The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, March 20, 1918
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wtett CoiineHsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week. 6,503 VOL. 16, NO 110 CONNELLSVIL.LB, PA., WEDNESDAY EVENING MARCH 20 1918 EIGHT PAGES HUGE GERMAN SHELL BURSTS WITHIN FEW YARDS OF SEC BAKER ON AMERICAN FRONT None of Party Is Injured Nor U Machine Damaged HAD BEEN IN TRENCHES Wir Official Spends Half H«w Under Brisk German Fire. PETBOCKRAD IS MENACED (iermu Forces Are WKkta li» Xdes of tke OU Ruwian Capital OB tie Sovtfc; V»crk*ii forces Coatlnw Vettte Operatloa Alo»g «"»ole Trwt Br Associated Pr««s. -WTTH THE AiiERICAN ARMY IN PKANCE March 20--TOule Secretary rf "Wa" Baker and bis party were returning today from the American, front line trenches a large German shell burst along tbe roadside within 40 yards of their automobile The occupants of the car were not m- Inred nor was the car damaged Soc etarV Baker remained for an r jur rad a hail in a front line trencb n a ·ertam sector under a bnsk en my shell fire. HUNS DROP BIIBBRE BALLS OF XUSTAKD GAS JUtOMC AMERICANS Br -WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY^IN MIANCE, March 20 --A German airplane both last nigiht and *"^ morning flew over the American, sector north west of Toul and dropped rub her balls IS inches in diameter filled with liquified mustard gas This is the first time so far as it is known that an airplane has been thu= employed. The effect of the gas was not serious but the American, troops were in furiated by what they termed the d-rty warfare A sample of one of tie rubber containers has been obtained. Department today from American Consul Summers at Moscow Recent press dispatches quoted Berlin authorities as declaring that 15 ships were taken when the city -was occupied SHELLS KILL DOZL3 GEKXA PtISOSEBS. ON THE FM2.CH FRONT IN "IIANCE, Monday March 18--In » aid into the German lines at Mala curt wood north-west of Verdun Sun- lay French troops found the German shelters full of troops waiting ti aunch a counter attack. The shelter vitb. all the occupants was Destroyed y bombs A large number of l,er nan trench mortars v ere destroyed md many machine gun- were brought rack bj- the French Of the pnson- rs taken in the raid were going to he rear the German artillery firrd a irge number of shells which claimed ictims among the captives flVESTl-EIGHT MAXES BROCGHT DOflS. LONDON March SO--In intense erial fighting on the British front in 'ranee and Belgium 28 German planes rore accounted for by British avia- ors says the official statement on Tiation operations Twelve British naehtaes aje repo-ted missing IK9T AWElUCAi WAX CROSSES AKE AWABDEI). ·WITH THE AMERICAN ARM"V IN TIANCB, March 20--General Persh- cg the American commander in hlef has approved the awardug to he ilrst new American military rosses for extraordinary heroism ·he recipients are Lieutenant John Green. Sergeant -William Norton nd Sergeant Patrick ^Valsh lieu *nant Green and Sergeants Norton nd -Walsh all have received the rench war cross n«s o* TOWARD LONDON March 20--Occupation ot etrograJ by the Germans is onlj a latter cf hours Iccording to dis- atc,hes to several of the morning rwspapars The Russian capital Is lid to be assuming a waiting atti- ide and is not displaying the slight- jt sign of organized resistance The ^nxuuts are reported in a Reuter dig iiteh from Fetrograd to have rncc«d ic Ttcinity of Dno station, abonth 150 ides smith ot JPetrograd The Aua- o-Oeman advance m southern Husa continues The^emy has occn- ed Somy, five hours march from aarkldr, tbe dispatch says KEUCAJIS JUKE USE OF (US SHEIiS. ·WTTH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN RANGE March 20-- American artll- rr on tbe Toul front has heavily at- «kcd the Germans with gas iheiis irinr the pajt day or §o it is now rmitted to announce Four different tacks were launched and from the aoner in which the enemy was «d- nced It Is evident they had the de- red effect. During