The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1930
Page 6
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C A G E S f X . DAILY COUTUliJn, CONNE jLSViLiLilD, .FA. MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1930. i. P E R S O N A L Mrs. W, W. Mountain of this clly was dtecharged yoatertlay from tho West Penn Hospital, Pittaburg, where .she had been a patient for six weeks, ami h n w R o n o to the home of her Gia- lor, Mre. J. T. McCueri, in that city, to recuperate. Miss Elin-tr Stlnwnel returned yesterday from the- Weet Penn Hospital, FMttsburg, where she had been under i trentmont for a week. She was ac- j companled by Mis-o Itla Stickol. fltud- , cut nurse ot the hospital, and Theo- . dore Poetcn of Uniontown. j Mr. and Mrs. 1C. B. Mason and Mrs. j Anna Mason of Lomont wero guests of Mrs, H. K. Mason's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. \V. C. Michael of 1 tr.s Wesley Apartments, West Apple , street, Sunday. The Masons will move on Tuesday to Brownsville. Mr. Mason was recently transferred from Lemont works! o! t'no II. C. l^ricl? Coke Com- Pciuy to the Bridgeport works, as supcriulentlPnt Mr. and Mrs. .1. U. McCauley of the j Colonial A p a r t m e n t s wont lo Pitts-{ burg t h i * morning. } Miss Myrtle Patterson, matron at i t h e B a l t i m o r e Ohio s t a t i o n , returned 10 her w o r k (his m o r n i n g a f t e r a two months' absence on account oC illness. While oft duty she- va£ relieved by Mrs Jennie Swarlz. Joseph Hurley, little son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D Stuart, who underwent an operation Saturday in n Pittsbur.K hospital, H reported to bo getlms. along n i c e l y , Joseph was injured in a coasting accident on Christmas Day. Air. a n d Mrs. Melvln Sampcy wero KtiMHs ot tho Utter's, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Krai k Mulligan of U n i o n t o w n over the week-end. Mi3. R a l p h Davidson and daughter, Xorma, o 1 t h i s cily %%cre Uniontown v l b l t o i s Saturday, Mr, a n d Mrs. J. Fred Kurtz "Of Race street wei'e cjucdts of friends in Un- ioutown Saturday night. Charles Kobala. little* son ot Mr. and Sltrf Joseph Koballa of Unlon- to\ui, who wns I n j u r e d when struck by an automobile, is reported to be Kcttine; a l o n g a-3 well as can be expected. Charles has been a patient at the V l i c i n t o w n Hospital since December 10 He was at! nek by a taxi. A fooue In bis leg was fractured and split. J. W. l.ucas of 1303 Sycamore «treet, a Baltimore Ohio Hailroad veteran, te ill. Ui«t Fn(;iy he buffered A fcovore hemorrhage. His tondition is not considered factious, however. Mis. Klore-nce Copley of Pittsburg anl Mrfi W. B. Gilliland of Bellevuo M ero gut-fete at tho home of their mother, Mr*,. Fannie B. Vance of Went Cedar n untie, Sunday. Mrs. K;vy Kooser and daughter, Miss Delia. Mao Barnes, and George Henry wero at Scottdalo yesterday visiting «t the- home ot Mr. and Mre. Alvti Kichor. Mre. Kicher is a sieter of Mrs. Kooser ami Mr. Henry. U. M Kvune ami MUs Catherine O'Connor of tho Troutmun Company More are home from New York, where j they bought s p r i n g awl summer mer- chanaifce. Included were suite, dresses and coats for the ladles' ready | to wqar department, of which Mitt, O'Connor 1« manager. A. A. Clarke, Paul G. "Wagoner and S. M. r.ulbley arc eervuig on the Fed- c i a l giant) j u r y thlb we-ok in Pltts- inu-K.. They had seivwl in December aiul were recalled. Mrs. A. A. Clarke. Ml*^ Eetelln. KPT- bcr, Mm. T. C. V/itman, Jame« C. Miuison, Ji , AV \j Butlermore, Mrs. Charlo:le Fofeselnuui, Clyde Uoe, William Selelrs, U. At. l l e n i y , of this city Daniel .!. Stehlo of oCnnellsville t o w n