui^uig I n l i n e w i t h tin' i i r o m o t l o n s . \\' H, W c V u u f t h , nt prpswil u p p l l t i i u ' t ) ni pi: rii^or of t h u I ' n l o t t t o w i i d l f c t c ct, « U h* f l c u t U d to a«'diittiut niiptM u i U ' i (telil (n cliartji' 01 iiH-ri haadtciH^, 11- K)i i t n g lo Alt l l a i j i i . t n ( ' I S t i ' l h i w i l l (.iiiulniH' at. .tbbf^ttint d i n t i k ' t ii , ) u i i i i i ( n d ( » n t in ( n l o n t o u n u n d e r .Mr l l a i i u . u i ' t la"slli*«i t if un;\(i,i('ii( Uritin' i-f-viK'i \ p' H f.[ ui ( , ' · i i l - uinii;, in TV,-" 1 I'aih ('. urit'i- f'atinnlrs those w a jovnrtjun IPOUT, J.iu 13.--Mrs T . \V. Hays and Mrs. J. M Halter of Scotl- tlale u e r e v i s i t i n g Dio latter'') sistor, Mrs. T h o m a s (larlton on T h u i ^ d / i v . Mis. HMw ard Maxey of VS'tirrcn, Ohio, is bppiuliiiK some tlmi 1 ho IP w i t h her sister, Mrs. A C Boyoi and Kov J O Bishop a n d ,son, K o n n a r d , \ v w c T h n r s i l a y e v e n f n R « u p p c r guests of Mr. and MTH. lOmiinual Baker. Mrs. Hay MoCloy c n l c t t a i n c d t l i e Toadies' Bible Claoa of the Union Sunday School tit her home on Thursday a b o t i a l hour waa cnjoy-etl when K a t n e s wei'tt played and it d u l i o l o u a luni'h %MIB i.erved by thu hostoiiH. Mrs. Charles, M l l l w a r d and Miss Jean Morgan ttcte the prisw wliniei's'of the even i n g The next meeting will he held F e b r u a r y !·' at the Home of Mrs. Lena K l e c k Mr. and Mrs. Loroy chlkiren were vlulting tho pareutH, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Smitloy. Mi und Mrs. Carl Fisher and f a m - ily have- moved f r o m near Mud School to the Kelaou Pooi'lxiugh farm. Mr, and Mrs. i i a i r y Bunganl moved from M o u n t Pleasant to tho rtfeldmme vacated bj tho Fishers. Everson K V K ' H S O N , ,la.n I11--T.11O Ladies' A i d N u d i t y of the 10u j r,-on U n i t M l L i i c t h i c i i C h u r c h w i l l hold i t s n ' H i t h l v m e e t i n g in tin* c h u r c h on ' I h u i M a y evening J a n u a r y tli, at I'.'.W n t lock All memburi) n/n-d h o n o i n r y niHiubei'H m o UMiit»^utd to Iw pic*etit C d t l l'i itsi-liard o f Bcottdulo, man- i i t ' c i of t H* K \ u i r i o n K o i i n d i y Snp- p l \ I t v i i i p u i i y , N III tit liU h(niH I l l s L o u d i t i o t i Is not c-onsiiUrod fai'tlous. I H i n o l l Houm/imld+M who is 'in- ;iloyd in I ' l l l s ' i n r i r i« v i s i l i n i t al the Mi;, K l w a , 1 \ K l u i a of K l i / i h ' t h * ' ' t \ \ C w h ^ ,1 i M i u in t i (I f N ' l M i i u r i M » a u t M r m u ' i a l l l o ' i m a l is *Afi*M$tf l * i nftrw*ffW* Every Bedroom Suite Most Go! , We must triake roon? -on our floors so we have slashed prices on eve^y suite in our store. , You will find both three and four piece groupings. 4 Beautiful Pieces in Rich Veneer 1--$159.50 Only during an all clean nee like thia could you ever expect to buy these groups In walnut at so low a price. It'« New--Yet the Price Has Been Slashed. $1619.50 Here is an outstanding, feature. This Is a regular $210 value, to be closed out at this unusual saving. i Your Dollars Will D o Double Duty Now! $7'.'