one period when the gas tells were flylnr orer the enemy les last night a German aeroplane th a red tail light appeared orer the m«rican lines and dropped a red icket, for what jurpo«e it is not lown However ihrmpnel from Amican batteries bnrst so near the Qer- an immediately afterward, that he as forced to fly for his own lints in bnrry At noon today the enemy opened a ely fire on one of the American slUoni with 37 milimetor guns from e cemeteiy at Richecourt The Amican guns of the same calibre came to action and after they had fired shells the Germans ran from the em and toci their guns ' The American guns with then ailed the village of La Harville itre two heavy eiplesions, appar- tly of munitions stares, were caused, XWAS irAUSHfPS KSOAPt ' 6KBJUMS AT ODESSA WASHINGTON, March 30 -- Rusvtan mU«» at Odessa escaped to SeiMs- K1 wben toe Germans took Odeesa BUte KCSSO-EATLME lR^ S1ILL UJrCHAMrED MOSCOW' March 20 --Russia s rela tions with U Entente are unchanged M Tchitcher' the Bolshevikt foreign minister d-'t.lared m an interview with the Associated Press corresponded* t odav More friendly relations were being established with the Lni- ted States he added and he commented upon President Wilson s message as showing ibat America would not take aggressive action against her NEWELL DWIGHTHILLIS TO SPEAK IN C3TY ON NIGHT OF APRIL THIRD Set-rices of oted Lecturer Secured by ayy Le*?ae AfUr 3any leek» of Effort Tbe Edwin S 1'orter Branch of the Navy League has secured Dr Newell D wight Hi! Us to speak in the high s tool audltorinm nere on vVednes- cTening April 3 The well known minister and lecturer will talk on German Atiocities just as he saw tliem last summer when he made a tour of Belgium and France \ siting the devastated region The Navy League has been after ihe services of Mr Hilhs for two months and his lecture here will be one ot the last he will make On Apnl 6 he will go 'nto the services of the government on the Liberty Loan Dr Hilhs is one of the most power ful orators In the United States and m his address here hej will give a detailed account of tbe horrors perpetrated bv the German forces The coming of Congressman Stephens of Nebraska and Congressman Kahn of California who were to have Appeared here on March 29 has been postponed until the latter part of April in order that their lectures would not interfere w ith the Navy League s plans Congressman Stephens was a member of the Congressional Committee that made a visit to Europe recently and Representative Kahn is a ranking member of the House Military- Affairs Committee RESUME REGISTRATION *om» of City to b« FnrolJed for Har Work S*tord»r 4fter»oon. Registration of women for war work will be resumed in Connellsville Saturday Mrs W P Clark chairman of the movement announced today Registrars will be stationed as follows 'Wright-Metzler store Mrs F E Markel! and Mrs W K Allen West Penn pharmacy Mrs "W L Wright and Mrs J M Young Kobacker's Mrs John B Davis and Mrs R C Lyon Leche s, \Trs W N Leche s and Mrs Charles E Wilson E Dunn store Airs W 0 Schoomner The registrars will be on hand from 1 o clock to 5 VOLUNTEER AID FOR THE FARMERS IF THEOEED IT This is Assurance to Be 'Given at Banquet Here on Fridaj Aftei noon. BUSINESS MEN ORGANIZE Thus Far 200 Days of Service Have Been Pledged; Rate of Pay to be Decided at Conference Between Pro- decers and Workers In car Future "TREAT 'tit KOCC.H," MOTTO 0 T V N K US IT 01 LAM!' LI F JtOTb. Treat em Rough 11 the mot to adopted bj heavy tank unit impanv st. .boned B at Volunteer farm labor will be avail atle for the farmers of this vicmitj If they want it This will be the mes sage that Robert Jsoms will deliver at the dmnei to be given Friday aftei- noon to the agriculturists who wiP be the guests of the business men of town Iht Committee of Public SatUi r.nd the 1 ayctte County Farm Bureau it a well attended meeting last e/en- ing in the store of Hooper i- Long the ConnullsYille Agricultural L-ibor Ser Mce Committee uas organized and those present