s h i p iiuii W d w a i d Sargent and H e r man Kuylo-r of Simtli C o n n e J l s v l l I c s u e h o i v i n - ; a*, jurors, in. b'riiolitown this Aunt Het H.C»UICHT "I reckon U'H all vitfht for Nannie to m a r r y a man MX yeais younger'n hei./She's easy to lool. an's she's go' a, forgivin' nature." JOS. ABA11K 'DIES AT WORK IN MINE AT FOOTEDALE Joseph Adanfllk, 52 years old, of Leisehring No 3 dropped dead Satur,day in tho Footedalo iniue of tho H. C. Frick Coke Company. An autopsy performed hy ('-ormier £. A. Baltz and it wa3 annou icpcl that death was caused by hea t disease. In addition In his wife, Anna, tho f o l l o w i n g chil Iron survive: M a r y and Alina, of Pert'i Am boy, N. J., Michael, Joseph, Jr.,'Margaret, Veronica, Andrew and Stephen, at horns. Tho body v as removed by Knneral Director Frweli S Durst to his parlors where It was pre-pared for burial bfore being taken to tho laic home. The- f u n e r a \ \ l l i bo hold l o m o r t o w afternoon. \t 12:30 o'clock, (ho cortogo w i l l inept at the home at Lci- scnrlng No ' . At 1 o'clock services \ \ l l l be. coiul.tclcd at St. Stephen's Greek C a t h o l i c Clmrcn at Lelsonring No. 1 o£ w h u 'i he- was a member. Hev. Father Coru liiu O i l b o v b k y , pastor, w i l l olllciate. I n t e r m e n t «1U be made in tho chuff i ccmfttery. SPECIAL SERVICES BEGIN THIS EVENING AT LESSENRING NO. 1 HOWITZER ,CAGE TEAM DEFEATED BY WEST SIDERS TUt f:u-t Wi-st Sid,3 baskplhall com- T i i n a ! 0:1 led hj Captain Bill Uobhnih took J K I O S S the- d i l b b l e r s oC the JI\\it/.er C'inipauy K i t u i d a y 'by a store of 'IS to 31. Mf'k'ary of (lie w i n n o r s toolv hoiw) 1 '-! \ \ l t h si'\c'n double d e k c £ . s v.'luUf' A d a m s of tho losing combination d u p l i c a t e d the fc/it. ' The West Sifters h a v e dovelopod a pitKxth l u n t t l o u i u K q u i n t o t that K bont on c a p t u r i n g the intcrmodiato ilp of Connell£.\ill(-. Honlt/.cr--81. . Luok'fey Special e\ i n g c l i f i i c services will be conducted a' tho P r C b b j t e r m n C h u r c h at beisonrii g No 1 beginning thk evening af 7 15 o'clock and continuing e\cpy n!;jhl d u r i n g tlio week closing January 10 Kev William IJ.unllton ib tho pa-toi. The folli winp nuifiical programs have b(Hn ; r r a u ^ p d : Tonight, \Iis.-ufi Urace and JCthel Collina £ .'andorbHt. Tuciday uid Wednesday, the Bute Orche-btrrt Thui-sday male n u a r t e t from Conn c l l s v t l l o F r l d a j , \ 'iliiam K. Gray of Dicker- f c o n H u n . K v e r j o n r it i n v i t e d t« tliriio horv M, P. CHURCHES WILL RALLY IN UNIONTOWN A rall .f the- Motlwxlist Piotostant ( l i i u i ' h o s .f th'.» C'o'uiulLsvillf- district w i l l lie ii Id Tuesday . i f t p i n o o n anil evening at tho C n i o n t o w n t h u r c l i . Tlio aft-oinotm sc-hK)ii \ v s l l b t ^ i n »t H (·'clock iii I will l^e- given owr mostly tti womei s wtjrk. Snpp^r wij! 1- served in the c h u r c h Af this ( i i r e Dr. John llawle-y of tho Fir.-t Chtirdi ot P i t t h b n z, will bo iH'lncipal s p o a k e i . Svfrai hpeake-rs ol note will a i;ear on t ' i o p s o g n u n i RAILWAY CLERKS ELECT OFFICERS Tlio Itno-up: VVes( Side--48. I'olser ~. Oastkill Sirlo . . Soisson Wills and ..V 1 ._ .F . 0. ... McClcary (,' . Rabbins ,-- .C! Substitutions.--West J'rirkey. Field Roals-- McCIeary 7, Deo lemon ti 5, Poiser 5, ^\'!!!.- .'