.00 This is an u n u s u a l yal IB for your money. All four pioces are included at this 1 w price. You need not pay cash. Save Tremendously On Suites $05.00 We invite comparison of every one of our prices because we know \ve are underselling everybody on suites of fine quality. 10 to 15% off Convenient Terms 3-P1ece Bedroom Group regular $325--Now ,, .. 4-Piece Bedroom Grouj , Burl Walnut--Now ,,. 4-PIece Bedroom firoup, Brown Mahogany--Now $69.50 $179.50 $275.00 4-Piece Brown Mahogany Suite, regular $496--Now 4-Plece Decorated Suites, regular $535--Now 4-Piece Spanish Suites, Walnut Veneer $250 $315 $295 Complete Remishers IWWWIWWWMWVMiniWMWWWWAWWWMWWUWI^^ The Substantial Sausage Finds a Place on the Winter Menus "' N esi O ronttw you ·Ivefy, or uuupMoiisly-- t'« to be popular. Ooocs nausag in mUUtylriB dl-sh tor the hungry, tfti U tempts the appntlttt of t,ho flnl )-iy by lt« frttgrant aplolneaa Whor In doubt. It's «af« to servo aauc igo etthor as a break/ajiit, luncheon or ·upper dlah. Eipoolally In old ·weather, whan w« nocd aubatnr tlal toodu. i Thwo Isn't any roasc-n howe rnr, why we should stick 10 the tw or Ihreo mont common iitun. 8 ino know only the "frankfur-tors" to Itivs thorn thotr moat dignified ai ool- tatlon. Or the HtUfi poi lc sauss i?n. Or tho largo, booty boiogha, But wharevor l)iire ore tis iple Htaokod or torelRn ai ops, there one can obtain tiny of a d Ken vnrlntles of eaujsi^n. SausaRes ore an International dlMh--F r c n o h, Italian. Oormnn, 1Sngllnh--nil iava thoir Bpeclal kinds. The Gen ana porhapa aro tba grant, lausiipro «pn- clallats, and they make Utorally jver a hundred varloi-len. Indeed, Mere (ire almost thirty Wnd/j of Ivor sMiBketea alano, «nne niftdo from beet llvftr tMr fliwiaja»t ithAru -wi b s- ooreraJ' dollars the pound. Beet luid pork art tho bosSai ot most aauuajjea, and the variety In flavor \n uauftod by tho different Hjiloea UBtHt. CorveUit In a sunutiga of bi?of or real arid no pork la u«ed. Kdlamt Itt umiutty touffh meat. (Uicl makes a bard aa.uea.ffe which la vt-ha-t many poopl» prafer. But It la also truo that toujfh meat b*a a much rlchor flavor thun the tendor por- tloiiK. Italian stilaml la the moat pungent, but mlldor' brands are made In this country, and w« Import oome from Germany, Switzerland and Hungary. Thore Is now on the marUtn skin- le«» iiausaeo, which lookn nncl tasten lift* the faming "weenie" but dls- POSRH fornver ol the old problem-what ahftU be dons with tho cosing? TJ»«st» whole muiegtin, like pork or frankfurters can lio lxlled and served with nvisbed potatoes, oooked cab- baflro. chiird, aplnnch or other gre«nn. The other varlatlea which are sliced onn be sprvod in jylargro variety of -ways. Biuisntra Omelet, % pound any siloed, soft Santiago ft ntrea TTie Home Kitclien By AUCE LYNN 1 tablespoon butter 4 tablespoons milk. salt and peppar. Ploca the ellcna of eauftngo In thf pan and heat gpontly to draw of: excess fat. Beat together tho eggn, milk.. P!ao« butter In pan wlUi saueagt}, than pour over tho egg ami stir nntll thick. If thero are any Jeft-ovw vegr» tables--cooked narrots, ttvrniriB, pot*. Iocs, etc., they «uvn be popped up t