pledged themselves to work on the farms during the com- mg summer -Vlreadv a total ot nearly 200 days has been pledged Harvey F Adams- county farm agent of Butler countT nill make the pnnci pal address at the dinner to be served the farmers of the. community Friday j O I at the Masonic Temple He made a t r : saccess ot curb markets in Butler county last ^ear and will speak m stead of a man from State college Robert Isoms was elected chairman of the committee, with Rev J U Proudflt, vice chairman The chair man was authonred to name all com mittees and pi'rfeU the organization The slogan of the committee Mil be Spend your vacation on the farm It is believed that a good rnanv teams of 12 or 15 men each can be engaged to do volunteer farm work during the summer Those enlisting w i l l hav e the option of giving cretam days each week or contributing a solid week or two weeks of their vacation. Prices to he paid for this labor will be determined at a conference between the members of thc committee and the farmers In I.awrence countj where Camp Meide Anuaiohs Md sa s a letter from Coi poral James LaPoit of Adtliide who is training therf 1 to The Cour ier It took 10 minutes for Camp Lee bojs who are to man the big tanks in action a n ainst the Germans to cbooso their motto Bays the letter The boys have *dop ed i suitable insignia drawn b Admiral Joe Cunningham of Pbilade phia secretary of the Knights of Columbus This wll be work ed into the flags carried with the anks The Lank unit is at tacbed to the 65th Bng-neorfe The boys are readj to go writes LaPort They eviect to leive for France soon the plan was tried (Continued ni with exceptional Two ) NEAR $5,000 MARK Total of JS0302 War S»-rinB8 Stamps Sold in Schools 1 esterilay. The War Sa\ings Stamps sales m the schools of the oitj estcrday totaled $803 0- Tho grand total ol ml the sales *ince the first dav sLx weeks ago is 54 783 Thc sales in the gracleb jesterday were approximately what thev have been hithorto, but thc high -school (ill down, only J14547 being sold there In the other schools of thc city the sales were as follows South Side and Fourth JJ06S3 $93=8 »ard J157 11 West Side Second and Third wards CLOTHINC COMING IN lecioest !« 3tade That 1'eople Hurry Cootributiocs lor Hcli^ajis. Liberal donations of clothing and YOUGH TENT OF K. 0. T. M. WINNER OF RATIONAL CUP Tith a Total 01 1.9 cw Yomhers m Campaign It Beats "Nearest Competitor Bj IS. Tbe Markey silver loving cup offered Uie tent securing 1 he largest number of new members in the recent membership campaign of the Knights of the Maccabees throughout the coun- y was won b^ Yough Tent No 15D m tbe class m v,h\ch it ran batmg out its nearest contender an Ohio tent, b 18 raembeis The local workers continually ran a Tew points behind the Obio tent but on the last initiation jught n the campaign 89 new members were taken in This gave the locale a majoritj The Ohio tent had been so con ident of winning that an article had alreidy been written and was pnntod in the Busy Bee the Maccabee publication of February The tent even, hod its celebration planned A meeting will be held here tomor row night to plan for tbe binquei to be held here The Blm te-im cap tained bj Joe Angle will feed the Red team captained b J L. r\ ins The. Reds secured secured 101 nvmln rs to 63 by thp Blues The pig fnr the bin- 1 FIRE MENACES BUSINESS AREA OFSCQTTDALE Damage tstunated at $10.000 Caused Bj Bla/e of Un- JiDonn Origin. MORE S10KE THAN FLAME By Liberal Lite 01 Hater l-tranon Con- lm H Ui Uip Basement of »ool- wortli I i t aud Ten Cent Store, 'store Sufferers, Offices, Sraokul. Special to T « Courier SCOTTDALE March 20 --Fire start ing m the bassnent of Jie Woolwoith five and ten cent store m Pitts-burg street last eiemug j.bout 6 JO o clock resulted m dam ige of f 10 000 to the contents ot that store tne building n winch it is located and thc store of Marks S. Goldenson adjoining Prank DeixKier manager of Jie five ^nd tea cent start, w i s sitting in his office in