! Isola 2, Kobbins, Adams 7. Luckey fi, S-ellcM 1 . l^iuls--Wcist Side, (v out of t; Howitzer, 3 out of S. v Kefor-ac--Phillips. Classified Advertisements Wh MI placed in I ho columns of The Cou i* or bring rosnlts. Tr them. Af a i of tho Hi last Frid dent, K t u t y Ce U i y . I! Ken! I ; sergeant i n n e r RI Bnartl, '! e x e c u t i v Fern Pa ' Tlio in ( h o next ^ o! C'ok 1 C i l v hood i R a i l w a y (Jlct K'j iv Yiiuht ollU'eis for the C o i r ele^lcd us tollows 1 lit, W. K. i^ovo; vk^-preal- T. Httk-er; recoipdms; se ic- o!ia l'"rlel;' Imam ial secrc- I3c.i' , licasurr, T. I). i v Tc- cl)«iilaln, U L Itoinhaird; a l - t i i r n s , I 1 ' II. A u g u s t i n e ; dl'fi, l«'l'fLlRlS Fl K'l , OHIO)' . .!. M c K H r t ' I- , rneniiber of !or tlu'o years, re u i l l ! il.e- iMac- at u l a r nice h u e ITobor otto Gil Ilosinlaf s u r \ i v e . Dies at Hospital. J. Roy, I5S years old, of Fny- ·, tiled Thursday hi 3Irrcy His wife and siv children A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL CongliS from colds may lead to serious trouble. You can atop them now viitli Creomulsion, a« rmulstfied creosote that !i piea^int to take. Crcomulaion is a. uedical discovery with Iwo-fuid action; it soollie* itnd heals the inUmned inem- lirunes and inhibit"! germ growth. Of all known drugM, creosote is recog- i»/ed by high medical authorities as ono i( the greatest heating agencies for. cougln irom colds and hronchial itrltaiions. Creomulsion conlains, in addition to creo- icts, other healing dements which soothe and IK il tlie inflamed membranes and slop tlia irritation, while the creosato goes on to the stomach, la alisorfaed iato the bio d, attacks tin- seat of the troubloi s.nd^ch Tka tho giowlli of the germs. CretunuKion is f,iurantit.d aaliific- i.ory in the treutun-nt of lotifihs, fioni 'colds, broixcliitis and minor lomi'v of Lroncinul irritations, and is excellent for budding up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if not rdii ved .nft«r taking according to direetbus. Ask youi druggiijt. (adv.) (Left to riprht) T. A. Wih»on, president of tho North Carolina Federation of Labor; Willinm Greene, president of tha American Federation of Labor; Frank Morrison, secretary of tho (Lmerican Federation of Labor, and W. B. Plem- f mot s, president of the Ashwille Central Labsrs Unic it, as they app«acrod during Greene's reception at Charlotte, H. C,. during tho labor 1 con- fen nee at which new plans for organizing th« sou hern onions ware PRESIDENT APPEALS FOR PUBLIC SUPPORT OF DRY AMENDMENT C o n t i n u e d from Page* One. jammed the Federal courts. Violations of the prohibition laws, lie- s,aid, "com- 1 prtso rather more- than half of tho I )tal arrests." Going directly to the dissatisfaction expressed by some w i t h tho prohibition law;, the President said: "While some sections of- the Amor- lean people may disagree upon the rnorits of the querfUons involved, every responsible cit!/en supports the ' u n d a m c n t a i principle- t h a t the law ol 'he land ttnib! be enforced." WASIUXGTON. .(an. N 13. I' 'i} Law Knforcement (iommls- -,lon, after s u i v e y i n p the btat\is of p r o h i b i t i o n enforcement for MJVCI: months, told Congress (oddy It had f o u n d a "staggering n u m b c i " of "local points of Infection" aud recdin- niondod four rneasniv-, !o make Amc'-i- ca dried. The commission did not pass on ( h e success or f a i l u r e ot the I S t h A m e n d - ment. It lold Coiipios'5, l i o w o v e t , prohibition observanco jnu»i be viewed in (.he light of l i a d i t i o i i a l A m e r i c a n a t t i t n d o s t o w a r d i;overn- rnental t e g u l a t l o n of conduct. "We must not forKet th-e muny hin- torira! uxarijlo3 of !ai ge-scaio p y b l t c disregard of law-, In o u r pafct," tho ii'port dcclaiel ah a p r e t a c o to outlining tho d l f f i c u l t l w s of j p r o h i h l t i o j i enforcement. Whiln the commission did not mako tho aititu-do of the poopl , both gen- orall5 r and in pwrli-oula localitios, towarda lawa In general and lowaind srfe-clfta roprulivtions. "We m-uftt note the ai ttude of tho pionjer tow^aril uch th'in a, "We must bear In min-d the Purltru 3" objection 'to twtministrafion, the W Mg tradttlJii of a. 