n.n appotlzlnsr Btatu by reheating with allced miucago. And for A mldntjyht snack, be our» to Itecp the etnorKency shelf oqulppci with two or thre« lunJs of aauaago that can be stored safely. Thcj make tasty sandwlchea, either os fresh bread, on toast, or reheated It a fiauco for n hot handwich. And although a ean-S^rlah made by placing a nllce of Salami and a slice »J Roquefort ch(;se on ryo sound* ovsarwhelmlpp It tantes quito mar* veloua--espenally If you're hungry. Raked Potato and Pnel and cora » larjra potato, anA Insert a sausage in' the hole. Placn in a srrcaE»eI baking dlch and bolcn until tanclcr. Delloloun for luncheon Helpful Advice to Girls By D BAH ANNIB LAURIE: - Tlioro Is a fellow I Ilka qu to well, but I don't know him ve 'y well, Just enovinh to say hollo o, I would Hlte very much to go to tho prom with him. As I am a junior, it would be my place to t jk him. Of course, the prom Is 1't until May, but what would 3 JU ttdvise mo to do to' "get in" w tb him? , HOPJ9FTJL E OPHHTUt.: I do hop-j that 3 onr acquaintance with the y ung man of whom yoli write will 1 ave progreasod beyond the "hollo" E ORO by next May. But na you are loth In the same school. It In more hun Ikely you both ara Interestei in nany of the school activities In #htch case it should, bo posnlb 3 to jet to know Win better, Find out lust what school nctlvltlos en ;aRe ils attention, and I toel sure you will find a common meeting gr und. japeclally as there are so r utny (unctions connected with e hool $luba and Boclctles during the tVln- ,cr, D EIA.R ANNIB IAUHI1D: I wn \ girl In my teem , I lave had about six or seven 6 Uea v'Hh a fellow I loved, very in u-b Me hiia.Btopped dating me no; . I would Ilka to go out with htm igaln. but I don't know how t do It. Bo please letl me whnt t" do MI» firsl fhn» wo" m*«t o ti \\n\v M, M i . and Mm ,1 R B'3'r «' of LAURIE t and ha aalm you/for a date should you say yea or no? When a boy takes a sirl'a ring or anything and doea not grive it back, Is Hhia n sign ho likca or loves tho grlrl? When a gtrl or a fallow po out for a ride or go to a «how. and after tho show ho takes her home Is It rljr'nt for the follow to walli to tho door of tho glrl'a house w,tr, her from the. car? LOVIOS1CK AND WORRIED. J OVEBICK AND WOTUUEI *J Every oiio of us la a frea atren' in the matter of choosing our com panlona unless we have fflven a del Inlte plartgra to a oertn.ln purson. Tt your trlgnd hns coaHftl to pay attun tlon lo you there la nothing: you can dOi conslstont wHh the behavior of a young tady, excapt BO your own waj and find othor fi'lendshlpn and Intor i cHta 1. Whether you make a d u l l with a yonttg man on first acquaintance Is entirely an Individual mattei ' If you wish to R:O out you could per ! haps stisffost that loth he und yoii bring a trlend and thua make It a ntoe foursome, 2. Theia is no Instinct of refinement tn a boy wh takoB a ring or any Jt'-welry from Blrli nor ts thoro a n y t h l n c but fool Hhnena In tht make-up of A or.'r! w l i c would offer him such a grift. S J l ia but polite and (rontlcmanly for a voniiK man to pHcort hie companion out of the tar to tho door of her