the sto e when he heard a cracking noise beneath tbe floor On mresugatms he fo md the basement filled with bmorfc For a unn. the f re threatened to be PANEL EXHAUSTED; SPECIAL VENIRE OF 75 MEN ORDERED IN LINDLEY MURDER TRIAL X.TTI.R THREE 0fc.RDDF COMMJSAILLL Over thiet ears m transi 1 " a. letuer written to Mrs L, Hore- gritz of Johnsuon rivenue 1] hei moUier jn Poland ar med in Conuellaville Mondav and was deln ered to the ad drebsee Th** le tei was m^il ed in December W14 in the early stages of ihe war It ^vas lt: first word Mrs Horowitz fiad recei * ed from home since the oujireak of the war It said all were^vell then That ^as long before German occupation of Poland Sixth Man is Obtained During the Forenoon SECOND FROM BDLLSHN Special Venire to Complete the Selection Seems bare. A JLEOE CAUSES 31LLES iged One Irom Lmontown Favors Convjction it He's Giultv and Freedom if Innocent, Too Knew my Sentiments Now" 1 He Ttlls Lawyers. WORRY ABOUT BOYS IN CAMP- of be Woolworth vtore and managed to cojfinc it o th i building wmob portion of Uip wo stor brick In strue ure owned by J P Bo-enneii three qua^terb ot an tour tbe flvnos wore ex tin gnu shed. Thc s ock of tli ^ PATI m the basonn nt stated The st ick a Gold'Onson = .on, ^-as more or damaged bj smojic ."VSater did not reach it On ho second lloor ire tne offices of C P DeWIU the real estate ag-eat r E Walters, building oolwor'h com is ruined it is L'e Varks era! Day* at Lte and i ind J- tervmc Doing Finely. No n other need \vorr about her son in camp said Street inspector j "ft i litii i McCormick today on his ie i um from Camp Leo where he and | Mrs McCormick spent se^cra da^s ! \ iMting their son Ray and others from Connellsvilit, I r thev ba\e '^n^ contractor and Uiormj Mjer Morns Thej were smoked bu otherwise un damaged The Josv to the owne- of the build ing LI full} cohered bv insurance ^he dai~agc o thn bilding is estimated at 12000 to *J 000 Tbe cause of the fire is a mystery Th! of Lhe ttoolworth boro aL thc " « ^ in s -° mc wo ^ after the clos( of quet will be bv "Willi Still as saying there had been flo f re in the «,, . Aiding during ta dav wagon who at tne beginning of tht' . b campajjgu promised a-roast pig if 1^0 members wprp Kpcnred In artc'iuon to the cup thp lodge vms a n ^t of gold officers badges and a sil\ n r u-cle for tbo aIt^^ SOLOISTSANNOUNCED Mrs llprbcrt hnox find Mi*8 TIflon B*MI ttosh »m Sini? ut MtWarj lUnd t on cert, Mrs. Herbert Knox of this ciu and Miss Helen Bell Rusb of Dawson are to be the soioists at tlit annual con cert of tbe ConnellsviU* 1 Military Band to bo given in the auc nor um of the new high srhool bu Idmg on Monday evening April ~i Director John E. Caster of Liu band announced todaj Mrs Knox since "he ^ing w i t h tbe banJ at list jear s concert bis studied u t t h leading trachea in New "\ork aud is no^ pursuing, her course in -vocal music in Pittbburg ^be is singing in one of PUtsbu'-g' big GRANDSON IN FRANCE , I misgivings as to the treatment of the soldiers ind tbei] welfare they should v bit the c a n p saia he Mr McCor mick sd.v, tH,T-h all thc bo\ s Ml l i e doing finelv ^ e says D i r m g tnen sta\ M and Mrs M Corroick Msittc. the trenches and wire entanglements m compan\ with a French omcer Both were down n tbe trenches HjJph Sligcr formcrl} of The Com ier forre and Ray McCornuck aie tbe onb ones of the last quota from Connellsulle not transferred from the depot hrigadt R^Iph whop? slim ness has alwav-, been notable -=ent word home that he is de'veloping a hiv window Tom Courtne\ is another fennel sville bo^ wbo ib mak ing good at camp He is a corporal at headquarters rjuoted Li^uknant D i BMer Kdjild to t r rxon Man and Utj Clerk An artic e carried this month b Uie Railway Age speaks of the 41.»th Telegraph Battalion Signal Corps which is now la Franco "Among n. group of ol r rcr is Lieutenant D S IMxler of PhUiuMphia, a grandson of Davp Bixlcr of Person and a disjin rcaltne of Cit} f lerk \. 