'right of revofuticn, tho conception of natural rights, d. F«lca.l In our poikry, 1ho demK ratic tr idltion of individual pjirliripation of «ovw«l?rnty, 1ho attitude of t b c busin iss world toward Joca! regulation -i f on'terprise, ttio clas»h ot orKanized nterosts and opinions In n dive-rftino community., nnl the dii^rgonce.'} of n fci.tud-e in different section*! of the cr intn', and as between dlffe-rom group in the locaJity." ELMER S. SWAIN OF MT. PLEASANT CALLED BY DEATH j u r l e r . M O U N T ! 'J^KASANT Jan. W.-- Elmer S. Swa'n, ^8 yearr nine months and 25 days -of age, di in Vine street itt S.15 morning alter a'llngeri Mr, Swain was a »on arid Mi'?, John W. Swai i at Ma o'clock tlitfe g illness. , ^f f h « Jute Mr. and was born and rwHi anci inad a way a Jived In Mount PiiiBnrtt. SUN* for two mont is, Mr. Swain had been employed at ' ao Bryce glaeg plant here for 34 yea s. He wna compelled to K'i^·o up "t s work a year ago last April. Mr Rwfiln ).·- turvi\ -nl by tho following t h i l f l r e n . Mr Philip Datf*} the Bllghtnst m e n t i o n n- evea 'ilni a t | i f MoiHit J'iea-ant, M s Mori H«nd- a n y modiHiMtiou of tho law, Us dts-'i!c.l« at A l i q u i p p n , El iar at home, cussion i£ the AmerU-an a t t i t u d p l o - J M i " ) W i l l i a m fJobertso i of Johnstown, w a r d l a w s ragtilatlug pcraoiial oon- TUchanl of A l l q u i n p a n id Genevievo at HARRY PORTERFIELD DIES; WAS FORMER CONFLUENCE CITIZEN to The Courfor. Jan. 13.-- Harry Port«rfleM, 35 years oM, died at Joliaus Hopkins Hospital In BaHimore on Sun-day after an illness of. pneumonia. He hn/d recoivUry unriorigon'O an rperallon for a growth on the sWo of his hea/d. , He was a World Wnr v«teran. An injury received white in tho service was responsible for tho growth. In addition to Ms vrWow ho is wur- rired by one daughter, Betty. Mrs. Porter Oelri wius f0rn!»rly Miss B«*gie Mtmna of llara-edhcjlle. U n t i l a few months ago wticn tlve family moved to IMttsbinrg, Mi. PoTterfield h«l been a Jife-long resld^nv of thds pluce. He was a member of the Methodist Kplacopa.1 Church The hotly was takn to tho home ot tl;» parents, Mr. and MM. Silas Por- torfield, this morning and funeral service will "be held Wothies-iiuy at tho Methodist Episcopal Church. The body will He in state at the crrurch ft-Dm 10 o'clock in tho morning until 1 o'clock In the afternoon, at whicli hour tho flervlco will h© ha!d. Rev, U. W. Jamison, the pastor, wil) officiate. Interment will be in Cemetery. padluck J n j n n c tions wore in (he Fedt h r o e e . x p t d i - duct, c o n K i i n i u K historical K i o t i n d , w a n reenrded aa I n connectlcm w i t h \ t s ndmiBsInn ( f the miigniuulc of t h p problem and »,he present c o n d i t i o n of nforcoment The coinmUMoti advised Congrisn, "if on no other gmti'iids than lo g U e the law u fair Lrial," to mend four %Mk spoil. In m u h i b l i i o n e n f o r c e meat by adopting t h e l o H o w l n g me,i mros, 0110 «f thcni r p Q t i i r i n g j a d i c » u changes In legal pioccduio: 1. Traiiijler the luvestIgation of j.rohibiUou violations) and the prepa- latloii of raws, a g a i n s t oJfendorrf I r o n ) the T r c a s i u y ' t o ( h e Justice Ut-pnrt- ment. 2. Codify all Fcil3rul p r o h i b i t i o n le-gibliition. a. Mak effective. 