Mr«.. P a u l Ciroli' and l i t t k ' KOII B l o w n H j i w t in t h y n p a r f u t u r e , --- . . ... .Idmea Byrno Is i w u p p i alhig- fi nn a j i e t u r u e d to t l i p t r homo ai C l a l r t o n af- I h i c o we-ftkR' illiuMs «t h i , honu' t e i o | U'r a visit h n r o witji Mr. Crolf 1 ^ pnv- i c i i t a , M i . a n d M r s C a l v i n O i o f t Courier \Vlio l i t t'atrouizc. w h o a d v * i i i i ' t i n Tho Jailj , t o K,HUIMM I ( l.iK " nji H u n t l.u slltc-J\ Home-Making Helps By ELEANOR ROSS Moulds a» Decoration or Camouflage. A GOODLT collodion of Jrould* IB one of tho bent tianatr of a modern kltchon. Heally, fanoj' moulds for th« kitchen oliffht to bo lollootod, pleoo by piece, tho TO ly art works nro bought for the llvlniif rooms. Boat!tlful5y shapeU mouldn Kron't olieap, but by purchaal; g on» 1.1 n. tlnifl, a» an attractivo on« strikes the eye, a voi-y urro/ul aol can ultiiwtttoly JTTIU-B the kitchen. Moulds can b» obtained In every conceivable c«bis and ovals and spheres and heml- iphores; lovely BUirs, flowers, fruits, bird* and Jolly animals for oh'lUren'a parlies. Big ones for family IIBO, lit. Uo ones for Individual »orvtoa. Ant! these moulds, though tho fltst cosl may soom iarg^a, are good foj a lifetime, and will stand plenty or wear Moulds have more than one lias vVo ai e accustomed to the faivy otiei a« contajner» of li-es ftnd pudtitiiKa al vary taJtcy parties. But. th y h a v « an even more practical uwe MoulJs of attractive nhape are a rat rveloui aid Vn fftorlfylnff Uia luss poi/u!ur 1 (ood«. Suuh hutnblo VORBU hltm an ·quaah, mashed potatoeo, baked bsixnu, and tho chopped gre ins llk«: kale, »i)lnttch, chard, are p m l t l v o l y ippetljilnsr whon unmoultle I on n plutUer from a. fanry tihapa Thern ».re any number of desirable foudn [or grownupa and for clitldrin whtcVi both reject regulttrly, and la ·Kttlv bo .Viuse they don't Appeal to the u \ « Well-aeJitKMied Ivafy err'i'iia whur* chopped may be really t a n t y - If t thi-\ ie t tuated at all Hut TnotilrUwl .ilatnly In a bow! they a'i not u t Yaetlvft, Baked a few rao nentfl in K. f,tnov mould,'F nil t IP d i f f e r mop in thi world between «) pUus«ni And unpleanant dish. Simple custards. Junket itrc snd jread puddtny, tapioca--«.!! nr trans. formed Into tampUng dishi-B by AJU» at Atffwant now to have no - money worries daring 1091), Far «U your outstanding oblfgattono wiffe cnay-to-giftt, eonlldcattnl Vn»n ed Jicrc. You can borrow up to $300:90 on your own personal raiponaibUttr without outside signers. Pay us back in email eosy-tCMueet payments flttcd t» j-onr lucorao. Start Year I/st on teH yon about oat loaning plan without ohligaicon our scrvlro whith «xteid« vttr IB years In Grecnsburg. Inqnir»'abo9t otnr ItesuB I'tan. CaJI, Wrfto «r PHONK 1-5-t-S Open 8 to Stlift--Strt. 8 In «· i^f\ Flret National BIM* Bfd®. Room 304 -- Second Floor, GREENSBURC^, and COKE Connellsvillo coking coal, both run of mine and J u m p . Oas Coal, Lump and Nut Size. C'okp, Kul mid Large Sizes Consolidated Coal Supply Co. Vimls on II. 0. and r. i*. R. flumes 1700 and 15.

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