0 Bbcler The *ang officer is a son of H C Bixlfr of Philad Iphi L suptrmieoden o 1 * stations and transfers for the Penn- syhauii nilrood Killer WT.S a junior ·u Princeton Lclversifv v.hen he en lifted Fe learned mlroad biLsmuss bv woHdog n tht- various depart irtnui during \acadons MISS MORTON RESIGNS BVLSU-Y TO DO AIR STVMS RaTnond Balslcj son of Mr and Mrs Charles H Balfilej is making rapid progress in qualifying as one of Unrlr S^un s aviators In a letter writ. ten from Kej "VTest, Tla where he is training be says -I was up IP an airplane March 31 for o*er au hour ~\\Q looped tne loop spiraled nose dived and e\ery- thing It certainly was great We had a -tad accident vesterday One of the fellows was killed by falling As this was Jie first fatal accident at this sta- "With but sis of the 12 jjrors in the box foi tbe tria oC Frank M Lmaley for the mu der of Frank A Burkev j the panel for the w^ek in criminal court m Uniontown was exhausted carh ibis afternoon and it became necesban foi Judge I Q \ an. jswearmgcn the presiding judge to i 01 dei a special \ eni'-e of "5 men 1 which s to appear m court tomorrow j at 9 o clock Se^elal mnn were examined during ^uo aqi passed suou inci noonja^re ^i cal quesUoning of counsel Tbe last man ni the panel was H E Kooci of \anderbilt who it developed vas a second cousin of Lindlej Otbeis called during the afternoon were I V Show of North Union township and James Newell of Bull- bkin township Both were challenged Among the men challenged during the foicnoon was Llmcr Shult? of Con nells% illc township because of his hearing George H Adams of ronnolls\il3e was excused because of acquaint ance w i t h the principals Alex Milson of Bullskin township, escaped ^er\ ice because of deafnes* 1 lames Coier of Pern township was i eject ed b£CT.use of conscientious sriuples A. Van Horn of Dawson was chalicns ed tyv the defense Thomas FJjnn of ConnellswHe said he was not opposed to capital punishment but would not \ote foi con% Action oi circumstantial eMdence Jlar-j Secbnst of Pei r township said he would not -vote for comiction if he had the least d'oiibt and was challenged fa^ the commonwealth Half of thp 32 jurors to h°ar the case of Frank \f t,mdJe% who is charged with the murder of Frank t Burke} had been secured when court in Uniontown recessed at noon today Tbe onl man acceptable of those examined during the forenoon was D P Leasher carpenter of Bullskin township the sixth man Dur ng yesterda\ addition to tio n it bort of dampened the spirits f t h o s e mentioned m The Courier, there of e;c"vlody j were secured three others--G H ccrtamh do get some good eats Chadwiclc Soui ^ n BrownsvilJe, Harry McCann German townbhip George Wilkes Perrv townsb p and The cehed at the headquarters of tbe committee m the basement of tbe old high school building Mrs S R j impression at last ^ car s concert and her rendition of the 3owoll Sons, ,, . , . . . , , . ,froni Faaat is still remembered h Goldsmith madp a request todaj that j (ca i mus } c [ o \crs all ha\ing anjlhing to give to send it ( -,, ·,, ^ . , to the building or call her on eitiier phone The faeadqu-irters will be open each day from 9 o clock, to 4 TO OUTFIT DRAFTEES Bed Cross VpjM?al«i for 1TiStIets and Socks for ext Qn6ta. The Red Cross IB preparing to pro vide the bojs in the next draft April 3 to 5 with comfort outfits There is need of 50 pairs of wristlets and tbe organiration makes an urgent ap peal for that number before thc bos leave Persons knitting socks are asked to bring them in promptly and also to wash them in ordei to expedite hand ling the supply for thp men or hore and In fact throughout West era Pennsylvania Mie has appealed several times in P tusburg smKink among other places a thv William 1 Penn hotel She ba.