'i, Heliovo cral (,-)ints by one o£ c n l i - - preferably by "casual or slight" ·violations) without I n d i c t m e n t w i t h p e n a l t y for such violation A limit wi u §500 f i n e or six months In J.ill, which w o u l d require aitthori/Ing Ir-glslation by Congress,. The cominli3 L !kni did not report, as expected, u p o n t h e proposal t o u n i f y border patiol agencies under tho pl.'n lelng dibcuHHed by tho Treasury with Canadian official* Bomo members of (ho comiiilKioii, it is understood, arc a little- hesitant about the wisdom of t l i l i inovo iiiul w ml to givo It f u r t h e r b t u d y , "The cornnussljii .said itt, rppoH wna not "final" but moicly embodied "certain conclitbion-5." Theao conclusions l e s u l t c d f i o m bevon m o u t h s of sUidyhiA g o v e r n m e n t d o c i i m e n l b mid c o n g r e s s i o n a l hearings, ami of con- B u l l a f i o n w i t h federal officials. The commission fald it had avoided hold- Ins; p u b l i c heauugs, h e l k v m g it wiser "to m a k e a careful study of tbt; whole q u e s t i o n " The commission, I n c l u d i n g many n a t i o n a l l y known juiisls, is headed by G-eorgo W. Wlclceiham, formei A t t o r n e y G e n e i t i l . Both Houses of Congress received copies of the report at floon today from President Hoover Tho r p c o m m o m l i l i o n s for dry enforcement are cx- peeted to go (o tho proper House committees for prompt action, House. leaders arfj understood to liavo plod Red Mr. Hoover their suporl in p u t t i n g t h e commission's recommend a t i o n s on the s t a t u t e books. The Senate, p r e p o n d e r a n t l y d r y , U U e w H a is f.xnectcrl to Ihe requested laws social and prohibition ths de-op Into the bat Ugioiuul ti t» li\ A i n e r l c u n ( .1111 c o! UHI rtte QUGtt FROM CQL os THA THAMG mi nii[H)s -!!)!· to set olC v sei v- t i i " iMoliil)!tion a i t I t o i n ' t h o ^tiou of the \ UM\ K .nut habits nwM ii-ui people \viUi i nsppel lo p r i v a t e j i i d p m t n t as to .st.uiil" ami r f ^illations »H-e » i t t g t h e i r ( o n d i u i 'To roach «nn lubions o| ,ui\ \ H l t i ^ , w« musjt go into deep questions of p u b - lic op-ijilon and -the criminal l a w . \\'e J o o k I j t t n t h « .vovAr-a I f - i p * m i m homo Tho ftnwvra! M^rrfcc will be helrl at 2.SO o'c oek nit tb-a-Pree CJiurchln i liver .street, of whlvh hn had luen a n unbpr for many yearn, with Rer. Page officiating. Burial will bt in M o u n t Pleasant Com-e- MBS FANNY LEI IHART DIES A1 SOMERSET Rpcciat tu Tin Coui'lsr. CONKLUBNfJE, an. J 3.--Miss 11*1111115' ( j c n h a t t , SG yc irg old, u former i esidcnt, died at f amerset County Hospital on Sunday a a lew -weeks' illness. Sho had be ·!! a reslde'nt of U n i D n t o w n for man years aiul two morHhii ago \vas }a' on lo Somet'sel, She was born at Sor erfleld, a Uaitgh- lei ot the iPte Mr. and Mrs. i'oler IjCiliiun, pioneer rei idpats., Tho body was br night to tho" l\,i- neral pnrJolM of C ll.^Ilumherl, at which place t h e fii) eral service- will ho hold lit 1:30 o'clo-k Tuesday afteiv uooii, with Hov. II W. Jamison, pas- tov of HIP MLliodisi Kpiucopal Church o l l u i a l i n g , tnterme it will bo in Acl- dlsou Ucnielwy. DANIEL T.BECKNER Of RUFFSD^iLE DROPS DEAD'II'AKING CALL MOUNT PbEAS INT, .Ian. 13,-- Uanlel r l\ Ueckner, GO year*,'old, ono ot Euflfadalii'b bo l-known cltlzciih, diopi'cd rie id lat evening while o u t ri.sitmg some neig! jors. Mr, Bocltuer had been visiting v ith one family and had left to go up a patfj to another home aiKl collapsi-1 on the way. Ho wan cai ried into he home ot O. S- Deiblor, where i physician pro- n o u n c e d him dead. Heart trouble was UIB cause ot doai i. The body was j taken to the M. A King Undertaking ' Company rooms and prepared t'pr burial. Mrs Heckn -r, Wife oC the dead man, is blind. I e p u l y Coroner Dr. M. W Ilorner