-. ran M a rppu { tation for having T \ o ce pcculnrty (beautiful in Its smooth texfure and soft tonal quality M bs Rush w i l l leave for Now "iork tn Btud a'ter the | concert. | Other soloists w i t h the bind w i l l be i Charles Smith saxaphone and John j Keener clarinet Mr Smith corals ' from Ahoona and Mr Komer is i | Tyrone man* Both are former mem bers of Franey u famous Clucago band lm I m k r V JUtthdl Palmer Miss MHh M c r on a, teachc in the grade schools of ibe CJtj has resigned tbe resign Uion to take effect imme^i- i LtoU Mi**, Morton has received or dci to import at nnce at "\\ashington v, tierc bht \\ ill be employ ed in the office of ^ MltcMUl Pahnei cuttod «ui of al en enemy ijropert in the Lni *M! here I am gaining m weight We run around m B V D's or an) old, (thing U is BP, hot that any one but' oUiers are J ^ Ha Sgerty Belle ^ er- non and Richard Miller, Pennsnlle About 70 men have been examined thus far ATTEMPT TO BURN O. B. SHORTLINE TRESTEE NEAR LEISENRING IS SUSPECTED What appears to have been an effort to burn the 0 ft B Shortlfae trestle oyer the nubile rod at Leisenring No 1 last evening nie frn«*raied through the timely discovery of the fire by Balph Hyatt and W M Hirleman of Connellfiville who had drrren out that way to test a new car and nere re- tnrnlnc »bont 8 30 o clock At that time the fire was burning briskly about the middle of the trestle Messrs Hyatt and Hirleman promptly notified the engineer at the coke plant. He was unable to leave but called Conncllinrille The motorists hu«l«d over to the Si- Vincent de Paul church ami called ton sexton John Lipport and also enlisted the aid R H Uptor The lint named hurried off to flag an approaching :ram while the others secured buckets The barrel at the end of thc trestle supposed 'o be kept filled at all times for fire emergency was empty they louad aud Uuy were compelled to race to a tank at thL other end of the bridge In a short time thc fire was out Croasties and the wooden girders were badly cbai-ea There was no eridence of ashes or cinders about the spot and this and the manner in which which the flames eaped up caused the men to suspect it might have been set afire Messrs Hyatt and Hirleman notified the Baltimore Ohio offices ami a gang was sent to make repairs. OM PAT1FM ADKTrrtD. OhJoprle Bo Will TTnderge Append!tills Operation Joseph Bumworth of Ohiopyle 13 rears old was idnutted to the Cottage State hoipjtal this morning where he will bo operated on for appendicitis Harry Wlson a Baltimore Ohio carpenter who was admitted on Jkra day for Injuries received In a fall was this morning. She is a daughter ol Mr atwi Mrb A B Morton of b-ibt Patterson a\euuo MLSS Morton t^radu-i Pd from the Con | the negroes get lai\ and tiev are larj nimidiatcly at Washing, amhon Besides washing clothes and 1 citing there is \er little to do as the Blimp (dirigible) only fins a couple] , /unuse ° 1 of umes a daj and it does not take "f, 8 tte IB ° rmn 5 when David Trust long to overhaul it. of Umontown was called I m not ^ _ opposed to capital punishment said DU. BLERFR GOtS OT ' St m reply to questl ons - I£ ^dt Dr C TUUMiG EXT WEEK. ,? , B ' ere ' V TM il leave Sundav ;own phy go free Thais the kind of \erdict I n , . for Fort , woul d ^"J°S TM being guided by the OgleLhorr* to enter training m the evidence You know Dr Medical Officer-, Reserve Co-ps Dr ' nO w If you" don t Bierei «s connected wjth the Union JU n take me off foi se^era nellsvillo ugh ^chool ind bas been a years has been physician at the coun teacher in Jie local schools for several '" J *" terms mv sentiments ike me on thc BDRKETT SELLS COAL Eockwell Jtarietta ii Pnrchaspr of Tra«t of 62 lerc-, at )*st irton Announcement was made today of the sale by H H Burket o' East Connellsville to RoclrneU M-metta of a tract of 62 acies of coal, si\ acics of surface and a fully equipped mine near West Newton The consideiation was not made known The pi opertj is known as the Montgoraeo farm aud ^ as =ecui ed bj Burkett seyeril months igo from M 1 Tra/ee of East Connollsville and Charles Rouse of \Veat Newton The coal is the Sewickiey vein The mine, drift has been m operation for eight months The new o\\ nei takes charge tomorrow MAYOR BAILYSTRICKEN rniontx»vii Official is 1 icUm ol VltJirK ol Paralysis Major