Yl wed tho body evening. *vr IT via ^"^9 jfv IK Why Suffer L K i d n e y mid bl ulilpr rtlKordera are o i l in.? t n n i - K t e c I l c e r t l l i n cai 15' t K i ' i U - i S i L i i i t v u r n h i K , ni l o o f r e U P i i t ICiiliu : L'\C i t I n n s (PH|]PI uUly at j i K l i t i , in u s j or JlsUess l e e l i i i B , liack i if'j, |)aiiis a r u n i l W t t i n l n g . s J U e t t o i M u n ' t t r s , t n e lu \ i c m n r l i n b l o p r c p a i - u t i i 11 luih p r n v r r surceasfiil. They h h n i l d l i i ' i p MHI lsr. T " |irov» I l i p l r n i ^ i H n M u d t l \ tiny i ^ a t p a r k a g e v.,1 tn ' . t n l \ o n re" Plea 1 " 1 s p n d i'l c«!i s t o r t t v t" r a n t l l l n v r ·»"'' prising* ( n l \ V i u e Cole ( o i r . 1'clH ISO C'ol« Bl.lg , D a i t l f Cre k, Michigan -- A d v e r - I n f a n t CONFLUENCE, Jan. ]3 --Nancy Ann, 10 months old, tlaughtor of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Lay ton, died nt the homo of its grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 31. M. SwaJIop, on Sunday from an Illness of pneumonia. Tho funeral service w i l l be hold at 1:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at tho rc«iden--e, w i t h Rev Oeorgo Rittor, pastor of Ihe Lutheran Church oil] dating. I n t e r - m e n t w i l l be in Addison Cemetery. tho at Perrjopolls. Mr and Mrs. S. S. Townsond of Meadville wer« vIslHng yesterday w i t h formpr's parents, Mr and Mrs. Frank Townaend of Pcrryopolis. Thai, cold may lead to sotnolhmg serious, if neglected. Tlic time to «]o something for it is now. Don't waif, until it develops into bronchitis. Take two or three tablets of Bayer Aspirin as soon as you feel a cold coming on. Or as soon as possible after it starts. Bayer Aspirin will head off or relieve the aching and feverish feeling--will slop Ihe headache. And if your throat is affected, dissolve t\vo or three tablets in a quarter-glasslul of wanh water, and gargle. This quickly soothes a sore throat and reduces inflammation and infection. Read proven directions for neuralgia, for rheumatism and other aches and pains. Genuine JBayer Aspirin is harmless to the heart. Aspirin it the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of MoaosceUcacldeeter of Salicyllcacid GOOD TEETH ABE NECESSARY FOR GOOj) HEALTH PIATES -- BRIDGEWORK AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES Hours Daily, 9 to 8 No Appoint- mcnts ·JVcccssary TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT FAIN No Charge When Other Work Is I)o\e. EASY PAYMENTS New afcCrory BIdg., l»honc 1023. ConncllsTllIe, Ta. you liave something to sell and are in a big hurry to sell it, lef: the classified advertising department of The Courier prove its ability as a speedy and efficient sales medium. I ,i F i ood Fueling the Household machine is an important item these days. After all, on the road of daily life, most of us have to get the last mile out of every dollar we spend. High fool mileage means careful buying . . . thoughtful selection of the foods that not only suit the tastes and physical needs of the family, but the pocketbook as -well. That's the value of advertising. Every day, here in your paper, are presented new and interesting food ideas. New ways of preparing old, reliable favorites. New combinations of the foods the familv needs . . , in ways they'll like. Standard, unvarying quality is the outstanding feature of advertised merchandise in general . . . anci of food products in particular. Quite a factor in getting high food mileage! Read the food advertising here in your daily paper . . . it will show you the way to higher food mileage.

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