George- M Baily of Union town \v is str cken with parilvsis lafat night and is in a serioLg condition Tlje mayor is 60 vca r s old town hospital star" and years h ty jail SUI n IMIOR31 h \HtBITEn A sp'endid picture of Samuel Harij m uniform, is e\nibited in the -win dow o f L G Hall s store an South PHtsburg stictt Young Harry who is a son of Contractor and Vrs. S J Harrj of Lasi Green street, is with the- loth Lngineers somewhere in Prance FLAGS FOR MEN OF TWO WARS TO BE DEDICATED AT PERCY NEXT SUNDAY Of aJl the service flag dedicitions that have iaken place none hlfa bcei quite like the 01 e wjich has been ai ranged for next ounday evening at thi James Blackburn.. John ElacWbi-rn, Ncaton \oirng Thomas Mc!\alt Ho bert Holliday James Bo d Daniel Handlm. Porcy Methodist Protestant church of Handlm Generally fair torig-ht and Thurs- dav is the noon forecast for Western Pennsylvania rempcraturt llecord 1J18 Maximum Minimum _ Mean _ Tbe Yough river full night from ' 70 feet to 3^0 tect. which. Rev W F Gladden of ILis place is pasioi It i to be a double affiu Two fligs are to be dedicated one for the vetu-ans of the Civil "S\-ir one r or he soldiers of he p-esent war with, aa bonoi loll for each William F Kurtz Post of tbe G A R will be m charge Sixty or more uuanes appeal on the honor rolls 0" the older men who nameb appca all arf dead but one Geoige A McCauley of Percy His place on be flag Twin was excused for cause. He is 74 vears old and hit hearing is impaired 'What is conceded to be the greatest legal battle in Faveite count} courts for manv ears assumed such an aspect in the preliminary stage of selecting t e juri taat Judge J Q Van Sweana^en allowed the opposing counsel a wider range to determine the competencv o£ tie lemremen called Senator V, L Croi\ and Attornev W C McKean representing respective!} the c-ommonwealth, and the defense are inquiring mmutelj into Uie status of eacj \enireman and each has shown no ncsitancj to exercise the right of peremptorv challenge, M-s. Lindlev wife of the accused, took her seat beside her husbind at the defense counsel table yesterday afternoon the young couple engaging in low voiced conversation at frequent intervals "\Yh eD court recessed last evening Mrs Lindlev gave her husband a loving embrace and then bome- Jacob Handli" v* 11 am what abashed tripped into the wo Mara -iowler B r bowler mui s r o i l i n g room while Lmdley \[ or* JoLnston Stockton was taken across the Bridge of Sighs to his cell Mrs Burkev widow of the dead man attiied.m deep mourning accnpies a sea^ in the women s section v.Vil'iam Joseph A. Jordan William Mitche 1 Engle Samuel /jeb'ei ^Nil liaon P Dean James Molford Ever hart Sh pley Mil ei Dunawav Isaiah |;,/ iho court room be i epreaented others hy gold b y * bUie star the The honor roll also contains the name of one veteran of the war of 1832 Thomas Matthew S- Th others follows Civil Wa---Thomas Cole Frank Nicklow Abraham McLaughlin Soon uol Childi, James Gettemy, Silas Hebh, Lowerv Henrj LilJerj Daniel Hanon C' arles Williaas Thomas Jobej John Darbv Henry Abraham E. H Abra ham and George A McCaulev Soldiers of todaj--James Gordon Edgar J Bines Robert V Darbj A len Cole Robert Burchinal George C Hudock Andrew Leachko L Cummins S VaaGilder William HalfSill, Pred Lowery Samaol Taylor Ora Hanan Albert Hawk Harry L Zeblev Russell R Tissue Joseph Kromer Andrew Hudock Howard Blosser Roy Nicklow Edward Harvey Aaron Lowrey and Charles Franks^ When court lecessed last evening Am/i Show or Norta Union tov nship had been called to the stand for examination t v the defense He was the fifty fifth, mai to bo called from which five talesmen nave been found acceptable to both sides JohnT Brown of DunSiar township, after being accepted bv Attorney Me- Kean was challenged by Senator Crow because of his acquaintance with some -elatives ot Mrs Lindiev Attorney McKean objected to the challenge securing from. Brown the stat»- (Continued on Pafi»

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